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In the vast continent of Inamorta, there lived a swordman named Hank. He joined Order ever since the first conquest for Inamorta. He had fought many battles for Order, beating countless enemies from Swordwraths to Magikills. Even though most of his allies kicked the bucket, he still survived every single battles. Despite this fact, he was still ranked as an ordinary swordwrath...
Then came the second rebellion. He still fought for Order, but his determination wavers.
-Why am I fighting? Why did I risk my whole life in the battlefield...?
He asked himself that question every time he fights. Until when Order attacked the Magikills. There he met a Meric named Sveta. She was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. It was love at first sight-He described. During the battle, he tried to protect Sveta from any danger, whether it is from Order or the rebels. That event had changed him. It had given him a new reason to fight: to protect Sveta, the woman he loved.
But fate is cruel... During the last battle against the rebels, Sveta died from a single shadowrath's strike. She fell down on the ground, her life slowly draining from her. Hank hurried ran by her side.
-No no no no no! Please, don't die! Don't die, I beg of you! After this war, we shall be at peace. No more war, no more fights! Then we could live together and finally be happy! So I beg you, please DON'T DIE!!(Hank)
-I... I'm...sorry... if only...I had been...more careful...(Sveta)
-It's not your fault ok? Now please be quiet, I'll try to get help right away!(Hank)
-It's too late...Hank...Please...at least...stay...by my...side..till...my last...breath...(Sveta)
Then she disappeared. Not a trace of her left. The only thing left behind was her robe and the staff she used to hold. With the loss of his love, he let out a big scream. It was such a loud scream that every single person on the battlefield was stunned by surprise. Before everyone knew what was going on, Hank grabbed his sword and jumped at the rebels. His sword now carried his hate, sadness, fury as he unleashed his wrath onto the rebels. Not one could stand in his way. The furious blade chopped through the head of swordwraths, prierced through the shield of speartons and even finished off the magikill before he could utter ONE SINGLE WORD!
And so, Order was victorious. Although the rebels still remained, Order strength far surpassed them. So the nation of Order enjoyed its peace- a short-lasting one however. Hank played a large part in Order's victory, so he was then crowned as the Hero of Order. But titles no longer mattered to him. His only reason for fighting was gone, so he abandoned Order and headed into the wilderness. He hoped Mother Nature could heal his wound. But the scar was too deep. The passage of time was useless. It only deepened his wounds and his hatred for Order for stealing the one he loved.
During his travel in the forest, he found an old mage. He wanted to kill him at first but he thought:"The ability to wield magic will be a great asset in my conquest". So he decided to be his apprentice. The old mage was kind so he assisted the swordman to learn all the spells that he knew. For some reasons, Hank was quite a prodigy. He learned every spells the mage had to offer 5 times as fast as a regular magikill. But after he finished teaching Hank, he was killed by his very own student.
-Sorry old man, I got no grudge against you but farewell...!
After that he kept on traveling in the forest. As he was dying of hunger in the forest, he suddenly found cat-like creatures wandering in the forests. He named them Crawlers. After a short time, not only did he found a food source, but he also tamed them and made his personal army.
Then Hank led his army of cats (Oh wait crawlers) through the forest. There he found the country of Great Knights. They were very strong he must admit. Not even spearton can defeat him 1 on 1. But however strong they are, they couldn't beat Hank's blade of fury nor his crawler's pack attacks(Pun intended). Despite their defeat, they did not yield. So he had used the mind control spell he developed after learning the basics from the old mage to... well control the knights. And so, from the Great Knights came the Dark Knights, or also known as the Juggerknights.
After assembling his army, Hank launched his attack at one of the rebels' outpost. It was such a surprise attack that the post fell very quickly. Strangely, he decided not to kill them. Instead, he took them as prisoners for his experiments. With the help of dark magic he created, he had created Bombers- small people driven to insanity and ready to die any moment with dynamites in hand,the walking Deads-the remmants of the fallen soldiers of Order (Rebels to be exact), Eclipsors(Wingadons)- mutant people with wings of bat and mastery over bow and finally, Marrowkais-resurrected magikills whose flesh rot away and replaced with knowledge of dark magic. Chaos's force was almost complete. But Hank had one last thing to do before execute his revenge.
Hank went to the grassy field-the battlefield that is his loved one's grave. Standing before him is the robe and staff Sveta used to use. Despite losing her body, Sveta's essence still lingers on her belongings. He attempted to revive her with dark magic. It was a great success! She looked as if she had been alive the whole time. But... the lack of soul made her a lifeless puppet. He then tried to fix her appearance-one that would fit the leader of Chaos, and a fitting personality of a ruler-or rather, tyrant. After that, she grew snakes for hair, and her glowed red-filled with hate for Order. He then created a green robe and a beautiful tiara, which was perfect for Chaos's queen. He then named her Medusa.
After his deed was done, Hank returned back to his castle along with Medusa. On his way back, crossing the desert, he stumbled upon a fully-growth giant. The gigantic monster tried to attack him, but Medusa's glare turned his arm to stone, followed with a stab right at the forehead. The great beast was fallen by only two individuals. Apparently, it was the chieftain, and by killing him Hank and Medusa had become the remaining giant's leaders.
-Mwahahahahaha. This will help us in our quest to destroy Order.(Medusa)
-They will be, my queen. Now, let us return back to our base.(Hank)
At the rebels' headquarters, there was a blazing discussions about the attacks:
-What should we do? We're being attacked by beasts!(Random Guy)
-How should I know? Are they Order's secret weapons?(Random Guy)
-I don't think so. Order's magikills are goody-two-shoes. They won't use "evil" things to attack us.(Another Random Guy)
A large roar spreaded acrossed the meeting room. It was the roar of the spearton's leader-Searton(Don't mind the name). He was the commander of the rebels.
-Calm down now young lad. It's not good for your health to shout like that.
Said by an old magikill by the name Ghilm(Again, please ignore the name). He was considered to be the wisest one in the rebels' army and was the strategist.
-Agh! Just shut up, old man! Remember who's in charge here!(Searton)
-Yes, yes. It's you, Searton. But you should remain calm and...(Ghilm)
-Umm...Sir?(Random Guy Again)
-EEEEP! Um....ummm.... well... sir... thereisareportabouttheenemy(The Above Random Guy)
And then he ran for his life.
-WHAT THE **** DID HE SAY??(Searton)
-I think he meant to say "There is a report about the enemy".(Ghilm)
-Oh. I knew that. Send him in.
And stepped inside is a shadowrath named Shadist.
-Sir, I have found the enemy's base. Apparently it is not Order sir. Should we send in another scout team?(Shadist)
-No need. I'll just attack them, no need for scouting.(Searton)
-I SAID I DON'T NEED IT! Or you can't hear me, Sadist?
-Good. Now move along and have fun toturing masochists ok?
Then he left the base, taking with him the report about Chaos's whereabouts.
-Hah...If it weren't for his hot temper, he would make a fine leader.(Ghilm)
Searton led his army to Chaos's base, without knowing what was awaiting them...
To be continued.

PS:I'll be continue to update this ok?

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That poor Mage in the forest.....
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The plot was not bad, but you need to put space on the story.
I get headache of reading it without a space :confused:
Other than that, the plot was pretty good.

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And then he revived Sveta, and she became Medusa.

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Trying to learn where to space anyway... I like how you write your story Triss: plot=good, layout=excellent.

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Lol, mixing other people story into yours, it's quite good.

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please don't write stories they suck and do you even think this forum was created for some kind of story telling?
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You stole my hero, GamerXD8!
After all I have done for you!

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