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01-20-2013, 05:32 PM
So you may be thinking, Merics are meant to stand behind the battlefield, not in front of it!

But this tactic will involve at least 10/15 merics in front of the battlefield. Put them all in a straight line and in Hold Command (Hotkey H) so that they don't move. This is much better than a Spearton wall. The Merics would heal constantly heal each other, making this wall VERY hard to breach.

You can be able to put a couple of Magikills behind the wall, or lots of archers behind it (lots). That way, they are protected from harm.

This tactic works best as a defense/camping position. It is recommended to rely on your castle archers as the enemy is too distracted trying to defeat your Merics.

Outlasts Spearton wall
Works against Ghost Giants with nobody losing any HP
The BEST defense position

The WORST offense position (so make another army when your Meric army slowly deteriorates)
People can breach through and shoot your archers/magikills
Might cost a lot of money in the beginning

Well, this is my first time on these forums and I hope I did not do anything wrong here... >.>

01-20-2013, 06:40 PM
Can't they simply ignore the merics completely by walking around them? And shadowrath will almost entirely backhand the merics using shinobi then quickly retreating behing the other offensive units or since merics will hardly do any atk damage run around them and kill your archidons. If you are planning on saying speartons are possibly behind them; unless u have them too in hold they will move in front of your merics. Although the constant healing vs giants sounds hilarious. Although vs giants the stun will move them back. Also speartons can shield bash them to stun them momentarily canceling the healing action.