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01-19-2015, 11:10 AM
This is a post of animations i did for for Fun :D
This is not for Cnc , though if u want to and u have time go right ahead !!

Note : Most of these are previous except for : Cool !!angles , in which I literally just now did .

Animations :

http://sta.sh/029qabh9hk1k < --- Skate

http://sta.sh/02a5wrepcz2z < --- YEEEESSSS!!!!

http://sta.sh/017xn510p8lg < --- YEEEESSSS!!!!sniper

http://sta.sh/01wn9i7ygugl < --- YEEEESSSS!!!! Rogue777 soul test

http://sta.sh/01xbyli7jftl <--- YEEEESSSS!!!! Hasumi chans adventure :p

http://sta.sh/01oos7qmlmlu < --- invisible

http://sta.sh/0119fnedkh5p < --- Fight!! <-- not that good

http://sta.sh/0dyucqbj15t < --- DBZ < --- posted thread for this <-- not the best

http://sta.sh/01hdfksmv85k < --- DBZ < --- posted thread for this <-- not the best

http://sta.sh/01rsx5sooo6c < never finished

http://sta.sh/0851pot6kvy< Cool!!angles

http://sta.sh/0vut2nmzd3r < --- Rogue Speed try

http://sta.sh/01lwl3o9igke <--- Saler vs Neon Blue 7 <-- unfinished extra for project < -- made up characters < Neon blue is the former bully and brother of my RHG ( Rogue ) . Neon Blue ( who is not yet Neon blue ) Finds out of the running away of his and brother immediately feeling srry and knowing its his fault he goes searching for his brother . A mysterious man finds him and uses him for a project called " Neon Blue " . His mind gets erased and he's put through a serious amount of tests and given powers . Soon realizing who he really is and what he was here for he uses his powers to escape and find his Brother . To find the ALL _ POWERFUL project Neon blue 7 the scientists send a new project named Saler after him along with Six other failed Neon Blues and the journey begins !!!

http://sta.sh/05vw9jzd1ls < --- Messing around 1

http://sta.sh/02a0f0y6i110 <-- Srsly this guy must have no balance

http://sta.sh/01ip3d9fh10 < ---Combo prac <---- punch , punch , kick , flip , flip back with kick , beam , spinkick .

!!!!!!!!!!!!RANDOM PICTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!

If no work click URL : http://sta.sh/02cbikqwvkie

01-22-2015, 03:25 PM
love the skate one :D

01-22-2015, 04:39 PM
Some of these are pretty good but they are kinda fast don't you think? Maybe add a little more easing into your falls and etc.
Also that red vs blue thing fight had basically just lines running into each other ._. More action pls xD

01-23-2015, 07:20 AM
Whoa dude I nobody got time for see all of your animation!