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Greetings fellow writers of the writing lounge and other readers from other parts of the forums. This written battle is between two gladiators:

Dominic 'sid' Faire (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?73869-Dominic-quot-Sid-quot-Faire-(Ready-for-BATTLE!!!!)) - by Birtdog
Luther Wright (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?51544-Luther-Wright) - by Rochedan

Unfortunately, due to absence of Birtdog, I am forced to post my entry without further waiting for his return and his entry. Our ultimate deadline was set for today, because I am leaving towards Indonesia for a deserved vacation. Birtdog, if you're reading this, you can still send your entry towards Mecha-Hewitt. He will edit the thread and add a poll.

I will return in three weeks, hopefully I will see a finished poll along with feedback on our entries!
Of course, feel free to read and comment on my entry before Birtdog has send his.

Rochedan's entry:

My entry in google.doc format (original lay-out) (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NOJaVk2DSfTjGDeTZrKKmt_0Gv1EkkCoLMLEY5W090o/edit?usp=sharing)

Forum version: (This one does not have the italics and proper lay-out! I advise the google.doc!)
wRHG battle // Dominic ´Sid´ Faire.
Rochedan’s entry:

When the operator announced that Luther would shortly be able to start using the old hospitals gym, Luther was very excited.
He would continue his training with the very talented Bellatrix, his personal trainer.
The great techniques she knew and her incredible expertize at kick-boxing were a local legend inside the corporation. It was popularly believed that she learned her techniques from The Operator, though she had never confirmed this when asked.

It was early in the morning. Luther stepped through a long and rather boring corridor inside the hospital. Today would be his first training since a month, and he was sure it would be an exhausting one. Bellatrix was already waiting for him inside the hospitals gym hall. The last time he was late Bellatrix made him do push-ups until he fainted. The memory itself made Luther’s biceps tingle. Briefly Luther increased his pace even more.
His black sports bag bounced of his right hip upon every step. In his hurry he only brought the most essential things with him: a towel, some water, and an extra T-shirt.
A blue sign at the end of the corridor came as a pleasant surprise to Luther: “Gym hall ” was written in white letters with an black arrow pointed towards the right. He had made it. A ordinary white clock above the sign told him he was actually ten minutes early.

Luther took the right turn and remembered what the Operator had told him: The left wall of the corridor had multiple windows that showed the green scenery outside. While on the right side there would be three doors leading towards the gym hall. one would lead directly towards the gym hall while the other two doors would lead towards changing rooms. There were signs on the changing room doors; one showed a female and one showed a male. In his hurry Luther opened the nearest door without thinking nor looking at the sign.
And stood still blushing like a tomato.

Bellatrix pulled the black sports jacket which hung around her shoulders. “Did you want anything Luther?” she asked calmly. In one hand she held a simple hairbrush, and her dark hair, which waved down her neck, glowed as if she’d brushed it. The room was small, on the left a few metal lockers, in the middle a wooden bench, and on the right a small opening towards the showers. The air smelled of talcum powder.
“I thought this was the men’s changing room” he managed to stutter. “Sorry Bellatrix, this is the first time I got here, and… I thought…”
“What do you want, Luther?”
He took a deep breath “Nothing, I just barged in the wrong room that’s all.”
The hairbrush resumed its movement and for a moment there was a small smile around Bellatrix lips. “You always tend to do things without thinking, and for god sake call me Bella”.
Luther growled and shuffled with his feet.
“Was there something else Luther?”
“uh… no.”

He stood back in the corridor behind the closed door and paused for a moment, leaning against it. God, just barging in like that, and she… She was a pretty lady. And perhaps old enough to be my mom, or older. Luther thought other men inside the corporation would have asked Bella to go for a lunch after. No, not even those men would be foolish enough to chum up with her. He focused himself and went towards the next door, the sign showed a male figure.

The changing room was empty and looked exactly the same as the women’s room. Quickly Luther approached the first metal locker and dropped his sports bag inside. He was already wearing his sports clothes so he wasn’t really in need of any changing. Bellatrix---- Bella, wanted him to wear short loose sport pants and a black T-shirt, although if he had a choice he’d prefer to train bare chested. His knuckles and feet didn’t need any protection, his thick skin, the Roch, would be enough protection. Briefly he made his way inside the actual gym hall.
It wasn’t really a hall, rather a big room with a low ceiling. Two walls, one directly in front of Luther and one to his left, were covered with mirrors. Luther saw his own athletic reflection. His eyes shifted almost directly at his own mark, a prominent circle with a small v inside. I can’t blame people for looking at my mark when even my own eyes seem to be attracted to it. He stood still and observed his appearance for a moment. The glow of his skin, a purple glow caused by the Roch, seemed to have diminished to a vague shimmer. The Operator had gave him big and disgusting pills to decrease the Roch’s visual appearances. But at least they worked. Luther growled and shook his head.

Luther scanned the room and started wondering why there was no training equipment, not even a single weight or punch bag. His thoughts got interrupted by a reflection in the mirror in front of him. Bella coming from her changing room next to him. The woman emitted power and elegance by just walking towards him. Luther found himself staring at the short tights she was wearing. His eyes moved up towards her face, she was looking straight into his eyes. For a short moment Luther thought he saw some excitement in her eyes, but he didn’t know for sure. “Did you come here to train or to stare at me Luther?” Luther quickly turned around and started stretching his legs and arms. How can I not look at that amazing body, for god sake… she makes me feel like a fool. Luther was sure she did it on purpose, she knew Luther always admired her, and not only for her combat techniques.
“Why is there no equipment Bella? I thought we’d start with the usual warm-up” Luther asked eager to know the answer. Instead of an answer Bella sprinted towards Luther and tried to tackle his feet. Luther saw the sudden movement in the mirror but was too surprised to respond in time. He felt her feet knocking against his ankles and he fell backwards towards the ground. While in mid-air he managed to spin around just in time to land on his hands. Quickly Luther stood up, vague sounds of bare feet on the laminated floor told him Bella stood behind him. But before Luther was able to turn around her feet hit Luther’s ankles again. Instead of falling backwards Luther managed to use the force of her tackle to make a backflip.
As Luther landed back on his feet, Bella already stood right in front of him with her fists up. “We are not using any equipment today Luther, The Operator instructed me to train you like he trained me, bare fists only”.
So the rumors were true after all. Luther raised his eyebrows in disbelieve, the Operator wanted her to fight Luther without protection?
Bella raised her eyebrows. “What, you think I can’t take a punch? Hit me! If you can!” her fighting stance told Luther she was serious, but her smile told him this was just child’s game for her.
What were you thinking fool, she’s a combat expert of course she can handle it.

Without waiting for her to make a move Luther leaped forwards with the intention to hit Bella’s face with his elbow. The move was fast but his mentor was faster. Quickly Bella side stepped and went for a straight punch towards Luther’s kidneys. A shock of pain told Luther she was to be taken serious. “Stop trying to hit me and hit me!”, she said with a commanding voice. Another fist went for Luther’s kidneys. This time Luther was faster than her, he blocked the punch with his right elbow and then went for a right straight punch towards her face. Bella quickly ducked underneath and low-kicked against Luther’s feet. Again Luther fell backwards, this time unable to turn mid-air, the back of his head hit the ground with a muffled bump. “I thought you were a better fighter Luther” Bella laughed at him.
A bright red flash reflected in the mirrors after she said the last words. With incredible speed Luther jumped back up and went for an one-two punch at Bella. She easily blocked his fists but was driven backwards as Luther kept on throwing punches at her. Why can’t I hit her, come on man! Luther thought. Another red flash, Luther’s speed increased. Bella’s eyes were completely focused on Luther’s incoming punches and her arms were busy avoiding those fists to meet her face. Moments passed and sweat stung in Luther’s eyes. But he didn’t stop. Bella had moved all the way back towards one of the mirror covered walls. He could see his mark flashing red in the mirror’s reflection. HIT HER! Luther put all his weight and all his speed in a final punch. As if Bella expected the final punch she grabbed his arm and tossed Luther against the mirror. Although the speed and force of impact were great, the mirror wasn’t damaged.

“Do you know why you can’t hit me Luther?” Bella asked between her breath.
Luther slowly got back on his feet, his head felt dizzy and his back hurt from the impact. His mark wasn’t emitting light anymore.
“Your techniques are better than mine” Luther responded.
“No Luther, you know just as much as I do when it comes down to techniques” Bella said while shaking her head and wiping the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand.
“The thing is, you are too reckless. I knew you’d come up with a final punch, like you always do. And those one-two punches, come on, you knew I could easily block those”.
Luther nodded and agreed with Bella’s statements, he did fight reckless. But something bothered him, She tried to make me angry, she had never done that before, only a fool would try to provoke me.
Luther spoke his thoughts without further overthinking: “Why did you provoke me like that, you’ve never done that before”.
“I did, and it worked, you fought like a reckless beast instead of an experienced fighter. I wanted to show you why you should never let your emotions take control of your body Luther”.
Easier said than done .Luther thought agitated, because he knew his emotions easily took control of him. Bella continued her speech: “I’m going to learn you how to stay emotionless when you fight, to stay focused even when throwing punches at your enemies. It’s going to take a lot of time and discipline” Bella lifted her fists in front of her face, teasing Luther to charge at her. “Hit me if you can”.

After a few more intense fights Bella told Luther he was done for today. He was relieved when she said this, Luther had taken quite the beating and his muscles began to feel soar.
He returned to his changing room and started undressing himself for a quick wash-up.
The gym shower was small and the walls were covered with the usual white bathroom tiles. Luther wasn’t surprise to see only four sprinklers. He picked the sprinkler with a clear view on his locker and most part of the changing room. He learned to always be weary when taking a shower at the gym, all his stuff got stolen the last time he took a shower and didn’t pay attention to his locker.
Luther loved the after-work out shower, his muscles felt like they were burning and the cold water made him feel like hot metal being quenched. Caught up in the moment he let out a big breath of air, closed his eyes and enjoyed the shower. That was the most intense work out I ever had. But it was a good one and I will keep training with Bella, until I can beat her. Luther smiled because of his own little wordplay.

Suddenly Luther felt a presence of somebody. He opened his eyes and saw Bella casually leaning against the locker directly in front of him, observing Luther.
Luckily Luther was facing the wall with the sprinkler above him.
“Nice ass” Bella laughed “now we’re even!”.

Footsteps confirmed she left the changing room after she said her last words.
Now we’re even? Luther repeated her words in his head. Well maybe it was my own fault for barging into the ladies room. Luther cursed himself for his pathetic ears that didn’t hear Bella enter the room.
He was done showering now, after this confrontation he couldn’t manage to enjoy it anymore. He was just about to turn off the sprinkler when a noise came from the changing room behind him. Is she serious? Well this time I won’t be shy. Frowned Luther slowly turned around showing all his glory. Just to see a tall young man. The man looked as if he hadn’t eaten in days and his skin was as pale as Luther’s butt cheeks. Filthy and untended long black hairs masked most of the man’s face, but Luther could see one eye, it was solid black. Luther shivered although the shower was pretty warm.
“Jesus you scared me man, I thought you were somebody else” Luther apologized.
The man didn’t respond, instead a vague sound of whisper reached Luther’s ears. “Sss…”. Luther realized there was something off about the man. His eyes observed what the man was wearing. The white shirt seemed normal when Luther looked at it the first time. Luther thought the man was just standing with his arms crossed in front of him. But now Luther noticed there were multiple sleeves attached to the shirt, they were empty, long and reached the floor, Luther estimated they were about three meters long. The upper two sleeves actually had arms in them, Luther now noticed what was odd about the shirt. It was a straitjacket. Don’t mental patients wear this? But that would mean that---- The man suddenly leaped towards Luther growling with vicious teeth.

Luther was surprised by the speed of the charge. Nevertheless he managed to step aside just in time to hear the man in the straitjacket hit the bathroom tiles. Luther thought it would be best to just knock-out the maniac who just charged at him and drag him outside the hospital. A quick jab to the man’s cheek should take care of that. Luther quickly right-jabbed at the man who was stunned by the impact against the wall. Suddenly something soft and white wrapped around Luther’s arm. He was mid-air by the time he realized the thing wrapped around his arm was actually one of the straitjacket’s sleeves.
Completely surprised by those abnormal sleeves Luther got smashed against the wall behind him. Jesus Christ, this guy could rip me apart with those sleeves, I have to get out of here!

Without hesitation Luther started sprinting towards the door leading outside, towards the corridor. The man with the straitjacket was salivating with his mouth wide open. “Time to die” it sounded dry and raspy as if the man never spoke. Multiple sleeves flew towards Luther, trying to trip him and blocking his way. Luther tried to go left, towards the corridor, but the sleeves blocked his way and smashed the wall in front of him. Luther had to turn around and make a run for the door behind him, leading towards the gym. The sounds of metal hitting the ground and the creaking of wood confirmed the sleeves smashed everything one step behind Luther. I can never win this, I have to run! Another sleeve appeared in front of him, again blocking the door. Desperately Luther slid underneath the sleeve towards the door. Luckily the door wasn’t closed properly and it flew open the second his feet touched it.
With a quick movement Luther stood up and turned around, one of the sleeves had chased him, the speed by which flew towards Luther’s face was terrifying. Luckily, one feet from Luther’s face it stopped as if it hit a brick wall.

Luther used this moment to quickly close the door. Pushing against it with his back, trying to keep the mad man from entering the gym. One by one the sleeves hit the door and made Luther’s body vibrate upon every impact. His muscles were fully tensed and is feet started slipping away. I can’t hold this much longer, I’m screwed, please somebody help me!
As if somebody answered his prayer the pounces against the door stopped. Carefully Luther pressed one ear against the door, he heard muffled footsteps leaving towards the corridor. He also heard whispers, although Luther couldn’t hear what they were saying. The man might have left, but still Luther felt trapped like a rat in a cage.

Slowly he turned around and backed away from the door. The door wasn’t even damaged and Luther praised it for its sturdiness. There he stood, waiting for the maniac to enter through one of the three doors, because all of them lead towards the corridor. If I go out, he will surprise me in the corridor. If I stay, he will probably barge in through one of the other doors, I can’t hold back three doors at the same time. Luther realized he was rambling, breathing wildly and wasting precious time. He should have been completely focused by now, ready to defend himself. I won’t go down without a fight! Luther closed his eyes and took deep breaths.
Alright Luther, calm down, focus… focus… A soft lullaby sounded inside his mind, he recognized his mother’s voice:
Day is done, gone the sun
From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky
All is well, safely rest;
God is nigh.
Slowly he opened his eyes, he felt the fear and hesitation which blurred his mind fade away. On his right, in the reflection of the in mirror covered walls a bright light came from his forehead. Let him come, I’m ready.
One of the doors in front of him opened. The constrained man entered the gym, slowly as if he knew Luther was trapped.
The man was barefoot and his jeans were torn on multiple places. The sleeves that once hung lifeless behind him now floated mid-air. The man looked like he was spreading four white wings. The two upper sleeves were still pressed against the man’s body, held together by two rings.
Again Luther heard the whispers, this time more loud, they seemed to come from the man’s constrained arms: “Your pathetic attempt to flee was useless, it only bought you some time. You’re trapped now, you won’t leave this room alive.” The man took a step towards Luther, spit was dripping from the man’s mouth but it hadn’t moved one inch when the man spoke.
“Who am I speaking to, reveal yourself!”, Luther spoke demanding.
He wasn´t afraid, although the appearance of the man in front of him would have agonized all other living beings.
The drool of the man started dripping on the two upper sleeves. Sounds of acid burning though fiber were heard. In a fast movement the man ripped through the fiber and released his arms. The two upper sleeves were much shorter than the four sleeves spread like wings. Luther saw the man’s hands. Both hand palms showed vicious mouths with sharp looking teeth. The two mouths whispered simultaneously: “We are the whispers, and this man’s name is Dominic, although we prefer to call him Sid”. After hearing the word ‘Sid’ the man named Dominic twitched and began salivating even more.
“Why are you here, and why are you trying to kill me”. Luther ignored the horrible scene.
The whispers spoke again, this time louder: “We felt the presence of chaos, which we despise, isn’t that right Sid?”. The man twitched as if agreeing and slowly started walking towards Luther.
“Dominic, you don’t have to do this” Luther said in an attempt to calm the man down.
The whispers starting speaking again, increasing their volume upon each word. “Sid.. Sid.. Sid!.. Sid!”.
One of the sleeves that were still floating mid-air like wings flew towards Luther. With a quick jab Luther formed a small air wave which redirected the sleeve, sending it towards the ceiling. Another sleeve flew at him, again he redirected it with a quick jab. Another sleeve, another quick jab. Luther found himself defending and completely focused on the sleeves flying towards him, trying to hit him, trying to murder him. A bright red flash emanated from Luther’s mark, Luther knew he was becoming angry. Stay focused Luther, you can’t defend yourself while angry!

The sound of the whispers echoed through the gym hall, “SID! SID SID!”. The sleeves speed increased, sweat appeared on Luther’s forehead. Each sleeve now drove Luther backwards towards the mirror covered wall behind him.
Stay focused Luther, stay focused and win. A sleeve managed to dodge one of Luther’s airwaves and hit Luther’s chest. A sharp pain came from the impact, another red flash came from Luther’s mark. You asshole! I’ll murder you! Another voice popped in his mind No… stay focused!
Luther wanted to leap forward and punch Dominic in his face. But he knew the sleeves would grab him and probably dismember him within seconds. Luther’s back was almost against the mirror-wall, he knew he had to act or he’d be dead soon. Then it hit him, although the sleeves came fast and with full strength, they were just as reckless as Luther’s one-two punches against Bella.
Luther’s back hit the wall, one of the sleeves moved backwards for a powerful blow towards Luther. Then it flew towards him.
With incredible timing and speed Luther managed to duck underneath it. The sleeve partly jammed itself inside the mirror-wall, it was stuck for a brief moment, then glass broke as the sleeve pulled itself out with great force. Quickly Luther grabbed the sleeve with his left arm. The moment he grabbed it the sleeve moved back towards Dominic. Using the momentum given by the sleeve Luther raised his right elbow and aimed for the man’s face.
With an horrible cracking sound Luther’s elbow embedded itself in the man’s face. The impact tossed both Luther and Dominic backwards. One of Dominic’s sleeves grabbed Luther and entrapped him. Luther saw lockers pass him on his right side, a door got shattered open, then he saw the corridor. He heard glass shattering, cold air met Luther’s skin. They were both falling towards the ground, all of the man’s sleeves were wrapped around him, he wasn’t able to move even an inch. He tried to free himself with all of his might, the sleeves loosened their grip but Luther couldn’t escape, he landed right on top of Dominic and blacked out.

Wet grass tingled his face. Muffled footsteps approached Luther from behind. He didn't care, he was broken, exhausted. He heard someone gasping for air.
“Luther!”, the voice seemed to be coming from a great distance, blurred by many miles, yet it felt familiar. Two arms wrapped around him, one by his knees and one by his shoulders. Unable to control his body Luther’s head fell backwards as he got lifted. He opened his eyes, a blurry green scenery in front of a brick wall was all he saw, yet something caught his eye, a dark silhouette of a man lying in the grass, circled by broken glass. Vaguely Luther remembered the man’s name, “D-Dominic… ” he mumbled.
His head pounded by each step from the individual who was carrying him. A cold shiver ran through his body. He recalled being naked. Luther’s thoughts began to fade and he began slipping back to unconsciousness.

“Dominic…” a distant voice spoke “That’s a name I haven’t heard for a long time…”

BirtDog's shizz


Luther was sitting in a chair in the middle of a dark room.

“Your next assignment is an easy one. A retrieval mission of sorts” said The Operator

“What am I retrieving?” questioned Luther

“There was a report a few years back of a small city, a town really of roughly 9,000 people, being completely destroyed. The reports say there were no survivors left, all 8,763 people were accounted for and confirmed dead. Some bodies were ripped apart into several large pieces making it difficult to confirm that statement, until recently. In addition, the entire city was destroyed in under an hour; every last structure was either damaged or destroyed. It was one of the most horrific scenes this organization had ever reported on.”

“An easy one?”

“A few images of the target were able to be salvaged. With these images and a report of the town’s citizens we were able to trace the source of this destruction to a civilian the town confirmed as dead 6 years prior to the event: one 19 year old Dominic Faire. He is your target.”

“How the hell do you expect me to bring in a monster like that? It’ll be the end of me for sure.”

“Take note to the end of the report. The boy was reported returning to a non-violent state and completely restrained in a reinforced straitjacket before leaving the city. He is essentially in handcuffs. Just a normal prisoner waiting to be picked up; a present tied up neatly in a bow.”

“What’s stopping that damn satanic monster from resurfacing?”

“Dominic has self-imprisoned the power he holds; he refuses to use it. All the same, try not antagonizing him. We’re sure he won’t ever resurge into whatever destroyed the city. But we know that he still holds great power. The mission will be easy if you keep him in check, if not: it should be a nice challenge. Either way we expect you to return successfully.”

“Where can I find him?”

“There have been plenty of rumors of a figure wandering the nearest wastelands outside the WRHG-City. The horizon is flat so you should be able to see him from far distance. Now go.”

“One last question: Why am I retrieving him?”

“We want him. Now get going”, The Operator’s voice echoed through the dark room as he spoke this.

A Simple Retrieval Mission

Dominic was slowly walking across a wasteland, dragging the heavy straitjacket across the earth beneath him, unsure and unaware of where he was going. To him it didn’t matter where he was going as long as he was moving. His eyes held a blank stare towards the ground as he moved. In his mind he could hear the Whispers tormenting his very being.

Release it all, Sid, spread damnation, Sid, destroy, Sid, maim, Sid, slaughter, Sid…..

He could focus only on resisting their influence, unaware of the incoming dust storm, the wasteland creatures violently eating their own young, and rushing faces of rocks until they killed themselves; the cause of all this was Dominic spread Chaos wherever he went.
The whirlwind of dirt swept across Dominic, his sleeves lifted into the air and the dirt made its way into his eyes and hair. Throughout this entire event Dominic continued to wander miserably, suffering with every step. He was waiting for the end.

“This is my target”, a man said from a distance.

The man stood a fair distance in front of Dominic‘s path. As Dominic walked closer to him the man spoke again.

“Come with me, someone is interested in your existence.”

The man motioned to stop Dominic from walking past him by placing his hand on Dominic’s shoulder. As the man motioned to do this one of the sleeves lifted itself from the ground and shot forward, whipping the man’s hand away. Another sleeve from the same side rushed the man’s chest. The man was able to raise his other arm, blocking the blow from the sleeve but still being pushed back a few feet.

“Hey!” the man shouted, as the symbol on his forehead started to glow a very faint red. The man took a second to breathe as the mark started to lose its shine.
“The hell’s wrong with you?” Luther inquired. Dominic, however, was still looking ahead at the ground in front of him, walking solemnly as if nothing had happened. Luther looked with an annoyed expression.
“I’m talking to you. Come with me or else things are going to get violent.” Luther made his way back towards Dominic but this time when he was around 4 feet of Dominic all 6 sleeves lifted themselves and poised to attack.

Dominic stopped moving and spoke with sadness in his voice, “Plea-…..Please go-GO AWAY! I want to be alone.” Tiny whispers could be heard from underneath the jacket. Dominic began walking once more.

“Not a chance. I’m supposed to bring you in, if you don’t want to that’s your problem.” Luther said without any patience left in his tone.
Luther proceeded towards Dominic, but as he did so the 6 sleeves launched towards the brawler. Luther responded by parrying the whip lashes with his palms. The sleeves repeated each attack as Luther kept an even pace with them, deflecting each end without much effort. All the while Dominic could be heard murmuring to the voices in his jacket as he continued to walk.

“What the hell, boy? Is this some kind of game to you?” Luther shouted as the mark on his head started to glow a faint red.

“PLEASE GO AWAY!” Four of Dominic’s sleeves pulled from the barrage and lifted Dominic high into the air, acting as his legs now. With a slight coil Dominic leapt across the wasteland, creating several yards between him and Luther.

“Annoying.” Luther said as he stood still tensing his stance. The mark on his head started to glow white.

Dominic lowered himself to the ground and started continued to walk across the cracked earth. In a few moments a gust of wind swept towards Dominic’s feet, bringing him to the ground. As Dominic raised himself up, Luther had appeared in front of him. Without any hesitation Luther gestured his leg as if to kick Dominic, the sleeves quickly sprang Dominic upwards as a large pile of dirt and debris flew across from where Luther kicked.

“RUN AWAY!” Dominic pleaded as he fell back to the Earth; bits of spittle flew from his mouth and landed on Luther’s skin, burning his flesh on contact. As he traveled towards the ground the ringed sleeves aimed for Luther. Caught off guard by Dominic’s quick reactions and the acid that just burnt his Roche, Luther was surprised when the rings somehow handcuffed his wrists. When Dominic landed the other sleeves wrapped around Luther, binding his legs and torso. The sleeves lifted him into the air and brought him to the ground, creating a large crater in the dirt.

*Cough cough* “You’re pissing me off!” Luther screamed as his mark grew a bright and violent red. The sleeves lifted him into the air once more and brought him back to earth, creating another crater. Luther stood up; the sleeves still wrapped around him, and grabbed ahold of the sleeves around his torso. With a fierce roar Luther began tearing the sleeves.

“No stop! Don’t do that!” Dominic begged

“Tough. Shit!” Luther replied as he tore two of the sleeves off.

Dominic stood still, gaping at the ends of his sleeves. The Whispers could now be heard clear as day.

“Sid. Sid. Sid. Sid. Sid. Sid.”

Luther began ripping the other sleeves off of him while Dominic was paralyzed by what Luther assumed was fear of his own strength.
With a smirk on his face the fighter spoke, “Now get over here! Before I tear you to shreds!” He approached Dominic with a bloodthirsty look on his face. He grabbed a hold of Dominic and lifted him to his shoulder. The hunter carrying his prey across the wasteland.

“I-…I’m sorry….” Dominic whispered to Luther.

“Wha-“but before Luther could finish his thought Dominic had sunk his teeth into his shoulder blades. With a painful yell Luther threw Dominic off of him and placed his left hand over the bite mark. He let out a short yell as he felt his hand burning. He brought his hand to his front where he could see it was covered in blood and small traces of saliva.
He turned to face where he threw Dominic, a cringe on his face appeared as he could feel the pain in his right shoulder. When he looked all that remained was the bundled up remnants of the straitjacket.

“Where is he?” Luther said as he began to focus, his mark turning white once more. He looked around and couldn’t find Dominic.

“We’re in the middle off Butt-Fuck, Nowhere. There’s nowhere to hide.” Luther’s wounds began to heal as he surveyed the land. No rocks large enough to hide behind, no gaping holes in the earth, nowhere to hide; he reassured himself.
Out of the vast emptiness of the wasteland Luther heard a violent shout towards his direction. He felt uneasy as the noise passed through him.

“What was tha-…I can’t move?”

Luther was standing still, braced to fight but unable to move. He noticed there were black marks on the ground in a semi-circle in front of him. As he looked closer he could see more and more of them appearing. What are those? He thought to himself. In a moment Dominic appeared in front of Luther, wearing a demonic smile and bearing his sharp teeth. He raised his hands next to each side of the face; the fighter could see a row of three mouths: one of the right hand, one on Dominic, and one on the left hand; all three wearing the same sickening smile.

The three mouths spoke, taking turns between each word.

Luther was stricken with a feeling of unending and violent rage; he could feel the Chaos surrounding him. His veins started to glow a bright blue.

Sid walked up to Luther, spread his arms and bore all three mouths into the fighter. He screamed in pain as he could feel his left chest, left arm, and the place where his first wound was open up again as the combination of acid and teeth pierced his Roche. He was able to move again and with a violent reaction Luther pushed Sid away from him. The cannibal began laughing hysterically; his hair stood on end and his mouths had burn residue on them, both effects from the Roche’s lightning.

“That’s it. It’s time to die”

“It’s been-“
“That way since-“
“The beginning.”

Luther’s mark returned to red. The area around the fighters became dim, as if a black cloud surrounded them and blocked out the sun. The Whispers started to scream and the two fighters vanished.

A Nice Challenge

Moving at blinding speeds the two fought in a world of their own. Luther’s veins were still glowing as the two unleashed blow after blow. Sid’s nails opened a new wound on each impact as a surge of electricity leapt from the Roche and into the laughing Sid. They leapt back creating a fair distance between the two. Luther punched a flurry of blows into the air in front of him finishing with a sweeping kick across the air. Pockets of powerful winds flew towards Sid, each strong enough to shatter a boulder. Seeing the distorted air approach, Sid raised his hands a belted out a thick scream with his three mouths; a wave of sound could be seen emanating from Sid. The Breaths met the Sound of Despair in the space between the two fighters, creating a concussive wave after their impact that created a cloud of smoke. Sid and Luther rushed the cloud, but as soon as Sid entered the cloud he was propelled backwards as a gash appeared across his chest; the Sweeping Breath Luther kicked had left its mark. Sid landed on the ground, vulnerable, as Luther ran into place above him and unleashed a powerful barrage. Each punch pushed Sid deeper into the ground until the two were left in a large hole in the ground.

...Luther started panting heavily. His veins lost their blue shine and the mark started to fade. Sid was laying there, mouth open, eyes wide in a stunned state.
Breathing between each word, “That…was…fun” Luther exclaimed. The thick skinned man climbed his way out of the hole and started examining his wounds.

Three voices could be heard in tandem, “That was fun!”

Luther turned around and looked at the crater. The Whispers started screaming louder than before as Sid was standing upright. The bruises started to fade and the gash across his chest started to seal up. The screaming stopped momentarily as Sid spoke his last words.

There was a brief silence, quickly followed by a shout so tremendously powerful that the black cloud surrounding the two fighters was blown away.

There were no more sounds to be heard. Luther stood completely paralyzed, his mark turned into a pale blue as his face was full of regret. Luther thought back on the events that just occurred. A single thought was able to come across his mind: This was all my doing…

Sid vanished from sight for the last time. Luther saw a stream of blood fly in the air across his face; Sid ran circles around Luther, moving fast enough to slice through the Roche with tremendous ease. Every cut was contributing to a wonderful swirling torrent of blood with the Roche bearer standing in the middle; a swirling fountain of blood surrounding a marble statue.

Stopping where he started his assault, Sid watched with tremendous joy at the piece of art he created stood still in the air for a moment, before the body and blood dropped simultaneously to the ground. The corpse hit the ground without a noise as a puff of red dust took the place of the area above Luther’s body.

With a smile on his face Sid began walking back into the wasteland. With every step the smile started to fade. Soon it was replaced by sadness and lines of bloodied tears. The frail figure hugged his body and hung his head low as the straitjacket reappeared once more. Walking into the horizon the being of limitless Chaos spoke again.

“……………I’m sorry…”


“This was an unforeseen circumstance. Retrieve the body. We have a lot of work to do if we want to save him.” echoed The Operator’s voice in the dark room.

07-29-2013, 01:02 AM
I posted on time! I made the deadline! *Victory Pose*
Sorry for the inactivity.....things came up.

07-29-2013, 11:34 PM
Send your entry toward Mecha-Hewitt. Im in the hotel lobby on my smartphone, i cant do editing

07-30-2013, 12:02 AM
Added it. VOTE AWAY!

07-30-2013, 12:12 AM
Thank you.....thank you so much for the title xD

My "shizz"....you know me so well <3

EDIT: Why no "shizz"? ω[⊙^⊙]ω

07-31-2013, 10:06 PM
Rochedan: Your entry was OK. It wasn't bad, but I didn't get the feeling that this was a battle. It seemed more like an extension of Luther's story line. While that isn't something that would necessarily make your entry inadequate, the truth is the initial meeting between the two wRHG's didn't occur until about two-thirds of the way through. The fight itself didn't actually start until very close to the end. These two factors had me really disappointed when I eventually finished. And the fight that was described in greater detail, the one between Luther and his trainer, Bellatrix, could have been much smoother with the right vocabulary. If I can make a suggestion? Try keeping your heavier story related pieces separate from your wRHG battles. That way readers get what they're looking in their respective threads. That's how I'm doing mine. ^^

BirtDog: I thought your entry was great, with nice use of Prologue and Epilogue. It's actually kind of a guilty pleasure of mine to come across both Prologues and Epilogues that are strictly dialogue (lots of logs in that sentence :p) and nothing more, so bonus points for that. ^_^ The fight was detailed nicely, making me wish you had written more. Next time write more. :)

I hate to admit this, but this battle wasn't very difficult for me decide. My vote goes to BirtDog. ^^

08-01-2013, 11:44 AM
Rochedan ::
As Nightlock has said, your work is heavily story based. Truthfully, I had liked the interaction between characters and the development of Luther. Thought, you could have melded battle and story more closely and give equal bits to each of them. In that way, you'd be appealing both to story-reader and battle-goer. All-in-all I still liked your work.

BirtDog ::
Your story was simple but far from bland. You colored the scene with the insanity known as Sid and delivered a good battle. I especially liked Sid's introduction. I could really picture that eerie part clearly in my head. Creepy.

I liked both works and each had their own way. In any case, my vote goes to BirtDog.

08-07-2013, 08:12 AM
Alright, I finally found time to read your entry Birddog, and I must say I am impressed!
Your grammar was flawless and you really paid attention to your lay-out. I mean: " " {I don't even know how to make tow different brackets :P }
Anyway, there were a few things I found annoying because I know my character best of course, but this is just because I'm a perfectionist. '
1: It's Roch NOT Roche
2: Luther can only use the energy burst when almost dead and enraged... in your story he was only enraged...

I hope you liked my story as well..

@Nightlock, thanks for your CnC, I know I need to work on my vocabulary.. I'm not a native English or American you see, my vocabulary is pretty limited.

08-07-2013, 08:44 AM
Both were really great. I personally think Birtdog's part was better. If I could still vote, I'd vote for him. The epilogue and prologue were both great and added so much to the story(in my opinion). Also, the battle was fantastic and very interesting.

08-13-2013, 11:24 PM
Alright Rochedan, I have returned from my own self-imprisonment and finally read your piece. I deeply apologize for not doing it sooner.

First off:

Alright, I finally found time to read your entry Birddog, and I must say I am impressed!
Your grammar was flawless and you really paid attention to your lay-out. I mean: " " {I don't even know how to make tow different brackets :P }
Anyway, there were a few things I found annoying because I know my character best of course, but this is just because I'm a perfectionist. '
1: It's Roch NOT Roche
2: Luther can only use the energy burst when almost dead and enraged... in your story he was only enraged...

My bad, I wrote "Roche" on accident but it slowly started to take over everything before long. I was pronouncing "Rochedan" with a long "O" so I believed that it was spelled "Roche" with the "e" to signal the strong "Oooo" sound. But it was my fault for not paying attention to that. I'm sorry.
I had the Chaos Leak (which is something I need to add) give him more access to his abilities. I let the Chaos make him more violent and give him the power of the energy bursts, kind of a double-edged sword....I don't know lol. I just thought it made sense to me to let him get a huge spike in power. Sorry I didn't stay true to your character; I dislike disrespecting people.


Holy Balls, man!!! I actually loved your story a lot. I did feel the battle wasn't as eventful as it couldv'e been (and I kept seeing a naked Luther....soo....no bueno lol), but I felt that foreshadowing you brought to Dom's fight that came from the spar with Bella was a grand idea. I also loved this new side I saw in the Luther written above; gotta say that I didn't see this like...adolescent minded and innocent Luther when I read your character page, so the character development you made was a nice read. But what I loved the most was how well you portrayed my character; I felt the deepest respect seeing the images you painted in Dominic. You made him creepy, wickedly random, and portrayed the ingenuity of the Whispers excellently. My only problem was when you implied the Whispers don't like Chaos. The Whispers and Sid love that thing, although they also "police" it in a sense so that there can be no overabundance of Chaos that THEY didn't create. To them Chaos is under their rule, he is the selfish Prince of Chaos, and anyone who tries to overthrow that rule will be punished. Dominic is the one who doesn't like Chaos, so I can understand him targeting something Chaotic, but he wouldn't use Chaos to fight Chaos, he would find it best to take the Chaos away with him somehow. Now if you meant to have the Whispers trick Dom's hate of Chaos into him fighting Roch (which I assume is where you got the Chaos from) then that was a brilliantly development and I have no problems with it.

I could tell what was thrown off by the Google.doc and with that being said I also liked your grammar and structure. Your syntax (the actual construction of a sentence) needs some work but you did great for a non-native English writer (I'm assuming based on what you told Nightlock).

I really loved your entry and I would love collaborating with you if you want to meld more of our stories together.

08-15-2013, 08:48 PM
Now if you meant to have the Whispers trick Dom's hate of Chaos into him fighting Roch (which I assume is where you got the Chaos from) then that was a brilliantly development and I have no problems with it.

I really loved your entry and I would love collaborating with you if you want to meld more of our stories together.

Thanks for your reply man, I've been looking forward to it. About the Whispers hating Chaos part of your reply. My idea was that Dominic was attracted to Rochedan's "chaos" of his skin/Roch. Dominic's family got killed by something that had to do with Choas right? So I wanted to imply that he was atracted for revenge or something.

About the collaborating, well honestly I'd like to try such a thing... but please elaborate on how you'd like to do it.

08-16-2013, 12:05 AM
Thanks for your reply man, I've been looking forward to it. About the Whispers hating Chaos part of your reply. My idea was that Dominic was attracted to Rochedan's "chaos" of his skin/Roch. Dominic's family got killed by something that had to do with Choas right? So I wanted to imply that he was atracted for revenge or something.

About the collaborating, well honestly I'd like to try such a thing... but please elaborate on how you'd like to do it.

Dom's family died by his own hands. He killed his dad with his hands, his entire family in the city by himself, the only thing that MIGHT not be his fault was his mother's death. But it was caused because he simply existed. That's kind of a key point to his depression lol. The Chaos may have driven him but he was the vehicle, the vessel, the physical being that did the damage.


Well I've been rolling over this idea for WEEKS in my head. I sort of went to a biblical allegory thing with Dom; maybe more of a...inspiration, since I'm not trying to make a new set of bible stories =P

I made Dom an apostle, well he could use some disciples. I've fully created about 2, maybe 3, with a 4th in development, and I want to ask Chamel if Chance could be the 6th. The necessary requirement though is that these people have been born with this power from Chaos.
Dom was blessed with ALL of Chaos; he's special, the Jesus Christ of Chaos if you will. And his apostles all have the same mark he does (which I'm developing) but none of them are...mentally ill, like Dom. Dom hates his Chaos and resists it at every point which is like (and I've used this before) pressing your hands together as tight as you can: your arms will flail and flux and tense until something gives; that's how Dom treats his Chaos. His disciples freaking love what they can do, BECAUSE they only have a snippet of power, they don't know what it feels like to be fully controlled by it. All they disciples have a piece of Dom's power (the 1st has his speed, his 2nd has his combat prowess [nails, regen, etc.], 3rd has his sound based abilities, the 4th which I'm developing has a manipulation power [like how Dom has his sleeves but...more...somthing lol) and have a different attachment to him. The 1st hates Dom because he wanted to be the apostle, the 2nd finds him his muse, the 3rd studies him like a lab rat, the 4th loves him (a girl) and never wants to let him go, etc.

I don't want to be alone with this endeavor however and I would LOVE to have some real people be the disciples, but it requires cooperation. Almost guild-like but I dont want a guild (clan, is what i meant). I'd like to just...have this group exist.

Chamel's character is a wringer for this, by accident of course, and I even pondered a story between the two but I need to let that guy know about it lol.

Luther would be a bit of a challenge to incorporate on my side alone, but from his preset story he'd have to be the 13th and final apostle since his power was man-made. This is all of course stuff off the top of my head though =P

If that's something you're down with then I'd love to get some aid, if not then I could just write this for fun (like I'm already doing lol) and we could do something where Dom is involved with your organization (although incorporating that into my story could be easily done). I just love brainstorming and having a few real bodies to bounce ideas off of and with would be a lot of fun.

Who knows, this could lead to some new kind of clan, maybe a wRHG religion xD that could lead to epic clandestine battles. True free-for-all's and things of the like; ones that collab multiple into one story, one piece. I don't know, I'm rambling now, ignore this I'm just getting excited >///<


TL;DR- too bad, read it lol