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12-09-2014, 11:00 PM
Bl.An.C (ErrorBlender): Android suit, weapon/equipment manifestation.
Sirius Nightshade (BoomerangReturns): Sociopathic, shadow manipulation, magically enhanced knife, half-demon.

The stories below are posted in the order that they were submitted and may not be the order in the title or of the character blurbs above. When giving feedback (and you should), please keep the authors of the respective stories anonymous even if you know which one it is.

Because of time constraints and other unforeseen circumstances, neither contestant was able to finish their story. However, what was submitted is below and you may vote based on what is here.
A misty day fell upon the beautiful city, covering the buildings and structures in a thick fog that spread for miles. To the west of this hidden city was a towering mountain, fog swirling around it’s peak, mocking the people that dare scale it’s length. However, there in the middle of the mist were two men. A man who’s body was covered in a elegantly crafted suit that kept him safe from any immediate harm. He was walking beside a frail man with dark black hair and a devious smile on his features.

The android, deemed Bl.An.C, was gradually growing more uneasy as they traversed further up the mountain and closer to it’s peak. There was a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, as if something was about to go horribly awry. “Question: We have been walking up for a while. Where is she?”

Sirius sucked his teeth and his pitch black hues flickered with a sudden fiery angst. He turned his head to the man, “She’s up there, and she could be saved in a much more efficient fashion if you stopped talking and kept walking!”

Bl.An.C didn’t particularly like the way Sirius was. The way he spoke, his demeanor, that smile on his face. It didn’t fit with a helpful civilian that he was trying to tell him he was.


It was just another day in the inner cities, with Bl.An.C taking a walk along the streets. It was early morning, the sun only just rising above the mountain peaks. The fog hadn’t descended upon the land yet, and he was able to clearly look up to the base of the mountain. There was another man, waving his hands back and forth at anybody to walk by. They all ignored him; this town wasn’t the friendliest. It was in that moment that he could have gone home. Turned around and ignored the man. However, Bl.An.C was too nice of a human being, and it was because of this kindness that the events that followed occurred.

“Statement: You seem to be in a state of distress.”

The man looked towards Bl.An.C, and a surprised expression was replaced with a relieved smile that crossed his pale face. His pitch black hues flickered with a resound excitement as he ran toward the android. “Yes…Yes, I’m in a very great amount of distress,” He replied.

“Response: What is the problem?”

“Well, my wife…she,” He stopped for a moment, looking at the ground as if struggling with his words, “We had a fight, and she ran up into the mountains. I wasn’t concerned until the fog came. I tried to go up there myself, but I don’t have the best sight,” He smiled, “You seem like the person that can help me pinpoint her location.”

The android nodded, not saying a word. “I’m Sirius Nightshade,” The man said frantically, “Thank you so much.”

After a series of thank yous, Bl.An.C wasted no time in beginning his traverse up the mountain with the suspicious male figure.
It was night; the stars above twinkled and not one sound left the forest. The black android suit covered the man’s entire body; face, arms, legs -- everything and not one part of flesh was visible. His window to the outside world was a singular jade eye with three gray locks that radiate out of it.

Cooper was sitting on a boulder as he looked on the dead body in front of him. The man’s throat was slit wide open and blood pooled below. The soil beneath it was soaked in the crimson liquid. He was his informant, the person he'd have met if not for the unfortunate event. The armored man looked to his side instinctively, only to see a man with dark hair. He wore blue jeans and a black hoodie that covered his t-shirt. Sirius He thought.

The name reverberated in his head like an echo that strengthened every bounce instead of weakening; the mind a bell and the memory the clapper. He grasped his head in pain but it left him the moment his hands felt the smooth armor.

Sirius watched him intently; his eyes never left the android as he was now knelt over the body.

"In pain?" Sirius asked with a smile.

The android stood up weakly and stared back. Everything about Sirius' appearance was familiar and yet he had met him this once only. Another sharp stab of pain, like a dagger twisting its blade into his thoughts.

“You have to make amends, Price,” The man said and the words appeared in his head like an echo, except that Sirius' was the echo.

Cooper fought the pain and watched as his companion in the woods' image distorted and changed. Blood dripped from his lower lip and his clothes ripped and burned. Energy burns, he muttered in his thoughts. The picture flashed out and replaced the world he was in once more.

"Statement: You've been..." The words formed in Cooper's mouth but his memories began to finish it for him. ..working for John?

He stumbles back but is left with an image of himself still standing on where he was. His doppleganger's arm flashes with a white light and is replaced with a cannon. The jade eye watches as Sirius' form is overlapped by the man's image that charges for Cooper's. The dopplegangers fight, until they fade completely.

Something is not right here, Cooper thought as he calls for his weapon, the blast cannon, to appear in his hand. A flash of light envelopes his right forearm and coalesces into the cylindrical weapon.

"That again?" Sirius complains as he charges forward with both hands clenched in fists. Cooper's brain quickly urges him to move back which he does out of instinct. Cooper's mind kicked in to observe his opponent and watched the man's fist as it passed him. Sirius' fist is covered in something different, wisps of...shadow matter, semi-concious polymorphic matter that is controlled telepathically by Sirius..dark gaseous --What? The thought was invasive but it was in his own voice. How could he know?

Cooper leaned forward to attack with his free hand, a hook right to Sirius' face but a sharp pain crawled up into his brain and a faded image of his fist missing Sirius' doppleganger as it jumped back made him think twice. The android continued the movement. Sirius jumped back. How..? He thought puzzled and fired the blast cannon. The colorless force energy stuck Sirius straight in the gut and sent him to a tree. The man fell to the ground on his knees.

Cooper made his approach, confused and dazed. He couldn't make heads or tails of whats happening but his head ached with memories. Memories that seemingly matched today.

Sirius kept smiling as he stood and wiped the blood off his mouth.

"Query:Did you..kill him?"

"Yes." Sirius smiled wickedly as the shadows around the gladiators solidified into dark tendrils.

Cooper twitched. Something felt wrong. Sirius was lying. He didn't kill the man. "Demand: Who killed him?" Cooper pressed.

"I did," Sirius smile faded, as if the glory of the kill was taken from him. "You think I'm lying?" The shadows twirled faster and faster until they spun like drills.

Cooper's jade eye brightened as three flashes of light coalesced into the android's equipment. "Statement: I'm sure."

The android surged forward with the newly formed wingpack on his back. Cooper sent his fist towards Sirius, a steel gauntlet covered it this time as it sparked with electricity but it never connected with Sirius' body. It simply met with soldified shadows that covered the man like a cocoon.

Cooper retreated several feet away as his head cursed him again with agony. He stumbled back and forth, dizzy from the constant throbs.

The shadow cocoon lashed out, tendrils swept themselves violently at the android. Each strike forced Cooper down and on his knees. Sirius emerged from the shell and made his approach, shadows swirled around his hand as he opened it.

“You summon from light, I craft from shadow.” He said as the swirling vortex of darkness solidified into a gun. Cooper looked up to see the barrel of the blunderbuss and stared right at it. “I expected more of a battle from you, Bl.An.C.”

The android’s wingpack burst alive and forced him forward but Sirius had anticipated this. The tendrils impaled the android from behind before he could even get close. The wingpack explodes and the android falls to the ground.

Cooper gripped his side as pain spread from it like a high speed web.