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04-01-2013, 01:41 PM
These are 2 favorite fast and easy ways to win a battle in short time that most players use. I'm not expert or anything near that, but I try my best to help beginners-semipro.
1) For Giant Rushing, most ppl vote for Spear+Sword Rage.
2) For Sword Rushing, Magikill or Allbow can work.

However, you never know what ur enemy army until it's too late. You're dealing with human, not computer no brain. So, most pro hide army until they think they can take down ur base in short time (2 giant rushing or 12~15 sword rushing to ur base) or at least harass ur Miners to slow u down. Giant can kill Magi/Allbow easily or bunch of Sword Rage can take down ur Spear in 2 secs if u guess ur enemy's strategy wrong. I personally have my own way to fight against both Rushing.

1) Start: Rush to middle with 1 Sword + 1 archer , or 1 Spear, or 2 Swords. Whatever u like.
2) Try to handle the middle fight and U MUST BE FAST CLICKER. Go back and forward between fighting and Mining. Get Rage very very early. As soon as u reach to 50 mana, get Rage right away.
3) Train 5-6 Swords and keep. Ur Sword should have Rage at this time when u have 5-6 Swords.
4) Ur enemy should stop attacking u right now because he saves army for big attack (u don't need to care Giant or Sword Rush. U can beat either).
Case 1: Sword Rush: U gunna see his sword army outnumbers ur sword army. DUN PANIC! Retreat right away.
a) Train Allbow and harass his little men. If he decides to finish off ur statue, let him do. As ur health statue down to 1/2, ALL IN attack with 6 swords rage and whatever u have. Why do I tell u to risk 1/2 statue? Remember: when swords RAGE, their health go down gradually by the time. Ur 6 full health Swords can easily beat his HALF HEALTH army + ur Allbow-Archer harass his swords health
b) U can choose to build ur army or fight back right away. It's difficult to fight back because ur enemy pour all gold to train Sword, so Miners are very few.
Case 2: Giant Rush: U don't see anything happen and guess ur enemy is saving for Giant. Do u have to guess correctly? NO. U still have 6 swords + Rage and start ur Spear training if ur enemy don't fight yet.
a) When u get fair amount of Archer, don't train sword anymore and get 2-3 Spear, ATTACK RIGHT WAY.
b) Keep doing it because when u wait, u will end up with 4-5 big Giant later.

Did I success? Here is the video. I use same way to fight with both Giant and Sword Rush. No change.

Giant is easy to take down, but Giant + Magikill is tough. This guy is smart to mix and great control on Electric Wall.
Giant: www.stickempires.com/play?replay=replay891750&version=1.59

No comment. He decide to win early, I do the same
Sword rush: www.stickempires.com/play?replay=replay891691&version=1.59

Hope u enjoy my little strategy

04-02-2013, 01:52 PM
Rush at middle with a spear? Economy down, you lose early.

One sword one archer? With latest patch, 2 swords and a miner is the way to go with 2 more swords with first gold income, then possibly rage.

Also, with sword rush, albows aren't going to do much. A magikill with poison and a well-placed explosion can take out swarms of even albowtrosses.

A giant rush is also easily beaten. Speartons all attack one giant in the front while ranged units bombard it. Albows with blazing bolts can rip through giant hide. A giant of your own or two can protect magikill with poison and explosion. I did the same once against a giant masser and I won. He had 5 giants and some merics. I poisoned all the giants and 2 died from poison, he tried to retreat them behind other giants but the merics were more focused on the giants taking hits. I came in with recovered speartons and a magikill and a row of archers and cleared the way.

This is alright for lower ranks I guess....