View Full Version : Mid Air High-Five 2 (WIP)

Nobody In Particular
08-15-2014, 04:34 AM
So two days ago I got back into animating in Flash, and made this neat little thing (http://sta.sh/0j0hwkv8f9w).

Well I'm now working on a much better sequel to it since yesterday, and the latest WIP can be found here (http://sta.sh/0mmvss2iemy).

Basically the plot of it is that Green Stickman and Red Stickman are planning to set the world record attempt for the RADDEST MID-AIR HIGH-FIVE EVER IN TIME [sic]. And they brought Blue Stickman into it even though he doesn't really want to do it but whatever.

CnC appreciated, as always! I've just gotten off of a six-month animation hiatus, so skills might be a little rusty.

08-26-2014, 09:21 PM
There's a lot of good stuff going on, asymmetry, keeping things moving independently. But its over shadowed but some pretty major spacing issues.

For example after going through it frame by frame, I noticed there are multiple frames I'd take out to make that jump look a lot better.

You've got too many frames on the initial launch which removes all the power from the take off, as well as the travel time from ground to the peak of his jump; you could honestly cut that frame amount in half and single frame ease into your current double frames.

The end movements are all very robotic and move at the same time, you could make him land on one foot (think about the weight shift on the front heel, counter falling over by raising the back) then landing back down on the other foot.