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08-13-2013, 01:25 AM
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***Antes are Extra Challenges that add twice the points wagered if successfully pulled off. They come in 3 Flavors (Easy Medium Hard). No two participants can have the same kind of Ante. For more info, click the link above.

ErrorBlender has initiated a Medium Ante.

BirtDog has initiated a Hard Ante.

- Votes are worth 5 pts. each.
- CNC-ing an entry gives you 10 pts. Detailed ones get an extra 5 pts. Maximum 3 CnCs per participant.
- Bonus for the Round is 20 pts. Bonus for this Round is the best depiction of Irony.
- Fulfilled Antes give 10, 20, 30 pts. and lost 5, 10, 15 pts if failed depending on difficulty
- Judge's Blessing gives 15 points if entry caught the Judge's eye.

Here are the entries:

Bl.An.C. (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?58743-Cooper-Price-Bl-An-C-Blast-Android-Class)
Bl.An.C. awoke, confused and in a daze. He retracted his helmet almost immediately to take in a deep breath. The air was fresh and he could clearly say that they were outside. Once he had his breath, Cooper gazed up from his position and gathered whatever intel he could.

From his vantage point, he was atop some sort of hexagonal platform where multiple lines spread and scattered across like a web. Immediately, his helmet whizzed back and his lone jade eye glowed alive. The emerald optic zoomed in on his surroundings, and saw the familiar faces of Ensiron and Chance as well as some recognizable ones from the lounge. The rest were new gladiators and these were the ones Bl.An.C. had taken note of.

Before he could do a complete scan on anyone, the ground shook slightly which set Cooper off balance for a moment. Huge slabs of stone arose from the ground and continued to do so endlessly until what seemed to be the peak of the sky. He was surrounded with massive walls of rock that created paths branching to every side of the hexagon platform he was currently standing on.

“Observation: A maze like structure built to keep us all in.” The android told himself and attempted to call for a wing pack in order to secure aerial superiority.

He waited for a few seconds until he realized nothing was materializing. Surprised, he attempted to reach Alice. “Query: Alice, are you there?”

All there was was the sound of static.

He was alone.

He retracted his helmet and placed his fingers on the bridge of his nose, he tried to think of what could have happened and what could be done. As he brought down his hand, it snagged something. His finger got caught in a string wrapped around his neck and allowed his digit to trace the string down towards what hung on it. It was some sort of amulet; a weird stone that glowed with power. He glanced to his side and noticed the sword from where he had stood. The weapon was stabbed to the ground and its handle stuck out at waist height. The android snatched it from its place and tested it out. He slashed at the air with unprecedented familiarity that even surprised him.

‘When did I – ?’ Bl.An.C.’s thought was cut short by a strong call from behind him.

“Milady!” A voice yelled from behind him. The android looked over his shoulder and saw a young man knocking ceaselessly on the stone slab.

“Query: Who are you?” The android called out to the young man.

“I’m Corvon.” He said, backing himself to the wall’s face. He wore a simple cloth garb, and his hair was neatly combed down. “Where’d you get that?” Corvon said surprised to see the Sword of Truth in the android’s hands.

“Statement: I found it.”

“Then give it back, it does not belong to you.” Corvon requested and even approached the android with his outstretched hand.

“Statement: No. It seems we are all gladiators here and I have the better weapon.” The android said. He twirled the sword in his hand and pointed it at Corvon. ‘How do I even know how to do that?’ he thought. The movement flowed out as if his body knew every movement, knew the weight of the sword by heart and the length of it as well. The point was already pricking at Corvon’s throat.

“Hey, wait.” Corvon stammered. “I’m no gladiator. I just accompany Kalena so that she remains unharmed.” He said, his arms raised to show no intention for harm.

Bl.An.C. retracted the sword and gazed around. “Query: So you are but a companion to the other gladiator behind that wall?”

“Yes.” Corvon answered truthfully. “Milady needs that sword to survive and me to make sure she does.”

The man took a few steps back. “So, I won’t allow you to leave without me getting that sword.” He said tersely as he shook. He knew what these gladiators are capable of. Slaughter, bloodshed and a bit more, there was an off chance that this one was like Trey but who could say?

“Observation: You are shivering, Corvon.” Bl.An.C. noticed. “Conclusion: You are not meant to be on the battlefield, only in the sidelines it seems from your movements.”

A booming voice echoed throughout the maze, it was The Host. "Listen well, gents. All you have to do is escape..." he began. The next sentences were elaboration on the rules, the runes and keys wringed on their necks with string and the switch ups. After his speech, The Host simply went silent.

Corvon and Bl.An.C. stood quietly, taking in the information given to them.

“So, I am stuck with you.” Corvon said.

“Affirmation: As long as this rune isn’t destroyed, you and the sword are bonded to me.” Bl.An.C. stared at the curious stone hanging on the string. Another was apparently hanging along with it, a golden card with a hole where the string could slip through and it seemed normal looking, except for the tribal design of an eye drawn horizontally with the words “The Saint” written neatly at the bottom. The card was obviously the key, the target of his opponent for him to get out of the maze.

Corvon’s spirits were lifted upon hearing those words. Maybe he could destroy that rune so that he would be free of this man and run off to find Kalena.

Bl.An.C., realizing the hope he brought when he uttered those words, glared at Corvon. “Statement: I know what you are thinking. You hope release by destroying the rune. Hypothesis: Let’s say you do and you manage to get the sword from me. How certain are you that you will survive the maze long enough to get to your companion?”

I have mage sight; I can find Kalena easily in this place. I can even dodge the gladiators!

“Continuation: Additionally, the gladiators are all hunting people and some know Kalena.” The android said. “…if they know you and your connection to her and manage to capture you. What are you to her then?”

Corvon swallowed. Dead weight… The mage was about to speak when Bl.An.C. immediately interjected.

“Assurance: I promise I will lead you back to your companion after my battle and an errand.” He said simply.

Corvon eyed Bl.An.C. watchfully, trying to discern whether he was lying or not. It was hard to tell since there was no intonation in his voice nor does the android move in any way as he talks. Then he was reminded that the person he was talking to had the sword.

Whoever holds the sword is bound to truth. He thought. Corvon breathed in deep and exhaled. “Fine. I will follow you for now.” He said finally.

“Suggestion: You may assist me in taking down The Saint. At least that way, my errand will end quicker and you will get reunited faster.” The android told Corvon as he gazed around to decide which area he was to go with.

“If that is the case…” Corvon said. “I will help. I know a trick, this might take a moment.”

The novice mage breathed in and closed his eyes. He removed any idle thoughts and gathered the magic he had. Slowly, colors began to spool into his head, threads of different spectrums moved sporadically until they had resolved into a sort of map of the stone labyrinth. The mage could see six spots running across the maze, one of which he could recognize as Kalena. He decided on tricking Bl.An.C..

“The Saint is this way.” Corvon said plainly. He pointed at the leftmost hall from where Bl.An.C. had stood.

“Query: How do you know?” The android stared at Corvon, his gaze unmoving which unnerved the mage a bit.

“I have mapped out the entire area already in my head. I can use my magic to pinpoint people.” It was an effort to keep from stammering but Corvon managed somehow. He followed Bl.An.C.’s stare eye for eye.

“Statement: Very well. We will go the other way.” The pseudo-android said, as he immediately faced the other hall.

“What? Why?” Corvon asked, as he ran towards the black suited man.

“Response: I wish to battle the Saint with my own weapons. I will have to find the person with my gear, in which afterwards, I will crush your rune and allow you to go to Kalena. I will escort you to her myself after I get my gear.” Bl.An.C. replied. “Request: If you may, keep tabs on the Saint.”

“Oh… sure.” Corvon said meekly. His plan failed and the novice mage sighed in disappointment. “What is your name then?”

“Statement: Bl.An.C.” The android responded.

Time passed by as the uncanny duo walked through the stone maze. Occasionally, they’d hear the scream of fellow gladiators and sounds of combat. The walls themselves shook as if they were struck with a powerful blast.

“Query: How close are we to the nearest gladiator, path wise?” The android asked suddenly.

“Well,” Corvon breathed in. “I’ll check.”

Bl.An.C. looked around as Corvon used his mage sight. He walked a few steps away from Corvon towards the T-crossing. The android’s auditory sensors immediately picked up the sound of steps increasing in volume.

“Statement: Corvon.” The android called out to his companion, the volume of his voice lowered to mimic a whisper.

The novice mage’s eyelids burst open and was about to say something when the android held his hand out to signal Corvon to keep quiet. Corvon nodded and stayed silent. Bl.An.C. held the Sword of Truth tighter this time. “Command: Attack when I give the signal…”

Corvon breathed in and nodded. His eyes widened. There really was a gladiator nearby.

Everything went silent, the android’s sensors picked up close to nothing. He inched closer to the intersection. The silence was broken when Corvon whispered as loudly as he could. “Bl.An.C.!”

The android looked up and saw the figure of a man with crimson red tentacles shooting out from his back. The tendrils flowed like a stream as they pierced the walls which allowed the man to traverse the maze easily. His jade optic zoomed into the tendrils, scanning the composition and returning viable data on what it was made of.

“Observation: The man has Chance’s power” He murmured. The tendrils were no doubt made of blood and most probably belonged to Chance.

The man traversed above the two until he reached the point where he was between them both. The bloody limbs retracted themselves from the wall, inevitably allowing the man to fall to the ground. “It seems I have found my target.” The man with a scar across his eye looked over his shoulder. He flicked his wrist and out came the card; it was golden like the android’s but held a green eye radiated with three lines. He stared at his suited target. “…Bl.An.C.”

“Statement: Saint.”

Corvon stepped back slightly; he could sense the blood, the living blood circulating in the tendrils. He felt like puking.

“The name’s Mccaw Rindar. Saint is just a tag name.” The man shrugged.

Bl.An.C. kept silent and twirled the blade in his hand. He assumed a stance, somewhat instinctively.

“So no talk eh, just fight?” Mccaw asked. “Well, if that’s the case.” The Saint smiled maniacally as the crimson tentacles points sharpened into blades. Their sharp tips pointed at Bl.An.C. “I have to ask though. Who is that guy?”

Mccaw gestured his head towards Corvon. “Never heard that the tournament allowed spectators.”

“Statement: He isn’t” Bl.An.C. nodded. Mccaw noticed the gesture.

Rindar looked back and saw the look of affirmation in Corvon’s eyes which seemed to switch from idleness to quick determination. Before he could register the trap he had gotten himself into, Corvon had already uttered a few words before he yelled at the top of his voice: “Arc flare!”

Corvon directed the flow of fire at the Saint; the novice mage’s open palm surged a laser beam of flames which inevitably reached Rindar and enveloped him in an explosive array of yellow fire. The blood user screeched in pain, a faint shade of himself was visible from the fire fingers and body contorted in sheer anguish.

The Saint’s cries of agony quickly morphed into hysterical laughter that caught both Bl.An.C. and Corvon by surprise. The flames slowly dissipated, embers licked at what seemed to be a covering of red coagulated blood. Rindar’s smile peeked through the crust of burnt liquid. “Nice try, mage.” The Saint uttered, his grin the most prominent feature of his face. The blood flaked and slowly drifted down to the stone floor as he moved. Slowly, the crimson tendrils retook their forms, the tips began to spiral and speed up. “I will make you bleed for that.”

Corvon swallowed and stepped back as Mccaw’s tendrils advanced. The android moved quickly as he rushed in, the blade felt comfortable in his hands as he attempted to strike at the blood user’s back. Unexpectedly, Rindar faced the android at the last second and brought turning along with him. The crimson appendages slammed at the android’s side and threw him towards Corvon. The mage staggered back as he saw the android’s body thrown in front of him. “You okay?” He asked.

“Reply: Never been better…” The android said. He stabbed the sword to the ground using it as support to bring him up. As he stood up, he felt a sort of power course through him from the sword, a cool refreshing feeling that he could draw from the blade when it struck earth.

The Saint had his tendrils advance towards the android. “DIE.” He muttered.

He couldn’t help ask. “Query: Corvon, does this blade have special qualities?”

“Yes,” Corvon replied quickly. ‘This man is a lunatic! He’s not even moving away from the attack!’ The mage intervened with a shout; he stepped between the android and the tentacles of blood. “Aegis!”

Four plates of gold manifested before the mage, all of which formed an impenetrable shield against the Saint’s attack. The tendrils of blood exploded as they impacted on the shield, scattering droplets of blood everywhere.

The feeling of this sort of power was new to Bl.An.C.; it was both exhilarating and shocking, to think powers like this are just out there. Corvon looked behind him as he maintained the shield. “Yes, that sword has power. It can rend the earth as long as it touches it.” He said breathlessly, both his hands were outstretched towards the aegis.

Several more impacts hammered down on the shield until the mage felt an extra weight clamped on. Corvon looked at the top of his barrier and saw the bloodied grin of the Saint.

“Knock knock.” Rindar chimed.

“Reply: Who’s there?”

Corvon sensed the blade’s magic at work and instinctively leapt to one side. The Aegis dissipated and allowed Mccaw to fall but his feet would never feel the earth below his feet.

Bl.An.C. swept the Sword of Truth upwards and ripped the earth as he did. A pillar of stone erupted from the floor and struck Rindar squarely at the chest. The attack launched the blood user into the stone wall, fractures and cracks spread like a spider’s web from the impact point. The android stormed towards Mccaw, trailing the blade onto the ground. The earth itself was magnetized towards the metal of the sword as it crept up and encased it in solid rock.

Rindar was wedged onto the wall, his face confused at what had just happened. His vision slowly cleared up as he saw an earthen weapon race towards his gut. Quickly, he mustered all the blood he had on him and focused it to scab in one area. The blow slammed him onto the wall and it crumbled behind him. Mccaw tumbled through the hole and into the corridor. He felt numb all over but forced himself to his feet. The Saint brushed of the dust from his clothes and felt an eerie presence within the area. He couldn’t see five feet in front of him due to an ominous haze that had engulfed him and the area around him seemed to chill his bones. Then he heard them. He heard voices.

Corvon rushed towards Bl.An.C., who now knelt on the ground. “You should not exert too much.” The mage said alarmingly. “You may be a warrior but that sword requires more than muscle to wield.” The mage attempted to help the android stand by grabbing his arm. The blood left over snaked towards the hole, slowly accelerating until little was left of it.

“Reply: I am no warrior, Corvon. I am a scientist.” The android said simply as he shrugged off Corvon’s help and climbed into the hole.

‘He may not be Kalena but they both are stubborn.’ He grimaced as he followed the blast android.

Bl.An.C. entered the hall. Everything about it felt wrong, the area was unnaturally dark and lit by a strange light above. An extremely thick fog moved with an invisible breeze. The light from the hole pierced through the pale miasma, shedding light to the featureless area. Corvon stepped onto the pale white floor. His eyes widened almost immediately. “Bl.An.C.! This place! It’s a—“ Before the mage could finish his sentence, the hole suddenly spiraled to a close. The area was suddenly plunged into a deep darkness. Bl.An.C.’s green eye and lines across his arms and legs were the brightest light sources as of now, the light above was faded too much that the only thing you could really make out was itself.

“Continuation: A trap?” The android eye faced Corvon.

“A trap meant for souls.” Corvon said grimly.

Right at that moment, faint whispers echoed around them. They were undecipherable mumbles but they screamed pain with their hushed tones. Corvon steeled himself, he was used to these things; the magical training he had endured encompassed the supernatural and things beyond life. Dealing with magic would eventually lead you to dark forces. “Bl.An.C. we need to get out of here.” He ushered the android. “Don’t listen to the voices.” He warned.

“Reply: My sensors indicate that there is no end to the corridor. Can you confirm this?” The android asked absently but he didn’t need confirmation. He simply gripped the Sword of Truth and ignored the mage’s warning.

“There is no escape unless we find the key. It should be somewhere here, Bl.An.C.” Corvon closed his eyes as he tried to summon up his energies. If he recalled correctly, soul prisons always have a key for the living to exit. It is usually somewhere within the area.

“Analysis: If what you say is correct, then I suspect the key is…”

Several bands of crimson surfaced from the thick fog and bonded themselves around the android’s arms and legs. The strips of blood coiled tightly around him and dragged him into the white haze. Corvon attempted to reach out and grab the android but he was too late. The fog began to enclose him; dark figures surrounded him, close enough to see that they’re human but too far to recognize who they are.

“What are you really?”

“You aren’t even part of this tournament…”

Corvon slammed shut his eyes and concentrated. ‘I need to concentrate. If that man is as stubborn as milady, he won’t survive without my help.’

“A burden.” The whispers mocked.

“Yes, that’s what you are…”

Corvon gritted his teeth.

The android body was thrown onto the maze walls. The bloody restraints released their coils and Bl.An.C. fell to the ground.

“You know? Your biggest asset…” The voice called out, unmistakably Rindar’s. “Is your biggest fault.”

The android gazed around and saw the multitudes of shades, all too far to reach but their whispers echoed louder the harder he concentrated on one.

“Give in…”

“…that sword isn’t yours.”

Bl.An.C. stayed vigilant, any one of these shades could be Rindar. His auditory sensors picked up the slight breeze; the android brought up his sword in time to block the tendril. From behind, hundreds of pellets bombarded the android. Bl.An.C. fell on the hilt of the sword, the blade’s tip stabbed the ground and the sword supported him.

“Weak…I can’t believe I lost to you…” The voice murmured. Bl.An.C. recognized this one; it was a recent fight. The blue brawler.

“Query: Lucario?!” The android asked astonished.

“The apparitions see your faults, you bucket of bolts. Give up!” Rindar’s voice echoed. Crimson tendrils lashed out at the black suit. The android’s body moved quickly, blocking most of the blows but most pierced through. The tendrils drilled through armor and into Bl.An.C.’s human flesh.

“Oh, so you’re human!” Rindar’s excited voice echoed. “So, the much better!” The android was being pummeled around, stabbed thrown into the walls.

“You are just human, Bl.An.C.” The voice of Lucario whispered. The android looked up from his position on the ground. The shade of the blue brawler stood a few meters away, the glow of his eyes stared at him. The blade was still in his hands, his body spazzed every time the blunt weapons struck down.

“It was just luck that you beat me.”

Hammers began to pound at the android’s back at quick intervals. The puddle of his blood began to spread but one thing had the android watching. The blood was moving. It was moving like a river downhill.

“It’s time I end you so we both can exit this maze. I’ll be alive though and you’ll be somewhere.” Mccaw snickered. The android rolled onto his back, his system HUD blared numerous warnings. The helmet whizzed back, revealing the pale face of Cooper Price. “I know where you are…” He breathed. Blood trickled down his cheek. Breathing turned into a chore, each breath was forced out from the successive poundings. “I…just can’t…”

“You can never beat him.” Lucario’s shade repeated over and over again. The words began to echo in Cooper’s head, slowly convoluting the man’s thoughts. Eating away at his desire to live.

The Saint emerged from the fog. Four of his appendages pointed themselves at Bl.An.C.’s chest and merged into one massive drill. The Saint’s eyes glowered with malice. “Goodbye.”


The drill advanced quickly. Cooper moved his arms, forcing them to move was a chore but with all that remained, he brought out the Sword of Truth and blocked the advancing drill with the face of the blade.

“I will not give in this easily.” Cooper gritted his teeth. “Too much…to simply allow myself to die!”

“I admire your conviction, Bl.An.C.” The Saint smirked. “But it’s in vain, whatever you are working on. Now, if you please…”

The drill pushed further as the android’s strength waned.

“….just die.”

“I told you so,” Lucario’s voice whispered. “…never meant to win. Never meant to survive.”

Cooper’s breathing intensified. Was it really going to end here?

“Arc Frost!” A voice called out from the fog. A stream of sky blue energy cut through the haze and swept Mccaw Rindar off his feet. The blood user was slammed onto the corridor’s wall; the ice cackled as it froze the Saint’s body onto the wall, the mist of the beam itself flash froze the most of the tendrils of blood. The crimson appendages caked with ice fell to the pale white floor, shattered like glass as they crashed. The Saint was smacked onto the wall; the remaining blood tendrils lost their form upon his impact and spilled down to the floor. Corvon appeared from the fog, his eyes glowed an unnatural white. “Paegis, form!” He directed his hands towards the man stuck to the wall by ice. Four onyx plated structures bonded themselves onto Mccaw and the wall face. “Stay back,” Corvon yelled.

The Saint muttered curses and profanity. Corvon rushed towards Bl.An.C., surprised to see a human face instead of the jade eye.

“You..you are injured.” Corvon’s eyes widened from the amount of blood loss.

“No kidding…” Cooper managed a smile. “Sorry, I might not be able to bring you back to your lady.”

Corvon remembered that. Even with all this damage, he would remember that?

“No, I won’t accept anything else.” The mage refused. He brought out his hands and slowly applied them onto the most bloodied wounds. “You will fulfill that oath.”

“The voices…they’re right you know?” Cooper mused. “They’re telling me to quit.”

“Didn’t I tell you to not listen to those voices?” Corvon shook his head.

The android felt a surge of heat through his body, strength returned by the second. There were still pains but it was manageable. Cooper sat up, as he felt slightly better. Corvon nodded, the glow in his eyes began to fade. “I’ve used myself up, Bl.An.C.” Corvon said as he slouched and viewed the Paegis he had created. It was fading quickly. “The frost won’t hold him.”

The ice began to crack and fissure. “I will kill you both.” The Saint muttered, his teeth chattering from the cold.

The android stood from his position. “System check.” He ordered.

“System functionality: Sixty-five percent. Power: Eighty-eight percent. Armor state: Forty-nine percent. Weapon Call: Zero percent.” The suit replied. The android twirled his blade, gripped it with both hands and took on a stance. Corvon recognized this. It was the same stance Kalena uses.

The Saint dropped down to the floor, the pools of blood reformed into his usual weapons. The two gladiators eyed each other. Mccaw moved in first and attacked with his appendages of blood. Bl.An.C. advanced; he blocked each strike with the flat of the sword and kept moving as he trailed the Sword of Truth on the ground. The Saint proceeded to attack with a volley of blood bullets. The earth below the android rose up into a cliff which launched him into the air. The Saint smiled. “No earth up there!” He shouted gleefully. His directed his tendrils to pierce the android mid-air but Bl.An.C. deftly blocked each one perfectly. Cooper twirled in mid-air and extended both his arms as they gripped the blade.

“We end this!” Cooper yelled. The blade was brought down onto the Saint; a massive gash traced through his entire chest. The android landed gracefully on is two feet, did a complete turn and delivered a swift kick at the Saint’s body. The blood user was still standing. Bl.An.C. continued his assault of steel, surgically attacking the arms and legs of the Saint. As a final attack, the android twirled and allowed the blade to graze the ground with its point, drawing a complete circle as it did. The android slashed Mccaw right in the face, scarring his left eye. In a few seconds delay, a stone column rose from the ground and struck Rindar’s side, which sent the semi conscious blood user towards Corvon.

Bl.An.C. stood motionless, the Sword of Truth in hand. Had he killed the Saint? No. He knew he missed anything vital but all those attacks could prove fatal from the subsequent bleeding. He moved closer. The fog was thick but he could still make out the figure of Corvon and the Saint.

“You killed him!”


Bl.An.C. closed his eyes and remembered all those he killed in his blind fury. All those innocents – he couldn’t bear to see anyone after that.

Corvon scrambled back when he saw the Saint’s scarred body but then he saw something glint in the man’s pockets. It was the card and rune. Despite his growing need to puke from the slaughter, he grabbed the two items and stood up; he used his sleeve to cover up the smell. Bl.An.C. emerged from the fog, his face haggard from the stress and armor damaged severely. The once pulsating green glow was now but a faint light.

“Here are the items, Bl.An.C..” Corvon told the android, giving him the card and rune. Bl.An.C. reached out and claimed the items.

The card shone brightly in Bl.An.C.’s hand and blinded them for a few seconds in a flash of light. When the two opened their eyes, the fog had been cleared and the hall cleansed of the shades.

“Let’s go now.” Bl.An.C. said. Corvon nodded.


“Query: How are we supposed to know where your lady is?” Bl.An.C. asked, the helmet now back on.

“I used up my magic…it will take a while before I regain enough for mage sight.” Corvon sighed. “We’d just have to be lucky.”

“Query: Why are you – ?” Bl.An.C. was cut off by a startling sound. Snarls. They were the snarls of wolves.

Suddenly, the two realized they were encircled by a pack of wolves. “Those are substantial spirits…spectral wolves.” Corvon said. The android gripped his blade. They may have been ghosts but these still bore the rage of their living selves.

“Release Corvon, gladiator.” A female voice commanded from behind one of the wolves. Her hair was tied behind her head and she wore a simple dress. If it weren’t for her commanding stare, Bl.An.C. would have mistaken her for a civilian.

“Milady!” Corvon yelled, overjoyed. “Don’t harm him.”

“If he would willingly give you in, I would not harm him.” The pack alpha said assuringly.

“He’s brought me to you, he escorted me.” Corvon said. Kalena looked puzzled, she looked at the android, the man who held the Sword of Truth.

“Confirmation: It is what he says.” The android nodded. “Statement: Corvon has the rune that binds him and your sword to me.”

The mage fished out the small rock from his pocket and handed it over to Kalena. The android beckoned the mage to take the sword as well in which Corvon did quickly.

The swordswoman gazed the rune and the blade at her hands. “What is your reason? You could have slain Corvon and reduced my threat to anyone in the battle.”

“Agreement: True. That would have been the logical thing to do, especially in a time such as this.” The android confided but shook his head. “Statement: It would have been easy to kill him, easy to end it and hunt you down later in the tournament but I can never bring myself to it.”


“Reply: Morals. The fact is, I wish for peace.”

“Then why join the system of bloodshed?”

Bl.An.C. took a moment before he mustered up an answer. “Reply: I have my reasons.”

“Fine. I thank you for returning Corvon and my sword to me.” Kalena said. “And as a favor to you, I will allow you one of my wolves to accompany you. All in all, I ask you one thing.”

“Query: And what might that be?”

“To know the reason of your joining.” Kalena said. “When we meet again on peaceful or violent grounds, you will answer me.”

“Statement: I’ve got nothing against that. See you then.” The android said finally and walked away. The spectral wolf that accompanied him was big and seemed wary of his presence.

Several minutes pass as the android and his companion trek the maze. Bl.An.C. was hunting for the man with his gear in the labyrinth of slaughter. His thoughts were concentrated on how he was to beat the man with his technology with nothing but a damaged suit and a spectral wolf until static filled the com system of his helmet.

“Coop?” Alice said. “Coop, are you there?”

“Affirmation: Yes, Alice.” Cooper smiled. “Query: Do you know what has happened?”

“Yes, I do.” She replied. “I’ve been receiving commands from a similar suit to send in weapons, I could do little to counteract the orders but you’ll be glad to know who has the reins.”

“Query: Who?”

“It’s Chance. He’s one of your allies, right?” Alice said. “Better go find him and ask him nicely for your weapons. I’ve got a neat surprise for you too when you get them.”

“Statement: I won’t need to ask nicely. We’ll trade.” The android said as he gripped the rune in his hand.

Mccaw the Saint (as proxied/benched by BirtDog) (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?69647-Mccaw-the-Saint)

At the Bar

“…Kalena? Walden? Nice name dickhead. Aaaaaand Chance “Fox”…gay”
Saint took another hit from his bottle. *Belch*
“So these are the winners of round 1? Nice of the Host to send me this list, but when the hell am I going back for round 2? That little baby-bottle pop was too easy of an opponent.”

“Hey it’s closing time. Stop talking to yourself and get outa my bar” The Bartender said in an rough tone. “34 stickdollars for the beer an-……where did you get that whiskey from?”

“Wow….you know I have no idea. All I remember was walking behind the counter, pissing in that odd sink-shaped toilet you got back there and when I got back, I had this little f**ker in my hand. Isn’t he just the *hic* cutest thing?” Saint said with a still face.
“Why I outa-“ this was all he could get out before Saint chucked one of the empty beer glasses at the Bartender. “Agggh!!” the man screamed as the glass left his face cut up and covered in blood; Saint had left the bar while the man was preoccupied with the stinging pain of a thousand mosquitoes kissing his face.

Saint turned the corner and meandered down the alleyway, it was around midnight or so, tripping over his feet every few steps; he was shitfaced. Just then a rather ordinary looking person turned at the other end of the alleyway. He was wearing jeans with a small chain on them, presumably for his wallet, a black and white canvas-splattered shirt, green shoes, and had light brown hair. Saint was able to make out these details with a quick use of his Evil-Eye.

“Hey there Saint.” The young man said.

“Hey there…Green Shoe Gregor- *hic*-y?”

“The name’s actually Roberto. You can call me BirtDog if you want.”

“Got it, Bitch. How’s it going, Bitch? How can I h-*hic*-elp you?”

“……well you see Hewitt sent me. The Host?”

“Ohhhh…righ-*hic*-t. So are we going to fight? I don’t remember reading a “Bi-*hic*-tch” in the roster.”

Jesus Christ, this is what I’m dealing with? They better appreciate this. “I’m so glad that you’re actually my bitch for the next few days.”

“I’m about to slap you silly if you don’t talk some sense.”

“Just….just shut the f**k up and take it like a man.”
With that Saint started charging at BirtDog, ready to cave his skull in with the whiskey in his hand.

“God…you’re such a pain.” BirtDog said with an agitated look on his face.
The young man inhaled a very large breath as Saint drew in closer. A few feet before Saint reached BirtDog, the young man let out a bellowing screech. The sound emanated through Saint’s body and paralyzed him. He stood there frozen in place as BirtDog walked around the martial artist, admiring his work.

“Ok, let’s begin then. Sid, mind helping me a bit?”
The young man pulled a necklace out from under his shirt and smashed the little fairy glass that was on the chain. In a few moments a man wearing a straitjacket started to grow in front of BirtDog.
“My voice could use a break. Knock him out for me, and for God’s sake try not to infect him.”

The crazed man smiled wide as his very presence struck fear into Saint’s eyes; the martial artist had shit his pants
“God…you…did you just? F**k me! Why him!?” BirtDog complained while gesturing at Saint. “SID!”
Saint was met with another scream and fell unconscious.

Can you believe this shit?

Saint awoke with a hangover. His head was throbbing and the light from the Host’s chamber was like taking a chair to the head over, and over.
“Oh man…I went too far last night. This is definitely in my top 3.” Saint stood up, eyes half open as he surveyed his surroundings. He was in the middle of a stone plateau. He looked around and saw a few familiar faces.

“Kalena! You are alright. I’m hoping.”

Kalena, thought Saint, so this is the tournament round 2 then? My drunk ass CAN NOT handle a free for all right now.
A slight quake shook the entire stage as huge blocks of stone rose from the lines written into the ground around the participants. Saint was cut off from all the other contestants in a moment’s notice.

Thank Jai… “God…I could use another drink” Saint said to himself. He looked down at his hand and noticed the half full bottle of whiskey.
“Ah yeah! Thank you, Bitch.” Just then an image flashed into his mind. It was the crazed man in the straitjacket, looking into his very soul. “That was some hallucination last night…it better have been.”

“Alright, time to find out who I’m fighting.” As he surveyed the land he felt something tap his chest. He looked down and noticed a rune on a necklace he was wearing. He took the necklace off to examine it and noticed a hexagonal mark of blood where the rune touched.
“The f**k? This isn’t my blood” he said as he wiped it away to make sure there wasn’t a wound underneath it. He took a hit of the whiskey, set the bottle down, and continued questioning his environments.
“What kind of stupid ass place is this? And what’s with the stone jewelry? I better not have a wife when I get home.”
Saint felt around his body to see if he could find anything else. He found Jai’s tonto tied to his pants and a card in his pocket. The card had the name “Bl.An.C.” written on it and a small indent on the back corner of it, as if something was supposed to click into it.
“Bl.An.C.? The robot guy? I’m fighting him? Well it’s better than that pansy Walden. Ha! What kind of name is that?”
Saint slipped the card back in his pocket and returned his focus to the rune…after taking another hit of the whiskey.
“Straight to the brain! Yeah! …ok now, what are you supposed to be?”
The martial artists saw something on the center of the rune, it looked like a raindrop, maybe a tear.
“If this tear is supposed to mean something about me, then someone’s about to lose an anus.” Saint remarked. He slipped the rune into his pocket with the card.
“Ok, time to find me a Mr. Roboto and smack him around a bit.”
Saint was feeling a bit better, but still hung over. He rubbed his eyes for a while, picked up the bottle of whiskey, and took another hit. He grinned and closed his right eye. He started to scan the walls around him for a while, but soon he noticed something odd. Saint was unable to see through the walls, he couldn’t use his Evil-Eye.
“F**k. Me. So this is the game? No powers. Easy win for me.”
With that in mind the martial artist started to walk down the only path he could, whiskey in hand.

You think he’s smart enough to make it through a maze?

Saint was wandering through the maze for hours. He grew more and more frustrated with every turn, the only thing on his mind was how much use his Evil-Eye could help him at the moment…and how he wished he hadn’t finished the whiskey an hour ago. He kept hitting the bottle, hoping that more whiskey would suddenly appear for him to drink. Saint stopped and faced the wall of another divided path: one going directly left, one going directly right. He set the empty bottle on the ground and pulled his pants down and started pissing all over the wall, attempting to spell the word “penis”.
“P-E-N-N-I-…5? How the hel-,” just then Saint heard a noise through one of the walls. It was the sound of a very intense battle.
“It’s about f**king time!” exclaimed Saint as he shook himself off. He pulled his pants up and ran to the left, hoping this would lead to the fight.

The martial artist made the right choice. He rounded the corner to see 3 people fighting it out. An old man with a silver sword that had a curved cane neck for a handle, a fit woman with a glowing blade and shield, and a man wearing a combat suit with bright red hair sticking out from the back of it.


“I found him!” Saint ran into the fray screaming “Leeeeeeroooooyyyyy!!! Jeeeeeenkinnnnsss!!”
His first target was the old man who turned to see what all the noise was about. Without a delay, rushing past the old man Saint slung his left arm across his neck, close-lining the sorry bastard. The old man hit the floor hard as Saint continued towards, what he assumed was Blanc, unsheathing his tonto.
“Domo-arigato mother**ker!” Saint shouted as he swung the tonto at “Blanc.” The android raised a shield from out of nowhere and stopped the blade. The martial artist could read this inept brawler’s movements easily; he brought his knee up to “Blanc’s” arm, sending the shield into the android’s face.

“Explative: Bloody f**kin’ dammit!”

“Eat it, Starscream!”

The martial artist followed up the knee with a set of Muay-Thai. One, two, three, knees to the chest, followed with another set of three elbows: one to each shoulder with the last one spinning into the chest.
“Appa-chai!!!!” Saint bellowed.
He leapt into the air and flipped his foot downwards into the android’s skull shouting, “Uzumaki Barrage!”
The android was lying on the ground, barely breathing.

“Suggestion: Please….stop…hitting me.”

“Give me the card and I will.”

“Not a chance.” The woman spoke from behind Saint.

She made a horizontal slash at the martial artist with his back against her. Saint reacted with a fluid motion: he ducked low enough to dodge the blade, extended his foot into her kneecap *crack*, then ended by lightly flicking the tonto behind him and into Acel’s forehead. The tonto was driven by Saint’s chi and easily pierced her skull. The blade and part of the hilt had vanished into her dome-piece.

“Like a bitch.” Addressing ‘Bl.An.C.’ once again,“The card. Now.” he demanded

“Blanc” reached into his pocket and handed his card to Saint.

“Walden? That’s not my name!” he said as he kicked the android in the ribcage.
The face-plate on “Blanc” opened and revealed the face of a young man with crimson hair.

“What kind of lame ass scientist dyes his hair? So gay.”
Saint pulled the tonto out of Acel’s head, lifted Chance up, and raised its blade to Chance’s neck.
“Where is my card?”

“I don’t know. My card is with that woman on the ground behind you. She’s my opponent.”
Saint dropped his body; it hit the ground with a deep thud, and frisked through Acel’s personal effects. He found a card on her; it read “Chance ‘Fox’”.

“You’re Chance? Reals? I fought Rudolph the Red-Haired Lesbian?”

“I’m a guy…”

“Not anymore” Saint kicked Chance in the groin. “Whatever, let’s see if this works.”

Saint pulled his card out of his pocket and tried clicking them together; no such luck.
“What the f**k?” Saint exclaimed as he noticed blood on his hands. Saint searched his body and saw his pocket dripping blood. He immediately pulled the rune out of his pocket.
“Shit dude! It’s bleeding? Hey! Ho-ho-homo, what’s with the blood?”

“That’s…the…power you were given. Don’t you know?” Chance replied

“Shut up! Who asked you what I know!” Saint said angrily as he readied another kick.

“No! Stop! I’m sorry!” cried Chance.

Chance started to slowly and weekly stand up. “Everyone in the tournament entered with a power or ability of some sort. I…got Blanc’s suit, based on all that blood on you, you got my blood manipulation ability, and your ability went to that guy on the ground over there.” He pointed at the unconscious Walden.

“That lying, wrinkly, sack of shit!”

“He never spoke to you.” Chance retorted

In a moment Saint’s foot hit Chance’s kneecap, crippling him once again. Saint made his way to Walden. He noticed the rune on the man’s neck with an eye on it.
“Yup! That’s mine!” Saint said happily as he took the necklace off the man.

“I’m so…happy for you.” Chance said as he attempted to stand up again

Saint put the necklace on and tried to use his Evil-Eye. Nothing happened.
“Hey! Tampon, my power didn’t work. What’s the deal?”

“Smash it.”

With that, Saint crushed the rune and felt a surge of power run through him. He turned on his eye and scanned the land. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…off. He found the real Blanc in no time.
“I’m off to fight Tincan. Peace!” Saint said from a distance.

“Wait! Crush my rune. I want my powers too.” Chance requested

“Why should I? You clearly don’t need it. Look around, I did your fight for you. Take their cards and forfeit the next round to me.” Saint responded as he threw Acel and Chance’s cards at the ground in front of him. “The last card is on the dude here,” he said as he nudged Walden with his body. “Walden…you definitely got beat up in high school with a name like that,” he said under his breath.

Chance hadn’t realized what Saint actually did. He HAD won his battle for him, he was done. “……do you want to know how to use my magic?”
“Make it quick I’m not stopping.” Saint said as he made his way into the maze, now with the path clear to Blanc.

“Just picture what you want to be made and any blood you want, that’s not inside someone, will turn into that.”

“Sweet.” Saint said as he parted. I’ve got something in mind. He thought as he willed the blood in his pocket into a small bottle of whiskey. “Bottom’s up!” Saint took a large hit of the blood then immediately coughed it up. “That…*cough* was not whiskey.”

The Real Mr. Roboto

Saint made his way to Blanc in no time at all, thanks to the Evil-Eye. With small uses and large gaps he was able to use it without being fatigued. All the while he practiced with Chance’s power, making little weapons with the blood the rune was leaking. Over time though, the amount of blood reserve he was able to access was getting bigger; at the moment he could only make weapons a little smaller than his tonto.
A few more turns and he would soon meet Blanc. Down one corridor; brandishing a blood-tonto, down another; wearing blood-spiked-brass knuckles, down another; a small whip, down another corridor; twirling a bloody bolas. “Nice” Saint chuckled.
When he rounded the last turn he found Blanc in a large room, alone, with four pillars that did not match their environment. They were made of steel and metal and sparked a few bits of electricity.
“What’s up…damn I am out of nicknames for you!” Saint shouted towards Bl.An.C.

Blanc turned around and looked at Saint, “Query: Are you addressing me?”

“Yomp!” Saint said as he made his way to Blanc’s side. He continued, “what’s with the uhh…nerd towers?”

“Affirmation: It is essentially a black hole generator, placed here, I presume, by the Host."
"Statement: it appears to be inactive though.”

“How could you tell?” Saint joked. Just then, a faint glow started to emanate from Saint’s pocket and Blanc’s armguard.

“Exclamation: What the?”

“That.” Referring to Blanc's question.

The two revealed their cards: Saint pulled his from his pocket and Blanc removed his from his armguard. The cards floated in air and started rotating around each other.
“Oh yeah. Let’s fight now.” Saint proposed “It slipped my mind that I need to beat you…I was having too much fun on the way over here.”

“Disagreement: No, let us see what will occur first.”

The two cards clicked together and started to glow. The four coils started to surge as metal bars shot from each one and connected it into the other, making a steel cage. The floor inside the cage opened up as a device started to emerge from the ground; on one end of the room a hologram of a door appeared.

“Clarification: That’s the exit,” mocked Saint.

Blanc looked at him in silence.

The device started to power up and the floor of the room started to break apart, while the tiles the fighters were on moved towards the walls. The prepping was done as the machine started with a giant flash bang that was quickly absorbed by the newly formed black hole. The tiles beneath the fighters broke apart and left them hovering in the air. The now one card was rotating in circles directly over the hole in the center of the room.

“This is some f**ked up shit right here” Saint said.

“Affirmation: I agree."
"Warning: Do not touch the black hole."
"Query: Shall we begin fighting?”

“I see no reason why not.” Saint replied as he used some chi to push him towards Bl.An.C.


Saint drew his tonto as he made his way towards Blanc, using his blood manipulation he trailed the tip of the blade with a lengthy, bloody whip. Blanc activated his wing pack and blaster; he started firing several small shots as he flew towards Saint.

“Not cool,” Saint exclaimed as he was met by the energy cluster mid-flight. The force of the shots kicked him back to where he first left. Saint spun right-side up and braced his feet against the wall, then propelled himself forward with a tremendous force. He and Blanc were now moving at the same speed, on a crash course. Blanc swapped his blaster for his shield and summoned his beam sword; Saint turned the whip-like end stiff, making a full length katana. Without thinking of what a beam sword does to blood, Saint brought his blade to meet Blanc’s but was immediately surprised when his sword went through the blood as if it wasn’t there; the top half of the blood sword splattered and landed on Blanc’s face while the rest of it remained as a blade on the tonto. The beam sword had cut a large gash into Saint’s chest. Saint cringed at the pain in his chest as he flew past Blanc and made his way uncontrollably for the wall that Blanc came from.
“Blood is not thicker than Beam. Lesson 1!” Saint screamed.
Saint stabbed what was left of the sword into the wall to catch himself, he then turned around and activated his Evil-Eye. Blanc was coming in fast; 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…OFF! Saint spotted some interesting points in Blanc’s suit. There seemed to be glowing green parts of the suit that appeared to be the origin of Blanc’s materialization mechanics. Blanc was a few feet from Saint until he pulled the blade from the wall and pushed himself at an angle over Blanc’s reach. In a moment he turned around and grabbed the blood blade, it transformed into a bolas as he sent it through the air for Blanc’s person. Blanc used his wing pack to change his course without hitting the wall, he made his way for Saint once more, but was surprised at the flying bolas. It struck him in the face with a noticeable force. The bolas splattered across Blanc’s eye and sent him off course missing another strike at Saint as he flew by him. Saint was gliding in the direction of Blanc, he turned to meet him as he manipulated the blood from his chest around his tonto, changing its shape into a sawed-off shotgun.
“Eat blood! This shit tastes awful!” Saint screamed as buckshot of blood made its way for Blanc at dangerously high speeds. At the same moment Saint was struck by 3 missiles hitting his side and exploding, as the others set off a much more powerful blast in the opposite direction past him, sending him flying towards the machine.

“Who put that there!?” Saint yelled as he was sent barreling towards the device. He manipulated more blood to his gun as he sprayed several more shots into the towers. The bullets impacted with two of the tesla towers, creating a surging explosion that pushed Saint away from the machine. As the effects of the destruction took hold of the room the two warriors fell briefly before they regained their “footing” mid-air.
Blanc jettisoned himself to Saint who was on a collision course with one of the room’s walls. He raised both of his hands outward as gauntlets formed around them.

“Don’t fist me bro!” Saint screamed as he saw Blanc coming towards him. He crafted the gun into two separate items this time: a bottle of whiskey and spiked gauntlet. This shit better work. He threw the bottle at Blanc, who made no effort to dodge such a weak attack. The bottle crushed on his hands as he continued. Saint punched into the air as the spikes propelled towards Blanc. Blanc’s fists met the spikes as they pierced his gauntlets slightly before splattering over them.

“Threat: Give up. None of your moves have yet to affect me.”

“Bullshit! Watch this, you overpriced Bionicle. Ha! I still got it!”

Saint focused some chi and threw his tonto with a bloody baggy of blood hanging from it. The chi guided the tonto into Blanc’s cybernetic eye as the blood spread all over Blanc and his suit. Just before meeting Saint, Blanc’s gauntlets and wing pack dematerialized, but he was still flying towards Saint.

“Query: What did you do?”

“I’ve covered the materialization ports in your suit with blood.”
“Now watch. This is going to hurt both of us!”
Saint said as Blanc met him. Saint brought both his forearms, coated with an extremely thin layer of blood, up to Blanc’s metallic hands. The force of the impact had cracked the bones in Saint’s forearms; but, the movement of his arms at the impact shifted Blanc’s flight path slightly upwards over Saint’s person. Saint rolled with the hit and used the new positioning to curl and kick Blanc directly into the wall that was behind him. Blanc was sent flying into the wall without any way to materialize pieces of his suit.
The entire wall shook with the force of the impact, as the machine in the center of the room started to hum and spark as the two remaining coils could no longer maintain the black hole. The machine erupted in a massive blast. The black hole dissipated, the floor reappeared, and the holographic door materialized. The gravity in the room returned as both fighters fell from the tops of the room to the bottom.

“Enough of this shit already.” Saint said as he started falling to the ground. Blanc, unconscious in his suit, was falling alongside Saint. Thinking fast, Saint spun mid-air and used his legs to stand on top of Blanc’s body as they fell. When they hit the ground Saint was too injured to do anything else, Blanc landed first as Saint fell on top of him.


Blanc’s back was on the ground while Saint was strewn across him. Saint struggled to stand up.
“Ow! That f**king hurt!”

Saint stood with his arms hanging, looked at the destroyed machine, then at Blanc. He smiled as he had the chance to do something he wanted to do from the beginning. He manipulated the blood covering Blanc’s body into little fists, and had them strike the android over and over. “Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself,” he stated weakly. A moment later, he felt the rune shatter in his pocket and saw the blood fists turn back into liquid state.

“…I think my cellphone’s broken.” Saint very slowly reached into his other pocket and pulled out his phone. It was clearly broken.

The card floated towards Saint as he was doing this, rotating in the air in front of his face.
“Oh right…this thing.” He could only raise his hand so much, that the card could lower into his weak grasp. He held the card in one hand and looked at Blanc’s eyepiece with Jai’s tonto still stuck in it; it was humming slightly, signaling Blanc was not dead.
“Hey…robot…guy…thing…if you lose that I’ll kick your ass…again.” Saint made his way for the door at the other side of the room, leaving his tonto behind with Bl.An.C.


As he approached the door the card started to glow and the doors slowly opened. Saint made his way down the single hallway.
“I love the smell of victory in the morning…it smells like……victory.”
The doors closed behind Saint as he made it further down the hall. Somehow, without Saint noticing, a familiar figured appeared in front of the martial artist. It was an image of Sid. The figment shocked Saint past the point of a bowel movement. Saint was frozen in fear, until he started to feel a sharp pain in his chest. Saint breathed heavily as he fell to his knees, he looked back up at Sid only to see an image of BirtDog replacing him.

“That was fun. Too bad you were never mine to begin with. I’ll be seeing you later…hopefully.”

The pain in his chest erupted as Saint let out a final groan and fell to floor. His body was motionless.
BirtDog grabbed the card next to Saint and continued walking down the corridor.

NOTE: saintmccaw bailed from this tournament so Error here gets the bye. This match is simply a formality. The match point is still viable in the hall of Warriors against BirtDog as if he was the actual opponent.

Scores will be tallied and calculated at the end of the round.

Vote fairly!

08-14-2013, 05:11 PM
Soooo... Should we still vote. .? Or..

08-14-2013, 07:43 PM
Yeah lol. Please do.

08-14-2013, 10:19 PM
Nuuuu!! I'm too nervous to see votes D=

EDIT~~Hewitt: Just a reminder on that Writer's Note. No rush just a reminder.

08-17-2013, 10:29 AM
Let me kick this off by saying, Birtdog, that was hilarious. I almost wish that you made a character that had this personality so you could write like this always. Although, I'm not sure if this is how saint would have portrayed his own character, I think it's a much more pleasant change. Other than a few grammatical errors that I'm not sure if I saw this piece is good enough. Thinking of this entry, compared to your battle with Roche, you definitely are someone to watch grow.

To be honest, Error is getting my vote because his story just felt more fulfilling to read. Seeing as how I've given you in depth CnC on another battle before this Error, I'll begin reviewing the other entries and comment on those; then I'll come back to this one and attempt to tear you both new ones. :D

Just wanted to leave my first impressions behind to give you both some good words.

08-18-2013, 12:48 AM
BirtDog, I liked every bit of your work. I liked the creativity with the blood you used and I admit I should've been as creative. Anyway, the story itself was a blast to read, the dialogue kept me reading and the rest of the actions had me smiling. Keep writing, my friend.

08-18-2013, 08:50 PM
Your tourney piece, Error, was described well with a pretty epic battle. I just judged another battle from you earlier, and honestly it felt like you had picked up my critiques from that one and fixed them in this. I enjoyed the outcome of the fight scene, and was able to pinpoint a couple of ironies in the whole entry, whether you planned them or not. ^^

I do notice a couple things however: Near the beginning you state Bl.An.C. retracts his helmet, but when he begins talking with Corvin he still uses the sentence titles, and it never states that he re-equipped the helmet. And Corvin's initial panic at being separated from Kalena just kind of dropped almost immediately. It was obvious he really wished to be reunited with her, but I didn't feel any sort of dread coming from him after his first line.

And the BIG thing...

The Swap (Optional)
In addition to the chaos, The Host has also robbed from each of you an item or ability---something that makes you tick, and properly redistributed them to your fellow combatants for this Round. Note that he reshuffled your abilities but not your proficiencies, which means if you don't know how to use a sword, you won't be able to wield it as well as you think your character could. In other words, your abilities have been shuffled and there's nothing you can do about it!

Each gladiator written into your tourney was proficient in their new switched abilities. O_O LOL, I'm not sure if this was a requirement or a restraint or what, so I don't know how it will be judged. I do know, however, that this was not attention to detail.

Birtdog, your tourney piece was extremely funny, yet also bordering on insulting. I don't know why, but each of the names you had Saint make up for the opposing gladiators made me laugh, and then made me feel guilty for laughing. Each of these characters are a creation from a person's mind, and offending them creatively in your writings seems like an insult on the other writers' creativity.

However, it did not stop me from laughing. You have a talent for comedy, and in the end I used that to sort of give this entry a title to make it not so offensive. 'The Roast of Mccaw Rindar.'

As for the writing itself, it was very clear and to the point with nice descriptions. The anti-gravity battle did take a few slow reads to fully picture the actions, but that's understandable. Perhaps you could go into detail a little more in your future battles when it comes to the fight scenes. The spacing between paragraphs were very sporadic, so just check that next time, and every other time, before you post.

I have to give you major points for the awesome use of the Irony requirement at the end :D I honestly think it'll be at the top of the pack when it comes to who had the best use of it in their entry, it was so good.

Both were really good reads, and I'm torn between who I should vote for. I feel like I have a duty to vote for an O.P. member, as well as the fact that my vote would mean little if it went to Birtdog, seeing as he isn't going to the next round anyway. But that ability proficiency weighs heavy on the scale, Error, and I do think that Birt was able to get irony across better in his tourney.

It's a close call, honestly, and though this vote really counts for nothing (unless enough people vote as well to pull a W in his favor) in terms of the Tournament, my vote goes to Birtdog. ^^ You both are great writers, each worthy of being in the next round and your writings displayed that.
don't kick me out of O.P. Error T-T

08-18-2013, 09:07 PM
The Swap (Optional)
In addition to the chaos, The Host has also robbed from each of you an item or ability---something that makes you tick, and properly redistributed them to your fellow combatants for this Round. Note that he reshuffled your abilities but not your proficiencies, which means if you don't know how to use a sword, you won't be able to wield it as well as you think your character could. In other words, your abilities have been shuffled and there's nothing you can do about it!

Just kidding.

Remember that second item? The Rune? THAT is the source of your items and abilities. For as long as you own it, your (Clarification: The Rune looks like a tiny dodecahedral artifact, easily hideable in the palm of your hand. Upon closer inspection it appears to be glowing and throbbing with power. It comes with a strap initially found around your neck, but can easily be pockettable.) opponent's gear/ability is bound to you. That doesn't really mean anything, they can still steal your shit but they won't be able to leave the maze without it until your Rune is destroyed or the Round ends and your opponent escapes. But here's the thing: Your actual opponent isn't the holder of these Runes, but an entirely different person. A third-party. Whether or not you want to get your gear back is totally up to you. Now you may be asking "Why does it matter if I can or cannot fight my optional opponent for it if I'm just going to acquire it no matter what in the Semi-Finals?" I'll tell you why...

The rune, I'd understand, also gives the proficiency. Also, that just kidding remark kind of made me think that proficiency was also switched around.

Anyway, I don't mind you voting anyone else. Heck, I shouldn't mind at all. :) This is a tourney and if your vote is actually veered closer to my work because of being in the same clan as me then that may be a reason. I don't like that kind of voting. Keep it black and white, true to CnC and whoever is truly better.

08-18-2013, 09:28 PM
Anyway, I don't mind you voting anyone else. Heck, I shouldn't mind at all. :) This is a tourney and if your vote is actually veered closer to my work because of being in the same clan as me then that may be a reason. I don't like that kind of voting. Keep it black and white, true to CnC and whoever is truly better.

LOL, I know :p I was just stating how I felt about teammates and the already chosen advancer of this round, but I wouldn't vote based on favoritism. I totally agree with voting for the better battle.

As for the 'Just Kidding' comment, I had originally believed that it was directed to the final part of the paragraph. "...there's nothing you could do about it. JUST KIDDING." <-- Like that. But if I'm wrong and I misunderstood, then that would give me total reason to change my vote... and I would. If the proficiency of the abilities didn't matter among the new user, my vote would have gone to you, and if I could take back my vote and change it, I would.

But I don't think I'm wrong. It was a close decision, and I think I made the right choice. ^^

08-20-2013, 06:16 PM
I vote for Birtdog. His entry had me LMAOing in the beginning and I was interested in so much of it. Though it had was very long, it was still great (that’s what she said)! I think that you did great portraying the characters and I think that you couldn’t have done any better. Though there were some great parts, the beginning definitely won me over, because humor drew me in and I stayed for the action. Saint was hilarious in the beginning with his “drunken stage”. When he’s talking to the bartender, I almost fell over in my chair. You have definitely earned my vote! Good luck, I hope you win.

08-20-2013, 09:29 PM
OkHere we go then.

Error: I really liked how you added Corvon to your story as a side character, and Kalena at the end. Your read was fairly fulfilling. I also pretty much agree on Night with all of the critiques.

Birt: Bro, probably the funniest entry I’ve read here so far. Nice job! Your depiction of the characters was great and you had nice descriptions in just about everything.

So, over all, I think my vote goes to BirtDog. I really liked his entry. Plus, errors advancing even if he does lose.

08-20-2013, 09:36 PM
Error: I really liked how you added Corvon to your story as a side character, and Kalena at the end. Your read was fairly fulfilling. I also pretty much agree on Night with all of the critiques....
...Plus, errors advancing even if she does lose.

Thanks for the comments BoomerangReturns but I'm a 'he'.

I realize that this might be a typo but... O_O

08-20-2013, 09:47 PM
Thanks for the comments BoomerangReturns but I'm a 'he'.

I realize that this might be a typo but... O_O

For god sakes. I always do this. Seriously I even call my own character a she sometimes

08-27-2013, 10:52 PM
Let me kick this off by saying, Birtdog, that was hilarious. I almost wish that you made a character that had this personality so you could write like this always. Although, I'm not sure if this is how saint would have portrayed his own character, I think it's a much more pleasant change. Other than a few grammatical errors that I'm not sure if I saw this piece is good enough. Thinking of this entry, compared to your battle with Roche, you definitely are someone to watch grow.

To be honest, Error is getting my vote because his story just felt more fulfilling to read. Seeing as how I've given you in depth CnC on another battle before this Error, I'll begin reviewing the other entries and comment on those; then I'll come back to this one and attempt to tear you both new ones. :D

Just wanted to leave my first impressions behind to give you both some good words.

The ending Writer's Note that Hewitt has yet to add explains almost ALL of your critiques lol. (let me see if I can find a copy of it and post it here)

BirtDog, I liked every bit of your work. I liked the creativity with the blood you used and I admit I should've been as creative. Anyway, the story itself was a blast to read, the dialogue kept me reading and the rest of the actions had me smiling. Keep writing, my friend.

Thanks man. Wanna know a pretty hilarious secret? I'm hemophobic....like...I fainted in health class one time when they were just EXPLAINING how blood travels through veins. I had a hell of a time writing about blood without scaring myself and I always feel like I miss out on those areas of creativity because of my phobia.

Dat Writer's Note

I had a lot of fun writing this piece. I'm sad that Saint had to take leave for whatever reason so when I started brainstorming for this challenge I tried to drown myself in McCaw's writing style (minus the jumps form 1st to 3rd person).

I did like writing with a character that let me joke around more and have more fun, instead of all the serious-ish stuff I write with traditionally. Saint was a perfect character for me to just...let loose with. I could come up with funny names (sorry if you took offense: nothing personal but it's just how...I imagine Saint [the character and the writer] would "speak") , interactions, and the best part was using McCaw's unintended signature move: the "Kneecap Crusher" (lol). I also tried to make Saint seem like the character portrayed in his story over the character McCaw wrote him into: hence the chi, the tonto, and the joking-drunkard attitude.

For those that read McCaw's story, he was a much more amazing combatant than what was lead to believe. His years of inhuman training made him one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in this forum (in my opinion).

With that said, even though I had all this wonderful freedom, I decided to blend what I felt like McCaw and mine's writing style. I wanted Saint to go out with some resemblance of his original writer so I made the decision to just do him as much justice as I can when writing his piece, while still writing little bits of myself to it.

I hope when McCaw reads the piece he is satisfied with my representation. And thank you all for reading the piece as well.


08-28-2013, 05:44 AM
So... Fighting Chance is a no? XD

Anyway~ the only gripe I really have with your works is how you portrayed Saint.. He seemed a little too violent and I'm not sure if saintmccaw woukd done so... But that's about it... Great reads :D Error wins my vote though, like blak-burd previously stated: it's more fulfilling.

08-28-2013, 01:05 PM
So... Fighting Chance is a no? XD

Anyway~ the only gripe I really have with your works is how you portrayed Saint.. He seemed a little too violent and I'm not sure if saintmccaw woukd done so... But that's about it... Great reads :D Error wins my vote though, like blak-burd previously stated: it's more fulfilling.

Something has to trigger it. It's odd. Sometimes I'm like "meh" other times I pass out. But you definitely don't get out of a fight with me for thatlol

His actions were definitely violent (he's an ungodly brawler) but I like to think he was more..."playful" then violent with his speech and overall demeanor. But it's whatever, I still liked writing it =P

09-02-2013, 03:25 AM
I completely forgot about your writer's note Birtdog. Sorry about that. Just PM me again next time, I might've deleted your old note by accident.

09-03-2013, 03:04 PM
I completely forgot about your writer's note Birtdog. Sorry about that. Just PM me again next time, I might've deleted your old note by accident.

No harm done. I put one of the drafts up top.