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10-22-2013, 08:18 PM
NOTE: We both missed the deadline, but sadads informed me that Larry the Mime is going to be retired, so he never finished. This battle will be logged as victory by forfeit.


Larry the Mime was a killer. There was no pussyfooting around that fact. Ever since he'd acquired his “abilities”, it was like killing was in his blood. At first, he'd thought those first few stabbings were just the result of rage over his lost voice. But slowly, it became clearer that communication was not something he generally needed to do anymore.

Where did Larry live these days? How did he spend his time when he wasn't slaying his fellow wRHG combatants for fun and profit? The answers to those two questions were unclear, what with his inability (and unwillingness) to banter. Tonight, however, he was about to experience the fear and curiosity that came from being on the other side of that deathly silence. The wRHG offices had set him up against a two-person team, known on the scoreboards as Pixel & Bits. What a fight it would be.

Pixel munched on the slice of cold pizza in her hands. The night air had sucked all of the heat out of it, but she didn't mind. It wasn't like she could really taste it. In an instant, the pizza disappeared, and a bright green “50” appeared above her head. Sweet, hit-point-restoring relief. She slumped over the railing of the bridge. It was a wide bridge, and there were no cars tonight. There would be no gimmicks in this fight. Just a test of strength and mettle, between her, her partner, and... a strange man with spiky black hair, white face paint and silly clothes, who was now walking toward her.

And doing something very strange with his hands, one might add.

Larry wasted no time in showing his apparent opponent exactly what he was doing. It was what he did well. Mimicking the movements of a professional knife thrower, he swung his arm forward. The purple-clad witch didn't have long to wonder what was going on before a sharp pain coursed through her body. Accompanying the pain was the number 22, appearing in white above her. Larry was intrigued. Pixel was shocked.

The murderous mime flung another volley of invisible knives at Pixel, but this time, she was ready. Leaping out of the phantom projectiles' line of fire, she produced her signature wooden staff and pointed it at Larry. The weapon began glowing with an aura made up of red squares. This time, it was Larry who was unsure of what to expect, but as his clothes were singed black by a fast-moving ball of 16-bit flame, it was suddenly made obvious who and what he was dealing with.

Evidently, long-distance attacks weren't going to cut it. If he was going to win this fight, he'd need to get up close and personal. Which was of course exactly what he did, charging headlong toward Pixel and slamming an invisible sword down. Pixel narrowly dodged the strike, which was very fortunate if the spiderweb of cracks now denting the bridge was any indication. Larry propped the sword up over his shoulder like a baseball bat and brought it around for another swing, one which he found blocked by Pixel's staff.

Pixel was getting a little worried. Where was Bits? He'd never left her hanging, and if she wasn't keeling over in agony, he couldn't be too far. The onslaught of slashes was too difficult to defend against, moreso coming from a weapon that she couldn't see. Soon she found herself lying on the ground, her staff knocked away, and Larry raising up his blade for a killing blow.

A large finger tapped on Larry's shoulder. The mime turned around, only to be greeted with a steel fist to the face and sent flying several feet.

Bits extended a hand to Pixel, helping her back up on her feet. He was always just in time. They were partners to the end, after all, and he wasn't going to let it end at the hands of a overzealous street performer. Pixel tipped her hat to the massive android, then ran over to her staff and plucked it back up off of the concrete.

Larry shook his head vigorously to regain his composure. Whatever had hit him was large, heavy, and... eight feet tall. Not to mention made of metal and looking pretty pissed off. So this was her partner. He'd assumed Pixel made clones of herself or something. Larry was skilled, yes, but even his silence couldn't mask the uncertainty he now felt about this battle's outcome. It was time to bring out the big guns.

Bits pointed an arm at Larry. His fist began decompiling into a mass of small cubes, which then rearranged into a sharp, spike-studded mining drill. One thing was for certain: Bits didn't like it when people hurt his best friend, and he was about ready to show Larry what's black, white and red all over. (Hint: A mime after he gets ground into pulp.)

Larry easily dodged Bits' drilling punch, now that the robot no longer had the element of surprise. An invisible springboard formed itself under Larry's feet, launching him up into the air. Following that, Bits felt a splitting headache, to the tune of 64 damage brought on by a sledgehammer made out of that very same air. His bulk slammed directly onto the bridge, which was now beginning to crumble and collapse as a result of their battle. Someone on the building committee had skimped out on material, apparently.

Bits stood back up and charged at Larry, like a dying bull running on adrenaline. Larry formed a barrier around himself to block the drill. As it shattered, Larry had already formed some large fists of his own, which he directed at Bits' chest. Another 15 damage dealt. Bits was flashing red all over now. Not much more and he'd be down for the count. And so would Pixel. He couldn't let that happen.

There was only one shot at this. Bits drove his drill through Larry's invisible gauntlets, then right into the bridge. In only a moment, the whole structure fell apart, concrete and steel tumbling 40 feet into the river below. In one last desperate move, Larry grabbed the edge with one hand and prepared an invisible knife in the other. One more good stab and victory was his. Unfortunately for him, luck was not on his side. Bits stomped on the hand he had used to hang on, breaking each of his fingers under the titanic machine's half-ton of weight. Larry let out a silent scream as he dropped into the raging water. Then, nothing.

Pixel ran up to Bits, wrapping her arms around him. Three pixelated hearts floated up into the air as she did so. Bits picked her up, then trudged back toward the inner city. They both needed a good-power up right now, but the wRHG rankings would be seeing an interesting new development come the next morning.


Larry dragged himself out of the ice-cold water. Even soaking wet, his hair refused to go down, but his facepaint was not nearly so resistant. As he wrung out his zebra-striped shirt, his broken hand still throbbing, the thought occurred to him that maybe being a gladiator wasn't as easy as he'd first believed.

10-25-2013, 03:33 PM
Very interesting story! I really like the contrast between Pixel and Larry in the opening, with how he's a killer and then she's eating pizza. Got a solid grin from me there! I don't know, I don't have very smart incite giving CnC to give here, but yeah, it was a sweet read.

Keep it up!