View Full Version : Random thoughts about the clan era - is it failing?

01-26-2013, 11:20 PM
1. Everybody/many people want(s) to be in the best clan. So what is perceived as the best clan will get stronger while the others get weaker.

2. Clan members save the best training for clan members. So if your in the clan with the best players, you get the best training and the best clan gets even better - reinforcing point 1.

3. Clan members will obviously use the clan chat and clan forum rather than the general SE forum, so the SE forum may potentially become less and less useful and informative.

4. Clan members will keep information internal to the clan, meaning less information and strat's for non-clan members. Information sharing has to be good for the comunity, and hence for the game.

5. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the 'best clan' torney, but some confusion about how & when its going to work, talk of alternatives etc.

I am not sure the clan era is failing, but I am seeing the early signs of failure. Its our responsability to think about and talk about it, maybe put in place plans to correct it - before shit happens.

01-26-2013, 11:39 PM
Clans are not communicating with other clans. This is what I proposed at the start. Alas, that is why nothing appears to happen.

What I know however, is that I'm striving for activity in my clan, and to do that I need communication with other clans. Clan tourney or not, my clan will be making challenges and having events, and it's only up to you if you want to be a part of it.

Here's an idea of mine. Clans have battles with each other, but we'll give them certain names to value their importance; minis and preps.

Minis are off the wall unscheduled clan battles. This means a clan happens to have nothing else going on, is in communication with another clan, and the two get together and have some games against each other. Because it's not planned, the wins aren't treated like gold. They're not that important, it's just to have fun. You do want to win, but you may not have some vital members or leaders online because it's out of the blue. It's also good for trying new game tactics.

Preps are what they sound like: prepared events. A leader of each clan communicates with each other exactly when they want to battle. This will be a key event. You want as many members available for such an event. You'll plan this a week or so in advance, and winning is a big deal. These are bragging rights. Being able to say you beat another clan in a prep can mean your clan is doing better. These events will test the activity and loyalty of your members. Just because you lose a prep does not mean you run to the clan that seems to win the most. You want to get better. And what can help you with that? Minis.

As the link to my clan is in my signature, I encourage anyone who feels their clan is falling because of inactivity, or simply bored with the idea of members who sit idling in a chat, feel free to contact me or other admins online in our chat-room and set up some minis. Exchange codes and let the clan era really begin.