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12-04-2013, 01:33 PM
so i lost my flash and internet awhile back so i haven't posted in a long time. ~sorry~ but anyways i did a full body animation! :o its short but it was my first time doing a full-body and was my first animation in almost a year so... CnC if you please


12-06-2013, 05:16 PM
Ok, so:
- About half way across the screen, the leg that is back twitches, which is stragne and doesn't fit
- Throughout the whole animation, I see the leg that is further back as the one that is close to me perspective-wise, yet it magically becomes the further leg at the kick
- To make the blur work a bit better, possibly apply it more often and not as strong, like adding a very slight blur to the parts of his body that are further away, which would also clarify which the perspective and which leg is closer to me and which one is the faraway one (left and right legs)
- Color would also make it better, as any applied blur will look better with color and a background

Hope this helps :) also posted this comment on your Deviantart