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Lt Colonel Summers
12-10-2013, 09:22 PM
I have been using my personal tactics against Chaos so far and only 2 Game Overs encountered due to overconfidence.

First, send your current Miners to mine. Use your starting money to build 2 Archidons.
Wait until you have enough money to build 2 more Miners, one for mining and one for Praying if you start with 3 Miners. If you start with 4, build just one for Praying.
1 or 2 enemies might be approaching. Let your Archidons shoot and kill one, hopefully scaring the other one (this actually happened, you kill one enemy and the rest gets scared for awhile)

Second, build a Spearton, then research Shield Wall. Position said Spearton right in front of the starting Miner Wall, use Shield Wall. It works even better if you have Shield Bash, though that's not required.
Another wave of enemy approaches, let your Spearton take the heat and the Archidons shoot some of them. In any case if the enemy sent in Deads, garrison everyone and quickly research a Castle Archer or 2.
One enemy dies and the rest of them retreats for awhile. Ungarrison everyone and try to build 2 more Speartons and a Meric. Shield Wall in front of the Miner Wall (or where it used to be, if it's wrecked)

Third, keep building Archidons until you have enough to kill a mob of Crawlers or a Chaos Giant within seconds. Try to build an Enslaved Giant or 2, along with one Magikill.
If another enemy mob approaches, have your Magikill use the explosion spell and bomb them all.
AVOID going after the Central Tower unless you have 80 in your population count (which I'm pretty sure is mostly Archidons). Otherwise, the enemy will pull off a, like Korean Starcrafters say: "Zerg Rush, kekeke..." on you.

Fourth, after hitting 80 in your population count, send in your mob (consisting of 5 or 6 Spearton, 1 Meric, 1 Magikill, 2 or 3 Giant and the rest being Archidons) to attack the Central Tower.
You might lose a unit or 2 in the attack, in that case, kill every enemy that is at the Central Tower, but don't go after their Statue yet. guard the Central Tower and rebuild any lost units.
You might have noticed that the enemy stops attacking your statue once your population count reach around 30 to 40. If you have more than 60, don't worry about the enemy trying to retake the Central Tower.
Try to research Tower Spawn 1 if you can.

Last, after having your mob fully recovered, unleash all of them on the enemy territory. Kill everything in sight, including enemy Miners, then attack the Statue. Sit back until it collapses into rubble.
Another Chaos Territory destroyed.

This tactic will take around 18 to 22 minutes, but following it will give you an easy win.
Give your comments on it.

12-12-2013, 10:03 AM
wow, you took a very long time on this ^_^ thx for the thread and your idea. And, for which level should this be? (map, difficult)

Lt Colonel Summers
12-12-2013, 08:14 PM
wow, you took a very long time on this ^_^ thx for the thread and your idea. And, for which level should this be? (map, difficult)

This strategy is for Normal mode on any map.