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Hello everybody, I am here to present to you Abra's fifth battle, against the vampire Vamprina and her electrical partner, Volt. Abra has the ability to use cards and summon any circus actor or prop, and Vamprina has her wing blades that're attached to her arms for deadly melee, her fangs can drain the life force out of her enemies, and she can make people momentarily blind or hide herself so that she could only be seen when you close your eyes. Her partner Volt is pure electricity. Now please read and enjoy.

t was the end of another show. Abra looked at the corpse piles before him. He balanced on a fragment of stage wood, and Marionette released the last body from his control. It had been another glorious crowd pleaser. But the fun and games were over now. The only people that had come to see the show had been agents and those silly gangster nobodies who would have been paid a lot to catch him off guard. They were rookies compared to him. Technically, Abra was upset that the fight had been so short-lived. He was getting kind of bored that most of his opponents didn’t come up to his level.

There had been a few, and they gave him the thrill of true combat. One battle in particular was truly exhilarating, leaving him in a hospital in critical condition for a long life threatening time. However, he did discover that during his recovery, the painkiller he had been given was just so good. He couldn’t live without it. After stealing around a year’s supply of morphine IV, he and his puppets escaped from the recovery center and returned to one of his many theaters.

Too bad it was wrecked. He had a lot more…but he liked this one most of all because of its golden-edged red stage curtains. They had just about burned to nothing. He was still looking at them when all of a sudden, a cold feeling of dread made him look to the bodies again. From the stinking mess, a black shape swirled to life. Red eyes flashed into view, and the shadow looked him over.

Abra was stunned at the sight. He felt as though the creature was looking right into his soul. Reflexively, he put both hands to his chest. At the same time, he readied himself for an attack, as a faded, nearly invisible light blue creature flickered into existence beside the Dark mass.

“Show’s over.” Abra found himself saying. “Do stay for the credits though.” he added quickly, an escape plan forming in his head. These two were probably with those other people that wanted him dead. He didn’t like their otherworldly look.

“I don’t care for credits.” the shadow hissed. “I’m Vamprina, and my partner here is Volt. You challenged us?”

“I did?” Abra queried. He placed one hand on the chin of his mask, as if deep in thought, and suddenly he whipped it off, sending a roaring wall of flame in the pair’s direction.The light blue figure snapped away from the flames, flashing bright white and streaking all over the place like a bolt of electricity. The shadow laughed and vanished, allowing the heat to scorch the bodies where she had just been standing. Abra returned his mask to his face. If he had visible eyes, he would have glared with them.

“Seriously…” Vamprina snarled, her voice lingering in the air. “That was the worst move I’ve ever seen. Are you really a professional or are you just warming up?”Abra didn’t like being made fun of. Rather, he liked to make fun of his opponents, but he was unsure of how to respond. In that split second of confusion, Vamprina appeared in front of him, and he was about to warp behind her when something struck him in the back…hard.

He stumbled, summoning cards to surround him while he recovered, and when they vanished he saw the blue figure, Volt, standing in front of him. He swung a ball of light around in the air, and in the next minute there was a blinding explosion. The force of the blast threw Abra right out of the theater.

Fortunately he didn’t suffer much damage, since he had more card shields around him. They had been weakened slightly, but were still functional. He began to rise, and suddenly his shields began to glow. Fractures appeared all over them, and the next instant they splintered into nothingness. A black streak flew overhead, nearly impossible to track. So Vamprina had sharp wings? Another thing to avoid.

Abra half rose and was struck onto his face by Volt again. He was getting mad. What sort of fight was this? Their combat was more like play than anything else. The magician leaped to his feet and whipped his arm at Volt, sending a fleet of cards at the young creature. Volt blazed bright white, and split into a confusing array of jagged lightning streaks. They reformed into Volt once the card threat had gone, and the lightning bender hovered before Abra, smiling.

He found this funny? How dare he! Abra warped seconds late, right into the face of his other foe,Vamprina. She grabbed his arm and a shock ran through his body. Milliseconds passed. Abra lost all sense of time and place. He didn’t know where he was, who he was, or what was happening. Reality returned, and he saw with horror that his Dark enemy’s fangs were embedded in his arm. His power drained, and he fell to one knee. Cards bit into Vamprina’s body, and she released him with a vicious hiss.

“Enough!” Abra cried. “Why don’t you two join my show?”

Vamprina hovered out of range, her eyes flashing dangerously. “No thanks, human. We’re not interested.”Abra dodged Vamprina’s blade energy, mocking her with a little dance as he avoided her attacks. “I insist.” he responded.With that, he swept off his mask again and released a score of knife-wielding puppets from his portal. Vamprina landed, turning her wings towards the multitude. The smile on her face drove home a sudden realization for Abra. She was a melee master. He was in trouble. The puppets surrounded her but were unable to land a strike on her body. Every blade that swept at the Dark creature was blocked and swept back with violent force. Any who tumbled to the ground were incinerated by Volt’s electricity. He was always near, zapping away at the crowd whenever they had an advantage.

Abra clenched his fists. The lightning creature gave Vamprina an unfair advantage over his minions. Marionette appeared by his side in seconds. “Marionette,” Abra said. “Your target is the mall lightning creature, Volt. You know what to do.” The puppet nodded and stayed by his master’s side.

Vamprina circled in the air, and then surged towards Abra again. He had a new helper. She didn’t know what it was capable of, but something told her to avoid it as much as possible. She needed to know what it could do before attacking. The Dark female’s body burst into micro-particles, and she vanished completely.

Confusion overwhelmed Abra. What kind of demons were these? He had never fought anybody with such powers as this before. These talents were like a new breed of magic. If he survived this fight, he wondered if the creatures would allow him to speak afterwards. Maybe they could teach him to do these outstanding works too. He’d be the best magician in not only the world, but the universe as well.

Marionette watched Volt carefully, and as the creature exploded into fingers of electricity, the shadow puppet’s strings fired into the core of the blast. The strands found their mark, and the struggling warrior was pulled back into existence. At nearly the same moment, Vamprina appeared a few feet away from Abra, ready to lunge at his chest. Marionette twisted Volt around, and Vamprina’s ears shot up and sideways towards the puppet. Her face followed a millisecond afterwards, and her eyes narrowed to blood-red slits.“Let go of him.” she snarled. “I’m not going to tell you twice.”

Sensing the venom of Vamprina’s words, Abra jumped about, clapping his hands. He had found her weakness. A spray of cards nearly hit the Dark female as she twisted in the air, coming to her ally’s rescue. Cards whipped by, and one severed the tip of her left wing. She shrieked and turned back to Abra, who released more puppets in response. The pain distracted her, so she landed to take care of the puppets. They had purposefully put themselves between Vamprina and Volt, allowing Marionette to make a move. The shadow puppet jerked Volt’s hand, and with some difficulty, a bolt of lightning surged towards the Dark female. Vamprina dodged the attack, hissing ferociously, countering with energy that flew from her wing blades when she moved.

Vamprina survived the first wave of puppets, faltered with the second, and then vanished with a frustrated cry that chilled Abra’s blood. The magician hated it when she did that. In a way, he was impressed with how his foe did it, but the fact that he didn’t know how to do it disturbed his thoughts.

Vamprina appeared once more, and Abra was ready, warping behind her and releasing a thick barrage of knives from his portal. The Dark female took her eyes off Volt for a few seconds to avoid the attack, and the patient Marionette seized his chance.

Lightning stabbed from the darkening clouds above, and Vamprina received the full brunt of the strike. She wavered in the air, crash-landing to the ground. The sound of the impact echoed through the nearly deserted neighborhood. Volt’s eyes widened and filled with tears. Vamprina did not rise. She stayed where she was, and Abra began to tiptoe towards her, giggling and saying all sorts of things the lightning bender couldn’t discern from such a distance. Rage filled Volt’s naturally shy and cautious spirit, overflowing in an explosion of harsh emotion.

He fought the strings affixed to his right arm, and a sudden energy imbalance allowed him to reach beyond Marionette’s annoying power. In a split second, he had converted some of Vamprina’s Dark energy to Light, and the blast struck Marionette so hard that he swayed violently. Abra turned towards them for a moment.

“You guys are so annoyingly talented…” he began, and Vamprina’s wing energy found Abra’s legs. She hadn’t meant to harm him too badly, so the energy did not cut his legs off, but it did cause him to fly backwards for quite a distance. He smashed forcefully into a nearby building and remained there, stunned.The Dark female grinned and shot back towards Volt. Marionette fired more strings at her, but she was too wise in their abilities now to be fooled. Her evasion was unmatched, and the next moment found her teeth in Marionette's neck. The energy she received was overwhelmingly powerful. Vamprina fell to the ground once more, her body trying to make sense of the energy it contained. Pain exploded throughout the Dark one’s body, and she whimpered at its touch, tears streaming from her eyes.

Volt’s rage knew no bounds. His fangs extended and with a swift bite, Marionette’s string snapped free from his right arm. A destructive bolt surged from within it, smashing beside Abra, who was running towards Vamprina with two card swords ready to deal the death strike. He had run out of cards up to now, since the annoying blue thing vaporized them when he attacked Marionette with the converted energy. Abra had never felt this energy before. When it was near him, every cell in his body nearly tingled loose with excitement.

But the lightning attack was too close to give him more than just a tingle. He got nearly numb with shock, stumbling in surprise. His target was too weak to stand, but she still struck out with her razor talons as he fell her way. Abra warped to save himself from a truly painful experience, and landed flat on his face a safe distance away.

Meanwhile, Marionette was having unbounding trouble keeping Volt under control. The blue creature was furious and shockingly focused. In a few seconds, he had bitten himself free and attacked Marionette with a type of aggression that surprised both of them. His strikes did not cease until the puppet vanished, and then Volt turned to Abra.

The magician backed away a few steps. “I’m sensing serious underestimation here…” he began. “Thing is, it’s not me, it’s you.”

With that, Abra pulled a needle from his portal, plunged it into his arm, and injected all its contents into his body. His costume changed, and Volt sensed the energy surge and pulled his own trick.

The pure Light creature’s skin darkened to a navy blue, and both eyes and electricity turned blood-red. Vamprina’s still body began to change. Six feathered wings replaced her black bat-like ones, and her entire body color went from the color of night to the shade of pure snow. Vamprina’s eyes opened, glowing with light blue purity, and the joy of transformation welled within her.

Volt leaped forward, transforming for an instant into a jagged lightning bolt. This attack scorched Abra heavily on the side of his chest. However, he didn’t seem to notice the pain. Knives and fire rained from his portal face, and a few fire-eaters and sword swallowers appeared. Vamprina ducked under a blade swipe, avoided a thick cloud of flame, and then suddenly an idea dawned on her. Abra kept himself far away from them so that he could have time to attack. Obviously he wasn't used to melee, so that was the key to winning the fight.

Volt came out of his element morph, turned at Vamprina’s signal, and his fists transformed into balls of painful electric light. Vamprina’s wing edges converted to thin light, as sharp as lasers and just as precise.

Abra saw them coming. In a rage, he released more puppets, threw hats, and set many of the props his performers possessed on fire. He couldn't hear their screams of surprise or see the shock on their faces. He didn't even realize his right leg was completely burning up. Volt shot past, blasting the flaming area with the wind of his motion. The flames went out, and Abra continued to swipe crazily at Vamprina as she hovered just out of reach, sending blast after blast of Light energy into his face and chest. She knew what his portal head could do now, but she didn't want to hurt him any more than necessary. Abra began to weaken under their frequent melee attacks, and the pair slowed.

Vamprina closed her eyes, and began to shine. Her body blazed brighter and brighter, and all surviving characters around them shielded their faces. Even Volt found himself squinting, and the radiant female’s beams beat down on Abra. Abra recoiled, but he wasn't hurt, just surprised beyond belief. This was almost too hard to believe. The morphine effects suddenly stopped, and every part of the magician’s body healed.

Vamprina and Volt landed before him. Abra spun about, looking himself over. “Hmmm…” he murmured. “Not bad…not bad. Except you forgot one thing.”Vamprina cocked her head. “What is that?”

“My trickery of course.”

Abra summoned Marionette, and the two prepared for the strike they had withheld for so long. The blast suddenly came, but it was not from them. Darkness bloomed from the impact area, and Abra flew helplessly through the air. Marionette had dissipated as soon as the blow registered, completely KO’d by the powerful strike. Abra warped to prevent a painful relationship with another building, and ended up in an awkward heap on the other side of it.

He began to get up, and a shock ran though his body. Abra collapsed again, unable to move, a tingling feeling spreading throughout his body. He giggled despite himself. It tickled a lot. Volt had paralyzed him with an electric charge. These creatures were so fun to fight, and had very interesting ways of doing it. He was dying to ask how they got their talents.

Vamprina walked to the downed magician and knelt beside him, converting back to her original form. “I hope we weren’t too rough.” she said.

Abra couldn’t grin, but he somehow knew they sensed his emotions regardless.

Vamprina smiled at him, and suddenly he realized that she had heard his thoughts. That was disturbing.“It’s not magic.” the Dark female insisted. “We were born with it. I come from a world where all have these talents and can learn more as well. I’m not sure a species like yours could master this though. You’d probably blow yourself to bits. Human bodies are too fragile for the power required.”

So they are not human beings. Abra thought, not caring if Vamprina could hear. He couldn’t decide whether that was unfair or not, but the fun of the fight came back to his head. Maybe he’d do this again sometime, but win instead.

Volt and Vamprina joined hands and vanished. As soon as they had gone, Abra’s body returned to normal. He got to his feet, looked at the destruction around him, and cracked his knuckles. Marionette appeared beside him again. Abra looked at his silent partner.

“Time for another show!”

After buying food, Vamprina stuck to dark alleyways, avoiding human contact and simply trying to get to Volt faster so that he can eat and they could leave. She wore a black tank top and skinny jeans, she wore no shoes because her talons wouldn’t fit. Her appearance would scare the humans in Stickpage City. She had long black hair, but that was the only normal thing about her. She had pointy ears, red eyes, and fangs. Wings were attached to her arms, leathery like a bat and they ended in three finger claws. Her feet where shaped in a Y, two talons up front and one in the back. She didn’t really buy the food, she had used her power to quietly sneak into a convenience store and shoplift multiple goods. She looked at the twilight skies, night time always brought her comfort, made her feel closer to home. She neared their hiding spot when she heard fighting. She dropped the groceries and rushed over, she flew out to the park and located Volt. She landed between him and the fighters, getting into a defensive stance, “What do you want with us?” She growled.

Abra walked up, waving his hands as if to dispel the confusion like it was smoke, “Wooh wooh wooh, that’s not what’s happening here.”

She recognized the man in the white suit and smiling mask, “What is the genocide magician doing with my partner?”

“Okay you’re so blowing this out of proportions, I just saw this kid training and decided to help him.” Abra smiled, “He’s beautiful, pure electricity in a human body.” Volt was a beautiful sky blue, but Vamprina tried to hide it by giving him a hoodie and jeans, but his energy allowed him to glow through the clothing and one could see the blue lightning tattoo on his right arm. Vamprina got closer to Volt, he laughed, “Don’t worry I won’t touch him, I’m just training him. Now if you please?”

Volt looked up, saying nothing but she could see it in his face that everything was fine. “Alright, let me grab the food I dropped, you guys continue.” She flew back and picked up the bag that was relatively undamaged. She walked out and watched as Volt fought three people, a sword wielding clown, a fire breather, and a strong man. He would do fine fighting them solo, but once the numbers stacked against him he would get flustered and make mistakes. His electricity was powerful and he could floor the enemies with it, but he would run out of energy fast and get overwhelmed. She wanted to help him but Abra stopped her. “Get out of my way.” She pushed his arm down but didn’t move.

“Hey I’m just trying to help here.” Abra gazed unfazed into her red eyes.

She bore her fangs, “Are you really?”

“Why not? The kid seems to hold promise, you see it too, or you wouldn’t have even taken him.”

She folded her arms, “There’s something you’re not telling me.”

“Okay well I want to fight you.” Abra scratched his head, “To have such a powerful ally you must be quite powerful yourself.”

She laughed, “I’m strong yes.” Abra teleported behind her and she blocked his blade with her wing tip, “And I’m stronger than you.”

Abra laughed, “That’s somewhere you don’t want to go.” He teleported back in front of her, turning his sword back into cards, “A fight between the two of us can end with one of us dying.”

“Then we’ll just stop before that.” She reasoned and took a stance, one arm protecting her face, while her other was bent, so that if she simply pivot with her foot, she could slash. “Now come on, or is the great genocide magician scared?”

Abra smiled, “If you’re trying to damage my pride, it’s working. Oy kid, sit.” The minions dissolved into smoke with a wave of his hand and they flowed back into his portal. He drew his deck and threw some cards, Vamprina sliced them apart and charged. Abra manifested two blades and met her dash. The fighters clashed against each other and Abra pushed her off and followed up with an uppercut that knocked her into the air. He broke the two blades down and fired the cards at her. She dove down, her long raven hair fluttering in the wind, spinning with her wings in front of her to create a shield. Abra teleported and she smashed into the ground, she used her illusion abilities and vanished. Abra kept a watch on the dust cloud, and waited for something to disturb it, suddenly he saw a rift to the left of it and pulled off his mask, blasting fire at the area. Vamprina flicked her wings and the two red arcs of energy sliced through the fire and hurtled at Abra as two parallel lines. He put his arms up and the slashes slit off one of his hands and cut into his arms, blasting him against a tree. He stood up, “Marionette hold her!” His shadow grew and wires flew out, grabbing onto her arms and legs. “You have her? Then use whatever ability she used to bring her back.” Suddenly Vamprina stood before him. He manifested a blade, and went for a stab, suddenly Marionette’s strings were cut and Vamprina flew off. “How in the?” She landed and her shadow grew out. Her shadow looked similar to Marionette, except he didn’t have four arms. It was a silhouette of a man, with no discernable features. “Hey Marionette, you never told me you had a brother.” Marionette stayed silent as did Vamprina’s shadow, “I can see the family resemblance.” Abra sighed, and cut his mask off. He looked around, there was trees surrounding them. They were in a nice secluded area, it was okay to go a little crazy. He pulled off his mask drew from the portal a needle, “Well guess we better end this.” He injected himself with the morphine and let the pain killer pump through him. He flicked his wrist, and the suit changed colors, from the bone white to a crimson red. He reached into his portal and drew out a battle axe. The two hand battle axe had a large double headed blade, and the shaft was studded with iron studs for better gripping.

“Abra?” Vamprina cautioned, “What the hell are you doing?” Abra laughed and launched himself at Vamprina, lashing out with a swing. She blocked it with her wing blades but the force blew her back. Her shadow seemed to have not wanted to fight any longer and sank back down. Abra charged again and Vamprina caught the full body slam. She tried to bite his neck but he turned his head and the portal glowed. Quickly she turned him blind and flew back, dodging the wild spray of fire. Trees lit from the blaze, and soon the whole battlefield was casted with an orange glow. He was uncontrollable! Soon the blindness wore off and he found Vamprina. He leapt onto a tree and used it like a spring board, flying towards Vamprina. She quickly fired off arcs of energy, and he fired an array of knives, the two projectile forces exploded and Abra appeared out of the cloud of smoke. He spun, using his body like a pendulum and smacked Vamprina out of the sky, using the axe like a giant fly swatter. He hit the ground and walked up to the wounded Vamprina. He raised the massive weapon with one hand and was about to bring it down, suddenly with a zap he fainted. Volt looked at what he had done, then he went to help Vamprina up. She got up with great difficulty and winced as she stood, “One rib, my left arm, and left leg. What the hell came over Abra?” She looked at the needle he had dropped, she picked it up and licked the blood, “Morphine… He’s an addict?” The small amount she licked seemed to dull the pain a little, “I could see why too.” She dropped the syringe and crushed it with her foot, “But I don’t need this.” She grabbed Abra, “Hey Volt come on, let’s take this lunatic to the hospital.”

Abra woke up from his shock and got up from his bed. He flexed his new hand, “This hospital amazes me every time.” He marveled, and went in search for Vamprina. He found her in another room with Volt, who drew closer to her when he saw him, “I’m fine now, don’t worry. Hey what happened?”

“You tried to kill me so Volt knocked you out.”

“So you won?”

“I would like to say I did, but I didn’t it was only because of Volt I’m not a headless corpse right now.” She reached her hand out to shake his, he shook it.

“Hahaha sorry about that, morphine side effects and all.”

“Yea you should really do some counseling and try to get rid of that.”

Abra laughed, “Rather not, I like the euphoria.”

She shrugged, “Well it’s none of my business. Good bye Abra, good luck and thanks for training Volt.” She brushed past him and left him in the room standing by himself.

He turned to say bye but she had already disappeared. “What an interesting girl.” He laughed and took off his mask, “Abra,” spun it, “Kadabra,” and put it back on, “Alakazam.” He smiled.

Cassandra's WRHG: http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?80535-Vamprina-(IS-AVAILABLE)

06-02-2014, 03:05 PM
Vamprina's debut, awesome.

One thing I have to say though before I vote. Are you sure the writers are correct? I can't really tell who wrote which, to the point I'm having doubts that your stories got flipped. The point is, the winner for both stories are oblivious and unidentifiable.

06-02-2014, 03:08 PM
I liked both stories. Like really this was the hardest battle for me to vote on yet, though in the end I had to vote for Vamprina, just had a better battle overall me thinks.

06-02-2014, 03:16 PM
I hold no grudges against who votes for who or who wins. I'm having fun and that's the most important thing lol

06-07-2014, 08:22 PM

Heck of a debut ya got! I do have a couple quick thinks for ya though, first one's real easy to fix.

When you change speakers, a new paragraph begins and you usually start with a capital when you leave quotation marks. It's just a rule. You were pretty good about it, but there were a few small instances.

The other thing is when you set the tone, go all out.

It was the end of another show. Abra looked at the corpse piles before him. He balanced on a fragment of stage wood, and Marionette released the last body from his control.

He's a villain, I get it, corpse piles don't win you any good guy points (usually) but if you really want to show it you really have to show it.

It was the end of another show. Abra looked at the corpse piles before him, bloodied and mangled in a collection of disfigured limbs. Blood was still pooling beneath them and squirted from the freshest kills. Absolute terror reflected in the glazed over eyes that stared up at him, the lucky few with their jaws still attached often had them agape as the severity of their final mistake struck them like one of the many cards impaled in their flesh. Rather proud of his work, Abra balanced on a fragment of stage wood, and Marionette released the last body from his control.

Feel free to really dive into the details at the start of a story, it's going to be your first impression so ya gotta make it count. It's going to stick with your reader the entire way through.

Again though, very nicely done!

Trip 6:

First of all, you just gained a lot of respect in my book for having Abra lose the battle. I'm reading these mostly in order and I'm seeing steady improvement, so I'm hoping what I have to say will help add to that with a couple quick things.

To begin with, try working on having a bit of a flow when you're describing things, use one thing to transition into another. When you look at someone, say me for example, you wouldn't see my messy brown hair, then my green (hazel, but for the sake of this they're just straight green) eyes, my grin and then my green shirt. You'd see my green eyes popping against my olive shirt, left one slightly shut due to a pushed up cheek from my grin. With my brow lowered, there'd be a gap of forehead between the brown tangled mop I called hair and the eyebrows framing my expression. You can also slip in a bit of personality when you disciple things like this too.

She wore a black tank top and skinny jeans, she wore no shoes because her talons wouldn’t fit. Her appearance would scare the humans in Stickpage City. She had long black hair, but that was the only normal thing about her. She had pointy ears, red eyes, and fangs. Wings were attached to her arms, leathery like a bat and they ended in three finger claws. Her feet where shaped in a Y, two talons up front and one in the back.

Crimson eyes pierced the night as Vamprina jogged through the allies, pure white fangs glistening in the night as she panted. That aside, she was a shadow, a trail of jet black hair followed her while a coal tank top and skinny jeans clung to her body. The only sounds her pointed ears could detect were the clawing of her own talons scratching the ground, too big to fit shoes and oddly shaped. There wasn't a pair of Nike in the world for her feet, two talons up front and one in the back, the company would be asking the world long before making the letter. Feeling the rush of wind against the pair of wings attached to her arms, Vamprina clenched her three fingered fist, knowing she could fly effortlessly if she really wanted to.

That last part might've been a little sloppy, but that's the basic idea. You don't have to just use this method to just describe people too, you can use it for places as well, objects, weapons, all that.

The other thing is you want you readers to feel for your characters a little. If they're in pain, show it. If they don't feel pain, go ahead and show that too.

He put his arms up and the slashes slit off one of his hands and cut into his arms, blasting him against a tree. He stood up, “Marionette hold her!”

Personally, I've never had a hand sliced off my arm, but I imagine that it would hurt. That being said, I doubt you have either, but you can take a building point from something small scale. I haven't read Vamprina's file for a while, but let's just say that the blade has sorta a lightsabery effect. Again, never been hit by a lightsaber, but I've been burnt before.

He put his arms up and the slashes slit off one of his hands and cut into his arms, blasting him against a tree. A heart-attack of adrenaline pushed him back to his feet, but his voice shrieked as a searing agony blew apart his focus like a volcano detonating a mountain top. “Marionette hold her!” He couldn't even count the beats his panicking organ made, blood peppering out of the seared stump as the cool air mocked it, burning it further.

If you have a crippling injury, don't forget about it, keep it in there and keep it hurting, it makes the battle a lot more intense!

Again though, very good job!

06-07-2014, 09:32 PM
Wow... whatta landslide XD great debut Cassandra lolz.

06-12-2014, 12:01 PM
Thanks for the CnC Crank! I'm so happy to hear responses to some of my works like this one! I'll try to describe Vamprina a little better in some stories and get a feel for intense injuries whenever they happen from now on!

Vamprina doesn't wear clothes. She looks like a stick figure to everybody, even if I don't animate her. But she's thinner than the standard stick figures that you see in many a flash animation (such as from stickfigure spotlights on Hyun's YouTube channel). That's how Volt looks like. In my mind, stick figures like Volt are kind of a different species of stick figure. Vamprina is thinner than him just because she's not related to his type.

06-12-2014, 12:30 PM
So wait a minute... Vamprina's in the nude 24/7?

06-14-2014, 10:32 PM
She wouldn't think of it that way, but yes. She's a stick person. No one on her home world ever wore clothes or saw need for them. Energy was all that mattered. If clothes had something to do with them obtaining or regenerating their power every now and then, they would have taken interest.

I updated my wRHG page with her image. There would be more eventually. I'll also include one of Volt soon.

06-15-2014, 01:27 AM
So wait a minute... Vamprina's in the nude 24/7?

I would assume it's the same concept of having an animal character. You don't usually clothe them, it would just be odd. There's not much need for it.