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01-18-2013, 06:41 AM

Real Name
Madelaine Stewart


Height: 5"7
Body: Peach
Hair: Light brown (straight hair reaches below chest)
Eyes: Light brown (lighter than hair)


-Voice in the head, guiding her.
-Using her mind powers.
-Can control all things even water or gas.
-Can control another person's or immortal's mind and body.
-Skilled in using shurikens, bows and arrows or whatever weapon that needs intellect and agility (although her real weapons are unlimited daggers that teleports into her palms).
-Can kill with headaches (Best mind trick EVER, cuz I know that people hate screeching sounds).
-Can control technology, like moving the cursor with her mind.


-A person or immortal with really fast legs.
-Takes time to control another person's or immortal's mind (about 5 seconds) and killing them with headaches (about 8 seconds but you can escape the attack and control your own mind if you dare too >:D)
-Can't carry a thing that weighs 5 tons or more.
-Can't swim, so easily drowned at deep water that reaches 5"5 feet.
-Can't die in just arrows or bullets but by stabbing.
-Has low strength but is high is dodging.
-Slow at running.


Madelaine was born since Nov. 7, 1995 and is turning 18 years old this year. She is half British (the father) and half Irish (the mother). She lives with the richest and the most famous family in the world, because of her parents' intelligence and also her great grandfather was the one who invented the floating cars when he was in her age and was presented to the world, but sadly, the car did not float for a long time. But, her great grandfather was paid 90 billion dollars to continue his work doing the floating cars. But, his time was not enough to make the floating car work and soon to grow old and die. So Madelaine, the 3rd one out of 4 children of Amanda and Michael Stewart will take the part of her great grandfather's position to become the one who will first invented floating cars successfully. She also knew about her powers was when she was in pre-school, when wanting a person to die, so she thought deeply about that person and kept glaring and staring at him and now he is dead. She almost said these things to her parents, sisters or brother but a voice in her head was saying, 'No.' and 'Don't.'. So, she followed what the voice in her mind was saying. The guide of the voice in her head helped her to control her powers as she grew up, at the age of 10, she already started constructing the floating car that was left alone in the old garage of her great grandfather as the voice in her head guided her. When the news has spread, she became the School President and the most popular girl in the school, even in the whole world. People kept supporting her until she had great confidence in continuing the floating car. The guardian voice in her head helped her through her studies and how to fix the floating car. As her youngest sister, Jasmine reached 8 years old, she has done a hoverboard (helped by Madelaine now a 14 year old helped her sister gain intelligence.) and was paid 10 million dollars and was trendy and hot in the toy stores and all other stores selling her hoverboards and her family got even richer. Madelaine was very happy to her sister's achievement and now her sister was taught how to do the floating car alone (Jasmine knows about Madelaine's power.) as said the voice in her head and now Madelaine has time for her wRHG and she does not have to keep secrets. After 3 years, Madelaine (is now 17 years old.) is now very skilled in weapons.

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