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The towers are on fire, three people are pushed together to fight one another during this fiasco. Gladstone fights against his teammate Sabine who also fights Hollywood. Who will win?

The only submission that was received was Crank's. Sebastian said that he will forfeit the tournament and thus shall no longer be participating. Thus the only submission required is Twitch's.


If karma’s real, I must’ve been a pharaoh in a past life, and probably the one who sent his army after Moses and the Jews the way today was stacking up. Let me just give you the run down real quick, it all started with my little brother getting shoved in front of me at work, which got me beyond fired up and eventually sent home. In an attempt to cool down I went for a jog only to be across the street when the penitentiary had a breakout, where fate shat on me by also placing me next to some greedy, psychotic, or whatever you want to call him, bounty hunter. He mostly kicked my ass, and then I was mugged by a criminal who got away with almost all of my weapons and clothes, forcing me to loot more off a fallen convict.

Most of my body has been bleeding for the past hour, and as much as I wanted to just sprint home to my brother, I figured I needed something to defend myself incase I ran into another prisoner or anything else along the way. Planning ahead, I had set up a spare set of gear in a friend’s apartment complex, but apparently my priorities are about as straight as Neil Patrick Harris, and I don’t mean the characters he plays.

Instead of having a full set of clothes and gear, I just had the weapons. Which left me with absolutely nothing fucking useful. No phone. No id. No clothes. No money. Weapons? Ding ding ding! Fuck you, me! Worst part was the friend whose apartment I set it up in, Jack, was not only not home for my emergency ‘Shit, I messed up’ purpose, but also lived in the worst neighborhood of all my options. And that was entirely intentional at the time, because I would’ve rather people thought I was out buying drugs than Hollywood getting weapons.

Here’s the thing if you don’t already see it though, that’s a frickin’ impossible situation to explain, especially after a fire breaks out on the first floor. I didn’t know why, I didn’t care, and I just ran. Not wanting to charge through flames, I chose to take the literal high road, navigating through the chaos of the residents who were stampeding throughout the staircase. I felt like Luke Skywalker flying through the trenches, weaving by the occasion punch or ducking a haymaker as my feet sped on without fail. The door to the roof was within reach, and my heart was beating to the tempo of my adrenaline, rapidly crescendoing as the snares drove their solo home towards an epic finale.

My shoulder pounded that damn thing open and whirling into an instant one-eighty, I slammed it shut behind me locking it on the spot. Relieved laughter entered the drumline’s melody like a triumphant trumpet, but the cymbals crashed on it all too soon.

“Sabine, we need to finish this later.”

Sabine? I scavenged my mind for a distant memory and found the image of one of the beautiful women I had met at the ball, but there had been something special about that one. Maybe a chunk of it was that unlike Haku, she wasn’t two and a half millennia older than me, but I distinctly remembered the way her hair and headwrap framed her her freckled face, and the elegant dress she wore, flowing from white to orange to brown like water. Even the way her piercings and piercing deep brown eyes shimmered in the light was stunning, and she had some pretty badass tats on top of all that. I was going to ask her to dance, but somehow never got around to it. Hell, I was even considering trying to meet her as myself to see if there was anything there. Running into her would’ve been great at literally any other time, except for today.

The speaker’s voice registered as familiar too, from the same place even. Sebastion? Yeah that wa- Wait no. Sebastian. There we go! Completely forgot what the hell he looked like though.

“Well you certainly picked an ‘interesting’ place to run to.” Pissed as she sounded, my brain refused to let the sweet melody that I remembered in her voice go. Hopefully she didn’t remember me as well.

Not being one to take the odds however, I lowered mine by a few notes. “Look, I’d sound like a liar if I even tried to explain what I was doing here,” Reaching my hands up I slowly began turning around, “But if you give me a chance, I can call someone who can clear my name.”

I had a gut feeling the two were exchanging a glance, but when I was fully turned around, my gaze locked on Sabine alone, seemingly emphasized by the smoke pillaring from the windows behind them. Ever crush on someone to the point that thoughts of them would flutter into your mind with ever distraction, but you try to block it out on account of how impossible the situation would be? To the point that you can’t even lie to yourself and say you don’t really have a thing for them? Well, all that, uh, all that fucking died when I saw her without skin. Or human skin? Hell, I don’t even know, but it looked like flesh was peeled revealing patches of deep grayish almost black scales. Like an Inception sub-plot though, crimson spikes lied underneath those and she even had a pair of horns sprouting out of her head. It isn’t even the worst part though. Her red parts, well I, uh, I found that to be pretty... for lack of a better word: Sexy. Apparently I’m into some shit.

Which sucks.

“Call who?”

Snapping my head back into reality, I was suddenly reminded that Sebastian was also there. Pulling my eyes from Sabine, who had been glaring in response to my staring, I turned to face him. His dirty blonde hair was a disaster and it was hard to take him seriously as he struggled to get untangled from his parachute. Wasn’t there a plane crash earlier today?

“Does it matter? It’ll barely take a minute.” Reaching my hands up about shoulder level, I slowly made my way towards the duo, both by the ledge of the roof with the guy standing behind the girl. If I could get Leo on the line without having him drop my actual name, I could probably avoid this whole thing and establish the two as allies over acquaintances. Besides, who’s about to punch a guy looking after a ten year old? If I remembered right, Sebastian was working on getting with some Sonia chick, so that wouldn’t go over too well over dinner, and Sabine seemed safe just on account of being a woman. Well, if she still even classified as one considering she seemed to have demon pa- I cringed as my mind took a sudden jump. Assuming I don’t burst into flames upon entry, I definitely have to go to church next week.

Blue eyes met brown as the ActaSanctorum members traded a glance.

“One minute.” Dipping into her pocket, Sabine dragged out her slick piece of metal, sliding her pointer finger across it’s surface as she unlocked the device, “And one try. Understood?”

“That’s all I need.”

Exchanging the device for a whip, I discovered just how badly I had to go to Confession before her technology went airborne. I caught it effortlessly, immediately finding the call option and began to punch in my ten familiar digits.

“Put it on speaker.”

That kinda went without saying in my mind, but when I dialed the last number a sudden chill froze me to my core, skeletally paling me behind my mask when a robotic voice beat out any ringing.

“We’re sorry, the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected.”

I paid my phone bill last week. Both Sabine and Sebastian crossed their arms tighter, and after an inhale, I tried my roommate’s number.

“We’re sorry, the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected.”

Okay, he called me yesterday, there was just no way. Aug maybe?

“We’re sorry, the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected.”

I had texted him an hour ago and it went though, but now everyone in my apartment had suddenly gone dark the day of a prison break. Trying to restrain panicked shaking, my brain frantically spun out like a car as it desperately scoured for a way home, suddenly crashing into the rails as Sabine took a step forward. Her phone shot at her like a bullet and in a mad dash to Sebastian, I stepped on a shoe flinging it at him just as quickly. The girl, distracted by the threat of losing every number she had yet to memorize desperately fumbled with it while the man reflexively drew up his arms to shield his face, and with the few seconds it gave me, my sprint closed the distance.

Adrenaline spreading quick as blood in the water, my shoulder impacted his gut, lifting his light frame with me into the air as we neared the edge of the building, barely two feet away after a six foot drop to the next roof, through a growing cloud of smoke. Desperate men do desperate things, not even thinking my feet shoved off our brick and we flew, wind rushing against our bodies as we spiraled downward before sharing the blow with my left and his right shoulders. Our agonized bellowed clashed like a missed key change, but his foot shoved me rolling more towards the center of the new location.

Managing to end on my knees, I was able to shove myself upright before Sebastian was able to close the distance, recently gashed palm leaving a print where I pushed. With the fate of my brother a sudden mystery, I had to get home. I couldn’t let them stop me, however injured I had been walking into this. Nothing mattered but Leo, not even potential friends, and especially not ones risked bringing him even more danger with their own issues. Besides, my story for the day sounded like the product of snorting enough crack to make Scarface jealous.

I wasn’t taking that chance, and it was about time I put my acting to use.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here?” Brushing himself off, Sebastian’s heavy frown deepened before signaling to Sabine that he was alright, “I fell out of the sky and it was the tallest building to land on. How’d you wind up in a burning building with…” His eyes narrowed as he indicated my weapons, slipped into my belt loops. “Those.”

“You know exactly what I’m doing with them,” Damnation obvious in my harsh tone, I stepped forward, dropping it just low enough that it sounded like a whisper yet loud enough for Sabine to still hear, “I’m following Sonia’s direct order to make the wRHG clans ‘disappear’, starting at the bottom of the alphabet to give yours time to run,” Moving within inches of him, I finished in a growl, “But ActaSanctorum doesn’t even know, do they?”

I’ve never been punched so suddenly, fist smashing into my eye like a hammer as I stumbled back, awkwardly ripping my blowguns from my pants and keeping him at bay with a blind swing. His mouth opened to shout, but a thud resounded as Sabine joined us, whip in one hand and knife in the other as she completed some kind of a triangle.

“What’s he talking about?”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m dead serious,” Matching his frustrated tone the woman stepped between us, “You were about to interrogate me over planning for a holiday, and then some criminal suddenly knows you by name?” Her hands found her hips as she faced him and I shamelessly checked her out as soon as she had her back to me. I really should’ve just started saying my Hail Marys there.

“You had fresh injuries and gunpowder when a building started to burn!” Snap, really? Damn, I could’ve used that. “I needed to make sure that it wasn’t you!”

“It wasn’t! Now how exactly do you two know each other?”

“We don’t! I’ve never even seen him before, and I don’t take kindly to the accusation!”

“Like you thought I would?” Their voices were steadily rising as Sabine slowly turned to face me, “How about you? How do you know Sebastian?”

Taking a calming inhale, I gazed deep into her eyes as my brain drew from every little thing that I had gathered about the man. If he ever got with Sonia was a mystery, but at the ball they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, but she seemed to be the more dominant of the two. Alright Leo, this is for you.

“I met him two years ago,” My words came out with genuine fluctuation in my tone, eyes steady with relaxed body language as they glided from one to the next, “When Sonia recruited us both to help her make the darkness of the world disappear. Your entire organization is Midnight black, so I have no regrets how I got these.” Slowly I lifted both of my blowguns, and the girl’s eyes widened with the realization.

“You killed Hollywood.”

A nod confirmed her fears. Suck it Tom Cruise, I can do this too, “Carolyn is hunting Observer Protocol and Sydney and her squad were waiting to sack ActaSanctorum. They’re who I was trying to call, but she paves her own path so it’s not surprising she dropped off the grid.”

She was visibly shaking with rage by the time I was done and her fists clenched in a furious pop when I ended with a grim grin. A slew of emotions rushed over Sebastian behind her however, conflicted between trying to sift through my garbage to track any truth, or defend what he knew wasn’t. He obviously knew Sonia and himself weren’t involved with any of what I mentioned, but he couldn’t detect whether or not the threats were just as fabricated or a wretched reality.

Shaking his head desperately as he decided to speak, loathing for me burned aggression in his tone, even if I wasn’t who he was talking to. “He’s lying Sabine! S-”

She whirled too suddenly for him to stand still and even though the knife she whipped his direction was intentionally off, it all looks the same after you’ve moved. On one hand, this looked great from my position, but on the other, I think this made me an official bad guy. Either way, this was how it needed to be until I found an opening to escape into some shadow. Dashing as I thrust my weapon forward, the woman heard my foot strike the ground, snapping her whip back with a vicious crack, slicing my skin, its tip carving a foot long line. Orange turned crimson beyond the diagonal gash and as stinging anguish tore into my brain my voice blew out on me, cutting to a rasp as I tried catching my breath. Her whip rose once more as my body slid across the ground, but my hollow pole flung out at the woman, smashing her skin and costing her balance. Stumbling back the rush of her leader caught her attention, but his palm seized her wrist before she could defend herself.

Similarly, he couldn’t defend himself before I ran my mouth.

“Thanks, I owe ya one Gladstone!”

All the air in his body burst out as her knee met his midsection as I turned to bolt, and as he collapsed to a knee, Sabine sprinted after me. Anything to keep them from talking, and I remembered our current building to be office building from back when the neighborhood was booming. Workers scarce and evacuated anyway, I wasn’t scared of a little vandalism, especially when there wasn’t a door to the stairwell from the roof. Rushing towards the edge of the building, I slipped my hand into my pocket to retrieve a projectile, glancing over my shoulder and throwing the dart exactly like I was playing the game. Sabine stepped to the side with ease, but I needed the split second it gave me, head snapping down as I skid to a halt. Seeing a small ledge ten feet below me, I swallowed hard before jumping like I was making a pencil dive off the high-board.

My exhausted knees buckled as they struck it, feet barely having enough room just to fit longways as the left shifted forward, toes lingering over a several story plummet. My stomach churned violently as I stabilized my back against the window with the revelation of just how horrible of an idea that had been, despite its success. Eyes dragging up, a curse blasted out of my throat upon seeing Sabine standing on the edge above me, eyes wide as they stared at me. Shaking her head suddenly, the morning light glinted as she drew another piece of steel.

“Don’t test me bandit,” She hissed, twisting her blade, “Get up here.”

“Sorry,” Ballsy smirk finding my face, I jabbed my blowgun into the window behind me, glass shattering as my body fell back into the office building with a thud. Shards punctured through my thin shirt, but as I scampered upright, I had sincerely doubted I was going to be followed down here.

I was immediately proven wrong, Sebastian jumping off the far side of the building only to grab a flying cube in midair at the height of the windows. Thrusting his legs like he was on a swing, he built up momentum before leaping off, another three dimensional block zooming before him to grab as he booted through the glass on the opposite side of the abandoned cube farm.


Jumping inside with a flip like a frickin’ action hero, his fist struck the ground as he landed on his knees. Rising slowly, his eyes narrowed as he gave an affirmative nod. “You want to save your skin and tell me what your angle is?”



His slow steps turned into a sprint within three seconds, swiping a wooden chair from a cubicle and smashing it against the wall of another, leaving him with only the jagged legs. I personally liked it better when he was unarmed, but now I just had all the more reason to knock him on his ass. Swinging diagonally down, I struck my metal upwards in reply, bashing the fractured point away as the other stabbed forward at my gut. Snapping my palm down though, a seizing grip intercepted it lining my hand with more splinters than a wood-chipper as I pulled it with my turning body.

Sidestepping in, I jerked my shoulder at the man, but Sebastian ducked instantly, arm finding my neck and rolling me over his back before using the momentum to smash me on mine. Groaning with an eye half open, I watched him draw his weapon back like a javelin, launching it down at me like a Spartan. I could hardly even turn before the chair leg blasted my hip, it’s chipped edges leaving little more than scraps but a howl still exploded out of my body. My blowgun quickly became a walking cane before he could stomp down on me, pressing off with it as I ducked into a cubical. The wooden chair seemed to be standard, but in my scramble I discovered the plastic tables weren’t ironed down, my frantic grips’ tug tipping it over, computer monitor shattering as various supplies scattered on the ground.

Scooping up the shards as the clan leader turned the corner, reflexes saved his sight. Tiny lacerations decorated his face in scattered red lines where my thrown glass sliced, leaving the void around his eyes where he lifted his hands. I hopped the wall like a fence before they were down, but pain made my landing awkward as my shoes struck the ground. Staggering as sweat dribbled down my face, I sprinted down the little hall, eyes locking on the little red exit sign.

In much better health however, Seb leaped over a different office, rushing after me and quickly closing the distance. Plan essentially being ‘get to the stairs’, my arm reached out in desperation to the door, sweat dampening my mask as it came within inches of my fingertips, but a suddenly airborne gladiator speared me like Football player. Off my feet as well, we flew just off to the side of the door only for it to explode open, cracking against our bodies.

Sabine had no trouble finding us groaning on the floor, barely making it inside before I booted it back shut. My elbow met her leader’s chin, and as I rolled over him to my feet I saw the woman’s whip crack once again. I don’t know how in the Hell getting whipped became sexualized, but I promise that that shit fucking hurts like a mother! Bringing my arm up to intercept it, I was given the grotesque visual of watching the weapon coil around my limb like a snake on cocaine before tearing away vengefully. Lines of flesh and spluttered the walls like a live CSI filming, and my head felt lighter than a helium balloon as I watched my fluids drain. Growing dizzy, even Sabine grimaced as my deadlocked eyes forced her to really look at the damage, but with the speed my blood flowed it was impossible to tell how deep it went. Sheer shock was the only thing that kept me standing.

Blinking rapidly, by body began to sway as a numbing began creeping its way up my arm. Dark circles formed on the edges of my vision, but they never failed to notice a crimson squirt, each making my stomach tremble.

They finally slammed shut however, when a bone stuck the back of my head.

“What the hell was that!”

“What do you mean ‘what was that’? He was pitting us against each other an-”

“And we don’t even know why! What are you hiding Sebastian? Why did you really get on that plane and how do you actually know him? He clearly wasn’t used to seeing blood like that.”

“We’re having this conversation now? I’m not hiding anything, but he has a silver tongue and I don’t want to risk him spitting any more venom!”

“Why? So you can poison us yourself?”

“Dammit Sabine! Will you listen to me?”

“Will you answer me!”

“I have! I said I was called in for a clan leader meeting!”

“Today, of all days, they just called it? And you expect me to believe that?”

“Yes, because it’s true!”

“Well I don’t.”

Infinite regret was compiling as I lied bleeding on the ground, rapidly beating heart pumping everything out of me at an accelerated rate. My numbness was dying and as excruciation felt like it was burning holes through my flesh, exhaustion was threatening to end the fight for my life. The sleep darts in my pocket promised to drift me off to a peaceful sleep, but as tempting as they were the thought of my brother was stronger than any pain.

Body quaking, I fumbled to take the shirt off my back, soaked cloth leaving a crimson trail up my body. Slipping it to my arm, the horrid sound of the whip made me flinch violently, but it was Sebastian who yelped in my place.

“Don’t touch him!”

“Who’s side are you on Sabine!”

Only half listening, I quickly began fumbling my shirt around my gushing arm, tying it into a tight not. It was still seeping though, but much less.

“Rykosar, George and Torvin’s! Not yours until you start being honest with me!”

“I ha-”

Zoned out as I was, a world quaking bang demanded my attention, shattering the windows to the office when something went to hell in the burning building next door. Shards rained down us like sparkling water in the late morning sun, but as I struggled to sit up my worn eyes widened in dread. I was so damn sick of that emotion, but when you see fracturing brick shatter its foundation and fall at you like the devil’s domino, there really isn’t anything else to feel.


Not that it was directed at me anyway, but the clan leader’s advice was impossible to follow from my position, rushing past me to grab his teammate’s shoulder. As he reached out one hand to her however, both of hers shoved him back to me harshly.

“We aren’t abandoning him!”

“He’s probably behind this, now come on!”

“And he knows more than he’s letting on! I need to know what!”

“Fine then!”

The two were practically shouting when Sebastian finally turned to run, buildings crashing into each other and decimating all stability. The room looked like an earthquake on the big screen, everyone was struggling to stand as the ceiling fell in chunks around us.

“Move it!”

Snapping back into reality I followed the girl’s command, taking her hand and hurrying my feet as quickly as they’d go. The floor behind us was crumbling like it was a plummet into the abyss, but as it began gaining us, a curse bellowed over the chaos, Sebastian spinning around and bolting over to us, grabbing my left shoulder as Sabine took my right. We ran as one, but my almost dead weight dragged them down too much, cracks catching up to us and our totaled mass breaking though it. All of our voices cracked in a panic as we plummeted, each floor decimated before we could even touch anything to lessen our fall. I was no longer just my body, but was the thing that connected the clan members. Sabine’s nails dug into my shoulder and Sebastian held on with a death grip of his own.

We were all too frightened even to breath, but without warning a wave of head sized cubes rushed as us. “Everyone hold on!” As soon as his arms left me, a fresh frantic wave of ‘Oh my God!’ blasted throughout my body, jerking it in desperation as they snapped around his waist, the woman’s fingernails digging even deeper as she braced for impact, as if I needed to be bleeding any more.

All the boxes struck him in the chest in a sudden oomph, transferring down the line though all three of us, but his arms were miraculously able to get a hold of some of them. At a combined weight of over four hundred pounds, they lacked the power to stop us fully, but against all odds they managed to slow us dramatically. The feeling of a gust quickly turned into a harsh breeze before we all crumpled on the ground, four story drop feeling more like we jumped off the top of the play-scape, but with stone wood chips.

Groaning as a group we all let go of the others, just trying to gather our surroundings as we did our best to block out the throbbing of dozens of new bruises. Panting heavily, my eyes wandered the rubble, seeing nothing more than ruin. Wood was destroyed, metal was bent and broken and everything was just in pieces...

Except for the three of us. I wanted to smile but I think my face muscles were striking, although my lungs gasped at the relieved inhale I took.

Breathing becoming normal, I forced myself to my feet, slowly stumbling my way to a chunk of upright wall, using a window for support when I reached it. My fingers were crossed over the blowgun that never left my palm, but then I felt a hand seize my wounded arm, yelp rushing out my body like someone impaled a spike into the limb. Dropping to a knee as it became too much to take, I slammed my mouth shut, biting down on my lip as if it’d contain my sanity.

“We’re not done.” It was painfully easy to tell that he was exhausted too, Sabine standing up beside him as well. Scraping off her dead skin and scales, more and more red spikes were revealed, alluring as a- “And stop ogling my teammate!”

Frowning, my eyes met his once more, trying to burn through him with what little embers remained. Out of the corner of them however, I noticed what looked like dust falling from the remnants of the ceiling just behind them. It was about to break, I knew it.

“You’re right, we aren’t.” The snapping up of my eyes jerked theirs with them, all of us seeing more of the next level floor being to chip, ready to fall right above where I had inadvertently led us all. On cue, something struck it and the entire remainder gave way, charging us like a deathtrap.

And I was the only one ready for it. Demolished hand digging into my pocket for a tranquilizer dart, I stole a Spartan reference for myself as my foot booted forward, ramming him the same way that made 300 famous. Knocking him to safety under the guise of threat, I whipped the dart down into his chest before ensnaring Sabine’s hand like a bear trap. Ripping her from seeing his security, I thrust her out the window with me, the final crash missing us by mere moments as we rolled on the grass. Dirt and stone scraped at our features as we tumbled, but she was able to spring back to her feet before I could pin her down.

We had the stare-down and quick-draw of a western as smoke settled behind us, her blood crusted whip behind her as my blowgun defended my midsection. I was on a losing streak against it, but I had already proven that I don’t go down without a fight. Seconds passed without any noise beside our panting, nothing but loathing in hers while mine was just a desperate plea for oxygen.

“You can either kill me,” I faintly breathed, quivering legs lifting to my feet, “Or save him. I won’t give you time for both.” Fire in her eyes blazed like a nightmare, but I couldn’t let mine waver. I was in way too deep to come clean, so my glare deepened until I saw hers flick to the demolished building. “Sabine?”

“Get the Hell out of my way.”

Nodding slowly, we paced in a wide circle, never even blinking until long after her back grazed the building. Moving backward, she faded into the smoky debris like a ghost as I remained still as a corpse outside.

An image of my brother flickered into my mind, but my rapidly shaking head made it dissipate, suddenly turning around to the panic filling the streets before me. I didn’t have time to let myself linger, guilt couldn’t slow me down. Pushing onward, I became lost in the crowd but my neck craned over my shoulder towards Sabine and Sebastian, despite what I was telling myself. I always prided myself with the relationships I made with people, but I all but set everything they shared on fire. Walk rapidly transitioning to a sprint, I struggled to find if I was run home to comfort my brother or just away from them and was I was willing to do to keep my secrets. Everyday since joining the wRHG consisted of lying to the faces of people I care about, but now those words were molded into a sharp edged weapon, designed to sever.

I looked back again.

Both were still hidden from my sight.

A hard swallow tugged my throat as my stomach rolled.

I prayed that it would, but doubted it would last.

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