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Majin, The Demonic God fights Abra, The Genocide Magician. This is my first WRHG fight and may the best writer win!

I look down at my watch to see it’s 11:34 PM, i had missed the reservations i made for Amber and i but she probably forgot. I pull out my phone and dial her number just to ask her, the phone rings for a while before she picks up.

“uh, hey….hello. Majin!” she says frantically like shes in the middle of something as i hear someone gagged screaming for help

I didn’t want to know so i just didn’t even ask

“You forgot about our date didn’t you?” i question her walking down the street from the club

“Uh hold on a moment, Majin” she says putting her phone down

The voice in the background says what sounds like ‘No’ several times before a loud scream is heard and then there its all quiet as Amber picks the phone back up.

“Yes im back, and yes i did forget i'm sorry i had to handle some …… business” she said with a little giggle

“You were murdering your boyfriend weren’t you?” i ask her stopping in front of the club where my next job was

“uhhh …. Yeah! Gotta go, got things to clean” she says quickly before hanging up

I stare at my phone and shook my head before slipping it in my pocket it vibrated and i got a message. I look down at it and saw it was from my employers, a shady business man who wanted me to kill someone as usual.

The text read ‘The guy in the club is ded u shud prob get out of there bc i got to tie up loose ends’ for a business man he texts like a fucking retard and i don’t even know what loose ends he wants me to tie up.

I shrug my shoulders and just keep walking since the guy i'm suppose to kill is already dead i just decided to go home and play with Zeus, my puppy. Amber always thought it was funny that i have a dog named after the greek god considering i’m named after a japanese demon. Of course though Majin isn’t my real name.

“Majin, sorry, but we gotta tie you up” a thug behind me sneered at me

I was confused for a second as the other 19 thugs came closer

“Wait! Why are you gonna tie me up? Are you gonna take me somewhere or just tie me up and leave me here” i asked them scratching my head with a look of confusion on my face
They looked at me as if i was completely ignorant and they started laughing before one finally stopped long enough to say in-between laughs

“We gotta kill you, you know the text” he laughs again

“Ohhhhhhh, i get it know, IM, the loose ends!” i started laughing along with them

I scanned them and none of them have serious weaponry like military grade guns with armor penetrating bullets or anything so i should be fine. They all charged at me rather than one at a time like normal, i commend them.

I punch two of them in the face and spin my elbow into a third one then raised my knee into the chin of a fourth one then kicked another one in the chest getting excited as his bones crunched.

The one i kicked and elbowed was definitely out of action but the other 18 took up a fighting stances and a couple of them pulled out knives. Then came at me in groups of fives. The ones with knives tried slicing me instead of stabbing.

“That isn’t very smart, my skin is armor to be honest” i advise them to make the fight more exciting for me

They didn’t take the hint and still came at me swiping left and right i didn’t move i just stood there and waited for them to be waited for them to be within arms reach and i materialized a katana and stabbed one then grabbed the other one by the arm and squeezed until the bones were crushed powder. The ruffian started screaming and sank to his knees and cradled his arm as if thats gonna fix it.

I hear a crowd burst out into ‘wows’ and ‘ooohs and ahhhs’ so i turn to see a magician putting on a show in the park to my left distracted for a moment a thug hits me square in the jaw with a two-by-four that broke against my face. I turn and look at him slowly my rage beginning to boil over.

“You gave me …. a splinter” i mumbled in a low tone “I hate splinters!” I raged slicing his head clean off I threw my katana through the head of someone running away and then formed my gauntlets

I let out a scream of rage that sounds similar to a dragon’s roar before it descends on its victims and hit my fists together creating a loud thunderous clap that resounded through the night time city, the crowd from the magic show stopped. I grabbed one thug armed with a knife and slammed his face against the ground until it was just a bloody pulp. One came up behind me and i spun around and hit him with my elbow square in his face breaking his nose.

Before he had time to get away from my i grab his leg and slam him into the ground and then step on his head, squashing it completely. They ran at me with their swords and i grab the knives with my gauntlets and break the knife from the hilt. I threw the blade at a thug far away and it gets him right in the neck. The rest of the thugs ran away and i let out a laugh of victory smashing a thug that was crawling away.

I looked over at the magic show to see the magician starring at me with his smiley face mask while everyone else ran away in horror of my mighty strength. It pissed me off that he didn’t run away too so i started towards him but as soon as i stepped into the street an oncoming car slammed on the breaks, it wasn’t going to stop in time. I turned and pounded the ground my gauntlets going straight through the cars hood, stopping it and causing the end to rise up.

The magician whistled and clapped and that pissed me off more

“Are you not afraid of me and my might strength, mortal?” i questioned him walking up to him

I was only bluffing, i couldn’t have done that if my gauntlets weren’t on. I crossed the rest of the street and stood in front of him. He was wearing a all white suit and a white mask with a smile on it that’d look great splattered in blood. He was 6’0 because i had to look down at him just a little and about the same size as me weight wise.

“Can i splatter your suit and mask with blood? It’d look great” my grin forming slowly across my face

“Yours or mine? ” he replied enticing me more and more

“Yours of course” i laughed swinging a left at him to test his speed

He teleported away from me and then threw cards at me i laughed at them as the sliced through my skin. They hurt but not enough to be lethal or be worried about them.

“Cards?” i laugh “Are you serious” i double over with laughter

He throws a lot more cards at me and i protect my face with my gauntlets trying to contain my laughter as the slice my body and making a tinging sound as they bounce off my gauntlets. I walked towards him, not considering him to be a serious threat at all.

He took his mask off and it was a portal there instead of a face i was interested and not on guard at all as a storm of knives came at me.

“Oh shit” i said quickly forming two swords to deflect the knives

I spun my swords against the storm but some knives got through and cut through my arm messing up my swinging and the whole storm overpowered me. Some stabbed me and some cut me. He put his mask back on and laughed

“Not so tough now are you?” he laughed and smiled

I dropped to a knee and let out a breath then waited a minute before i formed a big war hammer i looked up with seriousness in my eyes.

“I’m going to mess you up” i growled at him before charging him

He formed two card swords and crossed them to block my war hammer to no avail however i grinned evilly as i swung my black war hammer into him causing the swords to press against his chest and send him flying into a lamp post. The pole bent against his weight and he got up and flung his swords at me.

“Marionette” he mumbled getting up and taking his mask off releasing a clown, a big burly guy, and some guy on a horse then a dark thing came out of his shadow and the others started to move

“What is this the circus?” I smashed my hammer on the ground with one hand causing a small rumbling “I wanted a fight!” i raged walking towards them

The clown with a sword was the first to be within murdering range and i swung my great war hammer at his head. It hit hard but i gave it a little more power and took its head completely off and then for a little overkill i swung upwards then when the clown was airborne i jumped up and smashed him back down to the ground.

I turned around and started towards the big burly guy but the clown started to twitch and got back up its head still missing. I was surprised at first but then i grinned evilly and thought out loud

“Toys that don’t break when i break them?” i flung my war hammer at the guy on the horse not caring if it hit or not “I like this” I took up the muay thai fighting stance and then stomped the clown

The big burly guy ran at me his arms out like he wanted to grab me leaving himself open for the deadliest combo i came up with. I spun into him with my elbow hitting him in the stomach, pausing him then i gave him a strong jab to the face and then grabbed his arm and brought my elbow down onto his while pushing his arm up, breaking it smoothly.

He tried to swing on my with his other hand and i took my judo training into account and used the momentum of his swing to flip him over me but instead of having him land on the concrete he landed on my raised knee, putting him out of action for a while just like the clown.
I heard a horse run towards me I collected myself and dodged as it ran by but i snacthed the guy on it off and slammed him into the ground and pounded him in the face while screaming

“Horses! Should! Be! Free!” i finished it by slamming both of my fists laced together into his face

I got off him and then looked at the horse and waved at it

“Your free now, go on run away!”

“Or not” the magician said taking off his mask again and sucking the clown, big guy, and horse and guy i pounded on back up

“You’re not very nice and you're weak” i frowned

He obviously got angry at this because the black thing with a weird mask on went back into his shadow and he came at me with a flurry of cards that all fell to the ground against my gauntlets. He teleported to me and sliced at me with a sword, blocking it easily i tried to counter but he teleported again. He reappeared behind me and stabbed me through the arm, scraping the bone. He teleported again but i turned already in preparation for him to teleport this time away from me and as i thought he was a few feet away from me.

I dashed at him and dug my fist into his stomach, he coughed up blood onto my arm. My gut punched led upwards but before he got away i grabbed his head and spun around and threw him into the wall where i was fighting the thugs at. He hit the wall hard and then fell to the ground.

I formed gauntlets and then growled

“Mother of All Combos”

I dashed towards him as soon as he stood up and landed a massive punch in his face/mask, which cracked under the pressure of my punch. I took up a boxing mentality and punched him over and over in the face quickly with left and right jabs. Then switched to taekwondo and roundhouse kicked him which spun into another one. Then i took a deep breath and took up the karate stance and gave him a single hard punch to the chest and i didn't let up the pressure until i heard cracking.

He fell to his knees and fell to the ground

“Hey? Did i kill you? Not many people could live from that but you did right?” i ask poking him kneeling down i push my fingers to his neck and i still feel a pulse i grab him and sling him over my shoulder but when i go to stand back up i reached my limit and the wounds i got from all the cuts and wounds i suffered all squirted out blood at the same time

“Ahh this isn’t good” i struggled through it and limped to the hospital with the magician on my shoulder

“Names Abra” he mumbled taking off his mask and spun it “Kadabra” then he put it back on “Alakazam”

I laughed

“I’m Majin”

The noon sun shined down upon the park. Abra was indulging in his favorite pastime, performing for pedestrians, his pure white suit seeming to sparkle in the sun. Sitting in a bench nearby was Majin, absorbing the relaxation of the peaceful park. He wore a black tank top with red details all over it, scrawling and spinning out of control. His skinny pants were black and matched his all black Vans. He sat with his legs spread wide and his arms draped over the bench back, his head was tilted up to face the sun. Beside him was a bag of bread crumbs and he was surrounded by pigeons and squirrels. Finished with the show Abra made his way to Majin. He sat down and the animals all scattered. Majin’s head swung over to look at Abra. Ticked, he questioned, “Hey what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Eehhh…” Abra smiled, “I just thought you looked lonely.”

“I don’t like company, the animals were more than enough, and I prefer them over you right now.” Majin stood up, “Leave.”

“Chill man,” Abra stretched, “I just want to sit here.”

“Leave.” Majin said more forcefully.

Abra began growing annoyed, “Man what’s your problem? I’m trying to offer some human contact. Thought a loner like you would like some friends.”

“I’m not a loner, I have my dog, and I have mom.”

“My good friend, you sound pathetic.” Majin formed his metal gauntlet and socked Abra. He blocked the shot but the power sent him through the bench, he laid there then stated, “You want to do this here?”

Majin stared at the children that were watching them. “No let’s leave, do you have a place where I can whoop your *ss?”

“Hahaha, funny. Come with me.” Abra began walking and Majin trailed behind, weary of any surprise attacks. Suddenly he stopped, restrained by hidden strings. Abra turned around and choked Majin, “Just a little pay back.” He smashed Majin in the forehead with a head butt. His mask was a simple shield shaped white porcelain mask. Its eyes were upturned shallow U’s and had a big gaping black smile. The porcelain cracked and Abra quickly turned, throwing away the first mask and put another one on. He stated, “Marionette let him go.” Majin could feel control come back and followed Abra fuming. They made their way to an empty basketball court, the entirety was surrounded by a mesh fence. Abra teleported to the other side and initiated, his hands flickering as he shot his cards out. Majin formed the other gauntlet and with a heavy step he leapt into the air. The glare of the sun hid him from Abra’s view until he descended, Abra quickly tried to spin out of the way. Majin hit the floor, both of his arms swinging down and crushing the concrete, his legs bent to absorb the shock. Abra dodged the initial ground smash but shrapnel cut at him. Abra manifested a blade and swung, but Majin sprang from his crouch and countered with a vicious uppercut that knocked the sword out of Abra’s hand. He began a lightning combo, beating away at Abra’s defense. Abra used two blades, deflecting the swings but he was being pressured. Majin powered forward, and his bullet straight bulled straight into Abra’s defense, breaking through the X-guard and slamming him in the chest. Abra was sent flying back and bashed into the mesh fence. Majin charged forward, ready to finish Abra off. Abra quickly teleported away, falling behind Majin. Majin smashed into the fence and his swing wrenched a hole open. He cut himself on the bare mesh and changed weapons.

“Is this all you got magician?” Majin spun his sword. “Look I’ll use the same weapon, give you a handicap.”

Abra spat and with some bandages, patched up his chest, “You crazy powerhouse. You just swing your arms like Donkey Kong.” He picked up his two blades and multiplied them. He chucked them into the air and they landed all around him and within the court. Soon the basketball court turned more into a warriors’ graveyard. He pulled out two blades and charged at Majin, jumping into the air and swung down. Majin blocked and Abra released them, teleporting to Majin’s side, he pulled out another blade from the ground and went for a diagonal slash, targeting Majin’s unprotected side. Majin turned to guard, but when the two swords clashed, Abra teleported again. This time behind, he pulled out two more and swung with an uppercut. Majin spun on his heels to block the two blades but his defense was imperfect and the blades scratched against his chest. Majin blew Abra back with a brutal swing and changed his weapon into a great mace. He swung the heavy weapon, breaking apart all the swords that laid between him and Abra. Abra stood up and grabbed a sword, but instead of charging he tapped the ground. All the other swords responded and rose from the resting spots, even the destroyed ones. Majin stopped and looked at all the blades that floated around him. Abra waved his hand and all the swords broke apart and into cards again. He pointed at Majin, “Strike!” The first wave was batted away, but a second wave flew in. “Strike again!” Majin relied on his enhanced physicality to repel the attack, but cards made it past the great spinning weapon and cut Majin all over his body.

“You’re a foolish man magician.” Majin changed back into his gauntlets, “Prepare yourself.” Majin vanished, and appeared next to Abra, with an uppercut to the gut, he knocked Abra into the air, and with a spin he leapt into the air, beating mercilessly away at Abra’s unprotected back. He laced his fingers together and raised them over his head, ready to crush Abra, but Abra craned his neck, and pulling his mask off, fired knives at Majin. Majin vanished and Abra shot a storm out, covering the entire court. He landed and crumbled, the result of Majin’s brutal combo was evident, his back was all bruised and beaten. Seems like he dislocated entire ribs, Abra could feel movement. Abra stood up again with difficulty and formed another mask.

He didn’t slip it on yet, and shouted, “Come out Majin, where are you?” Majin appeared and Abra shot a tiger and a lion at him. The two armored, roaring, giant cats bounded their way across the court, teeth like shards of glass and claws like scythes. Abra fell back and teleported on top of a basketball hoop. He summoned a war elephant which he kept on standby and began whipping cards at Majin. Majin took up a fighting stance, both of his arms guarding his head, fist pointing out, and his right leg was off the ground, bent in front of him, classic Muay Thai, and clashed with the two beasts. The tiger and lion fought ferociously, but Majin was able to stop from being overwhelmed with his vast repertoire of martial arts. The one thing that kept dealing him problems was the cards Abra was throwing. He couldn’t do much to stop them from hitting him, focused more on the cats than the pieces of paper. Soon he had cuts and cards all over his shoulders and back, his arms were also bloodied from fighting the felines.

“Fight me you coward!” He roared as he pounded away at his enemies.

“Naah, but how bout he fights for me?” Abra waved his hands and the tiger and lion dissipated into smoke and flowed back into his mask, and he sent his war elephant out. The massive bull charged, his horns adorned with spikes and razor wire covered the gap between the two tusks. Majin used his ability to its maximum and created the biggest shield he could and planted himself down. The elephant slammed into the shield like a battering ram, and Majin was dragged back, his back pressed against the mesh fence and he felt the mesh bruise his back, but he got his footing and pushed back. It became a life or death struggle. The enraged elephant tried to beat over the shield with its trunk, but Majin had formed spikes above to prevent it. His focus on the elephant put his fight with Abra on the back burners and he poured everything he had into the confrontation. Suddenly he felt two searing pains in his back that punctured his lungs. He looked down and saw two card swords poking out of his chest, gleaming with his blood. He fell to his knees, the shield dissipating and Abra sent the elephant away with a wave of his hand. Abra walked around so that he faced Majin face to face. He knelt down, “Well good try, but not good enough. What’s your name by the way?”

“Ma… Majin.” He coughed blood as his lungs began filling up. “I don’t want to leave my family behind… Please.”
Abra scratched his mask and shrugged, “Well I’m Abra, and hell what can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic for happy endings.” He pulled the blades out, “Now this is going to get nasty. Oh by the way I don’t have any anesthetic, so buckle up Majin.” He summoned an array of knives and began performing emergency surgery on Majin, butterflying the man’s chest open. He pumped the blood out of Majin’s lungs and reflated them. He quickly sewed up the wound entries and finished the surgery. He wiped his hand across the forehead of his mask, leaving a streak of blood behind. “Well that was killer. You should be fine, now don’t die on me from anemia alright? Let me see here.” Abra carefully picked up Majin then collapsed, his ribs jerked around disturbed, ripping away at muscles, “Nope never mind, forgot I’m injured too.” He summoned the elephant, this time with no weaponry. The elephant gently picked the two up with its trunk. “Funkfreed, hospital.” Abra commanded, and as it slowly began making its way to the WRHG hospital he looked at Majin. “I win.” He smiled.

“For now.” Majin responded weakly, “Next time you need to fight me, instead of hiding behind your animals.”

“Eehhh… A win is a win.” Abra took off his mask, “Abra,” spun it, “Kadabra,” and put it back on, “Alakazam.” He smiled.

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05-30-2014, 03:26 PM
Great story, glad i'm not dead. Crazy stuff though. You should name more of your combos, not just the final one.

05-30-2014, 07:07 PM
6A, I see a little improvement! Good work! However, you do need to work on a few things

-Your word flow is still choppy, and mediocre at best.
-While your descriptions are a little better, you can still squeeze in a few more details here and there, hopefully without going overboard.
-I think you need to be a little more clear on how you portray actions. I got confused when Majin sent Abra through the back of the bench. Clean it up and make it more understandable next time.

As for Majin....
-You forgot to capitalize waaay too many words.
-Your grammar is rather atrocious... And I hate to say it, but I couldn't finish reading your story.
-Mind explaining the whole thug scene? I get the whole loose ends bit, but there was no need to put in a fight scene (if you can call it that) that involved the thugs. It seemed pointless.
-Don't forget your punctuation! It's VERY important!
-I'd go more in depth, but I'm on my phone at the moment, and it's hard to nitpick with it. Let's just say that you could REALLY use some work on this...

In the end, 6A gets my vote. Good job dude.