View Full Version : Animations! (Cnc please :D)

12-24-2014, 07:58 PM
http://www.filz.us/files/d1ac8234/d6e/Stick_man_combo_.swf <[Wed.]
( http://filz.us/2qJj http://filz.us/2qJh http://filz.us/2qJy ) <[First 3 animations *Around monday]
*It says 2 because i had to recreate them despite not actually losing them in the first place*
[Sound tests! http://znzmr.deviantart.com/ ] <[Recent sound tests *Around tuesday]
(The pixelated character *Ash* is NOT my creation-This animation was only made for testing sound- he was needed because i needed some hit frames. MY animation is the stick figure which i made to react to the hits in which i could add the sounds)

http://www.filz.us/files/8af35f84/2c9/Blue_combo.swf (Thurs)

http://www.filz.us/files/4484a192/0f0/red_and_black.swf (Trying out objects and effects)(12/31/14)

http://www.filz.us/files/c39b08ae/fb2/Black_and_red_2nd_time_Scene_1.swf (Yay... new years... 1/1/15) (practicing effects) (No sound yet D: )
http://www.filz.us/files/9c3b46d9/4df/Jumpin_Edited.swf (Jump and recover practice. No head though....) (1/1/15)