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06-16-2008, 12:53 AM
I have a story
Its about me right now: Dra=cula
It takes a while for you to understand it

I drink what I must because I'm dead
For the good of only me
Because I'm real selfish

But there's no sense crying over every mistake
I'll just keep on trying till I kill the human race
And the filing gets done or I'll make another one
To keep my books for when I'm still Alive

I'm not reall evil
I only want you to help me now
Even though I stole you
from your homstead
and ruined your life
and drove your friends across the world

As you died it hurt because I was so happy for you
Now this limited catolouging looks real fine
You kept good order
In that limited time

I'm real sad you got dead
Although not a tear I'll shed
for this time that I'll be still Alive.

Look, it seems, they've found me.
I need to find a good place to hide.
MAybe I'll go to that one monastry thing,
Maybe at Snagov
That was a joke, haha Fat Chance.

Anyways this life is great
Its so unnaturaly long
look at me still stalling when there's people outside
When I look out there it makes me glad I can't die
There are books to collect
and people to abduct
to serve me while they are still alive
And believe me I'm still alive
I'm stalking people and I'm still alive
While they're dying I'll be still alive
When they're dead I will be still alive
Still Alive.
Still Alive.

Bleh, I wrote this for the novel "The Historian" for an English project, but I'll never get to turn it in, so. >=[

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06-19-2008, 07:59 PM
Hey .

07-24-2008, 07:35 PM
To the tune of portals ending song?

Or something more Jazzier?