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06-05-2014, 11:09 PM
Hey guys! So I recently challenged ShadowKirby to a fight(In less than a day after he created his new wRHG), and we both finished SUPER early then we expected. I gotta say, I'm super nervous about how this is going to be. I mean, I am fighting a veteran...

All pessimism aside, here's what we made. I hope y'all enjoy it!

wRHG Battle 4

People say that ressurecting people from the dead is impossible. At least, with the modern technology that we are blessed with. So, though I believed in mythical creatures, I did not believe in the walking dead. That is, until today...

I was walking down the street that my hideout was close to in the middle of the night. Zackeroar caught a nasty cold and we were running low on meds, so I went to the store and picked up some tylenol, and some candy for Vamprina that she asked me for.

As I got to a small park, I sat down to check if I had everything that I needed. Good, I didn't drop anything.

All of a sudden, I saw a red light in front of me. I sensed danger, and jumped off the bench that I was sitting on. Less than a second later, the bench had a huge hole in it. It seems that I dodged the attack just in time.

I took out my pistol and kukri, and shot at the direction that the red light originated. A shadowy figure jumped out, landing softly in front of me.

It was a woman. She had long, purple hair, and had a gothic dress on. In her hand, she held a rugged handgun. I had to gaze a little on how someone can be so fit for a dress like that. She possesses the attributes for it...

Remembering I was in a middle of a fight, I spoke at her
"Can I help you with something?"

"My name is Eliza Arachne. I am one of the hired bounty hunters that are after your head"

"How kind of you to direct tell your prey your scheme" I said, with some sarcasm.

"I thought it would be polite to let you know before you die" Eliza replied.

"We'll see about that. Sweet dress by the way" I said.

After a small bow, Eliza started shooting at me once more. I quickly dodged the shots and used my Wind magic to attempt to blow her away. She was stable, but it gave me enough time to run away.

I turned my head around to look at Eliza as I ran. She did not look like she was going to chase me. Instead, she had her phone out, and was apparently texting someone.

I turned my head back to the front. Suddenly, I heard a voice.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?"

Suddenly, the plastic bag that contained the stuff I bought was ripped in half. As I catched them mid-air, another girl stood in front of me. She had her blonde hair in pigtails, one bigger than the other, and had 'punk' attire on. She had a thick blade in her hand.

"Does this shit really have to happen right now?" I quietly said to myself, as I started putting my purchased goods in my shoulder bag.

I heard footsteps behind me. I turned back to see it was Eliza.

"He's mine Eliza!" The blondie yelled.

"I found her first, Belle" Eliza calmly replied.

Seems like these two, Belle and Eliza, were a team. I don't know how well I can hold against two opponents by myself, Especially with these two. I'm sensing something unsettling from the both of them.

"Let's dance, pipsqueak!" Belle yelled, and started to rush at me, pointed her sword at me.

But, I heard a few gunshots, and a thud followed. Eliza had her gun up.

"You... you shot your partner..." I said, horrified and confused at the same time in this situation.

"It's the only way that she'll calm down. Would you move out of the way for a second?" Eliza said, indifferent from her actions.

I slowly moved out of the way of the side walk as she walked past me.

"Pardon me" Eliza whispered to me as she walked by.

She atopped where her partner laid, and said to her
"Have you calmed down?"

"The... hell was that... for?" Belle weakly said.

Belle slowly got up. There were bullet wounds on her, and one was at her forehead.

"How are you alive!?" I yelled at Belle.

She had a big smile on her face.
"Oh, have you not seen the living dead before?" she said.

"Wait, so what does that make you guys? Ghouls, zombies... Oh! Kyonshies!" I said. I realized I was getting excited. I never knew that they actually exist. Especially those who still have a human form.

"Kyonshies would be the closest, I guess" Eliza replied.

Belle's gunshot wounds suddenly emitted smoke. It seemed like they were, plugging themselves up.

"AH FUCK!!! This stings..." Belle said, her face twitching in pain.

So they can regenerate, but it hurts them to do so. Interesting...

They both got up, and kissed each other.
"Sorry" "It's fine" they conversed amongst themselves.

"Well then, sorry for making you wait. I'm surprised to see that you were patient enough to wait for us" Eliza said.

"Yeah. Let's just get this over with" I replied.

"It's time we chop a fucker up!" Belle yelled at me, and dashed at me.

I quickly got my kukri out, and blocked Belle's attack. Belle jumped out of the way, and Eliza started shooting. Barely dodging the shots, I took out my pistol and started shooting at Eliza, hoping to take her down first. But, Belle jumped in front of me, blocking all the bullets with her sword.

Damn, there's no way I'm going to beat these guys like this. Their teamwork is solid. They know how to protect each other effectively. I need to find a way to separate them... I'll just have to try things out.

I charge up wind energy to my legs, and jumped up. Boom! The strong wind blows the two away, while I got up on a lamp post.

"Now, where to go..." I said to myself.

After I decided where to go, I jumped off and landed on the ground. I need to get going before they realize where I am. I hope this works...

"Hey loser!! Stop being a little pussy and show yourself!!" Belle yelled as she banged on nearby things with her blade.

I was hiding behind a store in the alleyway that was a few meters away from Belle. I had seeked cover in the alleyway a few blocks from where I escaped from, but they had tracked me down immediately.
My plan was to take out Eliza first, since she does not seem capable as her partner in CQC.

The problem was that I cannot find Eliza right now. She's quiet compared to her partner, making it harder to locate her. My only lead would be her footsteps, but Belle is making it hard to hear. Like I said, they got some solid teamwork.

As soon as Belle turned her back on me, I jumped up the building to my right, making it quiet as possible with the wind. After quietly landing on the roof, I lowered my body and started to walk the opposite direction Belle was going.

After searching for a few minutes, I located Eliza below me. I stopped to reload my pistol with armor-piercing rounds. I usually use them to break objects, such as padlocks and computers, but It'd be safe to assume that cannot be killed by it, and it's gonna hurt them. A LOT.

Eliza was not looking in the way I was, so flipped to the other side of the wall to hang on to the ledge with one hand, having my pistol in the other. I shot at her, hoping to get a few hits before I get down. Sure enough, I hit her in her right leg and eye.

Eliza screamed in pain, but started to return fire. As I jumped down, I was hit in the shoulder, but managed to land on the ground. I quickly took cover behind a staircase. She already shot at least 30 bullets without reloading, and she's still firing at where I am. She has infinite ammo, doesn't she?

I decided to show off a little, and I jumped out, emptying my magazine on Eliza. After a few spurts of blood, Eliza fell to the ground. It seems that I was successful of neutralizng her.

I reloaded my pistol, and started to run towards Eliza. I need to do something before she heals herself.
I got to her and kneeled down. I was able to nail a few shots on her head and torso. The wounds started to emit smoke, like with Belle's case, so I took Eliza's right arm and put it over her left.

Then, I took out my kukri.
"I'm sorry" I whispered.
I stabbed both of her arms, with the kukri piercing the ground.
Eliza let out a bloodcurling scream, and started to shed tears.

"Please forgive me for this. I just cannot die yet" I said, as I picked Eliza's gun up and threw it in the shadow.

Soon enough, Belle arrived at the scene. I could tell by the expression she had on that she couldn't believe what she saw.

"What... What have you done!?" Belle yelled at me.

"She's not dead, if that's what you're asking" I said, as I holstered my pitol back into my jacket.


"I don't know what you're talking about"

"I'M GOING TO FUCKING SHRED YOU INTO PIECES!!!" Belle shouted, and ran towards me.

Time to go full out.

I summoned my katana, and swiftly went for a stab at her blade. Belle blocked it with ease, and attempted a low kick to my shins. I jumped back, regaining my stance.

"Where the fuck did that thing come from!?" Belle said.

"Summoning. It comes in handy a lot" I said, taking a breath.

Belle dashed at me, going for my neck with her blade. I block the attack, and kicked her in the stomach. Belle backs up, holding her stomach in pain.

I dashed at her, going for a slash at her right arm. Belle dodged, and kicked at my face. I couldn't react in time, and was hit clean by the attack.

Backing up slowly, I decided to tease her a little.

"I think I saw your panties a little"

That got Belle to blush, and she started to swing her blade rapidly at my direction. I block every attack that she threw at me, and tripped her with my katana. Belle fell flat on her face on the ground. Immediately getting up, she attempted another kick, but I was able to dodge it just in time, and gave her a good slash to the torso. Belle knelt down, grabbing her chest in pain. That'll hurt for a while.

Suddenly, I heard something behind me, like something metallic hit the ground. It sounded awfully familiar too... Oh no.

I turned around, and saw Eliza getting up. She was able to release herself from my kukri on her own.
I quickly took out my pistol and tried to fire, but suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my back.

I looked back, and saw Belle on the ground, with her arm up. Her weapon wasn't there.

She threw her blade to my back.

"Gotcha bitch" Belle said, with a huge grin on her face.

I had my knees on the ground, barely conscious from the loss of blood. Adrenaline flowed through my body. The sweat the flowed from my body mixed with my blood. Am I going to die?

I saw Eliza slowly walking towards me. She had already retrieved her gun.

Belle took out her blade from me, and kicked me to the ground. Eliza stopped in front of me, and point her gun at my head.

"I'm reluctant that I have to kill someone like you. You don't seem that bad of a person... The least I can do for you is to let you say your last words. What would they be?"
Eliza said.

I don't want to die... I, need to go back for my friends... I will not give up!!

I lifted my head up slowly, and shouted

Suddenly, a large spark shot down from the sky, blinding both of the opponents. It gave me enough time to do what I had in mind.

I stood up with the help of my sword sheath, and cut the sheath with my katana. The sheath split in half, then dissolved into a blue gas-like substance. The substance started to surround the sword, then me.

I could feel the energy flow through me. The damage that I have taken was gone. The wound on my back was no more. I felt like a new person.

I stood up straight and looked at both of them. Their faces were painted with horror and amusement. At least, that's what I'm guessing.

"Alright... My turn"

With a blink if an eye, I teleported behind Belle, and went for her right arm. She immediately tries to block, but my katana slides down her weapon, and hits her shoulder. I pushed down on to the katana more, and the blade started to enter Belle's body. In a matter of seconds, the sword was completely through the shoulder, and Belle's arm fell to the ground. If they can regenerate, they can recover lost limbs too... right?

A shower of blood flowed from the severed arm. Belle screamed in pain, letting her blade drop with her arm.

Eliza started shooting at me, but I blocked all of her shots. Eliza then looked like she was charging her gun, like she did so in the park. I quickly move out of way of fire, just when she was about to shoot. The red light passed through me, and hit the garbage can behind. The can went up in flames.

"What... are you?" Eliza said, still horrified.

"A guy with a cool sword" I replied, smiling a little.

I suddenly felt a force behind me. Belle was kicking my back, and it took me a while to notice.

"...You wanna stop?"

"Fuck you!!" Belle yelled, continuously kicking me even after I turned around. I saw that she had a stump where her whole right arm used to be. It was a little longer than a few seconds ago. So I wasn't wrong about regeneration. Good.

I eventually grabbed her right leg, and hit her knee with the hilt of my sword from the front. A large crack rang through the alleyway.
Belle fell down once more, grabbing her knee in pain.

I turned back around to face Eliza, who was paralyzed by the situation.

"Aren't you going to shoot?"

"Ah.. ahh... AAAAAAHHHHHH!!" Eliza screamed in horror, and shot rapidly at me. I started to walk towards her, blocking my head with my sword. I felt a couple of stings in my upper body, but the pain faded away quickly.

I swiftly ducked and went for a slash to her legs. Unable to react, Eliza got a direct hit to her left foot. The foot was separated from the host, and went flying into the shadow of the alleyway, leaving a thin line of blood on it's trail. Eliza fell face first, suprisingly without a scream, dropping her gun on the way down.
She did not move after that, letting the blood flow from her leg. Just to make sure she wouldn't get up fir a while, I shot her multiple times in her remaining limbs.

I picked up Eliza's gun, and shoved it in my jacket's side pocket. I knew I needed to do something before they regenerated. But what is there to do? It seems that I can't kill them with a shot to the head, and they'll recover lost body parts... but what about...

I looked over at Belle, and saw the scars on her neck. Maybe, maybe if I...

I went to pick up my kukri. Eliza tried to grab me by the ankle, but I jumped lightly to avoid her. I picked up my curved weapon, and returned to Belle's side. Still unable to recover from her knee injury, she was crawled up in a ball, groaning and gasping for breath. Her arm was almost back. And I think my Soul Mode isn't going to last much longer. If I'm going to do this, I need to do it now.

With all my strength, I stabbed Belle's left palm, making sure the blade would go through the ground. Another painful, yet small groan came from her. She didn't seem like she even had the strength to cry in pain.

I put my leg gently on Belle's back, and put my sword against her neck. The only way to kill them that I can think of was to sever the head. If it's not this, then I don't know what would.

I started to lift my sword up, going for a downward chop. Belle was looking at me, but her eyes were not strained by hatred or anger. They were rather... peaceful, as if she had accepted her fate.
I need to be professional about this. They are already dead, I am not killing anyone. But... they can still breathe. They can feel pain. Even though the actions I am about to take are merely to protect myself, I couldn't help but feel guilty.
"I'll make it painless as possible" I whispered to Belle.
Belle responded by simply smiling.

I raised the sword as high as I could. Ok, just get it over with... I was about to put all my force into this slash.

"NOOOOOOO!!! PLEASE DON'T KILL HER!!" Eliza suddenly yelled. I paused a moment, and looked over at her. She had dragged herself a little from where she fell, and she was trying to reach for Belle, with tears flowing from her eyes.

"PLEASE, ANYTHING BUT HER!! She's... she's all I have left in this world... SHE'S ALL I HAVE LEFT!!!"
After she finished her sentence, she began to cry out loud. Eliza had now dragged herself close enough to grab on to Belle's recovering arm. Belle was facing Eliza as well, and I could see that she had tears in her eyes as well.

What am I doing? What was I about to do? No, it doesn't matter if they're dead or not. They still exist. Doing this would mean that I have killed these people. No. I'm not doing that.

I de-summoned my sword, making the blue aura disappear, and I put my foot off of Belle. Then, I took out the kukri from Belle's palm. She groaned again in pain.

"What, what are you doing?" Eliza asked, lifting her head up. Her face was swolen from the crying.

With guilt written all over my face, I replied.
"I... can't do it. I cannot kill you two... I didn't know that you two cared for each other... that much. So much that you can't without the other... I'm sorry"

I had tears in my eyes as well. I looked down to see that Belle's left arm was fully restored.
I dragged Belle against a wall, and dragged Eliza next to her. I kneeled down to talk to them.
"I know that you two were trying to kill me. I forgive you. I'm sorry that I've tried to take your lives instead... It was something that I pledged not to do. Will you forgive me?"

Belle had fully recovered from her wounds, and put her arms around Eliza's armpits to lift her up.

"We should be the ones apologizing, if anything. And... thank you for sparing us. It's a kindness that... we've never received before. Thank you" Eliza said softly.

"We still need to report back to M. I don't know what's going to happen to us if he hears that failed our task..." Belle said.
Their faces both got dark.

I was still concerned for them.
"Is there anything I can help you with in that case? I am a bounty hunter as well..."

"No. If we do anything that harms M, who knows what'll happen. I don't wanna find out"

"Belle is right. It's not best to infuriate the person who's associated with the person that resurrected us. Thank you for the offer though"

"If you say so..."

Dawn had struck the city. The scenery changed from pure black to a light orange. It illuminated through the square alleyway where the three were standing.

"Oh, Aiba... Could I, have my gun back?" Eliza suddenly said. Her foot was regenerated, and she was standing on her own, though she did not have a boot on her newly created leg.

"Sure" I said, taking it out of my jacket and handing it to her.

The alleyway was now fully lit by the sun. No one talked for a while. The only sounds were the duo picking up their possesions, with Belle picking up her blade, and Eliza picking up her severed leg(for her boot).

"I... think it would be best for you to get going. You were in a hurry, right?" Eliza said.

"You sure you two'll be fine?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it. We'll be fine. It's not the first fuck-up that we've had" Belle said, with a grin on her face.

"Alright. I'll be going then. I have to give the medicine I bought to someone anyway"

I started to walk to the thin road that we entered from.

Suddenly, Eliza spoke out.
"I, I hope we can see each other again!"

I turned around. Eliza was blushing, and Belle was looking at her, surprised on what Eliza said.
"Do you have a crush on him or something?" Belle said teasingly.

I smirked, then replied
"I hope so too"

Date: June 1st, 20XX
Time: 8:36 p.m.
Location: wRHG Access Center

Ever since the Suicide Sisters' arrival to wRHG, the residing citizens has given them an unusual welcome; there has been a few that has given them concerning glances, some that has perversely hit on them upon sight, and can recall one person actually trying to “exorcise” them in such a bizarre manner. Bella stated that he must be some village idiot, which is a funny thought because they have encountered dozens of weirdos in their lifetime. Nobody's save from the world of morons.

The couple are strolling through the wRHG Access Center as they are just about to register. Eliza and Bella walked up to the counter and waits for the front-office lady with a striking red hair to finish her calls. That brightly colored, glimmering, pretty red hair has been reduced to a boring bun that you frequently see from other office ladies. Such a dull hairstyle to go through, but it's all part of the regulation in her part, she needs this job to keep herself alive, no matter how dreadful it is. The Sisters assumed that she has a name-tag, but her name isn't much of an importance to them anyway, unless she lends them her phone number, then things will start escalating.

“Yes... yes, I'd understand, thank you. Bye.” The front-office lady finishes and sets the phone down before making eye contact to them with her teal eyes. “Hello,” she started with a generous tone. “How may I help you?”

“We're here to register?” Eliza responded.

“Ah, so you two wish to fight in wRHG?” she accused. “Well then, first off, welcome to wRHG! Secondly, just remember to read the rules just to avoid any trouble.” Before she can continue, she eyes on Eliza then shifts on to Bella. “Are you two working together?” she asked.

“Yes,” they both simultaneously responded. It must be embarrassing to do it in harmony, like as if they're twins.

“What are your names?” she asked.

“I'm Eliza Arachne, and this my partner, Bella Donna,” Eliza replied. “We're often called the Suicide Sisters.”

“You better recognize!” Bella grinned. “Can I just say how fuckin' dull and hot you look at the same time?” Eliza elbows her sides before she can carry on her nonsense. The front-office lady seems unimpressed with Bella's behavior, but still keeps her impassive expression. After all, she is no stranger to ruffians like her, she greets them almost on the daily basis. She takes a while examining their unconventional attire, weapon choices, and physical stature. They look like they've overdressed themselves in products they have purchased from Hot Topic.

“Are you two sisters?” she inquired in sheer curiosity.

“What? No! She's my girlfriend!” Bella responded in disgust. “Why the hell would you even think of that!? If we were, we wouldn't be sleeping in the same bed together, we wouldn't be dating together, or most importantly-” before she proceeded any further with her immaturity, Eliza calmly pulls out Synkiss and shot her against the temple of her head. The red-headed front-office lady became startled from witnessing such emergent circumstance; the loud gunshot and spatters of blood sprinkled on her face has snapped her out of her insensible subconsciousness, causing her to widen out her teal-colored eyes. She can hear Bella's agonizing moans and screams as her bullet wound is slowly recovering. Eliza, unfazed as usual, turns to the red-head and added, “Don't worry, she's fine.”

“FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Bella screamed in pain, echoing throughout the building as the denizens behind them turned themselves around towards the agonizing screeches. Some actually witnessed the entire thing, much to their repugnance.

“So, where were we?” Eliza inquired, ignoring the bloodcurdling cries and writhing of her idiot girlfriend lying on the floor. The red-headed front-office lady hands her the documents for Eliza to sign, still keeping her dumbfounded visage.

“AUUUGH GOD!!!” Bella cried out once again.

Moments later, the Suicide Sisters finally registered and entered into the vast city. Although it's almost vacant, in the day the streets are littered with a plethora of varieties of warriors from across the globe; magic-users, sword masters, element benders, aliens, androids, demons, angels, and so on. It's hard to name every single one since there are an abundance of them centered in just one city, kind of like how Misery City use to be, before demons and other supernatural crazes emerge from the depths of Hell.

“This place seems pretty cool.” Bella smirked to her lady friend.

“Seems so, but remember why we're here,” Eliza reminded.

“I know, I know,” the blonde stated. “Find the undead, kill her, and bring her back to base. Can't we just enjoy the scenery for once, Eli?”

Eliza rolled her eyes from the thought and decided to give it some thought. Bella is by her side, on her knees, and giving her the classic puppy-dog eyes and the quivering lip begging. She glanced back at her and gives a heavy sigh, revealing that she couldn't stand to let her down, especially when they're in a new location.

“Alright,” the purple-haired accepted. Bella squealed in delight as she excitedly leaps up from the ground and hugs her tightly while pecking quick smooches on her cheek.

“Just try to stay by me, we don't want to get lost in this place,” she added. The blonde nodded and they both wandered throughout the nightly metropolis.

Strolling through a city filled with mercenaries, monsters, killers, thieves, and gladiators is like visiting a concentration camp, though the exception that it's more gladiatorial than just senseless murder. The front-office lady did mention that this place contains a section where fallen warriors are resurrected to fight again known as the Refurbishment Center. Though they find it obsolete since the Suicide Sisters are unable to die, but it does make sense to have them there in case if one immortal dies in some way. The Suicide Sisters decide to take a break for a minute and sat upon a bench near a large water fountain and gaze up at the stars and moon.

“They look beautiful, don't they, Eli?” Bella marveled at the sight of the sky. Eliza is brushing her purple-hair and adjusting her skull hairpin.

“Yes they do, dear.” Eliza sets down her hairbrush and relaxes with Bella.

“Say Eli,” she asked, “when do we fight our first opponent?”

Feeling peculiar about the rules, Eliza pulls out an electronic wRHG handbook she received from the front-office lady containing all the wRHG participants within the confines of this place. Bella looks over her shoulder and glances at the different assortments of champions in the handbook. It even updated to include them in it, which is rather intriguing to say the least.

“Well, Belle,” started Eliza, “since we're here to find Nina, I suppose we go after the ones we find the most suspicious; those that looked like they have seen or met Nina in their past time.”

“So this means that if we beat enough info out of these guys, we find that little bitch?” Bella assumed.

“It appears so,” Eliza replied. There is no alternative way. The only way to find a homicidal undead girl and complete the bounty, they have to fight enough combatants to achieve just enough information to track her location and what she's planning. She could be right after all, but then again it could be the other way around. After all, they're not just dealing with any ordinary zombie; this is an undead with an intellect so abnormally high that she can track a person house down and go for the kill all by just looking at his/her face. It's a pretty scary thought, seeing that she probably knows everybody around here and can hide right under their noses without even trying, and it'll be too late once the poor soul finally realizes who she is before being tossed out of a window.

Bella smiled from the thought. She needed something to satisfy her boredom, and yeah, violence does solve everything sometimes. “Alrighty then! So, who shall we go for first?”

As they scan through the handbook, a mile away from where they are, a young man with a spiky gray hair and a slightly tan skin is seen strolling along a vacant street. He goes by the name, Aiba Kannagi, and right now he is looking through the handbook, searching for any good opponents to spend his remaining time before he starts his literal fight at the second annual wRHG tournament. Moving his shoulders around to adjust the comfort of his black hoodie and jacket as he examines through every opponent until the handbook updated for a moment.

“A new update?” He thought. “Huh, I wonder who joined this time?”

He's pretty confident with new challengers, and thought it would be a good idea in fighting them as either a traditional welcome or a warmup before the actual fight against a stronger opponent. The only difference is that he's just like every freshman, still learning on the set of rules and so forth; have only fought two people in the past and is going for his third major fight before Round 1 of the tourney begins. As he sifts through profile after profile, he comes across a new set; it is two eccentrically-dressed ladies who've looked like they've went through Hell and back.

He hasn't seen an actual fighting duo within the wRHG before, well, besides Rhami and Astor. He squints his eyes upon the team alias part and reads, “The Suicide Sisters.” It seems random to him because first of all, they don't look like they're related, also because they don't have the exact same last name which is obvious for anyone who does have a brain cell. They do seem interesting to fight with and want to experience what it's like to fight two people simultaneously; evidently difficult, but it doesn't hurt to have such thrills, except they do. Aiba decides to find them and challenge them to a small battle, though the problem is where are they right now? He feels the wind breezing through him, carrying an unfamiliar scent; the vague smell of perfume, tears, smoke, powder, female shampoo, and leather.

“It's them.”

Back to the Sisters, Eliza's hair messing up by the slight breeze blowing in their faces, while Bella's uneven pigtails gently fly around in the air.

“Boy, tonight's a bit windy, ain't it?” Bella stated the obvious.

“It is, and it's messing my hair up-” Eliza held on to that thought as her skull hairpin fell out of her loose purple hair, bouncing away on the stone concrete before settling upon Aiba's sneakers. He kneels down and picks it up for Eliza, responding in a amiable tone of voice, “Excuse me, it this yours?”

Eliza and Bella turn their bodies around to gaze upon a spiky-haired adolescent, holding on to the hair clip with his natural tan fingers. Seems a bit young to be a fighter, but they all have to start somewhere.

“Yes, that is mine. Now hand it to me,” Eliza coldly demanded to the boy.

Aiba lends the hair clip to Eliza, who quickly swipes it away from his palms, and steps back a bit, afraid of what they might do if he got too close. He anxiously cleared his throat and attempts to introduce himself to the two bounty huntresses without sparking a hostile quarrel.

“Hello, um, allow me to introduce myself,” he announced. “My n-name is-”

“Aiba Kannagi?” Eliza interjected. “We've seen your profile.”

This sends chills down his spine as they're already aware of his identity.

“What is it that you want, shrimp?” Bella inquired harshly. “Can't you see we're looking for a fighter? Now go away.”

Little does Aiba know that these two has a discernible hatred for the male gender, excluding their comrades, Agent M, Leo, and Abraxaz, but aside from them, no other male has earned their respect nor trust. It is especially hard to win them over after what has happened to them in the past.

“I-I was searching for you two,” Aiba informed. He has earned the attention of the Sisters. He swallowed his own saliva, took a deep breath, then gains enough courage to speak. “Since my handbook updated, I saw you two as new recruits. I was looking for a new opponent before the tournament starts, and now that I'm here, I was wondering if you would care to spar with me?”

“Ooooh~, little boy wants to play. Shall we, Eli?~” Bella sang to Eliza.

“You said you're looking for an opponent, right?” Eliza specified. “You seem to be a bit too young to be a warrior, but if you insist...” she pauses her sentence for a moment and eyes on Bella, who's fingers are already on Fetta's handle. Bella twist her head towards her, giving a whimsical grin.

Eliza then gave the signal, “... fine.”

And with excitement, Bella bolted towards Aiba, grasping the blade firmly as she leaps over the bench onto the walkway. Seeing her making a hastily dash has startled him and forced to take action by unsheathing his mystical katana. Bella swings her blade at him, but manages to block her attack. She backs up and makes a downward swing, but Aiba evades the attack and watched the blade formed cracks around the pavement upon impact. From the far right of Aiba, Eliza readies her Synkiss and aims at him. He backs away from Bella's crazed onslaughts as he sprints away for cover from Eliza's line of sight. She quickly fires shot after shot at Aiba as he tries to reflect as much fire as possible before slipping into an alley.

“Shit, they're coming out from all corners...” Aiba whispered as he regains his breath. He senses Bella coming this way, so he stashes his sword away and pulls out his semi-automatic. He pulls out of cover and fires the entire magazine at Bella, but she's quick on her feet and shifts side to side. Aiba flash-steps to another spot and tries firing at a different angle. Bella blocks most of his bullets with Fetta as a few grazed her leg and arm, but still determined to inch closer towards him, then with a rapid twirl, she throws her blade at him like a frisbee. Aiba quickly dives down as the blade lodge itself within the concrete wall. He lifts himself up, but an explosion occurs near him, knocking him back a few feet. The explosive shot came from Eliza who is atop a roof of a house. She aims at him and fires a couple rounds, but Aiba reacts hurriedly with a gust of wind, throwing off the bullets aside of him. He then propels himself from her firing range with a strong force of wind and grabs onto Fetta.

“Hey!” Bella exclaimed. “Get your filthy hands off of my baby!!”

“Come and get it,” retorted Aiba. He tries pulling the blade from the wall, but wouldn't budged as if it was glued with a strong adhesive. Bella slows down and glances at his pathetic attempt in stealing Fetta. She rests her arms as she casually walks towards him. Aiba looks back at her and lets go of Fetta,

“Heh... s-sorry about that...” he stammered. Eliza jumps down from the roof and holds him in place from behind. She rest her gun upon his chin, forcing him to lift his head up and expose his neck.

“Wo-woah!! Easy” Aiba panicked. He watched Bella grasp onto her blade and pulls it out of the wall with ease.

“You can't kill me! Not here, not today!!” Aiba yelled before he released a burst of electricity upon Eliza, forcing her to let go of him and falling backwards.

“Eli!” Bella shouted and glares furiously at him. She charges at him, but before Abia swings his arm at her and releases a bolt of lightning at Fetta, conducting high voltage of electricity and shocking Bella. Still holding onto her blade, she remains still as currents of electricity is surging through her body, temporarily paralyzing her. The sight has horrified Aiba, hoping the electricity doesn't literally kill her. He takes a few steps closer to Bella until Eliza recovers from the shock and shoots him in the leg. He yelped in pain and fell back, holding onto his wounded limb and seeping blood from the open injury.

“Augh! Sssssshit!! That really hurts!” he yelled in agony.

“Well, no shit. It's a bullet in your flesh,” Eliza responded coldly. She walks up to him and points her gun at his head, “Looks like you've lost, Aiba.”

“N-not... yet...” stuttered Aiba, and with a blink of an eye, he vanishes and reappears behind Eliza. Pulling out his kukri, he goes for the hand that's holding Synkiss and makes a quick slash. Making a deep gash, Eliza drops Synkiss and Aiba hastily grabs it away from her. He then points the demonic-designed weapon at her, but she remains unfazed, not nearly threatened. The gash upon Eliza's hand is slowly healing, but as it's recovering she is wincing from the pain like having hot candle wax being poured onto her skin. She continues to glare upon Aiba holding ownership of her gun.

“Seems like the tables have turned,” he smiled weakly. “I have your gun, your partner's paralyzed, and you're disarmed.”

“Disarmed, but not helpless,” she mentioned. “No matter how much you threaten me or my girlfriend, we won't surrender.” She steps closer to Aiba, only to get him increasingly anxious.

“H-hey! Stay away! Don't you dare get any closer!” Aiba shouted. “If you take one more step-”

“You'll shoot me? Go ahead.” Eliza disrupted.

“I'm warning you!!” his voice raised. “If you come any closer, I will kill you!”

“Then so be it.” she responded.

His palm is starting to sweat as Eliza stoically inches closer to him, his heart is pumping in a rapid rate, and he's breathing nervously. Before he realizes, she is all up in front of the gun, pointing directly at her forehead; the same spot on where she shot herself. Bella regains her strength and control of her body from Aiba's electric attack and sees Eliza up in personal with him. From her perspective, it looks like he's more focused on Eliza than anything else, which does buy her time to sneak behind and strike. Eliza continues to chat with Aiba, which is distracting him for she is forcing him to pull the trigger. Aiba, however, is not liking this situation at all; his finger is getting itchy, and Eliza's glowing pink eyes are staring down at him.

“You're bleeding, Aiba,” she stated. “You need medical attention. If you want this match to end, just say that you surrender... or do you prefer to shoot me right now and get it over with?”

“P-please... d-don't make me do this...,” stuttered Aiba. He can hear his heart pounding even louder and heavier than before. His wounded leg is weakening from blood loss, and his skin is getting slightly pale. He can feel his goosebumps rising from his decreasing body temperature, and the cold sweat trickling down his face.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Do it... shoot me,” she demanded. “Go ahead. Kill me. Pull the trigger. Right. Now.”

Aiba's arm is becoming unsteady, aggressively shaking from the tension and fear. He's breathing heavily and drafts his withdrawal down the throat, then as he closes his eyes tightly, his senses pick up from a few feet afar. His eyes widened and glances upon Bella, who has regained her vigor and body function. She is charging towards Aiba, screaming like a lunatic as she swings her blade at him. Aiba pulls the gun at her and pulls the trigger, but to his surprise, no ammunition was fired. Hastily, he ducks away from Bella's attack, but was caught off-guard by Eliza, in which she has stricken the wound on his injured leg with her foot.

“Gaaah!!” Aiba yelped and held onto his bleeding leg before recognizing Bella using the blade as a blunt weapon and, with momentum, she swings and lands upon his chest. Aiba can feel the cold, thick tons of steel crushing deep into his chest; he can feel and hear his ribs fracture and crack from within, and the air pushed out of his lungs from the sheer force pressed down against him. The sheer collision of the heavy weapon has sent Aiba flying across the street, tumbling and collapsing upon the black pavement. Eliza retrieves Synkiss from the ground and stares at Aiba's body a yard away from them. Though still alive, Aiba does need some serious medical treatment.

“Think we overdid it, Eli?” Bella questioned.

Eliza remained silent for a few seconds as she still glances at his body, moaning from the excruciating internal and external pain.

“No. I'm sure he's fine,” Eliza responded.

With what little strength he retains, Aiba lifts himself up from the ground. Shaking and bleeding, and possibly angry, he glares at the Sisters with fire in his eyes.

“T-that's it!!” he barked. “I t-tried b-being nice, but if y-you want to see my f-full extent, t-then so be it!!”

Aiba pulls out his katana once again, but instead he cuts his sheath, unleashing a mystical aura around his blade. His broken ribcage, gunshot wound, and other minor injuries has been healed significantly, restoring himself to full power. He gets his battle stance ready and locks eyes upon the Sisters.

“Wow, looks like he ain't fuckin' around no more,” stated Bella with a sense of impression. “Wanna go for round two, Eliza?”

“As long as we get this done quick,” she replied.

“Alrighty then!” Bella exclaimed. “Lets fuck his shit up!!”

The Gothic duo dashes towards the enraged Aiba; Eliza shot her first round at him, but he quickly deflects the bullets, then quickly sprints towards them. Each shot was sliced in half by his enchanted blade, and show no signs of slowing down; he is out for blood. Their blood. Aiba swung his katana at Eliza, but Bella came in timely and blocked his strike. Strangely enough, the weight within the katana is surprisingly heavier than last time, and it forcing her to bend her knee from his overwhelming strength. She pushes him away and unleashes a non-stop barrage of attacks, but Aiba deflects them and struck back, creating a continuous sequence of parries, hits, and misses. One point, Aiba leaps on Bella's Fetta in an attempt to stab her head, but she pushes him off, forcing him to make a back-flip in the air. He lands perfectly and makes a horizontal slash across her stomach. Her scream filled the air as pints of blood are being spilled from her abdomen, making small crimson puddles in front of her. She fell to her knees and dropped Fetta on the red pools of blood.

Eliza sees the horror and screams out her name, “Bella!!”

She hastily rushes towards her aid while firing furiously at Aiba, but he kept on blocking each shot she fired. Seeing her running towards his direction, he flash-steps to her and attempts to slice her. Eliza falls backwards and charges her Synkiss, but he stabs her arm into the ground with his kukri.

“This battle is now over!!” Aiba exclaimed as he raised his katana high up. As he is about to strike, the blue aura on his sword faded away; losing his enhanced strength. His sword has also vanished from his own hands.

“W-wha-...” he tried to put it into words, but couldn't fathom on how close he came to succeeding just only be taken away at the last minute.

“Looks like the tables have turned once again,” Eliza retorted.

Furiously, he pulls the knife out of her arm and attempts to stab her, but she manage to grab hold to his wrist. She tries to fight it, but with her wound healing, her strength is faltering as she is trying to withstand the painful sensation. The sharp tip has pricked her nose and cheek, and made a small cut above the eye. He pushes the blade forward and is dead close to Eliza's eye. Unbeknownst to Aiba, she has charged up Synkiss to an explosive point, but can't move her arm yet. If it continues to charge, it will blow them up, so she has to find a way to get rid of it.

“Hands off of my girlfriend, jackass!!”

The voice came from Bella, who has nearly finished healing and is covered in blood from the waist down. Aiba has sensed her coming already, but he was too fixated in taking out Eliza for pushing him in such pressure in the past. Bella grips tightly on her Fetta and, like a blunt weapon, she swings it at him, knocking him off Eliza. With enough time, Eliza used her other to grab her gun and point at Aiba, but instead of blowing him up into pieces, she aimed at the ground near his feet and fired the volatile bullet. The glowing green blast of energy speeds towards the black pavement, causing a large green detonation. Aiba is knocked back by its massive shockwave, blowing backwards and crashing into a building wall. The explosion has shook the foundation in its surroundings; triggering nearby cars to siren loudly and angering slumbering neighbors. The smoke from the explosion rose in a radiated green color before it clears into the air.

The Suicide Sisters strolled along the desecrated road and stopped in front of Aiba; barely conscious, he looks up and sees them pointing their lethal weapons at him, and within a brief moment of staring at Death in the face, he quickly raises his hands and announced:

“No wait! Please, I-I surrender! I give in!”

The Sisters looked at each other over the thought and discussed loudly,

“Hmm, what do you think, sweetie?” Bella flattered. “Shall we let the poor punk live?”

Eliza gave a long thought about it, analyzing the boy's capabilities. Then she broke the silence.

“Leave him.”

“What!?” Bella yelled in shock. “After what he has done to us!?”

“He's nothing more than a fighter,” Eliza explained. “I'm pretty sure there are others that are far worse than him. Besides, he's not old enough to die just yet.” She laid her gun down and faced towards Bella. “Lets go, we need to vanish before the authorities arrive.”

“Authorities?” Bella replied. Sirens of police cars and ambulances can be heard from far away and they're heading towards their direction. If they get caught, they'll sure interrogate about this exact night and force them to clean up the neighborhood streets for their senseless destruction. The Sisters escaped the scene before the authorities arrive in time, leaving Aiba to their care. The paramedics have given some aid for him while the police interrogate him,

“So tell us, son,” the officer spoke. “what happened here?”

“Well,” Aiba started, “I had an wRHG fight...”

“With whom?” he asked.

“Sisters...” he answered vaguely.

Meanwhile, the Suicide Sisters have checked in to their new rooms within a hotel, which is where almost all wRHGs go and rest. Of course there are some who are now living in houses, but those are for ones who have fought a certain amount of battles, and by battles, meaning victory battles. And money. Lots of them. Bella happily leaps onto the bed, bouncing upon the mattress like an energetic small child.

“Oh, I love it here!! The beds are so soft and springy! We should frick right now-”

“No,” Eliza replied.

“Awww what?” Bella moaned in disappointment.

“This isn't a vacation to Disneyland, Belle. You know why we're here.”

Bella groaned in displeasure, “Uugh, I know I know, find Nina, fuck her in the ass, take her head, and go home. Can't we just enjoy this while it lasts?”

“Wish we can,” Eliza confessed, “but my gut is telling me that something doesn't feel right.”

Bella rolls on the bed and lies up towards the ceiling.

“Aww somebody's having a stomachache~” she teased.

“Not like that, Belle,” Eliza responded as she looks out the window. “What I'm trying to get is... I know that somebody's watching us...”

From outside their door lie a figure with its ear upon the threshold, listening to their conversation. The figure gives a baleful grin before departing the premises.

06-06-2014, 07:33 AM
Hard... really really really hard...

My vote is in, best of luck to you both, and shadowkirby, i'm next right?

06-06-2014, 07:44 AM
Phew... it's a tie... for now

06-06-2014, 12:39 PM
A tie already? Wow, that was fast.

Well, best wishes to you, Ken_Rou.

06-06-2014, 12:56 PM
A tie already? Wow, that was fast.

Well, best wishes to you, Ken_Rou.

You as well

06-09-2014, 08:18 PM
Why aren't the votes more
For this tale of blood and gore
The fighters are fresh
As they tear at the flesh

A war well fought
But not for naught
I cast for Shadowkirby
Shit I'm out of rhymes

06-09-2014, 08:19 PM
Damn it. Well, I'll take your semi poem as a compliment. Thanks for actually voting.

06-10-2014, 10:42 AM
It's a tie again! Might as well consider this a draw.

06-10-2014, 04:48 PM
I'm glad that I can consider myself capable of writing stories that can go head to head with a veteran. However this will end, it'll be a good experience for me.

06-12-2014, 07:04 AM
Congrats Ken_Rou, you tied with a pro, lol let's hope I get that same luxury. BRAVO TO YOU BOTH!

06-13-2014, 01:47 PM
Polls are over, but I'll still drop my cnc here.

Reading this, I can see why it was a tie.

Ken Rou:

Bland and cliche'd plot, inconsistent character for both sisters. Start thinking of twists. A not so happy ending.

I've said this once, and I will say this again. First person requires immense focus on the character whose point of view you are using, because it's the only view point. Feelings, thoughts, observations should be abundant. But apparently to your character, a stab to the back was no biggie. Why did it seem like that? Because you wrote it nonchalantly. In fact your character had a considerably lukewarm reception to everything that has happened to him. Without feeling, your story is as good as dead. A lifeless line of text.


Ridiculous amount of tense swapping. Choose one and stick to it.

Rambling of irrelevant facts. Some is fine, but too much is tedious to read through and adds no substance. Even banter can explore more of a character's personality.

Bland characterisation especially with Aiba.

The battle ending was bland, almost like deus ex machina.

Work on your plotting. Your language is fine, but a linear story will take away any appeal your story has.

Both of you also have unrealistic dialogue. When you write dialogue, say it to yourself and ask if it really makes coherent sense. If not, then you have to rewrite it again.

I will also put my foot down over 'limit breaks'. In this case, Ken Rou's character. In theory, they are fine, but they are NOT an abusable way of 'turning the tables' in a battle. It is boring and uninspired, and it WILL make you dependant on such cheap tropes to add a weak twist to the story. A plan that extends throughout the entire battle for example, would make for a far better idea, or an action by one character that perhaps, leads to unforseen circumstances. Whatever it is, it is better than simply having two characters bash at each other until one fell dead.

06-13-2014, 05:24 PM
Polls are over, but I'll still drop my cnc here.

Reading this, I can see why it was a tie.

Ken Rou:

Bland and cliche'd plot, inconsistent character for both sisters. Start thinking of twists. A not so happy ending.

I've said this once, and I will say this again. First person requires immense focus on the character whose point of view you are using, because it's the only view point. Feelings, thoughts, observations should be abundant. But apparently to your character, a stab to the back was no biggie. Why did it seem like that? Because you wrote it nonchalantly. In fact your character had a considerably lukewarm reception to everything that has happened to him. Without feeling, your story is as good as dead. A lifeless line of text.


Ridiculous amount of tense swapping. Choose one and stick to it.

Rambling of irrelevant facts. Some is fine, but too much is tedious to read through and adds no substance. Even banter can explore more of a character's personality.

Bland characterisation especially with Aiba.

The battle ending was bland, almost like deus ex machina.

Work on your plotting. Your language is fine, but a linear story will take away any appeal your story has.

Both of you also have unrealistic dialogue. When you write dialogue, say it to yourself and ask if it really makes coherent sense. If not, then you have to rewrite it again.

I will also put my foot down over 'limit breaks'. In this case, Ken Rou's character. In theory, they are fine, but they are NOT an abusable way of 'turning the tables' in a battle. It is boring and uninspired, and it WILL make you dependant on such cheap tropes to add a weak twist to the story. A plan that extends throughout the entire battle for example, would make for a far better idea, or an action by one character that perhaps, leads to unforseen circumstances. Whatever it is, it is better than simply having two characters bash at each other until one fell dead.

Thanks, I needed the criticism to point out my story's flaws. Hope I won't make the same mistakes in my second battle.