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For anyone who is bored to go to Original Literature to see this story, I brought it here.
This is a story why Order was attacked by Chaos.
This tells the Legendary Warrior Seartan and his life during that time.
Enjoy the trilogy! (And some bonus chapters)

The Legendary Warrior Seartan :

Speartons, are warriors of valor,justice,and peace.
But, they are all based from a legendary warrior, called Seartan.
He's the man, who able to kill 300 soldiers on his own.
Here is his story:

Speartan was born in a small mountain village called Rinnen Village.
It was a peaceful village, in the Valley of Verben, surrounded by 2 mountains.
His father name was Spencer Lock the village top blacksmith, and his mother name was Aravan Tarim the traveller.
The Rinnen village, was a strong village, where their infamous shields are compared to hides of dragons.

Seartan was born as a healthy boy, and a quick learner on the village.
He was considered a prodigy and a energetic boy in his village.
By the age of 7, he already learned the how to blacksmith armor of their villages.
However, at the age of 8, his mother gave birth again, to a boy named Gerant.
But after that, his mother passed away because of the strain of giving birth.

Gerant, an even more prodigy than Seartan, he crafted his own weapon at age of 7.
After Gerant is 10 years old and Seartan is 18 years old, the village decided a blacksmithing competetition.
Gerant and Searton was the leader of the blacksmith, and they're both favored.
And after the village leaders judgement, Gerant have the best weapons, while Seartan have the best armor.
But everything have it's own end.....

When Seartan is 20 years old, their village was raided by a group of Giants.
Almost everyone in the village died, including Seartan's father.
However, Searton survived the battle with Gerant to the land of Inamorta, fleeing there.
There, they stay on a village of swordwraths, while keep practising their blacksmithing capabilities.
But, both of them have their own resolve, to beat the giant army who killed their father with their armors.
Both of them resolve their vengeance, by practising all day and night to put their lives to the battle they waiting for.

6 years later......

Seartan was 26 years old, and Gerant was 18 years old, when they hear about stories of giants that fighting the Alliance.
They quickly understand, that this is the time for their vengeance.
They move quickly to the camp of Alliance general, pleading their royalty.
The general was intrigued, since they never seen such armor and weapons that are so strong, that the magikills blast couldn't destroy them.
So, after several days, they are invited to the Alliance army....

The Alliance quickly swept the land...
They purged every rebel's traces, and each win was contributed to two people, the blacksmith brothers.
The brother itself, have shown incredible strength, capable matching their general in 1vs1 combat.

Soon, the faced the corner of Inamorta, the Last Siege of the rebels.
The brothers, now considered as colonels, received a strange vague feeling of dejavu...
The brothers quickly put aside their feelings, and charge the enemy bravely, each of them cutting 10 soldiers, and fatally wounded a giant.
However, after the Alliance faced the statue, a great rumble was heard.....
The statue is coming out ALIVE!!!
The Alliance quickly retreat, to face their enemy last stand, the Great Giant.
The brothers, realized their soldiers are routing, they quickly shouted to the bastards...

"We are here today, for a reason, and a reason only...."
"To face the enemy, we will stand at nothing to stop them...."
"This is their last stand, their last hope...."
"And this is our last battle, the one who decide it all, and so,LET'S TAKE THE FIGHT BACK TO THEM!!!!!"

The soldiers realized the battle was the one who decide it all, and quickly put aside their doubts, and charged at the enemy.
The Great Giant, the rebel leader, was furiously attacking the Alliance army with his mighty army.
Both army clashed each other at great force, and casualities happening on both sides...
But, the Alliance are winning, and the all the enemy are dead, with only exception of the Great Giant.
But, the Great Giant strength are fading, and he fell with a mighty rumble to the ground.....
The Alliance have won, and the peace was restored, thanks to the brothers.
The brothers, realized that the Great Giant was the leader of the giants army who attacked their village, shouted in triumph...
And they realized, that they have been together for too long.....

And so, they both took separate ways.....

End of Part I

Part II:

20 years later from the Conquering...

Seartan, now a strong middle-aged man in his 40s, have made a nation.
He was the leader of the tribe named his own, the Speartons...
While Gerant, his brother, have made a new nation, called the Great Knights.
Both of them are very close, but they don't see what's happening at Inamorta Plains.....

In Inarmota plains, the Order Empire gets ready for battling the Speartons.
They aware, that Speartons aren't afraid of anything, so they have amassed a large force to overtake them.
And now the're moving towards the Spearton tribe......

Seartan, unaware of this attack, surprised at the ambush sprang by Order Empire.
He quickly grab his spear, and his shield, and races for the battle.
However, when he reaches the battlefield, he relized that their army is annihilated.
Understand they must flee, Seartan quickly evacuate all his people to Great Knights Nation...

Attacked By Chaos

Seartan and his people have survived the Order Ambush.
However, when they reached the Great Knights Nation, they met a horrible sight...
There are bodies everywhere, and the flag of the nation was burning to the grounds....
However they met an old knight, heavily wounded, rallying on the trees.
Seartan quickly asked what happened there....

"Old knight, what happened out here??"(Seartan)
"Young boy, our nation has fallen, Chaos is coming from the wastelands of the North...."(Old Knight)
"What happened to your leader? My little brother??"(Seartan)
"He....*coughs up blood* was dead.......*the knight died*"(Old Knight)

Seartan, unable to handle the truth, slams his shield to the ground, creating a huge noise.
Suddenly, a group of Crawlers attacked the survivors, which started to panic.
Seartan quickly rallied his survivors to Inamorta Plains, wanting for a revenge.
A revenge, that only can be accomplished by joining Order.....

The 2nd Alliance

Seartan, quickly rushes to Order for allying with them.
However, he realized that Order was fighting a Giant in the No Man's Land.
He quickly rally his troops to meet the Order leader.....

Seartan arrived at the scene, asking for help.
However, he realized, that other tribes were there too.
He understand now, that Chaos must be eliminated if peace want to be achieved.
And with all the nations leader agreeing for the Alliance, the 2nd Alliance of Inarmota has begun.....

At night,Seartan was walking around the encampment while an old guy, invited him to his tent.
After they arrived, the old guy show himself as The Prophet, warning him that Chaos must be destroyed.
The Prophet also tells him, that Medusa, was afraid to be killed, since there is a prophecy about her death.

"The queen of gorgons, will not die in the hands of man in this land, but she will die, because of a stranger from the Other Sea."

The Prophet, also tells him, that the Great Giant who attacked his village 26 years ago was Medusa's favourite pet.
Medusa ordered him to find the Chosen One, the one who can kill her.
And so the Great Giant succeeded destroying the villages, but couldn't find the Chosen One...
Instead, he was killed by the Alliance 20 years ago.
Medusa was enraged when she heard the Giant's death, and so, she rallied her army to conquer Order.

"And I feel, boy, that you're the Chosen One....."
Then, The Prophet vanished, and Seartan wake up on his bed, reclaiming the dream.....

The Final Truth

Order Empire, have succeeded destroying Medusa's castles, which the only one remained is her final stand, the Capitol.
However, as they reached the gates, a loud cry was heard....
A thousand men, all of the Juggerknights, charged at their army furiously.
Order, unable to cope with the surprise, retreated back.
However, Seartan and his troops remained, and the Speartons and Juggerknights furiously clashing with each other.
Order realized that, and their spirit of fighting came back.
They quickly support their Speartons, and wage the war back to them....

But then, a large roar was heard.
A large, bulk single Juggerknight came out of the regiments, and start slashing at the Speartons.
The Speartons, unable to cope with his strength, keep their distance from him.
Seartan knows, that he only man capable fighting the Juggerknight was himself.
And so, he charged at the Juggerknight, and a furious duel happened...
Seartan, wearing his dragon hides armor, knowing his armor was much lighter than him, quickly evade and block his attacks...
And after the Juggerknight strength is fading, Seartan stab him on the neck.
The juggerknights, realized that their leader was dead, fleeing from the battle.
However, Seartan realize a feeling of dejavu to his enemy, and open the Juggerknight's helm....

"Hello, big brother..."(Gerant)
"I-I-Impossible! B-B-But, you're dead!"(Seartan)
"That's a false story brother, for the truth I'm defecting to Chaos."(Gerant)
"I seek power to my blades, and the only way I could do it is by joining Chaos."(Gerant)
"However, maybe I could repent myself, by telling you how to beat Medusa's stone sight."(Gerant)
"Medusa stone sight, will not work on reflections, and so, use your shield to see her face"(Gerant)
"Good bye brother, I will send your regards to our father and mother..."(Gerant)
"Rest in Peace, brother......"(Seartan)

Suddenly, the Chaos castle crumbled, and Medusa comes out of the rubbles.
Seartan, remembering his brother's advice, quickly uses his shield to face medusa.
Then suddenly, all units beside him turned to stones, with only himself remained...

"So, you're the only one who survived eh?" (Medusa)
"You corrupted my brother!" (Seartan)
"He's the one who wanted it, you fool!" (Medusa)
"I will end this right here and now, for my brother and for peace in Inarmota." (Seartan)
"You seems don't understand, that I can't be killed by men from this lands..." (Medusa)
"Luckily, I'm not from this land." (Seartan)

Seartan throws his spear, and it hit Medusa's heart.
Suddenly, a rough shriek was heard, and Medusa vanished to dust.
Seartan, knowing that this is the end, shouted a shout of triumph and anguish for his brother.
Turning to look on Medusa's ash, he replied.

"You're a real bastard, corrupted my brother, and killed many people. But any other than that, Rest in Peace"

And so, the Order Empire returned to the land, and peace was restored in Inarmota...

Part III: Death of the Legend

A Strange Force

5 years later from the events of Stick Empires.....

Seartan have grown into an old man.
His muscles are weakening, his posture are loosing.
But still, he's the strongest warrior on his village.
Yet, another strange thing happens in the No Man's Land...

Seartan was sitting on his desk, when he hears a lot of voice.
He steps out of his tent, an he found, Hercan, his High General, coming to meet him.
Hercan, seems exhausted, quickly catch up his breath and speak to Seartan.

"Sir, I have a grave news on our outpost at No Man's Land" (Hercan)
"Speak up, my friend." (Seartan)
"Our troops reported that they're attacked by a group of Juggerknights, Marrowkais, and....." (Hercan)
"What is it, soldier?" (Seartan)
"Speartons, Sir." (Hercan)

Seartan, surprised at this event, quickly invited Hercan to his tent.
He calls his 2nd general, Urian, and his 3rd general, Ruben.

"Are you sure they're Speartons?" (Seartan)
"Yes sir, they're Speartons, and a lot of them." (Hercan)
"Ungrateful bastard, trying to betray us." (Ruben)
"We will investigate this event immediately." (Seartan)

Seartan and his generals woke up, and quickly gets out of the tent.
Seartan quickly calls his army of 100 strong man, and rode to the No Man's Land.
There, he found another surprise awaiting him.

The Forsaken

Once they reached the outpost, a terrible sight met them.
The outpost was raided to the ground, and there is no soldiers on sight.
The generals quickly ordered the men to find any survivors.
And they found one, panicking and hiding in a hut.
Seartan quickly asked this man.

"What the hell happened here soldier?" (Seartan)
"The f-f-force.....,the F-F-Forsaken.... they slaughtered us....." (Panicking Soldier)
"They're coming from the mountains.....they came here to purge this land...." (Panicking Soldier)

Suddenly, the soldier runs out of the hut, and quickly take a surviving horse and galloped away to the Spearton's tribe.
Seartan, still don't understand the situation, quickly put his mind on thinking.
The 2nd general, Urian, quickly speak to him, that he needs to relax.
Then, the High general, Hercan, quickly spoke his mind of attacking The Forsaken's headquarters.
Hercan says, that if we strike the organization on the roots, there will be no more bloodshed in his arms.

Seartan, realize Hercan's words, quickly put his mind on action.
He and his army rode to the Gino Mountain, and setting a camp there.
There, he found a mountain of corpse, and a several Juggerknights with some Speartons

He quickly kills all of them, but he left one, a Spearton, to interrogate him.

"Bastard, who the hell are you!" (Seartan)
"Our glorious master, the great Hidran, will kill you!" (Spearton)
"I ask you once again, who the hell are you! (Seartan)
"Our place is on the Rest Valley, the valley of our master, Oh Great Hidran!" (Spearton)
"You have lost your mind!" (Spearton)
"Death isn't the end. Our Master will make us live once again!" (Spearton)

Seartan, took pity of the insane Spearton by killing him.
And from Gino Mountain, Seartan and his army move to the Rest Valley...

The Necromancer Hidran

Once arrived there, they found the trees are turning black.
The soils are turning into fiery red.
And there is no animals are seen on the eyes.
The army quickly watch closefully, but suddenly....

A hundred crawlers comes out of the forest!
They quickly kill many of Seartan's horse, and injured some of his men.
But Seartan and his generals quickly killed them, and continue to moving toward a castle on the mists....

Once arrived, they're surprised when the castle gate turns down on them.
Then, in their surprise, zombies come out of the gates to attack them!
They quickly attacked them, when a group of necromancer come out and strike Seartan's army with their magic.

Seartan's army was disarranged, when he notice something.
In the group of necromancers, there is a necromancer with different outfit.
Seartan quickly rushed to the Necromancer, with his spear jabbed any enemy dared to get close to him.
The Necromancer, aware that he was targeted, quickly runs away.
Seartan quickly throw his spear to the Necromancer's knee, and the Necromancer fell down.

Seartan, now drawing his blade, quickly stabs the necromancer in the chest.
Suddenly, all the zombie stopped moving, and the skeleton wizards fell silent.
And in one movement, the zombies fell dead, and the skeleton wizards fell to their bones.
The Necromancer, still alive, quickly spoke:

"You fools, you think killing me, the great Hidran, will destroy the Forsaken?" (Hidran)
"I'm merely a pawn, a pawn to the Great Dragon, the Great Dragon who will purge this lands!" (Hidran)
"I don't know what are you talking about, but people who murders other in cold blood served to die." (Seartan)
"You think I don't do this without a cause? A cause that will bring peace?" (Hidran)
"Peace cannot be gained by killing people." (Seartan)
"Ah, but I see it in your eyes, you're not sure..." (Hidran)

Seartan, closes the necromancer eyes, and rallied his survivors back to the tribe.
He have beaten one of the Forsaken's leader, but he still have a vagueness in his heart.

Seartan's Last Stand

Seartan and his army quickly went home, after killing Hidran.
They took longer than expected, since the crawlers have killed many of their horses.
The man was cheerful, and the generals are talking, and it seems that the fight has already ended.
However, they was wrong.

The army have reached the raided compound, when they hear a large trumpet sounding on the distance.
A large army of 300 Juggerknights rushing to them!
The men, already tired, quickly frightened by the large army coming at them.
They're starting to panic, worrying their family if they're killed.
But then, Seartan quickly put his body in the front of the enemy, and shouted to his army.

"Run! I will hold them back for you!" (Seartan)
"But sir, how about you?" (Hercan)
"I'm fine, and you don't need to worry about me, just go! (Seartan)
"But...." (Hercan)

The men, quickly runs away from the battle, watched from the distance when their leader fighting the juggerknights alone.
In their heart, they feel a pain for leaving their leader.

3 days later, Seartan's army returned to claim Seartan's body.
But in their surprise, Seartan, bleeding heavily but alive, standing on the ground wielding his shield.
The army quickly rejoiced, as the warrior Seartan still lived.
The 2nd general of the army, Urian, quickly hugged Seartan.

"You bastard.....So you're the one behind all of this....." (Seartan)
"My loyalty isn't for you, it's for the Forsaken." (Urian)

Urian, after hugging Seartan, quickly reached his horse and galloped away.
The army and their generals are confused as the watched Urian gone from their sight.
However, when they turn their eyes back to Seartan, they were horrified.

Seartan, holding the knife strucked on him, quickly fell down on his back.
The generals and his army quickly surrounded Seartan.
Seartan, calling Hercan and Ruben, quickly reached his hands to speak.

"I'm sorry, I should see this coming..." (Seartan)
"*sniff* It's not your fault sir *sniff*,it's not your fault." (Ruben)
"Hercan, I appoint you as the leader, and Ruben as the High general..." (Seartan)
"And I have a final wish to be done." (Seartan)
"I will do anything for you, I swear I'll do anything for you." (Hercan)
"In my drawer, there is a journal book and a letter..." (Seartan)
"I wish you to give my son the journal, and the letter for my wife..." (Seartan)
"I-I...just wish.....to visit them.....one more time........" (Seartan)

And as Seartan closes his eyes.
And draw his last breath...
All the army, and all the generals cried.
And all Inarmota cried,for the Seartan the Hero, has been killed...

A tomb was raised, and Seartan's monument was built.
Inarmota wept for 3 days at her quake.
Seartan's last and final quote, was written on the monument.

"War comes and goes, but my soldiers, will keep live on."

And for Urian, the people found his body on the cliff.
It seems that his horse are jerking, and throw his body to the rocks below.
And for Hercan......
He submitted the journal and the letter to Seartan's family, and mourn with them.
He took over as a leader, but there will be no more warrior...
That can match, the mighty, the powerful legend.
Of the warrior Seartan.......


Part 1.5:

10 years after the Conquering.....

Seartan, in his 30s, have made a small tribe.
While Gerant, his brother, have already made a nation.
Seartan felt nostalgic for his homeland, and so, he calls Gerant to go together with him.
And so, the blacksmith brothers joined hands and leave to the Other Sea, to the Aravan Continent.

As both of them arrives to the beach, they quickly packed up their thing to leave for their village.
Their village, which has been raided to grounds, turned out to be a big, bustling city.
The brothers are astounded from what they seen.
And for the first time of their life, they shed a pure tears of joy.
Tears of joy, for their sacrifice, have ressurected the village.

However, after staying for a week, they have heard of rumours.
A rumour, of a black dragon living on the cave in the other side of the mountain.
There have been many warriors enter the cave, but none have returned.
The brothers, intrigued to check the caves, quickly met the city leader, Lord Torren.

"So, you both dared to face the almighty dragon?" (Torren)
"We are, your Highness." (Gerant+Seartan)
"Very well then, I wish you good luck." (Torren)
"And what do you wish for reward?" (Torren)
"We are challengers, my good Sir, we don't need any rewards" (Gerant+Seartan)
"Any good deed needs a reward, I will think of the reward when you returned" (Torren)

After they have the regards of Lord Torren, they quickly went to the local smith.
The local smith, remembered the brothers, quickly greeted them

"The duo of disaster! How can this humble servant help?" (Smith)
"We like to craft weapons and armor here, and we need the metal Azurite." (Seartan)
"Alas, the metal can only be achieved through the black forest of Yoterhamm." (Smith)
"Which it's legendary beast, the Unicorn, lives there." (Smith)
"The we shall cut through that beast and reclaim his horn for our glory!" (Gerant)

The brothers set the path to the forest of Yoterhamm quickly.
And when they get there, they found deposits of Azurite.
They quickly mined the Azurite, when they found a shining light through the bushes in front of them.
The brothers, interested to the light, quickly cut the bushes, and found the forest beast, the Unicorn.

The brothers then argue together, to attack and kill the unicorn, or just leave quietly.
Gerant says, that killing the beast will bring them great fame.
But Seartan says, that leaving the beast alone was fine.
Gerant, ignoring his brothers advice, quickly slice the Unicorn with his axe.
The Unicorn, surprised by the attack, unable the move when Gerant's axe goes through her neck.
The beast have died, and Gerant quickly claim his reward, the Unicorn Horn.
Seartan, angry to his brother, quickly pull him out of the forest to prevent him defiling it any further.

When they arrived at the local smith, the smith was surprised.
He thought the brother will die by the Unicorn, but instead, they kill the Unicorn and claim it's horn.
The 3 of them quickly start to craft weapons from the Azurite mined by the brothers.
In 3 days, new weapons have been crafted.
And in another 3 days, new armor have been crafted.
And so, the brothers quickly left the village to fight the dragon.

When they have arrived at the mouth of the cave, they feel adrenaline coming through their body.
They never seen such strong aura, and they determined to found out what's in the cave.
But suddenly, a large roar was heard inside of the cave.
The dragon comes out, and quickly swept his claws to the brothers.
Luckily, the Azurite armor is able to deflect the attack, and the brothers quickly move forward to face the enemy.
The dragon, impressed by their toughness quickly attacked more furiously.
The brothers, now more confident then ever, deflect his attacks and slice the dragon's body.
The dragon, now started to be afraid, quickly starting to flap his wings.

The brothers realized what's happening, and quickly take their bows.
Gerant shot an arrow to one of his eyes, blinding him on one side.
But the dragon quickly raise his wing and fly away.
Seartan, the older brother, quickly aim for the dragon's neck.
And with one movement of the arrow, it jabs the neck of the dragon.
The dragon quickly flutter in the sky, then falls on the earth with a great thud.
The brothers, understand their victory, quickly cut the dragon's body.
Seartan, knowing dragon hides are strong, quickly collect all his hides.
While Gerant, the younger brother, loot the dragon's remaining eye, his poisonous fang, his heart, and his tail.
Then, they cut the head of the dragon to prove themselves.

Torren, impressed by the brothers, quickly spoke:

"Today, we embrace the day, where the dragon are dead" (Torren)
"And it's all because of the two brothers, Seartan and Gerant!" (Torren)

*The crowd cheers
"And for their reward, I give them my daughter!" (Torren)

*Then, a blonde beauty appears.
"Her name was Rosa, choose one of you to marry her!" (Torren)
"You should marry her, brother! (Gerant)
"I think the one who should marry her is you, Gerant. (Seartan)
"Don't worry, I already have a wive in the other continent." (Gerant)
"Besides, you're the one who kills the dragon, not me." (Gerant)

And so, Seartan marries Rosa, and the celebration was continued) for 7 days and 7 nights.
And in 2 years later, Rosa gave birth to a baby, named Francesco.

Unfortunately, Gerant want to returns home, and Seartan feels that his tribe need him.
And when Francesco was 6 month old, Seartan and Gerant leaves the other continent, vowing to get back.
Yet Fate says Gerant will die, and Seartan will die, before his son reached 14 years old.....
But that's another story.....

End of Part 1.5

This is a secret chapter, allowing a new sequel to be made.

Gerant's Journal:


My name was Gerant, and I have a story to tell...
I was born in a village called Rinnen Village.
My father was Spencer Lock, and my mother is Aravan Tarim.
My brother was Seartan, a prodigy in armor making.
I was living happily, and I even at par of making armory against my brother.

All was changed when my age was 12.
A giant army rampaged through the Rinnen Village.
I seen my father fighting a lone giant, wounding him, but he was killed as the leader of the giants attacked him.
My brother took me away to safety at Inarmota.
We both swore, that the Great Giant must pay.
Both of us keep practicing our blacksmithing, while also practicing fighting.
We wait for the day of the revenge.

When I was 18 years old, I heard stories of a giant rampaging through Inarmota.
We quickly joined the alliance to fight the war.
We succesfully beat the rebels who takes aid of the giants, and corner them in the Last Sie ge.

When we succeed beat back the rebels to their castle, their statue crumbled.
We saw a Great Giant, and we quickly regrouped.
Our soldier are routing, so we shouted to them, and it worked.
They fight back furiously, and we have succeeded killing the Great Giant.
When we saw the corpse, we understand that he's the leader of the giant who attacked our village long ago.

Return to the Village

10 years passed, and I marry a woman called Miranda.
She bore me a son, called Garren by my name.
I feel nostalgic to my past village, and so I returned with my brother.
We heard rumours of dragon on the mountains, so we built our armor fot the fight.

I found an Unicorn, as I collected metal for my armor.
I want to kill it, but my brother are boring.
So, I slice the Unicorn's head and claim it's horn.
My brother was angry, and he pulled me out of the forest.

After we finished making the armor, we set foot on the dragon's cave.
The dragon woke up and attacked us, but we killed it.
I've collected his eye, his heart, his tail, and his fang.
My brother asked me why I collected it, but it's my secret.

We were welcomed in the village after we killed the dragon.
The lord want one of us to marry his daughter.
Since I already have a wife, so I push Seartan to marry her.
There was a celebration, and after 2 years, Seartan have a son called Fransesco.

However, after another 6 months, I worried for my wife and nation.
So, me and my brother returned back to Inamorta...

Greed for Power

After I returned, my wife has left me with my child.
I was torn apart, and I cried for 3 days and 3 nights.
However, I got back to reform myself, and get back at blacksmithing.

With the Elder wood I got from a fellow Magikill, I'm starting to making artifacts the loots I got from the unicorn and the dragon.
However, the process was extremely hard, and I failed for 5 years in the process.
Then, I met Medusa and his lackeys.
I found it was interesting to fight along Medusa, and their marrowkais have a special way of creating things.
So, I and several group of great knights turn ourself to juggerknights, Medusa private elite troops.

2 years later, Medusa started to attack my kingdom.
Since I was her friend, I let her to attack my country.
I also make a fake story of my death.
And with the Medusa's marrowkais, I have made 4 artifacts:

Staff of Oblivion-
Made by Dragon's Eye and Elder Wood. Can also be used as attacking staff by Shadowwrath if the eye was removed.
Spear of the Destroyer-
I use Unicorn's eye and Elder wood. It was so strong, that a strike from it could pierce through a Spearton's shield.
Bow of the Bone Guard-
I use the Dragon's tailbone to create the handle of the bow. Also I use the string from the pelt from one of Medusa's snake hair.
Sword of Cursed Poison
Using the Dragon's poisonous fangs, I made a poison blade, that one strike is all it needs to kill an enemy.

However, I can't find an use for the Dragon's Heart, and I drives me mad.

Dragon's Soul, The Forsaken's Goal and The Final Strength

After 3 month of thinking, I remember the Azurite I used to make the armor against the dragon.
I started to make container with runes, and I fused it with the dragon's heart.

I called it Dragon's Soul, and my heart leaped when I touched it.
It was glowing, like it have a life on their own, and it shows people's soul and what was they thinking.
However, I see a marrowkai thinking of something else, and I followed him.

The marrowkai entered a room, where I take a peek on the rooftops.
Then, other people comes in and they discuss something.
There is even a Spearton and a Magikill.
I read their mind and I saw horrible things.
Here is what they're chatting about.

"Have you found the Chaos Dragon's Lair?" (Marrowkai)
"I haven't found it, the Master's starting to get angry." (Juggerknight)
"I have seen the 4 dragon that needs to be slain to wake up the chaos dragon" (Magikill)
"The black dragon on the eastern continent have been killed by some guy." (Magikill)
"The Frost dragon of the North, The Lightning dragon of the west, and the Red dragon of Inarmota" (Magikill)
"So we need to kill them all to wake up the Chaos dragon." (Spearton)
"Then we shall find a way to kill them. But we must leave first." (Juggerknight)
"Remember, our loyalty is only for the Forsaken, not Order, not Chaos." (Marrowkai)
Then, all of them leaves...

I still remember their meeting, so I write it on my journal.
But, after a while, I'm feeling a bit crazy.
And it turns out, that the Dragon's Soul, the artifact is affecting me.
And I also believe, that the Forsaken musn't find it.

And so, for this last 2 months I have build a Vault.
The Vault can only be opened to the man who have my 4 artifacts.
And once closed, it can only be opened after waiting for 20 years.
I close the vault, and I call my servants to scatter it through Inarmota.....

And now, this is the probably the last week I will write this journal.
Order armies keep closing to us, and I'm getting more and more crazy.
I'm starting to kill people just because it was fun.
I just hope, that the person who found this journal will be my brother.
And I know, the one who can match me in combat is my brother only.
That's why I put this on my pocket.

Right now I'm on my wits end.
I just hope, the Lord takes pity on me........

End of Journal.


10 years later......

The man who read this journal leaned back.
He gets out of the boat and looked towards the land in front of him.
The crews, curious of this mysterious man, quickly work while keep looking on this man.
The man smiled after several days on the boat.
He was impressed, that in such strange land, hidden stories like this are found.

Fransesco have arrived at Inarmota.....

Seartan: Gerant's Brother, Spearton Tribe Leader, Fransesco's Father. (Main Protagonist)
Gerant: Seartan's brother, Great Knights's Leader, Garren's Father. (Secondary Protagonist+Secondary Antagonist)
Great Giant: Leader of Giant's Army, Medusa's favourite pet (Main Antagonist)
Medusa: Leader of Chaos Faction, Corrupted Gerant (Main Antagonist)
Hidran: A division leader of the Forsaken (Main Antagonist)
Black Dragon: A dragon living in Aravan Continent (Main Antagonist)
Urian: A double agent working for the Forsaken, 2nd general (Secondary Antagonist)
Hercan: Seartan's loyal 1st general (Secondary Protagonist)
Ruben: Seartan's loyal 3rd general (Secondary Protagonist)
Rosa: Seartan's wife
Miranda: Gerant's wife
Fransesco: Seartan's son
Garren: Gerant's son
Torren: Seartan's father-in-law, father of Rosa
Spencer Lock: Father of Seartan and Gerant
Aravan Tarim: Mother of Seartan and Gerant
Arvine (Seartan's Grandson): My wRHG :p


Middle Continent, home of the Red dragon.
Landscape: Combination
Info: The most neutral continent, it have a great amount of history.

East Continent, home of the Black dragon
Landscape: Plains, Mountains, Valleys.
Info: The most peaceful continent, it was the home of many archers and rangers.

Westward Wind-
West Continent,home of the Lightning dragon
Landscape: Deserts, Savannah, Large amount of Castles.
Info: The most bloody continent, it was the home of many warriors and soldiers.

North Continent,home of the Frost dragon
Landscape: Tundra, Snowy hills
Info: The most unique continent, it was the home of magicians and high tech techonologies.

South Continent,home of the Chaos Dragon
Landscape: Wastelands, Barren lands.
Info: The continent that was never touched, it was the home of the Chaos Factions.


Staff of Oblivion: Greatly amplifies magical power, allow a max of 10 times magical power stored.

Bow of the Bone Guard: The arrows shot by this bow will continue to pursuit it's enemy, and finding their weak points.

Spear of the Destroyer: The spear will penetrate any defenses, even a Giant's body.

Sword of the Cursed Poison: The sword, once struck an enemy, no matter any part of the body, will infuse cursed poison and kills the enemy

Dragon's Soul: Allow the bearer to see souls of someone, and also able to hypnotise someone on their will. This item can also see the future.

That's all of my story. Enjoy the stories!
P.S: Fransesco's Saga is coming soon.......
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02-23-2013, 09:54 PM
Nice! The story-telling was awesome-not too long(=boring) and not too short(=cliff hanger).
But... well... in my opinion, there should be more description during the battles so that they can "visualize" how epic the battle was. Well...then again, it's up to the reader's imagination to imagine the fighting scene. Well, 10/10 for me. Can't wait for the Saga.
PS: Ah right, a lack of twists. The "your brother is the enemy" isn't a new twist. Sooooo... well... the problem your work have is the lack of "Out of ordinary" ideas? Still, 10/10 for the amount of thoughts and work put into it.

02-23-2013, 11:07 PM
Nice, but not interesting enough to let me vote 10/10.i vote 8/10

02-24-2013, 01:31 AM
Nice! The story-telling was awesome-not too long(=boring) and not too short(=cliff hanger).
But... well... in my opinion, there should be more description during the battles so that they can "visualize" how epic the battle was. Well...then again, it's up to the reader's imagination to imagine the fighting scene. Well, 10/10 for me. Can't wait for the Saga.
PS: Ah right, a lack of twists. The "your brother is the enemy" isn't a new twist. Sooooo... well... the problem your work have is the lack of "Out of ordinary" ideas? Still, 10/10 for the amount of thoughts and work put into it.
Thx dude!
Many people enjoy this story, and I'm glad you're one of them.
Where is Aiman the commenter? He usually likes to comment bout this stuff.

02-24-2013, 01:37 AM
Currently busy, comment later

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02-24-2013, 01:38 AM
Currently busy, comment later

P.S. Go to Zenith chat.
That doesn't seem like you to be busy for commenting :/
Anyway XD8, read the last chapter.
Aiman himself releases a tear for Seartan's death.

02-24-2013, 05:44 AM
I cried when Seartan died :(
This story was so cool!

02-24-2013, 08:37 AM
I liked the story, but next time make it so Seartan (or whoever the hero is) doesn't die lol

02-24-2013, 08:38 AM
I liked the story, but next time make it so Seartan (or whoever the hero is) doesn't die lol
Is there any good story that doesn't involves death?
You're asking the impossible :p

02-24-2013, 08:40 AM
Is there any good story that doesn't involves death?
You're asking the impossible :p

ALLL good stories have no death lol (like sponge bob! Jk)

02-24-2013, 08:40 AM
ALLL good stories have no death lol (like sponge bob! Jk)
It's not fun without deaths -Shakespeare

02-24-2013, 08:41 AM
It's not fun without deaths -Shakespeare

Ahem, Shakespeare was a crazy person.

02-24-2013, 08:44 AM
Ahem, Shakespeare was a crazy person.
Why do you hate deaths so much?
Seartan's death was heroic, yet tragic (just like Shakespeare's stories)
It's tragic, and it moved some of us in tears! It was a good death!

02-24-2013, 08:49 AM
Why do you hate deaths so much?
Seartan's death was heroic, yet tragic (just like Shakespeare's stories)
It's tragic, and it moved some of us in tears! It was a good death!

Does that mean you copied Shakespeare? >_>

02-24-2013, 08:50 AM
Does that mean you copied Shakespeare? >_>
Heck no, Shakespeare story was Romeo n' Juliet, which both died.
This is my original story.

02-25-2013, 07:40 AM
I liked the story of Searton more than Fransesco's to be honest. Nevertheless, its still good.

02-25-2013, 07:46 AM
I liked the story of Searton more than Fransesco's to be honest. Nevertheless, its still good.

02-25-2013, 07:47 AM
Fransesco seems to be the bad guy. Kinda...

03-02-2013, 09:18 AM
The sequel, Fransesco, has been made.
But the last chapter isn't finished yet.
Click this link to find out:http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?51086-Fransesco-s-the-Shadow-Saga-Quest-for-the-Artifacts

@Aiman, sorry bro, I'm busy with my works, so I can't copy the final story yet to the thread.