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This interesting little 3-way battle is within the midst of many and wonderful things that can go wrong. Who shall prevail? Will it be the android? The scarred man? Or the ethereal warrior?

I have only received Kyra's submission to this cause. The other two are thus still welcome on late submission, but that means less time for your work to be voted on.


“Ahr hew shore yhou’ll be alraet, friend?” A meek sounding voice spoke from behind Rykosar.

The older man took in a slow draw of air, his metal leg clomping against the ground in contrast with Marat’s normal pace. “I’ll be alright. Nothing the modern times couldn’t fix. Though the event that led up to this was definitely not normal.” By the time he reached the end of his sentence, the duo of gentleman were looking at a large apartment complex.

“Marat?” Rykosar would address, turning to face the bearded man. He waited for eye contact before his features grew soft in attempts to comfort Marat, he still looked shaken by the wild light in his pale green eyes. “I’d like you to go upstairs to room 218.” To make sure he was made clear, the old man gingerly took one of Marat’s hands and traced the shape of the numbers with his palm.

“Do you remember Allison?”

A bit of the homeless man’s cheeriness returned at the name. “Ah, hyes! Yung reportor, hyes?”

“Mhm. She lives there.” The old man rested his metal hand on top of Marat’s for a few seconds before lowering his arm. “I’d like you to tell her I sent you and if you can stay the night there. A strange air is lingering the city and I don’t feel safe taking you back to my cabin just yet.”

“Ah, whill du eld sobako. But, ehm, hyew take care tu, hyes?”

Rykosar would have normally left without another word, but the pleading in Marat’s voice was equivalent to being looked in the eye by a small defenseless child. The old gladiator turned back with a scarred smile. “Of course, Marat.”

The old man didn’t look back after turning to limp home, but he could hear Marat scaling the steps leading to the second floor. He let out a breath he forgot he was holding before quickening his pace. Rykosar eventually carried himself to the thicker parts of the city, office buildings towered high, but not quite so as when he had visited New York on several occasions. Before he could find himself going on a nostalgic tangent, his azure eyes squinted at something large in the sky. Having first assumed it was a passing bird, he shook off the idea when seeing there was no wing movement. It was also getting too big.

It came to him as a screaming thought.



He echoed his realization as loud as he could to the passing people in the street, pointing to the sky before his eyes frantically scanned the streets. A small family restaurant was the first building with an open door he spotted. He entered as he looked to see he was being followed in by two suited men and a woman carrying her infant, having left her stroller behind after spotting the plane. One of the younger men motioned the woman back while the second man kicked the chalkboard sign containing specials out of the way to close the door.

Rousing a bit of confusion from the customers, a few people gathered towards the windows, despite Rykosar advisement to stand back. By that point, he craned his neck out just as the plane made contact with the building. The noise was deafening, the high roar of the engines and their further strain as the resistance of concrete walls and glass slowed the plane down. Rykosar could hardly hear the screams from inside the restaurant as literal tons of metal and concrete spilled onto the Toronto streets, the ground shook from the weight dropped and just seconds later, the plane itself dove into the streets from its violent descend. The front of the plane broke a large hole in the underground railway system, also visibly crunching what was the cockpit on its way down.

Crumpled rubble kicked up unearthly amounts of dust, it was like a white chalky sandstorm blowing through the streets. Thinking over it, this made Rykosar thankful for the young man that had closed the restaurant door earlier. The sound of the plane engine could be heard outside, though the full-fledged panic of the civilians inside the restaurant was more clearly heard. Children crying and even full grown adults shouting and screaming in confusion and panic.

Face paled at the realization of the others possibly not as fortunate as them outside, Rykosar limped towards the door. He’d push back anyone that tried to talk some common sense into him. As his hand clasped the door handle, his eyes shot to a middle aged man with a nametag, His uniform was different from the others so Rykosar assumed he was a manager.

“Keep everyone in here until the police arrives.” Rykosar was trying to keep calm as the situation unfolded, but he nearly barked the order at the man to ensure he was heard over the others. When he received a hesitant nod from the equally pale man, the old gladiator pulled open the door and slipped outside, closing it behind him before too much dust got into the building. Given the city wasn’t too compact, the make-shift sandstorm quickly dispersed, allowing Rykosar to see.

Nothing in the chaos caught his attention, except for two rather prepared and uninjured individuals amongst the dozen or two citizens that managed to run from the blast but didn’t have a place to take cover, possibly the dozen more calling out from the crater or crumpled buildings.

There was a silver haired man who had managed to successfully climb out of the crater made in the street, standing straight with a sword in a sheath to his side. Rykosar’s brows furrowed at the idea of someone needed a sword on a subway. Then his eyes snapped to a ‘thunk’ over the roar of oncoming sirens. From the air came…something. It looked to be a robot, it was metal from head to toe but Rykosar observed the movements to be quite human. He hated the idea of putting immediate labels of suspicion, but this hadn’t been a day to throw caution to the way side.

Regardless of what they did, it was already done, and the old gladiator sought to do what he could. Perusing them seemed useless. The old man slowly limped towards the hole carved in the road, careful where he put his metal leg in case he caused more of the street to collapse under him. He leaned forward to scan for people trying to climb out as well, seeing if he could help. He noticed a dark frail hand waving through the dimmed underground and reached for it with palm extended.

“HEY!” A young voice snarled. “You get away from them!”

Rykosar’s hand stopped reaching forward, but did not retract. His head snapped to the silver haired man from before, bearing a dark scowl towards the old gladiator. He had his sword unsheathed from its holder, the gem along the handle beginning to spark orange. The young man was quick and had no intentions on listening to Rykosar before he could speak. The blade suddenly burst into flames as he swung it towards the old man. Rykosar staggered back to avoid the full blow, but not before the blade could catch on his coat, setting the material aflame.

The old gladiator had no intentions of taking his beloved coat off, beginning to pat the flames with his hands to try and prevent the fire from spreading. The distraction was almost exploited by the sword wielder, bringing his blade back to swing at Rykosar a second time. But before the flaming steel could contact the old man, a loud energized pulse echoed even down into the crater. A blue bolt struck the swordsman, causing him to stagger back, barely keeping a grip on his weapon.

Both brawlers turned to the source of the disruption, the robotic human from before was standing outside of reach, its right arm raised with a large gun displayed. A blue glow began to shine from the end of the barrel as its monotonous voice rose to combat the persistent screeching of sirens.

“Demanding: Identify yourselves immediately.”

Rykosar would respond without much hesitation, since his coat was finally put out. “Rykosar.” He kept eye contact with the droid creature before turning to the silver haired man, making sure he didn’t attempt another attack during this. Luckily, the boy was cooperative…mostly.

“Ensiron, but I think it’s better if I ask –you- to identify yourself, as well as ask how the hell you must get off to this stuff.” His arms stretched out exasperatedly, to motion to the buildings, the plane, and the crater.

“Irritation: Both identified as possible threat. Engaging.”

Rykosar’s brows lowered to the young boy, in a break from the panicked manner before, his arm motioned to the android like a disappointed parent. “Now look what you’ve done.”

Ensiron didn’t give the old man a response, leaping forward towards Bl.An.C with flames still licking his blade. The metal clacked against metal, and in response the android quickly recoiled several steps back as it was noted that the heat of the man’s sword ad begun to melt the robotic suit. The impression left on the mark the sword hit exposed a dent in the shoulder piece with drops of metal dripping down the arm, now cooling and solidifying where they sat. The suited android shot up, speaking again.

“Alarm: Primary threat established.”

From Bl.An.C’s undamaged shoulder, a small panel slid out and three small orbs flew from the entry hole, each had a small sensor in the center of their forms. They let out a few snipping sounds before zooming towards Rykosar, who had thought he was safe from the fighting up until this point. The old man groaned as he straightened his back, head turning frantically to keep up with the buzzing drones. For the moment, they just continued to fly around him. Rykosar reached an arm out towards an oncoming one and tilted his weight to bring his metal hand against it, his intent being to slap it away. Upon impact with the sphere, however, the thing burst into a spectacle of metal shards and sparks right in front of him. The old man drew blood from his lower lip as he bit there to fight a shout in pain, feeling metal pieces dig into the muscles of his face and reopening plenty of long made scars.

The old man remained frozen for several seconds before letting out a long groan, “Well…that didn’t go as expected.” Picking the bigger pieces out of his skin with eyes and feet set towards Bl.An.C. The force of the explosion luckily having only left one of the spheres to try, and fail, at distracting him from the others.

Ensiron had turned his head quickly when hearing the explosion by Rykosar, deciding to try his luck on taking out the supposed weaker of the two opponents. Originally intending to hit Bl.An.C, Ensiron quickly whirled back and charged at Rykosar instead. As his steps stole the distance between them, the gem at the hilt of the sword flashed brown with the original orange shade dimming away, stone fragments began to grow from the sword and even a faint darker coat could be seen over Ensiron’s skin.

Bl.An.C appeared to be without a target, but the visor of his helmet tilted in Rykosar’s direction. As Ensiron charged Rykosar, the old man charged towards Bl.An.C. Despite his clunky weight, Rykosar managed to strike first, pulling his arm back and letting out a hard jab at Bl.An.C’s helmet. The force of the punch with his metal hand, which had been peripherally warped by the drone explosion, caused the glass around the helmet to crack. When seeing Ensiron coming from behind, Rykosar attempted to turn his body and punch him as well. Unfortunately, this hit was not well received due to the strange buildup of stone around his skin, the impact was partially absorbed.

“Not so tough now, hm old man?” Ensiron would nag, forced back a few steps but otherwise unscatched.

With Rykosar’s back turned to Bl.An.C, the android hauled back to return the punch given to him right in the back of the head. The old gladiator felt the world grow weightless and near dark from the impact, stumbling forward and luckily not right into Ensiron. The small panel in Bl.An.C’s shoulder had remained open, releasing a final drone to join the last lingering one before the panel slid shut. Both shot towards Ensiron while Rykosar was no longer a problem.

The drones sailed towards Ensiron, causing the swordsman to take up a fighting stance, ready to smack the machines with his stone club of a sword despite seeing what happened when Rykosar tried sometime similar. But, at the last second, Bl.An.C made them slam into the road under him causing both to explode. Ensiron felt his feet fly out from under him and the handle of his blade slipped from his hands as he hit the asphalt, the sword joining him with a few clinks.

As Bl.An.C paced towards Ensiron, the collapsed swordsman quickly kicking his feet up and rolling forward to his knees. His hand grasped his blade once again before the android had a chance to attack. The gem on the sword burned red as it cut through the air and sliced across Bl.An.C’s arm. Molten metal dripping through his padding or down the metal gauntlet, what bits did maneuver through the other layers began to penetrate skin. At that moment the large lurking figure of Rykosar fell behind Ensiron and the swordsman lost his footing with the ground, a hard gripping pressure on his sides. With hands clasping Ensiron’s body tightly, the old man sucked in a mouthful of air before he lifted the boy up and outright slammed him into the ground.

Rykosar gasped hoarsely as an iron fist struck his spine. The force of the punch caused Rykosar to lunge forward, almost falling over Ensiron if it wasn’t for his metal leg planted firmly on the road as an anchor. It appeared no damage was caused to his back as a result of the spine being metal thankfully, excluding some bruising later.

“Condescending: Your lack of agility is noted.” Bl.An.C stated monotonously, having not spotted Ensiron trying to get to his feet.

Rykosar frowned, “Oh? Well so are your lack of manners.”

Ensiron had dragged the blade of his sword against the asphalt, standing from a knee to both feet. The gem on his hilt flickered then shone a bright green before segments of the sword’s blade began to separate, held together by a strange semi-transparent curved line between segments. The tip lashed and whipped like an irate snake as winds suddenly burst from his body as he stood near Bl.An.C and Rykosar. The android had to take several steps back to avoid being perturbed by the winds, but Rykosar’s large metal form allowed him to stand his ground, his coat flapped against his chest in protest.

Moving both hands up to block the wind from blowing debris or dust into his eyes, Rykosar began his slow laborious walk towards Ensiron, attempting to extend his metal hand out for the young man’s throat. In seeing the open hand though, the swordsman wildly lashes out his blade. The segments falling into a curved shape as they pulled against the wind and sliced Rykosar’s outstretched arm. The coat sleeve was torn and the skin had been dug through deeply, drawing blood as it stained the rest of his sleeve and dribbled to the ground. The old man pulled back his hand, tucking it to his chest to try and stem some of the bleeding while Bl.An.C raised his undamaged arm, the iron first retracting before his plasma cannon formed along the top of the gauntlet. A bright blue light near the end of the barrel shone true before two blasts were fired in Ensiron and Rykosar’s direction.

The swordsman swung his armed hand out, the divided sword’s segments lashing out. The reach of the weapon was enough to reach both Rykosar and Bl.An.C, attempting to cut through them both. The android crossed his arms over his face, the metal and metal scratching against each other. Meanwhile, Rykosar noticed the blade coming in enough time to duck under the swing. Bent towards the ground, Rykosar’s mechanical leg began to clack and tick loudly. Rykosar pushed off into a short jog, his weight bracing the winds as his whole form loomed over Ensiron before the young man was tackled to the ground by Rykosar’s massive weight.

In addition to the feeling of a car laying ontop of his chest, Ensiron’s head snapped to the left from a cold metal fist to his cheek. Something in his jaw popped, the warmth of blood trickled from his nose and the sharp pain crossing his cheek. In his position over Ensiron, Rykosar was unable to notice that the gem on the man’s blade suddenly glinted light blue.

Bl.An.C lowered his arms as the two other gladiators wrestled each other on the ground, he could see sharp pillars of ice shoot out from Ensiron’s body, piercing nearly half a dozen areas in Rykosar’s body given his close range. The swordsman was soon welcomed by the pitter patter of a red and black fluid dripping onto his clothes from the skin of the old man, who then quickly retracted himself by completely rolling off of Ensiron.

“Devious: Further observations noted. Wounds accounted for. Reengaging primary threat.”

With Rykosar’s own metal fist having done a good job of leaving Ensiron bruised and bloodied, Bl.An.C’s iron fist retracted back into his arm, being replaced with his plasma gun before he ran at the swordsman, aimed and firing. Several plasma bolts flew through the air, only one managed to contact Ensiron in the side before a large ominous crack echoed in the city streets.

The old gladiator managed to get to his feet, scarred face paled as he saw the splits in the street. The larger crevices that outlined the road began to groan, specifically the ones near where Rykosar was, before chunks of the street began to collapse into other sections the railway system and enlarging the crater in the road.

As the large cracks began to transform into chasms, Rykosar hauled his weight forward, limping closer to the sidewalk out of some assurance that the destruction wouldn’t spread there. As Bl.An.C had attempted to steal another hit towards Ensiron, the swordman’s gem burned yellow. In only a few quick strides, he had managed to catch up to Rykosar and then beyond as Bl.An.C’s fist cut the air in front of him. By the time he reached the other side, Ensiron’s sword had been replaced with two hook blades, one in each hand. Despite the flashy exit however, Bl.An.C was more than capable of running to safety like Rykosar had before the ground beneath him crumbled down into the subway system.

“Unimpressed: Show off.”

Ensiron spun one of his hook blades as his eyes shot past Rykosar to look at Bl.An.C, “Yeah, well at least I’m the best looking of us three.”

Once it was addressed that the collapse in the streets wasn’t going to spread to their section, the fight continued. Bl.An.C quickly tried to run up to Ensiron while his back was turned to Rykosar, he’d swing a plain fist swiftly to the back of his head in attempts to keep him from dashing off. As Ensiron hit the ground, Rykosar caught his breath long enough to take his charge towards the android after catching the hit out of the corner of his eye. After moving as quick as he did with the weight in his old bones, Rykosar’s movements were still sluggish and Bl.An.C easily sidestepped the attack. No longer having something to dive towards, Rykosar was unable to stop his momentum and fell into the segment of road near them. He nearly broke more of the street with his weight, causing more cracks to spread out from the impact of his body but luckily not causing more pieces to outright collapse into the tunnels underground.

Ensiron managed to pull himself up to a knee, then stumbled back up to both feet. To add to his bloodied face. Crimson trickled from the back of his head, staining his hair and going down his neck. He could hardly blink both eyes in unison before spotting Bl.An.C and Rykosar, the former being his bigger target. As a scowl crossed his lips, the gem in his sword flicked to red as he pressed into a charge towards the android. A successful slash cut at the armor caused more of the metal to melt, exposing wires and the more vulnerable layers, it was an attack he repeated a second time against Bl.An.C’s chest before the android raised up his plasma gun and opened fire. The orb flew off course however as Rykosar wrapped a tattered sleeve around Bl.An.C’s neck, pulling him back in a headlock.

Trapped in Rykosar’s hold, Bl.An.C’s head shot down as a metal fist struck the top of his helmet repeatedly. Which each grunt with the occasional pause to catch his breath, the old gladiator persisted as his metal fingers began to whine from the force, cogs grinding tightly against each other as his hand in addition to Bl.An.C’s helmet began to dent from the force. With the two stuck standing there, Ensiron pulled back his arm and swung outward towards the two, cutting down from Bl.An.C’s side and trailing up to Rykosar’s left shoulder. Though the wound slit the old man’s skin, the heat of the fire from the blade immediately cauterized the wound, this didn’t stop it from being extremely painful. Rykosar released a dazed Bl.An.C from his grip, gently cupping a hand around the newly made wound.

Bl.An.C had tried to use this freedom to swing a fist towards Rykosar, but the old man was able to catch it in the android’s brief disorientation. He pulled the fist and thus Bl.An.C close before slamming his own fist into Bl.An.C’s stomach region. It was armored, but technically so was Rykosar. The old man had his metal hand occupied with the android’s. So as skin raked against metal, his black and red blood began to form around his knuckles from the attack. Somehow, the hit managed to follow through to whatever was inside the suit, as Bl.An.C buckled over from the impact and lost his balance. Ensiron turned his head as he noticed the whine of the plane engine becoming more persistent to the ear, even increasing in pitch trying to compensate for whatever pieces of rubble could have built up around the turning blades.

Rykosar noticed Ensiron distracted after Bl.An.C fell to the ground and rushed at him. Though the swordsman had quick reflexes and Rykosar spotted the gem on the blade’s hilt glow a light blue as he had seen before. Regardless, the old man remained persistant, his advancement did not falter or slow as he spotted the shards of ice sliding out of Ensiron’s skin. Rykosar grabbed him, scarred and blood coated face contorting into a horrifying scowl as his hands dug through the ice to outright grab Ensiron a second time. The young man’s eyes widened at Rykosar’s lack of withdraw, pushing himself into the old man to drive more of the sharp ice through his coat and skin, but he could still feel his feet leave the ground, swinging a few inches from the road.

In his exhaustion, Rykosar couldn’t do much more than this, but spotted the large gaping hole from the road where he could see a stopped train from passed the shadows casted in the tunnels. With a rumbling growl building up in the back of his throat, Rykosar half pushed and half toss Ensiron into the collapsed street, watching him plummet before hitting the roof of the subway. Something in his leg probably twisted the wrong way upon impact and his head had been injured enough to where that final blow knocked him unconscious.

The old man wheezed from the effort it took to perform that action, bending both knees to lower himself as his head grew light and black dots invaded his vision. Rykosar drew in enough air to speak over the plane’s growing presence in the ambient sound of the streets. “If anyone’s down there.” He started, requiring another quick gasp of air. “Take the man on the roof somewhere safe, this place-”

As Rykosar turned back to keep his eye on Bl.An.C, a blinding light burned from behind him followed by an ungodly loud roar. Their bodies shook and Rykosar’s stomach dropped as the plane’s engine finally ruptured. The old man didn’t even look back, the screeching of collapsing metal and the crumbling of massive concrete walls was all he needed to hear as adrenaline fueled his ability to stand quickly. They had luckily moved to the sidewalk that was opposite to the one that had the plane, so there was perhaps enough time.

In the exhaustion from the fight as well as the massive damage his suit took, Bl.An.C attempted to draw back when seeing Rykosar approach. The android almost looked physically tense before seeing that Rykosar was assisting him to his feet. “No time to shoot me now, there’s a city coming down on us!”

“Panicked: Affirmative. Move.” Was the response he got as Bl.An.C was finally on both feet, if requiring to lean some of his weight against Rykosar. The two reeled forward as the ground under them shook massively from the falling debris hitting the streets. The building the plane had crashed into was massive, so the towering construction had a long reach as it began to fall.

“You wouldn’t happen to have something to make this quicker, would you?” Rykosar would inquire, the tone edging on fear while the wording implied his usual calm. He got his answer without a need for words. Bl.An.C forced himself to keep up with Rykosar’s pace, two metal slates forming the shape of wings began to extend from his back, followed by a cylinder shape in the center. It looked like a small rocket.

“Concern: The wing pack is not designed to lift two.”

“We don’t need to fly, just to move faster than we are!”

There wasn’t much time left after that to address Bl.An.C’s worrying, as the building had blotted out the sun for both as it toppled. Flames jetted from the pack without hesitation and the two pushed off from their feet. The ride was rocky and their feet occasionally contacted the ground, allowing them to keep balanced with the abnormal position of weight with Rykosar there.

Despite their best efforts, their escape plan only went so far. They managed to avoid being crushed by the building, but the rubble scattered as a result of it finally hitting the earth began to shower over them. Bl.An.C’s pack finally dimmed, the wings remained out as both him and Rykosar hit the ground hard, metal and skin grinding before they finally separated and rolled their separate ways to a stop. Dust and rocks began to bury them and the two lost sight of each other.

Rykosar coughed, wheezing briefly as dust from the crumpled concrete walls smothered him. He could feel the weight of some parts of the building pressing on his back, to the point to where he couldn’t stand upright. He moved his damaged metal hand up, trying to push some of the rocks away, managing a few small cracks in the pile around him before the finger joints of his hand failed him and he lowered his arm. Some fresher air filtered in this way, giving him a moment to breathe before trying to push more with his back and other hand to escape. He could hear footsteps clamoring about, kicking smaller rocks as they walked with stern orders being shouted around, much clearer to hear with the engine no longer running.

He could hear rocks falling over and eventually sunlight silted into the small hole he had been hiding out in, letting out a groan in relief as the weight of the wreckage was taken off of his back. With the sun no longer blocked, it concealed the face of the female officer who had dug him up. She didn’t offer a hand to help her stand after assisting him out of his small cubby, sternly ordering him to sit down in case he was wounded, which he obviously was.

Her face was starch white, though some of the finer lines under her eyes and forehead showed she was older and possibly more experience, she was also likely not trained for something like this. She didn’t have much to say, so Rykosar took the silence to speak up. “There’s another man buried around here, in a metal suit, but could probably use your assistance too.”

Her face twisted in confusion at the mentioning of the suit, but the note of someone else being trapped caused her to straighten her back and step off, scanning the area for signs of bulging in the rubble. Distracted, but also helping Bl.An.C, Rykosar’s leg let out a whine as he stood up, a few pebbles likely got into the gears, clogging valves. The old man sighed tiredly, using both hands to pick up the metal leg so he could drag it in front of him, followed by his normal limping step. He spared a glance to the collapsed road, where chunks of metal and concrete had fallen in as well. He couldn’t see where Ensiron had been, so hopefully he had been moved inside the train or deeper in the tunnels to be protected.

With the thrill of the fight and panic of the destruction caused over, Rykosar felt a second pang of alarm when realizing the amount of people also buried in the ruins. At the same time, his felt his ancient body hunch forward. He was exhausted and drained of energy, hardly able to walk let alone assist the authorities. With a few short gasps, moving a hand to his face to wipe it of some of the blood dripping, he kept walking away in protest to the officer who had found him when hearing his loud footsteps.

Though, she had bigger things to worry about than an old man.


Phase Two :: Calamity Trigger (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iz-G-lQ4f2KOGPUnRDxsoDkTZe9WLo909avi-5pfNbw/edit)

“Quick! Everyone get out!” Ensiron yelled. The first human called for his sword and stabbed it at the collapsed asphalt. Maybe I should have said that when I actually burst the hole open. Oh well. He thought to himself. He shrugged and channeled earthen energy through the sword. Ensiron held his breath and released the energy. Through the sword’s tip, emerald power surged outwardly and blasted the blockade of asphalt and concrete. The gloomy afternoon light flooded the cart and yells of praise and gratitude fill Ensiron’s ears.

“No need to thank me, just your usual friendly gladiator helping out.” He replied with a smile joyously. “Now, who needs help?” He claps his hand but his question is ignored by the masses that rushed out the makeshift ramp of what seemed to be a plane’s wing and just beneath it, a slowly expanding pool of blood. The Ethereal moved closer to the wing trying to barge it open but he knew in doing so, he’d cause another collapse. The surrounding air felt dryer and dryer as time went on Ensiron swallowed and whispered, “I’m sorry.” He then exited the tunnel but not before sounds of buckling steel escaped the darkness of the furthest train cars.

Ensiron’s ears were flooded by sounds of panicked screams and the sirens of ambulances as he entered the outside world. What caught his eye was the large gaping hole through two buildings. He resisted the urge to say timber though it was never meant to be a joke. The side of one of the skyscrapers was entirely missing, smoke and fire replaced the concrete and steel. It looked to be holding on for dear life as one strong gust of wind could collapse the structure. “What—what happened?” The words just slipped out from his mouth at the horrific scene. The first thoughts that ran through his head were to help and aid; a panicked chicken is no use in the farm. Then he reeled at the thought. “What?” He shook his head and realized it must have been the salmon talking for its hatred of chicken, he grimaced at the idea.

Screams of help alerted Ensiron to its source, a man trying his best to keep the SUV’s roof from collapsing further. “My kid! She’s stuck! Please help!” He cried. People were running around, only a few stopped to help but eventually left when an explosion rocked a nearby street. Ensiron switched from a walk to a brisk jog and closed the space between himself and the trapped child.

“Hello,” Ensiron said and to the parent. “I’m here to help. Step back and watch the car, it might move. You put in the brakes, yeah?”

The gladiator assessed the situation, the child was inside, trapped under the weight of the car. The windows were still intact so the roof is still holding but not for long, a huge column of concrete crushed the entire front part of the vehicle and part of the back. He could hear sobbing. He went in closer, peeked through the wreckage and saw a single scared little girl, curled up. She was bleeding from her head.

Ensiron grit his teeth, stepped back and deep blue energies pulsated into his blade. “Okay kid,” He yelled. “I need you to stay calm and keep your back against the car door. You understand?”

“What are you going to do?” The man asked.

“What’s your name?”

“Frank. But—“

“Don’t worry, Frank. I’m an expert when it comes to saving kids from car accidents.” Ensiron assured Frank as he lashed his sword forward. A tendril of water emerged from the sword and whipped downward that sliced the car in two; the gladiator’s arm pulled back almost immediately and caused the water to slash the car sideways. When the car’s front collapsed from the weight of the column, the entire car was flattened. Frank’s face was a mixture of terror and rage but before he could get his hands on Ensiron, a child emerged from behind the car and ran towards him.

“I just severed the connected between door and car, your kid was leaning on it so she simply fell out.” Ensiron beamed as he ended his explanation. “Now go, be safe.”

He watched the two move on but he heard a few hesitant cries from the child.

“But mommy is still in there!” She cried, but her father scooper her up, carried and quickly carried her away.

Ensiron looked at the car. “Why is this happening?”

He looked around. Something not right. The Ethereal searched for something odd in the chaos and he spotted it. A lone man standing in the corner of the street; he looks calmer than what the atmosphere entails. Even he’s a bit panicked, but this guy. No. He’s calm. He’s got something to do with this.

“Hey.” Ensiron called out.

The man snapped out of his trance, as if he was stunned at what happened.

Yeah right. I bet this guy eats that salmon from the train like his everyday food. Disgusting. Ensiron thought to himself.

“Me?” The man looked at the approaching Ensiron, confused as to why him personally.

“Yeah, you.” Ensiron examined his suspect from head to toe; a trench coat fitted the man nicely, leather boots and dark clothing was everything else then the gladiator eyed the man’s azure eyes.

The man’s nature quickly hardened. “What is it do you want? There’s a catastrophe here and we could be helping!”

“So why aren’t you? I just helped.” Ensiron gazed longer.

“I was just stunned is all.” He admitted. “You don’t see a triple calamity everyday – building’s about to go, plane crash and a subsequent train wreck.” He shook his head, but then he stopped and stared at Ensiron, which unnerved the ethereal slightly. “I saw you come out of that train wreck, all happy.” The man squinted his eyes back at him. “Why? Were you excited that something happened?”

“Woah, woah. You’re under interrogation here, err, what’s your name?” The Ethereal asked.


“Mine’s Ensiron. Well, if anyone’s asking questions, it’s going to be me.” Ensiron pointed his blade at Rykosar.

The elderly man moved back a bit at the sudden appearance of a weapon in front of him and then he sighed. “A fight you get then.” Rykosar muttered.

Rykosar raised his right hand and grabbed the blade slowly. Ensiron tried to pull it away but he couldn’t. The man had a vice like grip. “Could you let go of my sword? I need it to threaten you with.”

The sound of an approaching engine halted any further discussion between the two gladiators as they instinctively gazed at the black blur speeding at them.

“Bl.An.C.?” Ensiron managed to ask himself.

The blurred black figure’s engine stopped from expelling flames, extended his legs forward and a fist raised above his head, sparks of electricity danced and moved excitedly around it. Ensiron saw that the android did not intend to slow down but the surprise was etched on his face and one question marked his mind: WHAT?

Upon landing, the android struck the nearest object: Ensiron. The Ethereal wasn’t able to brace himself for the sudden impact of a thunder-like blow and barely managed to block it with the flat of his blade. The fist passed through his side, followed by the android’s body. Ensiron watched with horror as the android turned to face Rykosar and raised his left hand to continual bolt of energy at scarred elder. Rykosar crossed his arms in makeshift defense against the bolt of searing energy and nearly keeled over from the surprise assault.

“Bl.An.C.!” Ensiron gasped, still shocked from the blow. “What the hell?”

The android’s head shot a glance at Ensiron, the sapphire eye gauged Ensiron for a moment before rectangular pods materialized on his shoulders. “Termination underway.”

Ensiron widened his eyes as the android sped towards him; flames ejected from his wingpack forced the android to his face nearly immediately. The ethereal felt the sting of cold steel laced with lightning strike his gut. The electrical surge rode his nervous system like a pain-inducing roller coaster at high speeds that left him numb and out of breath. A succeeding hook slammed into Ensiron’s face that knocked him dazed. He began to see stars and his vision darkened. Bl.An.C.’s missile pods took aim as they moved to face their target and released their payload. Missiles screamed out of the pods, cylindrical rockets of explosive power struck the ethereal in cold blood. Ensiron was flung out of sight, unconscious.

In the aftermath of the blitz, Ensiron found himself on cold asphalt, seemingly sent here from the shockwave of the explosions. He felt like every part of his body protested to moving at all and webs of pain shot throughout the entirety of his person. He looked around for his sword but his eyes were still adjusting. He could hear screams of people around him, far more panic than before and frenzied yells echoed in his ears. He felt himself get pulled and propped to the side of a car.


Ensiron heard the call but it could have been from elsewhere. Ensiron couldn’t tell until he was slapped crossways and his mind kickstarted.

“Ouch.” Ensiron said and held his jaw as if to correct it. His hand was wet. He tried to focus on looking at his hand but he was still too dizzy. He was seeing a blurry double image of his hand.

“Sir! You’re friend over there needs help!” The voice seemed male but fear was deep rooted in it. “Hey Jake! Get his sword!”

“I have it!” Jake called back and handed it over to the man.

“Here man,” He said and shoved the blade into Ensiron’s hands. “Only you guys and can save us now.”

“Save from who?” Ensiron could still feel his head swell up from the pain. “You are?”

“From Bl.An.C.” He said. “I’m Shawn, this is Jake. We’ve been trying to get the other people to safety when we saw you duke it out with the black suit. We thought it was another OOA battle but…”

“But what Shawn?” Ensiron fixed himself, now focused more on his surroundings and the words coming out of Shawn’s mouth.

“Bl.An.C.’s been killing -- all collateral but...I’ve read about him, man. He doesn’t kill. Even his records say he doesn’t kill save for that one time.”

“One time?” Ensiron asked, audibly piqued for more information.

“Yeah. When he killed his clan leader.”

“He what?!”

A powerful explosion rocked Stickpage city. A beam of energy passed them overhead. Shawn and Jake managed to duck. Fire was spreading and the emergency teams couldn’t get in to quell the threats since Bl.An.C. was there.

“Oh shit man, the airplane’s engine exploded!” Jake said exasperated. He held his hands on his head.

“I’ll handle it then.” Ensiron stood up despite his bodily protests. He took a deep breath walked towards the battle. He looked back at the two people that saved him and with a nod and a thumbs up, the Ethereal went back into the fray. A call beeped him. Ensiron furrowed his brows and thought it probably be Carson. He shook his head and muttered. “I’m already here, Carson.”

Ensiron followed the trail of destruction, overturned cars, pools of blood and bodies until he found the blazing battle near the plane crash. He moved in past the plane’s fuselage and snapped off wing, stopped and hid behind a car. He poked his head out from the side to gain a better understanding to what was happening. The gladiator battle was on the intersection between Dwight and Femur streets. The two were right smack in the middle. Rykosar was in the middle of Bl.An.C.’s continual beating but held his ground nonetheless, the scarred man struck hard but he was too slow. The jetpack Bl.An.C. carried made Rykosar’s blows seem like a snail trying to catch up to a cat at mach speeds.

“This is...cheating!” Ensiron muttered. His phone rang again. He closed his eyes in frustration and opened it. “Carson, I’m here. I’m gonna handle Bl.An.C. keep your --”

“Ensiron? Its Alice.” The voice replied. “I know you’ve been in combat with Bl.An.C. and I’m sorry but that isn’t him.”

“Oh? Do you recognize any other black suited android-man hybrid anywhere? I doubt it.” Ensiron said, and gazed back. Rykosar was visibly tired, the old man was breaking and Ensiron gritted his teeth. “If you have anything to say, say it quick because I just can’t sit here and watch a murder happen!”

“Murder..? Oh...you found out.”

“Found out, eh? Never gonna tell your allies that he had a criminal record?” Ensiron snapped. “You know what? I’ll talk to you later. I need to deal with your fiance.”


Ensiron closed his phone and channeled elemental energies into his sword. Wisps of red energy mixed with green and laced themselves onto the blade. With haste, he moved out from his position and swung his blade upwards. He made sure the tip of his blade made contact with the ground, enough for his energy to seep into the road. The channeled energy coiled down to the asphalt and morphed into a moving force of earth. The road shattered in a line and created an earthen barrier between android and elder which ended with a massive stone spike.

The android faced him, icy sapphire of an eye gazed at him, calculating and cold. Without pause, it surged towards him with a blow similar to before, his iron hand sparking with electrical force but Ensiron wasn’t off guard this time. This time he was pissed. With the flat of his blade and a hand behind to support it, he received the blow. The resulting sound was akin to thunder cracking at arm’s length and Ensiron nearly bent over through the sheer force but he wasn’t to give in now. Ensiron was glowing green and he met the android’s cold stare with his own. Ensiron shifted his foot back and screamed, and pooled his strength into his hands and pushed the android back. Bl.An.C. was sent back, his feet grazed the ground but still aloft by the wingpack. From behind the android, emerged a scarred elder who Ensiron recognized as Rykosar. The android somehow noticed Ensiron’s glance behind it and dared to look. A few seconds only told it one thing: it was trapped.

“I don’t want to do this Coop but you leave me no choice.” Ensiron called out.

The android tipped his head to one side curiously. On its shoulders, one of the pods flashed twice, what replaced it was a small device that blinked with a red light. The Ethereal breathed in. What’s wrong with you Cooper? He thought and lowered his stance. There was a brief flash of white and the android was no longer alone and the weapons on his arms exchanged. A spherical drone floated just above his shoulders and it watched Ensiron. The android’s hands activated with blades of cyan energy. Bl.An.C. turned around to face Rykosar and surge towards the elder in a burst of jetflame.

“Oh no you don’t!” Ensiron yelled as he ran forward, closing the distance between himself and the android with the aid of earthen constructs that pushed him forward each step. “You don’t ever turn your…” Ensiron realized as he jumped and raised his blade that the drone was staring at him the entire time.

Ensiron brought down his sword on the android but it met the energy blades instead. The android grounded himself. Ensiron broke contact and tried to attack again, this time from the side but the android met it fiercely with one blade and thrusted the other towards him. Ensiron managed to bring himself to block with a risen stone column but the android moved around it and attacked once again with successive strikes of the katar like blades. The drone above them both never attacked, it only watched but it was not watching them. Ensiron returned the exchange with his own, a heated blade vibrated with fury that the energy blades began to fizzle back with weakening resistance. Drones began to appear overhead and rained hell on the other side, supposedly Rykosar was causing a ruckus but Ensiron was too busy to lend a second to peek. Ensiron poured all he could in each strike. Each attack exploded with an elemental force that knocked the android back; colors from nearly every element he had at disposal flared out and slowly overwhelmed Bl.An.C.. With each strike he got closer, with each strike he closed every opening the android could to strike back but as he got closer he saw something awry with Bl.An.C.’s faceplate. It was broken. It had shattered at the side to reveal flesh, to reveal his eye – closed.

“You’re not Cooper, are you?” Ensiron said as he jumped away from the fight. He landed softly on top of a nearby car.

The android simply stared at him. “Negative. I am –“

A mangled drone suddenly nearly struck the android at the back of the head. Bl.An.C. merely moved his head away and the dead drone landed on the ground and rolled towards Ensiron.

“Hey! I’d rather you go. I can handle this.” Rykosar yelled to Ensiron.

“Nah, Rykey. I still need my ‘Assisting the Elderly’ merit badge.” Ensiron jested. “Besides, we neither of us can handle this one alone in our current state.”

“Agreed.” One of the android’s arms flashed white.

Ensiron’s phone rang but this time Alice spoke on loudspeaker immediately. “Ensiron! You need to get yourself and Rykosar out of there!”

Ensiron grabbed his phone and brought the receiver to his mouth. “Why? And how did you?”

“I hacked your phone. He’s calling in a weapon that outright turns people into DNA sludge. I can’t stop the teleportation.” Alice said urgently. “I’ve notified Agent Carson.”

“You did what and he’s calling who?” Ensiron breathed in. How dangerous can you get Cooper? “Rykes! We need to go.”

Rykosar already moved in but Bl.An.C. had already faced the elder and raised his still flashing hand. “Why is the weapon taking longer to form?” Ensiron asked as he rushed forward towards the android.

“The Splicer is a more complex weapon, the inner mechanisms take longer to fit. Drop the phone, Ensiron. You have better things to do with your hands at the moment.” Alice said.

Ensiron did and struck the ground with his blade with a golf like swing that sent a shard of stone straight through the android’s lone drone. “And he’s gone!”

“You are annoying.” The android said as it faced him and allowed the missile pods to release their payload against the ethereal.

Ensiron simply smiled as he swerved to one side and watched the missile swoop past him.. Here it was again, bullet time. The ethereal thought, as he welcomed the adrenaline in his veins. Another missile headed his way and this time he lowered himself and kept running forward. Better make this quick! The Splicer is forming! Nearly solid now! He saw Rykosar just behind his target running his best in an attempt strike the android down. Ensiron hatched a plan in his head, it wasn’t the best of plans but a plan it was. “Rykey! Be sure to tell my scoutmaster I helped you!” he yelled. He gazed at Bl.An.C.’s movement, assumed a strike from him and lunged forward. Everything was riding on this one shot. One shot and it could be over for him and Rykey. The android leaned forward, with blade arm ready to whip forward. Ensiron quickly made his move and plunged his sword deep into the road as he dodged a swipe from the android’s energy blade. He looked up and saw Bl.An.C.’s lone sapphire eye and just above that, he saw the silhouette of an elderly man against the afternoon sun.

Rykosar screamed. It wasn’t a battle cry; it was a genuine scream of surprise. The android, curious, looked around but looked at when it was too late. Ensiron jumped out of the way as Rykosar crashed his arm onto the android’s body. The resulting crash struck the android and caused him to go off as his arm coalesced fully into the Splicer. Dust and debris expanded from the crash site and in its wake, a small crater. Ensiron breathed in heavily. He was prone on the ground. He used every last bit of earthen energy on that stone column to force the elder sky high. It took a lot of force to get him up there. The man is surprisingly heavy. Eventually, he got up and walked towards the android’s motionless body. The singular sapphire optic dead and the lights on the body shut down and nearby he found Rykosar.

“Never do that again lad.” Rykosar said with an accusing finger.

“I may or may not be tempted to try again.” Ensiron smiled back and sat down near the man.

“And yeah, if you’ll show me to your scoutmaster I’ll get you your badge.” Rykosar said as he put a hand on Ensiron’s shoulder. “What scout troop are you from anyway?”

The two ended up in a flurry of conversation before Agent Carson arrived with a squad of men. Each had specialized weaponry for the occasion. There was one man that made his approach that Ensiron couldn’t help but put a smile for. “See that man?” Ensiron told Rykosar and pointed to Agent Carson. “He’s the scoutmaster. Come on, let’s get my badge!”

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Saul man! You gotta say something when the other parts come though, I had no idea this was ready!

Geez you two! Alright, this was obscenely close, voting's going to be hard! I'm really lacking on CnC for both of ya right about now, sorry about that! I really like how you both used elements of teamwork in the story, and you both kept track of everything really well! I can easily see this going to either of you, great work!

It's been like a week since I've read Kyra's so I'll reread it and vote tonight!