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First of all, I'M VERY SORRY!
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Hope this pleases ya.

Aiman was rolling in his bed, not knowing what to do. He stood up, making his mind about something. He then walked to the door, grabbing his keys on the table in the process. He steps out from his house, which was kinda run-down. He locked the doors and proceeded to walk down the steps.

"I've got no money..." Aiman said

He continued to walk down the road. Suddenly his stomach grumbled loudly. Several people there heard him, and quickly gossiped with each other. Aiman felt ashamed, and ran away from there quickly. He didn't pay attention towards his front and he knocked a guy in front of him.

"Ouch!" The guy screeched
Aiman quickly stood up, and said "Sorry, I didn't pay attention while running away."
"Nevermind, it's okay." Said the man. "Why did you run away?"

Aiman looks at the guy. The guy seems to be at the same age as him. He was wearing a sky blue shirt with a grey strap on it, camouflage jeans and a pair of very white shoes. He looks very bizzare.

Again, Aiman's stomach grumbled loudly. "Uh..."
"Hahahaha, you hungry?" Asked the guy.
"Yeah...I haven't got any money." Aiman said as he hung his head in shame.
"Come on, I'll treat you some food."
"Really?" Said Aiman in confusion. "Why?"
"For no reason. Oh, I havent told you who I am yet. I am Lexel Natakzusen. You?" Lexel introduced himself.
"I'm Aiman. Nice to meet you." Aiman said in response to his intoduction.

The two of them walked to a nearby restaurant. The restaurant was your average restaurant, but it was quite busy. They sat at a corner, and Lexel ordered a luxurious hamburger whilst Aiman ordered the specialty soup. The two of them became friends really fast. Lexel is a funny and hilarious guy, thought Aiman. He wondered if Lexel had a job where he could apply.

"Hey, do you have a job?" Aiman said as he puts down his spoon.
"A job? Oh, I do." Lexel said as he lifts his head up.
"Oooh, can I apply?" Aiman said joyfully.
"Really? But it's quite dangerous..." Lexel worried about his comrades safety.
"I'm quite strong you know. I am a magician, an elemental one." Said Aiman as he brags about his powers.
"Wow, awesome ability you got there dude. Maybe you can participate in it."
"What job is it?" Aiman asked for more info.
"Well, it's not exactly a job, but rather a tournament." Lexel explained. " If you win each round, they will give you about...2500 dollars?"
"Woah. That's a lot of money. I will be in." Aiman accepted the job without anymore thinking.
"Be careful. Oh, its time already. Next match coming up. Wanna follow?"
"Sure, I want to register." Aiman agreed.

Aiman and Lexel walked together to the center of StickPage City. There was a huge colliseum, right next to the wRHG one. But the wRHG one was bigger and huger, it makes the Tournament coliseum small in comparison.

"Woah..." Aiman gazed in amazement.
"Come on, or I will leave you behind." Lexel said as he walked towards the coliseum
"Hey! Wait for me!" Aiman ran to Lexel quickly.
"Here, we arrived." Lexel said. "I'll be going first then."
"Okay. Bye!" Aiman said as he waved goodbye to his newly found friend. "Now, where is the registration centre? Oh, its over there."

Aiman walked towards the registration centre.

After a long time of wait and questions, Aiman was finally paired with someone to have a match with. He was ordered to use the lift. To be honest, he wasn't looking forward to beating other to a pulp. But if it gives him money, then so be it. Not long after, he arrived at the bottom of the place.

"Yo." Said a voice

Aiman was shocked to the core. The odds were to small, he didn't even considered this ever happening.

"Yeah, I know. Shocking isn't it? I was shocked too. But warriors can't be shocked for too long, or you might get killed." Lexel said.
"...Alright. I'll keep it in mind." Aiman said.

Lexel was wearing 2 gunblades. The two of them is different from each other. The right one is gun-handled modified M16 rifle with a large blade attached underneath whilst the left one is a sword-hilted katana which seems to be glowing.

"Now that is better." Lexel replied. "Anyway, choose your theme."
"Huh? Theme?" Aiman asked. "What theme?"
"Oh, see that monitor over there? Choose your theme. It's a must for unknown reasons. Once you choose we will start."
"Okay." Aiman said as he chose 'Blazing City' as a theme.

"Theme chosen. Activating simulation."

The ground shook violently. Buildings started to appear from the ground. Then, the buildings was set ablaze.

"What in the world?!" Aiman shrieked in suprise.
"Relax, it's just changing the surroundings." Lexel said calmly. It is as though he went through this a lot of time already.

Then, the shaking was one.

"I assume it is completed? But it sure is hot. They make this things very realistic."
"Yeah, it's done. We can have our battle now." Said Lexel as he take an offensive stance.
"Nice gunblades you got there. Here, look at mine." Aiman said.

Aiman suddenly was glowing blue. Then, he lifted his right hand to the air. A gunblade appears in his hand.

"How is it?" Aiman asked in hope for some praise.
"Wow, not bad. Shall we get started?" Lexel is
"Of course." Aiman replied while getting into an attacking stance.
"We go by three. One, two..."

Lexel than fired a grenade from his left gunblade. Aiman was suprised, but he shot the grenade accurately. The grenade exploded in the middle of the battlefield.

"That's cheating!" Aiman angrily screamed.

Aiman ran towards Lexel as fast as humanly possible to try and stab Lexel. But he easily knocked it to the air like it was nothing. The mage was unbalanced and the gunblader took this oppurtunity to counterattack him. Lexel shot a few bullets at Aiman, but it was slowed down by his water barrier. Although it was slowed down, it still hit him hard. Then, the gunblader shot an aero grenade towards Aiman. The mage was sent flying to a nearby building broke a few walls. Even with his barrier, he didnt escape unscathed. Blood was coming out from his head which was knocked to a wall. But he wasnt going to give up, and he changed elements to Fire. He is more powered up because he was surronded by fire, and launched a fireball towards Lexel. Lexel was observing him, and saw the fireball coming towards him. He lifted his left gunblade up. When the fireball was near him, he slashed the fireball, making it split into two.

"Be careful Lexel, this guy is strong." A voice said.
"I know Kaito, that guy could withstand being crashed into walls and into a burning building." Lexel replied.
"Don't mess up. Or else I'll..." Kaito warns him but was cut short by Lexel.
"Oh whatever." Lexel said.

Suddenly, something grazed Lexel's face.

"Ouch! What was that?" Lexel said as he screams in pain.
"Its that guy. He is on a rooftop of a frozen building."
Thats impossible! All the building here are burning!"
That guy has great magical powers.
I noticed that.
Be careful Lexel

Another bullet grazed Lexel, but this time it hit his hand

Ouch! That really hurt!

5 bullets was coming towards Lexel. But this time it was blocked by Lexel with absolute presicion. Suddeny, Aiman appeared behind him.


Aiman slashed Lexel ith his double swords. Lexel was blown forward by the impact of the slash. While Lexel is screaming in pain, Aiman glowed purple. Aiman used his ultimate spell, Flare.

Im ending this
Yeah, its time...

Lexel sped towards Aiman with his full might but Aiman just stood there. Aiman stanced his greatsword in a peculiar way. His weapon was arched backwards. Lexel is now in range to shoot Aiman. But he just sped towards him; he is going for a stab. Lexel is close enough to give the slash Aiman. However, Aiman rushed towards him. It made Lexel lowered his guard and didnt react in time. As a result, Lexel was slashed by Aiman's greatsword. The slash was deep enough to kill someone. Luckily, Lexel is an immortal person. That slash didnt kill him as a result, but it knocked him out. But before passing out, he shot a hole in Aimans body.

Huff, huff. Toughest fight so far. Im just going to take a rest here...

~Next Day~

Lexel woke up just to find himself in a SP Hospital.

"Ugh...Where am I?"

He sits on the bed, and looked around. He saw Aiman at the next bed. He seemed to be in a critical condition.

"Quick, He's going to die!"
"Who the hell is this guy anyway?"

A doctor came towards Lexel.

"Hello there. How are you feeling?
"Oh, it hurts here and there..." Lexel said while pointing towards parts of his body and proceed to ask, "Who's that?"
"You dont know him? He was the one who carried you here. From that violent coliseum all the way here."
"No...I dont remember him..."
"Oh, Ill have to check on you a bit, so dont move."

"Oh dear, I think you have Amnesia."
"Maybe thats why you dont remember him."
"Doctor, come here!"
"What is it?"
"This boy...He's dying! It seems that a grenade exploded in him! All of his organs are destroyed or burned. Its a miracle that he is still alive!"
"...How is that even possible..." The doctor was in shock but he continued calmly "Dont worry, SP Hospital has very good medical technology. Not even one patient died here. But that doesnt mean we can leave him be. Bring him to the MediCube!" The doctor ordered the other doctors and nurses to bring Aiman to the MediCube, which is a special healing place.

The doctors rushed Aiman to the MediCube. Meanwhile, there are some changes with Lexel.

"Lexel! Are you alright?"
"Huh? Voices?"
"Its me...Kaito!"
"Who are you?"
"Oh...I forgot that you have amnesia...I will cure you of it, dont worry.

Light surrounds Lexel. Lexel remembered all his past experiences with Aiman.

"You remembered?"
"So what are you going to do with that guy?"
"I will do my best to heal him..."
"Heh, I expected that. I'll help to do that."
"Thanks, Kaito."

Lexel, already full healed by Kaito, rushed towards Aiman's MediCube. He arrives there to see Aiman floating with strange green-colored fluid all over his body. Aiman is still unconcious.

"Here you are. Wait there, Ill heal you."
"I shall assist you, Lexel."
"Wait, you can transform?"
"Yeah, I just didn't tell you...Anyways,"

Both Lexel and Kaito used their holy powers to heal Aiman. His wounds are slowly closing, and healed it in 5 minutes. But it left Aiman with a scar on his body. Aiman slowly regained his conciousness.

"You okay? The slash I gave you was pretty deep..."
"Ask yourself. You nearly died too."
"Now that you are okay, lets go for a drink on a cafe?"

The doctor was shocked to see Aiman walking again. They said it will take about 1 week for him to be able to walk again. Lexel and Aiman explained to them how he saved Aiman's life. The doctors are relieved, and thanked Lexel. Aiman and Lexel

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Haha, it's unfinished on my part. I'm 100% sure I lose.

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Both stories are sexy.
It's just we'll see which one is sexier.

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I vote for Luzoto, Though it was very hard to read after the building broke down.
I think it's because you switch perspectives a lot, or am I entirely wrong here?

Begin was cool, the start of the battle was nice, but after that I couldn't follow it anymore.