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06-08-2008, 06:42 PM
Once apon a time, there was a average emo guy named Donavan. Donavan was very lonely and was always depressed. Depressed from the kids inside school, and constant troubles lying in his home. These 'troubles' being so embarrassing, that I refuse to present them in this writing.

Donavan, waking up each day, rising from his torn bed covers with grief. Walking as if he was a zombie, with no meaning in life at all. Wishing that someone passed him a loaded gun already, to blow away his sadness forever. Donavan forgotton the good days of his past, being a young innocent child. He only looked forward to the pain, and sorrow of his days.

But then, all of a sudden something magical happened. Donavan found himself staring at this beautiful gal. Staring into her eyes as if they were black holes sucking him in. Everytime Donavan tried to look away, the more he stared. This girl's smile made Donavan literally lose track of time. Such a beautiful sight it was. This sight, a girl named Luiza, who quickly gave him the disease. A disease of love. Donavan's legs felt numb and wobbly like speghetti. Butterflies filled his stomach. So much, that Donavan felt sick to his stomach, about to throw up. Luiza passing by to her classes; Donavan felt like saying "Hi." Or anything at all! All that same out was speechless air pushing out, as if he was trying to give up words.

Some time later, Donavan goes on his friend's myspace, trying to find a certain somebody to add. To a surprise, he instead found another familiar face. That girl, and he quickly found out her name. As the stalker he was, Donavan quickly sent the girl Luiza, a friend request. Quickly, to Donavan's astonishment, Luiza has accpeted his friend request. Also sending a comment to Donavan's profile.

"Hey, Do I know you?" said the comment.

Quickly, I replied just as anyone would. "No, you don't. My name is Donavan."

Luiza - "Oh, what school do you go to?"
Donavan - "I go to Forest Grove Middle School."
Luiza - "Oh for real? I go there too! I think I've seen you around there. What classes do you have?"
Donavan - "I'm on the panther team.. I also go to business, you know..the computers class with Mr. Mathews?"
Luiza - "You do? What period do you have him?"
Donavan - "I got him 6th period, you?"
Luiza - "o_O Me too?!?? Where do you sit?"
Donavan - "For real? Holy shit! I never knew that.. I sit right next to my friend David right beside Mr. Mathew's desk."
Luiza - "O_o I sit near Mr.Mathews too...."
Donavan - "For reals? Where?"
Luiza - "I don't wanna tell you!"
Donavan - "Why? Your shy? =)"
Luiza - "Kinda.. =("
Donavan - "Come on! Please tell me?"
Luiza - "I sit behind you =("
Donavan - "Cool! I'm going to say hi tomorrow. Hehehe"
Luiza - "No!!!!!1!1 Please don't. I'll be shy =("
Donavan - "Hehe, too late.. Going to say hi!"

And so on, comes tomorrow.. Donavan waits anxiously for his sixth period class. Butterflies stirring up in the pit of his stomach, he waits. Slowly, after each period passes, Donavan chokes on more butterflies.

Sixth period comes, Donavan goes up to where he normally sits. Walking ever-so-slowly.. Checking his back all paranoid-like. Donavan then, sits down, and turns his shoulder to check behind him. There's no Luiza. Donavan then blows out a sigh of relief. But then, all of a sudden, he sees Luiza walk by to sit behind Donavan. Donavan's heart sinks.

Whats going on in Donavan's head:

"What the ****! I thought that I wouldn't be shy! She's shy too, so why am I? What am I going to do? Why am I not shy talking on friggen myspace, but then, when it comes to the face-to-face crap, I'm shy.. I hope she dopesn't think I'm retarded or something. What am I going to do?"

Then, out of sheer clumsyness, Donavan walks up to Luiza like the fool that he is, and simply says "Hi". A stupid little "Hi" Donavan says, and then walks all the way back to his seat. Donavan feels even more ridiculous now, and wants to redeem himself. Donavan goes up a second time, but freezes up once again. Donavan manages to look at Luiza's screen and notice that she's chatting to her friend. Her friend that is right beside her..

Donavan - "What's that your typing on?"
Luiza - "...Ebuddy..."
Donavan - "Oh, I never heard of that.. What site is that on, so we can talk"

Donavan thinks that he may escape his shyness by simply writing out his words, instead of talking out the words. Luiza simply just points to the web browser showing Donavan the site..

Donavan - "Oh, thanks."
Luiza - "Your welcome, I think.."

Donavan slowly walks up to his desk, anxious to start chatting to her. His legs are practically numb and feel as if they're about to fall off. Slowly, Donavan managed to reach his desk. Typing in the website, and entering the chatting service. But then, Donavan finds trouble.


-Because my hand is hurting from typing too much. And my head is hurting from trying to recall so much information at once-

06-08-2008, 11:43 PM
this looks pretty nice. good job on it so far.

06-09-2008, 06:23 AM
awww hope the ending is good for you.

06-09-2008, 06:34 AM
Sounds like a kids story, the way it's presented.
"Once upon a time".. Etc.
Some minor grammar errors and shit, but I'm just guessing this isn't really try-hard work. So, you're just keeping it simple, yeah?

Anyway, continue it quickly. >:c

06-09-2008, 07:04 AM
Hurry up and finish!

You've hooked me!

06-10-2008, 06:20 PM
SPOILER: He's Donavan.

06-10-2008, 06:25 PM
You bitch!

BTW, I forgot all about this story.. Lemme finish it up.. But first, gotta tend to some other business.. =/

06-10-2008, 07:23 PM
SPOILER: He's Donavan.

awww hope the ending is good for you.

just clarifying that i already knew that :p