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Arvine look back up to the boat, and gets out of his room.
He quickly grasped the fresh air around him.
What he saw was a beautiful land, yet seems ravaged by scars of battles.
He quickly readied his staff and his artifacts......


Arvine was in the town of Rhine, when he heard a large voice outside of his inn.
A large, heavy man came out of a boat, blood and wound is all over his body.
He was begging for mercy, and he shouted people to listen to him.
All the people, thinking him was a mad person, left him to die.
However, Arvine decided to listen to him.

"Sir, is there anything I can help?" (Arvine)
"Yes! If you could! My country is in danger!" (Old Knight)
"Wait, which country?" (Arvine)
"A country in the west, Atauromin." (Old Knight)
"Atauromin......." (Arvine)

Arvine remembered his mother's story.
In an island, there lives a great country, famous for it's historical backgrounds.
In the island, a large kingdom called Atauromin was made.
Atauromin was famous for it's gem, which is often used in creating magical properties.
Arvine quickly put up the flashbacks, and replied to the knight.

"I will help you Sir, but I hope my strength enough is alone." (Arvine)
"Thank you boy, t-than-k-k....." (Old Knight)
"...................." (Arvine)
"Rest in Peace, great knight." (Arvine)

Arvine quickly get up, and take a boat to Isle de Murta, to the kingdom of Atauromin.
He just landed up on the boat, when.....

"Hey! Are you going to Isle de Murta?" (Young Knight)
"I want to join!" (Young Knight)

A young knight, seemingly in his 20s, quickly jumped on the boat.
He was energized, just like Arvine.

"My name is Zaimar! You can call me Zaim!" (Zaim)
"Errr.....sure! My name is Arvine." (Arvine)
"I'll just call you Vine, ok?" (Zaim)
"Sure, why not? Why are you going there?" (Arvine)
"It's a secret." (Zaim)

And so, the two men quickly get up on the boat, to Isle de Murta.
Unbeknown to them, a large army was stationed there......

The Horde

Arvine arrived at Isle de Murta, only found a large commotion was resided there.
A large horde of monsters, mainly Giants, are currently forming an attack from the dungeon.
The dungeon, led by an underground king called Werrner, was planning an assault on the kingdom.
Arvine hears the commotion out loud.

"It's the end!" (Man 1)
"We're dead!" (Woman 1)
"I'm too young to die!" (Man 2)

Arvine shook his head at watching the pitiful sight, then saw a poster.
The poster shown a king's head, pointing at him, with a large word....


Arvine feel a push in his shoulder.

"I'm here to join the army! How about you?" (Zaim)
"I'm here to investigate." (Arvine)
"The army seemed to be in trouble." (Zaim)
"Then help them!" (Arvine)
"Hmm...ok, I'll help the army." (Arvine)
"That's the spirit!" (Zaim)

Arvine was pushed in the shoulder again.

"Ok bro, I'm going to the inn first, you just put up your name on the registration first." (Arvine)

And so, Arvine went back to the inn, while Zaim register both of them in the registration office.
However, Zaim accidentally dropped Arvine' registsration, giving up an issue......

Battle of Isle de Murta

3 days later, scouts reported that The Horde are marching their way up here.
Zaim was called to the registration office, however, Arvine don't.
Thinking that the registrator are just forgetting him, Arvine just walk up to the battle zone.
Arrived there, he sees the kingdom's army were shaken.

Joining the ranks, suddenly, a large man pulled Arvine from the line.
He quickly inspect him, and shouted at him......

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??!!" (Guard)
"Huh? What? I'm a soldier of course." (Arvine)
"I'm a soldier." (Arvine)

Suddenly, the large man grabbed Arvine, and throw him like a sack.
He quickly shouted:


Suddenly, 10 soldiers surrounded Arvine.
Arvine was ready to fight, but then he heard a magnificent clap.
All the soldiers withdraw, and from the top of the regiment, the king of Ataumorin arrived.

"So, you're the spy?" (King)
"What do you mean?" (Arvine)
"Our report told us about a spy hidden on our ranks, which we found out now." (King)
"That the spy was you." (King)
"I'm not a spy." (Arvine)
"Heh, liar. I'm Zeus, and I'm going to finish you as my practice!" (Zeus)

Suddenly, three man appeared from Arvine's side and back, and Zeus come in front of him.
"Beat him guys!"

The three man quickly launched on Arvine.
However, Arvine predicted it, and teleported on the back of one of them.

Arvine grabbed his staff, and hit the head of the guard with the blunt side of the staff.
The first guard fainted, then the 2nd guard launched himself on Arvine.
Arvine quickly casted blast, which blows up the 2nd guard, wound him severely, but still alive.
The 3rd guard, seems a bit frightened, quickly swiped his sword.
Arvine ducked to evade it, and in 1 nimble movement, he throws 3 electrical arrows to him.
The 3rd guard was hitted in the shoulders, and the last one was on his chest.
Arvine electrocuted him, knocking him out cold.
And at last, he was left alone with Zeus.......


Arvine, after defeated the guard, confront Zeus.
The 2 men watched each other in awe.....
And Zeus is the one who break the silence first.

Zeus roared in might, and with that, he slashed his sword to Arvine.
Arvine tried to parry it, but with such huge strength, he was pushed back.
Unable to block it no more, Arvine teleported backwards.
He casted a Blast to come out of the ground, only found out that Zeus doesn't get even a scratch.

"What? Is your armor unbreakable or what?" (Arvine)
"Hmph, you will never beat me!" (Zeus)

Zeus strikes again, and with each strike, he grows more aggresive.
Suddenly, the sword tasted Arvine's blood, and it grows more sharper.
Arvine tried to deflect it, but noticed that his staff are starting to get cutted by Zeus's sword.

"Stop it! I'm not a spy!" (Arvine)
"I will hurt you if you don't stop!" (Zeus)
"You will never hurt me!" (Zeus)
".....I'm sorry." (Arvine)

As Arvine said that, he merged with the Red Dragon, gaining his flame magics.
And with so, Arvine cast up pillars of flame to the ground.........

The King's Gem

As pillar of flame throws Zeus upward, his crown was flown to the air.
And when he landed, a large *bump* sound was heard.
Arvine, realized the crown was his weakness, quickly teleported to get the crown.
As Arvine grabs it, Zeus was enraged...

"No one touched my crown!" (Zeus)

Zeus, blistering with fury, grabbed his sword and charged his shield on Arvine.
Arvine, unready for it, simply grabbed the crown as a shield.
The shield bumps the crown, creating a huge noise.
Suddenly, the gem inside the crown fall out.

Arvine, realized he need to finish it quickly, merged with the Frost Dragon's soul.
He grabbed a frost hammer, and hit it on Zeus's hammer.
Zeus blocked the blow with his sword, breaking it into half.
And not just that, bumps appeared on Zeus's shield......
The armor, now are weakened, broke down, and Zeus was flown apart.
Zeus, realized that he lost, surrendered to Arvine.

"I lost, you win this round, spy." (Zeus)
"I'm not a spy, and here's your crown back." (Arvine)

*Throws the crown to Zeus

"Anyway, seems the Horde are approaching, we need to muster up defenses." (Arvine)
"Huh? You cared about me? I guess you're not the spy....." (Zeus)
"That's what I'm trying to FREAKING TELL YOU from before!" (Arvine)
"Hahahaha sorry bro, anyway, let us muster our defenses!" (Zeus)

Zeus quickly gives order to his catapults, while Arvine takes upon his station.
However, he feels a dejavu in this battle......

Division Leader Appears!

The battles raged on, and people are dying on the battlegrounds.
However, Zeus's side are outnumbered, and most of them are wounded.
Arvine realized that situation must be changed, quickly moved toward The Horde's regiment.
He evaded and teleported around the enemies, and then merged with the Dark Dragon's soul.
Then with a loud and mighty cry, he unleased the Howl of Terror to the enemies.

The Horde, listening to Arvine's scream, quickly closed their ears.
They're scared against the sound of it, and each time they hear it, their heart become unstable.
And at last, their morale are falling as some of them fainted to the grounds...
However, a single, large man, seemingly their general, quickly comes over Arvine.......

"You, you're Tenor!" (Arvine)
"I hate you Arvine, I hate you." (Tenor)
"You always ruined my fun, and our plan was ruined by you!" (Tenor)
"I was planning to beat the Atauromin, and when the kingdom of this island is united....." (Tenor)
"I will kill their leader, and took his space." (Tenor)
"It always like this Tenor, you and your evil plans!" (Tenor)
"I'm always like this, especially when I beat up your grandfather....." (Tenor)
"You're the leader of the army who ravaged my village!" (Arvine)
"I HATE. YOU." (Arvine)

With that, Arvine merged with all his Dragon's Soul, turning to Ultima Version.
He called Yin and Yang, his trusty companion.

"Yin! Move to the right and flank them! (Arvine)
"Yang! Move to the left and flank them! (Arvine)
"Roger!" (Yin and Yang)

Yin and Yang quickly move to the flank of the enemies.
And with that, they sliced and bombed the enemies.
Zeus's side, seeing that The Horde was decimated, quickly shouted in triumph.
They quickly rushed forward to beat remaining survivors.....

Traitor on the Heart

Arvine watched the battle raged on, while he turn his back to Tenor.....
Tenor, seeming already understood that he lost the battle, speaked up to Arvine.

"I always got a plan B."
"What? What's your plan B?" (Arvine)
"You think I will tell you? By the time you reached Zeus, you're too late!"

Tenor releases a smoke bomb. When the cloud dissipates, he was gone.
Arvine, realized he need to race back to Zeus, quickly run through the battlefield.
He moved through the army as fast as he could, and when he saw Zeus, he saw a person with a dagger on Zeus' back.
Arvine quickly merged with the Frost Dragon, and crafted himself a frost rifle.
He quickly shot the rifle to the person behind Zeus, his high-general.
The ice pellet promptly hit him on the head, blowing him back by several feets.

Zeus, looks confused, quickly turn back and saw his best friend's head was showered by pellets.
As Zeus see him closer, Arvine's shouted:

"No! He's the traitor!" (Arvine)
"He is? But he...." (Zeus)

Suddenly, the general raises his dagger again, but Arvine shot ice needles to him, tackling the dagger.
Zeus was shocked.

"But, you're my friend....." (Zeus)
"Zeus, I'm not your friend....." (General)
"I'm a traitor in heart...but I'm sorry." (General)
"......Goodbye, my friend." (Zeus)
"Rest in peace, traitor." (Arvine)

On the battlefield, Zeus's army successfully defeated The Horde.
However, Arvine, feels nauseatic, falls down on his ground.
"Not again..." (Arvine)

And everything went black.

Show Must Go On

Arvine wakes up in a bed in the treasury, as usual.
Zeus comes in, his breath smells of beer, and talked to him.

"Arvine, I'm sorry I doubted you. I suppose a brat like could be trusted." (Zeus)
"Old man, I've seen many hermits like you that suspect me." (Arvine)
"Anyway, the underground leader, Werrner was assassinated. His killer wasn't found." (Zeus)
"Just as I suspected." (Arvine)
"....Cocky brat. Well, I need a new general. Some guy who is honest, and loyal...." (Zeus)
"Try a new recruit called Zaim. He got the potential." (Arvine)

"Heh, well, do you want to live here?" (Zeus)
"Where?" (Arvine)
"Yup, here, in Atauromin, to be specific, in my kingdom, THE SILVER DRAGON." (Zeus)
"I could find a nice family to adopt you." (Zeus)
"That's kind of you, but no thanks." (Arvine)

Arvine gets up.

"I'm a fighter, not a lover." (Arvine)

And with that said, Arvine quickly gets out of the room, and goes to the docks.
Zeus watched him in intriguement.

"What an interesting child. Well, time to get back to work!" (Zeus)

Arvine, on the other hand, takes the boat back to the mainland.
He only thought for himself:

"Well, the show must go on......."



(Zeus sits upon the throne of his new kingdom, the birds can be heard chirping outside and the townsfolk are happy in their new village nearby their kingdom)

"Ah a long day it has been, ROYAL ADVISERS! come here and tell me what I can do for the rest of the day." (Zeus)

Two Cloaked men arrive through the large wooden doors and stand before the king. One being old and the other being young.

"My lord, there is a large spire forming in the distance filled with evil creatures, we should take a couple footmen to go and vanquish this great evil." (The old adviser)
"No, but I will stop those evil creatures later when I'm not so bored." (Zeus)
"There is a magician in the middle of town, he is said to have many spells and is really making a lot of money off of it." (The young adviser)
"Hmm lets go see this magician, SOLDIERS BRING ME MY SWORD AND SHIELD!" (Zeus)
"Your not planning on killing this man, are you my lord?" (The young adviser)
"No, I shall see if this man knows combat and can use his magic to fight." (Zeus says with a smile)

The king stands up from his throne and walks outside through the halls of his new kingdom, he opens the door that leads to the blinding world outside, his eyes adjusted to see all the commoners at the center of the village.

Zeus walks into the new village nearby his kingdom and see's bolts of lightning being fired from the center of town, the bolts made a loud thunderous crackle as it hit the clouds, Then moments later Zeus heard his village people cheering in amazement.

Zeus walked to this mystery boy and watched as the commoners gave him the gold they use in the village and money used in the cities nearby, the magician started speaking to Zeus.

"Ah it looks like the leader of this village is here, did the stunning display of my power intrigue you any? because it has certainly won over the villagers." (the mystery man)
"Huh, I expected a much older person." (Zeus says with disappointment)
"Yeah, so did you find my display of power intriguing." (Arvine)
"Oh I have, and thou's power looks as though it is used in combat." (Zeus)
"Yes? What is the reason you ask?" (The mystery man)
"I was pondering if you could do battle with me upon the morrow, I'm sure the villagers would love to see their king fight this magical boy, AM I RIGHT MY PEOPLE!" (Zeus)
"YES!" (the crowd of people who formed around this mysterious man)
"Well OK then by the way, what is your name, my name is Arvine." (Arvine)
"Zeus is the name, but I am often called The King by the commoners, we shall fight at my royal training room, it will not only be the perfect place to fight, but it will teach my foot soldiers how to handle in combat against magical foes." (Zeus)
"This will be great chance to show your people who's the real king." (Arvine says with a smirk)

Zeus looks at Arvine angrily but at the same with a smile.

"Also, you wouldn't happen to be a Forsaken, would you?" (Arvine)
"If I say yes would it make the battle be much more entertaining to the people?" (Zeus)
"I will take that as a no." (Arvine)
"Would you like a home in this village, or perhaps a room to stay in at the Inn?" (Zeus)
"I have enough gold to buy myself a room at the Inn." (Arvine)


(Zeus lies awaiting his foe in the training room, it has a hard wooden floor with the symbol of their kingdom in the middle of it, with the village people watching from the left side and the soldiers standing on the right)

"MESSENGER BOY, come here and send a message to Arvine, The message is for him to get up and come to the training room, hes at the local Inn. And tell the Inn keeper to send me one of his best drinks." (Zeus)
"Yes my lord." (The messenger boy)

The messenger boy makes no hesitation to dash off to the local Inn, but Arvine wasn't there for some reason. then he took a look over the horizon and saw a large army of darkness heading their way.

The messenger boy quickly dashed back to the kingdom, and told the king of this great threat.

"SOLDIERS, ARM YOURSELVES AND PREPARE FOR BATTLE!" (Zeus shouts towards his soldiers)
"Oh yeah and thanks for the ale messenger boy." (Zeus)
"Your welcome my lord." (Messenger boy)

The old adviser hears what is coming towards their kingdom.

"We really should of stopped that spire from forming." (The old adviser)
"Yes in hindsight that was probably the better choice." (Zeus)
"Oh well, go have our priests and wizards enchant our weapons, the same way they did with my sword." (Zeus)
"And by me, do you mean send the messenger boy." (The old adviser)
"Nooo, I would most certainly send a slow old man in haste to get our weapons ready for a battle." (Zeus says in sarcasm)
"Ah very well then, MESSENGER BOY!" (The old adviser)
"Yes royal adviser?" (The Messenger boy)
"Yes, royal adviser." (The messenger boy)

The messenger boy dashed towards the church to get the priests and then quickly moved towards the wizard tower to get the wizards.

The wizards and priests took all the swords to the magic room inside the kingdom and enchanted them with anti-darkness magic while blessing them through the use of holy artifacts, effectively making the swords burn the skin of all evil and shadow creatures.

Meanwhile the king sent a scout to tell him what they were facing inside this army of darkness.

"Sire, they are sending shadow beings, orcs with full armor, and a massive titan. I fear this is our last time in existence." (Scout)
"Sire, I am only speaking with what I have seen." (Scout)
"I understand scout, but at this point we need bravery, not cowardice." (Zeus)


(The king walks outside and see's the large mass approaching, the birds have stopped chirping and have started flying away and the commoners have entered and barricaded their homes)

The shadow beings were flying and crawling towards the kingdom, their dual rows of teeth showing and jagged, claws sharp enough to cut through the hardest of armors, eyes as red as the crimson blood of soldiers, and everywhere they flew and crawled upon the grass died and the trees became rotted. they formed most of the army and created a large dark cloud heading towards the kingdom.

The orcs sprinted towards our village, their skin was a pale green as if they havent seen daylight in tens of years, they are ready to ransack and pillage the village with swords and armor forged from the deepest pits of hell.

And the massive titan shook the earth as it walked, it was a massive brown stone-like beast with eyes as dark as night, its spiked club was large enough to destroy ten fully armored soldiers in one bash.

"We're gonna need some assistance." (Zeus)
"I see you are in quite the dilemma, perhaps I can help?" (A boy hiding behind the shadows)
"Who are you, reveal thyself." (Zeus)
"Me? I'm the magician named Arvine, I was on my way to battle you but then I stopped to see this army heading your way." (Arvine)
"Well Arvine, good thing you didn't leave, we are gonna need you to assist us during battle, and if we make it out of this war, we will do battle with each other in whats left of the training hall." (Zeus said chuckling a bit)
"Yeah, but theirs one problem, I'm probably gonna need some light armor to protect me from sword slashes." (Arvine)
"Done, go to the barracks and pick yourself up the armor of your choice." (Zeus says hastily)
"Ok then, can I also have the unbreakable armor enchantment?" (Arvine)
"Sorry but the gem I have on my crown is what makes my armor and weapons unbreakable, its a one of a kind gem. NOW MOVE THE DARKNESS IS REALLY CLOSE!" (Zeus)
"Okay damn, what happened to you today." (Arvine)
"We got attacked by the darkness and everybody died, all because a magician wouldn't get ready for battle." (Zeus)
"OK I see your point I will go and get my armor." (Arvine)


(Arvine and Zeus stand ready for battle in front of the village, both standing in front of all the thousands of footmen of the kingdom, the sound of war drums can be heard among the foot soldiers and the shouts of the orcish soldiers strikes fear into the towns people. Zeus lets out a battle cry and states something towards his soldiers)

"FOR ATAUROMIN!!!" (The army shouts towards their leader)
"I have a question, do these attacks happen often?" (Arvine)
"Ah very well then, after this battle may we finally fight like the people wanted?" (Arvine)
"Who's to say we will be exiting this war?" (Zeus)

Arvine and Zeus lead the way as the footmen charged towards the dark evil creatures, the footmen's running left permanent indents in the ground, the battle cry of the soldiers would strike fear into the hearts of even the most frightening of foes.

The entire army bashed against the orcs, the sound swords clashing against shields could be heard all the way to stickpage city, the orcs were surprisingly easy to kill, the thousands of orcs were quickly backed up by the shadow beings.

The flying shadows lifted the footmen into the air, and slashed and tore at their skin, the red blood of the footmen stained the now dead grass.

The swords of the kings legion were cutting into the shadow beings but their speed allowed them to dodge the attacks with ease. They were a hard foe but so was the titan.

The titan smashed the ground with the large spiked club, sending shockwaves all throughout the land, the shockwaves struck stickpage city and the kings village, frightening the villagers and citizens in both places.

The footmen's swords barely did anything to him, and the kings combat skills were completely worthless against this creature.

"Alright, time to kill this beast before it destroys everything." (Arvine)

Arvine's left side turned black while his right side turned white, before the army knew it a massive laser bolt was fired at the titan's left eye, and then Arvine jumped up on its arm and worked his way directly to the head and repeatedly stabbed it with the holy light blade.

Zeus was surprised at his power, and watched as the titan fell to the ground with a massive shockwave, pushing everybody back one step.

"That is how you kill a titan, with magic." (Arvine said chuckling)

Zeus and his army looked at each other and then looked back at Arvine.

"Well, are we gonna fight now Zeus?" (Arvine)
"Yeaah." (Zeus said with hesitation)
"It was nice knowing you my lord." (One of the footmen said in the army)
"Bah I fought worse soldiers than that, we will fight continue the fight in the royal training room as planned." (Zeus said with confidence)
"See you there, my lord." (Arvine said with a laugh)

Then a dark mist shrouded all around Arvine right in front of Zeus and his army, when the dark mist was blown away Arvine was nowhere in sight.


(The army made their way back to the kingdom to be praised by the villagers and then went straight to the training hall to find Arvine sitting in a wooden chair, awaiting Zeus and his army to arrive)

"Ah I see you finally showed up to the fight, and I thought you didn't have the balls." (Arvine)
"By the way, the powers I use are known as dragon merges." (Arvine)

Zeus lifts his sword and shield, and asks Arvine a question.

"That was quite a powerful move you did there with that titan, do you need any mana potions or perhaps a health vial?" (Zeus)
"Yes even us wizards of the royal king are impressed." (The elder wizard)
"Nah but we will do combat here in the training room, TIME TO PERISH ZEUS." (Arvine)
"Very well then, soldiers stand ba.." (Zeus immediately stopped by Arvine)

Arvine casts the a large single lightning arrow towards Zeus, but it missed and electrocuted one of the soldiers, the sound of him screaming as the powerful energy circulated throughout his body was ear pounding.

after the spell was finished the man dropped to the ground with a thud, the priests quickly moved to save him.


Zeus immediately charged towards Arvine with great speed, but Arvine leaped towards the right.

Arvine's eyes turned red the same with his hair when the second he hit the ground, he began moving towards Zeus, he sprinted and leaped up into the air at Zeus, kicking him in the chest and when he landed created a large fire blast under Zeus, but Zeus came out with only a dirty foot stain on his chest plate.


After saying that Zeus attempted to slash at Arvines face, Arvine watched as the blade moved by his face and he could see his reflection as the blade passed by.

Arvine used the dark mist teleportation and showed up right behind Zeus and used lightning arrows straight on Zeus's back, he shouted in agony as the electric bolts surged throughout the metal armor.

Zeus pulled up the strength to swing his sword at Arvine but he quickly ducked, the sword just barely cut some of his hair off, Arvine noticeing how close he is to Zeus casted 4 large fire pillars, causing the armor to heat up quickly, but Zeus doesnt seem to be effected by this heated metal.

"Well what do you know about that, my armor is suddenly a heated frying pan, guess whos skin is about to be burned off." (Zeus said with a smile)

Almost instantly after saying that, Arvine casted water prison and completely cooled off the armor and trapping Zeus for a couple seconds, during Zeus's entrapment Arvine moved over to a safe corner and used the darkness merge, turning his eyes and hair grey along with a grey aura.

When the prison fell into nothing, Zeus sprinted towards Arvine and slashed him, but Arvine noticed something strange when it hit his left arm, it started burning and looking as though somebody stuffed the inside of the wound with blazing charcoal.

"What the hell is happening to my arm!" (Arvine quickly said)
"It could be the fact that my weapon is anti darkness." (Zeus)

after saying so Arvine engulphed himself in the dark mist and teleported to the opposite side of the training room, and started merging with frost, upon doing so the effects of the anti darkness went away and it became a normal wound.

Arvine's eyes turned blue same with his hair, but Zeus had already began sprinting towards Arvine, Zeus's charge hit Arvine with a mighty blow, Arvines staff was used to block the attack but the force caused the staff to snap in five pieces.

"YOU BROKE MY STAFF, THIS ENDS NOW ZEUS!" (Arvine shouted with anger)

Arvine casted himself a full suit of ice armor and spawned dual ice pistols, he began firing at Zeus, it directly hit his crown, shattering the crown to pieces, gold fragments fell all over the ground with metallic ting noises, and the red gem had stopped glowing brightly.

Zeus's armor suddenly lost its glorious shine, and his shield became heavy and hard to bash with.

"Saw that coming but didn't react quick enough." (Zeus looking at his now broken crown)
"Time to fight this on an even level." (Arvine)
"RAAAAAAHHHH." (Zeus crys as he charges towards Arvine)

The impact from Zeus charging towards Arvine shattered the ice armor, leaving small pieces of ice soon to change to water all over the ground.

Arvine fired more shots from both of the pistols, they were extremely powerful and were leaving large dents inside the metal shield, but the pistol wasnt powerful enough to pierce the shield completely.

Zeus threw the shield at Arvine to do a little damage and distract him for a couple seconds, then without hesitation Zeus dashed towards Arvine with a quicker speed and stabbed at him, the mage moved to the side and it only cut the side of his right arm.

Blood was drawn and Arvine watched as blood was falling from his right arm, he started creating water and moved it completely around himself.

Zeus stood their ready to take in whatever this was, he stood for a little while and then later lost the will to continue his battle stance.

"What are you doing?" (Zeus)
"Whatever it is I'm stopping it now." (Zeus)

Zeus ran towards Arvine and picked his shield back up, then bashed Arvine in the face with his shield, but it had little effect so Zeus just repeatedly stabbed into the water form, the water quickly turned red because of this.

Arvine jumped out of the healing effect, even more wounded then when he started the healing, blood was gushing out of different spots on his chest and he fell to the ground.

Arvine's sight was slowly fading and his hearing was dimming more and more, but he heard this before he blacked out.

"YES MY LORD!" (5 unknown figures)
"AHAHHAHHAHAA, a happy day for the forsaken." (FORSAKEN?!?!!?)
"Whoever you 4 are ge....." (Zeus?, Arvine couldnt hear the rest due to blacking out)


(Arvine is blacked out, he is currently in a dream state)

"Where am I?" (Arvine said as he looked around)

He looked at the sky, their was no sunlight or stars to be seen, not a cloud in sight, just pitch black.

The ground was dark and felt exactly like moistened soil, but it hurt Arvine's hands as if the soil was tainted with something.

Their was no land all around him except for a path, its almost as if he was on a floating platform.

Arvine walked on this path to see a huge figure within the darkness, shaped somewhat like an animal.

"FOR THE FORSAKEN ARMY, WE WILL RISE ONCE MORE, TO WREAK HAVOC ALL ACROSS THE LAND!" (Mysterious voice riding the animal creature)

Arvine looked towards the animal and it turned around with its glowing red eyes, it slashed at Arvine and knocked him off the edge of the path.

He was falling into the darkness screaming, he finally hit the ground with a massive crash.


(Arvine wakes up to find himself in the village church on a bed with a holy cross above his head)

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" (Arvine awakens completely frightened)
"WHOA, calm down Arvine your being healed by the priests and the wizards of my kingdom." (Zeus)
"Ugh what happened." (Arvine)

Arvine looks down at his chest to see wizards regenerating the skin and organs while the priests are using enchanted holy water to keep the wounds from infecting and stop all pain.

"AAAAH!" (Arvine was completely frightened at the sight of all of his wounds)
"Yeah I think its best if you just look up and not look at your chest and stomach, don't worry our wizards and priests know what they are doing." (Zeus said as he pushed Arvine's head back on the pillow)
"When you blacked out from me repeatedly stabbing you, 3 men and a woman appeared at the doorway of the training room, I ordered them to get out of the way as the priests carried you, they just laughed and then shot at us using some sort of rapid fire weapon they had concealed, the soldiers made haste and killed all 3 of the men while the one woman ran away, she said something about the taming of a colossal beast but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with Atauromin." (Zeus explained)
"Did the woman say anything to you after she left?" (Arvine)
"The only thing she said and did was she quickly revived and healed the 3 men we just killed but they were re-killed yet again due to my footmen being right next to them, she also threw some sort of ritual dagger at me and it hit me right on the neck as you can see from this scar, and then she went on about the colossal thing I explained earlier." (Zeus)

Zeus shows Arvine the dark red scar, it looks as though its has been horribly poisoned and it has dried up blood all around it, Arvine also notices that the king had his crown repaired.

Zeus then showed Arvine the ritual dagger thrown at his neck, the knife's handle was a very dark red, and in the center of its cross guard a white skull with black gems inside the eye sockets, it states on the blade "The rise of the forsaken begins wi.....", the rest was covered in Zeus's blood.

"We tried to clean the blood off, but it seems this blade is meant to keep the blood on the knife, so no matter what we did my blood would not come off the knife, take the knife as a souvenir, anyway you helped save my village and kingdom from the darkness army." (Zeus)
"There you go young one, your completely healed, stand up, it will feel as though you were never cut up in the first place." (one of the elder wizards)

Arvine looked down to see his stomach and chest were completely normal, as if nothing had ever happened.

"Thanks for the knife, it will certainly help stop the forsaken." (Arvine)
"Your welcome back to our village any time to ask for any favor, just remember, I am always prepared for a fight." (Zeus)
"By the way I have a question, did you patch up my staff?" (Arvine)
"Why yes I have, its almost as if its brand new, same with my crown and its glorious red gem." (Zeus)
"Great, I'll be taking that." (Arvine says as he takes his staff)
"And now I will be heading home." (Arvine)

Arvine lifts up the staff and a dark mist appears again, when the mist disapears he is gone along with it.


"We will meet again, I know it, now if you wizards and priests dont mind I shall be heading to the bar in stick page city, I need a couple powerful drinks after these past couple days." (Zeus)

The footman handed Zeus the note.

Arvines note: "Zeus, thanks for utmost generously donating most of your gold and money to me. love Arvine."

"I suddenly found a new hate for that kid, but I also have a feeling hes gonna go far in this world." (Zeus speaking to the footman)

03-04-2013, 08:47 AM
You two are doing better now. Good job. But my vote goes to Triss.

Zeus is quite arrogant...

03-04-2013, 10:52 AM
Just a note, put the name of the character before the speech in a screenplay fashion if that is what you are doing. In my opinion, it cleans it up a little and makes it easier to read.

03-04-2013, 05:55 PM
Hey you got my character almost perfect, a little too arrogant and stupid but the combat sense of him was perfect, he seems rather distrusting, would you explain?

Also about my story, did I get your characters personality down correctly, or did I mess up completely.

Also Triss that's not bad quality work, in your eyes maybe, but it beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder. I say it looks great.

Bladed Fire
03-04-2013, 06:55 PM
Oh no why Triss got banned again, and kingkickass, you really improved alot! I vote for you for improving so much :p

03-05-2013, 06:47 PM
Hey Triss you really gotta stop with the spam, its starting to get annoying.

Its gotten you banned twice, and now you can't answer my question. *sad face*.

Hmm seems I am outnumbered by 1 person in votes, I don't even know the Avalon guy.

03-06-2013, 05:02 AM
I haven't gotten around to reading stuff around here cos of my schedule. But for now, I just like to say that script-style dialogue is really something you should grow out of fast. It's not that it's a bad thing for beginners, but you shouldn't get used to it unless you're writing a screenplay of sorts, and even at that it shouldn't be done so lazily.

With that said, I immediately notice a two things:

1) Script style doesn't give you an excuse to describe absolutely nothing else. I see people running in, joining the convo, running out, switching around. Then an event happens. Where are they? What's going on? What's this guy doin' when he's not talking?

2) When a character is speaking again he doesn't need to be quoted twice. For example:

This is weird. Can't you just dedicate one paragraph of action Zeus does in between words of his quotation? And if you're going to do it like this, why even have it script style at all. This is why I hate it. It gives you an excuse to handhold the reader and in the end they get a shitty experience.
.....okay, I will change my text writing style.

EDIT: KKA, I write him like that because I RUSHED.
I don't have enough time with writing his story and my school life (it's crazy)

03-06-2013, 12:58 PM
I'm so far not liking the looks of where this is heading. I see a future where Triss has like 9 more votes, that future is terrifying me so far. You all remember my last failure at Junmax right it was hilariously sad, 7 to nothing.

P.S. I am not complaining, its not about the win its about the fun, but I have foreseen the future.

Also Triss I'm still awaiting the answer on how I did with your characters personality.

03-10-2013, 04:33 AM
...Triss's... is kinda... well... not as good as kingkickingass's...
But only a small margin. I guess I see what you meant by "bad quality". Well Triss, you lost your vote. But good luck next time.
PS: It looks like the score's 50-50 now.

Bladed Fire
03-10-2013, 04:38 AM
I think their quality are the same because Triss rushed and have shorter story. I hope Triss win though.

03-10-2013, 06:56 AM
...Triss's... is kinda... well... not as good as kingkickingass's...
But only a small margin. I guess I see what you meant by "bad quality". Well Triss, you lost your vote. But good luck next time.
PS: It looks like the score's 50-50 now.
Nuuuuu why u vote ;u;
Well, I guess you win some, you lose some.
Also bladed if you wish me to win vote for me XP

03-10-2013, 03:59 PM
Unless somebody pulls a quick vote for me, I have lost.

Oddly I was expecting you to have 9 more votes than me, Triss.

EDIT: By the way Triss why are you complaining, its not about the win remember its about the fun of writing the story.

EDIT A SECOND TIME: Well looks like we are even again.


EDIT A FOURTH TIME: Good game Triss, you fought well and I seriously thought you were gonna win, I will rematch you when I feel I am good enough (because I seriously know whats gonna happen when you don't rush).

03-12-2013, 10:39 AM
Hm... A tie. That's better than losing right, Triss? Plus, you even considered your work "bad quality" too. So there's no shame in a tie.

03-13-2013, 04:14 AM
Hey Triss you really gotta stop with the spam, its starting to get annoying.

Its gotten you banned twice, and now you can't answer my question. *sad face*.

Hmm seems I am outnumbered by 1 person in votes, I don't even know the Avalon guy.
Sorry for long comment.
I am Avalon, it's normal if you don't know me because I'm not a very active member, and no I'm not a guy.

03-13-2013, 02:49 PM
Well now I know everybody who played in the voting games, now lets stop commenting on this thread for the battle is over and done with.

03-14-2013, 01:36 AM
It's not an epic tie unless its more than 10 votes going toe to toe. Get on my level XD

Or mine, VS Lethal's previous character.

03-15-2013, 07:58 AM
WHY ARE YOU TWO STILL TALKING ON THIS THREAAAAD!!!, its done stop posting for free posts.