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Bodacious vs Pluto

Ok this is my first fight since I gout out of basic training and its Pluto's first fight aw well so show her the respect she deserves.

It was an early Monday morning; I had just gotten back from the new WRHG office with the info for my first fight since basic training. A lot had changed since I left; we had a nicer building, the receptionist had a brand new computer, and there was a snack machine in the corner. Apparently we had become quite popular in the 2 months I was gone. There were so many new fighters and I was assigned one that interested me a great deal. I was to fight a young lady by the name of Pluto and this was to be a very difficult battle. Her bio read that she is part dragon; her scales marked with maroon ruins. And if that wasn’t enough to keep me on my toes, her talons were poisonous and a knowledge of everything. To beat her I had to do something I had rarely done, plan ahead. I made contact with her a few days before our match was slated and asked her to create a portal between our world and hers so that I may come early to prepare. She hesitantly did and I put my plan into action.
I was awestruck at the beautiful scenery of the forest she lived in, so many strange creatures I never saw before, and quite a few large ones I was looking for.

The day of our match finally came and I was amped for some action. I met Pluto outside her house about 9 that morning. As a sign of it was just a fight for fun and not out of hatred I had found a wild flower growing in the path and picked it. I held it out in an offering; she tilted her head and smiled. The young lady placed it behind her right ear. She then pulled out a short tooth looking knife and in the other a black, rock looking rod. Her peaceful look quickly changed to one of someone watching a funny movie, laughing and smiling. She suddenly ducked down and swung with the dagger. The speed of the attack surprised me; how could such a solid be manipulated so fast?

I had no time to ponder as the black rod quickly closed upon my side from a second attack. It was all I could do to move out of the way, my black boots making skid marks along the short green grass. I had to take control quickly. Her strike left a small window of opportunity. I grabbed her arm and pulled her in close for a bear hug. I didn't wish to harm her so I held back my power. The more she struggled the more I clamped down to restrain her. All of a sudden she stopped and started to giggle like she heard a funny joke. I felt a searing pain in my right arm as she dug her dagger deep into the bicep.

She quickly snatched it out drawing out the pain, its serrated edges ripping and tearing flesh with it. All I could her was her laughing like a school girl. I dropped her immediately and backed away. My right bicep was torn to shreds, a gaping wound gushing crimson blood. I tore a strip from my shirt and tied it up to stop the bleeding. I knew she really didn't enjoy the pain it was just her way of dealing with battle. I couldn’t believe I forgot she had knowledge of everything and knew she couldn't fight me well close up so she baited me in to get in range of her weapons. My appendage was useless, dangling like a wet noodle. This wasn’t good; I was down an arm against an opponent that knew exactly what I was capable of. Suddenly I heard that voice in the back of my head, Samiel.

"Need help cowboy? I ask because right now you are letting a girl kick your ass." The angel said with a chuckle.

"Well what would you do? I can't just haul off and hit a girl, plus I'm down an arm here." I snapped back in a bit of a short temper due to the situation.

The conversation was cut short by a slash from the dagger followed by a perfectly time thrust from what I could now tell was an obsidian piercer. Each move was in amazing sequence keeping me on the defensive.

"Master, remember you have me at your disposal. You don't have to do this alone, you not in basic anymore." It was my closest friend and the love of my life Anies. I dipped my hat brim and smiled. I forgot I had her back and I was ready to let the girl cut loose.

I gave the command and she sprang into action. My mind raced faster than ever before, sharpened from my military training. Anies caught Pluto from behind on her right foot and lifter her high into the air. I had to cover my ears as best I could as she screamed like a screech owl in frustration. My lasso replaced the function of my injured right arm and threw her about 100 feet up. The young fighter struggled to get away for she knew what was coming next.

I jumped up to meet her and wrapped her up tight with my rope. I twisted in mid air, spinning the both of us at incredible speed. As we plummeted I felt a change in the way Pluto’s body shape felt. It was turning more dragon like and I knew what was about to happen. I released her from the restrains, but before I could get away she managed to catch my left arm with one of her talons. I instantly lost all feeling in it as it hung limp and useless. My right arm could still move but it was too painful and now the left one was useless.

"Let me take over I really can't feel pain." Samiel spoke in the back of my mind.

Anies acted like a spring under me as I hit the soft ground. My teeth clenched tight; I knew I had no choice.

"Alright let’s do it." I said with a twinge of regret. I wanted to win this first fight back on my own, but I was short on options.

Samiel’s consciousness took over and the pain I felt disappeared. From the back of my mind I watched as the action unfolded. The angel used my right arm and grabbed my hat as a shield and bull rushed in to take control. I told Anies to act on Samiel's thoughts to replace my downed arm. Pluto easily side stepped out of the way, but the former general only smiled. The Indian spirit followed her instructions from him and tied Pluto up by the wings and tail picking her up faster than she could get out of the way. She thrashed and screamed her lungs out. If she could have breathed fire I'm sure she would have. Pluto swung her arms wildy trying to cut rope or me, but both were out of reach.

Samiel went in close to finish her off but let the half dragon saw the move coming, and was scratched my the right arm with one of her claws. Samiel dropped her to the ground. The poison finally took away my other arm and I was up shit creek without a paddle.

I was down to my last option; I took control back and made a deep loud rumble from the bottom of my throat. The half dragon perked her ears up, knowing what I just uttered. It was a call for help in dragon tongue. Suddenly 3 dragons each the length of a gray hound bus flew in from the surrounding forest.

The day I got here I met them at a spectacular waterfall. Each dragon was a different color; one white of a timid nature that could heal from what it told me, the next orange with beautiful green zebra-esk markings across its back, the last an older looking one with grey scales. They could sense my good nature and accepted my friendship quickly. They stood in front of me, creating a scaly wall between me and Pluto. I had hoped that they white one would heal me but the poor thing cringed at the sight of my right arm and flew off. The other 2 stood fast and protected me. About the same time Pluto's transformation wore off and she returned to her human state; hair matted and cloths torn. Surprisingly though, the flower I gave her remained perfectly placed behind her ear, as if held in place by some unknown force that refused to let the peace offering fly away in battle. I nodded my head in gratitude for buying me enough time to make Pluto regress back to normal.

"Thank you for your help friends, I am in your debt." I said in dragon tongue.

"Anytime young man, beings of your purity do not show up that often anymore." the elder gray dragon replied and with that the pair spread their enormous wings and took off into the sky.

My attention turned back to Pluto who was bent over, hands on her knees, just as tired as me. The little lady looked exhausted and ready to quite, but her spirit willed her body to continue. I felt a hint of sadness for her, yet inspired by her tenacity and bravery.

I sensed she was ready to end this. "Pluto this has been one of my better fights but all good things must come to an end. Shall we wrap this thing up?"
“I would agree, but from the looks of things I have the upper hand. Let’s just hope you can keep up without any arms, but since I know how this is going to end I will commend you for your efforts, but you will lose.” She said cockily.
I had Anies wrap around my waist and act as my arms. I made one last stand as Pluto ran ahead and thrusted with the obsidian rod. The rope tried to grab her but the half dragon knew what was going to happen and her weapon hit its mark in my abdomen. What she didn't realize was I did it on purpose. Anies wrapped her up tight with one end and pulled the object from me with the other. I coughed up blood and went to a knee. I was close to passing out. With what I had left I stood up and concentrated. The lasso lifted Pluto and slammed her as hard as possible into the ground without hurting her, knocking her out. I collapsed soon after in a puddle of my own blood.

I awoke about a week later inside the house we fought outside of. As soon as my eyes could adjust I saw 2 white dragons; one timid and meek acting, the other with an U.S Army emblem tattooed into its right shoulder scales and a cigar in the corner of his mouth.

“Ah, so you’re awake? That was a close one soldier, an inch higher and girly here would have pierced your liver.” The old dragon rumbled as he gestured at Pluto, who sat in the corner with a smile.

I tried to sit up, but fell back in agony. I looked down, the wound was healed but the pain persisted.

“Easy now, I may have fixed you up but you’re gonna be soar as hell for a few weeks.” The scaly healer chimed up.
Pluto got up and walked over beside the bed. Amazingly she still had the flower I gave her tucked behind her ear. I smiled and adjusted myself in the bed.
“Well looks like I caught the worst end of the stick, hope I didn’t beat you up too bad.” I said in a caring tone.
“No I’m fine; just wish I had seen that last move coming. I may know everything, but I didn’t see you able to summon adult dragons like that, especially an outsider to this land. How did you do it?” She inquired of me.
“Easy enough, I have a special bond with all animals be from my lands or not. There is a peace within me that all creatures pick up on such as our scaly friends did. They instantly felt my good intensions and accepted me quickly. I asked you to bring me here early for a reason, to make contact with the dragons of the forest and befriend them like I hope to do with you.” I sat back when I finished and watched her tilt her head slightly, like a dog would when it’s confused.
”You…..want to be my friend?” She said hesitantly. “You are the first mortal I’ve seen able to command not only dragons, but animals in general. Perhaps you could teach me how to gain their trust like you have.” Pluto replied with a slight grin.

I spoke quietly, “Sure, I’d love too. Just wait till you meet my friends you will love them; one is a cartoon that is always cracking jokes, a boy possessed by a demon that I help keep control over, and another young lady such as you that uses her voice as a weapon. I love to listen to her sing.”
“First, you do realize I only look young, I lost count how old I am 1,500 years ago; and second, I would love to hear her sing.” Pluto replied with a sarcastic tone.
“Well you look amazing for your age.” I slyly chimed back with a big grin and a chuckle.
“The key is kicking the asses of people like you.” The half dragon said through a smirk.
As much as it hurt, I just started laughing. She was a smartass, the kind of person I love to hang around with. I laid back and listened to the sounds of the tainted orchard as I passed out once again, content that I made a new friend.

pluto: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...-DLcMruHM/edit

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Err.. For your convenience, I took mine out of Google Drive and made it into forum-format.
My story would not go through PM ;o;
Please enjoy, and vote fairly!

When people first meet Pluto, their general impression is that she was annoying – since she is out of her mind most of the time, Pluto tended to act in ways that normal people wouldn’t do. Plus, if she was sent to a psychiatrist for a serious check-up, she would certainly be diagnosed with schizophrenia; it would not be surprising because those were the words that Pluto said to Cathory when she realized that the brown dragoness could not handle her constantly altering mood. So when the receptionist of the RHG headquarters front desk met Pluto for the first time, nibbling on a chocolate bar as if it was the most disgusting thing in the world, he regretted on choosing this job as his career.

“So, you don’t know what your name is.”
“On top of that, you don’t know how old you are.”

“No, I lost count,” the voice of a girl rang inside the lounge; it was rather unique, with a strange emphasis on occasional T’s and words that sounded more round and smooth. On top of that, it sounded with such confidence and authority.

‘How can you lose count of how old you are?!’ he wanted to scream for the seventh time, but the receptionist kept his cool. When he looked up from the screen which he was trying to type her information in, there was a wide grinned stretched across Pluto’s face. He rubbed his temples, thinking of what in the God’s name did he do wrong to get in this kind of mess. It was Pluto who broke the long-stretched silence.

“You should learn how to ask proper questions, Brandon Larry Thompson.”

Startled by his own name coming out of stranger’s mouth, Brandon the receptionist stared at her in disbelief. Pluto threw the half-eaten chocolate bar over her shoulder, scoring it perfectly into the garbage can and continued, “My alias is Pluto, and for the purpose of the legal documents of this world, I am seventeen years old. What you needed to ask me was what information I would have liked to put in instead. So, hey, register me into this thing already, hmm?”

If the young receptionist was at the verge of exploding, he did not show it; he was sensible enough to keep in mind that if this annoying brat came to RHG headquarters to register, she would need a darn-good skill and power to do so. He quietly glared into the screen and entered her name or alias as she called it, and her “legal” age into Pluto’s profile. A few more questions were asked and answered: “Do you need a dorm here to stay?” “Nah, I have my own cave.” “Excuse me?” “Rephrased; a house.” “Ahem, anything you want to put down for family relationships?” “I have one hundred twenty-five kids.” “What?” “Just leave it blank.” Some documents were signed, and the receptionist finally announced that she was part of RHG.

“But we need a demonstration of your abilities…”
“Those 2423 words of raw action weren’t enough?”
“I’m sorry?”
“Nah, ignore me.”
“Anyways, we need to evaluate you,” Brandon sighed with relief, “and I think we just got our man to do that for us; Hiya there, Bodacious!”

“Long time no see, Brandon. Who do we have here… a new gladiator?” A man walked into the Lounge. Although Pluto did not bother to turn her head around to check how he looked like, she knew that this character, Bodacious was a man in early twenties with baby blue eyes. Every aspects of his appearance told others that he was a cowboy – a ten-gallon hat with a black riding coat, a colt .45 peacemaker pistol, and a lasso which wasn’t back in his possession, yet. He was taller than Pluto by at least one hand span. Casually leaning on the front desk, Bodacious tipped his hat towards Pluto, giving her a warm, friendly smile. He was one of those people that can even befriend an enemy.

“Yes, she just finished signing up. Well, welcome back. It would be awesome to hear about your training in the army, but first things first; Pluto, this is Bodacious, and Bodacious, this is Pluto. Could you do me a favor of evaluating this young lady’s skills as a gladiator?” When a small greeting was exchanged, the receptionist asked Bodacious for his help.

“Sure thing. Would you give me a moment to retrieve Anies from Sebastian, though?”
“No problem. We will be in Arena 9 when you are ready.”
“Gotcha, see y’all in a sec.”

When Bodacious was gone, Pluto was lead to a clean, huge room, every inch of the wall lined with metal. It was a shame that every slab of metal in the arena was going to be shredded into pieces in an hour or two. The ceiling was open, letting a gentle breeze tingle down Pluto’s cheeks, but the girl seemed absorbed in her own thoughts. Seeing that Pluto wasn’t so impressed with the room, Brandon coughed dryly and started asking some more questions concerning her abilities.

“Is there anything that I should be informed of before you give your demonstration?”
“Sure. Your ex-wife had an affair with a science teacher working at the local high school.”

The receptionist blinked. “H-how did you--”

“Type this into your laptop, youngling. Ability: “truth”. I “know” everything like a back of my hand,” Pluto smirked. Despite the fact that he was being looked up to, literally, the poor receptionist felt small and exposed in front of her like a little lamb in front of a wolf. Pluto suddenly looked older in his eyes, mature and experienced. Now that he took notice, he could not measure the depth of her black, piercing eyes, let alone figure out how old she actually was. When the receptionist first saw Pluto walking into the headquarter building, his estimate was that she was around fifteen or even lower. He’d changed his mind now; despite her petite figure, she definitely was not in her teens.

“The cowboy will be here with his beloved lasso in two minutes and thirty-five point eighty-nine seconds. I advise that you get out of this place and watch through the security cameras or you will get killed from an impact. There is nothing else that is unobservable about my abilities, so just go and enjoy the battle.”
“Hey wait, this isn’t a battle…”
“The penguin thinks otherwise.”
“You should have learned to ignore some of my words by now. Now go; Bodacious is here.”

Marking her words, Bodacious returned with a yellow lasso affectionately wrapped around his waist on the time Pluto had predicted. She dismissed the receptionist with a flick of her hand, and he was gone, the twelve inch metal door sliding close behind him. When the two gladiators were left alone, Bodacious greeted Pluto again with a friendly courtesy.

“Hi there lil’ missy, hope I didn’t make you wait too long.”

“Nah, don’t sweat it. I had a quality time talking to Brandon there,” Pluto waved it off, fixing her glasses. She casually trotted to the other side of the room, putting on a faint smile. It started spreading on her face like a stream of sunlight creeping through the window except it wasn’t warm. Instead, it was cold, sarcastic, sinister…

“Are you ready, cowboy?”
“Well, I don’t fancy hitting gals, but a little evaluation won’t hurt.”
“You better get serious; I am quite vicious when it comes to fight. Think of me as Ivan, that ruthless man you beat up the other day.”

“He is-- how?” Bodacious stumbled on his words, his body tensing at the sound of his old enemy’s name. Although he was usually the easygoing, laid off type, he couldn’t be so calm, hearing of his foe from a while ago. Pluto did not answer him. She took no notice of it, and simply plucked a small crystal out of her pocket. When she tapped on it lightly, the purple gem whirled to life, flying around the arena like a butterfly. Judging from the spontaneous blinking light and the way the black-haired girl waved at it with a big smile, the young cowboy decided that it was some sort of a recording device. Pluto tilted her head to one side as if she was listening to something, and looked straight into young cowboy’s eyes.

“No more questions. I am sick and tired of them,” Pluto purred to him like a cat, drawing her ivory dagger from her waist. It wasn’t metallic but it gleamed as if it was, with sleek black leather strip wrapped around the grip. From few yards away, it looked like an incisor of a huge carnivore, which Bodacious did not appreciate – he hated the abuse of animals. Sensing the slight change in his expression, Pluto snickered, “You promised your buddy that you will protect him. But I know that you and I are both “itching for a good fight”, meaning you need to fight according to your old reasons. Now, start!”

Like that, she pounced on Bodacious, aiming to slit his throat.

* * *

“Whoa, easy missy!”

As a southern gentleman, Bodacious did not like the idea of fighting women. He did enjoy the fight itself with Kalena a few months ago, but bringing harm to Kalena – although she was a good fighter, and he acted out of self-defense – was not pleasant at all. So when it came to the situation where Bodacious, unwillingly, had to hit Pluto back, he was far from being amused of it. Of course, the battle was indeed interesting. The girl was now fending off Anies who tried to bind her in place with an amazing speed, and the flexibility and fluidity of her movements were simply astonishing. The way she moved was… inhuman.

Dodging the stab that missed his right eye by an inch, Bodacious grabbed Pluto’s arm and threw her into the nearest wall without using his full power. If someone can withstand up to three ton, trust me, he or she is very strong. To his relief – or not – Bodacious learned that this girl he was “evaluating” was capable of surviving hence her occasional sparring with her partner. She turned gracefully in air, touching the wall with all fours, and leaped back at him using the wall as her footing. A light dent formed on the metal wall. Without giving Bodacious or Anies time to react, Pluto slammed into the man, taking him by surprise. Anies was not pleased of how the girl tackled her master on to the floor with an embrace. The girl giggled, feeling her unease.

“Right, because I am so delicate being called ‘women’,” the black-haired girl rolled her eyes at the young cowboy, “you refuse to be serious. In addition, you think I am too young.” Pluto stood up as she brushed herself free of dust.

“You a mind reader, missy?”
“I said I am done with questions, but whatever. The answer is no, unfortunately.”

She sidestepped Anies’ attack without looking, and indifferently walked away from them. Pluto intently watched the duo after she gained some distance, and put on a wicked grin. She tapped her temple with her index finger.

“My ability is “truth”, younglings. The every knowledge of this twisted world is mine.” A black long mist started to form in her hand, which soon solidified into a medium-length sword. A large sapphire gleamed on the pommel, giving a mystifying contrast of black and blue. Pluto put away her dagger back to its spot, and held the sword in her hand like a pool cue. The sword clearly lacked the blade. She studied Bodacious standing back up with sharp eyes, and carelessly let go of the tip of the sword and dug it into the metal floor. With an unpleasant screech, the blade wedged itself into the crack. Satisfied, Pluto leaned on it and crossed her legs.

“Every thoughts, plans, theories, secrets—they are all in here,” she playfully motioned to her head. “So don’t bother trying to talk with your telepathy or, ah, keep Samiel within yourself. That poor little arch angel needs a fresh air once in a while, hmm?” Bodacious shifted uncomfortably in his place. Responding to his name, Samiel urged to come out, but the cowboy constrained him, shutting him up for his foul thoughts. Pluto giggled again.

‘Master, do not be disturbed by what the girl says. She could have read your profile beforehand.’

“Not likely, Anies. I came into this building just about two hours ago, wasting my time on registration before I came to Arena 9,” Pluto stuck her tongue out at the enchanted lasso, answering to her thoughts without hesitation. Standing up straight, she plucked her obsidian estoc from the ground and posed for another clash. “So will you fight me genuinely, Bodacious? Because you are not doing a good job of “evaluating” me. I would ask my son to set up some illusions to make things easier but… nah, too troublesome.”

Bodacious scratched his beard. “Wait, you have a son?”

“More than one, but there is only one illusionist among them,” Pluto shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing. But when Bodacious kept staring at her in disbelief, the girl eased from her position and let out a big, annoyed sigh. “Why are you humans so single-minded? No, don’t answer. I already know why, and Cathory gets a punch line for that. Forget it!” Her speech became faster, drowning deep into a humourless monotone. A hint of accent she had was prominent by now, lingering on A’s, O’s and T’s while R’s stretched on. She dragged the sword along the floor as she stomped across the room towards the young man. She pointed the sword at his face, and when Anies tried to constrict her, she fended her off saying, “No, your dear hubby won’t get hurt right now, although I plan to do so soon.”

“I am much older than Anies, and she is thousand years old. Even if so, I am a single lady and all of them are adopted. Duh, obviously I did not give birth to one hundred and twenty-five kids! My uterus would rip apart if I attempted that,” there was a mischievous grin spread across her face, making Bodacious and Anies hard to determine whether she was angry or amused. Well, if she was not delighted, her giant, pointy, black awl did not look promising in his face.

“Let’s stop this nonsense, shall we? You may draw out your full potential. It’s not like I am a wimpy little girl who runs crying for her mom.” With that, Pluto unexpectedly delivered a blow to the side of his head with her sword. Bodacious staggered, hit by an unexpected force, but gained balance soon enough to twist his body away from a deadly stab.

‘All’s cool, Anies. Just focus on capturing her.’

Thank god, he did not feel any sign of concussion or fatigue. Anies slithered her way as if to viciously decapitate Pluto, but the girl danced away and around without even bothering to look where the golden lasso was. When Anies thought she caught her in her loop, the black-eyed girl skidded away, only to attack her beloved master with another blow. The assault, aimed towards his leg, poked through the cowboy’s jeans, leaving a decent sized hole in it. If Bodacious hadn’t stepped out of its way, his lower leg might have taken some damage. He gulped at how close it had been, and decided that he was done playing defensive.

Bodacious grabbed his ten-gallon hat while Pluto pulled her arm back, and grabbed the body of sword at the same time she took another stab at him. The obsidian sword could not puncture through the hat, causing Pluto to stop dead in the middle of her lethal blow. The girl yanked at her estoc out of instinct, but his grip was too tight to let go. When the girl did not let go of the handle, the cowboy drew his pistol and emptied the gun at Pluto. Despite the short range, only one bullet out of five managed to impale her shoulder. Her left shoulder was starting to bleed, dying her white hoodie into sickening red. Pluto tumbled back thanks to the impact, and her black sword dissolved into a mist when she dropped it, gritting her teeth in pain.


Anies took his sign and coiled around Pluto tightly, holding her immobile.

“What’cha gonna do now, missy? Got any more tricks up your sleeve?”

“Up my sleeve? Ha, not really.” Pluto panted, the wound seriously getting on her nerves. Corners of her mouth twitched unnaturally as if she was about to burst into a fit of laughter. She reached for her fallen glasses, but winced when a pain shot through her arm. The bullet was still embedded in her shoulder, grinding against her bones. She gasped and kneeled on the arena floor, a low growl rippling from her throat. Bodacious rushed for the aid, but Pluto gingerly waved him off with her good arm.

“Hey, missy—you alright?”

“Oh, it’s better than your arm actually falling off. No worries.” With that, Pluto reached for her punctured shoulder and yanked the bullet out with her bare hands. The sight made Bodacious and Anies both cringe, but the girl did not care. Tossing the bullet onto the flooring, Pluto licked the blood off her thumb and smudged the rest on her jeans. Now there was a handprint stamped on it.

“But I do have some trick left.”

When Bodacious met her eyes, they were turning black, with deep blue irises.

Sensing danger, the cowboy called out for assistance with his mind towards his winged friends, but every one of them refused to comply; even the bravest eagles and hawks were reluctant to come – no, there was something more than that: Fear. Of what, he asked. And the response came back with a flutter of thoughts. A dragon.

“You thought a single rope would be enough to bind me.” Pluto’s incisors gleamed in the spotlight, getting sharper every second. Black scales were sprouting on her forearm, her thin fingers curling into vicious talons. A tail grew out of her jeans, slamming against the metal, and black, large wings sprouted out of her back. There was odd maroon colored markings crawling up her skin like multiple stems of vines. Both stunned and fascinated, Bodacious backed away from her figure. Well… he always did have something for dragons. Anies slapped the poor cowboy back to reality.

‘Ouch! What was that for?’

“Heh, lovebirds. Always interesting to see them fight.” A chortled laugh escaped through Pluto’s lips. Still bound in place, the girl sneered at the cowboy, “Fifteen minutes. Start.” A blue hole opened underneath her and Pluto fell through, pressuring Anies to release her and scamper back up to the surface. The hole disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, and Pluto was nowhere to be seen. Bodacious got hold of his lasso and spun around, looking for her. The only remains of her were a trail of blood and the blinking gem that was still floating around them harmlessly.

‘Where did she go?’
‘I do not know, master.’
‘That dragon kid used the portal, idiots!’
‘Portals? So lil’ missy had some tricks up her sleeve.’
‘Is it time to discuss that now?’

“Sadly, no.” A voice interrupted from the above, and they were caught by surprise when Pluto lifted Bodacious with her talons, and swept by with an amazing speed. She dropped Bodacious into the nearby wall and flew back into the sky, disappearing into a blue portal. The next attack came from the wall; if Bodacious hadn’t pulled his hat down to cover his face, his face would have been deformed. Instead, the talon found its way across the man’s arm, tearing through the muscle. The cowboy howled in pain, but was soon muted when the pain was gone along with the feeling to his left arm. He tried to flex his biceps, but it refused to budge.

“Ugh, her claws… they are poisonous.”

Pluto shot out from under him, knocking him backward into the wall. She fixed her glasses with her palm, evidently satisfied. Her black wings flapped in large, strong beats, casting a giant shadow on the ground. Bodacious was great with hand-to-hand fight for sure, but Pluto’s agility exceeded him. Unable to use his one arm, the cowboy had to have support from Anies, who coiled around his arm and moved in his place. Sometimes she tried to bind the dragonoid’s wings, or lashed out at her like a whip with a loud snapping noise. Her efforts seemed to be rewarded when she managed to tighten around Pluto’s left arm.

‘I caught you!’
“Is it me that has been caught or you that have been tangled into a mess?”

The black dragonoid grabbed Anies’ body with her right paw and spun her around with Bodacious still hanging on the other end. The centrifugal force and the fully-grown man’s weight proved to be quite hard to oppose, leaving Anies helpless, and reading her strain, Pluto ripped Anies off her arm and released them straight into the other wall. Another dent formed on the metal wall.

‘Master, look out!’
“Huh? Whoa!”

As soon as Bodacious ducked, Pluto’s claws dug into the metal wall horizontally, cutting through it like butter. He took the chance to deliver a kick to the girl’s solar plexus with full power, causing the dragonoid to be airborne for a split second and sink into the other side of the wall. A single trail of blood trickled down her face, but otherwise she seemed fine. Pluto indifferently spat on the floor.

“That was more like it. Nine minutes.”

Purring in a feline manner, Pluto pounced on him, yet again. On purpose or not, Bodacious had unleashed his ‘boost’ with some help of Samiel, resting deep within his soul. As Pluto’s mysterious countdown went on, Bodacious was now focused on the battle itself. It was good to have epinephrine pump into his bloodstream, giving him a sensation of exhilaration. Maybe it was the wound on his shoulder that triggered the hormones into effect. Anyhow, Bodacious was getting his good battle that he was promised.

But still, the odds were against him, for not only speed but also the strength of the dragonoid was enhanced. He needed a better plan: a one that he could baffle Pluto. He had figured by now that although Pluto “knew” everything, there were some attacks that she could not avoid. All Bodacious needed to do is find that blind spot and strike. He just needed that one moment when the dragonoid could not dodge his attack. His mind raced through the possibilities and strategies while he defended himself from Pluto’s toxic claws. There were scratches and scars all over the room by now. Bodacious did have a power to withstand a full-grown elephant…

A dim light bulb sparked to life.

Bodacious worked through his plan quickly and came to the conclusion that it was worth a try, with a little help from his animal friends. Since his avian friends wouldn’t dare to confront the beast in front of him, he tried the best to compromise them into the situation where they could help him without directly attacking Pluto. After a minute of plea, they soon agreed to help him, and soon, hundreds of birds swooped down into the room, flutter of wings filling the arena, surrounding Pluto. While they were at it, Anies read his mind and mixed in with the birds, and Bodacious grabbed the part of flooring and ripped it up from its place, producing several large chunks of metal, each weighing two thousand pounds.

‘Ready, Anies?’
‘Always, Master.’
‘Now, everyone fly up!’

On his cue, every birds – pigeons, jays, crows, sparrows, hawks, and even eagles – abandoned the arena, leaving Pluto bound tightly in Anies’ hard grip, her proud black wings pinned to her back. Anies had anchored tightly into the ground, preventing the black-scaled dragon from running away. Bodacious hurled the metal slabs towards her, and Anies got out of the way just before she was buried under the metal tomb. It looked almost grotesque with thick building wires sticking out, but at least it became quiet after all the dust and feathers subsided.

‘Is—is it over?’
‘Asks the southern gentleman. Oh, wait! You beat up the little girl.’
‘Watch your mouth, Samiel. Master had no choice.’
“I knew that. If he had bad intensions, I would have skinned him and make him walk on needles the first hour I saw him. But—just so you guys know, fifteen seconds to go!”

A black blur whizzed past Anies, knocking into Bodacious with astounding speed. His hat, fallen off his head, danced to the ground like a petal. A pain shot through him for a brief second, and once again, the cowboy was pinned to the floor with the black-eyed girl sitting on top of him. Pluto was back to her human form, and her clothes were all torn, blood-stained, and feathered, but it did not cease to stop the wide smile on her face. A sleek dagger was at his throat, pressed along his jawline. He tried to move his limbs in protest, but to his surprise, they were all numb. Bodacious caught a glimpse of long gashes on his arms and legs in the corner of his eyes. When did he even get those?

“I win.”
“Oof, you are good, missy. But I saw you get hit by the chunks and Anies even saw it up close..."
"The portal. You forgot. I created the portal just before I was a goner, and to answer the other question in your mind, those fifteen seconds were enough to intoxicate you with my poison. You see, I do enjoy tearing people apart.”
“Lil’ missy with fiery temper, I like it.”
“Say that to Anies, and you will be hogtied upside-down.”
“Ha-ha! Ouch… That’s true.”

Pluto stood up, swaying a little from exhaustion. He hadn’t noticed when she was on top of him, but a long piece of steel reinforcement was prodding out of her left thigh. Clumps of blood and skin were entangled to it, making the wound look uglier. The way Pluto walked suggested that her femur was snapped from the impact, only supported by the projection itself.

‘Boy, that girl has a high pain tolerance.’ Bodacious thought, calling for his lasso for help. Anies immediately slithered to cowboy’s side for help, clearly unpleased. She coiled around Bodacious’ body, propping him up.

Meanwhile, Pluto retrieved the gem that managed to survive the destruction and slid it back into her pocket. A blue portal opened in front of her, swirling in mystic colors of sea and sky.

“Hey, where are you going? You need to get that thing removed!”
“I am going to pester my own healer dragon. You are not invited though.”

“Oh, okay.” Bodacious blinked. He was half expecting Pluto to show her home, his interest more focused on her "kids", but it seemed that the girl was a step ahead of him. Pluto twirled in her spot and gave him another wicked grin.

"That healer is hemophobic, by the way."
"What? Then why would you--?"
“Hehe, forget what I said. It is fun to watch some girls screaming like a maniac once in a while. Oi, as for being your friend, I’ll postpone it until the result comes up. Don’t give me that face and get used to miss know-it-all. You thought about befriending me, just like you did with—what’s his face? Oh, Sebastian and some other gladiators you battled. But I need to ponder on this one for a while, so give me some time to get the results. If you win, I will be your friend no matter what the circumstances, but when I win… You’ll see.”

“You already won—oh. This was supposed to be your evaluation, wasn’t it?” Bodacious stopped himself, realization kicking back to his mind: he wasn’t actually battling her. Their fight sure was good enough to forget about that. By the way, why wasn’t Brandon here to pick them up?

After a long pause, Pluto gave another one of her twisted grins.

“Just for a heads-up, my artifact from earlier hacked into the security and broadcasting branch, meaning my “evaluation” was validated as an actual battle, and it had been aired throughout this city. I submitted my demonstration anyways, so it would only be fair if this was an actual fight. So, yeah, that was our fight and I won, possibly.”
“You-- what?!”

Pluto shrugged, but said nothing. Instead, she jumped into the portal and disappeared, leaving Bodacious with loads of questions and confusion. When Brandon finally came to the arena to announce that there was the breach in the system and Pluto’s evaluation had been changed into the battle, the battered cowboy just nodded along, and was soon transported to the hospital branch. He wasn’t sure what to say about that girl anyways, and Anies and Samiel could not agree more on that.

Oh, and... I was going to add this piece to my battle, but since it is irrelevant, I decided to add it on the side.
Something fun to read, with no pressure. Enjoy.
This is NOT part of the battle. It does not count.

*me, the writer is referred to as L.

Attempt #1
(Writer Lounge Reception, RHG Headquarters)
Pluto and Brandon the receptionist are arguing.

Pluto: You should learn how to ask proper questions, Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich.
(Pluto bursts into laughter)
Brandon: That is… not your line. And MY NAME IS NOT BLT SANDWICH!!!
L: Cut! Pluto… You just made that up, didn’t you?
Brandon: L, why on earth did you name me Brandon Larry Thompson?!
L: Sorry… I was… hungry when I wrote that.
Pluto: Specifically thinking about McDxxxxx’s, but that’s strange; you don’t eat BLT sandwich.
L: It just sprang to my mind. No comment.
Pluto: Aww… little L is having a p…

Attempt #2

Pluto: You should learn how to ask proper questions, Brandon Larry Thompson. Oh and by the way, do your friends ever call you BLT sandwich?
Brandon: You…
(Several staff rushes in to stop Brandon from punching Pluto)
L: Really? That was necessary?
Pluto: I can enjoy myself a little, hmm?
L: … (facepalm)

Attempt #3
(Writer Lounge Reception, RHG Headquarters)
Bodacious enters the building while Pluto is registering.

Brandon: Anyways, we need to evaluate you, and I think we just got our man to do that for us; Hiya there, Bodacious!
(Bodacious enters)
Anies: Master!!! (Tackles Bodacious to the floor)
Bodacious: Huh? Ouch! Anies! (Hugs her tightly)
L: Cut! Anies… You weren’t supposed to enter yet.
Anies: Oh, my bad. Sorry L.

Attempt #4
(Arena 9, RHG Headquarters)
Bodacious enters and Brandon exits hurriedly.

(Pluto dismisses Brandon with a flick of her hand, and he exits, the twelve inch metal door sliding close behind him)
Bodacious: Hi there lil’ missy, hope I…
Brandon: Somebody help!! I am stuck! (Bangs on the door)
L: Oops, technical difficulties. Turn the camera off!

Attempt #5
(Arena 9, RHG Headquarters)
Pluto rushes into attack Bodacious’ throat.

Pluto: You promised your buddy that you will protect him. But I know that you and I are both “itching for a good fight”, meaning you need to fight according to your old reasons. Now, start! (Pounces on Bodacious)
Bodacious: (Forgot to get out of her way, and tumbles to the ground) Oof, today is not my day, is it?
Pluto: Nope. (Laughs)
Anies: Get off, sister.
Pluto: Oh, my bad. (Snickers and gets off)
L: Bodacious, good to see that you have reunited with your girlfriend, but you really need to get serious. Pluto will bite your head off if you don’t finish your part well.
Bodacious: (Gulps)

Attempt #6
(Arena 9, RHG Headquarters)
Pluto is ranting on about her age.

Pluto: I am much older than Anies, and she is thousand years old. Even if so, I am a single lady… (Pauses, thinking about something) All the single ladies, all the single ladies-- all the single ladies, all the single ladies— whoa-oh oh-ohoh oh-ohoh oh-ohohoh—(Singing and dancing to Single Ladies by Beyonce)
Bodacious: …Lil’ missy’s got an interesting personality.
L: (facepalm)

Attempt #7
(Arena 9, RHG Headquarters)
After grabbing hold of Pluto, Bodacious questions her.

Bodacious: Whatcha gonna do now, missy? Got any more tricks up your sleeve?
Pluto: Up my sleeve? Yup. (Pluto shakes her hoodie sleeve, and two decks of cards, a handful of paper flowers, a bag of rubber bands, handful of coins, a long stick and a single white pad falls out) Ta-da!
Bodacious: (Scratches his head) O…kay?
Pluto: (Laughs) Hey L, do you need this pad? I am willing to share. (Picks it up)
(Staffs are dragging L back to her director’s seat)

Attempt #8
(Arena 9, RHG Headquarters)
Bodacious carries out his plan to take Pluto by surprise.

Bodacious: Ready, Anies?
Anies: Always, Master.
Bodacious: Now, everyone fly up!
(Birds fly up to the sky, leaving Pluto and Anies below)
Pluto: (Three yellow feathers are sticking out of her mouth)
L: Wait, cut! Pluto, don’t tell me you ate one of the…
Pluto: (Spits the feathers out) A canary?
L: Eww…
Pluto: Joking. She just happened to run into my mouth. Did not eat her. (Sticks her tongue out)

Attempt #9
(Arena 9, RHG Headquarters)
Pluto has won the battle, but is severely wounded.

Pluto: Nononononono, L, I am not walking around with that stick sticking out of my leg. I like it the way it is! (Pouts, runs away)
L: And now you are acting like a child. Come on, just one short pain and you will be fine. (Eyes gleaming)
Bodacious: So… is Pluto the sadistic one or is L the sadistic one?
Anies: I bet on both.

04-11-2013, 07:13 PM
I really liked both stories to be quite honest. The one thing that won Pluto a vote from me was the way she portrayed everything. She gave Bod. a perfect western style, and kept the funny almost child-like disposition of her own character. Bod.: You did great too for a first write since being back, and you portrayed the characters well too. It just seems that there was more of a description with Pluto's, and yours seemed to go right into things without much leading into it (really liked the flowery welcome though).
It was hard for me to decide, but as I previously said, Pluto won my vote.

(Loved the bloopers by the way, especially #8)

cowboy bodacious
04-12-2013, 05:19 PM
OK I'm not afraid to admit that Pluto kicked my ass. great story Pluto.

04-12-2013, 05:38 PM
Just because you get your ass kicked in votes (no offense) doesn't mean your story was bad. In fact, I rather liked your story. Pluto just has a better way of portraying certain things and adding in unnecessary details that actually build up a storyline. (Though the flower thing, I thought it was really well used)

So I say good job CB. :)

cowboy bodacious
04-12-2013, 05:44 PM
Thanks, I will take it as a consolation, lol. In any case its been a little over 2 months since I wrote seriously and I went against one of the best newbies in WRHGs. So I am happy with my work and very pleased with how Pluto portrayed my western attitude, and admittedly I am going to pick up a few techniques from her.

04-12-2013, 09:46 PM
I actually think Pluto won because of detail.Cowboys bodacious is great writer, both of you are.I have read many many books, and you guys write like professionals.
I dont think Cowboy bodacious got his but beat at all.tbh, it was really really close for me.

Im proud of you guys.

04-13-2013, 02:26 AM
Body did too well, after being back. He earns my vote.

Bladed Fire
04-14-2013, 08:24 AM
... Body. Anyways nice writing Pluto you got my vote.

cowboy bodacious
04-15-2013, 04:03 AM
Yall do realize Pluto is a girl right?

04-15-2013, 06:11 AM
I bet anyone voted Pluto because they're his friends. Nah just kidding.


Epic fail XD pluto isnt a male lethal

04-15-2013, 10:48 AM
Yep, this is she alright XD

Anyone up for CnC? I kinda need it at this point...
My parents never approved me of writing,
so I never got it looked over at by someone else.

04-15-2013, 06:30 PM
I'm just going to abstain from voting on this... Haha. Both stories were great so it's hard for me to choose ^^"

And Pluto: Don't worry, we accept your writing here, ya cray little writer ;)

Boda: Great job for just coming out of basic! I must say dear fellow ...Ouo (<--- Thats a monocle by the way...)