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As the participants made their way inside the seemingly abandoned ominous warehouse building, the door suddenly shut behind them and spotlights immediately radiated the scene. A stalwart young gentleman in a brown frock coat began strolling down a walkway above them, applauding to no one in particular almost as if to mock them for their folly.

"Congratulations." he said, furrowing his brow in amusement. "I suppose you all know why you're here...so let's get to it!"

The floor lights came to life as the participants finally saw what they were up against. A trap.

"Play nice now, gentlemen." The Host simply said before disapeparing into the crowd...

wRHG Tournament: the Preliminaries

Welcome Everyone, to the first phase of the tournament! In this Round, we will determine the bracket seeds for Round One. Your task is simple: the lot of you must take on TWO. THOUSAND. THUGS.

What's that you say? Piece of cake? Think again.

Here's the catch: We don't care if you go all OP and wipe the floor with these brutes. What we will be looking at is how you write it.

What do I do?
1. Treat this event as an RP/Roleplay. You may make ONLY 1-4 posts, detailing your reactions and actions to the current situation. When you make your post, kindly attach a Post #x where x is your post number, before your entry even if you are only ever going to make ONE post. This is so we can count the number of posts you actually made. And to avoid confusion.

2. One post = a time period of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Post anything that appears LONGER than that and it will greatly affect your ranking.

3. You don't need to take on all 2000 thugs. In fact, you can choose to not do anything at all. You may run away and cower, side with the thugs and kick the other people's asses, or even try and find a non-combative solution to the problem for as long as that is WHAT YOUR CHARACTER WOULD ACTUALLY DO.

4. Yes, you CAN team up with one or more participant. You can RP off of each other and work together (or against each other), including reactions, dialogue, and combination attacks. This is perfectly alright and will be taken under consideration.

5. OOC Chatter on this thread is allowed. Please put them in **These Tags** if you are doing them.

Scoring and other Miscellaneous Things
1. For the duration of this tournament, the Signup thread is now the Discussion thread. Please refer to any off-topic comments, and in general other administrative stuff on that thread. If you are planning to RP off of each other and do not wish to PM, you may use that thread for OOC chatter as well. Also, if you are leaving temporarily because of IRL issues or concerns, post it there too.

2. For this Round. The ff will be our judging criteria:
a) Attention to detail.
b) Ability to adapt (both from the event, and other posts if you're choosing to RP with other people).
c) Quantity to Quality ratio (the ability to detail something well with less than a wall of text)
d) Character Consistency (if your actions pattern your wRHG's bio in terms of personality and ability)
e) Traditional Spelling and Grammatical Errors

3. The deadline for this Preliminary Event is ONE Week. That would be June 28, 2013 No timezones. I'll be very lenient about this...for now. Remember, we're not looking for a novel or a short. Save those for the actual battles. Right now we just need a snippet of your talent and how it deals under pressure.

4. When all the entries are complete or when the deadline has passed, we will rank your entries from 1-12 based on our judging criteria. Then this is how we will determine the bracket:

1st Rank vs 12th
2nd vs 11th
3rd vs 10th
4th vs 9th
5th vs 8th
6th vs 7th

***If anyone else joins at this point, we will adjust the bracket accordingly.

5. And now for some Miscellaneous Info:
These are your generic badass human thugs that The Host has paid by the hour. No powers. Just pure, uncouth, brawn. They can carry weapons both concealed and melee that range to basically anything you can find in your local hardware store. They have guns too, if you wish, but it's strictly restricted to a pistol (and in general why would they bring a gun to a brawl inside a congested Abandoned Warehouse). They'll probably have knives too. Or broken bottles. Or shivs. When in doubt, think low-tech.The Largest Abandoned Warehouse is your typical storage hangar/garage hybrid with solid cement flooring and iron beams hanging over a very spacious 20 ft. height. Overhead, metallic walkways, speakerphones, and scaffolding litter the scene as if The Host had something else in mind redecorating the place, but never got the chance to do anything else. Other than that, it's a very spacious area with nothing else, you guys, and the thugs.

Good Luck Gentlemen. The Tournament has officially BEGUN!

The Organization

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"Alright! Now...what the hell should I do?" Lucas wondered as he scanned the premise. The "Abandoned Warehouse" is quite spacious, enough to fit at least a few thousands of people. And currently, the only occupants are the wRHGs joining the preliminary. And the TWO THOUSAND THUGS at the opposite side of the warehouse.
"Wonder if the Host has a few loose screws? Why else would he do this?"
"Lucas. Can you please stop bitching and GIMME THE DAMN BODY! I will mow em down so hard that...Um...What should I say?"
"Rio...Why do you need to prove your idiocy? Anyway, looks like this will be one hell of a fight." Lucario warmed up a bit, then he entered a fighting stance; waiting for others to make the first move.

The Organization
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***www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPiIHo66UaM starts to play, followed by www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlagz2xDdr8, followed by www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pmw4VfJMD-M***
Acel sighed in relief. She expected a crazy challenge, like slaying a dragon. This "trap" didn't even match up to her morning exercise.
"How is this any fair?!" yelled out Acel, "Where are all the rest of your henchmen?!" she goaded, her voice echoing throughout the Warehouse.This got the attention of her fellow wRHGs.

Acel could feel her blood getting riled up, the mass of extras that stood before her were nothing but ordinary thugs; sheep to the slaughter. Acel had hardly had a chance to let loose since she first arrived at Stickpage, and these low-lives would get no sympathy from her.

"Wait," She thought, "I could wipe the floor with these guys, but this is the perfect time to see the other wRHGs in action."

The dark mass of thugs on the other side of the warehouse started to get rowdy, they were preparing to charge.

Acel smirked.

"WHO IS READY TO DIE TODAY!!!" she roared, her demonic voice echoing of the walls and rattling the foundations.

"Maybe, that was a bit much." Acel thought to herself.

Acel began sprinting in, leaving behind the masked brawler with the blue aura and the other wRHGs. Even though it wasn't even a fraction of her speed, she moved staggeringly fast, provoking the thugs to rush in as well. In cliche fashion, all two-thousand weaklings rushed in yelling at the top of their lungs. Before they even reached her, Acel simply vanished, reappearing high above on one of the metal walkways.

"Dope seats right here." she said as she sat on the edge of the walkway, observing the ensuing chaos.

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"What the?" Lucario was surprised that "Acel", a new wRHG that have just joined, didn't fight and only observed from the top.
"Hm...Interesting...Scouting eh? Lucky that I don't need to do that since I've already read the info inside the database. Alright then. Rio, be prepared. After charging up, let hell break loose. But do try not to get injured ok?"
"Who do you think I am? I am RIO! MASTER OF ALL MARTIAL ARTS! No weaklings can injure me! Hahahahahahaha!"
"You DO realize that only I can hear you laugh, right? Anyway, let's get this party started!" Then Luke raced to the opposite of the warehouse, away from the goons and behind the other wRHGs. He focused all his strength and released a burst of air and radiant blue light.

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Post #1:

Immediately after the young man wearing a brown coat finished his speech and disappeared into the crowd consistent of two thousand thugs, shit hit the van. The other participants stood in front of Luther, scattered and keeping distance from each other. There were 11 other participants, three women and 8 men. Most looked like average day people but some of them really got Luthers attention, he quickly observed them. There was this man, wearing a metal suit which made him look like a robotic-man, an android. Another man with silver hairs and silver eyes gave Luther unpleasant memories about his previous Gladiator Game.
A loud voice echoed through the immense warehouse: "Who is ready to die today!", the voice was demonic but came from the average looking woman with a blonde ponytail. The two thousand thugs in front of Luther and the participants did not show fear, most of them reacted with pure aggression and raised their weapons. Most of them were dressed in light-combat gear and wielded simple but lethal weapons. These weapons wouldn't be lethal to Luther, but could still hurt him. Luther wasn't sure what happened but suddenly the thugs started charging towards him and the small group of other participants, and the blonde lady now sat above them on the edge of a walkway, observing the upcoming fight.

Luther raised his fists and focused himself, a voice whispered in Luther's head: "A man chooses, a slave obeys".

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-Chance didn't seemed phased by the current situation. Ahead of him, there were quite a lot of "thugs". Most of them were carrying some kind of weapon, and Chance couldn't help but laugh when he spotted a few with knives.
-"This should be fun." He chuckled under his breath. Chance couldn't help taking notice of the group around him; the other participants in this little game.
-The red-haired man took a slight step forward, sliding his hands into the pockets of his suit pants. Chance's chuckle seemed to echo slightly in the dusty warehouse. His hair swayed gently as he continued to walk forward slowly.
-"Now boys, don't go dirtying up my suit, it cost more than your lives are worth." His tone was provocative, his eyes narrowed to mock. It seemed to work as one man in baggy jeans and a loose white shirt pushed through the crowd. The eyes of the man were wild and blazing with fury and annoyance. In one hand, chains were wrapped somewhat loosely around his wrist and hand; in the other was a simple, double-edged dagger.
-Perfect. Chance smirked and jerked his head up slightly as if to say "bring it".

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The android had been watching the scene before him. His wingpack was currently still attached to him as he had listened to the Host. He said something and disappeared into the shadows, away from his line of sight. "Observation: The host of the tournament is...a young man?"

The pseudo-android gazed around into the warehouse itself as numerous people -- not gladiators -- rushed in. They had assortments of weapons on hand, if not the rather useless fist. Bl.An.C.'s auditory sensors picked up a scream through the massive amount of thugs.

"WHO IS READY TO DIE TODAY!!!" The voice screamed. The android recognized this as a female and he searched the building for its owner. After a few seconds, he had found her. It was Acel, the new arrival back in the Lounge, she was behind Lucario for a moment then left him to oversee the event.

"Observation: Acel is yet another observant gladiator. Interesting..." The android said to himself. He dropped himself down to the warehouse's roof and knelt down to get a better view from a hole he had spotted.

Lucario retreated to the line of wRHGs as the wave of thugs advanced. The blue brawler had began charging up and a powerful aura had formed about him. "Observation: Lucario shows the ability to charge up in a sort of energy, similar to SinkHole yet able to do so without the risk of injuring himself."

A gladiator had taken up the front line. The dark brown haired gladiator raised his fists as if to appear he would go for the the entire fight. Bl.An.C. looked to his side and saw the bright red haired man in a classy suit. This one seemed to very casual even when the thugs had dawned upon them.

"Conclusion: Interesting game, Host." The android had said. Two flashes of light had formed from the android's hands and his wing pack flared. After a second, the light had manifested into two separate weapons on each hand. On his left was the electrifying Iron Fist, glowing and cackling with dangerous sparks that danced above its metallic surface. And on his left was the Plasma Gun, a rectangular cannon-like weapon that had a sphere at the end of it and took hold of the pseudo-android's entire forearm. The gun hummed lowly, charging up.

"Observation: The number of goons have seemed to have stopped." He deducted as he zoomed in closer at each of the double doors at the sides of the warehouse. "Conclusion: What is in here, is what is left. None else. Plausible action: eliminate hostiles."

The android crouched and rushed forward with the help of the wing pack. He surged ahead of his fellow gladiators and led his charge with plasma fire, felling several of the goons. In a quick sweep of his body, his feet met the ground and swerved him back to face his allies. Most of the thugs had now adopted the idea of surrounding the android. Not a good plan.

Bl.An.C. charged up his Iron Fist. "Mockery: Is that all you've got?"

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Luther had taken up the front line of the battle. But he wasn't the only one. A man with red hairs, wearing a suit casually stepped forwards, next to him. He heard the man saying something provocative.
The still charging group of thugs was almost in close-combat range. Multiple shots were fired from the group of thugs, but Luther ignored the sounds, bullets fired from small arms could not hurt him and he was busy focusing.
Out of nowhere another gladiator began charging towards the thugs, he was wearing a mask and his entire body showed some kind of blue glow. Luther had no time to observe the man. He closed his eyes and began to focus. Focus..... Focus Luther....
He opens his eyes. The red haired man was still next to him, fighting a man wearing a loose white T-shirt. Although the battle was intense the red haired man's movements seemed casual and relaxed, but also lethal.
A hammer flew towards Luther's head. He barely managed to dodge it by ducking underneath it. The thug that threw it managed to tackle Luther before he was able to stand up. But Luther was focused, and while still mid-air he got hold of the man's head. The man's skull cracked open the moment of impact.
Quickly Luther stood up again. On his side the red haired man decapitated the thug he was previously fighting, his suit covered in blood. Multiple other thugs jumped on the red haired man, but he managed to maintain his coolness and started fighting again. The android flew over Luther's head shooting multiple shots in the crowd.

More thugs started surrounding Luther.
Not long after Luther's fists are covered with blood, he could see the fear in every thug's eyes when he killed them.

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#Post 2

-The man in white rushed Chance, which was not a good decision. The knife was stabbed into his arm where it stuck. Chance's face turned a look of amusement as he eagerly removed the knife and stared at the attacker.
-"Little boys shouldn't be playing with weapons, mate." Chance chuckled. He brought the knife to his mouth and lustfully licked the exposed edge.
-The thug took a step back, but quickly recovered his composition as he began to unfurl the chains from about his wrist.
-"Oh-ho, you want to play with chains?" Chance chortled. Calmly, the red haired man withdrew a single hand from his pocket, and snapped.
-In that instant, the blood from both his wound and the blade erupted into a series of twirls and spirals. Nothing but a chuckle escaped Chance's thin lips as the crimson liquid finally settled into crusty chainlinks.
-"Then let's play with chains." Chance burst out with laughter as the scabbed chains shot forward and wrapped around the victim's throat.
-The man struggled helplessly as his throat was slowly crushed, his breathing becoming ragged and uneven. Fear was apparent in his dark, cold eyes; but Chance could only laugh at this man, this helpless man.
-"Isn't this fun?! You aren't laughing, mate!" Chance shouted, his tone on the edge of insanity. The helpless man tried to scream, but only a small squeak managed to wiggle its way out.
-"Sorry? I didn't hear you!" Chance laughed. He cupped his ear mockingly as the man slowly became unconcious, his body becoming limp in the scabby chains.
-"Oh? You want a nap? Good night!" Chance chuckled hysterically as he raised his hand. He snapped once, and only once. The chains tightened around the thug's neck, and kept tightening. There was a loud and audible crunch noise and the man's head separated from his body.
-The blood from the carcass splashed to the ground, and unfortunately onto Chance's suit. The other gladiators were too busy focusing on their own prey, so the red haired man only had to deal with the group ahead of him.
-"Who wants to play a little game?" Chance chuckled.

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"Looks like it's show time. Aura level has broken our limit! Strength has exceeded twice as normal. Time to let all hell break loose! Have fun, Rio."
"AW YEAH! TIME TO PARTY!" Rio took control of Luke's body and jumped right into battle. As he was flying in the sky, his hand glowed blue and came out of it several Aura Spheres. They rained down upon the thugs, sending goons after goons flying. They were well-aimed though, avoiding Bl.An.C. and Luther below.
Luke crushed one goon entirely during his landing, his blood sprayed across the floor. The thugs were stricken with fear; an android with hi-tech weapons and two powerful martial artists stood in front of them. Yet driven by their greed, wielding their low-tech weapons, the "cannon fodders" charged at the wRHGs, hoping to overwhelm them using sheer numbers. Alas, quantity can't beat quality. As the black android attacked with his hi-tech weapons and Luther performing deadly punches and kicks, Lucario dashed into the crowd and killing every weaklings in his ways with his bronze knuckles and rock hard legs. Charging through a "sea of men", a trail of blue explosions and brutally crushed corpses could easily be seen.

06-21-2013, 10:16 AM
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Everything was utter chaos.

Blood was spattered across the floor and bones were heard breaking and shattering.

Lucario led a charge straight through the wave of aggressors, trampling down their numbers quickly. The android looked around, goons were closing in, wielding mundane weapons such as a sledgehammer and a couple of bronze fists. They would be menacing if not for his suit. The troop of goons closed in bit by bit until they all screamed and charged right in for the pseudo android. Bl.An.C.'s head snapped to one side where the man with the sledgehammer had rushed in. He reeled back his arm and smacked the man before he could bring down his hammer. Sparks flew from the man's body as he was pushed through the crowd of goons. The others were not dismayed a bit and continued their charge. The android then proceeded to fire his plasma gun, taking several down. Their burning flesh filled the air as other goons just jumped over them to get to the android.

"Observation: The amount of..." A goon slugged the android's head nicely but Bl.An.C. countered almost in an instant and smashed the man's face to the ground before continuing his sentence. "...goons in the area is very much exceeding a thousand." He stuttered a bit as he swept his Iron Fist about and firing a stream of plasma on an oncoming horde of goons. They fell like flies but none of them were dead. They were all moaning about in pain until they drifted into unconsciousness.

"Continuation: Even with our power, this might take a while to..." Bl.An.C. swerved to the right, a bullet cut through the air as it struck a goon behind him. The pseudo android charged and struck down the pistol wielding goon with a powerful strike from his knee. "...quell this kind of number."

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After the man finished talking, Alphonse handed the girl a soda bottle, Have fun.” He pointed up on the metal walkways, “I’ll be up there if you need me.” Alphonse patted the brunette girl on the head before he made his way towards the stairwell.

Ned turned her attention onto the fight, she felt sorry for the people but that didn’t stop her from beating them up. It was her job after all. She took a sip of the soda and the effect was immediate. Starting from her head and down to her toes, she could feel the energy surge through her. She raised the bottle and closed her eyes as it began to take shape. after a few seconds the light died down and a giant green bat was shown. A black tree constricted the bottle with branches spread out along it pulsating like veins.

“I apologize for what I am about to do and I hope you will forgive me.”

She started to run towards the action but stopped in her tracks as a gust of wind flew by her, it was some kind of robot and within mere seconds it had dispatched several enemies. She tightened her grip on her bat and ran faster to catch up.

A thug charged at her with a knife in hand. Still running,she grabbed her bat with both hands and swung and it at his rib cage.


The knife flew out of the man’s grasp as his bones caved in upon impact. The man was tossed across the ground, kicking up litter and dirt, when he finally came to a halt he violently coughed up blood. The girl turned a blind eye and focused on the other enemies.

06-21-2013, 11:45 AM
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Zero stood and watched as the other gladiators rushed into the fray, whether to find a vantage point or to begin fulfilling their blood lust. He was keeping a close
watch on the crowd in hopes to find the mysterious figure that greeted them. As he observed he noticed that the gladiator to thug ratio was far too great for him to be able to simply sit back and watch. From the midst of blood, energy blasts, flying bodies, and indescribable carnage a group thugs was breaking through. Some of them eyed Zero and began to rush him; he tried to think of ways to reason with them as they approached.

"Stop!" Zero yelled, holding out his hand. To his surprise the small group of 5 that rushed him obeyed his command. "Huh, now then, don't you think your mothers would scold you if they found out you were here?"

All of the thugs gasped in a disgusted shock of bewilderment.

"Our mothers are all dead homes!" The fairest skinned thug responded with the hispanic looking one following up.

"Doth thou sling slander so vile towards our late mothers?"

"What no! I wouldn't...." Zero replied swiftly then spoke to the hispanic one, "Woah guy, you need to upgrade your vocabulary."

With that comment they all began to swing at him, to no avail of course. As Zero dodged the attacks he glanced about the warehouse to see the number of thugs around him increasing.

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As the brown-coated man unleashes thousands of thugs upon us, things has gone chaotic. This so-called "tournament" feels no more than a trap for victims to dwell in. Seems that the other participants are fighting against the raid of criminals, while Todesberührung is surrounded by other thugs. He remains in the center of the murder circle, slowly closing onto him. The undead shows no fear towards them and remains immobile as they stare with anticipation to kill; some of them are carrying weapons such as knives, bats, chains, and hooks.

"Get ready to die, you piece of shit!" screamed the thug with the metal pipe on his right side, then run towards Todesberührung.

As he's about to land a hit, the undead grips the pipe just in time, right before it struck the head. The reaction on the thug's face was priceless as he saw the pipe disintegrate before his eyes. He fell back, and scrambled away from him, but the remaining men stay in place, knowing that despite the destructive power of the deathhand, one man won't withstand against a crowd of brutes. This doesn't surprise him in any way, he has faced pariahs like this before, except bigger.

He then finally spoke, "Who's next?"

The grunts were surprised, but remain standing. They all charged at him, but he still remained immobile. He's ready for chaos. He's ready for bloodshed, that is, if there is any blood to be spilled.

06-21-2013, 05:50 PM
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Alphonse ducked and dodged as the thugs tried to attack him, he made a swift kick to one of the goon's faces then calmly resumed his walk towards the stairwell.

“Such fun.” he mumbled under his breath, he never thought he’d enjoy being in the city so much.

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

The man managed to cry out one last thing before a giant bottle smashed against the side of his head. Ned made sure to just knock them out and not actually kill them but she started to wonder how much longer she could keep that up. The maid turned to catch another thug pointing a pistol at her; she furrowed her eyebrows and made her way towards him.

He took a step back and fired, the bullet narrowly missed her but she continued to approach the man. His hands shook more and more violently as the girl got closer. Frantic, the thug began firing at will but every bullet was blocked by the over sized bottle. Soon the bullets ran out and he decided to just throw the gun at her as hard as he could.

She planted her feet and lined up like she would if she was ready to hit a baseball. She swung, the air splitting as she did so, and hit the gun straight back at her enemy. it struck him right in the gut and he collapsed to the ground blacking out from the pain.

“27” she took a moment to catch her breath, she could feel her heart trying to jump out her chest.

The Organization
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Post #2
***Looks long but most of it is dialogue***
"Wow!" exclaimed Acel from her high vantage point.

Although, Acel could have finished them off by now, the thugs were still getting slaughtered by the other Gladiators. Eventually, they would all be finished and the actual tournament could begin. Despite moving so fast, Acel was patient and was more concerned with seeing what the other fighters could do rather than showing off.

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." she said to herself, recalling the adage of one of her favorite authors.

"Sun Tzu, a tatical mastermind."

Startled by the voice behind her, Acel quickly turned around. Walking toward her was a young man with piercing green eyes. He couldn't be more than 20, and as far as Acel was concerned, he seemed to be an ordinary human.

"How long have you been standing there," she asked, slightly worried that she didn't sense him at all beforehand.

"I just got here," he responded; his voice sounded bored noted Acel.

"Cecelia Q. Graves, Vicar 04 of The Organization at your service."

"I'm Alphonse, and I must admit I have never heard of this Organization." he responded with a smile.

Acel stood up and shook the kid's hand. She could tell that he was someone important and that if she wanted to advance the interests of the Organization in Stickpage, contacts would be very important.

"We are new to Stickpage and we have big plans for it," she said enthusiastically.

"Such as?" he asked with a hint of suspicion.

"That's all hush hush right now, you know how it is," joked Acel, "You don't seem like a fighter Alphonse, why are you here?"

Alphonse looked down below at the fighters and pointed at a young brunette swinging a bat at the thugs, sending them flying.

"That one's mine," He responded, a slight smile appeared on his face.



"She's got some strange powers. Definitely, not some ordinary kid." added Acel.

"You could say the same about the other Gladiators, especially you," he responded.


"How did you get up here so fast? Teleportation? Magic?"

Acel winked at him.

"Trade secret."

06-22-2013, 12:02 AM
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I looked left, then right, then back again as the man faded back into the crowd. Men of varying sizes stood looking at me expectantly. All of them big, all of them angry, and all of them so very, very human. I extend my right hand and summon my blade, the crystalline blade shimmering slightly as it enters reality. Just like me, it craved to carve into the flesh of these foolish men, and begin harvesting souls. "Lets see how many fucktards I can kill before I break a sweat. My guess? A few hundred..." I chuckle darkly, and before they can begin to make a move, I rush forward.

As I reach the first man, I pull my sword back in what would look like a horizontal slash, then follow it around in a complete reverse slash, the back of the blade striking at least five in the head. Through the boosted confusion, I begin to stab left and right, widening the gap around myself. These shitty goons didn't stand half a snowball's chance in hell at the rate they were dropping. Taking a moment to pause and leap back, I surveyed my kill count. It seemed my barrage had simply left me with seventeen dead. I check my forehead. Still no sweat.

"Looks like I'm winning the bet so far. Hope your employer didn't pay much; I mean, if you're paying for shit, doesn't matter if that shit shines or not. Shit is shit, and you put the hit in shit."

Post #2

The initial shock of having a child be their opponent, as well as the fact he was a murderous psychopath, broke from the grunts, and they began to surge forward. I grin and begin surging dark energy into my hands, it rising like black flames. They were like lambs lining up to the slaughter. "Call me Old McDonald then..." I whisper to myself with a laugh, before slicing off the first guy's head. As his body begins falling, I leap to it and jump off like a stepping stone, bringing my blad smashing down to cleave a man in half and send a shockwave to knock others off their feet. I grabbed the leg of one, and began to swing him around like a club, before throwing his limp body into the rafters. "You all aren't even putting up a bit of a challenge!"

One of the idiots behind me got the brilliant idea to pull out a pistol and fire into my shoulder. It took a moment before the pain actually reached into my mind. Once it did, everything began to turn red, and turned around slowly. The asshole was still on the ground, and as my eyes reached his, he began to tremble in fear at the pure hatred I was radiating. My blade penetrated directly through his heart in seconds, holding him into the ground, and the energy coalescing in my palms seemed to flair up even stronger. Not holding back a bit, I smashed my fist (and his face) into the ground so hard his skull literally exploded, and a well made dent was left behind, nearly half a foot deep. As I pulled my hand up from the gore filled hole, I looked to the others, who were circled around me. When I spoke in this body's husky voice, it was as if the very essence of death itself had possessed my words. "Which. Fucking. Piece. Of. Shit. Wants. To fucking die. Next?"

The pussy assed bitches fled, and I was left in a pissy mood surrounded by roughly fifty or so corpses. What a lame shindig. At that moment, something rolled into my eye. I pressed my hand to my forehead... and when it came back, it was sweat.


Preliminary Complete

06-22-2013, 01:42 AM
Post #2

The slain bodies are lying across the concrete floor, some are in puddle of their own blood, some unconscious, and some are half-way rotting corpses. Their tools are shown broken and corroded, scattered wood pieces and shattered chains. As much as how tough they put up against him, they are no match for Todesberührung's power. They gave them their all, and wasted it.

Todesberührung is seen knocking away other men who are beating him senseless with bats and crowbars. One managed to climb onto his back and repeatedly stab him with a chef's knife against the head, while others attempt to restrain him to the ground. All these efforts have been wasted as the fearless undead fought back against the strength in numbers. He lifts himself up as he is carrying a few on top of him, reaches for the one who's stabbing him, and thrusts him against an iron beam. He swings his right arm to one thug's face, quickly dissolving his face from skin to bone to ash as he screams in fear and pain. His remaining body collapse to the floor while the neck is slowly erodes.

He then swings his arm back to knock away the other goons, leaving him some more room to roam and fight. He then frees his left arm by shaking off those who are trying to pull him down, then socks right at the poor soul's face standing behind him; you can hear his skull crack and teeth shattered from the heavy impact of the undead's fist and massive strength against the ruffian's thick head. Blood has spurt out of his mouth, nose and eyes, and falls backwards to the floor, lying there to drown in his own blood and teeth.

These criminals keeps on coming as he fought off one goon after another, but despite the odds, Todesberührung has not worn himself out, not even a sweat to break from his dead skin. He kept on fighting, and won't stop until hopefully the raid will cease.

06-22-2013, 04:00 AM
Post #1

"...oh," Corvon's jaw dropped as he saw the army of hired hands rush at the group of participants, bearing arms of anything from fisticuffs to iron pipes. How many were there? A hundred? Five? More? He felt a cold shudder down his spine. What did this man expect from them? A mass slaughter?

"Kalena..." he turned around to face his companion with a quivering voice, almost worried that they could simply be swarmed by the vast number of enemies. Yet, Kalena's expression was a blank one, unmoved by the army that faced her. How she managed it, he did not know.

"Corvon. Stay still," Kalena murmured as she sunk her sword into the warehouse ground, her voice soft enough that he could barely hear it under the din of fighting and screaming.

"Eh?" Corvon mustered, but before he could even continue with another question, he lurched as the earth shook under him , before springing forward in a giant pillar that forced his body upward and onto the metallic walkways. He felt his stomach lurch from the sudden rise in heights, but managed to stumble onto the walkways, too concerned with withholding his breakfast than to wonder what had just transpired. He saw figures of other people on the same walkways, and gave a weak wave of greeting, unsure of why he even bothered.

Back down on the ground, Kalena willed the earth to envelop her blade, coating it with a layer of dirt and stone, essentially turning its razor sharp edges blunt and non-lethal. It would still hurt, of course, but for the mindless fools who would stoop low to violence for the sake of money, it was an appropriate punishment. Perhaps one might question her unnatural calmness at this point, but for a soldier who had seen through countless of battles, a skirmish with untrained men could may as well be a training session, albeit a somewhat more dangerous one.

06-22-2013, 10:36 AM
#Post 3

-Chance's suit was crusted in the blood of the thugs. Several bodies now lay at his feet; some headless, some with various puncture wounds from their own varying weapons, there were even some unrecognizable limbs scattered here and there. Pools of blood surrounded the many carcasses, and the stench of death hung on the air heavily.
-Chance himself stood in the midst of one of the blood pools, soft ripples swirling due to some unseen force. The number of thugs had dwindled but there were still many to fight. Chance could only continue his hysterical cackle as more and more thugs tried their luck with him.
-"Come now boys! You don't learn very well do you?!" He yelled. "You would think you would learn by now that you will not win!"
-That warped laughter burst its way through his lips once more. His posture was hunched and sloppy; a crazed look of hysteria apparent in his eyes. No matter how deranged and unstable he looked though, the attackers did not stall. Chance grew excited when a pack of three particularly large thugs broke through the crowd and presented themselves. One held a large hammer; another weilded a dual set of short swords that he spun magnificently; and the last one held a sort of mace-like weapon.
-"Ooh! Big boy toys!" Chance clapped his hands like a little child, his excitement for blood growing rapidly.
-The largest of the three, the one with the hammer, strode forward and stood right in front of Chance. The man's chest was eye level with the red-haired man, but size didn't matter in this situation. A look of pure giddiness was seen in Chance's eyes as he stood up on his toes, turning his head up to look at his larger opponent.
-"Care to dance, mate?" He chuckled. The thug's eye twitched slightly, and he snapped his fingers. He motioned for his "friends" to draw nearer, completely surrounding Chance with their massive frames.
-"Oh my! Seems like I'm dead..." Chance pouted. He couldn't help but chuckle as the man with the hammer choked in annoyance. With a grunt, the blunt weapon was raised high over the man's head.
-"Ooh! What fun!" Chance giggled. He blew a soft kiss to the man, which only increased the thug's annoyance.
-The large man brought the hammer down quickly, but uncontrollably. Chance merely sidestepped the attack and chuckled as it cracked the hard, concrete ground. The attack hadn't finished however. The hammer was swung to the side, aimed right at Chance's face. This time, the red-haired man ducked and used one hand to go into the "Bridge" poition; his other hand was placed neatly in his trouser pocket.
-"You missed." He sang happily. Using the force of the position, Chance kicked up with his legs. One foot hit the man square in the jaw, causing his head to snap back; the following leg wrapped itself around the man's neck. With a slight chortle, Chance brought both legs around the giant thug's neck and pulled back.
-The large thug could not react fast enough to what was happening. Chance pulled with all his might and sent the thug flying into one of his friends, the one with the mace to be precise. The pair went rolling away, both unconcious from the force of hitting the ground
-"My my, That was almost anti-climatic." Chance chuckled as his feet hit the ground softly and gracefully. He stood up and wiped his suit free if dust, scattering pieces of dried blood onto the ground.
-"Now, is it just you, mate?" The speech was directed to the remaing thug with the two short swords. The large man merely responded with a grunt as he lowered himself into a fighting stance.
-"What a shame. It seems I'll have to finish up here rather soon..." Chance pouted. He sniffed the air; the scent of blood was everywhere, and it was driving Chance mad.
-"But no matter. That shouldn't be a problem." His deranged laughter had returned, and a short spark of fear found it's way to the sword-weilding thug. Chance brought his other hand out of his pocket and stood up straight, his eyes wild and lusting for blood.
-"Let's go insane."

**I apologize for how long it is. I'm having a rather grand time writing this.**

06-22-2013, 10:43 AM
Post #1

Pencillum heard the door click locked behind the contestants. Two thousand brute thugs, wielding all kinds of knives, swords, and clubs, charged at him. He smirked.

"Two thousand thugs may be enough to stop me, but a locked door surely isn't."

He turned and flicked a few pencils at the door, and a large hole was created. He leaped through the hole and began to snipe at the thugs through the hole, throwing pencil after pencil at them. Thug after thug fell. Meanwhile, Pencillum observed the others fighting. Nearly half of the two thousand thugs were already down.

"Interesting..." he murmured, watching the contestants.

06-22-2013, 11:07 AM
Post #2

The initial wave that rushed him was dispatched with non-lethal force, and their numbers were replaced threefold. Zero used the first five to practice the CQC he had been taught by Carson a few days prior. It wasn't often that Zero lodged at the base the F.B.I intended to be his housing, but when he did Carson wasted little time on matters like sleep. With one thug's swing Zero dodged to the left, as he planted his feet, another thug lunged at him with a knife. Not being planted enough to dodge again Zero deflected the blow, managing to grab hold of the man's wrist as well. He twisted his arm into an outstretched position and delivered a blow directly to his elbow causing the bones to break. The poor thug wailed in agony as Zero swung him around by that same arm and collided his body with two more, knocking them to the ground.

Using the momentum he was given, Zero surrounded himself in a cyclone of wind which propelled him up to the walkway above while lifting and flinging the remaining twelve thugs under him into the air and around the warehouse. He landed on the walkway and noticed some of the other gladiators were present here as well. He held out his arms and, to his surprise, his Confetti-Kitty landed in his hands; it purred and wrapped itself around his neck like a white, fluffy, cloud of a scarf. Though overwhelmed with joy to see his kitty again he walked forward and lifted a fellow gladiator off the ground while waving to the others across the walkway.

06-22-2013, 11:42 AM
Post #3

"Right straight - left hook", Luther mumbled to himself, "right knee". Luther's kneecap smacked against a tall thug's nose, causing the bone in the thug's nose to break and pierce his own brain. The thug arms fell flat next to his body and he straightened his back, falling backwards, landing in a puddle of his own blood.
The seemingly endless flow of thug's seemed to lose it's strength. Luther didn't know how many thug's he had killed, his fists dripped of blood and his combat boots practically bathed in blood.
Next to Luther, the red-haired man was still fighting. The man was crazed, covered in blood and intestines. The man was holding a decapitated head in his left hand, pretending to have conversation with it. A sudden feeling of nausea hit Luther, his stomach cramps and empties itself on the corpse of a disemboweled thug.
Luther looked up and stared right into a barrel of a thug's revolver. Luther could see the bullet inside the barrel, ready to be fired. "Sweet dreams sport!" the thug sneered. Luther could see the rotation of the barrel and knew this would be the last thing he'd see.
A pencil flew through the air and hit the thug with the revolver in his throat. Gurgling the thug fell on his knees grabbing his throat with his right hand and still aiming the revolver on Luther. He pulled the trigger. Luther closed his eyes, he heard the sound of the shot which meant he wasn't dead. He realized the bullet only hit his shoulder, causing the bullet to dig one inch deep into Luther's thick skin.
"Are you alright?" a man stood behind a hole in the Warehouse's entrance doors.
Luther saw the man was holding a few pencils, the man looked kind of goofy with his big glasses and skinny posture, but somehow Luther felt sympathy towards the man. "Thanks for saving me, I owe you!", Luther shouted
Luther got up from his knees and looked at the thug with the revolver who was drowning in his own blood. "better luck next time..." Luther mumbled.
The bullet stuck in Luther's skin started to cause an agonising pain.
"Arghhh, cover me! I'm coming to you!", Luther shouted towards the man holding the pencils.
With his right hand covering his shoulder Luther ran towards the hole in the door and leaped through.

06-22-2013, 02:36 PM
**@Organization, PM me first so I can at least know if you’re going to puppet him.**
Post #3

Alphonse smirked then focused back on the battle below them,
"That so? Well, secrets are meant to be revealed, and I'm sure I'll discover yours sooner or later." That came out more like a threat but Alphonse didn't bother to correct himself. He looked over to see even more people joining them on the walkway, he sighed and leaned onto the railing.

“Lets just have a party at this rate.”

Ned pinched her nose as the smell of dead grew stronger. She began to wonder how long they had been fighting. Deep in her thoughts, she didn’t notice a brute approaching behind her.

He pushed her over causing her weapon to fly out of her grip. She managed to catch herself in her fall but a piece of glass was still able to lodge itself into her thigh. Her enemy raised the metal pipe aiming to smash in the girl’s head, she quickly rolled to the side avoiding it. The echo of the iupipe hitting the concrete rang in her ears. The maid, still shocked, stumbled back onto her feet and attempted to limp over to get the bottle only to be stopped in her tracks by a pipe hitting her back.

She wavered for a moment before falling over, a satisfied smirk appeared on the thug’s face. Lifting his weapon, he prepared to end her life in one final strike but stopped in mid swing as the girl plunged a shiv deep into his leg. The brute staggered back but by the time he was able to regain his posture Ned had taken up a 2x4. She whipped it across the side of the thug’s head breaking the plank in half in the process. With a satisfying crack, the burly man fell to his knees and onto the ground.

She sighed and tossed aside the broken slab of wood, "Done"

End of preliminary

06-22-2013, 05:28 PM
Post #3

The fatality numbers continues to rise as he persist to slay countless brutes the host is throwing at Todesberührung. One thug plummets a machete onto his chest, then pushes him down to the cement. Many others came and held down his legs and arms, preventing the restless undead to move. In front of Todesberührung is a brawny thug lifting a heavy sledgehammer onto his shoulders; the weight of the hammer slows down his speed as he walks, but his footsteps resemble Giant's footsteps, every step he takes shook the ground a bit as he grew closer.

The thug is wearing a sleeveless jean jacket with gray and black striped t-shirt underneath with the sleeves torn by the growth of his muscles, which are covered with various vulgar tattoos. Long, baggy pants that slowly sags down with every step, and black leather boots with dust and dirt stains. He has no hair, and seems to be part of a White Supremacist group somewhere outside the warehouse, evidence showing the small tattoo of a Swastika on his left hand. From the looks of him, he seems to have done terrible crimes before showing his sinister face in this place, and was, obviously, paid to wreck havoc against the participants in the tournament.

He gives a wicked grin and spat onto Todesberührung's stabbed chest, showing his disgust and hatred towards him; though to be fair, he would be doing that to every participant here. He took a few steps back to gain more room and momentum to swing his mighty weapon upon the undead's head. He grips onto the wooden handle, making sure he gets a tight one so he won't be making any mistakes while striking, and begins to lift. The weight of the metal head builds up enough force and momentum to give a devastating blow, then strikes down onto Todesberührung's head. It splattered and gushed around him, some onto other thugs who are watching, a gruesome sight it was. The crowd cheered at the notorious criminal as he waves back to his comrades, showing the pride and respect he was given.

The crowd dispersed and began attacking the other participants as the burly one sits down and rests, since the hammer has taken much energy from him. He'd watched the poor fools trying to fight against the crowd of cutthroats and killers, smiling at their desperation to live. Unbeknownst to him, a shadow gradually looms over his bald head. Finally realizing the shadow, he turns and his expression changed to fear as he gazed upon Todesberührung in one peace, except the blade sticking in his chest before pulling it out. The thug panicked and reaches for his hammer, but the undead caught him off-guard by latching his hand to the back of his head, deteriorating his skin to rotting flesh. The thug screamed in agony as he is slowly eradicating from existence; his bones are but dust, his mind is withering, and organs are failing, and the worst of all, he can feel all of it.

He collapse onto his knees and slowly fades into everlasting oblivion, leaving nothing left of him. The undead has done it, he has completed what the Brown-Coat calls "the Preliminaries."

06-22-2013, 06:46 PM
#Post 4

-Bodies. So many bodies. The empty containers that at one point held life, were now still and beginning to become cold. The thug with the short swords had been decapitated by his own weapons, and in his madness, Chance held a lengthy conversation with the head. But now the red-haired man was starting to come to his senses, his insanity slowly ebbing out of him. Chance clutched his head with a single hand, his back was hunched in agony as his head pounded.
-"I should really be more careful..." He chuckled slightly, his amusement slipping when a shock of pain blazed through his head. The thugs that had attacked him were now dead on the ground, or so he thought.
-A single thug rose from the ground slowly. In his hand he clutched a metal pipe, his hands barely able to grip the weapon as his hands shook. Chance did not realize that the thug was getting closer, for his headache had dulled most of his senses. Closer and closer the man got, raising the bar high above his head.
-A short cry of pain brought Chance back to his senses, and he turned towards the sound. The thug brought the pipe down quickly and with enough force to bash the head of almost any living thing, but Chance reacted. In an instant, he was surrounded by crimson blood. Either from himself, his fellow gladiators, or the thugs, he did not know. All he did know was that the thick liquid surrounded him, cradling him like a child and protecting him from the assault. The attacking thug yelped in surprise as the pipe was grabbed a hold of by the blood and lifted from the ground. In his frightened state, he clung helplessly to the pipe as it rose higher and higher.
-"I'll finish up with you here, mate. My head is absolutely killing me!" Chance chuckled half-heartedly. He had come to a standing position amidst the blood as it twirled about him. He followed the thug higher into the air, nothing but squeaks of pleas for mercy escaping the terrified man's mouth. Chance's head throbbed and the blood became unstable for a slight second. That second was just enough for the pipe to slip through the grip of the crimson liquid, and it, along with the thug, fell to the ground. The helpless attacker screamed as he fell, but was quickly silenced as he hit the ground with a sickening thud.
-"Ouch... Sorry, mate!" Chance chuckled. The man's body had twisted into an awkward angle, with his leg bent backwards and his arm nearly inverted. The fall was definitely tragic, as it broke both the man's neck and spinal column in one fell swoop.
-More throbbing pain ripped its way through Chance's head and when he clutched at his face, his hand came back covered in his own blood. Blood was dripping from his nose and the corner of his mouth slowly. He had overdone it with all the killing, and now he was suffering. He quickly forced his way to the railing above where several other gladiators were already watching the fight.
-"Oh, hello." He smiled weakly and quickly sat down with his back to a metal support beam. The blood that carried him fell to the ground and rained down on several other gladiators below, but the fight continued. Chance looked rather... murderous in his state. His expensive suit covered in blood, his hair matted from a mix of blood, sweat, and the tears of his victims; and his overall physique seemed rather weak at this point. He didn't care however. He did what he had to do. He closed his eyes halfway and peered down at the ongoing battle, the gladiators were clearly at an advantage. Content washed over him, along with a new wave of pain through his head. He was done fighting for today, so he simply tried to relax and enjoy the show.
-"Gladiators 1, Thugs 0." Was all he chuckled before blacking out.


06-23-2013, 12:37 AM
Post #3

The android kept his pace, blasting non-lethal amounts of cyan energy at every goon he could spot while he slammed his electrically empowered fist at every opportunity a thug would get too close. The warehouse was blur of rage and rampage. The android's optics zoomed in and out of view of every gladiator he could see as he pummeled and blasted a goon.

The jade eye picked up a gladiator that was able to punch a hole through a thug's head..."Observation: Surge of strength, wields sword...noted."

Two thugs actually got close enough to attempt a grapple from behind. The wing pack immediately flared on and he twirled in place a several times until the thugs lost their grip. He blasted them with the plasma gun as they flew past several other thugs.

His optic zoomed in another gladiator as he fired, this one had a few thugs on his as well, he was getting stabbed multiple times but nothing yielded blood or even weakened the gladiator. "Observation: This one displays outstanding endurance and physical strength." The gladiator suddenly swings his hand at a brute which then slowly dissolves. "Continuation: Also shows the ability of rapid decay."

A goon screams a battle cry as he charges in, bringing down an actual katana down into the plasma gun.

"Got ya now, tin face!" The man yelled in triumph.

Bl.An.C. opened his palm on his right and charged it up. He gripped the man's face with the Iron Fist and sent surges of electricity through the man's head. The man attempted to yelp in fear but to no avail. He was knocked unconscious or in a coma the next few seconds and dropped to the ground.

The goons were diminishing but it was not that visible, they were all in clumps now, targeting separate gladiators a hundred to one...sometimes more than a hundred. This unequal fight would serve a purpose...but what? These goons should know they stand little to no chance against people who battle each other with powers. Why would they go for it? The android thought to himself as he sent back the plasma gun. A flash of light ended the grip of the katana on his left forearm. The blade fell in a melodious klang. He stood watching the goons around him as he picked up the blade. They carried mundane weapons...they could have carried RPGs or at least AK-47s...What is the host planning?

06-23-2013, 01:09 AM
"Damn! There's too many of em! These guys are like ants!" Rio complained as he was pummeling goons after goons.
"I agree. But I have a plan. Get to an empty spot to charge. This'll be a big one." Rio complied and retreated a bit. Then with a powerful shockwave, Luke charged up with an intense glow. That is, until he was shot through his stomach. The feeling of cooper piercing through your organs isn't exactly a good one. The pain was unbearable, the heat from the wound greatly disturbed Rio's concentration. And that had put his charging on hold.
"Arg! Goddamn son-of-a-bitch!" Rio yelled as he was kneeling down, stopping blood gushing out of the wound. But when he raised his head, a gun barrel was aiming at his eye.
"Goodbye, bitch!" And that was the goon's last words. A cyan blast knocked the thug off his feet and landed behind Lucario.

"Query: Need a hand?" A monotonous voice came from a black android.
"Thanks, mate. Mind covering for me? Need time to perform my last attack." Rio said, hoping to receive his assistance.
"Response: Affirmative." It sounded like music to the brawler's ears.
"Glad you agree. Now GO!" And with the command, Bl.An.C. dashed off, shooting blasts from his plasma cannon and pounding foes with his iron knuckle. Or fist (whatever...). Anyway, despite the continuos pain, Rio managed to mantain his concentration and a tremendous glow could easily be seen among the thugs. Realizing the danger, the goons switched their main target to Lucario, but fended off by the melting plasma blades of the Blast Android.
"Query: Are you done? Observation: I don't think I can fight against this many." said the black android as he was chopping the incoming men. The glow disappeared in an instant and high in the air was Lucario, his hand pointing upwards, his palm open. And on top of him was an ordinary Aura Sphere. Except that it was a lot bigger. And continously expanding.

"Dodge!" yelled Lucario as he was throwing the gigantic ball of energy. Its size was probably equal to a certain hero's attack. The other wRHG saw the attack and immediately moved out of the "danger zone". The same couldn't be said about the thugs, though. However fast they ran, their feeble legs couldn't outrun Luke's attack. And then, there was a loud explosion. The shockwave was so powerful that almost everyone was knocked off their feet, even the ones near the ceiling. And the result, a large amount of thugs were fried even worse than KFC (probably one thousand-ish). Luke dropped down the ground gently, but even that didn't help his body. Drained of his aura, his muscles strained by Rio, just being conscious was a difficult task. Bl.An.C. kindly offered his help with his wing pack and brought Lucario to the netallic walkways near the ceiling. There stood a couple of people who must've been wRHGs. The android put Luke down slowly and gently, then he jumped back down to continue his attacks upon the remaining men, whose numbers must've been a couple hundred, and left behind a wounded, gasping man.
"Hey...How's it going?" greeted Luke to the others before he laid flat on the walkway. The pain from the bullet wound along with the cold seeping into him from the metallic walkway made up a very horrifying experience. "Go get em...mate..." whispered Lucas as he was looking down the battlefield, wishing luck to the others before blacking out.
Preliminary completed.

06-23-2013, 02:17 AM
Post #1

After the host's speech, the warehouse fell into Chaos. Thugs was chasing other participants, which seems to have a hard time fending them off. Aiman? He was hiding behind a stage, near the entrance of the warehouse. He was planning to escape this place somehow, but...

"Going somewhere, punk?" A voice said behind him.

Gulp. Aiman slowly turned his head and saw a sight he would not like to believe. There were thugs. Many of them. To be exact, about 25.

"Uh...nowhere?" Aiman said in a cracked voice, fear overwhelming him.
"You ain't shitting me, punk!" The front thug, which seems to be the leader, spoke in a voice that seems to be annoyed.

The thug rushed to Aiman, tightening his fist. Aiman was unprepared, and took the full blow of his fist. The force of the fist sent him flying to what it seems to be a pile of wood. Aiman coughed blood, as he slowly stood up. If I don't do something I might just die here, The mage thought. Then, a group of thugs with scars all over their bodies charged themselves on to Aiman. Calming down, the mage changed elements to Fire, and summoned the greatsword.

"Time for a counterattack."

06-23-2013, 06:27 AM
Post #2

Kalena ignored the carnage that went about her, only concerning herself with those that decided to approach her. She doesn't wait for them to attack, rushing forward with her blade swinging effortlessly in the air like a dangerous hurricane. the first few that met the attack were too confused, too surprised to even react to the ferocity of her charge. They all fell, knocked into concussion by a blow to the head or blacking out from the pain of having their ribs shatter from the impact of the stone. Once, a thug got behind her, brandishing a giant machete. The swing was only able to tear at the edges of her skirt, and he was just as quickly put down by two nearly simultaneous strikes on the abdomen and head. Her actions were swift, yet graceful. Even as she was beginning to be surrounded it did little to impede her; one well timed dodge meant two men slicing their own bodies instead of their target.

Corvon himself was still reeling, not from having been boosted up, but at the sheer gore that exploded from the encounters. Limbs flew, and blood was splattered across the floor like some grotesque fountain. Death was everywhere, hanging like a thick miasma that suffocated every fiber of his being. It was horrific. He could cover his eyes, but the image of the soaked battlefield was already etched in his mind, haunting him when he did. At last he settled with just focusing on Kalena, somewhat glad that she wasn't blatantly murdering her attackers, and assisted her with well aimed bolts of magic, each enough to knock a grown man off his feet.

06-23-2013, 09:42 AM
In the middle of the chaotic battle, Pencillum spotted a thug about to shoot a teenage gladiator.

Should I save him?
He's a threat to me winning -
He's a human!
So? I've taken out dozens of humans before -
Only in self-defense!
Er... forget that! This guy has never done anything to me -
But he might do something to me later -
Especially if I don't save him!

Before his unsympathetic part of his brain could argue back, he whistled a pencil into the attacker's throat. The thug fell to the ground, yet still managed to shoot the teenager. In the shoulder.

"Are you all right?" Pencillum yelled.

"Thanks for saving me, I owe you!" he yelled back. Still bleeding from the bullet wound, he turned back to the fallen thug, then seemed to pause for a moment before turning back and running for the hole in the door Pencillum was standing from, yelling something obscured by a massive explosion from across the warehouse.

The two teenagers stood outside the warehouse, watching from the hole in the door.

"Erm... I'm not sure how to say this, but... er... shouldn't we get some help for that bullet wound?"

06-23-2013, 09:54 AM
Post #3

"As much as I love a good party, I think one is already happening below us."

Zero responded to the warrior's statement while petting his Confetti Kitty. The warmth of its body and intensity of its purring grew greater with each tender stroke.

"Why are you all up here? Shouldn't we be helping our fellow gladiators?"

As he asked a voice from below let out a distressed call. He looked over the railings to see two gladiators in a less than advantageous position. One was on the floor holding a 2x4, while the other was rushing towards what looked like a hole in the wall of the building.

"That for instance is what I am..." Before Zero finished his statement he noticed something amiss in his immediate area; the Confetti Kitty stopped purring. "...Oh dear."

The very dangerous child's toy let out a deep MEOW then blew up. The force of the blast sent Zero flying over the railing and he landed on the hard ground roughly 50ft away. He arose into a kneeling stance while he rubbed his neck. He looked up to see the ocean of thugs had scattered into separate lakes, one of which was heading straight towards him. He erected an earth wall about 15ft high and 30ft wide to allow him time to form a plan that didn't involve killing these poor thugs.

"Guess I have to fight now." He spoke in a pity towards his own predicament as he stood up straight watching as the vagabonds rushed in from around the wall he even saw a few scaling down from the top. "H-How did they jump that high?"

06-23-2013, 10:22 AM
Post #4 (Final post)

After a rather uncomfortable landing on the pavement in front of the Warehouse door, Luther stood up and watched the hole where he'd just jumped through. He was still covering his wound with his right hand, but miraculously it didn't hurt anymore, it sort of itched rather than hurt. Luther frowned and looked at his hand covering his bulletwound. Slowly he removed his hand from the wound, only to reveal a bloody spot where once was the bullet. Luther felt something inside his hand, it was the bullet. The bullet was completely flat, apparently his thick skin avoided the bullet to go more than one inch deep.
Quickly Luther started undressing his upper combat clothes and t-shirt. After looking around for a bench and unable to find one he just tossed them next to him on the ground. Standing bare chested he looked upon his shoulder. It only showed some nasty dried up blood which made it look like Luther was badly wounded. Luther touched the place of impact with his finger, there was no wound, not even a scar.
"The Operator was right.... it is amazing..", Luther mumbled to himself. Luther realized he was talking to himself again and quickly looked up to the person that saved his life. The man was nervous and probably not sure if Luther was a friend or an enemy.
The man spoke: "Erm... I'm not sure how to say this, but... er... shouldn't we get some help for that bullet wound?". After saying this the man quickly looked the other way.
Luther noticed he was still frowning, with his hands still shaped as fists. Calm down man.... it's just another participant, and besides he saved your life..
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you... It's just the heat of the battle, I still need to cool down" Luther said as non-hostile as possible, while stretching his fingers, he continued: "I think I'm fine, there's more blood than injury, but thanks for your concern".

A slight headache began to appear in Luther's mind, perhaps the bullet didn't hurt him physically, but mentally.
"I think I'm just going to sit here in the grass, I don't feel so well", Luther spoke in friendly tone. The man now looked confused and unable to make some kind of decision.
"It's alright, you can leave me here, I can take care of myself....", while saying this Luther walked towards the grass in front of the warehouse and sat down with his back against an oak tree. "My name is Luther by the way". He closed his eyes for a short rest.

***Preliminary complete***

06-23-2013, 11:44 AM
Post #4

The android looked around, as he was in the air. Lucario was out at the moment and he could see another walking out, it was the brown haired gladiator.

From his vantage point he could see other gladiators fending off perfectly well. His jade optic zoomed in. One was a woman, she held an earthen club but had a handle of a sword. She moved gracefully from each thug, redirecting attacks and making her own. Blasts of energy took out key thugs as they massed forward towards the girl. He traced where the blasts were coming from and saw that, from where he was, a boy was standing near the catwalk where a huge column of rock and earth stood. He was blasting energy at the thugs from above. Most likely a companion. There was another as well on the catwalk, actually two. Bl.An.C. noticed Acel and another he could not recognize that was with her. They were merely observing.

Pity they don't show much of their strength... Bl.An.C. thought to himself. The beam blades hummed wildly in his hands.

Suddenly, an explosion sent a shockwave that unbalanced Bl.An.C. in the air for a few seconds, he turned that way and saw a Ensiron fending off the thugs. "Statement: Allies are never meant to be alone."

His wing pack surged on as he advanced towards Ensiron.

"Guess I have to fight now." He said pitifully, but to his predicament instead of himself entirely. Thugs began to encircle the wall of earth he had just erected. Some even had appeared above the wall. "H-How did they jump that high?"

Bl.An.C. immediately appeared and dashed in the air through the thugs on top of the wall. The hands of those that were caught had been severed, immediately cauterized and smoking from the passing of the beam blade. The thugs on the wall dropped down with a loud thud and reeled in pain, grasping the studs that used to have their hand.

"Query: Do you require assistance?" The android's hand glowed white and the appendage was replaced by a plasma gun.

"How can I say no?" Ensiron smiled.

The thugs charged in, screaming a weird battle cry. Ensiron morphed suddenly, his eyes glowed a bright yellow and his body sparked powerfully with electricity. He grasped his sword, which slowly curved at the ends as he took it from its sheath. Holding it in both hands, he split the blade in two. He lowered his stance as the crowd of goons approached. He exhaled slowly and concentrated.

The first thug appeared to have jumped, holding a mace over his head. Bl.An.C. crashed down onto him and begun to blast others that attempted approach. Bl.An.C. nodded to his ally which took the cue to cut in. Ensiron sped through the earthen wall he had made which had caused it to explode in massive shards of rock, Ensiron hooked legs with his blades as he passed the goons by and threw them upwards as he did. The pseudo android's targeting systems quickly locked on to several targets and fired singular blasts of cyan energy at them.

Bodies were falling to the ground, unconscious and mumbling in pain.

A yell from behind him alerted the android to a violent presence. He looked back and saw goon holding a massive sledgehammer over his head about to hit Bl.An.C.'s head. But in quick succession, Ensiron had slammed into the individual goon, sparks of electricity danced across his arms and legs, effectively knocking the air out of the man's lungs and sent him to the ground several meters away.

There were still a lot more thugs but Bl.An.C. and Ensiron simply nodded to each other silently and continued their struggle.


**You may use my character blakphoenix**

**Yes, you did, blakphoenix**

06-23-2013, 11:50 AM
**Update: **Wow, I didn't expect 12 of the 13 to post! Nice. Very Nice indeed. A couple of things...

First off, Shaq has entered the fray.

Secondly, THIS is the real "sign-up" topic. If you don't post here and participate, then your entry into this tournament is forfeit. (TO ANY NEWCOMER: YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO SIGNUP IN THE DISCUSSION THREAD IF YOU WANT IN). If and when saintmccaw posts, the new bracket will look like this:

1st vs 13th vs 12th
2nd vs 11th
3rd vs 10th

and so on.

Finally, I kinda have some midterms coming up this coming week and I've been avoiding this site all weekend because of that. But please, keep posting. My assistant, acutelatios is lurking/tending to this thread in my absence and I will pop up on occasion as I have now. If and when the thread gets no activity for 2.5 days straight or if I have deemed it necessary, I will close this and proceed with the brackets.

To the unfortunate who happen to find themselves in 13th, 12th, etc. place, do not worry...there's more to this tournament than just pairing you guys up. Rest assured, that you will all still have an equal chance of winning. That's all for now.

06-23-2013, 12:43 PM
Post #4

The chaotic tango of destruction continued as Cooper and Zero downed one hostile after another. Another wave was charging towards the pair, Zero focused his electrical energies and let loose an electromagnetic pulse in their direction. This expenditure caused his form to dissipate and he was forced to take a kneeling stance. The pulse hit the entire wave causing all the thugs to stop moving and fall to their knees. Cooper took this opportunity to fly into the air, call in a pair of drones, and fire off some missiles at the group. Before the missiles made contact, the drones emitted two high powered laser beams into the group. The lasers incinerated all the thugs along the outer rim then the missiles ended the inner circle's chances of survival.

"That was a good one." Zero called to Cooper, catching his breath, he looked around and was met with the grim surprise of a very burly man towering over him with a large pipe in his hands.

"Ah, you must be the bearded lady. The circus is that way." Zero joked pointing to the hole in the wall.The thug raised his pipe overhead and readied to strike when Cooper rushed down and pierced the man's skull with a beam blade. The force of the assault brought him to the ground with Cooper standing over his now lifeless body. "Statement: Now we are even."

Cooper turned to face Zero who now stood up. Zero nodded, turning to his left to see a final wave approaching. Zero readied his sword as Cooper called in his wing pack.

"I think I have enough left in me for one more display."

With a flash of light brown light the pair was surrounded by randomly sized masses of rock which deflected incoming bullets and Zero's sword was now made of diamond. Cooper swiftly ascended while firing energy blasts into the group, quickly dispatching a good number of thugs. Zero rushed froward and propelled himself into the fray, blocking blows and deflecting bullets, with each step he encased a thug from the waist down in earth. When he found his way to the center he stalled and noticed that he was surrounded by pistol wielding thugs.

"Not...what I intended."

"Suggestion: Ensiron, meet my lasers with your sword."

Hearing this Zero launched himself into the air with a pillar of earth and swung his sword around to line up with Cooper who unleashed an amplified laser towards Zero. The beams were absorbed through the tip of his sword and Zero sliced down through the pillar of rock with uncanny descent speeds. When his sword slammed against the ground, all the built up energies were released into an eruption of light and destruction. The area was filled with an immense amount of smoke, Cooper scanned the cloud and found, at its center, a chair made of stone with Zero resting on it.

"And that..." He spoke while trying to intake as much air as possible, "...is what I...call teamwork."

"Affirmation: Agreed."


**I only hope that did both of us justice, E-Blends**

06-23-2013, 01:49 PM

The other gladiator responded quite casually, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you... It's just the heat of the battle, I still need to cool down." He stretched his fingers. "I think I'm fine, there's more blood than injury, but thanks for your concern."

He paused for a moment, then said, "I think I'm just going to sit here in the grass, I don't feel so well."

He laid down, and soon apparently was asleep.

"Huh... well, I've seen weirder," Pencillum said to himself, and turned just in time to deflect an knife flying at him with a pencil. A thug somersaulted through the hole in the door and fell to the ground, wailing loudly, a pencil sticking out of his back.

"Tip #1: Never do a somersault unless necessary," he muttered to the fallen thug, and jumped back in the warehouse. He looked around. The large warehouse was filled with the stench of blood and incredible amounts of thugs lying on the ground, defeated.

"Well, that was quick."


06-24-2013, 12:08 AM
#Post 2

"Time for a counterattack."

The group of thugs made a beeline for Aiman, while the mage braces himself for the attack. When suddenly...

"Dodge!" A voice echoed from the side of the warehouse.

Unsure to follow the voice or not, the element master just did what he was told. And lucky for him. A mighty sphere of energy came flying at the thugs in front of the mage. It nearly hit him, but he was lucky. The ball of energy took out about a 100 of the thugs in its wake. Aiman froze for a bit, feaering what may come after he survives this, but he shook that thought away. Fear has creeped in to the hearts of the thugs by the energy sphere.

But Aiman has made a resolve. He won't back down anymore. With his greatsword, the mage charged on to his enemies, catching them off-guard. With a powerful slash, a few thugs was sent flying.

"Don't worry; I'm using the blunt edge."

06-24-2013, 08:55 PM
_Ai_, if no one else will post with you and you're stuck, you can just merge your posts so that you don't double. And mention if your entry is complete.

Me and Acute are ranking the results as we speak. If saintmaccaw doesn't show up soon then he's out and we'll have our regular 12 in the bracket. Once we have our seeds, the bracket will be up shortly if no one else will post anything.

Good luck to ya'll.

06-25-2013, 12:00 AM
_Ai_, if no one else will post with you and you're stuck, you can just merge your posts so that you don't double. And mention if your entry is complete.

Me and Acute are ranking the results as we speak. If saintmaccaw doesn't show up soon then he's out and we'll have our regular 12 in the bracket. Once we have our seeds, the bracket will be up shortly if no one else will post anything.

Good luck to ya'll.

Right. Thanks.

The Organization
06-25-2013, 02:57 PM
Post # 3 ***Probably last post***
Watching the battle unfold, thoughts raced in Acel's mind.
The wRHG were clearly winning, but most of them were mere humans and they were tiring out.
"I guess two thousand is a lot to ask for," she said aloud, "perhaps I should finish the rest off."
Although, she sounded concerned, Acel was smiling. A haunting smile matched with glowing golden eyes.
"No matter how strong they are, there only human," mocked Acel drawing agitated glances from those who heard her.
Acel didn't care though. because the blood that she craved was calling to her.

"I can't," she thought trying to hold back these feelings, "it would be slaughter."

"Perhaps, but these fools dug their own graves when they raised their toys against me," responded her rationality.

In an instantaneous burst of speed, Acel appeared in the middle of the Warehouse floor, landing like a ballerina in the battlefield. Bodies and limbs were strewn across the floor in pools of blood. The few wRHGs, who were still fighting comprised of 3 humans, but only two pique Acel's interest.

The remaining thugs where attempting to regroup but the other fighters were dividing their forces.

Acel could feel her demonic powers coursing through her veins. Although, the pain of utilizing demonic energy directly hurt, it gave Acel, a strange kind of pleasure, coaxing her to go all the way into the darkness.

But she couldn't. As long as she was conscious, the strain would continue to degrade her mind, but if she went fully demonic now, she knew that no one would survive it, with the possible exception of the zombie. As a demon, Acel would lose the ability to distinguish friend from foe, and the mission was to observe the wRHGs not to kill them.

While she was thinking, one of the thugs shot at Acel. The bullet, though fast, was deflected off her Aether shield which started to fizz as it repaired itself.

"Ah, my first volunteer."

In a flash of speed, Acel was already on top of the culprit, smiling she held up her hand over his heart. Her hand vanished and a huge hole opened up in his chest. He immediately collapsed, falling dead on the ground.

"Whose next?" she asked her arm dripping with blood.

The bastards were still spread out, but Acel got their attention.

"That's right! Come on pansies, show me watch you got!" mocked Acel.

Acel flew from enemy, hitting their vitals directly. One man was unlucky enough to get his jugular vein ripped out, the blood sprayed all over her face.

"Damn, got blood in my hair," Acel said panting. She had already taken out a score of enemies but they started to swarm her realizing the threat.

"That's right, get over here!" roared Acel. She started to laugh maniacally as they closed in.

"Damn fools."

Suddenly, Acel's Aether shield became visible and contracted, shining violently. Acel's visor became opaque, safeguarding her eyes. It immediately, expanded and exploded violently, wiping out the vast majority of stragglers who had foolishly chosen to surround her. Despite its brightness, the explosion was completely and disturbingly silent.

In a flash it was gone, sparks racing across Acel's body. Her visor faded out revealing her blue eyes, as her demonic power had left her body.

"Guess I over did it a bit," she said, collapsing out of the exhaustion of the hybrid form.

06-26-2013, 07:57 AM
Post #3 (Final)

Sharp cracking echoed from Kalena's position with every blow she struck at each enemy. Her actions swift, yet restrained, conserving what little energy she would need in this battle of attrition. The weapons that the thugs held were barely able to reach her; some glanced off her clothes, perhaps a small cut here and there, but never a direct hit. She was too fast, and when she needed it, the earth struck upon her opponents to give her openings to escape. The smarter ones tried to lock her limbs in close quarters wrestling, but even those that made contact with her were swiftly dealt with by Corvon, collapsing into a bundled heap as the bolts overloaded them with striking, yet non-lethal, pain. It helped that she was only dealing with those who actively tried to attack her, while many others were distracted by the roaring onslaught that every other gladiator caused.

By this time, most of the thugs had been cleared out by whatever means of dispatching that the gladiators had, mostly through turning the entire warehouse into some twisted meat blender by eviscerating every other human they came across. Corvon couldn't help but occasionally glance off to other areas, and almost always he regretted it. It was as if someone had just given the innards of the warehouse a new paint over, complete with plenty of disembowelled limbs and innards, all mercilessly split and splattered onto the ground. Even from within the distance he could see bits of skin and flesh, all the more a disgusting sight for him. These people...would go so far as to kill so many...for what reason? He cupped his mouth, almost feeling another lurch in his stomach. It was ridiculous. This was no tournament. This...was a slaughterhouse.

On Kalena's end, however, she seemed to be uncaring of the burst of gore and carnage around her. Perhaps she was too embroiled in her own battles to notice, or she just chose not to think about it. Either way, it was clear that the battle was about to end. She was faced by a mere two score of men, none of them who thought fighting was a good idea any more.

"Lay down your arms, and withdraw," she spoke, raising her sword just enough to show the eroded earth that once covered its blade, now barely concealing its two edges, "I cannot guarantee that you will meet the same fate as the rest of the others. Surely your life is worth more than what meagre rewards you have been promised."

Most of the men backed off then, knowing what she was capable off. Five charged at her regardless, and she dodged to the side and the last moment, giving each of them consecutive blows to the head with the side of her blade and rendering them unconscious from the resulting concussion. The other fifteen ran off then, too fearful for their lives to risk fighting her.

Kalena gave a small, barely noticeable sigh and struck her sword onto the ground, raising a small, earthen stool which she promptly sat on. The battles were just about finished, she noticed, save for the few others still scattered about. Around her, piles upon piles of bodies lay on the ground, some twitching, some groaning, but none capable or even daring enough to stand again. She gave the warehouse's bloodied landscape a brief glance, then to where Corvon was above her. Briefly, she wondered if it was wise to have brought him here, to bring this mild mannered mage who would find the idea of intentionally hurting another unthinkable, into a grotesque room of death. The sight...must have made him more than just horrified.

The Strongest
06-27-2013, 03:23 PM
Post #1

Walden withdrew his sword from the chest of a thug, a clumsy fighter who overextended himself one too many times and found out what silver covered in blood looked like. Even as the life was fading from his opponent's eyes, Walden was withdrawing a handkerchief to clean his blade in preparation for his next opponent. Walden's insistence on putting himself on equal ground with whatever opponent he was facing required him to put significantly more effort into each mook he faced. Still, that last one marked Walden's third in a relatively short span of time. Still, it was a result of the numerous assailants being brute thugs, easily dodged around and defeated. There was something exhilarating about the scene of chaos. Perhaps it was the sheer number of spirits being released by the slaughter of so many men, and some in horrifying ways.

Within the first few minutes, Walden had seen a man strangled by chains of blood. Still, that did little to match the raw power that had sent men flying through the air like rag dolls. For a few moments, Walden had wondered why they bothered to pull themselves to their feet again. It was clear that their efforts would be in vain. The seemingly endless din of screams of pain mixed with the sickening crunch of bone and the splattering of blood was enough to disturb Walden. Perhaps these men were clones, however. Bred to die, conditioned for this task. It had soothed his conscience and alleviated his worry about the company he seemed to be keeping. To a degree, at least. Walden doubted the truth of his hope.

As the thug fell to the ground, dead, Walden saw the next thug behind him, already coming in at a charge with his knife glinting dangerously in the various lights illuminating the slaughterhouse. There were fewer combatants for Walden to have to pay attention to, as he had taken up a position behind the frontline, facing off against those who moved around in an attempt to flank. But these were dumb brutes of men, and the thought of moving around didn't occur to as many as one might have expected. Instead, they seemed content to line up to die in droves before the other Gladiators.

Oh well, it required less effort on Walden's part to keep his defensive line of wolves up. The pack was out, enforcing Waldens' dueling nature by keeping the other thugs at bay, allowing Walden to focus on his fight. Just as the pack of thugs was decreasing, however, Walden's own pack was beginning to dwindle, as he was forced to take in more and more of their essence to keep him fighting at peak form. It would take some time to recover himself, Walden knew. He could feel the exhaustion, where the essence was necessary. So thinned was the pack, then, that the aforementioned charging thug was able to get through, slashing with the blade of his knife.

Walden took a short step backwards, avoiding the attack, and then lunged at the thug, aiming for the heart.

Post #2

The blade found its mark, and the ritual repeated itself. Remove the blade. Clean it, turn to find the next opponent. Except, this time, as he took the time to look around, Walden found the number in the warehouse to be severely diminished. It wasn't unexpected, no, but it still seemed shocking how the population had fallen so quickly. The tiredness in his bones forced Walden to take in another of his wolves' essences. How many remained? Walden didn't stop to check. Instead, he turned to face the next he had identified as his opponent.

The man was drawing a pistol, apparently deciding that now that their numbers were greatly reduced, it was safe enough to use it. Or perhaps it was because of the reduction that he was willing to use the pistol, not out of concern for his fellows, but out of his own desperation. The look of bloodlust and confidence he had first seen in the thugs was gone.

"We shall have this duel as gentlemen." Walden declared to the man, drawing his own pistol. "We shall meet in the middle, each of us shall take our ten paces, and then we shall turn."

The thug seemed struck dumb for a moment at Walden's declaration, but being within a (increasingly less secure) perimeter of spectral wolves seemed to sap his resistance to the idea. Walden and the thug walked, meeting in the circle the wolves paced.

"What is your name?" Walden asked, feeling regretful at not having the time to ask the previous one's name before their brief fight.

"Jeremy." the thug replied.

"Very good. I am named Walden. I hope that our duel shall be as honorable as the others. And, of course, if you try to shoot me in the back, my pets will stop you." Walden said. "Now, as your pistol has a significantly higher capacity than my own, I shall call the turn, and it is most likely fire the first shot. Understood?"

Jeremy the Thug nodded, and the two turned their backs to each other, and each took ten paces. Walden called for the turn. He fired the first shot. It was all very quickly done, efficiently, almost civilly. A stark contrast to the carnage that was winding down around him.

Walden paused, then, returning his blade to its sheathe, and using the reformed cane for its evident purpose, resting at wary ease, as the will of the others to be fighting seemed to be fast fading before the fury of the fighters.

06-27-2013, 04:14 PM
**Rewriting. I skimmed the rules and thought one # had to be thirty seconds DX**

Falling from the sky, Mccaw landed face down in the middle of a heavy battle between wRHG and thugs. Getting up and righting himself, he sighted a seemingly endless wave of unruly, horrifying, non flossing, thuggish BASTARDS taking on the wRHGs. Getting into a Muay Thai stance, he rushed into the thick of it.

Sighting a innocent thug holding a base ball bat and two buck teeth, he found his first victim. Keeping a whisper like stride he snuck up neck to the obnoxious stick. Popping up suddenly our nomadic hero grabbed the first thug by the throat. Choking, the thug dropped his bat and grabbed for Mccaws arms. Feeling the painful dirty nails of this hooligan dig into his arm, he almost dropped him. Almost. But then again, almost is the difference between life and death, Winning or losing, dinner or no dinner, deal or no deal... Mccaw pondered as the thug choked and screamed for help. Snapping out of his trance and into the fight, Mccaw gave him a combo of fist and knee cap to his gut. Dropping the hunched over man, he gave him a kick in the groin for good measure.

Little did he know, his exploits had not gone unheard. Circled quickly, Mccaw was a caged tiger. Thugs circled him like sharks, hungry and ready for blood. Uncaring of their own well being. "There is a price on your head, Rindar." One of the thugs said, spitting out tobacco his way. "Your mother had one, too." Another nasty stick said through a smile. Mccaw smiled aswell as something snapped inside of him like a twig. His scream of rage rippled through the metaphorical pond like a stone... That is if the stone had been packing a knife and 3 years of unused and bottled rage. Drawing his knife angrily, Mccaw ran to the first thug he saw and threw the knife into the animals chest. Picking it back up, he must have stabbed him 5 times. Driven by rage, he drew the knife out of the mans ruined chest cavity. Two thugs came up on him with intentions of wrecking him completely and totally. He slid the knife into the righty's juggular and pulled it through with enough strength to send it into the lefty's (shorter) temple. Momentarily forgetting about the tanto, he waited for 1 more to approach as the circle urged him on. Taking a breath, the thug rushed mccaw and landed a solid hit with his tire iron to Mccaws shoulder blade. As if on novacaine, Mccaw didn't pay any mind to the blow and grabbed the unruly thug's arm. Giving it a hard tug and sure dislocation, he didn't pay any attention to the sickening wails of the seemingly tough street fighter. In the back of Mccaw's head, Mccaw was looking at the carnage through his own eyes, realizing that this pain and carnage wasn't him. His bubbly rage was controlling him. His rageful subconscious found two new victims. Sadistically thinking, he slammed both of their heads together angrily with enough strength for a knock out. With angry tears running down his cheeks, he kept on slamming their heads together until there were pools of blood at his feet. Many of the thugs ran away from him as he yelled and screamed in rage, falling to his knees.

**Sooo, How'd I do....**

06-27-2013, 04:48 PM
**Sooo, How'd I do....**

** You'll see your ranking in the bracket soon enough (If you are looking for comparison with other participants) **

06-27-2013, 08:25 PM
#2 **Last post**

Regaining his senses, Mccaw stood up and took a look around him quickly. He shook his head to rid himself of that feeling. There truly was a beast welled somewhere inside of him, and even he was sometimes afraid of what would happen when he unleashed it... Brushing himself off, the Graduate of Saint Jai's was ready for more. Finding a fight in this land of confusion was not that much of a problem. Quickly, a fiendish looking fellow acquired and rushed our roughish friend. Quickly observing the situation, he realized that his opponent was armed and dangerous with a gun aswell as a familiar knife... His tanto! Performing a action roll, Mccaw dived out of the way of the attack. Landing with grace, the nomad popped back up and hit him hard in the side. Cringing, his opponent let his back be exposed. A possibly fatal mistake. Grabbing the upper part of his elbow aswell as the back of his hand, he pushed the elbow. This simple act locked his arm and made him drop his pistol. Mccaw quickly jumped up and kicked the thug in the back of the knee, making him fall over. Making a dive for the hand gun, he picked it up and aimed it at his foe's head. Popping four rounds into the thugs head, he was sure he was dropped and dead.

06-28-2013, 06:15 PM

The preliminaries are officially OVER.

Me and the judges are currently sorting the brackets so chill. I'll be sure to update the discussion thread shortly when that happens. As we as the full rules of Round One. Till then guys, I'm locking this.