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05-25-2013, 03:58 AM
Going to attend summer classes regarding animation, hopefully that will increase my arting skills and at the same time do a cannonball into the world of animating. And I will showcase my shenanigans here!
And here they are:
Rotoscope (http://www.fileize.com/view/da7eda05-83f/)
Ball bounce (http://www.fileize.com/view/1ff2378a-a2d/)
More balls, jump test (http://www.fileize.com/view/0df13b85-377/)
FLLFFL Face anim (http://www.fileize.com/view/b0ea4830-157/) (Supposed to be Felix the Cat but....)
FLLFFL Walk anim (http://www.fileize.com/view/b0206273-b9c/) (Smoothest animation I -think- I've done)
Practice Batch 001 (http://theguardiantempest.deviantart.com/art/Flash-Practice-001-371389811) (Unrelated to schoolwork activities)
Midterms: Lift the stone (http://www.fileize.com/view/fe158564-1f1/) (It's like Friday Funk...well Stone, you're a psychic!)
Lipsync featuring Felix the Cat (http://theguardiantempest.deviantart.com/art/Lipsync-Test-372258503) (the head library was pre-made)
Lipsync #2 (http://www.filz.us/view/50cb79f2-f48/) (This time with a 'special' version of the Felix head composition as a 'Take That' to the student who got sick of animating Felix, the animation teacher made it herself)
Finals - A stick fight for a multi-piece comedy collab (http://theguardiantempest.deviantart.com/art/Summer-Class-Finals-Collab-Part-373694396) (The final collab is right here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CggXu7-hLOI))

What's missing: Wing flap test (I didn't animate a bird, instead I animated a stickman flapping his arms mid-air, as well as a Navi-esque fairy)

I sure have come a long way from my first animation (http://theguardiantempest.deviantart.com/art/My-first-Flash-animation-366568917), but I still have a longer way to go and when Hyun's Dojo opens, [quote is unfinished].

05-25-2013, 04:40 AM
I sort of expected better if you were going to animation school :/

05-25-2013, 05:03 AM
I sort of expected better if you were going to animation school :/

05-25-2013, 05:14 AM
I sort of expected better if you were going to animation school :/
It wasn't an animation school, just a month-long summer class. Maybe I should've said I'm a complete beginner.

05-25-2013, 07:19 AM
It wasn't an animation school, just a month-long summer class. Maybe I should've said I'm a complete beginner.

lol what did you tell them?

05-25-2013, 08:02 AM
lol what did you tell them?
Nothing actually, though I think they misinterpreted my initial statement thinking I went into a full-baked animation school while in reality I just went to a month-and-a-half-long summer introduction course in 2d animation, 3d animation and digital art. Though I did learn alot from my time there, but enough talk...HAVE AT ME!!

I need feedback so I know which direction I should focus my practice on, also if I got my stickmen right. I'm still trying to figure out the ideal body proportions so that I don't end up with sticks being too thin or too short and thick.

05-25-2013, 08:15 AM

I'll CnC your movements, they don't flow together very greatly, it seems the movements happen too suddenly, maybe put a bit of easing before the actions start, not just after.

You're foot placement too, you gotta work on that.

Emphasize their movements, or rather emphasize that they are moving into the next position.

If you need me to CnC the other things just tell :D

05-25-2013, 08:42 AM
Thanks for the reply Nanite, I knew my movements were uncanny but the foot placement issue was unexpected. I would've said this better but it's getting (too) late and my eyes are dropping. I'll start practicing tomorrow.

05-25-2013, 10:47 PM
Also with the proportions thing that is just a personal preference like how Hyuns sticks are short and tubby and Terkoiz's are tall and thin its just all with your preference

05-27-2013, 02:18 AM
Ball bounce: You have the idea of the squash and stretch technique, you just need to over exaggerate it move. I think it looks a bit weird because the ball started inside the stage, which made it look like the arc of the ball was off. It may me just my eyes but that's what I see.

More balls and Antiq Test: The way the ball bounced down the stairs was way to slow, and it skipped all the stairs. at the speed it was rolling it should have hit each stair going down. The arc on it is completely off too. Try tossing a ball up and down abound the house or throwing it and try to focus on the arc or just watch a YouTube video lol.
You have the correct idea of SandStretch but it's the arcs or the balls messed up the effects. Sticks kinda look like doodles, which isn't bad just hard for me to cnc.

FllFFl face: Simple,and you got it. Try moving the head with the face to give it that much more of a reaction

Walk anim: My thought of why his knee caps look like they're trying to explode out of his legs is because there isn't enough frames of the fully extended leg before the loop starts over. Maybe double frame or add more easing to the part right where he extends it.

Flash Practice 001: I'd say the biggest problem with it is laziness. The line tool practice wasn't really one sine it just looped over and over again.

Lift the stone: The reason why lifting anything heavy is such a good practice for all animators is because you have to show a weight of a object. The rock the character picked up was the lightest rock in the world, there was no struggle, except depicted by the facial expression.

LipSynce Test: I actually liked that lol. Maybe try making the head move again though to add more than just his mouth moving.

LipSynce2: Pretty much the same thing, could have done without the sticks though. Try to animated the eyes, mouth, make the head move a little while it's talking.

Finals: It was all right, but it just looked like alot of f6'ing. Wasn't too much animation in it really. Comedy is great but that doesn't mean you can just throw anything together.

Phew, well man keep practicing. Keep working on the fundamentals! Hard work pays off.