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Turns out he sent his story to me and I just completely forgot about it while making my own story.


The village, kingdom, and all of stickpage city are taking a massive toll from a huge heat wave. All of the people living in the city are lucky due to all of them owning different cooling technologies such as fans and thermostats, however the villagers and people who live in the kingdom are not as lucky.

"Why hast the lord cast this massive fire cloud upon my people." Zeus says while sitting on his throne, Zeus decides its time to see how serious the situation is in his village and kingdom, he walks through the hallways of his kingdom and sees even the royal guards having a hard time standing up in this heat, Zeus walked towards a door that led up the stairs to the highest tower in the kingdom, every other step a lit torch lies on the wall to keep the stairway illuminated, the king walked up all the stairs and opened the door to enter the top of the tower, he was frightened by the sight. The villagers are sitting all around the village, some are dead on the ground, while the others are being scorched in the hot sun, they were boiling in their own sweat as they sat in the village, the water in the well had completely dried out and the only thing left inside the well was dried dirt and rocks. The king knew he must do something, but sadly he can't think of anything he could do for them.

"ROYAL ADVISERS, what can I do to save my people, they are all dying in this giant fire wave." Zeus shouted towards his advisers, "perhaps sire you and nine footmen should go to the large forest and collect water from its rivers, the desert may be a horrible place to go, but passed it the large forest has many rivers based on your journey there last time." the old adviser said, the king looked at the old adviser with a frown, but then knew he must do it for the sake of his villagers.

Zeus ran down the stairs from the tower and walked back through the hallways of his kingdom, after he found the front door exit that led to the village, he walked through the doors, his eyes readjusted to the blinding light outside. He walked through the village looking around at all the villagers, they were starving, thirsty, and dying from the heat. "M-my lord I plead to you, save us all from this hell." One of the villagers sitting down by the well said as he was pulling up the strength to hold up his arm towards Zeus. "Don't worry, I'm going back to the large forest's rivers to bring water back here." Zeus told the dying villager.

The king ran towards the footmen barracks, over 200 soldier of both genders were baking in the heat, their were a couple soldiers who were holding and playing musical instruments like guitars and flutes, but it didn't help raise anybodies spirits, the king collected 9 footmen and ordered them to come with him, they moved swiftly out of the front gate of the new wooden wall built around the village, they couldn't believe their eyes. The once lush grasslands that surrounded their homeland was now a barren dirt field with nothing more than small patches of dark yellow grass left, the trees looked somewhat intact though the leaves on the trees had fallen off the trees, all the birds either lay dead on the ground or are staying inside what was once a perfect tree full of life.

"Come now, we must move forth, the village depends on us." Zeus said while walking in the barren wasteland. "YES MY LORD." the nine footmen said at the same time.

After wandering through what used to be lush grasslands, they finally reached the wall, the king and the men opened the gate and walked into the massive desert, the same place Iodnik died in while fighting the massive scorpion.


"Is their anything we should fear while wandering through this desert?" one of the footmen said. "No, on my last journey here only a couple sand thieves attacked us, we killed them with one casualty and after we fought them we saw nothing else but sand." Zeus replied towards the footman,

While wandering through the seemingly endless desert, something caught Zeus's eye, a large grey dot in the distance. "SOLDIERS, continue on to the rivers of the forest, I need to see this." Zeus told the soldiers, the footmen nodded and continued on the path, while Zeus strayed towards the grey building.

Zeus was getting close to the building and more objects appeared on it. Large, thick, metallic doors sit at the front entrance, nearby the roof of the building are slits in which are possibly used for shooting from, Zeus got a bit closer and noticed at least thirty red lines began aiming at his head.

A red dart shot from the top of the building and Zeus didn't react in time, it landed directly on Zeus's forehead, injecting his head with something, he was paralyzed, Zeus could see everything happening but can't do anything about it.

Three people walked towards Zeus's paralyzed body, one person in a lab coat, one wearing a black suit with a red tie and his hands are gripping onto an assault rifle, and the last one having a white symbol on his head. "Quickly take him inside, we shall begin project alpha mark nine, AND KNOCK HIM OUT, WE CAN'T AFFORD TO FAIL ON THIS MISSION." the man in a lab coat said. The man with the white mark walked closer and whispered something in Zeus's ear "Don't worry, I'm gonna get you out of the base and fix whatever they do to you, you are not gonna suffer the same way I did.", the words were only loud enough for Zeus to hear, the other men couldn't hear what he told the king.

After saying so the man punched Zeus once in the face, it didn't knock Zeus out so the man just repeatedly punched Zeus in the face, blood was splattering all over the sand and Zeus's face was completely broken up and swollen, Zeus was knocked out after ten minutes of the man beating him up.


Zeus woke up in a boxy room with barely any light "Where in gods name am I?" Zeus said as he looked around, Zeus then punched the wall with his fist, he noticed the wall was made of metal and then noticed that his armor was gone along with his weaponry and crown, he not only made his fist bleed but he was in an orange convict jumpsuit.

After a while, Zeus lost track of how long he was in this dark room and was starting to grow a small brown beard, the room was quite small and the only thing he could sleep on was horrible urine stained straws set up in the form of a bed.

But then a light flashed before Zeus's eyes, it was extremely bright and Zeus couldn't look at it for a while, but his eyes readjusted to the shining light, it was a large light bulb at the top of his head in the "prison".

Then a sound was heard, a monotone voice spoke from behind a black glass window and said these words "If you want all the people in your village to live then you will serve us.", Zeus couldn't believe his ears, just before Zeus could speak the man speaking in the monotone voice was being beaten up, Zeus knew this because he heard the man being bashed up all against the walls behind the glass window.

A few minutes after a man wearing a red and black voodoo mask wielding two bloody batons came in through the prison's ceiling. "COME ON WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME!" the man said as he grabbed Zeus's arm and pulled him through the giant hole in the ceiling.

They were traveling through the air ducts of the building, they were cramped and dusty, they crawled slowly for the air ducts were made of metal and people will be able to hear them if they weren't careful, every once and a while they can hear the screams of fear from other people along with shouts of anger from soldiers.

"They mutated you and now you have the ability to make fire appear out of nowhere, I've been saving a lot of people who end up forced into the RHG corporation, the men still don't know who I am." the masked man said as he pulled off his mask to reveal his face and the white symbol upon his head. "My name is Luther wright, and your name for now is project alpha nine, I can get you your armor and weaponry back, they only got halfway through the mutations so you should end up losing the fire powers by the end of the day."

"So let me guess, you are project alpha two? and another guess, the RHG corporation has been taking people inside their building and are threatening the people to work for them?" Zeus said a bit of anger. "Not exactly, see they only take in the people who trespass nearby the building, they can't just walk up to people and kidnap them, if they did that then people in stickpage city would get suspicious of their citizens suddenly disappearing and send an army this way. But you did get the part about them threatening us right. And I'm the original project alpha, I am the most simple mutation here, if you saw project charlie ten you would shit yourself on how frightening and powerful it is." Luther told Zeus.

"Ah we are here." said Luther, Zeus and Luther finally made it to the item room, there sat all of Zeus's armor and his precious crown.

"Well we best hope the guards are on break, if not this is gonna be a batons and fire vs guns fight, and I sure as hell know your not knowledgeable about your new fire abilities." Luther said with a worried look on his face.


Luther looked in through the wall air duct and saw four guards sitting on wooden chairs with submachine guns by their sides while having themselves a nice cup of coffee, but right behind them sat all of Zeus's armor and weapons.

"You may wanna sit this one out, your still completely pathetic even with your new fire powers, plus you have no armor so your even more pathetic." Luther said with a smile. Zeus just looked at him with complete and utter hatred, but that hatred quickly changed.

Luther slowly opened the vent so non of the guards could hear him, he then held on to the vent gate so it wouldn't fall down and make a huge crashing noise. Luther then leaped down to the tiled floor but made not a single noise due to the very light equipment he had on, the guards became weary as if they felt they were being watched, then looked over at the vents and saw the masked man. They immediately went for their submachine guns but Luther had already began running towards them, he leaped up into the air and used the baton to break the skull of the first guard.

The rest managed to pick up their submachine guns in time, but Luther shot a burst of air with his fist towards the second guards head, knocking him completely out.

The two other guards still not completely unconscious or dead began firing at Luther, Zeus noticed something strange while watching the fight, he noticed that Luther was getting shot and all bullets were hitting him, but he wasn't going down.

One of the guards hit Luther in head with the back of the submachine gun, sending him down to the tiled floor, small cracks were made on the tiles when he hit the ground. Zeus quickly took action and tested his new temporary fire abilities, he ended up charring the inside of the third guards head and bursting the fourth guard into flames, the fourth guard wailed as he ran all over the place burning most of the weapon boxes, the third guard was killed instantly due to extreme heat hitting the brain.

Zeus jumped down and picked Luther up, Luther was completely shocked on how powerful Zeus's mutation was. "Well, who's pathetic now, anyway one of these boxes contain my beautiful crown." Zeus said with a smile. "I seriously hope you lose those powers soon, those abilities can make somebody go mad with power."

Luther and the king went to the now charred box and picked up all of Zeus's armor, Zeus equipped all of the armor just above the convict jumpsuit, then placed his precious crown upon his head, after doing so his blade began having its turquoise glowing runes, his armor began having a nice shine, and his crowns gem began glowing red once again. "Time to head home, and kill any soldiers who dare attempt to take down my village." Zeus angrily said.


Zeus had all his armor on and his weaponry, but an alarm was ringing due to them breaking into the items room, they quickly dashed out the room but their were already a bunch of soldiers armed with assault rifles heading their way, so they went back into the item room and locked the door, then jumped back into the air ducts and closed back the vent so they wouldn't find out how they got into the item room.

They were back in the air ducts, only this time Zeus's armor was working against them, extremely heavy metal isn't exactly the most quiet thing to be sneaking in.

They made their way through the air ducts completely undetected and reached the top of the building, there they saw a massive army from the building heading towards Zeus's land. "I hope the footmen made it to the village with the massive water barrel."

Zeus and Luther looked around and Luther saw something that may help take down these soldiers.


A helicopter pad, with an excellent battle ready helicopter, armed with missiles and a large front minigun, along with side manually controllable miniguns.

Zeus had not a clue what the hell he was looking at, but Luther on the other hand had sparkles in his eyes as he basks in the glory of this death machine. "Oh I'm gonna love killing a couple things with this." Luther said with sign of great happiness, Zeus is just looking at Luther as if he had some really bad mental problem.

Luther yanked Zeus's arm and was running towards the helicopter, oddly he managed to pull Zeus inside the helicopter even with his heavy armor on.

"YOU ARM THE SIDE MINIGUNS WHILE I TAKE CONTROL OF THE HELICOPTER, MISSILES, AND FRONT MINIGUN." Luther shouted towards Zeus as he started up the helicopter. "Um, how doth this thing wor." Zeus said as he accidentally fired a shot at the roof of the base, the bullet caused massive damage and had set some parts of the area aflame. "Hmm appears we have incendiary ammo, lucky us we will be taking down the squadron heading towards your village."

The helicopter began flight, but the roar of the helicopter could be heard all throughout the base. Soldiers began piling up to the roof and shooting at the helicopter, Zeus's learned how to use the minigun and began firing in the general direction of the soldiers, he missed most shots and was tempted to jump out of the helicopter and just slash all the heads off those soldiers.

They made it away from the base and began heading towards the squadron, the helicopter was going faster than them so they got to the soldiers quickly.

Zeus fired at the soldiers, he missed a lot of shots, but thanks to the fact that its a rapid fire explosive weapon, he managed to do some damage. Blood, fires, and explosions were sent all throughout the area, soldiers were set aflame as the incendiary bullets hit nearby them, while the soldiers who had been directly hit were blown up completely.

The missiles did quick work to the vehicles driven, the explosions from the vehicles killing even more soldiers.

Luther was laughing as the front minigun let down a spray of bullets and as he watched all the soldiers blow up into nothing but a bloody mess, Zeus was starting to fear Luther more than he should.


Luther drove the helicopter towards Zeus's village and they both found the nine footmen were successful on their mission, the villagers were extremely happy now that the fresh cold water from the rivers of the forest is now at their village, however they were very displeased on Zeus leaving the footmen due to curiosity.

"Sire, why did you leave your footmen, if they hadn't of survived then we may have died." one of the villagers said. "There was a massive building I found, it had been secretly taking people who trespass nearby it, I plan taking an army their someday, but not today." Zeus replied.

"Well now that you got your armor and such I guess I will be heading back to my base." Luther said. "WAIT, I want to fight you, I want to prove who's superior." Zeus said as he unsheaved his sword towards Luther. "Very well then, BUT I WILL SHOW NO MERCY." Luther said as if he attempted to intimidate Zeus.

"First we rest, so I can lose the fire powers and you can get back your strength, then by the morrow we will do battle in the barracks. You will sleep at the local inn, while I slumber in the kings room inside the kingdom." Zeus said as he pointed towards where Luther will be sleeping and where they will be fighting at.


King and Luther woke up nice and perfectly to start the day, Luther was introduced into a nice breakfast and merrily made his way towards the barracks, there sat Zeus's face was being healed from the scars and wounds caused by Luther while having himself a nice cup of water with three soldiers of the barracks.

"Well, turns out I no longer get those nightmares, it must of been that base." Luther whispered to himself as he walked towards Zeus. "Ah you arrived, First I'm gonna send my soldiers towards you, then I'm going to finish off whats left." Zeus said while his footmen soldiers sprinted towards Luther. "HEY barrack musicians, play a song that will get our blood running." After Zeus said that a couple of soldiers began playing war drums, the sound of the drums sent a couple villagers to the windows of the barracks to witness the fight.

They were a bit reckless in their fighting, they worked as a team and slashed together without a single flaw in their teamwork. However they were no match, when one of the soldiers jumped up into the air to begin a downward slash Luther took action, the second the soldier had his weapon ready to cut Luther in half Luther reached up and gripped the blade, then threw the soldier over towards the other two footmen, they suffered broken bones from the impact, priests and mages quickly moved to heal them.

"Well, NOW ITS YOUR TURN!" said Luther as he pointed towards Zeus. "Very well then, HAVE AT THEE!"

Zeus got up from the wooden chair, but Luther had already begun running towards the king, the second Zeus looked at Luther a fist came towards his head, punching him directly in the left eye, the king's eye became swollen, as if Luther's fists were made of solid steel.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT." Zeus said as he unsheaved his sword and prepared his shield, the king and Luther let out a battle cry and began charging towards eachother, while Luther was running he was firing bursts of air towards Zeus, but his shield blocked all the shots. When they finally got in melee range Zeus swung his sword at Luther's head, it hit but it barely caused a scratch.

"You think your the only one who's impervious to damage around here?" Luther said while punching at Zeus. "No, it just so happens I know a couple people, people I need to assassinate before they bring to much harm." Zeus said as he was blocking all of the punches Luther threw at him.

Luther finally stopped punching Zeus seeing how it was pointless to be punching at an indestructible shield, Zeus found this the perfect time to strike, he lifted up his blade and sent a downward slash on top of Luther's head, then kicked him in the stomach, causing Luther to be knocked onto his back.

Luther when he landed kicked into the air, sending a burst of air towards Zeus, the king didn't react in time and it hit him directly in the forehead, it didn't knock him back due to the heavy armor he wore.

"Seems that the tables has turned, now YOU WILL DIE!" Zeus said as he leaped into the air, he stabbed downwards but completely missed due to Luther rolling over to the side, when Luther got nearby a wooden chair he picked it up and threw it towards Zeus, it crashed into Zeus armor, breaking into tiny pieces but with no effect on Zeus. This only made Zeus mad and he began charging towards Luther, he was successful in his attack and Zeus bashed him with his shield, Luther went flying and crashed into a table, their was a footman sitting at the table eating a nice meal, but when Luther crashed into it the food went all over the floor, ruining it for that poor footman.

"Don't worry soldier I will get you another plate of food later after this battle, the kings treat." Zeus spoke to the poor footman, then the king began walking towards Luther who was lying on the ground with pieces of broken wooden table all around him.

Both the fighters got ready to attack eachother but Zeus was faster and chopped at Luther's hand, but still nothing but a small scratch, Luther's attack was non to different as he punched Zeus but all it hit was his shield.

Zeus and Luther both became enraged due to them making almost no progress, Luther made a small 'teleportation' behind Zeus and pulled Zeus's crown off of his head. "DON'T YOU DARE!" Zeus shouted as he swong his sword towards Luther in whom is currently holding Zeus's crown, it completely missed. "Too late." Luther snapped the crown like a twig, Zeus's armor lost its shine and his sword lost all of its powers, the king was weakened.

Zeus attempted to slash Luther on the side of the head but Luther just grabbed the blade of the sword, then started teleporting all around Zeus beating him senseless, The metallic armor Zeus wore was having massive fist shaped dents all around it.

Zeus was beaten almost to the point where hes about to fall down, even though he was beaten, Zeus was still standing however Luther was too tired to even send one last punch.

Zeus took advantage of Luther's state and attempted to lift up his own weapon, but he couldn't even begin to slash downwards. "I guess we have reached a stalemate, appears we are a bit too equally matched." says Zeus.

"You know, I went easy on you, if I had shown my real power that armor would be nothing more than an aluminum can." Luther said with a chuckle. "Listen, we are both way to tired, I sustained a large beating while you only sustained barely a scratch. This is a win that belongs to you." said Zeus.

"By the way, why do you stay at that base? It seems rather pointless to spend your short life at such a horrible place." Zeus asked Luther. "Their is one person who is special in my life, I must safe her someday, but that will come at some point hopefully." Luther replied.

The two men stood up and had the priests and mages heal all of their wounds, Luther took less than ten seconds to heal, while Zeus took three hours to heal due to internal damages and armor pieces that cut deep inside him.

After the two men were healed they walked towards the helicopter and Luther prepared for take off. "Fare thee well, Luther, may our paths cross again, ALSO if you see a little boy, about the age of 10-11 in whom carries a white staff, TELL HIM THAT I WANT MY MONEY BACK!"

"Alright, I shall keep my eyes open for this person." Luther said as he boarded the helicopter, the helicopter took off while the villagers ran in fear, but they all looked back to see it was taking off and was heading back to the desert.


"Well, tell me how many people have died in this fire cloud?" Zeus asked one of the soldiers. "Sire, half our soldiers in the barracks died, the villagers however managed to survive, it's probably because us soldiers are wearing iron while they are wearing leather and cloth." the soldier replied.

Zeus was wide eyed, they had already buried the dead ones and revived the ones who didn't suffer to much damage.

"Well we can't do anything about the dead ones, I wish I could of saved those who died." Zeus said to the footman. "Sire, there is nothing left you can do but begin helping the villagers rebuild." one of the advisers joined in.

That day Zeus and his army did nothing but help the villagers rebuild from the damages the heat has caused.

Battle against Zeus (Kingkickass2013)

Chapter 1 : Intro (skip to final chapter if you only want to read the fight)

“You can come, I took care of the mole”. Luther’s mark is still shining blue. He wondered if he did the
right thing, and the things Junmax told him still haunted his mind. “Of course I’m a man, why would I
be a slave?”. The more Luther thought about this, the more he started to wonder if he had made the
right choice. Did he even had a choice? Maybe he was being used as a slave after all.

As the Helicopter came down, making the sand of the arena blow against Luther, he felt the cold
wind burning in his eyes. The sun was rising, Luther had been sitting on top of the rock where he
killed Junmax, thinking about his choices, his life.

“Luther!”, a voice came from the helicopter, it wasn’t the pilot speaking, Luther didn’t recognize the
voice. “Are you alright?”. He now recognized the voice, it was the woman which also helped him
clean his room when he was getting ready to fight Junmax. “Yes I’m alright” Luther shouted towards
the helicopter. As he entered the room he felt something wasn’t right. The pilot didn’t even look at
him as he entered the helicopter, but the woman approached Luther as soon as he sat down. “You’re
hurt” she said, “let me look at your wounds”. Without asking she started examining Luther, his arms,
his fists. Suddenly she gasped for air. “H-How, could you still be alive after this kind of injury, there’s
a gaping hole in the back of your head!”. As she touched the hole Luther’s mark made a red flash.
“Get off of me!” he shouted. The woman didn’t respond, instead she grabbed an needle and started
to stich Luther. “Fuck that hurts!”. His mark flashed red each time she pierced his skin. Luther noticed
she needed to put all of her strength when piercing his skin. “Alright Luther, all I need to do now is
pull the end, and the skin will be pulled together, covering the hole”. Luther took an deep breath,
“Just tell me when you----”. Luther´s mark flashes red furiously.

“Alright that should do the tri—“, the eyes of the woman suddenly got big, staring at Luther’s hands.
“Luther”, she said slightly panicked, “Why are your hands glowing blue!”.

Still stunned by the pain Luther looked at his hands, the veins leading towards his knuckles were
pulsing blue. “not only your hands”, the woman stepped back, “Your entire body is glowing”. The
pilot suddenly turned his head towards Luther, at first Luther didn’t recognise the person, but soon
he realized it was the Operator. “Luther” he said, “Calm down, your pain and rage triggered your
bodies protective mechanism, the blue glow you’re seeing is caused by the increased of electric
potential of your veins, I could explain this to you, but I would just be speaking Chinese for you”.
As the pain decreased and Luther got to rest, the glow in his veins also faded. “Could I use this
somehow? “ Luther asked. The Operator responded immediately, the woman was still staring at
Luther, as if she Luther was the most interesting thing she’d ever seen. “Yes Luther, now touch the
woman”. Surprized by this response, “w-w-what? T-touch her”. Luther knew he had to do everything
the Operator asked of him, he had no choice. “Do you remember why you are here Luther, now,
touch the woman”. As if somebody was controlling Luther’s body, he stood up and started walking
towards the woman. “I—what is happening to me” Luther mumbled. The woman started to scream.
Pressing herself against the side of the metallic wall inside the helicopter. Luther’s veins were still
glowing. His hand reached for the woman. “N—no, Luther, please, don’t listen to what he says”. A
bright flash fills the metallic room inside the helicopter as Luther touches the woman. A burst of
blood splatters against the metallic walls, against Luther, something hard hit Luther’s chest.

Luther looked at what hit him, it was the lower yaw of the woman. “L—Luther”, shocked to hear
the woman still talking Luther looked up at her, she was burned all over her body, her face was
malformed just like the woman he had dreamt of before. “Why---“, she said as the fell down to the
ground. Shocked about what just had happened Luther remembered why he had done this, and
turned towards the Operator. “I—I, you, the flash, did I do that, how did you control me?”. The
Operator responded calmly. “To show you of what you are capable of when you’re angry Luther,
now, do you remember why you are here Luther, sit down”. Luther didn’t respond but his body did,
he walked back to his seat and sat down. “now rest Luther”. He closed his eyes.

Chapter 2: Traveling to unknown lands

A bright flash, a woman screaming, Luther’s veins glowing blue. “Wake up Luther, we’re here”.

Luther opened his eyes, he was still inside the helicopter. The woman he had killed still lay on the
ground, her body had become entirely black, in Luther’s mind she resembled an human sized coal.
“Why did you make me do this? “ Luther said frustrated, “she was completely innocent!”. A sharp
pain went through his head as he stood up to approach the Operator. The Operator responded
calmly, “Do you remember why you are here Luther, calm down”. The Operator pointed to a small
island, surrounded by only the ocean as far as Luther could see. “Look at this Luther, isn’t it beautiful,
this island is known as Atauromin, the immortal people of this land were hidden for many years,
however, not anymore, because we found them due to a certain individual calling himself Zeus”.

As the helicopter approached the island Luther now saw some sort of stone city appear. Luther did
not respond, instead he sat down next to the Operator, whom was controlling the helicopter.

Luther couldn’t believe what he was seeing, was his mind playing tricks on him? The helicopter
flew over many farms and mills, he saw people oddly dressed staring at the helicopter, they looked
startled. They were now approaching a big stone wall, surrounding a giant city. Just as Luther had
seen in his favourite strip comic “Grognak the Barbarian”. “Why are these people imitating some
kind of medieval realm?” Luther asked the Operator. The Operator laughed and said, “they are not
imitating anything Luther, they are actually stuck in an unexplainable time vortex, making them life in
these economic conditions forever”.

Fascinated Luther looked down as they flew over the big stone wall. He noticed guards pointed up
to them. “Are they expecting us?” Luther asked. The Operator didn’t respond, instead he grabbed
the microphone connected to the megaphones on top of the helicopter. “King Zeus, ruler of this
realm, come to the fields outside your city, and we will discuss over our agreement”. The monotone
voice echoed against the city walls, making his message loud and clear for whoever was inside this
city. Luther saw people on the ground rushing inside their houses, he saw guards running towards
the fortified building which stood in the middle of the city. “let me guess, I’m your bodyguard for
this ‘agreement’?”, Luther asked. The Operator looked at Luther and put off his sunglasses. This was
the first time Luther saw the Operator’s eyes, they were black and pierced Luther’s soul. “No Luther,
you ARE my agreement”.

Chapter 3: Alpha, the beginning

Luther noticed it was surprisingly warm once outside the helicopter. A soft breeze touched Luther’s
face. He took a deep breath, glad to be relieved from the stench which had filled the helicopter. A
few minutes ago, the Operator explained to him he had been send as a guest; to enjoy the riches of
this fine realm and explore its secrets. He also told they had planned great things for Zeus’s realm
once he had accepted to become an ally of the wRHG corporation; spoke of some kind of “after-life”,
but Luther didn’t understand most things he said, and soon found himself fantasising about Grognak
the Barbarian instead.

Luther heard the rotating blades of the helicopter as it flew away. Luther was now alone, standing in
a field overlooking the scenery of the medieval village. Luther looked backwards, about half a mile
from him an old oak tree stood in the field, it’s leafs were yellow, but the sun made them seem gold.

Astonished by the might of this beautiful organism, Luther started walking towards it. As the tree
became bigger and bigger he started hearing some sort of rumbling sound behind him. He looked
over his shoulder and spotted four grey dots of horsemen approaching him. One dot, leading in front,
seemed to reflect more light upon Luther than the others. Luther turned around and continued his
walk towards the oak. If things would go wrong, he’ll at least die beneath a beautiful tree.

Luther sat down, facing the four knights that were still about a mile from him. He now saw only two
of them were wearing “knight armour”. The other two whom were riding at the left and right side
only wore what Luther recognized as chainmail, big swords and small wooden shields.

The two wearing the knight armour also had its differences. One was wearing a big red cape and a
spiky crown on top of its head. The armour of this knight reflected much more sunlight as the armour
from the knight which was riding next to him. “This must be Zeus” Luther mumbled to himself.

“Fear not mighty warrior for you are in the presence of Zeus, the almighty, the strong, the king” the
knight besides Zeus shouted. “All hail the king! Kneel before its presence, guest”.

Luther remembered the etiquettes nobility were supposed to follow, and he kneeled before Zeus.
As he got up he saw the four men already got off their horses. The king walked towards Luther, he
looked big, Luther now saw the jewel inside of Zeus’s crown. Zeus spoke loud and clear, while looking
Luther in the eye with his bright blue eyes. “So, you’ve came to enjoy the riches of this fine realm?”,
as Zeus leaned towards Luther’s face an unpleasant scent of alcohol filled Luther’s nose. Luther
answered, “yes, --my lord”.

Zeus and his footmen burst into laughter, “my lord, ha-ha-ha!”, Zeus continued laughing. “I haven’t
heard that in years, wait, decades!”. Luther smiled awkwardly and said, “then what should I call you
sir”. Zeus stopped laughing, so did his bodyguards, “Zeus would suffice, now tell me, guest, how
should I call you”. Luther thought for a moment, and answered “Luther would suffice”.

Zeus’s footmen started mumbling and whispered to each other. “SILENCE!”, Zeus’s voice echoed
across the field. “Just because his name is similar to my arch-nemesis, doesn’t mean he is, tell me, ---
Luther, why should I bless you with the riches of my kingdom?” . The footmen became quiet, to quiet
in Luther’s opinion, as if they were waiting for something to happen, something bad. In response
Luther readied his fists, and responded; “I was send here by my superior, to be your guest, and in

return you would be able to join the wRHG corporation”.

“That sounds like a lie to me”, the knight standing next to Zeus grumbled, “And you smell like
Darkness, doesn’t he Zeus?”. Zeus looked at Luther and mumbled “he does have a weird sign on his
forehead, like some of the dark creatures have, it doesn’t look too similar thought”. Zeus suddenly
grabs his sword, and pulls it out of its holster, the footmen and the knight followed. “Let’s find out
shall we?”.

Final chapter: Omega, the end.

Confused by this sudden turn of events, Luther quickly switched to combat stance, balancing on his
feet with his fists covering his face, and his shoulders up to prevent hits on his jaw. “What are you
standing there for, cut him!” Zeus shouted furiously, and grabbed a leather sack filled with wine. “If
he is Darkness, he will burn!”. The two footmen ran towards Luther with their shields and swords
up. Luther notices their legs weren’t protected by any kind of armour. Their sword had some sort
of turquoise glow, as if they were enchanted. Luther’s back hit the oak tree, he wasn’t able to walk
backwards anymore. “Burn!”, the first footman shouted and swung his sword towards Luther. Luther
knew his skin was thick enough to maybe withstand this physical attack, but the glow made him
doubt. The swing of the first footman was powerful, but not fast enough to beat Luther’s trained
reflexes. As the sword approached Luther’s head he quickly ducked underneath and countered with
a low-kick. Due to the lack of armour the footman’s leg twisted in ways a leg shouldn’t twist. He
screamed of pain as he fell towards the ground, dropping his equipment and grabbing his dislocated
leg. Luther could see the fear of the second footman, and said “You don’t have to fight me, why are
you?”. The footman didn’t respond, instead he ran to his horse and fled back to the city. “Get back
here soldier! We will deal with you later!”. Zeus shouted towards the fleeing footman. “Looks like we
have to do this ourselves, finish him Arthur”.

The knight next to Zeus nodded and ran towards Luther, the knight had a much bigger shield and
sword, also a plate armour covered his entire body. He stepped over the first footman on the ground,
he wasn’t moving anymore. “Why are you fighting me! I haven’t done anything!” Luther became
frustrated, he did not want to fight, he just wanted to…. What did he want?

“Die you piece of Darkness scum!” the knight shouted, it’s voice muffled behind his helmet. Instead
of swinging his sword at Luther the knight simply lifted his shield and body-slammed Luther. Not
expecting this, Luther wasn’t able to respond properly and got smashed against the oak tree.
Multiple leaves and branches came down due to the smash. “You can fight me, but leave the tree
out of this!” Luther’s mark flashed red. The knight was still pushing Luther against the tree, but
surprised and maybe even a little bit frightened by the flash of Luther’s mark, he stepped backwards
and raised his sword. Still stunned by the smash against the tree, Luther didn’t respond in time, the
sword smacked against his shoulder, piercing his clothes and skin. The sword didn’t go deep, but
nevertheless got stuck between Luther’s thick skin. “aarghh! I can’t get it out!” the knight shouted
furiously, trying to remove his blade from Luther’s shoulder. A sharp pain went through Luther’s
body, but it didn’t come from the sword stuck in his shoulder. It was more of an agonizing pain
coming from his chest. Luther’s mark now flashed red every few seconds, the pain in his chest
increased. “I’m burning, I’m burning from the inside!” Luther shouted, enraged he pushed the
knight’s body armour, the knight fell against the ground, on top of the motionless footman, the
punch caused the knights body armour to bend crushing his chest. The knight eyes got big, he tried

to say something but instead blood filled his mouth, then he stopped moving.

The pain in now seemed to fill Luther’s entire body, it felt as if all of his intestines got removed and
got replaced with hot coals. With the sword still sticking out of his shoulder, Luther fell on his knees.
“Make it stop!”, Luther’s mark was now glowing red. “I’ll murder you, I’ll murder you!”. As Luther
looked up he saw another sword coming towards him, it was Zeus’s long sword. Still stunned by the
agonizing burning pain Luther wasn’t able to move. The sword pierced his other shoulder, and also
got stuck. Luther’s mark now stopped flashing, instead it now shone bright. Smoke came from the
swords as Luther’s skin started glowing blue. Luther was infuriated, but couldn’t move somehow.
Zeus threw away his empty sack of wine, “you shouldn’t have killed Arthur, now it’s personal!”. Not
thinking Zeus approached the now glowing Luther, Luther wasn’t moving but knew what would
happen if anyone would touch him. Zeus was now standing in front of Luther and said calmly, “Look
at you now, a stranger in the grass, there was never an agreement, only a sacrifice”. Zeus leaned
forward and grabbed both grips of the swords sticking out of Luther. Luther closed his eyes and
heard Zeus scream. The electric energy causing the blue glow that went through Luther’s skin, now
went inside the swords, and inside Zeus. Luther felt the swords coming loose from his shoulders.
“Die now!” Zeus’s voice echoed across the fields. Luther opened his eyes, just to see Zeus standing
in front of him holding two swords above his head, where once was the face of a somewhat scarred,
but handsome man, now only showed two blue eyes staring at Luther surrounded by black scorched
skin. A loud crack came from the oak tree, Zeus ignored it and lifted the swords even higher. Luther
closed his eyes and braced for impact, for death. He heard the swords cutting through the air as Zeus
slashed towards Luther, he also heard something else falling from the sky. Luther heard a loud bang,
a scream, he opened his eyes. Zeus was now lying underneath what seemed to be a massive branch
which fell of the oak tree. Blood coming from his eyes.

“Wake up Luther, we’re here”.

Luther opened his eyes, he was still inside the helicopter.

(P.S Luther asked me not to peek at his story until the fight comes, I have listened to him and I shall take a gander at it now.)

There, finally got it up properly.

03-27-2013, 03:42 PM
Alright this is a little embarrassing. Third time charm: it worked!
Now would you kindly put my story in a spoiler, some people have trouble reading from google documents.

That's all, I'm going to sleep now, but first I am going to tell what I think of your story!

+ I think your story is well written, it shows humor and actually made me laugh at some parts.
+ I can see you actually read some of my 'story-line' entries, I really appreciate this.

+/- Luther's skin isn't actually that "indestructible", enchanted swords would pierce his skin. (something you could not have known).
+/- Luther does not have A WHITE SYMBOL, on his forehead, since this is an important thing about Luther's appearance, this annoyed me a little.

- You frequently make the same errors, like switching : Your --> You're, and Their --> There. (Ironically I make the same errors)

03-27-2013, 03:43 PM
Alright this is a little embarrassing.

What do you mean? He's finally got it up properly.

03-27-2013, 03:44 PM
It was also embarrassing that I can't delete the other mistakes made today. So the failures stay their permanently.

Also, here's a question, why did my weaponry burn your character, your characters not made from darkness or evils.

(Luzoto, he either means its embarrassing that I had to do this so many times, or that he over raged on what I would probably call a bunch of mistakes)

Next post down: here's my current emotion when you said that, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1Y73sPHKxw

I'm trying to cut back completely on spam after my last ban.

03-27-2013, 03:46 PM
It was also embarrassing that I can't delete the other mistakes made today. So the failures stay their permanently.

I just moved the other two to the trash can, to unclutter the mess.

Also, here's a question, why did my weaponry burn your character, your characters not made from darkness or evils.

Either it was a mistake and he thought your sword burned everyone, or Luther has a secret *dun dun DUUUUN*
Probably the former though.

03-27-2013, 03:52 PM
I just moved the other two to the trash can, to unclutter the mess.

Either it was a mistake and he thought your sword burned everyone, or Luther has a secret *dun dun DUUUUN*
Probably the former though.

Maybe the latter, Luther still doesn't know himself and is still developing his personality.
(trust me I read through Zeus's page with great detail)

03-27-2013, 04:02 PM
Anyway Rochedan, here's what I think of your story.

Your story is well written, and the action battle scenes are splendid in everything, I could imagine the whole thing easily without asking myself "WAIT, does this mean that or does it mean this?"

Everything is great, except for three things.

The people at Atauromin moved away from that land, unless your speaking in the terms of you going to that land BEFORE the giant creature attacked it.

The blades of the footmen, royal guards, and Zeus are enchanted to burn EVIL and creatures made from DARKNESS, I don't know about you but your character seems to be good at heart and is just forced to kill to get back his mother. Unless the stuff that mutated him was made from the essence of darkness.

IMAGINATION LAND, when I finished up your story the only thing I could think of is imagination land from south park, you making my character and his people completely part of your characters imagination seems kinda well. *Okay meme*

03-27-2013, 04:06 PM
IMAGINATION LAND, when I finished up your story the only thing I could think of is imagination land from south park, you making my character and his people completely part of your characters imagination seems kinda well. *Okay meme*

Well, maybe the Operator just wanted to test my electric ability, maybe he picked me up after the fight, and told me to go in rest again? Erasing parts of my memorie?
What you are implying is something I'd never do, I just like to leave some space open to make things more interesting :P

PS: about the "dark essence of the stuff that mutated him", yeah, you are getting close. very, very, close.

03-27-2013, 04:08 PM
Alright, by the way, how did I do for you characters personality and what he could be doing (NOTE, who's to say there is only one project in that building)

03-27-2013, 04:16 PM
Alright, by the way, how did I do for you characters personality and what he could be doing (NOTE, who's to say there is only one project in that building)

We will continue this in PM's from now on.

03-27-2013, 05:08 PM
Kingkickass - I've already given CnC for you, just check first locked thread, haha

Rochedan - i'm on my phone at the moment, but when I get a chance, I'll give some help

03-28-2013, 03:06 AM
Hey Kingkickass, SOME PEOPLE CANT OPEN GOOGLE DOCS, make it as a spoiler like I asked you five-hundred times.
It gets annoying when people just ignore you, at least have the decency to say `no´ and give me a reason...

Edit: I posted the battle at my own story-line thread, you can see the link "his story" in my signature. the battle will be the last entry. (not the final)

03-28-2013, 08:38 PM
Alright, but I remember you saying specifically that you wanted your story inside google docs, DO NOT put it in a spoiler, and I listened.

But I shall make the changes now.

03-29-2013, 10:04 AM
Alright, but I remember you saying specifically that you wanted your story inside google docs, DO NOT put it in a spoiler, and I listened.

Frankly I did not, you simply misread what I told you. But hey, things are fine now.
But I'm kind of disappointed at the amount of votes we got, I mean, look at Frost vs. Lethal, they have like 14 votes already X_X

03-29-2013, 10:18 AM
I cant find the time to read this...But I promise, I will vote on you two.

03-29-2013, 04:37 PM
I'm not liking where this is heading, 2 to nothing so far, nope not liking it one bit.

03-30-2013, 04:05 PM
Seems like you got a vote, despite it's from a new guy (only 5 post ;)), you might win after all.

03-30-2013, 07:15 PM
Well I took a look at your story and mine, your story contains 3,047 words, my story contains 4,341 words. I have 1,000 more words.

I have a larger story but your seems more interesting, I still imagine the imagination land from south park when I read it, even though you specifically said that's not the case.

03-30-2013, 07:18 PM
Well I took a look at your story and mine, your story contains 3,047 words, my story contains 4,341 words. I have 1,000 more words.

The length of the story usually doesn't matter. The only reason we put word limits in battles and writing competitions is to make sure the writer spent time on their work.

03-31-2013, 12:09 PM
@King - Luzoto's exactly right. It doesn't matter a lot about the word count. As long as you get your point across and entertain the reader (with of course reaching the minimum) word count) you can write as much as your little hands can.

04-01-2013, 07:24 PM
I already knew that, it was just one of those little fun facts about our stories, nothing more.


this poll only has 3 votes, are we not as important as the others? :(

04-02-2013, 07:51 AM
this poll only has 3 votes, are we not as important as the others? :(

It is viewed as much as the other battle, people are just not up to voting I guess.

Bladed Fire
04-02-2013, 08:35 AM
Somehow I'm not active in here now XD Try to be active now

04-02-2013, 10:39 AM
Well, king I'm sorry, but my vote goes to Rochedan, his was cleaner.

Youre, well, I could say it was sardin packed.

04-03-2013, 03:24 AM
I lost completely with only a single vote to my name, where did I go wrong in my story and where did Luther go right in his story.

04-08-2013, 03:24 AM
So where did I go wrong? If Rochedans story has that many problems then I can't wait to see how many problems my story has.

Post below (reply by editing your post): OK I shall await till CnC comes to assist me in writing.

04-08-2013, 05:06 AM
As it stands, your reporting has added no emotional weight towards any character. I didn't feel anything for the nurse and could've cared less that she died. I didn't give a shit about how much of an oppressor the Operator was. I don't particularly feel anything for Zeus or the fact that his men died and his fate unknown. All this is because nothing is going on on an emotional level. I have no attachment for the characters and it feels like you're just going through the motions.

Luther's personality is very closed and he doesn't feel much emotion. So in this part I did my job well :) But in the future I will describe and explain why he doesn't.

04-08-2013, 01:42 PM
I seriously hope I did at least some good (P.S Zeus's armory mostly and mainly contains enchanted swords, only royal guards and specialized soldiers who weren't trained regularly get to hold axes and maces and war hammers. However the opposing kingdoms back at Atauromin (in which was destroyed by the great beast) used whatever weaponry they could get their hands on. They used axes, maces, hammers, swords, crossbows, some of the opposing kingdoms even learned the secret to bomb making)

04-09-2013, 03:35 AM
Thanks for the CnC, I´m sure to use your advice in my next battles/writings.