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02-03-2014, 03:31 PM
Hey enveryone !
This is my animation thread, I will post every animation I make since now !
The old animations are not from the very beginning of my flash experience. But they're the last ones that are in my folders.

Animations List

Flash 8

These animations are the ones I made to practise and getting back to Flash after a few days :

Practise #01 (http://filz.us/28wY) - Wraz style test.
Practise #02 (http://filz.us/28wZ) - A thought the SPECTER RHG coulb be great (can pass throught materials).
30 FPS Test (http://filz.us/28x1) - First time animating at 30 FPS.
Combo's #01 (http://filz.us/28x2) - Terkoiz have made leisure recordings, it inspired me.
«Let's Pwn.» (http://filz.us/28x3) - An animation I thought it was better than everyday.
Combo's #02 (http://filz.us/28x4) - Trying out the S4 League SFX (voices and footsteps actually).
Practise #03 (http://filz.us/28x5) - Running animation I found cool.
Practise #04 (http://filz.us/28x6) - Trying out a new style.
Practise #05 (http://filz.us/28x7) - Again.
30 FPS Test no.2 (http://filz.us/28x8) - Second time, and pretty bullshitty.
18 FPS Test (http://filz.us/28x9) - I saw Jombo's old animations, he animated at 18 FPS and it was cool, so I tried.
Full-body test (http://filz.us/28xb) - A full-body test. Actually, it's a base, but to me ut's a full-body because there are shoulders and the pelvis.
Practise #06 (http://filz.us/28xc) - Cool stuff I made when I created my big customized Pepper Sound Pack.
Gun fire test (http://filz.us/28xd) - I tried a gun I made and fire shots, and a coop parkour fail.
Practise #07 (http://filz.us/28xf) - Testing another weird style, which I used in my entry for the Grey Must Die collab.
Combo's #03 (http://filz.us/28xg) - Another one inspired by Terkoiz's recordings.
Combo's #04 (http://filz.us/28xh) - Again, and poor. It's unfinished.
Practise #08 (http://filz.us/28xk) - Testing a new style (that will evolve step by step and will finish to by my actual style).
«Explosmoke» (http://filz.us/28xm) - Simple smoke explosion base I made to create .stk for pivot.
24 FPS no double-frames test (http://filz.us/28xn) - That's not worth it.
Outlined stickfigure test (http://filz.us/28xp) - Really cool stuff inpired by Guz, Yun and KidKei.
Practise #09 (http://filz.us/28xq) - I named it «Train badass» just because I am so fucking proud of it. My best 30 FSP animation ! xD

These animations were made to be uploaded on Fluidanims (before it had shut down) and Stickpage. Some are unfinished :

Entry for the Walls collab (http://filz.us/28xr) - It was fun, but I can't find the collab. I think it's dead, after a year.
Entry for the Grey Must Die collab (http://filz.us/28xs) - As I told you in my old practise animations, I used a weird style...
30 FPS exemple animation (http://filz.us/28xt) (also available on my signature) - I wanted to join a collab and it required 30 FPS skills, so I made this to show him, but he aborted the collab due to life problems and "those bastards who don't give any fuck".
St Valentine's Day 2013 (http://filz.us/28xv) - Just by intention, nothing special here. I'll make better next time.
Extreme combo with CACA (http://filz.us/28xy) (also available in my signature) - CACA was my old poopy (literally) RHG.
Slender tribute (http://filz.us/28xz) (Unfinished) - I wanted to make a big project, but it's over now, I don't animate the Slender, he's already in my dreams.
RHG Demo - CACA (http://filz.us/28xB) (Unfinished) - Never released but awsum.
Entry for the Grey Must Die collab 2 (http://filz.us/28xC) - vml lost it, it didn't appear in the collab and I can't send his back... :C

Flash CS6

These animations are the ones I made to practise and getting back to Flash after a few days :

Practise #10 (http://filz.us/28xF) - I saw someone's animation testing Flash CS3 with 24 FPS, I made a 30 FPS on CS6 and I made the same combo. Looks incredible.
Practise #11 (http://filz.us/28xG) - A stickman becoming larger.
«Is it okay, Jomm ?» (http://filz.us/28xH) - I asked Jomm on Xchat if it was good because I had troubles animating...
Practise #12 (http://filz.us/28xK) - Testing some sweet bloody sounds. :)
Practise #13 (http://filz.us/28xL) - No, I didn't really train with Guz. But I was in fond of his animation style and I wanted to make a special kick I saw in one of his masterpieces.
«Retry» (http://filz.us/28xM) - It had been 2 months I didn't touch Flash...
Practise #14 (http://filz.us/28xN) - Trying the line tool.
«Le saut de l'ange» (http://filz.us/28xP) - «Swan dive»
Practise #15 (http://filz.us/28Ds) - A simple kick test.

These animations were made to be uploaded on Stickpage. Some are unfinished :

Training #1 - Pointing (http://filz.us/28xV) - Some guy points another man.
Training #3 - Sword (http://filz.us/28xW) - Testing the word with trails and sounds. Training #2 has disappeared...
Speedbottle #01 (http://filz.us/28xX) - A speedbattle I made with MacX in 30 minutes.
Rushed tribute (http://filz.us/28xY) - A tribute I started but unfinished.
RHG Demo - Rion (http://filz.us/28xZ) - My RHG's demo !
Rion practise (http://filz.us/28y1) - Simple test I made animating a tail and fast speed demon.
Parkour (http://filz.us/28y3) - I wanted to put sounds but it was fucked up.
RHG #1 - Rion vs. Kingster (http://filz.us/R4L) - I began an RHG battle against Kingster. He's a pretty cool guy. :)


I only use Flash CS6 now, so here you have my new animations !

Practise #16 (http://filz.us/28Bj) - Testing again the line tool, it's pretty cool and it looks better than with the brush tool.

None yet.