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Canis Majoris
07-11-2013, 06:08 AM
And so a battle happened between me and Codinx.
I'll be honest. I don't like my story, because I feel it is way too short for what I could have done.
Also, Codinx, Caesar's gladius is a sort of knife. Not really much of a sword, hehe.
Well, vote fairly and make sure to give CnC! Good luck to us both!
I'm still trying to figure out the polls, though. If someone could help me with that...
CanisEDIT: Nevermind, figured out the poll thing.

It was a lovely day in the wRHG building. The grey, stern walls that were once bloodied and dirty were now quite clean, as some of the janitors cleaned the place daily. The windows, scattered across the hallways, let some of the morning light in. The fighters hustled their way into the arenas and their busy workplace.

Not many were suited for this kind of lifestyle, as it could be seen from the variety of gladiators coming in. From half-demons to aliens to regular Joes, it was clear only the strongest could compete here. Many resorted to weapons, others to superhuman powers, and few relied on wit and strength alone.

Caesar entered the building with a sturdy kick, as if to determine dominance. The few around him were a bit shocked, but soon moved on with their everyday lives. His sister, Circe, right behind him, chuckled a bit, not from surprise, but from pure prediction. Ever since he knew what he could do that he was impulsive, dominant and reckless. As a smart and tough person, albeit a bit overconfident, he thought the battle was won from the start.

While walking towards the arena, Circe explained to him what his opponent was going to be, while still casting glances at some of the particularly beautiful male fighters. “He’s known as the Crystal Warrior. He’s an elf that has access to an alloy between steel and diamond. The good news is that it isn’t quite as sturdy as the material your weapons are made of…”

“And the bad news?” questioned Caesar.

“Well, his weapons have this aura that can cut through anything with relative ease.”

“So, he’s an elf version of X-50? I’ve beaten that guy before. This shouldn’t be much different.”

“The thing is, he also has access to a thing he likes to call Projected Fighting. He executes a move at blinding speeds if a projection executes the move normally prior.”

The duo stopped when they reached the arena. Caesar started twirling his javelin, carefully enough not to hit himself or his sister.

“Oh, one more thing”, Circe remembered. “He has another weapon nearly identical to his normal twinblade, but it has a crimson red colour and it empowers him in many ways. Please be careful.”

Caesar smiled, and kissed her on the forehead. “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

Circe smiled back and blushed a bit. She then left his side, while still talking to him, but in his native language, hoping it would help him focus.

“Buona sorte!”

Caesar entered the large circle of the arena. It had a slight resemblance to the Coliseum back in his country, but it was made out of a solid and shiny green metal. The crowd was ecstatic, and Caesar enjoyed every last moment of it. He couldn’t contain himself and he ended up making a bit of a show.

“This battle is for the Legion back at home, for my friends, for the Xeno facility, and more importantly, for Circe! I will win this battle, and nothing will stop me!”

“Well, aren’t you a showman. “

Caesar looked directly at the opponent that had just called him out on his, analyzing him oddly carefully. He was holding a twinblade Circe had mentioned, but this one was a light blue instead of the crimson he pictured. The man was also fully clad in armor of the same colour, and the only other features that were noticeable were that he was taller and a bit thinner.

“I’m your opponent. Let’s begin.”

“Aren’t you a barrel of laughs”, Caesar snarled back.

From the podium, a voice called both of them. “Are the combatants ready?”

“I'm ready”, said the man in crystal armor.

“Bring it on!” replied Caesar.

Both combatants rushed at each other, but Caesar managed to get the first hit in, attempting to tackle his opponent with the shield. With a quick dodge from the Crystal Warrior, Caesar let out a battle cry and tried to hit him again and again, but to no avail, as his attacks all missed the agile fighter.

“Stop dodging so I can hit you!”

“If I did that, then it wouldn’t be fun for me, would it?”

“You’re gonna have to attack me eventually!”

“Let me attack you, then”, said the warrior as he dodged yet another strike from the javelin. He then proceeded to cleanly cut Caesar’s shield in half, with the help of the odd aura surrounding his twinblade. The legionnaire stumbled back a bit, as his hand was slightly wounded from the piercing blow. The man ran after him, and all Caesar could see was the jab that would seem aimed at a gut from what appeared to be a projection of the man, before getting hit at lightning speeds.

Caesar flew right towards the wall, hitting it. Luckily, his cuirass and helmet protected him from most of the damage. However, it seemed like the battle would end soon if he did not figure something out quickly.

“Feeling tired yet? Don’t worry, it will all end soon.”

The warrior delivered more blows, this time using his twinblade. First cutting his chest, then his arm, and nearly piercing his head, Caesar could not hold much longer, and he knew it. Bleeding from all three spots, he needed a plan fast or he would bleed to death.

Suddenly, the Xeno had an idea that would seem odd to most, but he planned to do it anyways. Pulling his gladius from its sheathe, he heated the blade with the fire from his lungs. He then quickly threw it at the approaching Crystal Warrior. Not expecting this, the elf got cut, reeling from the hit. It damaged his chest piece, enough for Caesar’s javelin to hit him directly through a small hole. Taking the opportunity, he ran
towards the tall man and stabbed him with the javelin while he was still stumbling, and pulled the tip out.

Soon enough, the warrior started to stagger some more, and fell to the ground as the poison kicked in.

“Yeah, it’s over for y-“

Caesar felt the exhaustion, and succumbed to his wounds before finishing the sentence; knowing well that he had won.

Both combatants awoke in the hospital of the building. Caesar had gauze on his chest, left arm, left hand and his head, while his opponent, still wearing the rest of his armor but not chest piece, had gauze all over his chest, likely from the poison and the javelin. Outside of the room, a scream of joy was heard. Caesar recognized his sister’s voice. The doctor was telling her he was stable, and would probably be able to fight by next week.

“You’re pretty tough.”

The warrior beside him turned his head towards Caesar. “A normal fighter wouldn’t take that much without fainting.”

Caesar chuckled a bit. “I didn’t. I put you to sleep before I fainted. Also, I’ll tell you that you might have died. Heck, I would probably die if I didn’t try that strategy out!”

Both men started laughing, just as Circe entered the room.

“Oh, t-thank god!” she said. “I-I thought you were…!”

“Dead? I thought I was dead too!”

Circe pouted at him, but soon after, she ran up to his bed and hugged him for a while, out of worry.
“Oh, one last question”, said Caesar. “Why didn’t you use the crimson twinblade, Crystal Warrior?”

“Well…” he responded. “The truth is that weapon –called The Crimson Cutter –takes over my mind and will, just to get blood. I avoid using it. I’m trying to destroy it, in fact.”

“Ah, that settles it.” Caesar gave out another hearty laugh, and continued to talk. “How about I treat us three out for a nice beer after we’re free from this mess?”

None of them could contain their laughter. It was a good battle, in fact, and although they were both pretty hurt, they knew that the facility was great for battlers to hone their skills. This battle proved it. It seemed like everything would go just fine for Caesar and his opponent. After all, this was just their first battle. Many more were sure to come, and Caesar would train hard for them.

“Here. This is your next opponent” said the man while placing an envelope on the table.

“I hope this one is better than the last” answered the other, taking the envelope. ”For his sake” He proceeded to opening it. After a quick look, he continued “Well… this might be just what I want.”

“Just don’t take him lightly. He can defeat you, Legion”


Midnight. A forest. A small camp… The Warrior woke up. He felt uneasy. “Something is not right” he thought while getting up. “I should be ready for anything”. He took his twinblade and started moving. Soon he was out of the forest and into a field.

“Flashy armour won’t help you sneaking” a voice shouted.

“I’m not trying” The Warrior answered. He identified a dark figure somewhere to his left. “Let’s do this properly, shall we? I am The Crystal Warrior, but who might you be?”

“ They call me Legion” the man said while coming out of the shadows. The Warrior could see now that the man in front of had the traits was a fighter. “But I prefer my other name: Caesar”

“ You are here to fight me, Caesar”. It wasn’t a question. The Warrior looked to his eyes. He could see the bloodlust in them. The so well known bloodlust.”I can’t lose here” he thought.”If I lose, The Cutter will fall into his hands. He will use it, and end up used by it”. The Warrior shivered at the mere thought. “And to kill me” he said to Caesar.

“You are right” Caesar pulled out his spear and shield while taking a fighting stance. “I expect a good fight.”

“Roman equipment” analyzed the warrior. “A Pilum and a Scutum. Also probably a Gladius. Herioc Cuirass and Ridge Helmet” he continued. “This guy is a proper legionnaire! But the material… it’s… different”. The Warrior pulled out his twinblade. “No matter. I can still use my blade aura to pass through”. He took an alert stance. “One. Two… Three!” Caesar threw the javelin. The Warrior made a last second dodge and rushed in. Caesar inhaled deeply and exhaled a giant fireball at him. “What the…”. The Warrior barely dodged this one. It caught his right shoulder. “Pure luck I have this armour. I could have lost my arm there”.

“That’s it!” Caesar shouted, pulling out the gladius. “You are exactly what I wished for!” he continued, now rushing in to fight a hand to hand combat.

The Warrior remained silent. “This complicates things. A whole lot” He welcomed Caesar’s rush with an upward slash. Caesar blocked and responded. A quick spin of the twinblade both blocked and attacked with the other head. Caesar blocked once more. The Warrior jumped back and Projected a lethal hit to the neck. Caesar avoided the hit by stepping back. “He knew! This means he probably knows about my blade aura too.”

“Someone did his homework” The Warrior concluded.

Caesar smirked. “I know every little trick you have” he said almost proud of himself.

“As if this wasn’t already hard enough. Maybe if…” The Warrior rushed in, ramming his shoulder against Caesar’s shield, throwing him off-balance. “I got him!” . The Warrior slashed downwards. Caesar parried with his sword.

“Mistake, my friend.” The Warrior jumped on his shield, spinned the twinblade and backflipped off Caesar. Taking the gladius with him.

“You…”started Caesar, but suddenly spewed fire at him. The Warrior used a short projection this time to dodge. “He still has the fire. But it takes time to ready a fireball large enough.”

“You used all your cards, Caesar. But I still have one." The Warrior activated his Blade Aura and projected a hit on Caesar’s shield. Caesar dodged sideways, readying another fireball. The Warrior spinned quickly and struck with uttermost precision: straight through the shield and cuirass, he stabbed the sword in Caesar’s heart. Caesar looked at him with unspeakable surprise. The Warrior stepped forward and embedded the sword deep into the ground.

“You were a true fighter” he said, pulling out the blade. “You earned your name, Caesar”. The Warrior went and picked up the gladius and pilum from the ground. “I shall remember you and this fight”. He returned to Caesar’s corpse. “It’s so unfair! One must die so the other can live”, he thought. He put the sword on Caesar’s chest, and clutched his inert hands on the handle, rested the spear on the ground near him and then covered his chest with the shield. ”I HATE fighting.”

“Farewell, Caesar! May we meet again in the Underworld!” The Warrior concluded his speech. “It could have been me dead there. I almost wish I died here. Curses! If it wasn’t for The Cutter.” The Warrior left the plain. He felt sad. Sad, for an enemy. This little thing, this little sadness for someone who only did you harm is what makes the actual difference: Man or Beast.

07-11-2013, 01:51 PM

Canis: Your story, in my opinion was considerably better and less cringe worthy then Codin's. What I liked and stood out to me was the hospital scene in your story, and that really added onto your story. Adding backstory elements or anything else really can really add to your plot. An example of this would be Rochedan's fight in his R1 fight for the wRHG competition. However much quality over quantity is important, I felt as if both of your stories were too short for me to critique efficiently as I cant quite tell your style, as I only got a little piece for your writing. Unfortunately, people normally like longer reads and enjoy a big, long read (I know this from past experience) as they can sample more of what the author has to offer. I voted for you because you were better then Codin's, although I would like to see more of your writing as your style intrigues me.

Codin: Your story was alright, however I think we can agree that Canis's writing skills surpass yours by abit. I find myself redundant for how much I critique people on this, but I think it is because it is simply because it is important. I didn't quite get a clear picture of certain things that you did and to be honest the whole story felt rushed. You didn't quite have any real descriptions and left me wanting more. Example: The man in front of him had the traits of a real fighter. What are those traits? You could really elaborate on this and it would enhance your story. It is really lazy when you simply reference to something in real life, or something that is on their profile. "He activated his Blade Aura." You could easily describe how this happens. Descriptions are very important to the story, they tell the reader what is going on, and they are helluva lot better then just saying what is going on. "He ran." "He quickened his stride." Describing is sooo important. Also, you should try to formulate your characters thoughts better. I myself have trouble with this, but when characters are talking you have to imagine you talking to someone else, just to make it sound more natural. You have potential, you just need to practice descriptions and character thoughts.

Canis Majoris
07-18-2013, 01:01 PM
Well, the battle is over, and it's a tie!
Good game Codinx!