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06-18-2014, 11:59 PM
Wake up.

Open your eyes. Where are you? You’re not sure, but it’s not where you went to sleep last night.

Your head spins as you stumble to your feet. You blink to clear the spots from your vision, but your eyes refuse to focus. The air presses on your skin. It’s hard to move.

You feel the ground shift beneath your feet and hear something from behind. You turn to look.

And you run.

Wake up.


Welcome to the Valley of Dreams, the beginning and end of all things. It takes on many forms and it goes by many names: the Web of Lies, the Cliffs of Conquest, the Field of Memories, just to name a few. But today, it is the Valley of Dreams.

You have all been cordially invited--all that’s left is to accept.

Entry Requirements
Entry for this wRHG tournament is now OPEN! Entries for the first round will be accepted for two weeks until midnight CST, July 2nd (7/2). Get your entry in early to make sure you don’t get bopped by the due date and shafted to the next round. PM me BEFORE the deadline if you have extenuating circumstances and we’ll talk it through.

To enter, you must write a short story that meets the following criteria:
1) Your character is having a nightmare
2) Your dream-version character is unconscious inside the dream at the end of the story (by any means)
3) The story is 750 words or less (anything longer will not be accepted)
You must also post a link to your wRHG page and write a one-line blurb (ten words or less) summarizing your character’s most important abilities. This is the only information that will be posted alongside your story and by extension the only information you may assume the reader will know when reading your work. (I will truncate or reword it if it is greater than ten words.)
You must use this character for all of your stories.

Everyone who does the above will be entered into the tournament.

This tournament is focused on your ability to write self-contained short stories (read: no overarching plot going over multiple stories or continuity) and write with and around restrictions. You’ll need to show your initiative and write stories with elements you may never have used before about things you likely wouldn’t happen upon in your normal story. Not all prompts involve combat.

Full tournament details will be posted on the twenty-sixth of June (6/26), or one week from today. Be warned; this tournament is not going to be bracket style. There will be four rounds, and new entry is allowed at the beginning of the first, second, and third rounds (But you may only join the tournament once; you may not reenter after being eliminated). Latecomers will be penalized in the rankings, but if you want to get in on the action after the first entry deadline, then by all means enter.

Post any general questions here (If you PM me a question, I will post it in this thread if it applies to other people) and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m able. Any miscellaneous discussion about the tournament goes here as well.

Check back here if you’re ever confused about deadlines, round links, or anything else tourney-related. More likely than not you’ll find it or a link to it at the bottom of this post.

General Tournament FAQ:
Q: My character can't sleep/dream/fall unconscious/be killed. What do I do?
A: Okay, I admit that might make filling those requirements up there a bit hard. If you have one of these things, here's what you can do. If you want, you can go ahead and just ignore that your character can't dream/sleep or whatever. I don't care. But if the inability to dream is an integral part of your character and you can't stand to get rid of it, you are allowed to put them into a dream by other methods like some elaborate illusion or physically "transporting" them into a dream of some sort or having them involved in someone else's dream. If you go for that last one, remember that it has to be your character that ends up falling unconscious at the end of the story. If your character can't fall unconscious in any way, then invoke your "defeated" condition, whether that's being unsummoned or becoming incorporeal or whatever else.

These alternatives are only for characters who cannot fill the requirements because of their character traits. If your character is able to dream and lose consciousness in whatever way, then you have to fill the entry requirements.

Q: Does my tournament entry piece have any effect on the stories I write for the actual tournament?
A: Short answer, no. Long answer, no, because the point of the entry piece is threefold: first to prove some sort of commitment to the tournament, second to show you can follow directions, and third so you can demonstrate your writing skill for the benefit of myself and other contestants. There will be no continuity followed from your entry piece into the tournament stories, so feel free to write whatever you want.

Q: If this tournament is not bracket style, then what is it?
A: This tournament is not bracket style because brackets scale badly and have a lot of inherent flaws with them (not that this system is guaranteed to be better, but I still prefer it over brackets for a number of reasons). Anyways, you can read all this information in more detail on the rules and guidelines (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85710-wRHG-Tournament-The-Valley-of-Dreams-Rules-and-Guidelines) page.

Basically, this tournament is wager-based. You are given two tokens when you enter the tournament and must bet them in order to get to eleven and win. Bets are determined by the first person in a matchup to declare one and must be at least half the lower player's pool; the higher you go, the higher the stakes get. Matchups are between people who have the closest number of tokens and random within that, so people who win will tend to be matched up with other people who win.

I'm using this system instead of a brackets system because it's much more active on the part of the competitors. It requires that people have initiative and take their fate into their own hands--the amount you wager and whether or not you win determines your next matchup, not just whoever is next on a list. Effectively, this tournament style rewards guts and forwardness, not just luck and skill.

I'm also using this system because it doesn't kick over half the people out after the first round. I want to give everyone the option to write multiple stories and the ability to recover from a loss because a tournament is all about facilitating stories that you wouldn't or couldn't write otherwise as well as allowing you to get feedback and improve. I'm doing everything I can to make sure that this event runs smoothly, and this tournament style is the best fit for what I want.

Tournament Entrants:
Just follow those directions up there and I’ll slap you and your relevant information onto this list.

BoomerangReturns-Sirius Nightshade (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85261-Sirius-Nightshade-The-Lord-of-The-Night)
Sociopathic, shadow manipulation, magically enhanced knife, half-demon.
Tokens: 10
Cumulative Score: 211
Rank: 1
Status: Trapped

ErrorBlender-Bl.An.C. (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?58743-Cooper-Price-Bl-An-C-Blast-Android-Class)
Android suit, weapon/equipment manifestation.
Tokens: 3
Cumulative Score: 212
Rank: 2
Status: Trapped

WafflesMgee-Handyman (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?78734-Handyman)
9ft-tall monster, arm summoning, dream-entering/manipulating/eating.
Tokens: 1
Cumulative Score: 199
Rank: 3
Status: Eliminated

Nikx232-Haku (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?74661-wRHG-Haku-%28Updated%29)
Demon-possessed sword, aerokinesis, healing powers, demon transformation via possession.
Tokens: 1
Cumulative Score: 134
Rank: 4
Status: Eliminated

Kyra-Rykosar (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?77742-wRHG-Profile-Rykosar)
Metal skeleton, robotic hand (right), and robotic leg (right).
Tokens: 0
Cumulative Score: 196
Rank: 5
Status: Eliminated

Tremorfist-Torvin (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?77796-wRHG-Character-Torvin)
Military Training, Explosives, Stimulants, Various Weapons Training.
Tokens: 3
Cumulative Score: 69
Rank: 6
Status: Eliminated

6Asmo6deus6-L.L Bust (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85608-L-L-Bust-the-Bounty-Hunter)
Cyborg, Morphing gun w/ special ammunition, bottled chemicals.
Tokens: 1
Cumulative Score: 78
Rank: 7
Status: Eliminated

The Strongest-Wildfire (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85793-Deul-Bul-Wildfire)
Flame Projection, Empowered in Fire, and Fire Doubles.
Tokens: 1
Cumulative Score: 77
Rank: 8
Status: Eliminated

Xate-Lucario (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?55157-Lucario-quot-The-Blue-Brawler-quot)
2 souls, aura manipulation, power-stealing machine, diamond knuckles.
Tokens: 1
Cumulative Score: 67
Rank: 9
Status: Eliminated

Tantalum-Karal (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?73961-Karal)
Metal Skin, Electricity Absorption.
Tokens: 1
Cumulative Score: 0
Rank: 10
Status: Eliminatedzoomxoom-The Bio-Flower (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85977-The-Bio-Flower)
Plant body manipulation and growth-giving light.
Tokens: 2
Cumulative Score: 0
Rank: 10
Status: Eliminated

Shadowkirby-Eliza Arachne & Bella Donna (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85090-The-Suicide-Sisters-(Eliza-amp-Bella))
Object Immortality, Regeneration, Fetta (Large razor-blade), Synkiss (Demonic handgun).
Tokens: 1
Cumulative Score: 0
Rank: 10
Status: Eliminated

Tournament Calendar:
I try to post things at midnight, but if I’m not able, then I usually have to post in the afternoon if it’s a weekday. Deadlines are midnight CST (that’s 10 PM for you West Coast people). Aim for a day or two early if you’re bad at time zones.

Entry is OPEN! - 6/19/14
Rules and Guidelines posted - 6/26/14
First round entries close/Second round entries open - 7/2/14
First round betting phase begins - 7/5/14
First round writing phase begins - 7/11/14
First round stories due - 7/31/14
Second round entries close/Third round entries open - 8/5/14
Second round betting phase begins - 8/10/14
Second round writing phase begins - 8/15/14
Second round stories due - 9/4/14
Third round betting phase begins - 9/30/14
Third round writing phase begins - 10/4/14
Third round stories due - 10/24/14
Final round betting phase begins - 11/5/14
Final round writing phase begins - 11/9/14
Final round stories due - 12/1/14

Helpful Links:
Rules and Guidelines (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85710-wRHG-Tournament-The-Valley-of-Dreams-Rules-and-Guidelines)
The First Dream: Past Projection (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85916-wRHG-Tournament-The-First-Dream-Past-Projection-Betting-Phase-(Ends-July-10))
The Second Dream: Reviled Reflection (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?86759-wRHG-Tournament-The-Second-Dream-Reviled-Reflection-Place-Your-Wagers)
The Third Dream: Corrupt Connection (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?87771-wRHG-Tournament-The-Third-Dream-Corrupt-Connection-Betting-Phase)
The Final Dream: Timed Transgression (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?88820-wRHG-Tournament-The-Final-Dream-Timed-Transgression)
The Valley of Dreams Concluded (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?90089-wRHG-Tournament-The-Dream-Concluded)

06-19-2014, 07:45 PM
Basically, the entire entrance occurs in a dream or can it begin in a nightmare then wake up then dream later on?

06-19-2014, 08:07 PM
The story ends with your character falling unconscious inside the dream. Everything else is fair game.

06-19-2014, 08:16 PM
Will have it soon, thanks. :)

06-20-2014, 04:24 PM
so could the dream happen because the person was knocked out

06-20-2014, 06:48 PM
You can if you like, but it does not fill the "story ends with your character falling unconscious inside the dream" requirement.

06-20-2014, 07:00 PM
thanks for telling me

06-24-2014, 11:24 AM
The Handyman. (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?78734-Handyman)

Description: Height (9ft), arm/hand/finger summoning, dream-entering/manipulating/eating.

Jacob Peterson. A middle-aged man with many regrets about his life.

As a child, he was raised by unloving parents, which toughened him up and cursed him with an uncaring nature. As a teenager, his life was riddled with crime. Shoplifting, assault, blackmailing, the only reason he wasn't caught is because of incredible running ability.

But as an adult, his legs didn't do much help for him when he was charged with murder.

A gun with a dodgy trigger was all it took. He'll never touch a gun again, especially ones from the black market. The shop manager was a humble person, working overtime to support his child. All Jacob wanted was some money from the register, just enough to be able to afford food for the week, but that one accident sent him to Jail for 20 years of his life.

He left jail as a new man, vowing to never hurt another soul. But what he didn't know is that the Orphan had an imaginary friend, a friend who kept an eye on Jacob until he got out. The first night Jacob slept on an actual bed, he fell into a nightmare, where this imaginary friend joined him.

Jacob's nightmare was a flat, black world, a spec of light in the middle belonging to a simple petrol station. There were no roads, there were no stars, just black. Jacob was in front of the station shop, feeling slightly lost. The black-skinned behemoth stared on from the darkness, the two fake eyes seeing nothing whereas the soft clicks, sounds that were too far away for Jacob to notice, gave feedback to the monster as they echoed silently.

Walking into the trap, Jacob entered the store. The door slid open, the soft sound of mechanics stirring as it smoothed shut behind him. The store was devoid of produce, the only noticable thing being the open door behind the counter, where a stifled sniffling could be heard. If Jacob decided to turn around now, he'd realise that there was a large face pressed against the glass, but his attention is soley fixed on this open doorway. He edged towards it, working around the counter and into the room. As he did so, the doors slid open again- perfectly silent, this time- and as the tall being slowly stepped in, folded inhumanly to bypass the opening that was so much smaller than him, the lights started to darken.

By the time Jacob was in the room, the store was dark.

Jacob had never truly seen the orphan, only a glimpse during the trial all those years ago. The child in here was young, about 8 years old. She was huddled in the corner, now silent but still shaking. Dread ran down Jacob's spine, a warm feeling oozing down, chills echoing through his very being, but he fought past them. He wouldn't get taken by fear. He had done his time and had learned his lesson. He is no longer a criminal, and he will strive on to make himself right, starting with the very foundations: himself. He promised that he'd go up to that little girl, hold onto her and apologise, and that he did. He didn't mind that she had no face, or that she was shaking violently, more than any human should. He didn't mind the looming feeling of a monster behind him, standing as tall as life, whilst he lives to bestow death. Jacob thought of this monster as his self-doubt and his hatred, a feeling that had been shadowing him for all these years.

He didn't even look at it. He fought it off and didn't even lift a finger. He turned his own nightmare, based around the worst experience in his life, into a dream. He strived for a better life and by god he was going to right his wrongs to do it.

The Handyman is a creature that feeds off the minds of people he deems "bad", mainly those who caused harm to others, especially children. He moves to a person's mind, sparks a nightmare and sends them spiralling down to madness where he can suck out their minds to feed his own. But occasionally, people are strong-willed enough to fight back. Handy was thrust out of this nightmare-turn-dream, and slithered mindlessly away out the window and back into the night, receding back into his home of a cave so he can wither away into a shadow once more.

06-25-2014, 12:33 AM
Sirius Nightshade (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85261-Sirius-Nightshade-The-Lord-of-The-Night)

Sociopathic, shadow manipulation, magically enhanced knife, half-demon.

This is EXACTLY 750 words.

Also, I hope the fact that he's near-death doesn't affect him in later entries, since it is only a nightmare.


That was the first thing that came to my mind, as my eyes fluttered open. It felt as though I was lying on my back, although I was paralyzed. I could not move a body part, a finger, a toe, a single nerve. My sight was filled with utter darkness, consuming me, suffocating me. Pure silence was the most ear-splitting experience that I ever had the pleasure of hearing. Where was I?

Without warning, the darkness was replaced by multiple bright lights, chasing the black away and blinding my eyes with a constant white. My entire equilibrium was thrown off, my eyesight in need of a few moments to retain their sight. This time was when I came to the realization that I could move once again, if only slightly. My toes, and my fingers. I could move them, wiggle them around. My legs would only move slightly, as if they lacked strength. But it seemed that the rest of my body was..restrained

As this thought crept in my mind, my head darted down. As my eyesight began to adjust, I saw myself suspended in the air, blood trickling from my torso. As I saw this, the searing pain coursing through me finally processed. On the inside I was in agony, but on the outside, I only winced, Because I had felt pain far worse than this before. My legs were placed together and in front of a piece of thick mahogany wood. My arms were outstretched. The hands were tied to another piece of horizontal wood. It slowly began to dawn on me, what this was.


A voice boomed from what had to be only in front of me. My head darted forward, and I didn’t believe this was all real. In front of me was multiple spotlights placed in an arc in front of me, all pointed to the cross I was posted to. The ground was blackened earth. It was all desert. In front of me, stood a mob of people. Each of them had some form of melee weaponry in their grasp. Bow and arrows, spears, swords, and other weapons. Their faces were straight, never revealing any emotion. Yet, there was something disturbing.

Every single one of them, were people I had killed. People who had perished under the sole of my boot. And here they all were, prepared to murder me as I was vulnerable. And who was at the front, the one who spoke first, the one with the largest spear and the most resent-filled eyes?

My horrible brother, Robert Nightshade.

“How…odd, this must be for you, brother,” He began, his tone smug and confident, “You always called yourself a God. You called yourself an idol. Yet, here you are. Tied to a cross. What type of religious symbol does this make you think of, Sirius?”

My anger grew more inside of me as he continued to speak, and I wanted to lunge forward and murder him on the spot. For some reason, I couldn’t.

“You deserved to die, before, Robert!” I screamed, my teeth bared, “I was your superior, you were holding me down!”

He scoffed, “Funny, coming from a man who’s being held down as we speak~”

“You let me go or so help me I will make sure that you are dead this time around!”


“Do you forget who you’re talking to?! I am your superior, to all of you!!” I turned to face all of them, my mind becoming more unstable by the moment, “You LET GO OF ME! YOU ARE ANGERING A GOD!!!”

“Sirius you are not a god!,” My brother yelled, “You are posted to a cross, vulnerable! You are not a god, but similar to the same man who was tied to a cross such as this. You are a messiah. The only difference is you are a fake one. And deserve to die”

As they all approached me with their weapons ready, I made every attempt to escape this fate. I tried to call upon my shadows, but that power was gone. I tried to break through once more, and my strength was still gone. I could not stop the inevitable, as they all began to stab through my body with their various swords and spears.

My worst nightmare had come to pass.

My power was gone. I could no longer be considered a god.

As that thought crept in my mind, my massive blood loss caused for me to pass out.

06-25-2014, 08:23 AM
Whatever happens to your character in the nightmare doesn't hold over to the tournament, so don't worry.

In other news, I updated the FAQ a bit and added the new entrants. If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to post them and I'll answer as soon as I can. The more people who join this, the more fun it'll be.

06-25-2014, 07:46 PM
Bust opened his eyes and yawned, he was back in his workshop in Mechanus. He looked around at the utopia he had created, there was a door that led to a massive warehouse that housed every robot he ever created, he had every tool that could be fathomed, and he had enough money to live like a king. Today however, he didn’t need to go in his warehouse, because the robot he was working on wasn’t in the warehouse, it was in a secret room elsewhere. He opened the trapdoor and walked down a flight of stairs, entering his basement. In the middle sat a golden robot, almost humanoid if not for its colossal size. Upon its neck are two heads, a small dome that houses a scoping screen that could track down any opponent and can maneuver 360 degrees, and the bigger one had two eyes, simply ornamental. Its large chest protected a state of the art AI system that was made to deduce the wisest choices in battle. It had three arms, one was attached to a massive steampunk cannon, and there was a smaller arm that was created to change the rounds that the cannon would fire. The charges were in a cartridge hooked to the back. The other arm had an armguard that had a blade connected to its end. It laid crouched on two legs, the robot was covered in armor that protected every part of the robot. He smiled, “Hello Howitzer how are you?” He powered up the robot and its eyes glowed red. “Let’s do some checkups.” He turned on his many monitors and as he sat down, his face was illuminated by the green glow. Suddenly one of the screens flashed red, “Weapon system armed? I didn’t turn on the…” He turned around to see Howitzer aiming the giant cannon at him, “Howitzer what’re you doing?” Howitzer’s small head aimed itself at Bust and Howitzer’s small arm loaded the cannon.

The inside of the cannon glowed, hot with the fire it was about to belch. “You have got to be kidding me.” He stood up and faced Howitzer, “I am your master!” Flames gushed out of the cannon and enwreathed Bust. He screamed and collapsed, beating away at his body. His flesh cooked, his blood boiled and cooked, and his eyes melted in their sockets, oozing down his face where they evaporated with a hiss. How could this be happening to him? This had to be a dream, no not a dream, it was a nightmare. He rolled around as the fire consumed him, he watched as the bones on his arms were exposed as his flesh turned to ashes. Why couldn’t he die, why could he still see? What hell was he subjugated to? His vision darkened as the flames consumed him, finally free.

L.L Bust= A cyborg with a morphing gun loaded with a myriad of different ammunition and a select few of dangerous liquids in bottles.


06-26-2014, 02:16 AM
wRHG Entrant: Bl.An.C. (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?58743-Cooper-Price-Bl-An-C-Blast-Android-Class)
-Human bonded to an android suit
-Capable of manifesting weapons and utility items onto parts of his body

Cooper was troubled. He sat down on one of the chairs in the mess hall of the underground compound. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with two of his fingers while his eyes closed. Deep in thought, the android let out a deep sigh. After recent events that shed light upon his current situation, he found himself helpless at the thought that he could never control anything. That everything was set in stone not by fate, not by destiny but by someone else that saw all that transpired. That someone was John and his men. John had been keeping him under tabs, watching his every move and making sure he went their way. Under the revelation, the man behind the android suit faltered and his mind never ceased to deny and accept the truth that was laid out in front of him in an endless loop. Did he really have any control over what happens? Does he even have a say anymore? Luckily, the Observer Protocol had not been John’s doing and by only allowing minimal contact with the other members, he successfully hidden the clan from John’s guidance. Their faces were wiped clean from the security files of the raid – they were downgraded from infiltrators to suicidal activists against android warfare. For now, they were safe.

But were those friends really his choice? John already seized control over the system, wormed his way into the higher positions and monitored each gladiator. His opponent was always several steps ahead and predicted every move he has ever made. Nothing seemed right. The more Cooper had thought of it pieces of the puzzle began to come together but he needed more clues. Needed more time; he needed to stall John’s plans but to what extent, he could never know. How long could he hold out with his own plan against his opponent. It was a chess game where his king was in constant motion, in the need of escape while the other pieces got taken out.

The scientist snapped out of his internal monologue and back into the world. He saw the one person he could trust with her head peeking through the gap between the double doors of the mess hall.

“I’m here.” He replied solemnly.

“You look tired.” She said observantly. Without much of a sound, she approached and sat beside him. “You need rest, love.”
“I know.” He sighed. “I need a lot of things.”

“Just rest for now then. I just read through the data you downloaded.” Alice looked dismayed for a moment, her brows furrowed in contemplation. “I doubt John’s been planning your moves.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Despite our closeness with the rest of the team back in the day,” She said. “No one said they truly know you. Only I did.”

“John is not a man that stops because of that statement. He will observe and learn.” Cooper said. “I’ll take you up on the offer of rest.”

“Good.” Alice perked up and wrapped her arm around Cooper’s own. “I’ll help you there.”

“What? I don’t need help.” He smiled.

“That smile was the help you needed.”


“Alice, I realized that I can’t sleep.” Cooper admitted as he walked with her. They were heading to the maintenance room where, since his bonding to the suit, the only place the suit and himself could sleep and shutdown.

“Yes, you can.” Alice said encouragingly. “Just close your eyes, eventually you will fall asleep.”

“No, I…the suit keeps me awake.” Cooper said, his half formed excuse didn’t seem to fit right with Alice and she wasn’t taking a no from him.

“Fine.” Alice said. “I’ll get the sedative.”


Cooper gazed at Alice again. She was smiling but everything seemed different about her. Her pupils were pale black spirals and her smile so wide that it seemed to split her face in two. She reached for her lab pocket and fished out a syringe.

“Remember Cooper.” The woman hissed. “Remember our deal.”

Cooper’s eyes flashed with horror. “Jenna! How-!”

Before he could react further, Jenna’s hand was tightly coiled around his neck and pinned him towards the wall. He didn’t remember her this strong when he met her the last time.

“The deal.” Jenna pressed as he plunged the syringe like a dagger into his neck. Her wicked smile was the last thing he could remember before he passed out. His logical mind deduced this was a dream – his first nightmare in ages.

06-26-2014, 10:59 AM
Error, none of your story (relevantly, the second half) appears to be taking place inside a dream. The unconsciousness clause requires that your dream-version character loses consciousness, not just your character falling unconscious to start dreaming. You don't need to explicitly state that your character is in a dream, but your story seems to explicitly put you outside of one.

Also, I'd appreciate it if people made their blurbs as succinct as possible. I have no qualms about shortening them myself, so avoid the risk of me misinterpreting your blurb by making it pithy from the get-go. Bullet points are probably the way to go.

06-26-2014, 11:06 AM
Alrighty. Will change it. Expect it later in the day. I seemed to have misunderstood haha.

I have edited the entry. It was a fairly minute edit on the second half but it turns the entire entry into a troubled dream then into nightmare. I hope its what it needs to be.

06-26-2014, 01:21 PM
wRHG Character: Haku ("http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?74661-wRHG-Haku-(Updated))

- Demon Possessed Human

- Aerokinesis
- Healing Ability

Demon Possessed Abilities:
- Soul Drain
- Superhuman Strength
- Tough Skin

Thin black hands of a clock turned as the tolling of the bells chimed 11 o’clock, rousing Haku to consciousness. Habitually, she lifted a hand to rub the muck from her eyes but her arms refused to move. Confused, she tried to open her eyes and examine the problem but her eyes too remained closed, seemingly unresponsive. Anxiety slowly crept into her mind as she gradually became aware of the numbness that had spread throughout her body, but logic and reason calmed her.

“There’s no reason to fret,” she thought to herself. She was simply experiencing sleep paralysis, something one could expect from being tortured to live a several hundred centuries. The lack of her sense of touch all over her body was strange, but she set aside the thought.

Haku slowed her breathing and began to count. Eventually, she would regain control of her body as it slowly roused to consciousness, or so she figured.


She wished her body would wake up soon, for a she could feel an overwhelming urge to use the restroom.


Being blinded by the inability to open one’s eyes was such a strange thing to experience, but at least when this was over she could tell Chris all about it.


Haku could feel herself slowly regaining control over her body as she weakly curled the tips of her fingers, but at the same time she felt an odd weight placed onto her chest along with a queer rustling of fabric.


Although she could now flex her fingers and turn her head, but her eyes still refused to open, or at least that is what she had thought. Feeling returned to her as she could feel the back of her head pressed against something hard and her eyelashes brush against some kind of cloth. Did she pull the blankets over her face?

The strange weight upon her chest had not left making harder to breathe as she continued to struggle against her paralysis. Her body began to respond back one by one. First a leg, then an arm, but she had not the strength to remove the blankets covering her face.

At this point, Haku’s breaths had become short and quick as she gasped for air. Never before had she experienced such a strange phenomenon, but everything was going to be okay so long as she could-

“Hello there, doll. Out of breath are we?” Croaked a voice directly in front of her.

Adrenaline now coursed through her veins as she struggled furiously to retreat from the voice, but the weight on her chest prevented her from moving her hands any further than from where it sat. The weight on top of her now pinned her to the cold hard floor pressed against her back.

“Oh you poor little thing! Why don’t I help you remove this cover shall we?” Teased the voice as she felt an ashy finger brush the side of her cheek.

Haku wanted to scream out in panic, cry out to the neighbors that she knew lived down the hall from where she was staying, but all she could manage were short staggered breaths.

The cloth was slowly pulled away from her face as the image of her torturer was revealed. Her eyes opened wide with shock and fear, not from the strange little demon that sat upon her chest, but by the multiple bodies that she saw laying upon the ceiling. No matter how much she willed it to happen, she could not close her eyes or turn away from the faces of the bodies. Every single body was a resembling figure of her, wide eyed and mouth agape with tears and saliva dripping off of their faces.

The demon turned in the direction of Haku’s expression and chuckled. “Oh don’t worry. I’ll make it fast this time.”

Haku screamed out in pain as the demon sunk lower into her chest. The crunching of her ribs breaking and the squelching of her organs rupturing filled her ears and blood filled her mouth.

And then everything froze. No more pain, no more sound, no more screams. She felt nothing for what seemed like a flirtatious moment in time…and then all went black.

06-26-2014, 06:27 PM
Okay, let me clarify real fast on the blurbs. If your blurb is longer than ten words, I will reword or truncate it. The point of the blurb is to just get across vital background information that would otherwise confuse the story. Using myself as an example, I would write that my character is half demon because otherwise people may get confused. There's no need to say that he has a knife or a bow or whatever because that's self-explanatory if it shows up.

06-27-2014, 01:29 AM
Changed mine a bit, but I'm not sure if this was what you wanted.
Let me know if there needs to be more tweaking.

06-27-2014, 09:54 AM
In that case you should add "not human" or "monster" to my guy's blurb.

06-27-2014, 07:40 PM
Edits have been made.

I'd like to point out for anyone who's on the fence about joining this tournament because of time constraints, you get three to four weeks each round to write your story, so time shouldn't be a problem.

Equinox Fox
06-28-2014, 04:54 AM
I shall get drunk and finish this tonight.

06-29-2014, 09:45 AM
I realized that it would probably be good to have a brief explanation on the tournament system, so I updated the FAQ with the following:

Q: If this tournament is not bracket style, then what is it?
A: This tournament is not bracket style because brackets scale badly and have a lot of inherent flaws with them (not that this system is guaranteed to be better, but I still prefer it over brackets for a number of reasons). Anyways, you can read all this information in more detail on the rules and guidelines (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85710-wRHG-Tournament-The-Valley-of-Dreams-Rules-and-Guidelines) page.

Basically, this tournament is wager-based. You are given two tokens when you enter the tournament and must bet them in order to get to eleven and win. Bets are determined by the first person in a matchup to declare one and must be at least half the lower player's pool; the higher you go, the higher the stakes get. Matchups are between people who have the closest number of tokens and random within that, so people who win will tend to be matched up with other people who win.

I'm using this system instead of a brackets system because it's much more active on the part of the competitors. It requires that people have initiative and take their fate into their own hands--the amount you wager and whether or not you win determines your next matchup, not just whoever is next on a list. Effectively, this tournament style rewards guts and forwardness, not just luck and skill.

I'm also using this system because it doesn't kick over half the people out after the first round. I want to give everyone the option to write multiple stories and the ability to recover from a loss because a tournament is all about facilitating stories that you wouldn't or couldn't write otherwise as well as allowing you to get feedback and improve. I'm doing everything I can to make sure that this event runs smoothly, and this tournament style is the best fit for what I want.

06-29-2014, 11:13 AM
Name: Rykosar
Abilities: Metal skeleton, robotic hand (right), and robotic leg (right).

Rykosar wRHG Page (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?77742-wRHG-Profile-Rykosar)

His monstrous body hardly stirred as he was slammed into the realm of his sleep.

A low sound rumbled like thunder from a broken cloud, a keen ear picked it out to be the resonance of mortar fire as a faint screeching tore through the air in unison. Rykosar leaned his back off from a small rock wall and he had put his weight against, pushing off into a run. Both legs carried him light, the usual metal present in his right leg now gone. Though the situation had absorbed him too much to take significant notice, for the time being it was just a gracious gift. He forced himself to stop and snapped up to a straight attentive pose, his head turned quickly to take in the environment. It appeared to be a strange desert, vermillion tinted sand and a piercing violet sky.

His stomach became a dreadful sour pit as his loss of orientation and purpose for being here wiped over him. Though in the back of his head, there was a burning need to run for a reason beyond him.

So he did.

A pungent smoke began to plume from the west, where the mortar fire echoed from. Despite this knowledge, the first place he moved to carry himself was there. The hue of the sky grew darker in this area for every step closer he was to the source of the chaos. The groans of distant mountains being hit by the consistent cannon fire continued to roar in the background of the old man’s heavy breathing. Rock faces and various pillars of stone began to grow more common and jagged in texture as he advanced. He stopped right as he could see the origin of the smoke from the horizon, the cloud had grown so abnormally large he craned his neck up attempting to find where it had yet to touch in the sky.

Looking back down revealed a sudden change in the climate. The air became frigid and from behind the smoke he could spot a massive stone door without walls to contain what was on the other side. Rykosar moved again, but reduced to a painful walk as pinprick pains began to invade his legs.

When he arrived, the smoke began to curl around his form and he began to choke, a panic returned to his thoughts, and a lost feeling made the cavity in his chest plummet. Exhaling sharply and coughing to relive the burning in his lungs, he reached for the door and let his metal claws tick against it. At that moment, his eyes widened with alarm and every nerve in his brain began to scream.

- Mortar behind you –

He jumped to the left just as a deafening crash shattered his ear drums, a blinding light and heat flooded him. Metal began to dig into his skin and he felt the sand grit his face before sensations were lost and everything went dark.

Things are getting difficult on my end, that's all I want to say.

The Strongest
06-30-2014, 07:09 PM
Name: Wildfire
Abilities: Flame Projection, Empowered in Fire, and Fire Doubles


What was that smell? An acrid stench filled his throat, setting it alight with a flurry of sensations. Pain was chief amongst them, from both the intense heat crisping that inner flesh and from the harsh, burning particles that settled along that inner passage. Bul inhaled sharply, but no air reached his lungs, instead he found himself coughing and rolling off the bed he had been laying in. Still seeking vainly to get air into his lungs, Bul felt around, looking for anything to help him. His hand recoiled as it found an intense heat, instead. Suddenly the floor gave way, crashing down in a flurry of painful embers that the man felt, rather than saw. But the air was clearer, here, and as precious air filled his lungs, Bul opened his eyes. Irritants in the air caused them to water, and Bul’s vision of the inferno was seen through salty tears. His house, he remembered it. All of it was burning, and he was not himself. Instead, as Bul looked up through the fire and smoke, he found himself looking at what he had become. There stood the burning man, clothed only in the flames that sought in vain to devour him at all times, the only thing appearing wholly human being those eyes, which burned with a different light. Purpose, terrible purpose that he recognized as being his own.

“The whole of the world.” That figure intoned. “I have seen it. All of it is burning. Choking on the smoke from that which they fuel their lives with. You have seen it, too. Rejoice, for like the phoenix, once you have burned away you shall be born anew.”

Flames grasped for Bul’s legs, quickly finding them, and beginning the steady climb. Here it was that things seemed to change for Bul. He could feel whatever it was that had made him who he was igniting, but rather than burning away, it seemed to grow stronger in the flame. This wasn’t killing him, it was bringing him to life. But as what? Everything that he had valued, he felt it burning away, reducing him to the raw core of a soul. All the while, he could see Wildfire watching, untouched by the flames. No, that wasn’t right. He could see that those flames strengthened Wildfire.

“Burn away everything, we’ll start again.” The words mixed with the crack of fire, and Bul looked up to see the structure of the house fail, collapsing towards him, transforming his world from a burning vision of fire and smoke to a thick blackness from which he wasn’t sure just how he would emerge.

07-01-2014, 01:17 PM
Name: Lucario (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?55157-Lucario-quot-The-Blue-Brawler-quot)
Abilities: 2 souls, aura manipulation, power-stealing machine, diamond knuckles, light swords.
Light flooded his senses, and a scenery he hadn’t expected to see unfolded before his eyes. Lucas rubbed his eyes, unable to fathom the possibility that he had returned “home”. Standing on a sidewalk as cars ran past him, the sound of people's chattering as buzzing as always. He began to take in the sight, and found the town unchanged through his course of traveling. A feeling of nostalgia filled his mind, though it was hardly for the town itself. No, it was for her. Maria, his friend.

“Time hasn’t affected much, eh?” The house was a majestic one, with its sturdy cream-colored wooden walls not deteriorated nor dirtied one bit. With well-placed windows and a grand entrance, the building imposed an intimidating presence on its guest, him to be exact. This place was her home, as was his. For he was fated as an orphan, he was adopted into their family through pure luck, and they had lived for a joyous amount of time, and it'd have continued had he not left for his journey. But the moment Lucas reached out his hand to press the doorbell near the black metal gate, his glance caught someone. It was her, with a shadow beside her. Another person, who was awfully intimated with her as he wrapped his hand around hers. With his back against a wall nearby, he had made up a new goal for his current sight-seeing trip: examining this “boyfriend” of hers.

Peering from a corner, Lucas could see their sillhoutes, but not their appearances, for they are of considerable distance from him. As he tailed the couple, he could make out certain features of the man from each passing turns they made. Blue, fuzzy hair. Dark attire, with strange cream-colored collar. Four straps hanging behind his head. With every detail he'd seen, the faster his heart beat. It's impossible. Illogical. Thoughts rampaged his mind, emotions crashing against his rational consciousness.

The moment they reached the shopping district, where the sidewalk broadened into a small parallel street for well-off pedestrians, he could see them in plain sight, and it was a shocking one indeed. It was him, or rather, Lucario the Blue Brawler, who he was after he shed the shell of a normal man. Feeling intoxicated from the overwhelming stress, Lucas leaned weakly on a shop's window glass nearby. His eyes caught his own reflection, and his mind was nothing short of a turmoil. He was back to his old self, a normal teenager with a normal life, whose purple hair and brown eyes had reverted back to their original state. Without a second thought, Lucas dashed off, trying to grab his beloved's arm and ask her who he was. But the second he touched her body, his body slipped through her as if he was a ghost. Tumbling on the concrete tiles, he got back up with all his remaining strength and mental power. He could not stand them looking at each other so lovingly as they continued their stroll.

"Oy! I'm talking to you! Who the hell are you?" His voice was intimidating, but shaking. He could feel him reaching his limit. One more push would break him. His command echoed across the landscape, yet the couple walked through him with no acknowledgement of his presence. Lucas was flabbergasted, speechless from pure shock. He turned his head around, to find the same reaction among the moving masses: despite his commotion, none spared him a single glance, if not attention. Being ignored by not one, nor two, but everyone, was the biggest insult he'd taken. He mattered, no matter what, and this fact invalidated his value. He lost all inhibition, and ran after the couple, his body drenched in cold sweat.

"Please, look at me! I'm here! Look at me, Maria!" Then, he felt a hand grabbing his face. The grip tightened, as if trying to crush his skull.

"Shut up." It was Rio's voice, the wandering soul given refuge in his body, "You don't deserve to be Lucario. Nor Lucas." Then, everything went black.

For Lucas, everything was surreal. Was it all a dream? No. It was a nightmare.

Below 700 words.

07-01-2014, 01:51 PM
Name: Torvin
Abilities: Military Training, Explosives, Stimulants, Various Weapons Training.

The scent of blood, the crack of bone shattering.


Another snapping sound as Torvin turned to face the sound.


A monolith of flesh faced him, the bare body of the beast covered in unnaturally large muscles. If Torvin was more coherent, he may have wondered how he could have even considered to move without tearing a muscle, but what it held in his hand caught much more of his attention.

Dangling In the monsters hand, the entirety of their upper-body encased by the creature’s vice-like grip. He only saw a pair of legs and an arm dangling from the creatures grip.

It squeezed, more crunching and cracking of bone was heard. A river of blood oozed from between its fingers, until it hurled the twitching corpse on the ground.
It was nearly unrecognizable, the part held crushed and mangled by the sheer force of the creature’s grip. A khaki pair of pants, a light shirt, both stained red with blood.
Before he could react to see the body in more detail, the bloodstained hand reached for him, and all went dark.

A bit rushed, but here you go.

07-01-2014, 06:46 PM
Hey guys, link your pages. Blurbs are ten words or less, Xate. Only list the most important information.

Anyways, friendly little reminder that first round entries close in about twenty-nine hours. Get those entries in if you want to be in the first round!

07-02-2014, 10:36 PM
So The Strongest called me back onto here. It's certainly been a while. Kinda surprised that I still recognise a good number of guys here. Since school's out again, hopefully I'll be able to write here a little longer than last time.
I'm not even sure if this entry's on time, so my apologies if it isn't =S. I hear there's a second-round signup, so I'm gonna drop this here anyway.

Name: Karal (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?73961-Karal)
Abilities: Metal Skin, Electricity Absorption

It was a modest attic enclosure, and one which Karal felt oddly familiar with. Three blue-painted walls and a wide cross window boxed Karal in her most familiar space, evenly surrounding her as she sat upon her bedsheets. It appeared some things had been moved around; she had always imagined her bed to be comfier, and a distinct lack of furniture made her feel at a slight unease.

Karal placed a gentle hand against the pane. She watched nonchalantly as cracks formed between her fingertips. The window gave way effortlessly, but the incident did not seem to phase her either. It simply felt necessary.
The shattered glass littered the driveway outside the small house. Looking down and to the right, a birch tree across the street waved from below. The morning sun was high, yet its branches were undressed and shivering. Karal too was shivering within her bedroom, having just noticed the draft she had caused. It appeared she had no curtains to close. She did not believe the room had been this empty the last time she was here.... And she was right.

Something else alerted Karal's senses. It was in the corner of her room, placed upon her wooden computer desk. Cake, she identified it . A wedge of blood-red sponge oozed in a bath of blackened chocolate, which seeped steadily from the incision of its neon icing jacket.

Trying from several angles, Karal struggled dearly to separate the deluged confectionery from its platter. Glazed caramel stuck to her fingers. It smelled delicious - not quite like how she remembered, but appetising to her all the same.
-Good Morning.- Watching Karal from behind the granite kitchen counter, a young woman looked amused by the ordeal. Her white fabric apron was stained with similar red and brown hues. Her kind greeting rung within Karal's mind; a calm, airy voice which she could not put a face to. It did not match the face which smiled above her. She had a gut feeling that this was not someone she knew.

-You're awake early. Maybe I have fed you too much.- The woman was holding a silver spoon in her left hand. Karal's blue eyes gazed back at her in the reflection. The stranger's words were making little sense to her, but right now her hunger ruled out her train of thought. Her fingers reached out, simply aiming to snatch the cutlery. She could not quite reach the spoon's handle -- nor lift said hand from the counter's surface. Her arms felt heavy... burdened, perhaps. It was a disorienting feeling.

-No subject has been able to crack open their cell before. We'll need to move you into another one.- Seeing that any further attempt would be in vain, Karal's attention finally swayed from the dessert. It appeared she had mistook the woman's apron for a lab coat. She was wearing glasses, but no identifiable face was to be seen in front of them. The air around her was cold. The room was poorly lit, with unfamiliar apparatus scattered throughout the concrete cubicle. There had not been a kitchen, nor a bedroom, nor a birch tree. Wishful thinking appeared to have gotten the better of her.

-You'll return to your senses shortly. Is that okay?- The woman asked rhetorically. She had left the room long before she finished asking the question.

-Senses...- Karal mimicked, speaking only to the sudden blackness which surrounded her. She was not sure how she communicated her words - or if she communicated them at all - for she was suffocating, slowly but surely. Her arms felt heavier. Her feet would not budge. Her eyelids were heavy... or were they already shut? She could no longer tell.

-...This again.- Karal finally realised. Her mind calmed, and her body came to rest. Her struggles for breath were ceased voluntarily. Showing no emotion, she silently embraced her return to a year-long state of unconsciousness. A never-ending nightmare in a never-ending dream.

-It's perfectly fine.-

07-03-2014, 12:01 AM
All right, entries for the first round are now closed and anyone who posts after this will be entered at the beginning of the second round (due date pending, but it'll be sometime during the judging phase).

I'll add the new contestants and the first round will be up on Saturday.

07-03-2014, 12:03 AM
Dammit! I was so close!!! Well, best of luck towards the first round participants. See you all in the second round!

Name(s): Eliza Arachne & Bella Donna
Team Name: The Suicide Sisters
Description: Resurrected Bounty Hunters (Day)/Demon Hunters (Night)
Abilities/Weapons: Object Immortality, Regeneration, Fetta (Large razor-blade), Synkiss (Demonic handgun)
Link: http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85090-The-Suicide-Sisters-(Eliza-amp-Bella)

Eliza is seen sitting in a middle of a dark, dry wasteland; everything around her is nothing but miles of dead land. The sky is no more than a void; no stars, no moon, only the abyss above her. Looking at herself, her nightgown is missing. Light as a feather, she is au naturel within an endless barren. Silence rules this landscape, no sound of wind brushing against her ear, even her own voice has been muted. No matter how hard she tried to scream, not a single word was muttered.

Eliza again examined the desolate area as her head twists to the right, but her motion was decelerating, as if time is slowing down. She has no control on her speed, her body moved sluggishly no matter what. She ascended from the ground and try to get more observation of her surroundings, but no luck. She decides to search the entire desolate plane, but as she kept moving, it gave the suspicion that she's was going nowhere, it's an eternal loop devoid of life. It felt like it's been forever just from walking a couple miles, but then she felt a sudden presence from behind her and quickly turned. What stands in front of her was a mirror, reflecting only her bare imagery upon its glass. Eliza couldn't comprehend on what's happening and why, but nevertheless examines her nude body upon the mirror.

She takes a quick glance down at her own flesh before turning back to the mirror, but what she saw again has struck her with utmost fear. The mirror is reflecting her time back when she was publicly humiliated in the middle of the street. The mirror was stained with the word “slut” in bright red letters while in the background, floating faces of people she knew in the past, those whom she have killed, are silently laughing at her. Eliza's screaming has broken the silence, but the sound of her scream and the roaring laughter is exceeding to its highest volume. The more she shrieked, her reflection is rapidly aging to a grotesque old hag. Her ghoulish self emerges from the mirror before shouting in a loud demonic voice at her face,


Eliza then fainted from fear.

Bella is running for her life across a long corridor of doors. No matter how hard she ran, she is trapped within a treadmill of carpet. Afraid to look back, she can hear heavy footsteps coming closer to her. Down at the end of the hallway is a slightly unlocked door which she desperately needs to hide in, but was unable to reach. Her chest is burning from the excessive running from the mysterious figure behind her, but she can't stop now, not while being hunted like a rabbit running from a ravening predator.

Her eyes quickly glances at the constant doors she's passing by and decides to take the chance and hide in one. She grabs the knob and frantically twist it, but it wouldn't budge. The ominous familiar is getting closer with each second and she's losing time fast. She tries the other door and manages to slip in and lock it. Bella stepped back from the door as it tries to bash it down. She turns and finds herself within a child’s bedroom. Didn't have time to observe the room, she frantically searches for a place to rid herself from the looming monster. Luckily the bed has room enough for her to slip under, so she crawls right under. Bella crawls back to the darkest part underneath the bed as the beast brought down the door. Silence filled the air as it surveys the room.

Bella held her breath as she watched the being's feet treading the floor. It looked like it has left the room, but she couldn't tell due to the intense darkness surrounding her. It is difficult to see anything, and it has launched her anxiety to its peak. She can feel the cold sweat dripping out of her pores and her heartbeat is pounding so heavily that it's bound to burst from her chest. Before she can crawl out from under the bed, the figure emerged.


Bella screamed in bloody terror before the creature's hand can reach out and grab her. Her hands tried grappling to the carpet, but it was too strong. The monster pulled her out and starts strangling her. Her vision is slowly blur as her surroundings fade to black.

07-05-2014, 12:07 AM
Hey, Shadowkirby, post your wRHG page link.

Incidentally, the first round is up now. (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85916-wRHG-Tournament-The-First-Dream-Past-Projection-Betting-Phase-(Ends-July-10)) Place your bets and I'll give you your prompts as soon as possible.

The Strongest
07-05-2014, 08:11 PM
So, I find our individual prompt rather hilarious, EB, because I don't think yours can eat. And Wildfire doesn't so much eat as burn things and gains sustenance from that, now.

07-05-2014, 09:47 PM
Bl.An.C. can eat. He can whiz back his entire helmet but only that. The rest of the armor stays. Its on his page from story progression.

The Strongest
07-06-2014, 12:57 AM
Huh. Didn't know that. Well, since I clearly don't know anything about anyone anymore, I'm going to just say Wildfire doesn't know any of these figures so well, and will be making the dream out of just whatever...maybe. Wonder if that'd work.

07-06-2014, 03:00 AM
You're allowed to write your characters as any point in their lifetime (old, young, pre-powers, whatever) and you can write any sort of relationships between your character and the opponent's (or any supporting characters). If your story needs your character to be lifelong friends or enemies with the other guy, you're allowed to do that (Some narrative challenges actually force certain character relationships).

Remember, context and continuity is only important within the story. Judges will deliberately be going into these stories without any supplementary information (like wRHG pages or other stories) to make sure that your story can hold its own. This means that anything that happens outside the story like past events can be anything you want.

07-06-2014, 04:34 PM
Not sure if it's too late to enter for this? If it is, then my apologies. I haven't been on the computer seriously in some time.

07-06-2014, 08:50 PM
You can still sign up for the second entry due date~!
Check the front page for details of what to do!

07-07-2014, 06:57 PM
Well, seeing as the first round has already started, it's too late to join for that. However, you can still submit an entry and get in at the beginning of the second round. The due dates for the second round entries are as yet undetermined, but I suspect it'll be somewhere around August sixth.

07-21-2014, 07:49 PM
Double post and friendly reminder that tournament stories are due in about a week and a half. Remember, you have to submit your story directly to me via PM by the due date, or you will be eliminated from the tournament. Just so it's clear, I will be making my own copy of the story you send, so you will not be able to change your story after you submit it. You will also make your own threads whenever you want, but if you don't by the due date, then I will. Thread formatting and stuff is up on the first page of the round topic.

I'm posting here so people know that second round entries will be due at midnight CST on August fifth (5th). This is to allow people to fix their entries if they need to as well as give me enough time to put them into the matchups.

07-30-2014, 12:13 AM
So, I'm probably going to need to fix this, because I tried to imply that he had fallen asleep and that this was a dream, buuuuuut I'm not entirely sure I did too well a job of that, either way, here goes my 374 words.

WHACK! Floris' vision quickly goes dark, and there is a thud on the ground as he falls limp, knocked out cold.

Floris’ eyes groggily open as he sits up, rubbing a sore on his head. His vision is blurred, but he appears to be at home still. Hmm? What is this, when did I fall asleep, I don’t remember falling asleep, but in order to wake up I must have fallen asleep at some point. Or am I still....I must be dreaming. He thought to himself, looking around. He was still in the Cave of Dark Light, his home, but something felt…off…to him. He looked down, propping himself up on a pair of his vines, moving up to his feet, only to find himself falling again, unable to stop himself before landing face-first on the mossy ground. He somehow got unlucky enough to have his chest land on a small rock, but it was big enough to knock the wind out of him.

Okay seriously, what the hell happened to…wait, is that…? He cut his own thoughts short as a familiar, but unwelcome smell met his nostrils. He panted, having to breathe through his mouth to avoid filling his nose with the smell of the smoke that had made its way into the room. He tried to get up, but he found himself unable to move much.

He strained his head upwards to try and see what was going on around him. All four entrances to the room had been sealed off by flames, and the smoke was quickly filling the room. “This…what is this?” He asked, already struggling to get any clean air into his lungs.

“This is where you die…” a faint, female voice spoke out from behind him, but he couldn’t turn to look at the source of the voice, not that it mattered much, he wouldn’t have turned over anyways.

"It's just a dream, just a dream," Floris told himself as the heat of the flames began to lick his body, scorching his plant-like skin.

The fire began to spread faster than Floris could process accurately, swooping in on him like a bird of prey looking for an easy meal until the flames formed an outline of the plant man’s body. His vision was going dark, and his body was beginning to run out of water and air to use. This surely was going to be his end. As he drew what he knew would be his last breath, and his eyes closing, probably never to reopen again, all he could hope was that this was all just some horrible figment of his imagination.

07-31-2014, 06:45 PM
Yeah, zoomxoom, it's really not clear that it's a dream. If you can change it up a bit, that would be peachy. Then I can put you up on the R2 entrants.

08-04-2014, 09:03 PM
Oh, zoomxoom, I'm really sorry I missed this earlier: you need a ten-or-fewer-words blurb describing your character's abilities and a link to your wRHG page. I've put up a placeholder on the front page for your character, though, so I'll update it once I get those.

08-05-2014, 09:19 AM
http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?85977-The-Bio-Flower Plant body manipulation and growth-giving light.

08-06-2014, 12:00 AM
All right, that's it for entrants at the beginning of R2. Thanks, ShadowKirby and zoomxoom, and I hope you guys have fun in the next round.

All posts after this will be entered at the beginning of R3.

08-06-2014, 02:03 PM
All right, that's it for entrants at the beginning of R2. Thanks, ShadowKirby and zoomxoom, and I hope you guys have fun in the next round.

All posts after this will be entered at the beginning of R3.

You're welcome! ^u^

So, when does R2 start and ends?

08-06-2014, 06:21 PM
I don't know for sure when it'll start or end, but if everything goes according to schedule with the judging, R2 will begin on Saturday. R2, like R1, will have a six day betting period, a three week writing period, and a week (or more, depending on how long it takes to judge) long judging period.

For those who are wondering about what I posted a few days ago, I've decided that we'll start R2 when the scoring is over. I'll send out my full feedback and comments about a week into R2, which is when I suspect I'll be done. You will all still receive judge feedback on your stories (meaning subscores and explanations), hopefully on Friday.

Edit for anyone who's checking: R2's probably going to start on Sunday. All of the points have been counted and the prompts/matchups are ready, but I want to send out the subscore judge feedback at the same time that the round goes up, and it's taking longer to compile than I anticipated (and you'll probably get what I mean when you get yours). So just hold tight for a little bit longer, we'll get R2 underway very soon.

08-10-2014, 01:42 AM
The second dream, Reviled Reflection, has begun. First round results can also be found there. (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?86759-wRHG-Tournament-The-Second-Dream-Reviled-Reflection-Place-Your-Wagers)

I've updated the front page with new due dates and participant stats.

09-09-2014, 05:54 PM
I'm still having internet problems, so we haven't been able to do judging for the round 2 stories yet. That being said, I'm still going to try and get it done by Friday.

That being said, right now the due date for new entries at the beginning of round 3 is Friday, September 12, midnight CST. There will be no new entry at the beginning of the fourth and final round, so if you want to join the tournament, this is your last chance.