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09-22-2013, 06:47 PM
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ErrorBlender has initiated a Medium Ante: In the moments leading to and in your penultimate or final post, create a "twist ending". This ending CANNOT be about the result of the battle itself. For example: the most cliche'd kind of twist ending is that it was all just a dream. I can provide another example if you ask for it but you won't be able to use it anymore.
The Strongest has initiated a Hard Ante: Intersperse every or every other post you make with a Flashback, fleshing out your Character's Past.

Both have declared to trigger Bonus Conditions of Permanent Injury

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- The other competitor (TheStrongest) will then have 3 days from whence the first battle post was made to respond. He can exceed this but he will be penalized for doing so. They will continue going at it until both have a total of 16 posts (8 on both sides) or two weeks has passed ***I will edit this post with the actual deadline when ErrorBlender has made his post.
- When the battle ends, I will put the polls up in this thread and people can vote and cnc and stuff. Please, if you are a non-competitor in this thread, Do NOT post until the brawl is over.

Anytime you're ready, ErrorBlender.

09-23-2013, 04:53 AM

Despite Corvon's healing, Bl.An.C. felt as if lightning webbed through his chest, his hands tried to grip but only met the hard metallic armor of the android suit. 'Phantom pains?' He had thought as he winced through the pain. His back was against the wall as he tried to breath. It became an effort to breath in. Something was indeed wrong. The jade optic of the suit flickered on and off weakly before it finally flared to life. The eye shed its weak green glow over the surrounding area. It was dark, obviously, and the closest thing he could make out from the green light was a nearby chair. He urged himself to stand, his joints protested a bit but they were fine once he had stood up. A bit shaky but fine.

The android gazed around, his body literally was the only light source of the dimmed room. The emerald streaks of his body gave what little light it could. "Query: Is anyone here?" He had asked the darkness. Impatient for an answer, the android's infrared vision kicked in. A small red dot from the very center of the android's eye flicked on and spread outward until it tinted the green. Bl.An.C. could make out only one heat signature. It was human without a doubt.

Don't forget Cooper. This might still be part of the tournament. He reminded himself. "Request: Identify yourself, gladiator." He said tersely but was masked by his monotone of a voice. A quick flash of light and both his hands were armed with his preferred close quarters weapon, the iron fists. It could be Chance, Kalena or the other one. He thought. Any of them...

The Strongest
09-26-2013, 01:19 AM
"I'm telling you, there is an entire world just beyond our realm of perception, Walden! And this time, I can prove it to you."

"Sure, Jeremy. Sure. Look, when you called me over, I was hoping that it was because you'd fixed my car so I could stop having to beg St--"

"It's not done, yet. This work takes precedence over any other. You need to have a sense of vision. A look at the bigger picture! I'm about to prove to you that we are not as alone as we think in the world, and all you can think about is not having to ask Steven to use his vehicle to get to work. A vehicle, which I might add, is a definite step up from your own."

Walden grimaced at the truth of his neighbors statement. Maybe there could be some sort of a blessing, there. The new vehicle did seem to be helping to impress his boss. It might help catalyze a promotion. Walden looked around at the apartment hall that he had been coming and going from for three years. Down the hall, there was the old man who never seemed to be seen in public without his bowler hat. Behind him was his room, with the leaky faucet that hadn’t been fixed, even after three weeks of complaints every three days to the landlord. And right across from him, there was his neighbor, who was convinced that technology would unlock some sort of realm beyond. And then he would take that knowledge and it would make him enough money to replace his body with a machine, like he’d seen in one of the films he went out to see every other week. It was a crazy idea, but there it was, still.

Stephen, during Walden's mental summing up of the former's hopes and dreams, had retreated to his room. When Walden thought to wonder where he was, Stephen was already returning, wheeling a large disc atop what Walden believed would have carried a tea set, in more normal hands. Wires seemed to poke out haphazardly from the contraption, and it struck Walden as the kind of thing that would start a fire. But when Stephen flicked the switch, the thing lit up without burning up. Walden was left looking not only skeptical, however, but also as if someone had just thrown a sack of rotten fruit into the room.

“Hey, Stephen, I’d love to see the other side, but I’ve got to get to work, right now. You should probably clean up whatever’s making that stink, too.” Walden said, not looking back to see Stephen’s perplexed face.

Walden looked up from where he was standing, and he found himself having been in near darkness. The glow of the one who Walden presumed to be his opponent was hardly adequate lighting for a battle. The room felt chilly, no doubt Bl.An.C’s infrared vision could see him standing out like a sore thumb. A flash of light illuminated the room for a brief moment, and in that moment Walden saw the scope of the room. It was enclosed, concrete, and without any sources of light. A single chair was in the center, and a metal door that was no doubt locked was in the corner behind Walden. The room’s ceiling was low, only a few inches above the android’s head, giving the room a slightly claustrophobic feel. The room’s relatively wider and longer dimensions did little to alleviate this feeling, even as it provided a significant amount of room to maneuver in a melee-range battle.

In that same flash of light, Walden saw his opponent clearly. A machine that he recognized from the maze. There was nowhere to run to, now, it seemed, but Walden felt a sense of confidence growing within him. Now he had his wolves, after all.

“Request: Identify yourself.” Walden’s opponent droned.

Walden called out his wolves. In an instant, the dozen of them were fanning out on either side of him. Eight of them disintegrated, then, absorbed into Walden. Four wolves remained, then, two on either side of Walden.

“My name is Walden, and I shall be your opponent, Gladiator.” As he spoke, Walden drew his blade from its sheathe. The slow draw occurring with a hint of menace. Walden brought the sword fully to bare, before speaking further.

“I have judged your ability as a fighter, and I shall fight you at that level. I will not hold back in this combat. I would ask of you to ensure that you do the same. If you should choose to fight below your capacity, know that I have not reached my own capacity. If you grow stronger, I shall match your strength. Fight with honor, or else I shall destroy you.”

Walden dashed forward, keeping an alert eye on Bl.An.C. as he did so. He was expecting a counter-attack, and so it was that he was fully prepared to take steps to avoid it if it should come. Walden’s blade was point-forwards, and if it were left to do as it was, it would drive itself into the point where the heart would be. But, of course, Walden was more intent on avoiding Bl.An.C’s reaction than he was on ending the fight in this single hit. A fighter wouldn’t get this far in the tournament without being competent, and Walden hoped to discover just how competent Bl.An.C. was, based on his reaction.

The slight green glow reflected off the silver-plated rapier, creating an eerie image, at least for Walden, who was only seeing along the visible spectrum.

09-26-2013, 10:30 AM

"My name is Walden, and I shall be your opponent, Gladiator.” The other gladiator announced and unsheathed his blade. The sharpened steel reflected the low green light of the suit's glow and gave it a feature that made it seem more malicious than it should have been. Cooper sucked in the air his suit filtered and filled his lungs. He released the air and furrowed his brow. A sharp pain rippled through his chest.

Walden. The other gladiator. He thought as the infrared source spoke out its name. Spectral wolves, similar to what Kalena had control over in the maze had formed around him in a pack of wild snarls. Most of the canines were energized immediately upon their arrival, their spark of power drifted towards his enemy. "Observation: Opponent is found to be the true owner of the spectral wolves, these entities, other than being substantial are capable of subsuming themselves onto Walden. Further data is required." The voice was more of a whisper than a statement, as he tried to focus on Walden and not the wolves.

“I have judged your ability as a fighter, and I shall fight you at that level. I will not hold back in this combat. I would ask of you to ensure that you do the same. If you should choose to fight below your capacity, know that I have not reached my own capacity. If you grow stronger, I shall match your strength. Fight with honor, or else I shall destroy you.” Walden said, his voice stern and confident. He was speaking to Bl.An.C. as an equal and the scientist inside appreciated the gesture.

'I would fight no other way.' Bl.An.C. thought reassuringly despite the pains.

As soon as the thought ended, the pseudo-android's opponent darted towards him, both eyes locked onto their target. The android stepped back, balled both of his hands into fists and charged up the sparks. Tiny coils of yellow energy snaked around the steel gauntlet and brought a stark yellow light to illuminate the bare environment they call a room. The infrared optic could see the sudden buildup of heat within his opponent. The energy from the wolves did something to this man but he can't for sure at the moment. The blade drew closer but the pseudo-android was more than prepared. He rushed forward to meet his enemy head on. With his left hand, he gripped the blade and forced it to one side and with his right, he reeled it back for a powerful blow to Walden's face. Sparks danced along the fists, mixing yellow and green in a dance of light. 'I doubt this man would make himself so open for a counter. Either the wolves will get me or something he himself is hiding.' He thought. 'Which one is it?'

The Strongest
09-29-2013, 02:31 PM
Based on the armor, Walden had decided that his weapon wouldn't have been the most effective. The slight sensation as Bl.An.C grabbed onto his oncoming blade told the aging gladiator all he needed to know. As if he had been just waiting for this one moment, Walden released his grip on his weapon, Bl.An.C's motion brought it out to the side, but it also removed the arm from Walden's path.

A second fist was coming, the expected counterattack. Walden unhindered by his blade and now the arm that had so kindly offered to hold it for him, rolled under the aforementioned arm. The sensation of cold, hard concrete barely registered as Walden's senses focused on finding and exploiting a weakness in his opponent. In the midst of the roll, Walden's gun-wielding arm began to bend into a position to fire, and when Walden put his now-free hand down to stop himself, it was aimed at the back of Bl.An.C's head.

"I'm firing." Walden warned, utilizing such to ensure that the other gladiator would have enough time to react, rather than it being a surprise attack, before he squeezed the trigger. Immediately, he felt the recoil from the resulting blast. After a fashion, he heard it, too, in the form of a thunderous retort. The lead ball released was aimed, not so much for Bl.An.C's brain as it was the eyepiece that Walden hoped would turn to the bullet's path. Even if such were not the case, Walden was moving on to the next attack.

It was a low, sweeping kick, aiming to topple Bl.An.C from behind. Walden's reinforced body could hit like a baseball bat. Hopefully it would be enough. For a moment, Walden considered the sensation of his attack failing to affect his opponent. An imagining of the lightning rush of pain spreading from the point of impact. It wouldn't be too unfamiliar, Walden decided. Still, his attack never relinquished any of its force.

At the same time as the kick, Walden's wolves began to move, the four (two on either side) spreading out and advancing, clearly looking to box Bl.An.C. in. Their snarling blotting out other, less-imposing sounds with their menace. One couldn't keep their attention on both Walden and his advancing pack at the same time, due to their positions.

10-01-2013, 09:58 PM

Walden's moves were precise and powerful, Bl.An.C. observed. The pseudo-android found himself on his knees, his head rang with pain from the gunshot and he felt rather soft . The jade green eye flickered off and on for a few seconds, shimmering like a green pulsar in space. The Iron Fists sparkled violently with yellow energy, powerful electric currents zipped through the space between the weapons.

Bl.An.C. forced himself to stand, the pain somewhat spread through his body like skittering bugs under his skin. The pseudo-android registered the four converging wolves, the hunting pack barred their fangs at Bl.An.C., growls amidst snarls filled the air with tension. The pseudo-android felt trapped, his body felt like giving way but his mind screamed to keep moving.

Bl.An.C. thought of a plan, it was disruptive but it might just work. Cooper gritted his teeth, if this was anything like the last time. It might end badly.

The iron fists glowed a bright yellow, massive energy sparks bounced off the steel of the weapon onto the room's bare floor. The suit's internal HUD blared: "Iron fist overload" It screamed. "Dispersing." The alarm ended.

The gauntlets glowed an intense white, the electricity trapped inside was trying to escape its steel prison. And it did. Seconds before the explosion, the android had called in a few other things and ordered the optical sensor to stop recieving information, the sudden flash of light and the implosion of the iron fists seared anyone's eyes that were foolishly open to see it. Electricity arced from place to place, organism to inanimate object. It rebounded each time until it lost power, to each substantial canine to Walden and Bl.An.C. himself. The android was forced to his knees, the excess power sifted through the suit and attacked his body, the pain inside of him singed inflamed his organs but rendered him numb. 'Perfect' he thought.

The jade eye flickered open again, pixelated pictures ran through his system and slowly fixed itself to reveal high definition images of the current battlefield. Two things were called out that were overshadowed by the light. A sleek pack had formed on his back and a small transmitter on his shoulder. His hands were singed slightly and the HUD reported it was inoperable for the meantime. "Statement: I'll have to make due."

The pack behind him flared on, and wings expanded from its sides. During the confusion caused by his weapon's explosion, he zoomed towards Walden. He aimed for his legs, ramming himself like a battering ram at the gates of a stronghold. The transmitter beeped to life, blinked red a few seconds at intervals. Before impact with Walden, several spherical drones materialized into reality. Most locked onto the wolves, but the rest eyed their master's quarry.

##(Ten drones, one drone for each wolf and the rest is with Bl.An.C. against Walden.)

The Strongest
10-16-2013, 11:59 PM
Walden felt electricity coursing through his body. Every nerve was set aflame in a moment of blissful agony that seemed to stretch out for an eternity. It wasn’t an eternity, of course, it was just as long as it took for Bl.An.C to smash into Walden. There was pain, again, of course, but in an attempt to block some of it out, Walden’s mind constructed something else. A memory.

”So you came to me hoping that I could lead you to a spirit that you can’t describe by anything other than the corpse it left behind? Aren’t you glad you wrote down my number when you did?”

Walden was sitting at a table in a tent. A rich, dark purple color surrounded him. Directly in front of him was a deck of cards, ornately decorated. The woman seated across the table had a distinctly mystical look about her. Exactly what he expected, considering what he was asking for.

The cards were of a tarot deck, and at that moment Walden needed advice on how to proceed with chasing down a particularly aggressive spirit. He’d met the woman some time earlier, back before he’d decided on silver as a weapon to fight against the spirits. She was a fortune teller, and a fellow fighter against the spirits invading the world.

During his recollection, the woman, Tezukard, had drawn three cards from the deck and placed them down before him.

“The first card represents what you seek.” Tezukard said, turning over a sinister figure, shrouded in shadow. “The Assassin. The killer in the shadows. He claims a life by the command of another. You know who summoned this spirit, but you do not know where this spirit is, now. You seek the assassin who killed the young woman in the woods.”

Tezukard turned over the next card, then, revealing a lone man standing over a sheer cliff. “This card represents the path that you must not take. Isolation. You have distanced yourself from people in the past, but if you hunt this spirit alone, you will meet your end.”

Only a third card remained, and Walden anticipated its meaning.

“This is the path that will lead to your success.” Tezukard declared, turning over a card revealing a pack of wolves. “A pack. Others who would fight with you at your side as if it were their own life they were fighting for. You need allies, Walden.”

Walden nodded, stood up, and dropped several silver coins onto the table. He knew what it was he needed to do, and he had an idea on how he could do it. Somewhere, perhaps the wind was playing tricks, he heard the distant snarl of wolves.

There was a noise, somewhere. An irritating noise. It was piercing, and mixing with the sound of snarling dogs and it was ruining Walden's mood, by degrees. Where previously there had been a red sun disturbing his peace, now there was red light seeming to spring up from all directions, burning into his field of vision. It reminded Walden of the several times he’d been sure that he had died since entering this tournament, but this time something was different.

“I want to die on my feet.” Walden murmured, his body managing to find the strength for the words. Why was he saying this? Walden wanted to stand up, but he couldn’t. It was perplexing. In a sudden moment of clarity, Walden was aware of the damage that had been done to him. His leg had been removed, and the feeling of blood all around him drove him into a frenzy.

“I will die on my feet.” This time Walden declared it, speaking out against his afflictions. It was at this point that Walden realized he didn’t have access to his feet, his legs weren’t functioning as per his commands, no longer connected in whole as they were. This drove him to fury.

“I WILL DIE ON MY FEET!” Walden was shouting, and he felt that he did not have his full strength about him, and he planned to change that. Walden’s mind filled with a red haze as he shouted a string of syllables that couldn’t be articulated by the languages of man. His wolves disintegrated, returning to Walden in the form of a mist, easily and quickly inhaled.

Walden’s body went slack and silent, suddenly. The calm before the storm. A ripple seemed to pass across his flesh, and then behind it, fur began to sprout up like grass. It would have tickled Walden, but so much pain was already flowing through him that it never registered. Even the elongation of his face, or the lengthening of his limbs did not have their usual pain.

A terrible sound came, the sickening crunch of bone snapping was played in reverse. The severed limb, however, did not return, and so when the Wolfpack sought to stand, it instead fell to the side. The ensuing howl of rage and frustration was not only heard, but felt as well, reverberating through the room itself.

Then the Wolfpack fought in what way it could, moving on its three remaining and whole limbs to charge at Bl.An.C.

10-19-2013, 04:14 AM

The android smashed himself head-on towards the bare wall of the room, his head literally over his heels. Within the suit, he groaned in pain. Electrical surges of pain registered throughout his body. 'I'm not too old for this, am I?'. Cooper's entire lower half fell to one side and enabled him to sit upright, both of his hands lay limp to his side, functional yet damaged. The transmitter on his shoulder blinked powerfully with red which allowed the android flickers of moments as Walden approached maniacally bathed in the red light.

Bl.An.C. could have thought many ways to die, many ways that his death would have meaning to at least give him the peace of mind after what he had done. Dying by enraged werewolf was not in that list. The drones, however did not take it hovering about. Several of the spherical bots began to lock onto the rampaging canine humanoid and showered it with searing red energy.

The android had little time to spare, he commanded his suit materialize the shield generator but his forearms did little more than spark a little white light. It could take a bit more time before the weapon ports would stabilize enough to bring in a screw. Cooper cringed inside the suit. This will hurt.

Walden crashed into the android, forcing every bit of air out of Bl.An.C.'s lungs. Even as he attempted to shield himself from the attack, it would have proven futile. He was at the hands of a deadly beast but it seems his life could be taken by something else. Cooper knew something was wrong. It welled up inside him. Something that should have appeared a long time ago.

The Strongest
10-19-2013, 01:25 PM
Searing red energy lanced through the Wolfpack's flesh. Chunks of burning muscle and fur were removed with surgical precision, but it wasn't enough to keep the monster from regenerating. It could barely slow down his furious charge. That made the event of one particular instance of fiery pain all the more effective when it cleaved through one of the Wolfpack's forelegs, on the opposite side of his missing leg. Like trying to traverse a flight of stairs in the dark, only to find that the last step didn't in fact exist, the Wolfpack fell forwards, barreling into Bl.An.C like a living cannonball.

The impact was clumsy and poorly managed, breaking several bones as mere flesh and blood impacted against cold metal. Such simple repairs were almost nothing, however, compared to the missing limbs. Two of them, and rather important limbs at that. There wasn't any pain, there. In fact, in the current state,the incredible lack of pain, where it was otherwise spreading like an infection through the Wolfpack's body, stood out even more. It was only when the creature tried to use its seemingly perfectly intact limbs, only to find that they were not there, that it registered as an injury.

Though the Wolfpack couldn't register its opponent's apparent weakness, its own crippling wounds were preventing it from immediately pressing the attack any further. The beast struggled to gain some leverage to raise itself to a position to attack further. Every moment that it was failing to do so was driving it further into its blood frenzy.

10-20-2013, 10:47 AM

Bl.An.C. struggled to fight back, his armored fists tried to jab at the mass of fur and fury but he doubted that it did any real damage other than further kindling the creature's rage. The spherical drones reported that Walden was severely injured but Cooper could not even register the report in his brain. His scientific mind could not register new information, all he knew was that he had to get away from the rampage known as Walden and that the pain was intensifying. He had to get away.

The wingpack Bl.An.C. thought, in spite of the thrashing of the partially limbless Walden, the wingpack was still in one piece. "Command:Wing Burst."

The wingpack's engine heated up and began to purr, soon it roared powerfully with intense heat. 'I'll have to endure a bit more pain...' The pseudo-android told himself. And the wingpack blasted off, dragging with it Bl.An.C. and Walden. They were headed straight for the opposite wall. 'Endure' he told himself.

The Strongest
10-22-2013, 05:39 PM
Somewhere in all the fury, the Wolfpack thrilled at the exhilaration of knowing that everything was being used in this fight. Everything that the monster had to offer was being used, perhaps with the final ending being at last reached. The possibility of finally ending all the pain was enticing, and the best way to achieve such an end seemed, to the pack, to first end the lives of everything around it. Perhaps a holdover from Walden's own sense of honor, that one would receive what one delivered. The Wolfpack was going to deliver peace.

As it struggled to land an effective blow against Bl.An.C, the creature began to become aware of a growing energy. The Wolfpack had no intention of releasing its prey, but it could do nothing to make an attack as the pair began to roar through the air. The furious heat of the blood pulsing through the Pack's veins juxtaposed with the rush of cold air from the flight. Through the bright light of pack, it couldn't see, and the room rushed by in a blur.

Somewhere in the flight, a measure of sense returned to the beast's brain, and its jaws lunged forward to catch around Bl.An.C's throat. A steel bear trap couldn't bite as hard as the beast at the height of its fury. Hungrily, the monster sought to experience the thrill of armor crunching and giving way to softer flesh and warm blood beneath. Slaughter was the goal, and quickly was the watchword as the wall came closer.

11-01-2013, 06:04 AM
Post #6

The android and the beast slammed onto the other wall. If Cooper hadn't had blood rushing through to his his head, he would have heard the roars of fury that escaped the werewolf's mouth. The wingpack died down, the fire dimmed to a pale white color before ultimately burning itself out. Then everything went wrong. Cooper was certain he could hear Walden's teeth grind.

Walden, as if he wasn't already in a bloodthirst, thrust himself forward and down to Bl.An.C. effectively pinning him down for the time being. Spherical robots encircled the two gladiators, showering the fur coated one with blazes of red energy but it seemed to do close to nothing against the rampaging creature. The numbing pain from the earlier electrical blast, his anesthesia, began to wear off. Pricks of pain quickly morphed into moments of agony where the wolfman thrashed. Walden widened his jaws and attacked, Bl.An.C. gritted his teeth as he knew what target this wild animal could see: his throat.

Desperate to defend himself, he grabbed the creature's jaws with both hands. Adrenaline surged through his body, giving him additional strength beside the mechanical servos. Walden's jaw was mere inches from the android's face kept clear from it only by his bare hands.

Then, his eye flickered blue then back to a faint green.

No. Cooper mused. Don't...you dare..take over

Cooper's interface flickered from his own to full streams of data that ran through it. Numbers, data, letters, graphs, all passed by quickly and disappeared just as fast. "NO!" Cooper screamed but the suit refused to allow it to voice out. It's happening again!

"Exclamation: Walden! The suit...!" The android's eye blinked green then blue. His hands gripped the jaws tighter this time, as if to crush bone. "Warning: Walden! The suit has gone haywire!"

The Strongest
11-03-2013, 11:04 PM
#Do hands molding with jaws count as injuries?
#And isn't this $6?

The Pack felt pain, but the pain was such that it no longer cared to recognize where such pain was being felt. All that it felt was pain, and from that pain was born a primal desire. It was the urge to retaliate. It was like an addiction, though. No matter how the Wolfpack's jaws continued to press, it was not enough. There was a greater high to be felt, still. The high of feeling the warmth begin to fade away from the prey, of feeling the struggling muscles go slack as all the energy that fueled them bled out onto the ground. Frustratingly, this prey failed to see the beauty of such an act, for it continued to struggle.

While the pain did not register in any place in particular, the lack of progress did. The drizzle of warm blood down its maw was nowhere to be felt. Instead, there was resistance. There was no limit to the Wolfpack's fury, but there was one to its strength and the integrity of its body. Beneath the iron grip of Bl.An.C's armored extremities, the Wolfpack's own body began to give way. A vicious crack and in a brief mist, bone was exposed, the monster's lower jaw hanging awkwardly by a few strands of flesh on one end, and crushed in Bl.An.C's hand in the other. It was nearby, however, and even as the Wolfpack snarled in understated anger, the flesh was reaching to its briefly-emancipated fellows to rejoin them together.

As this occurred, the Wolfpack's remaining forelimb found its way upwards, to the face of the pseudo-android. Claws seemed to almost caress the faceplate before violently rising up and smashing down into it, claws angled downwards, seeking to blot out the light that instinct indicated was tied to his ability to see.

11-04-2013, 07:04 PM
#Bl.An.C.'s hands are armored so the damage to it is minimal but because of the Wolfpack's bite force, the suit is having a hard time coping up. And yes, it is supposed to be Post 6 earlier. Edited the previous ones to make it clear. Now then, on to Post 7. :D

Post #7
Cooper controlled nothing at this point, his body moved on its own. The armor shell he uses to protect himself has taken a life of its own, a master of its fate and the puppeteer of Price's body. He felt helpless and unlike the last time, he was awake to witness what the suit could do on its own. Without wasting a second, the android's wingpack burst with cyan flames.

Walden's claw was forced onto the Bl.An.C.'s face, the sapphire eye's glow snuffed out and darkened the room. The drones halted their barrage as if waiting, hovering just above the scene of the fight, as if they responded to the change of master.

"Hostile detected. Neutralizing." Bl.An.C. said mechanically, its arms drifted upwards until his hands reached the werewolf's face. It ignored the sounds of nail meeting steel as its metallic hands slammed themselves powerfully onto the werewolf's ears. A quick flash of light from below coalesced into box like structures attached to his legs.

"Drones, initiate attack pattern sigma phi dash zero one." The drones's green eyes followed suit, blinking and slowly turning into cold icy blue. If Walden could have noticed, if his anger permitted him some environmental awareness, he would feel his surroundings heating up. The drones violently attached themselves to Walden's body, the heat from their chassis began to reach scalding hot and the metal turned bright yellow.

'This...this is a suicide plot.' Cooper told himself. 'It was to be used when the android was against an overwhelming force. It would rather die and take its enemy with it rather than allowing his enemy to live and triumph.'

The light below on his legs formed the missile pods, sleek dark green boxes capable of firing an impressive array of explosive projectiles. 'One last move and we will both die here.' Cooper said grimacing. 'I'm sorry.'

The Strongest
11-04-2013, 10:22 PM
It was somewhere in this heated exchange of blows that the Wolfpack, surrounding by a blurring haze of intense temperature increases, ignited. Like a creature from the depths of Hell itself, the Wolfpack refused to relent. Little metal orbs were of no concern to its rampage. The dizzying spots before its vision were seen as mere challenges to its ability to tear flesh from flesh and bone from bone.

The wave of pain that engulfed the werewolf brought back memories only recently acquired. Memories about a time when there was a single mind driving the flesh and bone forward. A time when the force that drove the creature was one bound to a strict code, rather than a gnawing hunger.

He missed that time. And in almost precisely the same moment, Walden realized several other things. First, where he had once been a raving monster, now he was just a man. An old man who was likely getting too old for this kind of thing. Second, there were several injuries about him that simply were unlikely for him to continue his brief career as a Gladiator. His time there had cost him a literal arm and leg, with some additional interest in the form of the partially-healed jaw. Exposed flesh stung in the air. Third, he was on fire.

If a voice could be an attack, Walden's would have struck Bl.An.C down in that instant. Agony unlike any that he would normally have endured was present. Heat. There was too much of it. Blood boiled and flesh darkened, and through it all, Walden screamed. He didn't register Bl.An.C's presence anymore, his whole world had become a single sensation.

Some twist of fate mocked him for this experience. Walden had found a way out of his self-imposed prison. In a moment, he had managed to slay the pack of wolves, to reassert his own dominance over their very essence, and in that same moment he had consigned himself to cremation. Perhaps, he thought, this was a good moment to die: triumphant at last over his own inner demons. It was just as he'd hoped it would be, not consumed and killed somewhere in the throes of his repressed bloodlust, but instead dying, fully conscious, as himself.

"I wanted to die on my feet." Somewhere in the depths of the flame, he found tranquility. "But this...this is good enough."

11-06-2013, 09:40 AM
#Let's wrap this up then, The Strongest. It's been fun writing against you. End it nicely. :)


The heat was driving Cooper insane. "Noooo!!" He screamed inside, his flesh seemed to melt again, he felt as if he was back in the incident, back where his life changed for the worst but even his iron will, the will that kept him sane all these years after seeing friend after friend executed because of his mistake, was faltering. He could not maintain the ice cold focus he had to control the suit and it would now cost him his and Walden's life. Their struggle, both creature and automaton, was fierce but inevitably both seemed to lose the battle. None of them would come out unscathed or breathing. Walden's roar pierced through the armor, a shriek of pain and agony that shook Cooper to his core.

'Were those the same cries from when I...' Cooper shut his eyes. It would soon be over anyway. It wouldn't matter. Nothing matters anymore. Only the sweet embrace of death awaits him and yet, he refuses. Death...so sweet an escape. 'I don't deserve it.' he muttered. "I DON'T DESERVE IT" He screamed. His voice cracked as he tried to breath. The heat was too much, the suit was blaring warnings, sirens of doom. Red lights flickered in his HUD but he paid no heed. It was, partially, too late. If he had control, he would survive but as of now. Not really.

Then he heard something. A mutter, a sound of a man.

"...on my feet."

It was weak.

"this...this is good enough."

Cooper's face darkened. "I bet you wish death too..." He muttered. The android suit moved against the werewolf, pushing his adversary to one side onto the floor in the inky darkness of the oven. Numbers scrolled through Cooper's face, green icons against the blaring red. "What..."

The numbers seemed to traverse through every letter and number, special character and shape as if trying to make something out to him. It seemed to stop with a series of ones and zeroes.

The drones beeped loudly. They were about to implode.

"Well..." Cooper could only hope Walden could hear. "I'm sorry you had to end this way."

He was on his back, arms splayed on either side. The suit's arms sparked and fizzled. They were still damaged from his own attack earlier. He didn't even know why the android had called in the missile pods. The android suit twitched.

The characters in front of Cooper began to end. One by one they fell on either one or zero with the occasional letter. Cooper had been keeping track. It took him a few seconds to decipher the code. And the code shocked him.

It read:

"I refuse to be terminated."

Then, the drones imploded.

The Strongest
11-08-2013, 01:59 AM
All around, the room screamed silently that death was approaching. The screams of two dying men, somehow, couldn't overcome the looming oppression of silence that was just around the bend in the air from the force and heat of the simultaneous implosions of Bl.An.C's drones. Walden had already found tranquility, and somehow, through the sizzling flesh that his eyes had already become, he perceived the final blinding flash that would prove to be the last thing that he would see. In an instant, all the sensation was wiped away. Pain, screaming, the last words of his opponent, the memory of his code, everything, in an instant, was made ash and dust.

What hadn't been charred into nothing already was, and subsequently all of it was blasted about the room like dust in the wind. Years of merging with spirits and having that essence expunged again had left an unstable and tenuous connection between the bonds of flesh, and as the air settled all that was left to be seen of what once had been Walden was a finely falling dust. Horrifying as it was to anyone who would come upon it and learn just what it was, the nature of it matched Walden's final moments. Gentle and tranquil, perfectly satisfied with itself as it fell into whatever patterns it was to fall into. No questions of whether it was right or wrong, or if it was a dishonorable act to lay across the dead body of one's former foe. Instead, there was the inner peace to simply let oneself fall where one would fall.

However, as if fate had not yet revealed its final card, that tranquility was disturbed.

Suddenly, it was as if another wind were blowing within the dirty cell, a wind that quickly brought all of what had once been Walden into the air, and sucked the mass of it into its vortex.

At first, Walden was nothing. There was only a void. No sensations to experience, not even a thought to ponder. Slowly, then, slowly that mystic wind blew the dust together, and from dust a form began to take shape. The first words that Walden found himself able to recall came as if by a firebrand, a searing image in his mind's eye from his past. The lone wanderer on the cliff turned away from him, and Walden remembered how he had struck down his own pack from within, in order to regain control of them. By turning them out, he had exposed himself to the coming inferno, and he had died.

For the first time since coming to the wRHG, Walden knew that he had well and truly died. This time was not like the others. He had, for the briefest of moments, been a part of that shadowed realm where he knew the dead to rest. There, as he felt the instinctive tug towards the deeper shadow, he found himself confronted by a wall that would not allow him to pass. It was a thing unlike any other around him, for unlike the bland shade of the spirit realm, this obstacle boasted a wide array of colors, as if it were its own carnival. And indeed, other spirits saw this distinct thing in the world and were already being drawn slowly to it like moths to a flame.

"This is not how you will meet your end." A voice had spoken to him through the sound of a thousand cards being shuffled as the wall revealed its true nature. "I have foreseen your final end, and this will not be it. Your destiny lies elsewhere."

The cards, before him, had stacked themselves, and then scattered outward, as if an unseen hand had chosen to play 52-Pickup with them. The whirlwind of colors blinded him, and embraced him in the same moment, and slowly, slowly, the whirling rainbow began to settle down to reform into darkness, but not the same darkness as it once had been. This was a different darkness. A familiar one. The wind had, it seemed, finished what it had set out to do, for Walden found himself falling over onto his side, sprawled out over the floor, for he still possessed only one of his legs. The left one. When he tried to push himself to a sitting position with his left hand, Walden found the task impossible, for his left hand had left him just as he had left the realm of the dead.

"Where are my weapons?" Walden tried to ask, but the words jumbled together and emerged from the side of his mouth, as well as the front, for the flesh about the right side of his jaw had left, as well. In such poor light, Walden couldn't find his weaponry. Not in the state he was in. There was one thing that remained whole to him, however. Deep in his soul, Walden found that there was something akin to a whistle. The sort that would be used to call a pack of dogs from the realm of shadow. The whole span of events had taken but a few moments, but for him it seemed a lifetime ago that this room was illuminated by the burning of his own flesh. He had been saved by the interference of another. What, then, had become of his opponent?

Walden decided to wait and see, pushing himself up with his remaining arm and assuming as relaxing a position as he could against one of the walls.

11-10-2013, 05:50 PM
STOP! This thread has reached the necessary deadline. The voting period has now begun. I've set up the poll up there for ya'll.

Remember, it doesn't matter if this battle ever finished. We are looking for the better Play-By-Post writer here. Vote and CNC away!!!

11-13-2013, 08:14 AM
Well played you two. If every round had a "best battle" bonus this would have won in my book. Just because it seemed more like dark, gritty, life or death struggle from start to finish. Error you held you resolve throughout the entire battle and that twist at the end was nice. The Strongest when you get to writing it's enjoyable; I'm speaking mostly of that last post, but everything else was good too. Aside from the lack of flashbacks.

Even with the fact that you both kind of killed yourselves I felt this bout ended delightfully! :D

11-13-2013, 08:36 AM
We couldn't kill ourselves, so we resolved to almost killing ourselves xD

Thanks for the feedback, blak. Much appreciated.

11-20-2013, 12:07 PM
Well, I don't know how Thestrongest managed to gather so little votes; in my opinion, both did fairly well, well enough for me to hesitate on deciding who should be the winning party.

Thestrongest, you wrote some thinking behind Walden's attacks and that was good, and you managed to depict a berserked, animalistic character without too many problems. Yet somehow, I find that you give parts of your writing too much attention, to the point where they may be too wordy, while some were given less attention, to the point of single descriptions that don't make much of an impact. There was the part where walden turns into the wolfpack, and I felt that there was much about how walden was enraged, yet little to show that he really is in such a state. Show instead of tell fits appropriately here.

Lastly, your flashbacks hurt much of your story. Of the two, none of them managed to tell a complete story; they were too fragmented, told too little. They became unneeded lulls inbetween the fight because the impact of them was never shown. In other words, I could remove both flashbacks, and the story would run fine. Better, even.

As for Error, you made good descriptions, and there was thinking behind your character's actions. But then there are problems. You were eager to include walden's actions in your writing, but as good as it is, they were sometimes inserted into the current paragraph haphazardly, and had little effect. You also made tense errors, but what struck me most was that your character was almost a cold machine that only thought, but did not feel. Only until the end did you manage to include some emotions (even though I still believed them to be inadequate). Especially jarring was the fact that even though Cooper knew the suit was going to kill them both, he gave it little more than a passing note, telling himself that 'this is it' and nothing more. Nonetheless, you've exceeded my expectations, so good work.

I'll give the vote to Thestrongest, but on grounds as dubious as a coin flip, because sitting on the fence would be bad of me. Finally, I would like to commend the two of you for your work; it was a fair read.

The Strongest
11-20-2013, 06:20 PM
Lobotomizer, the fragmented nature was deliberate. I felt that it wouldn't be in the spirit of the bout to place an entire story into each of my posts, in what was meant to be (in my head, anyways) a rushed flash of a battle. What I did try to do was keep the fragments relevant to the immediate action occurring in the battle, specifically I was trying to go for an effect of something resembling a seamless transition from the brief fragment from Walden's past to the brief fragment of Walden's present combat. It would have broken the flow of the overall battle if I Walden were allowed to remember a complete story in the span of time between Bl.An.C throwing a bunch and it connecting, I think.

Do you agree or disagree on such?

11-21-2013, 12:45 AM
Very true, but with two flashbacks, and neither seemingly connected, you've diluted their effect, and it made little sense if Walden's background was never read at all. In my opinion, I would have preferred three flashbacks, all relating to each other to form a complete story, a notable event that happened in Walden's life, and a sudden ending that could cross with the finale of the battle for a much bigger impact.

The Strongest
11-21-2013, 12:48 AM
Ja~, makes sense. I agree. I might have kept it up if I hadn't dropped my ante in the 5th set by accident.