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07-22-2014, 10:33 AM
http://www.filz.us/files/94535763/895/bickering.fla .fla
http://www.filz.us/files/05edc46b/787/bickering.swf .swf

http://www.filz.us/files/af960c95/a51/untittttled.fla .fla
http://www.filz.us/files/d2f5dea4/dc2/untittttled.swf .swf

Pink Fire:
http://www.filz.us/files/c1b18872/dac/pink_fire.fla .fla
http://www.filz.us/files/9be8db9b/50f/pink_fire.swf .swf

ok, so. lately, ive been brewing up ideas for animations in the future, BUT right now i dont have enough experience to pull it off. for example, i want to do a tribute to Ip Man, the movie, but i need more practice to do so. sooooo.... right now im working on alot of stuff and im still creating, so expect more from me soon ;)

also. filz.us is having problems right now, so just refresh until it works