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06-10-2008, 01:01 AM

Ok,I decided to pospone my spartan animation and do some tests till I reach inter.I made a ball anim then I forgot to remove the floor.Was feeling lazy so I just added the effect.My 3rd ball anim and my first time trying slow motion effects.

CC and CC lawl

EDIT:Um,this is also a easing/smoothing/spacing anim

.:Twisted Symphony:.
06-10-2008, 01:34 AM
The easing was pretty good, I didn't really see any slo-mo-fo-sho.
it seemed that it was a super light object with a lot of force.
Doesn't seem quite right /: .

06-10-2008, 03:13 AM
Lawl no it did its kinda matrix thing pretend it was a slow motion thing thats what I was doing.Hm,Moar comments?

06-10-2008, 08:38 AM
i like it easing and spacing were nice, but like twisted said physics are not that great with a light object with a load of force

06-10-2008, 08:40 AM
To be honest it looks nothing like a matrix style slo- mo. That would involve much more than an easing of a simple ball.
The easing was good, but it looked weird as you moved it closer to the line.
Pretty good, but now use the easing in animations such as general movements etc.

06-10-2008, 01:08 PM
Wahaha !

It look realy funny :D
I like it :)

06-10-2008, 02:07 PM
i didnt really like it. maybe read a few general pysics tuts, and try a normal bounce first? i didn't like it because it looked nothing like slow motion imo, and it bounced off too high, and at a weird angle. but you got the easing down well.

06-15-2008, 11:38 AM
That does not look slow motiony. Just add the bullet trail behind the ball. And SLOW IT DOWN!!

06-15-2008, 01:11 PM
wtf is this?