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This is a friendly battle, thus it will not be counted towards the wins/losses ratio. (Bragging rights only)

Lucario the Blue Brawler (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?55157-Lucario-quot-The-Blue-Brawler-quot): A martial artist who can use aura, along with a technique-copying TM.
Blast Android Class (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?58743-Cooper-Price-Bl-An-C-Blast-Android-Class): A pseudo-android who has an impressive arsenal and a mind of a scientist.

GamerXD8's part:
Prologue (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?67045-A-simple-prologue-for-a-wRHG-battle)
Forever Alone...
"Alright...Food and Drink: Check. Junks: Check. Wallet: Check..." Lucas whispered to himself as he was putting things in his bag. Sitting alone, oh so alone in a little room he called home, preparing for a trip to escape this loneliness...

Uh..What are you doing, mumbling things like "Check, Check, Check..."? Is this Chess or something? Rio questioned Lucas' rambling.

"That's "Checkmate", mate. Anyway, I gotta prepare my luggage because we're going."

Aw...No more free food at the Chat Lounge?

"...Yes, I must regrettably say. And it's Chat Room."

Whatever. So...Where are we going?

"Ask the watch, not me. I can't control the destination. Last time I check it warped us to Bl.An.C.'s lab and we got caught, too. Hope this thing doesn't screw us this time."

Don't say that, Lucas. Because EVERYTIME you say that, it happens.

"So I should just shut up?"

FOR GOD'S SAKE, YES! Your speaking and monologuing are driving me INSANE! JUST SHUT UP AND DO IT!

"Somebody got issues. Guess I'll stop my dialogue and monologue to fancy your interest."

And so Lucas zipped his mouth and finished preparing his stuff. He then proceeded to click the button on the side of his Different Dimension Watch and a blue portal appeared on the wall in front of him. Then with a dash, he jumped through the portal and disappeared along with it, leaving behind a lifeless room, dimly lit by the sunlight sneaking its way through the curtain.

...And Lost
"Ahhh...The gentle breeze...When I open my eyes, it shall be an oceanic paradise where there’re beautiful girls everywhere and even free food. Ah...Heaven is upon us!" And then he noticed that the breeze was hot and grainy, as if there were something small carried by the wind. When he opened his eyes, it wasn't "paradise" he saw and instead, "hell". As in, a desert where the sun's intense light scorches everything alive, devoid of life and no girls, no beaches (well, there's sand at least) and no free food.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" And a scream echoed across the vast, deserted desert.

I TOLD YOU! You should've shut your mouth! Rio's mental voice hit Lucas like a 10-ton hammer to the head.

"Alright, alright...Got it. What's next?” Lucas scratched his chin for a bit, then pointed right ahead. “Since there's nothing here, I suggest heading in one direction. That might bring us somewhere." Lucas gave Rio a suggestion.

Agree. Now shut up and go!

And with that, Lucario dashed off. He just kept running and running, passing through sand dunes and sand dunes, slowly crossing the sea of sand. But as time passed by, his feet became heavier and heavier with each steps he took. Even the bag that used to be as light as a feather now weighed like a ton. His eyesight began to grow blurry as his sweat ran down his hot face. Not even his black goggles could completely block out the blinding sunlight. With all of his rations eaten, he was helpless and at the mercy of fate. Giving up was not an option, though. So he just kept on dragging his feet hopelessly, in one hand was his bag and the other was his sleeveless jacket. With only sheer willpower and the adrenaline pumping through his veins as his strength, he went on crossing the vast wilderness, with no sign of a finish line. He then saw hope! A single metal rod sticking out of a field of endless sand, its orange light blinking. Dashing off with all his might, he grabbed it with all of his might, afraid of letting go of his chance of escape. But nothing happened. He began to scream:

"Please...Anyone there? Help...I BEG YOU! Please...Anyone..." And then he collapsed, his body laying flat on the hot sand. He could feel the hot, rough surface of the sand slowly cooking him like a piece of BBQ. The last thing he saw was a single pair of legs and everything darkened.

Awakening, and Interrogation!
"Ugh...Where...Where am I?" Lucario muttered as he was covering his eyes from the bright neon light. When his eyes had readjusted, he noticed a lady standing next to him. Her brown hair was tied into a pony tail and a pair of glasses perched on her nose covering her amber eyes. With her white lab coat slightly stained by oil and a simple t-shirt and jeans, anyone could tell that she was a scientist. But he didn't take heed of that, for an oil stain is easily fabricated.

"Ah, you're awake. Here, a cup of water. You must be very thirsty, right? But take a small sip one at a time. That'll help." She said, her hand holding a glass of water.

"Ah...Thank you. Thank you for saving me. The name's Lucario." His voice was barely a whisper. He accepted her kindness and drank it, bit by bit to quench his undying thirst.

"I really appreciate your help in my troubled life. I have my eternal gratitude." He thanked her with a small voice.

"You're welcome. I've got no qualms with helping people. What did you say your name was?" She asked.

"My name is Lucario, but you can call me Luke." he smiled back warmly. "But...I must say, your beautiful smile sure is beautiful, Mrs. Alice. And that lab coat compliments your figure greatly. I've rarely seen beautiful women like you." His flattery coated with honey sounded like music to her ears.

"Oh," Alice smiled again. "Please call me Alice. I'm not married yet or anything." Her face turned red slightly.

"Why certainly, Miss Alice." He smiled back at her. Looking around, he noticed a variety of medical equipments, some of which were very hi-tech and complex.

"Excuse me for asking, but would you mind telling me where this place is, Alice?" His eyebrows raised, showing his curiousity.

"You are somewhere safe." Alice replied soothingly. "Where are you from exactly? I don't see houses nearby in the desert." She ended the sentence with a smile.

"Well...I have teleportation ability. But the navigation screwed up and I ended up in the desert. Once again, I must humbly thank you for saving my life."

"No worries." Alice paid it no heed.

"Hmmm...Would it bother you if I make a guess?" Luke tapped his chin, deep in thought.

"What kind of guess?" The scientist asked. She fixed claimed her glasses and began to wipe them clean with a piece of cloth she took from her pocket.

"Let me guess...Is this place a research facility of some sort?" He said, this time with a calm voice, so calm that it was frightening. His eyes looked straight at her, detecting any signs of body language.

Alice placed her glasses back on and observed Lucario. "What made you say that?" She said cooly.

"Well..." He shifted his head from one side to another, displaying his slight loss of words. ""This 'Medical Room' looked a bit TOO well-equipped to be in a small place. Also, I remember seeing a metal rod before blacking out. I have a feeling that this place is underground. Is that right?"

"Or this could be a government controlled hospital and you’re in the underground floors."

"Oh...That might be it. But we're in the middle of the desert."

"Los Angeles is in the middle of a desert, Lucario." She said musically. "So unless you've gotten a hotel room somewhere else, I can escort you outside." The atmosphere became tense, as if trying to crush poor Lucas.

"And I forgot to tell you this, but I thought I saw something like schematics and highly advanced equipment. A little bit out of place for a hospital, don't you think? But I can't remember clearly when I saw it." He said nonchalantly.

Alice looked at Lucario accusingly. "Are you sure you ended up here by accident?"

"Yes. The way I am found helpless, dehydrated and hungry proves it." And at that very moment, his stomach grumbled.

"Ah...Terribly sorry...Would you mind showing me the way to the kitchen? I can cook pretty well." He said while giving a thumbs up, his tone was relaxing.

"Let's go then. No use asking questions to a patient with an empty stomach." She said.

"Thank you. After that, would you show me where you put my bag and jacket?" Luke wondered.

"It's right there actually, on the bed to your right. Weird though. What's with these disks?" Alice asked as she held up a pouch in front of her.

"Well, that's music! I managed to download a lot of awesome tunes in it." Luke said with a wide grin, as if displaying his pride and joy.

"Oh? I managed to scan it a few times and it didn't quite meet up with what you said." She said eyeing Lucario.

"Strange...Guess I know why. My music player is kinda weird, so the disks are rather...different." Then Luke shrugged a bit.

"Let's not play, Lucario. I've had a few 'visits' to the wRHG archive. What are you doing here." She pressed.

"Oh my. Looks like you got me. Yes, I'm a wRHG. Yet I ended up here PURELY by accident. I did tell you about my random teleportation ability right? But you let something important slip. You KNOW about wRHG. So that makes you a certain wRHG's acquaintance. And like you, I also read through the wRHG archive. And I think I know who your acquantaince is, too. But do not worry. I'm a fair guy. Winning by taking hostages or things like that isn't my style. Besides, it's not even my goal!" His devilish smile didn't make it sound convincing.

"So what is your goal then?" Alice asked curiously. She kept her hands in her pockets, the pouch of disks weighed heavily onto the white coat's left pocket.

"Simple. To become stronger. Only then can I reach a certain "truth". And speaking of that, there is one thing I must ask. And you MUST NOT LIE!" His expressions became very serious, not even his black goggles could hide the rage behind his eyes.

Alice was unfazed. She met his stare eye for eye.

"Does the name..."Zoroark" ring any bells?" His eyes fixed upon her, detecting any proof of lying.

Alice looked up, seriously analyzing her thoughts to see any correlation anywhere. Then she shook her head.
"Sorry. I have nothing on anyone named Zoroark. I haven't even seen him in wRHG records." She said.

"Oh...Really?" He asked skeptically, but he knew. By analyzing her aura, her emotions and personality became clear. And it clearly told him: "It's the truth. There's nothing you can do about it." He was furious, not because she wasn't lying. It was because he was wrong. He was confident that she knew something because this place...It's Bl.An.C.'s base. To be precise, a very large underground research facility. With access to unlimited database, she must've known something...anything to help him. But...the reality didn't live up to his expectations. Reality, fate, destiny...They are always cruel bastards.

"Yeah," She said casually. "Not that I trust you any more than any intruder." She confided. "I would like to see you cook."

"Great. My stomach is CRAVING for food! Onward!" His laughter broke the tense atmosphere and he dashed out of the room...Only to pop his head inside again and asked:"Where is the kitchen?"

Alice giggled a bit. It’s been awhile since she did...it felt great. "I'll lead the way."

"Onward! To the kitchen! A grand meal awaits us!" His enthusiasm was surprising, considering his extremely serious personality from before. And so, the both of them went to the kitchen to satisfy their hunger. Or Lucario's, to be exact.

A Not-so-Brief Meeting
"Ah...Heaven," Lucario said with satisfaction while patting his food-filled belly. "With my stomach stuffed, I feel that I can take on the world!"

"I see you've enjoyed it greatly," Alice chuckled. "Though I'm surprised that you can cook very well. Almost perfect, I must say."

"Let's just say...I have practice," With his bag in one hand, his jacket worn, his disk pouch on his belt, Luke was ready to head off. "Anyway, looks like I got all my things. Would you mind showing me the exit?"

"Why certainly, follow me." And so Alice headed off, with Lucario right behind.

When they crossed the Control Room, Luke had a slightly eerie smirk on his face, but it quickly disappeared. Reaching the "front door", Luke muttered:
"Oh...So it was fixed" as he was rubbing his chin.

"Did you say something?" Alice curiously asked.

"Nothing. So I just go through this "Decontamination Room" and get on the elevator to leave this compound?"

"Technically, yes. Do you need me to escort you outside?" Alice said with her arm raised, offering her guidance.

"No need to, though I think it's a bit impossible for me to leave right now," he said, pointing at a shadow up head, "Because we have a guest."

It was Bl.An.C., AKA: Cooper Price, the scientist who developed and was trapped in his own creation. He was startled by Luke's presence and immediately readied his weapon at him.

"Query: What are you doing here, Blue Brawler? Stealing information?" His monotonous voice was clear, hinted with hostility.

"Why yes, I'm here to gather info on how to defeat you." As soon as Luke's words came out, barrage of cyan blasts flew at him. Luke managed to block them single-handedly with his TM. He was knocked down the floor, then raised his hand and waved like crazy. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean that! It's a joke! A bad joke, I know! But it's a joke! So please! I won't attack! Just stop!" His voice was frantic, stuttering at parts and his expressions...scared shitless. Hard to imagine that Lucario was a warrior.

"Query: What are you doing here then? Threat: Should you not answer, I'll be forced to take on drastic measures. And if you try to harm Alice, death will not suffice."

"I FREAKING KNOW! MY HANDS ARE UP!" Then he pointed at Alice, hoping that she would help. "Ask her! She knows why."

"He's telling the truth, Coop. At least, from what I could tell." Then Alice just shrugged.

"Ok ok...I'll give you the short version. In a nutshell, I was teleported to the desert, she saved me, and I'm about to leave. Does that sound plausible?"

"Clarification: But that didn't explain why you were here before," Cooper said.

"Wait, you WERE here before?" Alice was shocked by the revelation.

"Well...yes. BUT it's an accident! Like this one! It's a coincidence, I swear! My teleportation ability works randomly!" He slowly stood up, showing his lack of resistance as he was leaving. "Please...Can I leave?" He slowly stood up, showing his lack of resistance as he was leaving.

"Concurrence: Very well then. You may leave." His voice was as monotonous as ever, his weapons still locked onto Luke. But an idea crossed his mind.

"Query: Would you like a friendly battle? I want to see just how strong of a gladiator you are." His voice had a serious feeling to it now.

"Well, if you're fine with it." Luke felt relaxed now, his hands holding the back of his head.

"Affirmation: It's settled. The battlefield is the desert. You first." Then he pointed towards the elevator.

"Guess I'll go first. Remember to catch up quickly. Goodbye, Alice." He gave her a wink before exiting. There was an awkward silence because of his action, but it was quickly broken by Alice's question.

"Why did you challenge him, Cooper? It's a bit unusual for you."

"Response: I can feel that man's desire to be stronger and his pure intention. He can become a vital ally in the future. That's why I want to test him."

"I hope you know what you're doing, Cooper. For your sake. Promise me you'll stay safe." There was a long silence before he answered.

"Affirmation: Yes, I will." Then Bl.An.C.'s weapon disappeared as he was leaving the compound, heading into the battlefield. He looked back, his jade eye glowing, as if to get assurance, before entering the elevator.

"...Good luck." Alice whispered.

A Heated Battle

The feeling hot, dry air passing through his face wasn't exactly pleasant for Lucario since he isn't a fan of hot weathers.
"Phtooey! Sand in my mouth." He complained as he spitted out some grain in his mouth. He noticed a tube coming out of the ground, and coming out was the black android.

"So you're here. Let's get down to business shall we?" Lucario said clearly, snapping his knuckles and doing some warm-ups.

"Affirmation: Yes. I'm ready when you are." His arm flashed a bit, and a cannon appeared on his right arm.

"Reminds me of a certain blue robot. Anyway, ready? Let the battle begin...START!" As soon as the signal was set, Bl.An.C. shot out multiple cyan blasts, homing in on Lucario. They were feeble, however, because he blocked them easily with his orange armguard. With great speed, he dashed in and attacked him with his brass knuckles. The android side-stepped to avoid his attacks and countered with a continuous stream of energy. It hit Luke squarely and pushed him a fair amount of distance away. His shirt had a hole on it, his skin slightly burnt despite being reinforced by aura and even his butt was hot due to the sand friction.

"Mockery: Is that it?" Bl.An.C. began to question his decision. Perhaps Lucario wasn't what he expected him to be.

"Barely." And he proved it otherwise by appearing right in front him in a short amount of time and showered him with a rain of fists. The Android retaliated with a point-blank blast right in the face and with a glow, a fist covered in overlapping plates punched Luke so hard that he was sent spinning in the air. Not only that, the pseudo-android let out a couple more bursts of cyan energy at the brawler, knocking him even farther, so far that he seemed like a small grain of sand in his opponent's jade eye. He noticed a strange and intense glow from afar. That was when Bl.An.C. had a bad feeling. With his wing pack help, he flew with great speed at his foe and clobbered him with his iron fist. That was what he had planned, however. Because a knuckle right into his visor instead of his into Luke's face wasn't his intention. Sent into the air, he managed to regain his composure and his sight, despite a small crack in his green eye. But what came next was shocking. The sky was LITTERED with blue orbs of energy and he could heard a voice from below.

"Have fun, mate. Aura Barrage!" And with his signal, the orbs flew straight at him from many different directions.

"In trouble, Coop?" A very familiar voice appeared in Bl.An.C.'s helmet.

"Query: What are you doing Alice?" He stated clearly, as quickly as possible.

"Incoming! Fly up!" And with haste, he escaped some of the Aura Spheres, avoiding the explosion from engulfing him.

"You need my help. I'll help you navigate through this land, I mean, 'air mines'." With great speed, the black android dashed through the air, swiftly dodging any projectiles coming his ways and cleared his path with his trusty "Plasma Cannon". Looking from the ground, all you can see was a black dot flying around with several blue explosions and flying blue balls.

"That sure is a fantastic firework display, right Rio?" Lucario, standing on the hot sand, pointed up the sky.

Hmp! Don't care. You didn't let me enjoy much fighting!

"I don't wanna let my body be wrecked by your reckless fighting now, would I? Besides, my body could only stand you for 10 minutes. (Imagine my brain having to put up with you 24/7)"

Great. Yada yada yada. Then at least charge when he's occupied.

"Ok then. I shall obey your command, oh great martial artist master." He muttered, his words filled to the brim with sarcasm. With great concentration, his aura level increases at a dramatic speed. Bl.An.C. saw the familiar glow surrounding Luke and didn't take any chances. With a shield in one hand, a cannon in another, he braced through the incoming impacts with his shield and crashed down the ground, pinning Lucario to the ground.

"Statement: Game over." Being held in place by his shield, there was no place for Luke to run.

"Oh man...Guess I'm screwed..." His tone then suddenly changed. "You think I'm going to say that?" At that precise moment, The android sped away with his wing pack, leaving Luke alone with the approaching Aura Spheres.

"OH SHIIIIIIIIIII-" His scream could no longer be heard as they were overlapped with sounds of explosion.

"Statement: It was a splendid battle. Rest in peace, Lucario." Then, out of nowhere, Lucario jumped down from the sky and landed in front of Blast Android Class.

"Don't...write me off as dead yet, mate. Still...alive and kicking." His words were hardly audible, his orange armguard resting on Luke's right arm. It was plainly seen that he was greatly damaged by his own attack. Blood flowing down his head, some dripping off Luke’s hands.

"Observation: Looks like it's over. Good job, Lucario." The pseudo-android raised his hand, offering a handshake. But Luke just knocked it away.

"It's...It's not over yet!"

"Not...Not yet! I can still go on!" Lucario was serious. However tattered, beaten up he was, giving up was not an option.

"Query: Why do you try so hard? It's futile. Why is it that you fight?"

"Hah...Hah...Then...Why do YOU fight?"Luke had a hard time breathing due to the internal wounds inside his body. Coughing out blood, his voice was reduced to that of a whisper.

"Statement: Because I have something to prove."

"I don't know what you want to prove, but there's someone waiting for me. So I shall not give up in order to save her and get to the truth! You should know...You also have that person waiting for you. Let's end this!"

"Observation: You are exhausted with your energy used up from that huge attack. Not only that, it backfired. Defeat is imminent." Lucario said nothing. He knew...it was a lie.

"Wrong. Dead wrong." In an instant, Bl.An.C. was knocked into the sky by a powerful left hook. "Never let your guard down. The real show begins now." Lucario said with intimidation as he took a fighting stance.

"Opinion: It looks like I've underestimate you. Expect no more mercy." The Blast Android's monotonous voice couldn't hide his hostility. His arms were covered in a flash of light, and replaced by two Beam Blades, its blade radiating intense heat.

"Bring it on!" Luke's provocation worked. A little bit too well, too. The pseudo-android charged at him with full speed, his blades aiming at the brawler's throat. The young fighter dodged the blades with ease by a hair's breadth, his sense of touch felt the humming heat from the blades grazing his skin. Bl.An.C. suddenly stopped. His armor was covered in a coat of ice, restricting his movement. Before he realized what was going on, he had already been trapped in a chain of continuous punches and kicks. The android managed to escape thanks to his wing pack and flew to the sky, waiting for the annoying frost to melt, which it did quite quickly because of the desert's heat. The sky didn't help protecting him much because with a loud scream, a figure shot up the sky like a rocket and delivered a bone-breaking uppercut.

"SKY UPPERCUT!" was his cry as the brawler's fist sank into the Blast Android's helmet and he flew even higher into the sky. Then the both of them crashed down the ground like a rock.

Why didn't you land perfectly? Lucas was annoyed by Rio's clumsiness.

"I can't help it that I'm afraid of height! I could still remember it...My teacher throwing me off a cliff just to get rid of my phobia..."

Less with the reminiscene and more on the owning! Lucas's words had snapped Rio out of his daydreaming and his focus shifted to the robot. He got up, his body wobbling slightly.

"You can still fight, right?" Lucario's voice was clear as he stood in front of Bl.An.C., who was on his knee.

"Opinion: I think so. Query: Why won't you finish me off?"

"Oh boy. Hope you don't misunderstand something. My goal is to become stronger. And defeating you fair and square might be the only way for me to achieve my goal. Now get up!"

"Opinion: I hope you don't regret this decision." said the android as he was getting up his feet.

"Why should I?" The moment his words left his mouth was when a bolt of cyan plasma hit his head and sent him flying through a sand dune.

"Recitation: Never let down your guard. Mockery: Isn't that what you've just said?" His voice was as monotonous as ever.

"Haha. Looks like you're in high spirits again. Ready for round two?”

"Affirmation: Gladly."

Clash of Wills
Out of nowhere, a blue longbow made of aura materialized in his hand. And out of it several arrows, accurately aimed at the pseudo-android. He didn't waste much time destroying the incoming projectiles with his own, which nullified each other.

"Analysis: This power...It comes from a different gladiator."

"Bingo. But I shall not dwell into it much, because it's time to...BLOT OUT THE SUN!" Lucario's bow was raised high and he kept on shooting up into the sky with arrows appearing out of nowhere. Bl.An.C. wasn't stupid enough to let him do that. He concentrated his energy reserves and shot a stream of plasma straight at the brawler/archer/who cares. But Bl.An.C. couldn't comprehend the fact that his ray of energy was "frozen", its speed greatly reduced and before he knew it, arrows rained down from the sky like the judgment of the gods.

"Don't underestimate Fr0st." Luke said with a smirk as he stepped aside to let the burst of energy pass through.

Volley of arrows aimed at the black android flew down the sky, threatening to skewer him like a piece of BBQ meat. He barely dodged it by rolling around, the arrows piercing him was removed with haste so as not to cause much pain. He sped across the sandy desert to close the gap between him and Luke in order to neutralize his bow. He thrust his blade of pure energy straight at Luke's face, but was knocked up by a kick and retaliated by a sidekick in the stomach. Bl.An.C. shot one blast straight at his face at point-blank range, yet Luke just moved his head away and the bolt of energy missed its target. The brawler grabbed the pseudo-android by the neck and raised him up, his grip slowly tightened.

"Well played. It's finally over." Lucario breathed a sigh of relief. He was glad that the grueling battle was over.

"Statement: That's what YOU think." Several laser beams pierced through different parts of Luke's body. He fell down, his grip on Bl.AnC.’s throat loosened and his scream of pain unable to erase the pain he was suffering. The Blast Android simply shook off and jumped back to increase his distance. Surrounding Luke now was ten spherical drones. With their four laser guns circling them like a Ferris wheel as they surrounded Lucario, Bl.An.C.'s words reached the injured Lucario.

"Query: Do you yield now?" His voice was slightly fuzzy because of his damaged helmet, though it sounded as clear as crystal to Luke's ears.

"Hah...I'm THIS close to winning. There's...no way I'm giving up!" He got up and shot one arrow straight at Bl.An.C.'s shoulder, shattering a transmitter that was used to control the drones.

"Exclamation: How did you..." Bl.An.C. was stunned by Lucario's attacks. Not only was it quick, it also nullified his drones very effectively.

"Heh...Guess...That's...it..."Then the Blue Brawler collapsed onto the hot sand, his consciousness slowly drifting away.

"Wow. That was quite intense battle. Time to get the weapons fixed, Coop." It was Alice's voice from a transmitter inside Bl.An.C.'s helmet.

"Affirmation: Yes, Alice." But as he was heading towards his base, he noticed Lucario standing up, a strange aura enveloping him. "Observation: Looks like the battle's not over yet."

The Last Stand
Bl.An.C. stood in front of the possessed brawler, his weapons readied. But the android didn't realize the gravity of the situation. The young fighter warped right in front of him and dealt one fist straight at his stomach. Knocked flying through sand dunes and rolling in the sand, the pain was...intense. Had it not been for the suit, there would've been a hole in his body. As he getting on his knees, he saw Lucario flying at him with great speed, his body shrouded in a white light, its purple outline shone ominously. It was Alice's words that had snapped Cooper out of his trance.

"Dodge to the left!" He swiftly rolled to the left, avoiding what would be a Coup de grāce.

"Pay attention, Cooper. His strength level...It's unmeasurable. Stay on guard. There's no telling what he can do now." Mounted on the android's shoulder were two missile pods, each with two rockets loaded. The aura-coated Lucario was bombarded by showers of supersonic-speed missiles, the air surrounding him filled with sand and dust from the rockets. Bl.An.C. kept on reloading and shooting his missiles at Luke, hoping to buy enough time to think of a new attack plan. Emerging from a cloud of dust were two miniature Aura Spheres flying in an eccentric trajectory and making their way to the missile pods. Both of them exploded at the same time, engulfing the Blast Android Class in its wake. When the smoke ceased, Cooper's hearing no longer functioned well. He was deafened by two huge explosions. His brain felt like it was stuffed by cotton.

Before he could stabilize his mind, a shadow appeared right in front of him and rammed him down the ground. The brawler, now cloaked in a white light, forcefully removed the suit's helmet, at the same time exposing Cooper's head, whose pale skin forgot the feeling of sunshine. He got on top of the pseudo-android and about to shatter his skull when he stopped, as if something had restricted him. Bl.An.C. didn't have time to dawdle and grabbed hold of the golden chance: He stabbed through Lucario's stomach with his beam blade and pushed him back with a kick. There was a scream, one that was so loud that it was audible by Cooper's damaged eardrums. Bl.An.C. struggled just to stand up, his bare face now felt sweat running down his face and the heat frying his skin like pancakes. Alice screamed for him to escape to the base, but with the helmet gone, it was futile. Staying conscious is a hard task in itself with his brain suffering from the explosions.

The screaming stopped and raised from the ground was a white "monster" whose chest bore no wound from the beam blade. Cooper no longer felt fear for the pain had rendered him incapable of thinking anything else other than fighting. His hands now changed into two massive gauntlets, both of which have four visible screws on each side. He charged right in and grabbed Lucario's arms. Lightning sparks appeared on the gauntlet and in a split second, high voltage electricity traversed Luke's body continuously frying every cells in his body. But it didn't last long. The gauntlets blew up because of Aura Spheres from the brawler's hand, shattering them into many pieces of iron plates.

"Statement: Alice...I'm going to overload the weapons. It's all or nothing." Cooper's human voice was unable to reach Alice because of the lack of helmet. His right arm changed into the Plasma Cannon and was aimed at the white monster standing a few meters away from him. His cannon charged up and shot out a stream of white energy that disintegrated almost everything in its path, minus for one: Lucario. He took it head-on with his body, his wounds continuous regenerated as it were vaporized by the android's attack. The Plasma Cannon was overloaded by its final attack and went offline, which was quickly replaced by one of Bl.An.C.'s best weapon: The Blast Cannon. Despite its same look, there are four little pulse emitters are laid out at the edges of the cannon's sphere. It began to charge up, the pulse emitters glowed from the overflowing energy. Cooper's arm began to shake. It had been a while since he had fought without his helmet, and it had taken a toll on his human body. Cooper's mind began to wander, as though the next attack would be his last. Of all the thoughts racing through his mind, only one image stood out.

"Alice...Even if I die, I shall die protecting you!" His arm no longer shook, his aim locked onto the man now standing in front of him. And with a trigger, an invisible blast of mach 3 energy hit Lucario right in the body, literally blasting him away. There was no longer a trace of him.

"Exclamation: Finally, it's over..." Cooper breathed a sigh of relief. A grueling battle, indeed, with him as the victor. Though the result was far from what he had originally intended, his surving this battle was good enough for a result. He noticed a strange shadow glooming over him and looked up. It was Lucario, cloaked in a white light, his purple eyes staring straight into Cooper's grey green eyes. Cooper was speechless. All of those struggles...for naught? With most of his weapons offline, his suit drained of energy, the Blast Android Class was helpless. Through his weary eye, he could see a palm holding an energy orb.

"Opinion: So...this will be my end..." His voice, shaken and suttered, reached Lucario. The white aura surrounding him dispersed, revealing an unharmed brawler. He kneeled down with most of his strength drained. Lucario placed his hand on Cooper's shoulder and muttered:
"You...You're alive...Thank...God..." That was the last thing he said before falling down and blacking out.
"Analysis: You...care about the safety of your opponent? You are quite a fascinating person. I concede." Cooper said. He noticed Alice running towards is direction and waved at her. His face wore a smile, a very "human" smile. And so, Alice brought the injured Bl.An.C. and the unconscious Lucario back to the underground base.
Lucario won the "friendly" battle.

The Farewell Confrontation
"Ugh...My head feels like it’s being crushed by an elephant while sleeping. This is just as worse as a hangover." Lucario complained while he was holding his throbbing head. When he finally looked around, he was in the Medical Room, a room he was so familiar with. "Ah...The memory of the interrogation. Man, she sure is a tough nut to crack." Lucario then laughed by himself. After amusing himself, he gathered his stuff and left the room. When he passed by the control room, he saw Alice sitting there, checking up on Cooper through the monitor.

"Ah...Hello there." Lucario greeted Alice warmly.

"I see you're awake." Alice said with an unamused voice.

"Uh...yeah. How's Cooper? Was he injured badly?" Lucario said in a most sensible way as possible because it was him who put him in that state, though he couldn't recall the detail.

"He's fine, Lucario. But not the suit. It'll take a few days to repair the damages you've dealt." Alice said it so casually that it hurt.

"I...I see...Well, I can make you some delicious tea to help your concentration. Would you mind following me?"

"I'm fine. Besides, I need to keep an eye on Cooper."

"It won't take long. Just one cup." Alice glanced at him, then the monitor, then at him. The readings showed that Cooper's condition had stabilized, and she did feel a bit light-headed from the overtime work.

"Alright, I'll take you up the offer. Lead the way." And so Alice followed Lucario to the kitchen.

When they reached it, Lucario offered Alice a seat and began to make a delicious cup of tea. He gave it to Alice and she drank it in one gulp. Strangely, instead of feeling awake, her eyelids grew heavier and heavier.

"I'm sorry. Please take a rest. I'll take your place in keeping an eye on Coop. Now then, rest like a good little child." Alice realized she had been tricked, but she couldn't do much as she was slowly being dragged into a deep sleep. Luke turned around and headed towards the control room, leaving behind a peacefully sleeping Alice.

When Alice woke up, Lucario was no longer there. She made her way to the control room with haste, not knowing what he could've done while she was out cold. Grabbing a prototype for the Plasma Cannon, she edged closer to the control room, ready to fight him if the situation required it. Then, she saw Lucario, whose back was lit dimly by aged LED lights, typing furiously at the control panel below the screens. The big computer screen along with other smaller ones displayed rows and rows of letters.

"He was searching for something in the database." That was the conclusion Alice came up with. She noticed an odd screen out of the others, on which displayed Cooper's condition.

"Let's see...Nothing has changed, everything's going smoothly for him. Lucky guy. Just hope his condition stays that way." Lucario spoke to himself. He then continued to type away, the displays continuously changing. Then he screamed.

"GODDAMNIT! WHY?! Why? Why...Damnit. There's not a shred of information concerning Zoroark!” He screamed his frustration. Damnit. So she was telling the truth after all. Where...just where could he be?" He kept on muttering to himself, apparently unaware of Alice behind him. Or so it seemed.

"So Alice, you've woken up. Or should I call you by your full name, Alice Kettler?" Lucario easily sensed the presence behind him thanks to his mastery over aura, the essence of the living.

"What is your true goal here? Answer me!" She said with intimidation, her weapon pointing at Luke's head.

"I've said it already, haven't I? I ended up here by accident. Though I do take this chance to find a man named Zoroark in your database, but nothing came close to it. Well, I have no more business here, so I shall take my leave." Then he turned around and walked away, only to be stopped by Alice.

"So you didn't trust me, searched through our database without permission AND decided to leave as if nothing happened?"

"Why yes. Will you try to stop me, an intruder, from leaving your base and not mess with your business anymore?"

"I can never be sure of your intentions, Lucario."

"I see. Can't trust a stranger too much now can we? Time is ticking, so I must bid you adieu." He pressed a button on the side of his black watch and a blue portal appeared behind Alice.

"Now, would you please move aside." Lucario asked Alice nicely.

"You know I can't do that." Alice stood her ground.

"I no longer have business here. Nor you do with me. Now please. Move." His voice expressed a certain kind of authority.

"Good things don't come nicely, Lucario." Alice raised her gun.

"I see. So I take that as a 'no'. I wonder...would she try to stop me had she been awake?" Luke stared at the LED light above, not caring for the gun aiming at him.

"Forgive my rambling, but there's something I must ask. What would you do if Cooper lost his humanity and no longer loves you? What if he cast you aside, as if the man you once loved gone?" Lucario said to Alice, his eyes filled with unending sorrow.

"Where did that come from?" She was extremely confused by Luke's sudden (and random) question.

"The loss of a loved one...It's painful, isn't it?"

"He's not lost, Lucario."

"Yes...You and him… are truly lucky, unlike me. If you'll excuse me, I need to bring my loved one back, no matter the cost." He knocked her gun away and gently push her aside.

"Farewell, Ms. Alice. But there's something I need to remind you. Bl.An.C.'s journey...will get rougher and rougher the deeper he ventures. Stay by his side and protect him." His tone suddenly changed into that of a child. "But I'm sure you already know that, silly me." Then he disappeared, along with the blue portal, leaving behind a surprised scientist, who didn't know what had just happened.

"Lucario. What a strange man." Alice couldn't help but leave that remark.

ErrorBlender's part:
Link (http://deathlyshade.deviantart.com/art/wRHG-SPAR-Bl-An-C-Versus-Lucario-381532675)

Have fun reading and CnC~

07-02-2013, 11:10 AM
I liked both stories a lot. But I noticed you tend to use "And" and "But" at the beginning of sentences, which is why I voted for Error. And I bet you've also noticed I'm a filthy hypocrite.


"FUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" And a scream echoed across the vast, deserted desert.
Could be like this:
"FUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" A scream echoed across the vast, deserted desert.

"Why certainly, follow me." And so Alice headed off, with Lucario right behind.
Could be like this:
"Why certainly, follow me." So Alice headed off, with Lucario right behind.

Both were quite good reads though.

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Oh. Dang. Well, one more to take note of. Thanks, mate.

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Hmmmmmmm.......HHHHMMMMMMMM!!!!! :confused:

First: These were both awesome! You two are awesome! Having to choose a winner is NOT awesome! :mad:

I have to give the win to....E-Blends on this one. For reasons which my thoughts are not together enough to adequately explain. I felt his writing was marginally better than yours Gamer.

Gamer: Your story seemed to be a bit awkward at times such as, when Coop willingly accepted your spar request after he was willing to destroy you for trespassing for the second time. Also, what did Lucas do the first time he was there? Was that explained or did I miss it? I enjoyed the ending but, I felt like Lucas' concern for Alice was random and just slightly thrown in for a sentimental moment. There were a tiny amount grammatical issues as well but that's nothing that a proof read can't fix! :D

ErrorBlender: I...don't have much for you. I wasted all my energy on Gamer, good job though. :o

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There's a damn prologue. Looks like I forgot. XD And I'm still a new writer. But to be considered 'good' is enough to make me feel jolly inside.
PS: This story is related to Lucas's past. So...yeah. It's not released, so I understand.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. :)

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A crushing defeat. Dang.

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A defeat? Its just a spar. Not even a real battle, so we don't earn anything really. All we did is learn :)

EDIT :: Though I'd seriously like CnC for my work. :)