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01-20-2014, 02:10 AM
hey guys,
i just wanted to let people know that, to the best of my knowledge, a new record has been set with respect to clan battles! this friday in our weekly TZ vs SoS event, we had 6 people on each side who participated, playing 3 sets each. we technically broke things down into 2 simultaneous events, a prep and a mini, but that is just semantics - essentially, we had a 12 person, 6 per side, clan battle! with 3v3 being about the biggest battle before this (although we had one 4v4 with TZ), i think this is an important landmark for the SE community :)

it is my opinion that clans bring a lot to the table in helping to grow and advance the SE community - the bonds, the training, the team spirit, these are all great for the community. however, it seems a lot of the SE community does not partake in clans. i really hope these clan events have the potential to change that! in SoS, we've already had 9 clan battles JUST THIS YEAR! it offers members the opportunity to participate in something you simply cannot do without being in a clan, and instills a great sense of team spirit and competitiveness. i hope more clans will engage in more of these events going forward! they really can be a lot of fun. that's why i am so excited about getting 12 people to participate in one single event =) and for all you non-clan SE players, i hope you will consider joining a clan, so that you can participate in these exciting events.

if anyone is curious, SoS took the "prep" 6-3 and the "mini" 5-4. GG to TZ, as always, it was a pleasure. hopefully this gives smaller clans some motivation to compete, it IS possible to hang with the "big boys".


01-20-2014, 04:42 PM
The "big boys"? We have a rep now, do we? :P GG anyway.