View Full Version : MicBirthday 2013

02-09-2013, 11:38 AM

Miccool comes over to Z's house to play some League of Legends but then some kids cause a disturbance. Happy Birthday Miccool! A rap about you in the end of the animation.


Miccool, this man's far from a fool.
He's been making animations since 2002.
Read manga, watch anime, otaku.
But don't ask the nigga if he got a waifu.

Hire him, to do your special FX.
Only cash, the nigga doesn't take checks.
Cold cash, buddy always want to make a bet.
So many filters it'll lag up all yo internet.

There he is, the one and only Micwizard
Don't get him mad, he'll turn you to a freaking lizard.
Cold-blooded, getchu feeling like you in winter.
Freezing temperatures, now you in a freaking blizzard.

So cool, he needs his own custom shirt
He's got followers, the man is always being lurked.
He's the coolest man living on the planet earth.
Cooler than you starting from his own birth.