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05-25-2013, 06:00 PM
I think that ( I will say it again) that guerrilla warfare is the best way around SE, the main thing is the beginning, when you start, I think it's best that in general, you should always:
start with 2 miners and one sword, first miner on mana untill you can get rage, then mine it, also mine with the second. when your units have come out, take the middle, if attacked, wait to hit, then run, unless you have superior numbers and it won't be too costly, then you can attack, but otherwise, retreat, keep an eye on their units, then attack and overwhelm them. if they have not attacked, and you have secured the center, keep an eye on their units, if they have none, attack the miners. if while you attack the miners a castle archer has appeared, wait for the miners to disappear, then retreat, repeat untill all their miners are dead, then attack at all costs. if he does have units, go into mid-stage.
this is a basic stage, usually you get a meric to start out with, and find ways to beat your enemy builds, the opening is the most crucial, but this is still, now you need to upgrade your economy, and then your military, for guerrilla warfare, it is best to have ninjas with shinobii 2, with spears, merics, wizards, and albows, so you can easily elude your enemies, while your merics heal, and the wizards take care of spears, archers, and swords. this is the most grueling stage that takes up a majority of your game, this usually ends up with taking about 13 minutes for me, so you need to be patient. and remember, the main part of this is to inflict as much damage on your opponent while making battles uncostly, untill the end of mid-stage, the final real confrontation.
this is the most relaxed stage, when you have overwhelmed their army, first you need to do your best taking out the miners, then the statue, while staying alive with those castle archers, if you mess up here, it's not very harsh, but still, he can overcome you if he has a castle archers and miners(even if the miners aren't out).

this is very hard, and it can be costly during mid & end, but it usually works out for me.

I will eventually make it more strict, but still with branches and open spots for Ideas, because counters are inevitable, and you have to constantly update.

here is a replay of a battle in which it was used ( my shortest game ever.): www.stickempires.com/play?replay=replay1342977&version=1.62

05-26-2013, 03:09 AM
Just add speartons into your build instead of ninjas... Maybe 1 or 2 ninjas. You need tanky units to survive the castle archers. And when you mass your swords with rage at the start, what if he tecs up first and gets a spearton along with some archers? He already has some swordwrath..His spear will do extra damage and takes longer time to kill, meaning that his archers will take over your swords. Unless you risk it and head for his archers. You'll probably lose all your swords if you do this. He will have the middle.

05-26-2013, 11:54 AM
oops, I forgot to add spears, I'll edit that.
p.s. I will update my strategy if I agree with suggestions, or I come up with new Ideas. eventually it will be pulled apart, rethought, and made into a new version.