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06-22-2008, 06:01 AM
Cinematic testing.


Constructive criticism
Constructive commentary please and thank you.

06-22-2008, 06:51 AM
apart from the flashing at the beginning twas very good. if you needed that to look faster and more shocking use heavy spacing so it zooms in quickly then slowly halts if you get what i mean. but ver gud matey.

06-22-2008, 09:36 AM
3 reasons for why I posted this reply.

1.+1 number of posts yay!
2.I dun get what you mean
3.More posts plz.

added reason
*no comment*

06-22-2008, 10:15 AM
lol he means.....
U shud Zoom in really fast and get slow... then stops. thats if u want a bigger emphaacis on efect
i like the anim though
u shud start at a bit farthar away though
if u get what i mean

06-23-2008, 05:05 AM
Kk to be honest.I've been trying to compress my self from big animations.I'll try to make bigger anims.And I'll use that effect on the animation while introducing my main stick.(EngravedX)

06-23-2008, 07:08 AM
Pretty bad, TBH.
All it looked like was black lines closing in on his head.

It didn't emphasize a zoom effect at all. The bottom line is way too high, you were probably too lazy and wanted to cover the entire body. When the lines close in together, the image is amphasized in a larger image. And in vice versa. Use easing or else it will look like crap.

Lone Wolf
06-23-2008, 01:20 PM
Wow, an animation with absolutely nothing besides 2 eased lines and a resizing head. Why the hell did you even bother posting this? It's not a really hard effect to do; just requires some knowledge of easing. If you're only going to post this kind of stuff, stick to one thread and just update it.

Oh, and person above me with totally original name? Do you even know what easing is?