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04-27-2013, 12:27 AM
Hello again i recently sent an email about price update on order, BUT do now worry I am not here for that any more. This email is simply creativity on alterations between chaos and order.

1. an idea to improve is for the miners as we no the order and chaos miners r the same except for errr how do i say it how about appearance and the fact of miner tower vs miner wall , NOW MY IDEA is to make slight alterations in miners because chaos has an ENSLAVED MINERS bound by magic i think it should be faster at gathering mana and gold as well as have more attack power(and attack rate) BUT in EXCHANGE it will have LESS hp/defense than the order miner and less moving speed. Then the order miner is revere MORE speed and hp but less gather rate and damage(as well as attack rate) as magic is not aiding it but it is not enslaved there for representing health.

2. I am not exactly sure about this idea because of the fact that i may have not noticed its simple though juggerknight from chaos has more hp and attack damage, But the order sperton has more movement speed and attack rate that it simple i might have not noticed if this or something similar has happening as i don't like these 2 type of units much.

3.This idea has less to do with the personality of the factions and more on just opinion i just think the cost for ... i believe its marrowkai is a bit high in comparison with meric I simply believe the cost should be lowered by maybe 25 or 50 gold.

4.This idea is about pop(or population) i simply believe that chaos should have maybe 5 or 10 more pop cap than order to show power in numbers(this is what I believe chaos is about where as order is more 1 man army if u will, i am not sure if this was your intention but I believe that is it)HOWEVER I don't fully approve this idea myself because i don't know what to give order in return that is similar.

Emoji Thank you for your time this email is supposed to inflict the personality of the 2 sides more than opinion.Goodbye again my user name on stick empires is gam35 I wish you a good day i hope u make these ideas come true.(by the way im trying to be...formal with you as in good eerr language skills/1st impression)


Hello... possibly stick page i just though i should give you some opinion on stick empires , i believe that ever since the cost of archidons and sword wrath has gone down order has gained a extreme advantage over chaos. Now i no i have no authority to question you after all you are the makers of the game but opinion counts, now as i see it order vs chaos its always been a 50/50% chance of win/lose for either side the only reason it would change is if one of the players had a good or bad strategy against or with 1 of the 2 sides (order and chaos) making it about 60/50% chance of win/lose, but after the cost went down the chances have been more of a 70/30% or 80/20% chance (the higher number is chance chaos will lose and order will win). An example it takes about 2 crawlers 2 defeat a sword wrath crawlers cost 100 gold but a sword wrath cost 150 gold there for 2 crawlers=200 but the extra 50 gold is worth it because crawlers are faster and regenerate (like all chaos units) but now the crawler and sword wrath cost is both 100 making it unfair 2 chaos. My 2nd and last example archidons cost 350gold and deads coost 300gold and 100 mana the archidons r already cheaper but what makes them even and equal is that deads r supposedly a bit better due to their poison ability and that the supposed 2 have a longer range where archidons do more damage there for the extra 50 is worth it (in mana not gold) This concludes my opinion on the price change thank you for your time.

by my player name gam35 i hope this helped and u will see it my way.[solution 2 problem is to (obviously) lower prices for chaos crawlers and deads or revert to original price for order]good bye.

ehheeh XD i did it again by the way this uh thread i guess is just for ideas on the game about balancing order and chaos duh lols