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This is the battle between me and devi. he had chalanged me to a battle so i accepted and the due date was 11/22/2013 with a minimum of 1000 words. Mine contains 1006 words and devi's contains 2366 words.

here are the battles

Digkid sat on the side of a road outside a state park watching the people walk by as one of his favorite moles slept comfortably in his lap, whose fur he stroked slowly. A blond teen then walked by wearing a gray hoody, blue jeans, and no shoes. Digkid took notice of this particular person because of the strange markings that were on his neck and hands and that he was nine feet tall. Digkid made the mistake of calling out to the teen with one of his famously annoying taunts.
Digkid said this, “Hey blondy, nice tattoos. Where you get them from? The circus?!”
Digkid was laughing as the teen stopped and turned to him getting angry and said, “My name is not blondy. It’s Stefan and I was born with these markings!”
“Whatever you say you giant freak,” said Digkid as he fell over laughing as the mole that was in his lap got up and ran away.
Stefan was getting very angry now and called forth his demons. The demons started to mock him saying things like, “You are a freak,” “Loser,” “you are worthless,” “You are a disappointment to you parents.”
Digkid could not see the demons after all and just kept laughing. Suddenly Stefan ran up to Digkid and punched him in the gut with such strength that Digkid was sent flying back twenty feet. Digkid got up slightly stunned as he unhooked his pickaxe from his back and saw Stefan charging him. Digkid brought his pickaxe down unto the ground and forced the ground to split under Stefan’s feet. Stefan grabbed unto the ledge and pulled himself up and started charging at Digkid again this time a bit faster as his eyes started to turn to flames as he grew angrier. But Digkid was ready this time, he waited for Stefan to get closer when suddenly; “WHAMO!!!” A huge boulder slammed into Stefan and sent him flying.
“Hey freak,” Shouted Digkid, “ROCK ON!”
Digkid fell over laughing at his own horrible joke as Stefan’s eyes burst into flames. Stefan, who now looked like he had been run over by a truck, picked up and threw the boulder at the still laughing Digkid that was followed by a huge shockwave as he entered Wrath mode screaming in pure rage. Digkid looked up, with a smile still on his face, in time to see the boulder, the shockwave, and debris throw up by the shockwave, heading straight for him. He dug into the ground, his pickaxe moving at blinding speed, and avoided the boulder and the subsequent shockwave that followed shortly afterwards. When Digkid finally poked his head out from the ground, he saw the destruction that Stefan had caused when he went into Wrath mode.
“Damn,” was all Digkid could say when he looked around.
Suddenly, Digkid was sent flying through the air by Stefan, who had run up behind Digkid while he was distracted and kicked him like a football. Digkid screamed and flailed wildly as he flew through the air. When he landed he threw up tons of dirt and dust as well as created a crater about ten feet in diameter and uprooted a few trees. Digkid got up slowly and for his left foot was broken. The only reason the damage was not worse was that his thick skin had absorbed most of the impact. He quickly gathered up his pickaxe and made and earthen cast for his foot when he saw Stefan charging at him. The markings that covered Stefan were glowing very bright, which gave Digkid an idea.
Digkid looked at Stefan with a big defiant grin and caused all the dust and dirt that had been flung up into the air to crush Stefan from all sides. When released, Stefan fell to the ground his marking no longer glowing. Digkid turned his back and started to walk away, when suddenly, he was thrown high into the air by Stefan. Digkid screamed as he went flying for the second time, but he got his wits about him as he started to fall back to the earth. He started spinning head first to the ground heading straight for Stefan. Stefan looked slightly confused for a moment as to why Digkid was not screaming in fear as he fell. Digkid reached out with a fist and hit Stefan with so much force that it sent him flying back into the trees. Digkid then dug into the ground using the momentum from the fall and his spinning to act like a drill. He dug at over fifty mph underground towards Stefan. Stefan just got back up onto his feet, his marking glowing brighter than before, when the ground beneath him gave out. He fell about twenty feet into a huge pit that Digkid made.
“Hey freak!” Called Digkid as he popped out of the ground behind Stefan, “isn’t this place the pits!”
“I’ll kill you!!!” Roared Stefan in extreme rage as he grabbed for Digkid.
Digkid rolled out of the way and swung his pick axe at Stefan’s legs. The pickaxe connected and Stefan fell down onto his back as the flames in his eyes burned brighter with hatred for Digkid. Stefan tried to kick Digkid, but instead, kicked a small steel mound that Digkid had made. The mound broke but Stefan also broke his foot which only made him angrier and stronger. Stefan got to his feet and grabbed Digkid and threw him into the wall of the pit. Digkid thick skin absorbed most of the impact but he broke a rib. Stefan ran up and punched Digkid in the face. Digkid spit out some teeth as Stefan kicked him hard into the air. Digkid landed outside of the pit badly injured. He decided enough was enough and caused the whole pit to collapse in on Stefan. This completely crushed him leaving nothing left. Digkid then sat back down where he had before the fight began and waited for the mole he had been petting to reappear.

“Wake up you moron!” Flamier shouted in Stefan’s ear
“YAAAGGGH!” Stefan shouted as he hit his head in the roof
Stefan turned his head to the right and saw Flamier looking very mad.
He saw this because his Flaming hair was on.
“Ugh. What is it? There better be a reason for me getting hit in the head.” Stefan asked tired like as he yawned.
“Did you forget what you are doing today?” Flamier asked annoyed
“Forget what?” Stefan answered with a question

Flamier pointed to the calendar and Stefan saw what he had forgotten marked on November 22.
“Ah crap. I forgot the battle!” Stefan shouted
“Put on your clothes and hurry up. Digkid is waiting in the battle area right now.” Flamier said annoyed
“I’ll go as quickly as possible.” Stefan said as he ran to his wardrobe
He quickly put on his shirt, pants and sweater.
He then ran towards the gate as fast as he possibly could.
While he ran he heard his teammates saying things like “Good luck.” “Have fun” “Be careful”

Then he came across Tean.
“You do know that I will not be able to help you, you know that right?” Tean said in his alien voice
“I know. I am not a child, I can take care of myself.” Stefan said angrily
“Very well then, good luck.” Tean said and walked away
“Hmm. Ah crap I have to hurry.” Stefan shouted

Stefan then reached a big gate that had a troll in front of it.
“Roli, open the gate now!” Stefan shouted to the huge troll
The troll looked confused but slowly walked over to a lever and pushed it down.
The gate slowly lifted as Stefan ran through.
“Thanks.” Stefan shouted as he ran faster and faster.
The gate closed behind him as he ran.

He ran for hours until he finally found Digkid in a mountain range.
“You took a long time” Digkid pointed out annoyed
“Sorry, this is my first battle so I forgot by mistake.” Stefan said as he panted for breath.
“Anyway, are you ready?” Digkid asked
“Yes, I am. Flamier had put me through special training to get ready.” Stefan answered.
“Why?” Digkid asked confused
Stefan took a deep breath and said, “Because this is the first time any of us fight, a lot is riding on me.”

Digkid took out his pickaxe and asked, “So, you ready to start?”
“Yes clan leader.” Stefan answered
The second Stefan said that, Digkid started to dig underground.
“Then lets go!” Digkid shouted as he dug
But then Stefan put out a speaker out of the pocket of his sweater and it started to play the song Hear me now.
“Good music helps me get angry and tense.” Stefan reminded himself

Stefan took another deep breath as he said, “Come out guys. Its time.” Stefan said
Digkid popped out of the ground about 20 meters or so away from Stefan
Then Stefan saw the demons pop up beside him.
“You fool, you will never win anything.” The first demon shouted
“You will fail like always.” The second demon shouted
“You’re weak, like always.” The third demon shouted
“You will be a failure to the rest of your friends.” The fourth demon shouted
“You will always be a loser.” The fifth demon shouted
Due to that Digkid could not see the demons; he was oblivious to knowing what was happening.

This went on for a while and then Digkid shouted arrogantly, “Are we going to fight or what? Or are you too weak to fight me, is that it?”
Then Stefan’s marks started to glow and this was because he was getting ready to use his rage.

“Get ready you motherf@#ker! I am going to kill you!” Stefan shouted as he started to run to Digkid.
Digkid quickly began digging underground.
“You can’t hide you bastard!” Stefan shouted with his voice filled with rage.
But as he shouted this a pillar of earth came up from the ground and sent Stefan flying high up.
Then another pillar came up from the ground and was aiming for Stefan.
“Oh really!” Stefan shouted as he turned around in the air
The second the pillar came close enough, Stefan punched it so it cracked into pieces.

Stefan landed violently on the ground causing a small earthquake.
He stood there awhile eyeing everywhere, observing and watching for any movement.
“I’m not falling for that!” Stefan shouted as he put his hand in the ground and pulled out Digkid.
Stefan threw Digkid to the nearest mountain with incredible strength.
As Digkid was sliding to the mountain, he made a pillar to stop his sliding
Digkid grabbed on to the pillar and made it slide underground.
“Get back here!” Stefan shouted as he tried to get underground, but he could not because Digkid sealed the entrance with the strongest mineral available to him.
Diamonds, Stefan was not angry enough to break them.

All of the sudden, Digkid popped out of the ground and was running for Stefan with his pickaxe out.
Digkid got ready to hit Stefan in the head but before he could, Stefan grabbed the pickaxe and hit Digkid right in the face.
Digkid flew back a little but stopped himself from falling.
“You punch hard. Not a lot of people can hurt or make me bleed thanks to my skin.” Digkid pointed out as he wiped off blood from his nose.
Blood was coming out of his mouth too; this was astonishing to Digkid because nobody has been able to hurt him like that before with just a punch.
Stefan threw the pickaxe to Digkid and said angrily, “I am the embodiment of Wrath you dumbass.”
Digkid caught the pickaxe and started to dig underground.

Digkid popped up out of the ground again ready to hit him in the head but Stefan blocked it by grabbing the pickaxe
Digkid then punched Stefan in the face and slashed him by the stomach.
Digkid then aimed for his head.
But Stefan blocked it again and punched Digkid in the stomach.
Digkid spit blood into Stefan’s eyes.
Stefan could not see because of this and was forced to let go of Digkid and wipe of the blood
When Stefan did turn around to see when he wiped off the blood, he was slashed on the face because Digkid was right there waiting.
When Stefan fell to the ground, Digkid got his pickaxe ready for another strike
As Digkid got ready to hit Stefan, he dodged out of the way of the pickaxe.

He quickly got up and tried to punch Digkid
But Digkid blocked using his pickaxe and pushed Stefan away.
Digkid striked from the right, Stefan dodged it by ducking down.
Stefan then kicked Digkid’s stomach.
This did so Digkid was stunned which gave Stefan the chance to head butt him hard in the stomach.
This sent Digkid flying a bit but he landed and striked from the top right with his pickaxe.
This made a big wound in Stefan’s left arm.
But he then uppercutted Digkid and made him fly backwards into a closest tunnel.

“You dumb shit!” Wrath shouted as Stefan got him self up from being slashed
“You let him get away again.” Wrath continued
Stefan just punched himself in the stomach and Wrath became quite.
“This is not the time Wrath. You are under my control. Besides, another scar to the collection is always good.” Stefan said as he wiped off blood
“So be quite.” Stefan’s good side remarked
“No. Both of you be quite.” Stefan said angrily
Both of them refused to do it but where overpowered by Stefan’s will.
“Where are you, you f#$ker.” Stefan said quietly to himself

Then all of the sudden, a mountain started to collapse onto Stefan.
“Grrrr. You think this will kill me?” Stefan shouted as he jumped to the mountain
Stefan punched the mountain by the tip and it cracked to a hundred pieces
This did so Digkid would have it harder to see because of the dust caused by the mountain being destroyed.

Then Digkid popped out and hit Stefan
Or so he thought, he only hit a dust cloud
“He’s hiding, well if I can’t see him then he can’t see me.” Digkid thought to himself
Stefan and Digkid wandered aimlessly until the dust finally went away.

“There you are!” Stefan shouted when he saw Digkid
“Ah crap.” Digkid said as he ran to the nearest tunnel
“Oh no you don’t!” Stefan shouted as he ran to Digkid
But before Digkid got underground, Stefan pulled and threw him back

“Take this!” Stefan shouted and then he began to run around Digkid
“What are you doing?” Digkid asked confused
Stefan did not answer; he just kept running around him.
Then he somehow just appeared from above and kicked downwards on Digkid’s head so he went face first into the ground

Digkid quickly got up from the ground.
Then Stefan appeared behind Digkid and kneed him in the back
But then Digkid grabbed Stefan and punched him in the balls
“OW!” Stefan screamed as he jumped away
“WHAT THE FUCK MAN!” Stefan shouted fighting through the pain
“Be careful.” Digkid said as he smirked arrogantly

This made Stefan VERY angry!
He quickly ran to Digkid and uppercutted him
While Digkid was in the air after being uppercutted Stefan spun around and kicked Digkid away
Digkid quickly got himself up and began digging underground
Stefan then took a breather to go through the pain of being hit in the balls.

Stefan waited and waited and waited and after a while of waiting, the pain was gone.
He then went searching for the tunnel Digkid used.
He found it and took a look down.
The tunnel seemed to be never-ending.
He then waited again.

“Still not coming out huh. I’ll have to come and get you then.” Stefan shouted down the tunnel after a while of waiting.
But before he jumped down, Digkid popped out of a tunnel and hit Stefan on the head.
Stefan was bleeding at the head but was still standing.
Digkid just stood there confused and pointed out, “You should be dead.”
“Next time, use the sharp side.” Stefan said as he grabbed the pickaxe, took it out of his wound and threw it down a tunnel.

“Ah crap, I thought I got you.” Digkid said arrogantly
“My turn you little b%$ch.” Stefan shouted as he punched Digkid in the face.
While he did this, Stefan spun around and kicked Digkid in the stomach
Stefan then landed on his feet and let loose a huge barrage of punches on Digkid
Every punch seemed to release small shockwaves in Digkid’s body.

You could hear Digkid’s bones breaking and cracking.
Digkid spat out a lot blood as Stefan grabbed him by the neck.
“I heard you don’t like flying. I am going to teach you how to fly you mole.” Stefan said aggressively
He threw Digkid as strong and high as he could up to the sky.

Of course, due to Digkid’s weakness of flying, this also meant his earth powers would not reach him.
Then all of the sudden as if by teleportation, Stefan was right next to Digkid
“I am going to show you a move I have been practicing.” Stefan said angrily.

Stefan started to spin with his leg out vertically and after a while of spinning he shouted, “Lets begin!” As he kicked downwards on Digkid’s stomach so he began falling quickly.
Digkid was falling for a few minutes’ headfirst and then he saw the ground getting closer and closer.
Then Stefan was there again above him and punched him hard on his jaw so he was going down faster.

“My earth will save me you know.” Digkid shouted as he coughed out more and more blood.
“Who said you where going to hit the ground.” Stefan said violently as he disappeared
Stefan then appeared on the ground doing a handstand grabbing the earth so hard it began to crack.
Digkid then realized Stefan’s plan, he wanted him to land as fast as possible on to his feat and get his bones broken and body broken.

Digkid landed extremely violently, but not on what you would think.
He landed on the ground instead on Stefan.
“Why? You could have killed me.” Digkid asked confused as he tried to move.
But Digkid could not move no matter how hard he tried, he could not move because of the impact on to the ground.
“Because my good side wants you alive.” Stefan answered as he picked up Digkid and put him on his back.

Stefan started to walk north for a couple of hours.
As they walked Digkid asked, “What was that move called?”
“The impaling of falling.” Stefan said as he kept walking
After a while of walking they both saw Flamier.
Flamier was staring at him and Digkid.
Stefan stopped in his tracks and stared back.
Then Flamier nodded and made flame wings on himself.
“Good job.” Flamier said as he flew off.

It was snowing A LOT.
“Geez it’s cold, why is your base in the North Pole.” Digkid commented shivering through the cold
Stefan put his sweater on Digkid and said, “This land is cursed by whacked up weathers.”
“But we are used to it.” Stefan finished
Stefan had to walk through a blizzard to get Digkid to the base.
Digkid saw himself that Stefan was struggling to walk due to his injuries.

That was when Digkid saw it.
The huge dark gates of Stefan’s home.
“Open up Roli.” Stefan said fighting through the cold.
A grunt was heard and the gate slowly opened.

Stefan went into his base and then went into the tower where he put Digkid in the medic center.
“My friends will get to healing you. Don’t worry, they won’t kill you.” Stefan said reassuringly.
“Thanks Stefan” Digkid said
As Stefan walked out Digkid said “Good battle.”
“You too clan leader.” Stefan remarked as he walked away
When Stefan went out of the room, Digkid blacked out.
But before he did, he heard the sound of cheering and shouts.

please vote fairly after reading both of them and offer advise as needed so enjoy.

11-26-2013, 07:02 PM
You've basically won this battle since not only you've won by votes, but seeing Devi banned, you've instantly claimed victory (why did he get banned and for how long?).

11-26-2013, 07:04 PM
You've basically won this battle since not only you've won by votes, but seeing Devi banned, you've instantly claimed victory (why did he get banned and for how long?).
It was for a week.

11-26-2013, 09:46 PM
so i won?

11-27-2013, 09:18 AM
so i won?

Not yet No.

11-27-2013, 09:42 AM
The gripe I have with you, Devi, is the formatting. My opinion, but it's not exactly good syntax to hit the enter button after every line you make. Don't hesitate to condense your lines into paragraphs, but don't do Digkid's mistake of piling it all in a wearisome block. Try looking at the way most high-tier writers format their work, like how they leave their dialogues separately while all action is put together in a paragraph.

11-29-2013, 09:32 PM
I guess the battle is over then.
*Walks off into a dark corner and starts writing random stuff to practice*

11-29-2013, 09:51 PM
I won cool now im in sixth place over all in wrhg standings