View Full Version : what rank am i??

06-19-2008, 06:58 PM
uhhh this is my try at med beginner or higher please dont flame me for starting this thread other people have to ty







low beginner is my vote in need of mentor if will help need AIM or we can pm each other so you can help me

06-19-2008, 07:54 PM
Still low beginner, sorry.
First off.... the first animation. When walking, his head and back dont move at all. And when he kicks the wall, it falls over. THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION IN WHICH HE KICKED IT. Messed up. The little dude doesnt move his arms at all during his run, and the legs (walking still) need work.
2nd anim... when he is punching, the left leg and his back need to be... un... stiff... ilized? Yeah. The gun's bullet is HUGE and way too slow. The reaction to the pucnhes needs lots of work. His feet dont move at all, and... he flies off. How, in the name of a flying ****, is he going to fly off.
3rd anim. When the guy on the right is being attacked in the air, he;s not falling back down at all. He's just floating to the right. What the... crap? No gravity? 0-0 The beam was a beginners beam. I dont think you should try beams yet, but keep up that idea, it might help in the future. You have a problem with back and head stiffness. That flip was horrible. Unrealistic in too many ways. And I realize that there was an invisible wall all the way at the right side of the screen, but then it disappears, letting the right guy break through. 0-0 Work on easinga nd walking.
4th anim. Never mind. Too lazy to continue.
Keep practicing.