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Here is Lethal2's.

++Get ready for the most rushed story I have ever made, I don't have any ideas left so I quickly wrote, don't tell me why I rushed it.++

2002, 3rd of October, our man Raf, was in a park, sitting in a bench, but not only a park, the most famous place in the whole New York, the New York National Park (NYNP), it was built in the year 1723, by a man known as S.T.V Tasht, or you may call him for a full name as Senerope Targuz von Tasht, a legendary man who died at the age of 102, oldest man who died, now where is he? Up above the sky, Raf basically know him in the past few years, until now.

The park was empty, but only the man himself, Raf, the only one who was in the park, it was a sunny day, though there was a report that a coming storm would pass in the country, U.S.A itself, the biggest storm that the weather forecaster never ever learned.

"I guess I should smoke now." Raf said, picking up his smokes from his bag.

Suddenly a shadow was casted in the tree trunks, then it faded away very quick, like an assassin, Raf quickly stood up and picked up a rock that was found below the bench he is sitting with, he started to walk slowly, like a turtle, to find out who was the one who quickly ran through the woods.

"Anyone here?"

He quickly sighed and panted heavily before stepping at the back of the tree trunks that is in front of his sight, then he jumped, just to find a man smoking, sharpening his frost arrows with a sharp rock, with an appearance of a black shirt, having a brown bow just besides the man. The stranger quickly raised up his head and started to greet Raf a happy good morning.

"Good morning my little fellow! You may call me Frost, I live in my homeworld called the Inamorta!"

"Oh nice, yeah um, oh yeah, wait umm, why are you here? There's no such thing called as Inamorta here in the world!" said Raf.

"My homeworld Inamorta is in another dimension, not here in the Earth itself."

"Alright, what's your business here, why do you have bows and arrows?" asked Raf.

"It seems like you are stupid enough, just kidding, I came here to hunt some preys that we can eat in our dimension since this world looks like it has tons of meats and foods that we can cook, it seriously has tons of cows, or like you call rats because we have ran out of foods in Inamorta due to the last war that was done last week, my story on how I came here is the 13 of us from Inamorta constructed a portal that can send us in any dimensions/worlds, I went inside of it, then anything blurred, inside of the portal was very fast, you'll fall like the speed of light, then you'll crash somewhere in this world you called Earth."

"Oh nice story umm, you know it dude, it's danger here to hunt! The government might capture you and kill you forever, hunting here isn't allowed anymore!"

"Mind your own business bro, I know what I'm doing!"

Raf scratched his head, looking everywhere with his eyes confused, he then started to turn back and walk to light his smoke with his matches, he then threw the match just near the grass, he didn't even think that if he threw the burning match in the grass, it will make the grass go burn. But just about half of seconds, an arrow catched and shot the match, splitting the match into 2, then the fire faded away.

"Holy shit?"

It was Frost who prevented the match from falling through the grass, Raf's expression was seriously hilarious, Frost dropped his bow and said a word.

"Never throw a flammable material in the grass, use your common sense next time."

"What? Do you want to fight me or what? I don't want to fight right no-"

"I'm not forcing you to fight me, I really know what I'm doing, alright?"

Raf shaked his head slowly like he was ignoring him, he absorbed some smoke and released it on his nose, it was a good feeling when smoking in a sunny day, he turned back and removed his smoke and said to Frost a sentence:

"So what do you want?"

Frost ignored him, still sharpening his pack of arrows, Frost then spitted a saliva on the ground, he looked eye to eye contact at Raf.


Raf nodded, he doesn't even know what to do, confused, what's wrong with this guy..., thought Raf deeply as he sighed, he picked up a small stone, he pretended that he was just standing while Frost was sharpening his arrows, he didn't noticed that Frost was focusing to him the whole day so he can scan what he will do next.

Raf quickly threw the stone and 1 seconds, an arrow quickly shot the stone, breaking it into pieces, it was fast as lightning! Raf didn't even saw how Frost reloaded his arrow, he was just fast, and concentrated the whole time.

"H-how did you even... do that?"

Frost inhaled a massive air into his nose, he then stood up and raised his head, he reloaded his bow with 3 arrows, focusing straightly, his target was Raf.

"Umm dude what are you doing, I didn't even do any thing!"

"Testing you, since you had powers."

"I don't have any powers at a-"

Frost proceeded to release his fingers to unleash the mighty fury of the frost arrows, each of the 3 arrows missed Raf's body, Raf then talked angrily.

"Oh, so you want to fight huh? Well let's see what you got!"

Frost smiled like a creepy person, he reloaded his frost arrow but only 1, Raf picked up the arrow that Frost shot to him, he charged the weapon and a glowing red appeared.

"Now that's what I called fun!" Frost said.

Both of them ran to each other, Frost aimed his first arrow at Raf's legs, though it missed due to lack of angle, Raf jumped in the sky while Frost reloads his bow, he aimed another piece of arrow, though it missed again, Raf fell in the ground, throwing his only arrow at Frost's bow, it was lucky one it didn't missed, Frost's bow flew in the corner of the bench, it was about 2-3 miles away from Frost.

"I'm screwed!" Frost said.

Frost quickly ran like an assassin, he picked up his bow, reloaded it with 3 arrows ---just in case that Frost removed the power of the tip of the arrow to prevent Raf from freezing so he would trick him--- and aimed it in Raf's arms, the 2 arrows missed, but the other one hit Raf's right legs brutally, it didn't sliced it, the tip of the arrow was cold like a North Pole ice was slammed into your legs.

"Shit! This hurt so bad! I need to remove this, but it's dangerous! It's cold damn it!"

Frost quickly ran and made a half knee just in front of Raf's face to hear his reaction on the newly aimed arrow on his legs.

"What the fuck man? Why did you do that! You're a shit man!"

"You call me a shit, Raf?"

Raf's right legs was bleeding, it was a huge pain he can feel, the trees smoothly shake, it was like a storm was coming, the clouds quickly is turning to dark.

"What's happening?" asked Raf

A storm was being heard up above the sky, lightnings was seen, both of the fighters quickly looked at their right side, there was a man standing, the man was just standing their, straightly.

"Wait is that... Aiman?" said both of the fighters.

The man was wearing a different outfit than the last time, he was wearing a green hoodie with a standard shoes, although his hair was just the same than the last time.

"Goddamn it, he's here, he's so overpowered when it comes into battle! Shit ass!" Raf said.

It was like Aiman was in the trees the whole day to watch what is Raf and Frost doing, then in a sudden way, Aiman started to walk straightly, although he stopped, with his face looking so overserious.

"What the heck is he doing?" Frost asked.

Aiman formed a great sword with the help of the fire element. Aiman himself started to say a word while inhaling the air from the great sky.

"What are you doing with the kid?" said Aiman with a furious voice.

"Do you care?" Frost quickly replied, reloading 1 arrow and pointing it in the face of Aiman.

Aiman wasn't moving nor shaking, he was just there, with his eye focused in the tip of the arrow that was made by Frost, Raf quickly stood while removing the arrow from his legs, he then moved backwards to avoid from being attacked, though he can't move very well due to his wound on his legs.

"You can't hit me with that half-assed arrow." said Aiman.

"You better start running!" replied Frost.

Aiman ignored him, with his body still staying in the ground, both of the fighters reached the battlefield, that means it's time for them to brawl each other, Raf wanted to stop the battle but both fighters was an ignorants.

"Your move?" asked Frost, with his fingers shaking while holding the bow

"I don't need a move." answered Aiman"

Raf quickly stood up and picked up a staff (stick) find in the trees to help him in standing, Aiman started to run with his great sword pointed at the arrow while Frost startd to aim the arrow.

"I don't want to do this, but it looks like your plan is to kill me!" said Frost"

He quickly released his finger, the arrow was sharp like it was forged in the mighty gods, the arrow's tip was hardly frost and iced, it was cold.

Aiman quickly slided his great sword in the air to chop the arrow into 2 pieces, it almost hit his face, Frost reloaded 2 pack of arrows, Aiman formed a shield with the Earth element in the ground, he shield was huge and it was brown, Frost noticed that the 2 arrows wouldn't do anything to Aiman, so instead he reloaded it with 5 arrows, the maximum, with the most cold arrow, Aiman started to place the shield infront of him, like a gladiator style. He then formed a spear with the electric element, the spear was releasing different white lightning bolts, Aiman quickly ran and jumped in the air, with his spear pointing below the ground, he slammed it and unleashed a strong earthquake in the spot, Raf and Frost flew away, Frost hit his back in the white obstacle, Raf hit his head in the bench.

"Mother of fuck! This man is dangerous, I guess I need to hit his head with my arrow, that would be good." said Frost

Aiman stood, disappearing his spear and shield, instead he formed a sniper rifle with the ice element he quickly reloaded the sniper and used the scope.

Raf stood up while holding his head, he then stood up and picked up a stone, Aiman touched the trigger, Frost reloaded 2 arrows, both of them were really serious, with the stone that Raf picked up, he charged it into 40% percent, with harder armor, he threw it as strong as he can at Frost's back, the stone flew and hit the back of Frost, it was strong and very painful, Frost fell down with his right hand holding back his back, it was bleeding, Aiman winked at Raf's, Aiman disappeared his weapons, he walked backwards. He stood there, sitting, Raf don't have any idea on why he sat, Aiman yelled.

"End him if you want! I'll let you do it on your own!"

Raf quickly nodded and picked up an arrow, he ran and ran until he's about 3 miles away from Frost, when he was near, he almost threw the arrow at Frost's head.

"STOP!" said Aiman.

Raf stopped, facing his head at Aiman's face, he dropped his arrow, then Aiman stood up walking nearby and started to talk.

"Why are you doing that?"

"You said you want me to kill him!" said Raf.

"We're just joking you dude, our plan was to trick you, we know you, and you were one of the fighter of the wRHG Tournament, you battled against Lan or Mile or whatever you call him, we saw you, and you were also brought to the hospital due to the massive uppercut that Lan did to you." replied Aiman.

"Yes Raf, we know you seriously, this plan started yeserday, me and Aiman are friends seriously, haha, and sorry for me hitting your legs with my arrow, you didn't noticed that my arrow can freeze peoples, but I removed it so I can trick you." Frost butted in.

"So that means, we were having fun, what the fuck dude? You scared my ass, I was about to kill you so you can go to hell, but you guys were just tricking me since at the beginning I found you smoking, what the fucking shit man." replied Raf.

"I caught tons of bad words on your sentence dude, haha, and yeah, it was our plan since yesterday, isn't if fun? Haha, oh guys, wanna go to a restaurant to eat something!" asked Aiman.

"Yeah sure, I'm hungry, seriously." answered Frost.

"Yeah me too, you guys fucked me up, I almost raged... haha." said Raf.

All of them proceeded to walk while Frost pick up his weapons, he hid it in his backpack and started to walk with the 2 guys to eat something, laughing each other. The End.

yeah that's it, thanks to my friends, kingkickass, Bladed Fire, Triss, Aiman, T King, J.Christian, techmaru (though his banned...) Mark XD, P12323, NrgFA, Blizzyguy, Sans.FS, Xilea, dickybayu, -yuno-, RenZen, RF.Kira, BlueFlame and those who I forgot, thanks to my clan Retribution, thanks to Hewitt, Crankuba and Lobotomizer for inspiring me to write since in the beginning I made my first character, thanks to Hyun for inspiring me to animate, thanks to Zetabrand (Nhazul, you're awesome! <3) for inspiring me to make a clan on RHG. (so off-topic lol.), thanks to everyone who are my friends or whatsoever, thanks to all people in the world (so much thanks to. lol.), and goddamn lastly, thanks to all members of Codex, and to everyone I forgot, I love you all, even though you guys hate me because I always spam and do something weird or whatever but I don't care about that, friendship is how life works <3. and thanks to facebook for making me have fun and chill with my friends by chatting, thanks to skype and irc <3.

time I spent writing this, i used a stopwatch from my iPhone, so yeah: 2h 34m 12s
I wrote this non stop without standing or eating in 2 hours.
I used notepad to write all of this story.
I used a pocket dictionary to learn words and add them here.
All characters I used here are Aiman (_Aiman_), Frost (Bladed Fire) and My wRHG (Rafael "Raf" Leonardo).
I suck at writing shits because I'm asian you asses, lol.
I rushed this becuz I'm out of ideas and I felt like dictionary makes my mind go twist because of small words..
so yeah that's it, now get out and make me a sandwich! oh I forgot, good luck to you Bladed Fire if you are reading this credits, I made the credits small words because it will take up so much space here in my story... damn it I'm tired typing so bye guys, good luck to both of us...

Here is DragonFrost's.
Bang! The dummy’s head fell to the ground with an arrow stuck inside of it. “Not bad…” Fr0st was talking to himself again.

A while later, Fr0st was off to the familiar forests that bordered Inamorta to hunt for animals when he saw a strange shadow that he didn’t recognize as something from the forest. Just in case, Fr0st shot an arrow at the shadow. No movement. Then he shot a few more more. Suddenly a tall blonde man in a brown jacket and jeans appeared angrily.


“Oh sorry, I didn’t recognize you.”


“Of course you do, it was just that your shadow was sort of blurry. What are you doing here, though?”


“Uh… You got lost?” Fr0st said.


“Uh...You’re lost, aren't you?”

“HECK NO! I'm- uh...- I'm finding some food ok? Got broke, so I’m trying to grab something to eat,” The stranger said.

“Oh. I see.”

“You insulting me, punk?”

“What? What are you-“

Suddenly, the stranger whips out his scythe and leans it against Fr0st’s neck.
“I'm going to teach you some manner RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! “

“Hm, what to do? DON’T PANIC! And… AHA!” Thought Fr0st.

“LOOK! FOOD!” Fr0st shouted!

“Heh. You think I'm that easy to fool, idiot?”

“LOOK! WOMEN!” Fr0st shouted again!

“WHERE? WHERE?” The stranger looks around.

Meanwhile, Fr0st silently climbs up a tree nearby.


“Damn… Hope he doesn’t know that I’m on top of the tree RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! shit shit shit… Please go away please go away please go away!” Fr0st thought.


Fr0st just remembered that he had arrows on him. “Wow I’m dumb.” He then shoots a magical arrow at Raf and starts running over trees.

*Raf is frozen for a few seconds.* But then he unfreezes and starts chasing angrily after Fr0st, albeit on the ground instead of on trees.

Fr0st ran as if the devils are at his heels. Or to be specific, a blond haired scythe-wielding demon.

So Fr0st kept shooting his magical arrows until he ran out.

“Damn. No more magical arrows. What should I do? I don’t want to kill him with real arrows…”


Then, Fr0st saw a rock!

Fr0st threw the rock away in the other direction, making the stranger think that Fr0st went the other way.

Fr0st managed to escape from the stranger… for now. He was still cautious though, and he went to the mines that weren’t too far south of the forests and made some magical arrows, in case the stranger came back.

A few days later, Fr0st was hunting for animals on a different part of the forest to avoid the scythe-wielding stranger, but somehow he managed to see the stranger again… and this time he was with a short and fat man who had “Anti-wRHG Boss” on his shirt. Fr0st quietly sneaked up on them to find out what they were talking about.

“Hey Raf, how did your assassination go?” Asked the fat Anti-wRHG boss.

“Sorry, sir, he managed to escape,” said the man that Fr0st now knew was called Raf.

“HEY! I paid you good money to kill him! Remember, you are our spy, and you have to dig out potentially powerful wRHGs and kill them before they become too powerful! This “Fr0st” seems to be weak at the moment, but I suspect that he will become very strong in the future. Find him and kill him, go!”

“Yes sir!” Said Raf.

Fr0st was worried. It seemed that there was an Anti wRHG organization, and Raf was in it. And Fr0st was the next target. He would have to be careful with strangers, they could all be hired assassins. But even so, Fr0st didn’t want to kill anyone, so he was at a disadvantage because he had to refrain from killing people who were trying to kill him. “Hm, what to do…” He thought.

But then he noticed that Raf was walking toward the bush he was hiding in, so he quickly climbed up a tree, and watched Raf go by.

The obvious choice would be to alert the wRHG authorities… but he suspected that there were spies in the higher officials. wRHG selection was very thorough, and the Anti wRHG organization wouldn’t be able to bring in a spy without a corrupted higher official of wRHG.

Fr0st was now confused. He had just joined wRHG recently, but he wasn’t sure if he should leave. He wasn’t good at these political wars, for that is what he assumed it to be.

Then, he realized what he had to do! He had to stop the enemy on his own. But he didn’t even know who was in the Anti wRHG organization except the boss and Raf. Fr0st decided to question Raf.

Fr0st went to his cabin nearby (very convenient :D) and found some rope to tie Raf with. Then he followed Raf’s tracks, which were not very disguised, and followed them.

After a while, Fr0st realized that Raf would probably be walking faster than him. But Fr0st had more endurance, and he would catch up when Raf rested.

After a few hours of running, Fr0st finally saw Raf sitting on the ground and leaning against a tree.

“Where did that Fr0st go? I don’t even have tracks to follow. I’ve been searching for hours and I can’t find him! What am I going to do?” Raf thought out loud.

“Ha, you don’t need to search for me. I’ve been behind you the whole time.”

As he said that, Fr0st appeared and shot Raf with a magical arrow, then quickly tied him up with his rope. Fr0st immediately started questioning Raf when he unfroze.

“Hey, Raf. Yeah, I know your name, now stop struggling unless you want me to shoot you through the head. What’s this Anti wRHG organization trying to do, and who is in it? Tell me right now!”


Fr0st slowly fitted an arrow to his bow and aimed it at Raf. Then he shot, and hit right above Raf’s head.

“The next one will not miss. Talk, I’m getting impatient.”

“HEHEHEHE! You can’t kill me! If you do, you won’t get your information! HA!”

“I may not kill you, but torturing isn’t out of the question, right?”

But then Raf snapped the rope before Fr0st realized what was happening and could get out an arrow, got out his scythe and Fantasy Halberd and merged them, causing a big explosion that knocked Fr0st back and blinding him.

When the smoke cleared, Raf was gone. Raf knew that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Fr0st in his home forest, so he decided to try and lure Fr0st out. But Fr0st realized this too. Unfortunately, the explosion cleared away all of Raf’s tracks, so he didn’t know where Raf had gone.
Fr0st sighed. He didn’t know what to do now. He still wanted to stop the Anti wRHG organization, but his sole information had disappeared. He returned to his cabin.

Several months later, Fr0st has still found no trace of Raf, and was simply living like he normally did. Then, one day, Raf came to him. He told Fr0st everything he knew about the Anti wRHG, about how the boss was an old wRHG who was kicked out for being too cruel to his opponents and wanted to get revenge. Raf had quit recently because they didn’t pay him, as he didn’t manage to kill Fr0st. Raf was looking sad and Fr0st was feeling sorry for him.

“Dude, you’re in the wRHG, just tell them that you quit and you’ll be fine.” Said Fr0st.

“You really think?


Suddenly, eyes glinting, Raf merged his Scythe and Fantasy Halberd, which he had hidden from Fr0st’s line of sight, and during the explosion he swiped at Fr0st but which fortunately did not kill him because of the tiny dagger which was hanging at Fr0st’s side and blocked the attack.

“What are you doing, Raf? I thought you quit the Anti wRHG?”

“Idiot. You actually believed me? I just said that to make you lower your guard, but that stupid dagger foiled my plans…”

Fr0st jumped through the window and escape into the forest.

“Darn, plan failed AGAIN! SCREW THE FOREST I AM GOING TO MURDER THAT SON OF A BITCH!” Shouted Raf. He charged out the door at Fr0st, who was trying to climb a tree. He barely made it, and then Fr0st started making fun of him.

“Haha! You can’t get me!”

“Eh, well, whatever. I noticed you forgot your bow and quiver…”

Raf raised Fr0st’s bow and quiver.


“Nuh uh. I’ll keep this as a souvenir.”

Raf put Fr0st’s weapons on the ground and started slicing up the tree with his weapon. Fr0st was in trouble now…

“LOOK! WOMEN!” Shouted Fr0st.

“Same trick won’t work twice…”

Raf continued to attack the tree. It was getting wobbly and thin at the trunk. But Fr0st knew the trick wouldn’t work twice. He knew Raf would purposely not look away, but he did focus on the tree so he wouldn’t look away. Which is what Fr0st wanted. Fr0st had jumped to the tree behind Raf, climbed down and picked up his weapons.

“Don’t move, or die.”


“You keep falling for my tricks.”


“You don’t even know when you’re tricked? Wow. You must not be very bright.”

Raf looked at Fr0st with his peripheral vision, and saw that Fr0st was aiming for his head. Raf quickly ducked, which caused Fr0st to shoot in surprise, but he missed, and Raf rolled behind Fr0st, unsheathed his weapon and leaned it against Fr0st’s neck.

“Heh. You were in this position before, but this time YOU WON’T ESCAPE!”

But as Raf pulled back the scythe to swing, Fr0st ran away.

“Hm, I’m having trouble defeating Raf because I’m not trying to kill. But maybe I could injure…” Thought Fr0st.

He turned around, got a normal arrow and shot it at Raf’s leg.

“Normal arrows immobilize the opponent for a longer period of time, but with lots of pain.” Thought Fr0st. He decided if he really had trouble with an opponent, he would use normal arrows to stop them from moving.

But in fact, Fr0st thought he had hit Raf, but he didn’t look back to check. Raf has used his weapon to block it, and was following Fr0st, but silently and in a circle so Fr0st wouldn’t see him if he looked back.

“What am I doing running away? I need to stay in this forest, and Raf is injured, so it’s fine for me to stay. WHY AM I RUNNING AWAY FROM AN INJURED PERSON? Fr0st thought out loud.

“Because he isn’t injured.”

Raf had somehow moved faster than Fr0st, and was in front of him.

“Finally ready for the battle? And please, do not run away.”

Fr0st noticed that the place was surrounded by thick rope.

“How had Raf gotten here faster than him by that much?” Fr0st thought.

“I can see on your face what you are wondering, and I will explain. When you had left, I simply ran out of the forest as quick as I could, because it was easier to move faster without trees in your way. Besides, you are really slow, too.”

“Before we fight, I wish to ask, what weapons do you have? I have already shown you all of mine.”

“HA HA! Why would I do that? Do I look like a fair person? Besides, you haven’t ‘shown’ me all of your weapons. It was pure luck, or rather lack of it, that I discovered you had a knife in your person. I could have been stabbed without even knowing what stabbed me!” Raf shouted.

“It’s not a knife, it’s a dagger. GET IT RIGHT! Also, I don’t even know how to use the dagger! ”

“Then why do you have one? How about this. I’m not a cruel person, at least not when I’m calm. You use the DAGGER and I use my scythe, which I will unmerge. If you beat me, I’ll show you all my weapons, but if you lose, you die. Sorry about that, it’s my job.”

“That isn’t fair! I honestly don’t know how to use the dagger!”

“Ah screw it! You make me mad. PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Huh? What did you say?” Raf asked.

“Dude, I thought we were going to battle… Fine I’ll tell you. It’s the archidonis battle cry. I know I got kicked out, but old habits die hard.”

“Oh, I see. Well, let’s try again. PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Hm, I recommend getting a cooler battle cry. I can’t even understand it because it’s probably in your native language or something.”

“DUDE WHEN ARE WE GOING TO FIGHT!” Shouted Fr0st, who was angry because he just wanted to get the battle over with.

“Oh, sorry. One more time. BUT THIS TIME USE A COOL BATTLE CRY!”

“Fine… Does ‘PREPARE TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ sound good?”

“… NO IT DOES NOT. It sounds like you’re a doctor who is trying to save lives. That doesn’t work at all. How about ‘KUAHKJSHKSJKWHKHDEOEKELDLDLK’? It means ‘Fight For Glory And Honor’ in some weird language I learned when I was a kid.”

“NOOO! I can’t even understand that. And I don’t know what language it is, or pronounce it. Let’s just stick with ‘Archidonis’ okay?”


Fr0st wanted to say that Raf changed his battle cry, but he also wanted to hurry up and start the battle. So he decided to keep quiet about that.


Raf swung his scythe at Fr0st, who was still shouting, but luckily for him, the dagger saved the day again! Fr0st stopped shouting and shot a normal arrow at Raf’s foot. Raf couldn’t react fast enough because Fr0st was very close to him, and got shot in the foot.


Fr0st shot him in the other foot.


“I guess I win.”

“Wait, we aren’t done yet…”

Raf pulled out the arrows and stood up again, slowly. Fr0st stared.


“I’m used to this kind of pain.”

“Didn’t sound like it when I shot you.”

Raf kept silent, and got out his Fantasy Halberd, so he had his scythe and halberd out, each in one hand.
“You don’t a chance.” He said.

Raf swung his halberd at Fr0st, who ducked. But Raf’s attack was a feint. He swung his scythe quickly at Fr0st, who was still going down as he was ducking. He got hit in chest, but it was only a little scratch because Fr0st managed to move back his body a bit. But there was no rest for him, as Raf attacked with his halberd again. Fr0st was in trouble. So he used one of the traps he had made in the forest, which he usually used to catch animals. It was a disguised hole that he made so the cover would still be there after something fell in. From Raf’s point of view, Fr0st just disappeared. He over to the spot where Fr0st disappeared, and then suddenly he disappeared too.
Fr0st was fine, because he knew that there were disguised holds on the wall so that if he fell down, he wouldn’t fall to the bottom. But Raf didn’t know, and he fell to the bottom. Or at least, he almost did. But Fr0st shot him with a magical arrow right before he fell, and he stopped moving down. After he unfroze, he gently landed on the floor.

“Uh, thanks for saving me.”

“No problem. I just want to say, please leave the Anti wRHG organization. They seem like bad people, corrupting good people like you. Well, need a hand getting out? Follow me.”

Together, they climbed out thanks to Fr0st’s handholds. Fr0st and Raf shook hands, and became good friends.


CREDITS: GamerXD8 for helping me think of ideas.

03-28-2013, 08:08 AM
Hm, your story is 2.3k (not counting credits, which isn't included in the story i guess.) SO I can change it to DragonFrost?
Oh btw just cuz you're asian doesnt mean that's an excuse :/ I'm chinese.

Bladed Fire
03-28-2013, 08:11 AM
Wait. Fr0st, you're Chinese?

03-28-2013, 08:20 AM
Lol. I live in canada (usually, about 70% of the time), but I'm Chinese.

03-28-2013, 08:23 AM
Lol. I live in canada (usually, about 70% of the time), but I'm Chinese.

I thought ur a pure canadian :O.My info bout you must be fixed."fixing"

03-28-2013, 08:26 AM
I thought ur a pure canadian :O.My info bout you must be fixed."fixing"

Creepy... Stalker. Oh no! I'm losing lol

03-28-2013, 08:47 AM
Letahl2: GREAT STORY. Flow was nice, grammar was decent, and dialogue spacing... OH MY GOD. You actually understand it. Haha. One thing though. You need more description in your story, have people visualize your story. There are also a few grammar mistakes, but not very prominent ones. Good job Lethal.

DragonFr0st: WAAAY TOO MUCH DIALOGUE. Not enough actual fighting. Your overuse of dialogue takes away from the reader's enjoyment. Use more descriptive actions to keep your reader hooked. Your dialogue use and spacing was excellent, but there is never a need for THAT MUCH. Overall, your story was funny and pretty well though out. Just describe more and use less speech.

03-28-2013, 09:35 AM
I have one thing to say to the both of you:

Grammar you guys, grammar.

PS: Lethal, nobody cares if you rushed it, and frankly I didn't even notice it when I was reading your story.
"Rushing in 2.5 hours is not actually a rush, haha"

03-28-2013, 09:00 PM
No I'm screwed ;)
Edit: just checked poll results, I have 4 votes >.< thanks guys!

03-29-2013, 01:45 AM
Wahaha, I'm in that story. Both of you made a wonderful job. But I dunno who to vote.

EDIT : I made up my mind. My vote goes to Lethal. Fr0st, honestly, too many dialogues. But it's so hilarious.

03-29-2013, 07:49 AM
Thanks and I agree, DragonFrost's story was seriously hilarious and I love to read it again and again <3. Lastly thanks.

Lol 7-4 lethal you are a good writer D: if I could vote I would vote for you
I have trouble writing fighting when my guy is an archer, I'm considering updating him. Btw is it allowed to fight the same person twice?

03-29-2013, 04:26 PM
Yes it is allowed, by the way if anything it would be easy to write an archer, but the easiest is a mage or some sort of magic type person, its truly a pain having to write about a melee only soldier, it gets repetitive and boring seeing the same charge and slash over and over again so I mix it up a bit to keep the reader watching.

T King
03-29-2013, 09:14 PM
@Lethal: o you... demon at writing, i didnt even read the whole story and already voted :D

T King
03-29-2013, 10:22 PM
finished reading both story....still you best XD

03-30-2013, 07:59 AM
Want a rematch if I win? : D

Not if. You will win. But maybe later. I'm trying to think of a topic for Friday Funk, and I suck at multi tasking (usually I forget about both)

04-02-2013, 06:46 AM
Obviously you won :)

04-02-2013, 06:48 AM
Obviously you won :)
Dunt wury Fros i vuted fur yu :)

04-03-2013, 06:48 AM
If I forget to tell crankuba, please do it for me :)

04-03-2013, 06:51 AM
Jombloxx, I see why you voted him :o

Well not sure if I win, but let's wait until tomorrow so we wouldn't be that much so excited.

Why i vuted fur him?:D

04-04-2013, 06:55 AM
I told crankuba

04-04-2013, 01:01 PM
How come you two have 16 votes while me and Luther's battle only got 6 votes?

Are we not liked as much as you two are? :(

04-04-2013, 01:10 PM
How come you two have 16 votes while me and Luther's battle only got 6 votes?

Are we not liked as much as you two are? :(

First battles are always more popular.