View Full Version : VoD R2: Nikx232 vs Shadowkirby

09-04-2014, 11:15 PM
Eliza Arachne & Bella Donna (Shadowkirby): Object Immortality, Regeneration, Fetta (Large razor-blade), Synkiss (Demonic handgun).
Haku (Nikx232): Demon-possessed sword, aerokinesis, healing powers, demon transformation via possession.

This round's condition involved switching powers.

Shadowkirby has decided to forfeit and therefore Nikx232 wins by default. The story is below.

Crowds gathered around the large building that was decorated with ribbons and balloons as a man in a pale brown suit stood at the doors. “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the grand opening of our museum! I hope you enjoy your stay and remember to look at prized possession, “The Statue of Saint Miguel.”

After a small bow, the man in brown raised a pair of scissors and cut the ribbon and balloons of all colors were released into the sky. The crowd quickly separated into groups as the mass was ushered through the doors into the gallery.

Among the group walked Haku, who had come on a whim to see the exhibit. The halls were made of yellow marble that shimmered like gold and a black granite pattern that decorated the floor in a spiral. Haku stepped from square to square as she made her way to the small statue surrounded by a velvet rope in the center of the museum. The statue was made of pure white marble and was no taller than a foot, but the detail etched into it gave the statue an almost life like appearance.

The statue had caught her eye but what others saw as an symbolic image of peace and wisdom, she saw as a quick paycheck to get cash fast. Although the idea of donating the money to the orphanage crossed her mind, another thought of keeping a couple stacks for herself seemed well deserved. The idea was dashed as quickly as it came as Haku stood perplexed of what came over her.

What was causing her to think such strange things? Haku shook her head. She would deal with these strange impulses later, the statue right now was of greater importance.

The security seemed to be pretty small for a relic that held such high value to the community. A guard at the entrance, one pacing around the edges, and one standing by the back door. It was almost like an open invitation to come and steal the statue.

Haku looked towards the ceiling and noted the lights that were hastily fastened to the ledges on the second floor. The wires were poorly taped out of the walkways leading to generator outside that emitted a low hum that resonated within the building. A simple snip of those wires would instantly put the room in the dark, making it easier to move around undetected. Escaping would be a snap amongst the confusion with her powers, but this was just a theory and Haku could feel that something was off.

On one side of the room sat a strangely dressed woman with purple hair and on the other a scantily clad woman with a bright yellow hair. Both stuck out of the crowd like sore thumbs and stood staring in the direction of the statue as if they were admiring it from afar, but Haku knew where their eyes were. They were staring at her.

Sweat dripped from the sides of her temples as she pulled the corner of her shirt to wipe it away. Scenarios ran through Haku’s mind as she played them out in her head, but escape seemed unlikely.

The yellow-haired one stood up and approached, casually turning to snap a picture at the statue. “It’s a nice looking piece of art ain’t it?”

Haku grimaced at the woman’s boldness and forced a smile, “Yea. They say he was responsible for building this town.”

“The name’s Bella,” grinned the woman as she extended a hand. Her skin was pale white like a ghost.

Instead of accepting the usually friendly greeting, Haku kept her eyes to the ground and balled her hand into a fist in her pocket. An unusual wave of annoyance swept over Haku from the habits of this...Bella. The way she spoke, the clothes she wore...all of it was irritating.

Seeing the lack of a reply, Bella retracted her hand and continued to snap more pictures. “You know, it’d be a shame if someone were to try and steal the statue.”

A cold sweat ran down the back of Haku’s neck. How did this person know? No, there’s no way she would have known that she was going to steal it. She was sure she had kept inconspicuous. “What makes you say that?” Haku replied taking time picking her words.

The young blonde grinned as she lowered her camera, “Oh no reason. I just think that someone who had the balls to steal this figure of hope from the helpless would be lower than trash.”

The words hit Haku hard. She hadn’t thought about it before, about stealing away a person’s figure of hope. True the town around was small and had very little money, but she had not given thought about what the people had looked at the statue as.

Bella eyed Haku with a small smirk on the corner of her lips and turned on her heel as she walked away. “Just food for thought. Stew on it.”

A couple moments passed before the young swordsman turned around and left the museum.