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Our first battles, such a magical moment. Poppin' the cherry so to speak
The Battle of the Cavities
>>> Log 01 >>> Candy >>> Candyland Woods...

His day had begun like any other. His eyes, blanketed in the sandman’s dream crust, burst wide open. The crooked smile on his face as he managed to arch himself upwards into the sitting position.

“What a lovely day this is! Everything is so bea-u-tiful!” His eyes focused on the beautiful pink sky and it’s cotton candy clouds as they carelessly floated along.

After brushing himself off, he grabbed his sucker blade, using it to boost him up on his feet as he set off to begin the day as he would any day, in a great note; and how could it possibly not be great? The birds were chirping, the trees were dancing, and everything was going his way. He frolic through the woods as if nothing matter to him, not a care in the world. This of course, was until he came across a bright light in the distance. He slowly approached this light, hesitant and slightly nervous at what may come; and that was when he saw it.

His eyes widened as he gasped softly, the end of the woods leading to nowhere else but the capital of the clean kingdom, Mint City! He quickly shuffled into some bushes, using their pink leaves to camouflage himself as he looked for any citizens passing by. It looked safe only for a moment, as a guard had been patrolling in his area. Using the hilt of his sucker blade, he smacked the man across the back of the head, knocking him out cold and allowing Candy to sneak in undercover. It wasn’t until he reached the city gates, that he found himself in a predicament.

Two guards had been stationed at the gates, their scowls being enough to scare any other coward soldier silly, but Candy was not any other coward soldier. He approached them as they automatically saw him as suspicious, the questions began from there.

“Halt, state your name and business here!”

Candy gave the men his usual crooked smile as he began speaking.
“Evening gentleman, the name is Spearmint, I was sent from Brush Town as extra back up for the Mayor.”

They took one look at each other, laughed, then withdrew their weapons, the look of blood lust filling their eyes.
“Give us one reason why we shouldn’t kill you where you stand!”

Candy’s eyes narrowed and his smile grew wider, knowing that the guards made one extremely huge mistake. For his best strength had always been his power to talk his way out of anything. To put it bluntly >>>
“They fucked up” <<<

The Invasion

It was as if the world itself was put on mute. Everything stood still and not a peep could be heard, all but Candy’s voice. The moment he opened his mouth, their fate was sealed, no sword required.

“Hey guys, I’m sorry to hear about your wives dying and all..”

They frowned, despair overtaking them, as they began to feed into his deception.
“I loved her more than the world” The guard said, as the other nodded in response.

He began rubbing his hands together, a mischievous grin was placed on his face.
“You guys are feeling pretty sad about it, huh? I think..that your wives would be very happy if you came to see them in heaven.”

A look of safety came across the guards as the second responded back.
“You think so?..”

He gave them a reassuring smile, leading them to believe he showed the utmost care for the topic. He then spoke in an uplifting tone, as he resumed.
“I truly do my friends, you know what I’d do? I’d go see them right now, take that sword and be reunited with your wives, guys! Don’t you think they deserve that much?!”

They gave their blades a warm smile, as their bodies gave them an even warmer embrace, the swords sliding straight through their stomachs as they fell to the ground with smiles on their faces.
“I’m sorry for your family’s loss, it’s a shame you had to work for Dr.Tooth... I’m sure they will miss you greatly.”

He stepped over their corpses, opening the gate to the city as he pushed forward, blending himself with the crowd to avoid any suspicion. He wandered around the city with no true sight or goal in mind, rather that’s what he wanted to do, until one of the citizens shouted something that would drastically change his plans.

“Look there, it’s the mayor and his son, Alphonse!”

The crowd erupted into cheer and praise, the mayor smiling and waving to the crowd as his son did the same. It was not until they came closer, that he spotted something odd..someone odd to be exact. Amongst their corrupted smiles, stood someone unique, someone who stuck very close to the Mayor’s son.

He frowned,
“That poor girl, she looks like a lost, mistreated, and neglected puppy dog.”

His usual smile came back to him, his body pumping with adrenaline, his motors finally running, he knew what he was going to do! His thoughts exploded as he tightened his fists.
>>>“I’m going to save that poor girl from the evil clutches of Alphonse!” <<<

The Rescue

The time was midnight, the sun had fallen and the moon cast is bright light upon this darkened city. Candy managed to find his way to the mayor’s mansion, but he was not in the clear yet, for a large man in a tuxedo stood guarding the front door. He knew he had to distract him, but the question was how; it was then that his fingers brushed across the Bubblegum Grenades that he carried with him. His mischievous grin returned as he began setting his plan into motion.

He tossed one of his grenades to a spot a few inches away from the guard. Once it set off, the guard did exactly as he planned, called a few more guards for back up, and headed toward the area. It was then that he made a clean break for the entrance. Using his sword as a pole, he launched himself high enough to leap over the gate, once that was done, it was as easy as turning the knob.

Fortunately for him, the guards didn’t notice anyone came inside, and since he was still clothed in guard’s wear, he was able to blend it quite well with the other guards. Everything seemed to go smoothly, though knowing his luck with things, something was bound to go wrong eventually, it just had to.

He was casually strolling through the mansion, paying no mind to his surroundings, when he bumped shoulders with someone, knocking them down. He looked up, his mouth opening as he was about to apologize, when his eyes came into focus with the person and his mouth was shut. Right in front of his eyes, sat the puppy dog girl he came here to save! He smiled excitedly as he stood up quickly, helping the girl up as he placed his hands on her shoulder.

“It is you, you are the girl from before! Quickly child, what is thy name?!”

Her puppy dog eyes gained a look of worry and hesitation as she spoke softly.
“N-Ned..my name is Ned..who are you exactly? I’ve never seen you before.”

His smile grew wider as he gripped her shoulders gently.
“Ned, that is an interesting name, Ned. Wait here, I shall free you from this heathen they call Alphonse!”

Before the girl could say anything else, he took off, dashing as fast as he could up the stairs and onto the next floor. It was then that the guards unsheathed their swords and aimed them at Candy.

“You are not a true guard of this mansion! Everyone knows that there is only one sacred rule in this mansion, and you have just broken it...No running on mansion grounds! ATTACK THIS MAN, LET HIM GET NO FURTHER”

“Uh oh” Candy frowned, unsheathing his sucker blade as the first round of guards rapidly approached him.

The first was met by a uppercut slice to the chin, their head splitting in two as they fell lifeless on the ground. The others had met a fate no different to the first. After clearing the first round of the guards, only one stood among the rest. A large hammer wielding guard stomped his foot on the ground and slammed his hammer down at Candy. He ran forward, sliding under the hammer and it’s wielder as the delivered a swift slice to the testicles, the man screaming in agony as he wobbled forward and fell to his knees.

Candy closed his eyes and sighed as he stepped around the man and continued on his way.

>>>“I pray that man can recover from such an ordeal..” >>>

The Battle

After a few minutes of heated battle, Candy finally found himself in front of the son’s quarters. He opened the door gently, closing it behind him. He found himself in an extremely large room with only a desk and a chair placed in front of the window, which was extremely far enough as it is. Once he heard the door close, Alphonse gave off an aggravated sigh as he slowly turned around.

“Haven’t I told you impudent guards not to disturb me at this hou-” He was cut off from speech, his eyes widened as the look of fear appeared eyes. He quickly searched the room for a sign of help, but it had seemed that all hope was lost.

Candy glared at the man, anger filling his body.
“My name is Candy, I hail from Candyland..I’ve come to set that poor girl free!”

He clutched his blade, slowly walking over to the man, as he began lifting his blade. It was over, the mission had gone successful, it was game over for him. Just as he lunged forward, swinging the blade down, the door burst open as the sound of his sword clashing against something could be heard. It was then that his eyes widened once more as he let out a soft gasp. His sword had clashed with a soda bottle held by none other than that puppy dog girl, Ned.
“Ned..why do you protect this man? Do you not wish to be freed from his evil grasp?”

She tightened the grip on her bottle, swinging it forward as she managed to push Candy away, which in turn caused him to jump back.

She hesitated for a moment, her body shaking timidly as it all came to a halt at one point. She then looked up at him and began letting her voice be known.

“N..Nobody asked you to save me! I will not let you hurt my master!”

Alphonse’s cold stare focused on Ned as he lifted himself up and spoke arrogantly,
“Ned, dispose of this man won’t you?”

Candy frowned as his shoulders dropped,
“ I see.. you’re an agent of Doctor Tooth as well then.. I truly wish it would not have come to this..but I’m afraid you must be slain!”

She gave him a perplexed look before charging full force at the man. Her sword was large, she wouldn’t have to come short distances in order to keep him away, he would have to truly think this through if he wanted to take her down. The first thought that came to mind was to evade the blow and head straight for Alphonse, but that was almost too easy, and she could use that method she used to get here in the first place to easily stop him. He knew it was crazy, but he attempted to go that route, despite it possibly backfiring, and just as he thought, she easily blocked his move without even moving, she didn’t even need to use the method from before. This was going to be a tough fight, much tougher than the guards he previously encountered, and if he didn’t do something about her soon, it might just be his own head resting upon the mantle place.

He had to think, fast, and the swings were coming. Anything that looked good at the time was quickly shattered by the length of her large weapon. His options were limited, and it wasn’t looking good for him. It wasn’t until she went for another swing of her weapon that he noticed it; her movements are getting slower, shes tiring out. The swing came horizontally, lucky for him, and he was able to drop to the ground, evading the attack. Once it passed, he lunged forward, spinning around in a full circle and spin kicking her in the the side. The blow caused her to crash into the wall as she fell to the ground, momentarily knocked out. He glared at Alphonse as he launched himself at Alphonse, letting his cry be heard.


He brought his sword down onto the man, as the sound of the bottle bursting could be heard...It doesn’t take a fool to figure out what had occurred here...

Alphonse screamed, tears beginning to form in his eyes as the frail girl smiled up at him, whispering the words “I’m sorry” just before Candy began digging the blade deeper into her body. He used the sword to lift her up as he flicked his sword to the left, her body sliding off and rolling onto the ground.

Candy’s expression became cold and harsh as he glared down at the man.
“You pathetic excuse of man.. you dare allow this poor girl to take her life for the benefit of your own? YOU DON’T DESERVE TO EXIST IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE!”

He grabbed the man, running towards the window and bursting through. As they fell, he placed the man’s body below his feet, using his body as a cushion for the large fall. Alphonse’s body became nothing more than scrambled body parts, Candy taking minor damage from the fall but nothing he couldn’t sleep off. He sighed, looking back at the mansion, as he sheathed his blade and headed off, knowing that this was definitely a battle he would never be able to forget. Though, it wasn’t the battle that he could come home and speak about in victory, no matter how he sliced it, the girl could not be saved. >>> “He lost..” >>>

The Truth

“This is Jenna Fox with Stick Nation News with breaking news. The escaped fugitive, Lenard Johnson, otherwise known as “Candy” has struck yet again. A recent report states that the Alphonse, son of the mayor of Mayor Town, and his young assistant, Ned, were found brutally murdered at their mansion in Stickpage. Witnesses state that they saw Candy escaping from the scene. After examining the bodies further, Alphonse has appeared to have been thrown from his room at the top of the mansion, and Ned took the pipe directly through her body. To the those who are unaware of what Candy may look like. He is a black stick with a shaven beard, long puffy hair, and a beanie to cover the top of it. He’s in his mid twenties but appears to be much younger than that, so we urge with great caution that you watch out. Not everything may appear to be what it seems.

I say this again to the viewers at home, do not pursue this man. His armed and more dangerous than ever. If any witnesses see the man, we urge you to call the police immediately and take shelter in a windowless area within the house. Stay safe and stay indoors!

This is Jenna Fox with Stick Nation News, signing out for now!”

“The fugitive still remains at large..”

The End

Ned had only lived in Stickpage for three days but Alphonse said it was high time to get a new wardrobe. Although she didn’t quite see how that was necessary, she didn’t complain. She enjoyed being with him and getting out of the apartment. For two fearful nights Ned would wake up every 5 minutes from night terrors. She was tired of it, and she was sure Alphonse was too. He seemed enthusiastic about the trip, even though he despised being in Stickpage more than anything else.

When they arrived at the mall, Ned marveled at its size. Once inside, she noted as hundreds of people entered and exited as they pleased. The maid stuck the blonde headed boy like glue. The last thing she wanted was to lose him within the flocks of people. She sort of felt overwhelmed by all the people, back at her old residence she barely saw any souls walking around due to the size of Alphonse’s home. She wearily surveyed her surroundings, and her black irises fell on it. It was a blue box with a bottle on it, inside the bottle was a dark liquid. It almost resembled her own bottle; curiosity was too much temptation for the maid.


Her voice was timid and barely audible above the conjoined voices of the masses.

She spoke with more authority, and this time he stopped and turned. She couldn’t miss those agitated emerald eyes. She lowered her head, and stared at her black flats. She pointed towards the giant blue rectangle. Alphonse’s eyes followed the direction of her hand to find the soda machine. His expression faded and revealed a small smile, and he chuckled to himself for a moment before he looked back at Ned.


He walked towards the machine, and the maid right behind him. Alphonse pulled a dollar out of his pocket and stuck it into the machine. She watched in silence as the machine roared and slurped up the money. Alphonse gave a look at the girl before he moved out of the way.

"Just press the picture for the one you want."

Ned stepped up to the machine; it hummed patiently as she reviewed her choices. Before she could make a decision, a peppy and squeaky voice called the attention of the mall shoppers.

“Hello, valued customers of Stickpage mall! The mall will be closed early for today, please leave immediately. Thank you, and please leave the mall in an orderly fashion. We hope to see you again soon!”

Questions began to fill Ned’s head. She looked back at Alphonse but he didn’t move so she remained static and watched as a sea of people walked past her. She caught ear to some of the customer’s comments as they passed, most of them were angry that they weren’t able to finish their shopping. Others mentioned RHG’s but she couldn’t quite hear the rest. When the mall was empty or appeared that way, Ned felt a chill run up her back. There was an unnatural eerie feel to the deserted building. Alphonse, on the other hand, pulled a cheeky grin.
"It looks like your first opponent is here, Ned."

She replied to this with an unhappy frown. She should have known, there was no way he would willingly spend his money on her for nothing in return. He handed her the Soda bottle, and patted her on the back. He then walked towards the exit where the civilians had gone, she watched him slowly turn into a dot then vanish. He would be angry at her if she lost her first fight. The thought gave her all the more reason not to lose the battle. She looked forward to see a man in ragged white clothes and muddy boots come into vision. He paused upon sight of her. The stranger stood only a few meters away, he held a bloodied pipe and a clutch of smaller weapons hung at his side.

His appearance gave Ned a sense of déjà vu, she had seen this man before and she knew it. She strained trying to organize her memories. He was on the news for quite some time, an escaped mental ward patient who killed a good number of people. He was a popular story for a while but newer and better stories popped up and he faded away. He waved at Ned.


A crooked smile stretched across his face.
"I was looking for a merchant to get supplies but it appears everyone has fled. Quite troubling, may I inquire why you are still here?"

Ned couldn’t answer,
(Surely Alphonse wouldn’t have pinned me against a man who didn’t even know we were supposed to fight…would he?)

The man continued to talk, even when Ned didn’t respond.
“Perhaps you could help me find an open shop. I would hate to know I had left a young lady unattended in a place as big as this.”

He had a kindly aura around him, despite his looks. If he did attempt anything, she won’t allow herself to lose to him.

“By the way, I am Candy, and you are?”

Ned looked at him bemused,
“You want to know my name? Why?”

A confused expression sat on Candy’s face.
“Why, it is proper introductions strangers give to one another to become acquaintances.”

“Oh… Well, I’m Ned.”

“Very pleased to meet you lady Ned!”

“Yes, I’m happy to meet you as well, Candy.”

What an odd pair they must have looked like, a girl and an escaped mental ward patient who walked alongside each other as if it were normal. She knew he was a murderer, but a side of her wanted to trust him. Upon talking to him more, the idea his presence caused a place as big as the mall to clear way became outlandish. All he spoke of was this place called "Candyland", and he described it as a perfect place. She admired how much he loved and was dedicated to its safety. He talked about everything in great detail, about the people, and the landscape. She almost felt like she was there. When he talked about the evil Mr. Clean and Dr. Tooth, she could feel his anger, and, she couldn’t help but feel angry as well.

As their conversation went on, she would ask questions concerning his world which he answered eagerly. A small smile appeared on her face, having Candy stroll alongside her made her venture in the ghostly building much less tense. They stopped frequently to check shops, but most were closed behind metal bars. It was a futile endeavor, but he continued to do this.

"Would you like to see Candyland?"

The maid was hesitant,
"To… see it?"

His mouth morphed into what the girl could only guess was a grin.
"Yes! All you have to do is close your eyes, believe, and then open your eyes!"

Ned couldn’t help but roll her eyes; those words seemed more fitting coming from a small child. She sighed and decided to humor the man. She closed her eyes and chanted, barely above a whisper.
“Candyland is...”

She opened her eyes slowly, the rugged man she saw before was gone. Candy now appeared as a pink stickman. He walked and talked as he did a few minutes ago, the only thing that didn’t change was his half-closed eyes and warped smile. The metal pipe that never left his grip now took the form of a giant lollipop shaped blade. Shock struck her like a brick. Ned pulled at her brunette hair and wondered what was going on. Of course, she was too confused for her to actually process a thought.

Miles of grassland stretched out around her, it looked like it had never been touched by winter’s frost. The clear blue sky seemed to look just like a painting, like she could reach up and touch the canvas. Candy attempted to approach the bewildered girl, but she backed away as her mind was still trying to process. She slipped and fell into a lake in her attempt to get away from the stickman. The maid found herself looking at her reflection, and she gasped. A green colored stickwoman stared back at her and mimicked her look of surprise. She slowly raised her green colored hand to the unknown face and pinched it, over, and over, and over.

(Definitely real.)

A grin appeared on Candy’s face,
“Welcome to my home.”

“What, did you do?”

His grin stretched wider,
“Fair lady, it has been more than a while since I have had a decent conversation with someone. Especially youth like yourself.”

He made a disappointed sigh at this, but his smile quickly return once he looked at Ned again.
“I wish to ask of you informally for your assistance in helping me save Candyland”

Ned lowered her head, this was too much for her mind. Her brain felt like it pounded against her skull with every breath. She shook her head,
“No…I can’t… I…”

Candy outstretched his arms,
“Wouldn’t you think this was a world worth saving?”

Ned had no response.

“Or perhaps this?”

The grasslands melted away revealing a new backdrop, this time showing a blinding blanket of snow. She squinted and looked up to watch the frozen precipitation slowly descend to join the blanket she stood on. It was beautiful, to say the least. Harsh cold winds then whipped against her back and she shuddered in response. A muffled sneeze escaped, the signs of a cold forthcoming, but Candy didn’t seem to be affected by this.
“Don’t you think this is a world worth saving?”

He repeated this phrase again; but again, Ned didn’t respond.
“Maybe this will sway you?”

The world of snow faded away, she watched as the colors distorted and disappeared. A desert reared its face and the effect was immediate, the girl fell to her knees as unbelievable thirst overcame her. She raised her soda bottle and attempted to twist off the top but her sweaty hands simply slipped across the cap. The sand rose up and swallowed the bottle. Unprepared, she could only stare in disbelief. The desert then wrapped around her legs and she began to sink. Candy looked down at her with empty eyes, and a crooked smile.
“I truly believe this is a wonderful place…”

He sat down cross legged. He held his lollipop blade in his lap as he watched his opponent sink into the depths of the earth ever so slowly.

“I will not allow anyone to tear away my home, certainly not Mr. Clean or Dr. Tooth. Why won’t you help me?”

His voice made Ned cringe. A foreboding sense of guilt fell on her, but she wasn’t the one at fault, was she? She had to get away, the girl clawed at the sand in attempt to grab at something but it was to no avail as she only sunk faster.

“If we succeed, perhaps the Prince and Princess will allow you to live here.”

The sinking then paused. The sand rose up to her armpits now, she pondered this offer.
(Live here?)

Living in Candy’s perfect world, nothing would trouble her. She could start a new life and not fear her death everyday she wakes up, and not fear the day she would one day be thrown away. She could live a simple life, she could-

“But things like that don’t happen to filthy creatures like you.”

Alphonse’s voice broke into her thoughts shattering the small glimpse of a dream. She hit herself on the head, self-punishment for considering the offer. After all, she had no place in anyone’s world other than by his side.


She couldn’t leave him alone. Despite his tough facade, he needed her almost as much as she needed him. She couldn’t leave him, she can’t. She mumbled something under her breathe that Candy strained to hear.

“-my past, present and future.”

She tried to gather any moisture she could before speaking.
“I’m sorry…”

“But why? I can see it you know, you care for Candyland. I know you do.”

Ned began sinking again; she averted her eyes from Candy’s.
“It is because…”

She tried to find the correct words,
“It is because if I join you I would be leaving behind a person very important…”

Candy tilted his head quizzically, almost resembling a curious dog. The maid lifted her chin as the desert rose to her neck.
“He is someone I cannot leave, ever.”

She strained as with every breath, she breathed in the desert. Strangely, it tasted like sugar. The sinking stopped and she felt herself rise up from the ground. Ned took the chance to take in the humid air before she spoke again.
“Please understand, He means as much to me as the Prince and Princess and all of Candyland.”

Candy stared icily at Ned,
“Do not belittle my loyalty to Candyland by comparing it to childish puppy love.”

Ned was shocked at how angry Candy had gotten, she didn’t mean it that way. She started to feel offended at the fact he was angered at her when he didn’t understand her situation.

“But he does! I would kill anyone or anything that stood in the way of his safety and success! To belittle my admiration for the one I care for as childish puppy love is the greatest insult you could ever say!”

Her voice cracked and squeaked; her thirst began to take its toll on her. Ned remained silent for a moment attempting to adjust her nerves. She spoke up again in a calmer tone.
“I am nothing but a maid, but a loyal one. Death is the only thing that will separate me from my responsibilities, if I left him…”

I won’t survive.

“I wouldn’t know what to do…”

Candy stood silent; she lost control of her emotions at that moment. Alphonse had always scolded her to not show emotions in battle.

(Damn it.)

She stared at the ground and watched the sand become darker as her tears fell one after the other. After a moment she managed to calm herself. She spoke once more, though her voice dry and quiet.

“Valiant Candy knight, I hope you do well in your search for warriors to assist you. I do believe this is a place worth saving, but if I abandon him, I will die inside. I need him.”

She raised her head, the tear tracks were still visible but the desert heat quickly dried them away.

“Please, you must understand.”

Candy’s eyes softened and the Candyland he so admired dripped away from Ned’s vision. The mall came back once again, and she looked around to find they hadn’t moved at all from when the illusions began. She raised her hand to her head realizing she was holding her bottle; it had never left her grip. Her thirst from earlier faded away as well. Relief washed over her seeing she was back in the abandoned mall.

“Your undying loyalty to that person is something I admire, and understand. Taking away a thing like that would be the very opposite of what I was fighting for. You’re a kind person lady Ned”

He used his pipe to help him off the ground, and then took her hand and kissed it.
“I am fortunate to meet you.”

She opened her mouth but her voice refused to come forth. He grinned and released her hand.
“Rest your voice, I would hate for you to lose it.”

Candy waved then turned his back on her and walked away, Ned began to walk away too but soon stopped as incoming sirens echoed the empty building. She glanced over her shoulder at Candy, he stood still and sighed annoyed.

“It appears Dr. Tooth’s buffoon’s knows no bounds when pursuing me.”

Her grip tightened on the bottle as she turned, but Candy raised a hand meaning for her to stop.

“This is my battle Ned, and I’d hate for you to become involved when you have people you care about waiting for you. Our paths split off here.”

Ned shook her head and took another step towards the noise anyway, Candy blocked her path.
“Go Ned, and be swift. I won’t hesitate to strike you down.”

They both knew his threat was empty, but she remained motionless. Candy then ran towards the source of the sirens to confront it. A firm hand grabbed onto her arm. The maid glanced at the prince meeting his annoyed expression. Moments later multiple gunshots were heard. Worry sat on Ned’s face; she refused to move despite Alphonse’s pulls. Finally, Alphonse slapped her. The hand shaped mark on her face slowly grew red and pulsed with a stinging rhythm.

“-To go!”

The world gradually came back to her, and she focused her mind on what Alphonse tried to say.

“We have to go!”

“But Candy…”

Her feeble protest was quickly cut short by another hand as it slapped across her face.
“You know better, now get your head together and let’s go!”

He was right, she knew he was right. She kept quiet and followed him out the building.

The next day.

Ned was worried. Alphonse hadn’t said a single thing since they had gotten back home last night. He just sat on the couch, and stared blankly at the T.V which he never bothered to turn on. He didn’t move, he didn’t eat, and he didn’t speak. He didn’t even bother to change out of his clothes. Finally, she moved to the T.V remote on the coffee table in front of him but Alphonse slapped her hand away. She immediately retracted her hand and sighed, she gathered the untouched cold breakfast she made for him and ate it. She then washed the dirty dish. After she finished, a knock came from the door. She walked towards the door drying her hands in the process. Upon opening it she saw two policemen, one with a mustache stepped forward.

“Hello, Ms. Ned is it? It has come to our attention you were involved in yesterday’s incident in Stickpage mall, we would like for you to come quietly and answer a few questions.”

“I’m... going out Alphonse, I’ll be back later.”

Alphonse turned his head slightly, but not enough to see Ned being arrested.
“Don’t be bothersome…”



She looked back at Alphonse,

“Don’t come back until you pay back that dollar you owe me.”

A warm smile appeared on the young maid's face.
“Yes sir.”

The police then took her away for questioning.

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Ned has a better story in my book, but smitti's story is more actiony with a grim end, and candy I think a competition free adventure needs to start with Candy and Zeus while hes incredibly drunk, I imagine Zeus while hes drunk believing in everything candy says about candyland, and then them suddenly going on a fun adventure through candyland :D.

If you agree to this then I will begin writing the story when I finish kicking the ass of aiman and willy.

do so now

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You're just fighting everyone aren't you KKA? Lol
And it's public

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Yoooooo, that was definitely a different way to view Candy. I definitely loved your take on how he operates. It made me believe he wasn't such a bad dude after all. No matter what goes down, you deserve this win.

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SMITTI do you accept me making a story with Zeus and candy. (You don't have to make a story, its just purely for fun and messing with Zeus's drunken mind and candy's belief in candyland)

ALSO YOU FORGOT TO MAKE THIS POLL PUBLIC, its purely in the rules.

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SMITTI do you accept me making a story with Zeus and candy. (You don't have to make a story, its just purely for fun and messing with Zeus's drunken mind and candy's belief in candyland)

ALSO YOU FORGOT TO MAKE THIS POLL PUBLIC, its purely in the rules.

Of course I accept it my man, do your thing. Also, I will talk to Anywho about getting that pole made public, or else this thread and their stories will be all for naught.

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I was actually worried I portrayed Candy's personality and powers completely wrong
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;-; you don have to use the caps lock...
Plus, I don't really know how and since I'm on my phone
I can't.

03-17-2013, 08:55 PM
ALSO YOU FORGOT TO MAKE THIS POLL PUBLIC, its purely in the rules.

1. It is public.
2. Smitti, you're not allowed to vote for yourself, but as demonstrated by Junmax vs. Luther, I don't think anyone wants to restart the thread for this. Anywho might as well vote for himself to balance it out.

03-17-2013, 08:58 PM
1. It is public.
2. Smitti, you're not allowed to vote for yourself, but as demonstrated by Junmax vs. Luther, I don't think anyone wants to restart the thread for this. Anywho might as well vote for himself to balance it out.

Yo, I sorry about that my dude, I didn't know though. If I could get rid of it I would my dude, I actually wanted to so I could switch my vote for Ned ;w;

03-17-2013, 09:03 PM
Yo, I sorry about that my dude, I didn't know though. If I could get rid of it I would my dude, I actually wanted to so I could switch my vote for Ned ;w;

I voted, so it's evened out.

03-17-2013, 09:03 PM
Alright, good deal then. We gotta do this again sometime though, Ned.

03-17-2013, 09:05 PM
A rematch would be awesome, I really liked writing about Candy.

03-17-2013, 09:08 PM
I looked at how you replied to me saying make the poll public in caps, I feel like I just punched a puppy, an innocent little puppy :'(

Also I do agree, the story of Candy vs Ned is quite epic. And a rematch would be grand.

03-17-2013, 09:12 PM
@Kingkickass2013 Indeed it would my man, a rematch would be grand.

@Anywho I loved writing about Ned. It couldn't have gotten better for a first match, wouldn't you say?

03-17-2013, 09:17 PM
I didn't mean for you to feel bad.

It was a pleasant read, aside my tragic death. It was good.

03-18-2013, 06:41 PM
Hey listen, I really think somebody should do something about Alphonse, he seems like an overly cruel man (HE LET A LITTLE GIRL WALK TO THE MENTAL PATIENT, the same mental patient in whom killed many innocents in an attempt to save "candyland")

03-18-2013, 07:03 PM
Hey listen, I really think somebody should do something about Alphonse, he seems like an overly cruel man (HE LET A LITTLE GIRL WALK TO THE MENTAL PATIENT, the same mental patient in whom killed many innocents in an attempt to save "candyland")

I think I'll
add Alphonse's appearance and personality to Ned's profile. Maybe even
His story. Since the two are always together.

03-19-2013, 12:16 AM
What a nice lil' battle. My vote goes to Anywho though.

03-20-2013, 08:06 PM
Both stories are excellent! But I favored Ned's story. Congrats to both of you though.