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07-23-2007, 04:09 AM
Click here to play Stick Trampoline (http://www.stickpage.com/sticktrampolinegameplay.shtml)

By: Brock White

07-23-2007, 04:44 AM
Fun Fun Bouncy bouncy just about sums up this game, oh and addictive

I broke it >_> Got stuck in the bottom of a trampoline.

And again stupid physics

07-23-2007, 05:13 AM
Lol, very cool.

07-23-2007, 05:51 AM
I lol'd. 'Twas good.

07-23-2007, 01:38 PM
I need to start making stuff like this. Except with better art.

Anyway, probably the first interesting ragdoll Flash game I've seen yet (didn't care for Stair Fall). The controls were a bit annoying because of how little the arrow keys affected the ragdoll, and the physics were glitchy at times (like with the grabs). But not bad.

And Exilement, you see? Stick Page does sponsor these kinds of games. :)

07-23-2007, 04:20 PM
I didnt like how the limbs went through the trampoline. And the lack of blood when you hit the ground is lame.

EDIT: Oh, i see some blood now.

07-23-2007, 04:21 PM
And Exilement, you see? Stick Page does sponsor these kinds of games. :)

I never claimed they didn't. I'll explain later.

07-23-2007, 06:33 PM
I never claimed they didn't. I'll explain later.Okay. I didn't mean to imply that you specifically claimed that Stick Page doesn't sponsor games, but you did seem doubtful. Anyway, we can talk about this later if you want.

07-23-2007, 10:51 PM
Fun game, a free play mode would be cool. Physics werent great either, but pretty cool

Rather Cheesy
07-24-2007, 03:27 AM
Awesome! I'd love to make a game like this, its very addicting ^_^

07-24-2007, 03:59 AM
i just think this should have more levels. really sweet semi-ragdoll game. i love the main menu too. <3

07-24-2007, 04:00 AM
I broke it >_> Got stuck in the bottom of a trampoline.
Same here. it's probably a glitch. Blood kept spurting everywhere lol

07-24-2007, 04:04 AM
I hate how i have to wait a minute for the level to end even though i already jumped high enough.

07-24-2007, 04:17 AM
I hate how i have to wait a minute for the level to end even though i already jumped high enough.

yeah i hate that too. forgot about that. he should really take alot few less frames to end. but thanks to the long end at the end of the time limit i got some points in.

basically i beat the game already. a bit easy to beat with 4 lvls

07-24-2007, 10:41 AM
It's awesome, but needs a free play mode and a high score thing. Like if you can make a mini game where you jump the highest within the time limit. I don't know,Im just making ideas.

07-24-2007, 12:48 PM
one time my guy just started bleeding in mid air, didn't hit anything...

I hated how the guy was just like a ragdoll but other than that it was good.

07-24-2007, 01:33 PM
Tis' fun, but lost on swing level

07-25-2007, 02:10 AM
Quite addicting game. Beat the game and the physics were not that good though. Nice game anyways if you get bored and want some bouncing games XD

07-25-2007, 02:42 PM
personaly, i hated the game. (sorry about the harshness but i really didn't like it)

I am soooo with you. It SUCKED! Its just not something interesting.

07-25-2007, 07:23 PM
worsed game ever

07-25-2007, 07:40 PM
This game is pretty cool. I still need some more work on it though.

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07-26-2007, 04:11 PM
worsed game ever

worsed speling and gramer ever

07-26-2007, 05:51 PM
Cool game to play when you're bored.

07-27-2007, 02:22 AM
I "broke" it too, reached the max height on the last level...
2. time:
^It's not fake^

But this was irritating:

But it wasn't impossible to break out:

A little funny game!

07-27-2007, 10:48 AM
it was one of the classic ragdoll games

07-28-2007, 02:59 PM
haha i got over the metre stick thing =p

07-28-2007, 09:15 PM
It's pretty fun. I just missed the trampoline and bounced 50 feet into the air to get the stick on level 3

07-29-2007, 12:12 AM
Its hard to start bouncing if your at a dead stop. I got impatient and angry. The physics were wierd with the arrow keys. I liked it untill I got pissed lol. So impatient with internet games.

asian dude
07-29-2007, 03:59 AM
Heh, it was a fun game, but I had some trouble with it. once I practice, I think it should be alright.

07-29-2007, 05:51 AM
I liked it.
Very much win indeed.

I played it for about 30 minutes, won the game, said "well, that was cool" and closed the window.

Srsly, it needs more swinging action. the possibilities with this stuff is endless.

Also, maybe some cool unlockables for the 100% completers.

07-29-2007, 10:46 AM
This game has virtually no replay value, that's my only complaint.

Poutine Salad
07-29-2007, 03:46 PM
This game has virtually no replay value, that's my only complaint.

Why say anything when he ripped the words straight out of my mouth.
I'm getting sick of this database error on the searching. New posts doesnt work because it's a search, and that's all I use.

Lone Wolf
07-30-2007, 09:37 PM
i loved it, but why is the grab button "Q"? I think it should be something closer to the Space bar.

08-08-2007, 08:25 AM
i dont care if its cool or not, to me it sucks!

08-08-2007, 08:04 PM
i want a #2. there aren't enough lvls. i beat the last one, and thought, where is the next lvl? it needs some more.

i like the Q button being grab. it fits for where i put my hand, right hand on arrow keys, thumb on spacebar, and a finger on the Q. works great. i sorta like the flying off a rope glitch, but the getting stuck on the trampolines is annoying.

01-04-2008, 10:14 AM
darn i swung onto that swing thingy and i got chucked...