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Rochedan's story (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9ClkepoTIpkTWRzc1JDYkZzZ00/edit)
“Yes, I accept to work for the RHG corporation’s elite team”, Luther said, it was a tough decision, one that would change a lot. Luther was standing in the Operators room. The Operator sat in a big red chair not facing Luther. He replied, it sounded monotone: “Good, now go to sleep, tomorrow will be a ---- great day”.


Luther woke up with a shock. Something important had woke him. Vaguely he recalled something from his dream. A short woman kneeling next to Luther. He still remembered her eyes. They were not looking at Luther’s forehead, at his mark. Instead they were pointed somewhere far over the horizon. It caused an intense feeling of sadness that simultaneously made him smile like a madman.

“Still having nightmares Luther? “, a high pithed voice rasped in the darkness of Luther’s cabin.

Quickly Luther turned on the small lamp standing beside his bed. He didn’t have to reach far since the button was next to his pillow. The light shattered across the room, only to reveal an empty wooden cabin with simple furniture. “Who is there, what are you doing inside my cabin!” Luther shouted furiously. Surprisingly, nobody answered his shout.

This sentence often filled his dreams: Still having nightmares Luther?
It was the first time he experienced the voice to be so real. He swore he could almost feel the air shiver around him as the voice spoke. Ever since he merged with the Roch, Luther had been having nightmares where in the end somebody would ask him this exact question. Enraged by his own lack of sanity, Luther rubbed the sleep from his eyes and decided to go for a quick sip from the bathroom’s sink.

Before Luther opened the door, he noticed a glow coming from underneath the door. It flickered white. Luther swore he didn’t leave any lamp glowing, he always checked twice before going to bed. Maybe out of caution, maybe out of fear because of the previous events, Luther slowly opened the bathroom door.
He couldn’t believe his eyes. Was he still asleep? Having a nightmare?

In the centre of the bathroom something was floating mid-air. It looked as if the air was tore, a tear towards a new area. The edges of the tear shone bright, Luther had to squeeze his eyes in order adapt to the sudden transmission from the darkness. Luther just stood there, completely unable to move, afraid to disturb the absurdity. As his eyes adapted to the brightness the centre of the absurdity began to sharpen. The area inside began to show itself. An open field, covered in goldyellow grass. Luther could vaguely see an individual standing towards him, though he did not know if the individual was pointed towards him or towards the enormous majestic oak tree that stood in front of the individual.

As if something pushed Luther he fell towards the absurdity. Luther tried to stop himself from smashing against the absurdity with his hands. In reflex he closed his eyes simultaneously. Where his hands were supposed to touch the absurdity, he only felt cold air, then grass.
The smell of fresh grass filled Luther’s nose, a soft breeze stroke through his hairs.
Quickly Luther stood up and again, and was astonished by what just had happened. He actually fell through the absurdity and now stood in the open field. The yellow grass tingled between his bare feet. A shiver ran through Luther, he realized he was only wearing his combat trousers.
Everything looked and felt so real. “This is no dream” Luther mumbled to himself.

The individual still stood in front of Luther. Now recognized by Luther as a woman, standing with her back towards Luther. Her long black hairs reached her hips. As a black wave with a brownish glow it waved with the air. The woman was watching several silhouettes that lay underneath the big oak tree. Some missed limbs, some were beheaded, from each head seemed to emerge light, some blue, some white, some red. A strong feeling of recognition hit Luther and he couldn´t help but question himself if he´d seen the woman before. Hell, he even though he recognized the tree with the multiple bodies.

Slowly Luther started walking towards the woman. His bare feet mumbled the sound of his steps.
Just a few meters behind the woman Luther stopped. He could now see the woman’s figure. She was slim, but Luther recognized by the way she held her back straight she was a fighter. Just when Luther was about to say something the woman turned around. Luther held his breath.

“Luther”, the woman spoke with a glimpse of sadness, “Time to make a choice”.
The woman turned around and revealed her face. Her facial expression stood fierce, but her eyes told different. Luther could see a tear running on her cheek. Suddenly in the glimpse of a second, her skin transformed to scales. Wings appeared behind her. Her eyes no longer stood sad, they now transformed into eyes that looked similar to cats eyes, but there was something odd about them. She spoke again, this time her voice seemed much lower and it trembled the air as she spoke: “Will the circle be unbroken”.

In the glimpse of an eye the woman suddenly charged at Luther. Her lower arms showed vicious spikes coming out of her skin ready to stab Luther. Barely able to even lift his arms to deflect the attack, the pikes pierced Luther’s bare chest. His feet lost grip on the ground, a flash, Luther got smacked against the ground. Luther looked at his chest, two spikes were dug deep into his skin.

Luther barely managed to stand up again. His chest had lost all feeling and his arms started to get heavy. “I don’t understand!”, he shouted while he charged back at the woman. The woman, who just lost parts of her body, the pikes. Was looking at gaping holes coming from her arm. Her wings seemed to shrink and her eyes stood normal again.

"You can’t win this Luther, even if you do, I will stop you eventually, for the greater good”.
With limb arms Luther body slammed the woman, she saw it coming, and do to his limb arms the slam wasn’t all that powerful.
Luther watched as the woman struggled to maintain her balance, but somehow she was able to maintain it and she pointed her hand at Luther, who was not two meters in front of her. Some sort of substance filled her hands and transformed into a vicious sabre. Almost one meter long the sabre looked as if it could pierce anything, even Luther’s skin.
Luther knew this was a fight he couldn’t win, he had no focus, his mind was starting to blur due to the pikes sticking in his chest. All he could do, was run.

Quickly Luther turned around and started running back towards the “portal” which still floated midair in the middle of the field. He did not hear the woman following him, but why?
While maintaining his pace Luther watched over his back to see if the woman was actually not following him. He was right, she just stood there, facing the tree once again.

A sharp pain hit Luther’s chest as he ran into the sabre of the woman. The cold feeling of metal pierced him. The sabre was held by the exact same woman. “There was a chance you might do this” she said calm. She pushed Luther backwards and let go of her sabre. The sabre vanished, only leaving a small black dust which flew away on the wind. Luther’s legs were not able to withstand even this small push and he fell backwards. The soft grass tingled in against his back as he smacked against the ground.

Minutes past. The woman kneeled next to him. Her face directed to the pikes, Luther wasn’t able to see her face. He tried to get up, but wasn’t able to move even an inch.

“I’m sure you wonder why, they all do”, the woman spoke. “Now, do you remember why you are here Luther? Be so friendly to listen carefully now”.

Luther’s head felt like it was going to burst at any second, he felt his hearth pumping blood to his muscles, but still he wasn’t able to move, or speak, “why?” he thought to himself.

The woman continued as if she read Luther’s mind. “Why you ask? It is rather complicated, you see, I can see the truth, I can see the choices you are going to have to make. Each choice creates a different dimension, a different world. For example. You toss a coin to decide whether to do something or not, you let faith decide, at this moment you create two different dimension, one in which you do it, and one in which you don’t”. The woman turned her face towards Luther. The images in Luther’s head began to blur. “Now, you recently created multiple dimensions, multiple that will corrupt you and sow death and destruction across these dimensions, and few who guide you to stop the destruction from happening. I’ve seen the probabilities of your decisions, multiple lead towards the corrupt ones, but I offer you a path to the right one”. The way she pronounced you was not as in “Luther” but as if she was talking about multiple Luther’s.

The woman now was merely a shade in Luther’s eyes, it wouldn’t take long or he’d have no vision at all. A warm feeling began flowing through Luther’s body. A white glow fell over the woman’s face. Her eyes looked at Luther’s forehead, but not directly at him, as if she was looking past the horizon. “You will wake up and not recall anything”. Her voice sounded hopeful, then turned sad. ”I’m sorry I had to kill you, again”

The last word of the woman echoed in Luther’s head as he fell to the endless sleep. “again----”.
My story (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qzmqrMoniMIjjPVwf7vLeIjSUdDCW2p1MG7IQkP9OFY/edit?usp=sharing)
“Your next assignment is concerning this person. Read it.”

Over the deafening flutter of the chopper, Luther focused on the words flowing into him through his headphones. The drowsiness still lingered upon him, weighing him down. He was still a bit baffled by the dream – or reality covered up by the operator, or whatever that was – he had earlier, but Luther meekly took the file folder labeled “Pluto” from the Operator’s hand.

Luther took a peek into the plain, white folder, but there was only a single sheet of paper that looked like a document, and several photographs of a girl at about his age in late teens. She was standing in the middle of the arena, drenched in blood blooming from her shoulder and with an odd smile stretched across her face. Strangely, the black-haired girl was staring directly at Luther from the picture, as if she knew she was being photographed. Her black eyes, different from his hazel-brown ones, were dark with a glint of sinister atmosphere. Something was off about the way she poised herself, and then Luther realized; there was a piece of iron bar protruding out of her thigh. Judging by the location, it was probably the only thing supporting her leg. How could she smile at a situation like that? Was she a subject of the project, designed to have anesthesia? As he skimmed through the profile, the Operator started the briefing on Luther’s new mission.

“The girl’s alias is Pluto, “legally” seventeen of age. She does not remember her name, so she gave us her nickname of sort. This girl joined the Corporation a while ago, and as you can see, we do not have much information about her for she kept things a lot of things discreet. Her family history is vague, and could not we find anything about her parents or possible relatives. We have only seen her fight once during her evaluation. All we know is that she is a half-dragon that wields two weapons, – a dagger and a sword – knows everything and--”

Luther looked up from the paper with a sudden interest. “What do you mean by she "knows everything?”

“She claims to have an ability to see every “truth”, but never described things in detail. We suggested a dorm for her so that we can observe her better, but she refused. She said she owned her own house, though. Our plan was to grab hold of her right after the battle, and that girl slipped out of the arena right after her opponent was down and hasn’t showed up since. That was more than a month ago.”

“The arena? How did she--”

“She uses inter-dimensional portals to teleport herself from place to place.”

At the explanation, Luther nodded slowly. Out the window, he could see the thick canopy of trees looming, forming a vast maze of greens on the land below. It was a deciduous forest, stretching far over the horizon. Pluto’s profile mentioned something about the forest, so Luther assumed that this was the reason why they were here. “The Grove”, it was written. But how on earth was he going to find someone who can travel through various dimensions and, what was he supposed to do about her even if he did? As if he read Luther’s mind, the Operator shifted uncomfortably and described the mission in detail.

“Unknown is a possible danger, Luther. Your mission is to find Pluto and gather information of her. Usually, this kind of job would be more suitable for intels, but the team decided that she is too dangerous for normal agents to interact with. Also, if she won’t cooperate, kill her.”

The expression on his face was so stern; Luther dared not to reject it. What choice did he have anyways?

“So—how can I find this Pluto character?”

“Unfortunately, that is part of your assignment.”

Luther swore under his breath. He started to protest, but the Operator cut him off with the wave of his hand. The authority spoke to him in an unpleasant monotone, “You are to do as you are told, Luther Wright. You agreed to work with us, therefore you will follow. Do you understand?”

The words overpowered him, just like the time when he pressed his pulsing hand upon that poor Servant lady. Luther gulped, and nodded his head in submission. Wincing at the pool of blood still evident, he looked away from the malformed figure sprawled across the floor. The hazel-eyed boy looked straight ahead, although he could not control the thick metallic scent of brown-red liquid under his feet. The chopper was slowly descending. The silence would have stretched on, if not for the desperate shout of the pilot, followed by a massive impact that hit the helicopter head on.

“What on earth—oh no, brace your--!”

Even before he could finish his sentence, the pilot died on spot due to a gigantic form crushing him with unbearable weight. The chopper was disassembled into bits and pieces, tossing everything inside it – Luther, the Operator, two corpses and blobs of blood – into the air. It was if the airframe had exploded without a flame. Despite his high damage threshold, the cut produced by a projectile proved lethal, creating a deep gash on his forehead. Now that made Luther feel like he was on flame. Airborne and helpless, the dark-haired teen’s conscious began to slip away from the surprise, his body desperate to shut his brain down as he gasped for air knocked out of his lungs.

Luther heard an agonized howl and a strong gust of wind in his ear. A slim, cyan body whizzed past him. A dragon, Luther decided. Feeling the tugging on his collar, the boy closed his eyes and let his mind sail away.

* * *

Nightmares. As much as Luther hated them, they always haunted his dreams, gnawing and clawing their way through Luther's mind. He was in his old cell again. The very table he had crushed that Servant to death lay in front of him. Luther grabbed the steel furniture, overturning it. The clone died. Foam of blood seeped from her parted lips while she mouthed the same words he could never forget, “Why do you think you are here, Luther!”

Metallic, red paint filled the cell floor, making its way through the bed of hay. The Servant's voice echoed around the warm, gradually getting louder - a deafening crescendo - until it was no longer a query but a series of screams roaring with pain. Luther covered his ears, but with no vain; the voice seemed to have come from inside his head. He could not shut it.

“I said I don't know! Leave me alone!”

As he shouted, his veins started glowing blue from anger and fear. The current, too overloaded and unable to be contained within Luther, sparked across the room like a lightening. It crackled inside the metal room, and the hazel-eyed teen saw the dead corpse beginning to sizzle until-- it exploded into tiny morsels of human flesh. A blotch of hot blood splattered over Luther, and the corpse was no longer there. The voice had stopped altogether, leaving a trail of whisper, “Still having nightmares?”

Luther's eyes snapped open.

* * *

The hazel-eyed teen squinted at the sunlight pouring into his room. His short hair was spiky from last night’s sleep. Looking at his clock – it was 6:00 a.m. – Luther yawned and crawled out of the bed and slumbered into the washroom before his mother started banging her pans to wake him up – well, metaphorically. It felt as if he had a long, long, nightmare. His parents wouldn’t believe him if he told them that he had a dream that he had superhuman powers, and got involved in a helicopter crash!

“Luther! Time to wake—oh my, did the sun rise from the west today?”

“Mmph, maybe. Morning, mom,” Luther replied, his voice muffled into his towel as he dabbed the droplets from his face on it. The cold water brought some sense back into him. When his mother disappeared from the doorway, Luther hung the towel back on its rack and stared into the mirror. His reflection returned his gaze with its hazel-brown eyes. It was his own face, but something felt out of place. Luther reached for his forehead out of instinct, but at the sound of his mother calling him for breakfast, dropped his hand and ran downstairs after a short last glance at his features. Something did not feel right.

“So, the chemical facility, huh?”

“Yeah. I heard that you used to work there, dad.”

Wolfing down his eggs, Luther started the conversation about school field trip with his dad. His father looked up from the newspaper at the mention of his old workplace, and nodded. Listening to his father talk on and on about his “good old days,” Luther bites into a toast. Boy, his mother was the best cook in the world for him. Besides, he missed his mother’s cooking so much – Luther paused at his train of thoughts, carefully nibbling on the warm slice of bread. Why did he feel so nostalgic?

“Are you gentlemen going to sit there all day? Luther, your bus will be arriving in ten minutes, and honey—please do the dishes for me, would you?”


“I’m on it.”

Two men obediently stood up from the table, moving to do as they were told. Luther quickly brushed his teeth and did his hair, grabbed his lunch sitting on the counter and ran outside. The weather was sunny and bright, with streaks of sun showering down on him. It felt nice and relaxing to bathe in the sunlight. Everything felt so fresh and welcome. Luther strolled down to the bus stop, his feelings upbeat. It is going to be a lucky day, he thought.

‘I wouldn’t be so sure.’

There was a faint voice in his head that stopping him in his track. Luther looked around to see if he had heard it right, but there was no one talking to him – the streets were empty. Shrugging his shoulders, the hazel-eyed teen hastily ran towards the yellow school bus, waiting for his arrival.

The male instructor greeted him as he boarded. Luther found Lucy sitting alone in the back of the bus and shuffled forward. Usually, he would have avoided her, but something about her lured him towards Lucy. He quietly sat beside her, and uproar of laughter rose, making him feel self-conscious. Luther simply ignored them. He was about to ask Lucy if she wanted him to move, but his voice was interrupted by the teacher, and a small girl who had just came aboard.

“—is her name, and she will be in our class from now on. She isn’t from around here, so be nice to her. Go on ahead, have a seat. Welcome.”

In the midst of loud chatter, Luther couldn’t pick up her name. The girl was about five feet tall, generally petite in her figure. She seemed oriental, but she was almost as pale as Caucasian. She wore silver-rimmed glasses, a short-sleeved hoodie and a pair of clean jeans. Her hair, flowing down her back like a liquid dark chocolate, was tied up in a neat ponytail. Her features weren’t striking, but there was something oddly familiar about the way she stood in front of the bus. The girl, with a slight frown on her face, walked towards Luther. As she passed by, she uttered a single word, “Witch,” and breezed past him as if nothing happened. Who it was directed to, he did not know.

“Alright, I guess this is everyone. Now, we are heading to the old chemical facility on the edge of town. It has been closed for a while, but the community was generous to let us have a field trip there. It is mostly abandoned and emptied, but there could be some dangerous things still left there, so don’t goof around, or you’ll be in trouble big time. Got it?”

When an answer from the students rang the bus, the teacher nodded his head in satisfaction and went ahead with his instructions. Things were simple; they would be moving in groups of four or five, and no one was to be left behind. The new kid seemed indifferent about the trip or the curious glances from her peers, but Luther he took no notice of her since his mind was wandering elsewhere; he was busy trying hard not to show his emotions at the gentle touch on his lap.

Everything went smoothly. Lucy did not reject him – in fact, she scooted close to him as if she wanted to be in a group with Luther. Although he was not pleased by the fact that his old bully, Jack was in his group along with his girlfriend Lindsey, he was satisfied enough to pay no heed to that. He saw a few glimpses of the new kid, too, but Lucy was all he had up in his mind. He would have been fine just like that for the rest of the day, but the foul smell of sour acid snapped him back to place.

“Ugh, let’s get out of here. I don’t want to do this stupid exercise!” Jack complained, marching towards the room where the stench was coming from. When Luther sighed and turned to follow the couple, Lucy whispered in his ear, “Let’s leave those two morons alone.”

Like a moth drawn to the fire, Luther followed Lucy into the empty office nearby. It was probably the luckiest day of his life. The girl who he had crush on was so nice to him, and maybe if he was to confess to her, she would accept him…

“Lucy, err… I--”

“Eeeek! Help! Help me--!!”

“That’s Lindsey! Sorry Luther, but it we need to help her first!”

Like that, he rushed to aid. Luther, however, did not notice Lucy falling behind him quietly. When he reached the room where the scream came from, Jack was on the floor, staring at the circular opening in the center of the room. It looked like a well, filled with a bubbling purple acid, emitting a foul smell. So this was where that disgusting odour came from, Luther thought, and shook Jack back to his senses.

“What happened, Jack? Where is Lindsey?”

“I, I— Lindsey—she— Luther! Lindsey! She fell down this. I don’t know what it is, but we have to help Lindsey!”

Luther gasped, and hurried to the side of the well. The smell flared his nostrils, but he didn’t care. The hazel-eyed teen bent over the well to take a better look at it – the only thing present was the purple substance, floating ominously in the bottom of this cylinder, but no sign of Lindsey.

“Luther,” a soft voice called at him, causing him to turn around. Everyone was there; Lucy, Jack, and even Lindsey. What was going on? Was this… some kind of sick joke? He stared at Lucy for an explanation, but none came. Instead, she planted a quick kiss on Luther’s lips whispered, “I’m so sorry,” and…

“Whoa, hold your horses. That thing is very dangerous, and I advice you morons not to drop any living creature into that,” the voice of the girl, clearly annoyed, broke through everything. The assailants jumped at the sudden sound and backed away from Luther, leaving him leaned against the well. It was that new kid who had stopped them, wearing a bizarre smirk on her face.

“Yo, Luther, I told you she is a witch, didn’t I?”

The girl walked into the room, her presence thick in the air despite her size. It was strange – have they met somewhere? Luther stared at the Asian girl and she stared back at him. Her smile widening enough to reveal her sharp canines, she purred, slowly making her way towards him, “It is time to wake up, Luther. Although the time is irreversible-- this is the best I can do for you.”

When she neared the group of teens, Luther’s classmates parted away from the black-haired girl, their faces dark. Something was off about the way they stood, glaring at the petite figure; not that the girl cared. Then again, the feeling of disharmony struck him.

The “Roch”. Nightmares. A girl standing in the middle of the arena with a long projectile digging into her leg. Her crazy grin in the photograph. The profile. Crashing of the helicopter. A dragon snatching him out of the air. That girl’s name: Pluto.

“Correct. I am Pluto.”

Luther’s head snapped up, coming eye to eye with the girl. The memories flooded into him like a broken dam. His forehead began to bleed, a gash opening atop his blue marking that somehow reappeared. Pluto stood in front of him, her arms casually folded in front of her chest. Her lips formed a crescent, moony grin, but he could see her eyes, full of empathy.

“Let’s end this nightmare altogether,” unsheathing her ivory dagger, Pluto smiled sadly. Seeing the pointed dagger, his friends fled, only to be ambushed by the little girl—Jack was the first one down, his throat slit open with a fountain of blood gushing out. Lindsey was next, defenceless against the trained fighter; with several blows to her abdominal area, she collapsed on the floor, twitching as the red source was life drained from her.

“L, Luther, help me!” Lucy begged, grabbing hold of Luther’s legs. Pluto was slowly advancing towards them, drenched in blood – his classmates’ blood – and a wearing a crooked smile. The hazel-eyed teen froze on spot, unable to think properly. It was like confronting the devil himself, so to speak. That little girl’s aura was heavy and thick with blood thirst.

He bent over from the pain, a severe headache squeezing the sanity out of him. Lucy was the one who betrayed him and threw him into that chemical, but it was Lucy that changed his life—the power which he would have never achieved, was his now. As much as he had to suffer, she was Luther’s crush, right? Stream of blood blinding him, he made up his mind, stepping in between the two girls.

“Move out of my way, kid.”

“N- no. Who are you to call me a kid anyways?”

“Huh, the legal age does not indicate my real one, youngling. I am much older than you.”

“Apparently you are not acting according to it,” Luther barked at her. His hazel eyes clashed with her black ones, mature and deep. Pluto did not seem bothered by teen’s torment at all. It was as if she expected it all along...

Pluto let out an exasperated sigh.

“Naïve. This isn’t even real.” A black mist started forming in her hand, assembling into a mid-length sword of some sort. “You are protecting your own enemy. She is a witch, I told you. It was she who dropped you into her witch’s brew, and you played along with it. Think of what life you could have had, Luther. You are a free man, not a science project.”

The girl, fixing her blood ridden glasses, looked tired. She pointed her black sword towards the floor and murmured softly, “Snap out of it and return to reality. You wish to meet your mother, no?” Then her black sword slipped out of her hand, and a blue circle opened beneath its track, followed by a sickening sound of skin being punctured—Luther looked around, and found the black awl projecting out of Lucy’s slim figure.

“L, Luther—help…” She closed her eyes.

At the same time, the world around him began to crumble into darkness, his “friends” reducing down to pile of ashes. Luther reached for Lucy amidst the mayhem, but he was too late—she was gone.

“No! You! What have you done to Lucy?!”

“Come back to your senses, youngling. This isn’t a reality; it is just your dream. You never met your father the day you were going on this bloody field trip, and to begin with, you woke up late. Face it. The only reason I stopped those “things” from pushing you into that goo is because I know how dreadful it is,” her face icy cold, Pluto yanked the enraged teen by the collar of his shirt.

“This world has been shattered, meaning you realized that this is your dream, or at least you wish it is. This is virtual. This is unreal. Now wake up, or I will slap you until you do, for gods’ sake!”

Once again, Luther’s eyes snapped open, staring at the hospital ceiling.

* * *

“Ugh… where…?”

“You were out for a week, in coma,” a calm voice answered him, “If you did not wake up within next few hours, you would have died.”

Luther blinked, and propped himself up from the bed. His forehead was bandaged tight, and so was his left leg. Wincing at the pain, Luther took in his surroundings. It seemed as though he was in a hospital room, back in the RHG Corporation. To his surprise, a small girl from his dreams sat next to him, looking slightly dazed.

“You—why are you--?”

“I am part of this Corporation as well, remember? The “unknown” variable,” Pluto chuckled, her smile almost drowsy. Cocking her head to one side, she fixed her position and sat up straight.

“I came here on your behalf, youngling. There is something I need to pass on to you,” she glanced to the side, and Luther followed her gaze. On the bed-side table was a white folder labelled “Pluto”. A folder that originally contained one sheet of paper was now thick – at the verge of exploding.

Luther grabbed the folder and looked inside. There was every piece of information about Pluto; her “real” name, her “real” age, her history, abilities— everything. The hazel-eyed teen looked up from the folder, and found Pluto sitting on the windowsill by his bed. She seemed deep in thought, her eyes unfocused.

“Hey, why are you giving this to me?”

“—A farewell gift.” Pluto replied without looking at him.

“What do you mean…?”

“There is no need for me to hide my identity here anymore, since I won’t be seen around this dimension ever again.” The girl blinked her eyes slowly, her gaze dawning up on him. “Do you know what happens when the penguin tries to fly?”

Taken back by the irrelevant question, Luther only shook his head sideways. The girl smiled softly, and gave an answer to her own query, “They fall. They fail. That is what happens when the penguin flaps its wings, trying to catch the wind. Unfortunately, the same goes for my acquaintance.” Pluto closed her eyes, clucking her tongue.

“I am leaving this facility; that is what I am saying.”


“It was good to have some fresh air for a short while. Time to go back to where I belong.” Luther couldn’t help but stare at her. She was quitting?

“I don’t understand. Stop with the stupid metaphor and explain me why!”

“Secret makes women, women.” giggling, Pluto unlatched the locked window and opened it wide. “Ah, I am not committing suicide, no worries. I just prefer falling through the portal rather than walking straight into it.” Luther tried to stand up and stop her, but his broken leg held him in place.

“Sweet dreams, Luther. Your nightmare is dead. Or—at least when “Roch” agrees.” Pluto pointed at the dream-catcher dangling on the head of his bed, glowing indigo-blue. Luther risked a quick glance at it, and looked back at her. The small girl stood on the windowsill—

“Tell others that we are sorry. We forfeit.”

—and Pluto jumped off the ledge, a blue portal swallowing her whole. She was gone.

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I am sorry I had to end it like this. Bye, everyone.
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I'm sure you would have won!
Well, people if you read my story you will understand why Pluto would have won. It is very... daring.

Anyway, please people, just tell us who you would have voted for. I just want to see who would have won (Pluto of course).
This forfeit is just as surprising to me as to anybody else.


Wow, great story Pluto, it really amazed me. I would not have figured you'd be writing in Luther's perspective.
And the way you really show you've actually read most of my stories, wow. Thanks a lot for this super awesome story. I really liked the turn from "good" to "evil" from your character, slicing up my schooltrip-group, awesome.
It is no longer a doubt for me, you would have won this battle with great ease. I really feel ashamed for not describing your character as well, and to be honest I kind of rushed my story. I really feel like a dick right now. You don't deserve this.
Thanks for doing this for me. Goodbye.

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Congratulations your now in first. Would you like to thank all of your vic.... Erm I mean opponents for that?