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The tongue splayed forward, just barely missing Bl.An.C and striking the controls beside him. The pseudo android would have uttered another expletive, but there was not even the time for such. He swung around, hoping to catch the beast by the side. But for all his experience in battle, it could not have bested the primal fury that so infused Handyman.

A crunching sound as a blackened fist met with his face, and the scene changed. The two were now in an open field under the dim evening sun, nondescript in feature. Not that it mattered to them; one was consumed in fury with barely a modicum of sentience, and the other was too busy with the dent that the former had made on his forehead.

Bl.An.C could only groan as he struggled to recover, his mind a clouded haze. What happened? Where had the punch come from? But he could barely even orientate himself before a whistling sound behind him, growing in volume to a terrifying shriek. Like the first attack, it was impossible for him to react against it.

And with an ear splitting blast of air, the rocket detonated into a pillar of flames that sent shockwaves and shrapnel throughout the blast zone, leaving a giant plume of smoke wafting from where it had landed.

“And the crowd goes wild,” Seventeen said in a deadpan voice.

“Having fun posing as myself?” A disatisfied voice rang behind the host. He did not turn, eyes only fixated at the monitor.

“Think of it as your compensation for your failures,” he replied, “if it pleases you, you made quite a performance with our champion.”

“And a bumbling idiot with the other one.”

He waved a hand dismissively, “That one, who was it, Venox? He is boring. Nondescript, just like the others.. I let him off easy because I knew that was all he could do.”

Thirteen grunted, seating himself beside Seventeen.

“The artifact stopped accepting.”

Those words were enough to cause Seventeen to turn sharply at the other.

“Explain,” he said.

“I brought over a couple. Thugs, really. There wasn’t enough time,” Thirteen breathed in sharply, “they were rejected. Simply failed to let them in. You can examine their comatose bodies if you wish. Excluding the one you let get punched to pieces.”

“Alas, poor Mark,” Seventeen droned, “a terrible loss, truly.”

“And whatever the issue is, we can’t fix the problem.”

“Now why can’t you,” he replied sharply, “it has no mind of its own. It cannot simply reject those we send inside.”

“Twenty-One looked at it himself. Nothing was different than before. Called it compatibility issues,” Thirteen licked his lips, “I think otherwise.”

“If you somehow manage to make that...goblet talk, we can discuss about its sentience, until then-”

“Until then,” Thirteen interrupted, “we resume the tournament as if nothing happened. The audience isn’t pleased, but Twenty-One downplayed the event. Four is enough for another round or two.”

“As I fear,” Seventeen’s lips formed a slight scowl, the first hint of expression since their conversation.

From the monitor, the dust seemed to have settled, revealing a collapsed Bl.An.C, laying against a miniature crater. Despite the damage he seemed to have taken, he looked none the worse for wear, at least in appearance. The other gladiators have appeared then, equally confused by the strange turn of events. Except Handyman; gods know if the thing actually has emotions or coherrent thought, Seventeen thought dully.

“Greetings, gladiators,” he brought a metal stick to his lips, speaking to it as if it were a microphone, “no doubt all of you are wondering why you are here. Think of it as a challenge...from the system, to you. For most of you, it would be one to prove your worth...for at least one of us, to preserve it.”

“There will be none of the same wishy washy, ‘spare thy opponent’ sparrings that you have been spoilt with. Indeed, you will all fight with the knowledge that there will only be one victor, and only one alive.”

Though he knew they would only hear his voice, his lips stretched to a sadistic grin.

“Steel your resolves, gladiators. We will resume shortly.”

He flicked a switch on the microphone-esque object and rested his head against his palm, watching the tiny figures on the screen began interacting with one another.

“Your speech was fine until you decided to delay the round,” Thirteen scowled.

“Every show needs its advertisement breaks, Thirteen,” Seventeen yawned, “and money happens to keep us alive.”

General information:

Your character is in a field, along with others which they know they will have to put down sooner or later or face a worse fate. In that kill or be killed mentality, what would be a fitting response?

This is a imitation of the post by post roleplay. Interact with other characters, or not at all. There are no restrictions as to what you should or should not do, but please write in prose rather than script, and do note that if you do start punching the living daylights out of each other, godmoding is frowned upon and will cause you problems later on. Permanently.

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The armored scientist takes note of his enemies as he sat down cross-legged on the field. He was compelled to break the silence but he resisted; two were clearly not human.

The tall black and white colored creature stood still in one end, another had wings and the last held what looked to be an old fashioned gun dated back in the medieval times. The jade eye scanned each of them and took note of their remarkable features. The tournament gave him the opportunity to have a look at them first hand and he didn't squander the moment but as a precaution, a singular flash of light flashed onto his left shoulder and soon coalesced into a solid transmitter.

It beeped red once then twice slowly until its pace quickened. A rip in the space/time fabric is torn in seconds; precious time for three spherical drones to enter the current reality. They bore semblance to Bl.An.C.'s own head but floated in the air and had several high powered laser batteries outfitted on its sides.

01-31-2015, 12:48 PM
L.L was getting real sick of all these voices coming out of nowhere. He was even more upset that with the one answer he had gotten though, apparently the four of them were gathered here to fight to the death for someone's entertainment. He was never a fan of fruitless killing, he was a bounty hunter, he killed for a living but only if there was profit to come out of it. The fighting seemed to not be commencing immediately, rather they were being left for a short while. The purpose why he had no idea but it did give him the chance to talk to the others... or maybe not. He had shot one of them, the other was a monster that was terrifying to look at, and the final was also a monster, but more humanoid, except he didn't have arms, rather he had wings like a wyvern. So he simply resolved to do the same thing as the android did and sat down, taking out a cloth to polish his gun.

02-01-2015, 07:15 AM
Click. Clicliclick. Snap.

A few loud clicks were let out of its mouth. It saw all around itself, shapes not unlike people, though one of them were different, like itself. It slouched down, snapped its head towards Venox's direction and slowly started to approach the winged man. It knew this person wasn't human, so it felt safer around it. Best make a friend in a time like this.

Venox noticed the giant slowly shuffling towards him and was briefly paralyzed with terror. His red eyes darted around the body-horror beast and expected the worst. Though, all the creature did was slouch onto the ground, gently raise one of Venox's wings and started to softly stroke its surface, like a child enjoying the feel of felt. Its head vibrated softly, the clicking from its mouth being reduced to soft static. It was entertained.

02-01-2015, 07:55 AM
The pseudo android watched the tall creature approach the winged one. At some point, this event should have them all make contact and the monstrous have made their move and it made more sense than what he was doing.

Bl.An.C. walked over to the bounty hunter on the other side, wary of the movements of the inhuman.

"Query: Do you know why you're here?"

02-01-2015, 01:02 PM
"Me?" L.L had watched the android approach and was expecting him to be annoyed by the fact that L.L had shot him but the android seemed to not be annoyed in any way. "I have no idea personally. One moment I was escaping from a burning warehouse, next moment I'm here, shooting a rocket at you, which I'm really sorry about." He finished with in a hurry. "But from the sounds of the commentator. We're here for their amusement."

02-02-2015, 05:39 PM
Venox allowed his body to relax completely. Despite the ferocious outlook of the fingery beast beside him, its gentle, yet strong hands felt soothing somehow. The caresses made him remember the times when his parents would rub their heads on him before he slept at night. His heart clenched, and the spark in his memory burned with fresh flame.

He rubbed his head on Handyman’s hand, holding his tears back with all his might. The other gladiators here might see his crying as some sign of weakness. He couldn’t let himself be vulnerable in that way. This finger-beast wouldn’t mind though. He could tell it was more of an animal-type rather than a kill-you-with-my-intelligence type. For a few moments, guilt weighed down his wings.

He couldn’t fight this beast. That was too sad. It was as confused as he was. Past memories of his spy career and the killing of innocent targets (usually large numbers of them) fought for space in his brain. Venox shut his eyes tight, trying to block them out.

Emotions raged through him, but they were mostly centered around the silliness of everything. The gladiator with the gun had mentioned something about being here for amusement. Did that mean that this competition that some cursed wretch had thrown on him was some kind of pleasure-fight? Great. He was in an even bigger mess than he thought. That nightmare illusion wasn’t just a random event. There had to be something else behind it.

Venox chittered softly to Handyman, using the soothing tones used to lull or calm young Darkwing nestlings. The beast clicked its pleasure, lowering itself to the ground and shuffling closer to the bat-like creature. Venox kept his head on its hand, curling close too.

“Can you understand me?” Venox asked it. “I’m confused about all this. What about you? I know you probably can’t think like those smart fighters over there.”

Venox then quieted, half-lost in past memories of his parents, but his eyes and ears were always open to the environment. Once a spy, always a spy.

02-02-2015, 06:43 PM

The thing's head tilted to the side, like a confused puppy. It understood vocal tones: happy, sad, confused. It felt some sadness in the tone of the winged boy, and decided to play with him.

He slumped down on the ground cross-legged, lifted the boy gently by his arms, and set him down within his legs. He then started to gently stroke Venox's head, rubbing the smooth surface of it with his rough fingers.

He hadn't noticed what the other two were doing, his mind was too focused on Venox to even remember they existed. He just sat there, gentle white noise coming from his grin, enjoying the moment.

02-02-2015, 06:47 PM
"Statement: I do not remember you shooting me. Perhaps it was the first test that you saw, simply with me in it," the armored scientist said. "Recollection: There was another tournament such as this, hosted by one vaguely calling himself the Host. I wonder if this is the same."

For amusement. Cooper sighed. Again.

"Query: Might I ask why you are a gladiator?"

02-02-2015, 11:20 PM
L.L answered simply, "I'm a bounty hunter. Money is my priority. The WRHG system allows me to get close to a lot of people with bounties under the pseudo of a match. Speaking of which," he looked at the android, "does anyone want you dead?" He joked.

02-03-2015, 08:57 AM
Venox lay curled in the nest of Handyman's legs. He felt like a hatchling again. It was kind of a nice feeling, and the more he thought about it, the less fear he felt towards the environment. In fact, he felt secure in the finger-beast's company. They were both monsters after all. Why not stick together?

His eyes thinned to dreamy slits, but he kept them trained on the two gladiators, the robot and the gunman. His mind riffled through the info so far. So, the gunman was a bounty hunter, and the robot said there was this being called, "the Host" that seemed to be mixed up in all this. Then the bounty hunter asked the robot if anyone wanted him dead. Venox noted the obvious stiffening of the metal human's joints. He hadn't liked that question very much.

Handyman's fingers kept running along his head, and Venox sighed deeply. What a sad tournament this was.

02-03-2015, 09:33 AM
"Reply: I know a few that do," came Bl.An.C.'s stern reply. "Statement: But in the gladiatorial business, the worry is fleeting since nearly every battle you win earns the ire of those you defeated."

The android glanced at the bounty hunter's weapon. It looked old fashioned, an antique of today's age but a marvel during its own. The pseudo-android wondered at how useful that weapon would be in a fight yet he held back the question. He had fought more exotic weaponry than this.

"Commentary: I do not like this. I would rather escape than play the game again."

02-03-2015, 09:48 AM
Handy just kept stroking Venox's head until he finally realised that there were others here, finally being alerted by their conversation. More friends to be made!

He slowly opened his faux ribcage- eight large fingers folded on his chest- before slowly raising Venox into it, closing it around his body, keeping the winged boy tight but snug in his grasp. He liked this one, he'll protect him for a while.

He stood up, a surprised creature attached to his chest, before slowly lumbering over to the two people making noises. They hadn't attacked him either. Maybe they hadn't noticed it? They're not looking at him. Time to go say hello!

Standing next to the two people, he turned still, save for a tiny arm formed under his head, carrying on the job of stroking Venox's skull. He liked having someone close. It's a feeling he rarely experiences.

He slowly lifted up his left arm and slowly moved it towards Bust until his finger started nudging the side of his head.

02-03-2015, 11:04 AM
Venox studied the interior of the finger-beast's ribcage. Surprisingly, he felt no fear at all, despite being confined in so small a space. The spy thought back to his previous claustrophobia in the nightmare illusion. It seemed silly to him now.

He stabbed at the outside air with his voice, finding the bounty hunter and the robot with his echoes. The finger-beast seemed to be going closer to them. Venox forced his body to stay relaxed. It might not feel like a good idea to him, but this beast seemed to be making friendly advances, so maybe he was okay for now. The only real danger was probably being crushed accidentally if there was a sudden disagreement between the two gladiators and he and the finger-beast.

Venox folded his wings against his sides, keeping himself as snug as possible, and threw more echoes out the ribcage slits. The finger-beast was prodding the bounty hunter. Uh-oh.

02-03-2015, 05:07 PM
L.L stroked his chin at the android's philosophy, "If we had the choice to leave, I feel like they would've given it to us. I think we're stuck here whether we want to or..." He was stopped by something tapping his head and he turned to see a large black hand pointing at him. He tilted his head to look around and at the grotesque monster. "Can I... help you?" He felt foolish treating a monster as if it was something that could carry an intelligent conversation, but it seemed to be treating the wyvern humanoid well so it must be capable of something.

02-03-2015, 05:15 PM
The armored scientist was alarmed by the beast's approach but relaxed a bit when its intentions were simple. Although, he wondered where the other creature went. Did it..consume the other?

The jade eye began to scan the creature using infrared vision - a red pigment expanded from the center of its lone eye - and revealed whatever heat information the creature could have.

[OOC: You'll have to help me on this Waffles, I'm not sure how hot or cold Handyman is.]

02-03-2015, 05:27 PM
Handy's head tilted to the side, recognising a questioning tone in the small man's voice. He withdrew his hand, realising that from the kid's voice that this human was not actually a child. He'd gotten his attention now, anyway. After a while, the creature realised that they weren't acting hostile towards either him or his friend, so felt safer, believing that he could make these two his friends as well.

He gently lowered Venox from his rib fingers, setting him in front of the two men, though standing tall over the winged boy, towering over him. The creature leaned forward and started to rest on his knuckles, letting his body lean forward a bit more. He stood defensively behind Venox, acting like a big brother helping his little bro make some friends, backing him up.

The creature knew that this place was a bit different than usual, and that he's become rather lost. It hoped that, by making friends, he could follow them out of wherever this place is and into better grounds.

##Blender, Handy is cold. He has no blood or beating heart or anything to make him warm.

##Also, this is how Handy is holding Venox. (shoddy pic)


##Venox isn't INSIDE him, gosh. That'd be nasty.

02-03-2015, 05:31 PM
"... The hell?" L.L looked at the other contestant the monster had set down. Did it want them to socialize with the boy? The monster at full height towered over the bounty hunter. Sitting, L.L felt like a baby, but standing the monster would still be more than double his height so he saw no reason to move. He made to holster his weapon and looked at the wyvern humanoid. "What's your name boy?"

02-03-2015, 06:01 PM
[OOC: Thanks for clearing it up, though with Cassie's post she seemed to be really inside him.]

"Statement: They're friendly," Bl.An.C. said as he stopped the infrared scans. The tall creature had nothing to remark on in regards to heat, if there was, it was residual from the winged's own. "Try not to act hostile, hunter."

02-03-2015, 06:05 PM
"The name's L.L Bust, not hunter." He growled at the android, "And i'm not being hostile... well I'm trying not to be."

02-03-2015, 09:22 PM
Venox cocked his head at the bounty hunter, slight irritation flitting across his face.

"I'm not a boy, human. My name is Venox, and according to human lifespans, I am approximately 500 years old."

For a moment, Venox thought of adding the fact that the mysterious Stick (as in stick figure) Death, had trapped him in a special time loop to prevent him from getting any older...but then decided against it. That information would mean nothing to these beings.

"This...host, you two spoke of...you mentioned it leading another competition such as this?"

02-03-2015, 10:22 PM
"Reply: The Host handled a tournament such as this, for the sole entertainment of people. It isn't much different from our usual day-to-day gladiator battle but it was continuous. After one, there was another until one was the remaining champion," Bl.An.C. said. "It seems that the current Host has only mustered us for his enjoyment."

"Statement: We have to find a way to leave."

02-04-2015, 02:29 PM
As Handy is now ignored as the people started talking to each other in a language he'll never be able to understand, he decided to fall over on the floor and lie on his back for a while, dragging his limbs through the dirt to make a giant dirt-angel in the ground. After a few seconds of moving about, he stopped and laid splayed out on the floor, unmoving. He was content.

02-04-2015, 04:14 PM
"Over 500!" The bounty hunter sputtered. He was half tempted to call it a bluff but the humanoid did have wings for arms so he summarized that there was probably magic that could achieve such a thing so he didn't question it. "Like I said," he interjected, "if we had the option to leave it would've been given to us, and we don't know the size nor strength of this organization so trying to escape without said information would be foolish." Then the two voices turning into background noise, he observed the monster as it played around like a child. His scope changed modes, swapping from infrared, to x-ray and heartbeat monitoring as he tried to analyze how such a monster could've come to existance. Possibly created? Maybe from a different world?

02-04-2015, 04:52 PM
“I agree.” Venox replied, cocking his head as he studied the android’s face. “Just how powerful is that eye?”

Bl.An.C. folded his arms. “Statement: As powerful as it needs to be.”

The spy grinned and spread his wings, indicating the area they were in.

“Maybe your equipment and my voice can help us leave somehow. We may yet get answers to our questions.” He then glanced over at the two other gladiators, studying them carefully. “All of them.”

The bounty hunter was still preoccupied with the finger-beast. The creature shifted a little to face him, and the gunman’s finger’s eased ever so slightly to his pistol handle. Venox felt his wings tense, but the human didn’t draw.

Venox flew over quickly, landing and clinging to Handyman’s arm. He chittered to the finger-beast, and it clicked softly back to him, vibrating with pleasure.

“Relax.” Venox told the bounty hunter, a slight edge of irritation in his voice. “You’ll get hurt if you don’t calm down. I can sense the great strength in my friend here.”

02-04-2015, 04:52 PM
"Comment: The option to leave is never an option given. It is a choice you make on your own. Some of the gladiators never came back from the other tournament." Bl.An.C. said grimly as he gazed to the creature on the ground.

02-04-2015, 05:21 PM
The creature laid on the ground, his bat-like friend now standing on his large left arm. He rose his right arm up to pet him on the head a little, before standing up and setting Venox to stand on his shoulders.

Hoping Venox had better sight than him, Handy started to extend his limbs and back, letting him grow to a steady 12ft. Here he hoped this friend of his would be able to help the other friends in ways the creature cannot.

02-04-2015, 05:41 PM
Calm down... the bounty hunter scratched the back of his head as he stood up. He drew his pistol and it enlarged into a cannon which he hefted onto his shoulder. He searched through his charges and swapped the rocket charge for the buckshot. "I have no intention in fighting anyone." He stated. The monster grew another 3 feet and the humanoid seemed to begin surveying the surroundings. Even though he found the idea of escaping faulty in many ways, the android once again was right with his philosophy, the door was technically there, they just had to open it themselves. The fact that some of the gladiators had died almost motivated him to escape, death wasn't on his agenda.

02-04-2015, 08:46 PM
A smile eased its way across Venox's face. He looked at the android first, and then at the bounty hunter, rubbing his wings on the finger-beast's skin.

"We don't have to escape..." he hissed softly. "We just need to know if an exit exists or not."

Venox took a quick look around, sprayed finely pitched sound waves in all directions, and then settled again, listening carefully. After a brief silence, he continued.

"The simple knowledge of a way out would put us all at ease, right? I'm sure that this Host, whoever or whatever it is, is probably really smart and wouldn't put an exit just anywhere."

02-04-2015, 09:06 PM
"Statement: Then we make one," the black suit said decisively as flashes of white light enveloped his hands and back. The light on his hands coalesced into the twin plasma guns and on his back, the wingpack came forth.

"Query: L.L., how large is the explosive yield of your weapon?"

02-05-2015, 02:13 PM
L.L looked at the android and spun the purple-striped charge in his hand. He backed away and once he had enough room, he let the cannon grow and dropped it onto the floor. He once again swapped the ammo and as he slid the buckshot charge back into his leather pouch, his other hand ruffled through his pockets. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and fit one in his mouth. As he lit it, he responded, "Big enough, just tell me where to aim."

02-06-2015, 05:09 AM
The creature saw the small man's object grow in size and was curious to what it was. With Venox still on its shoulder, the 12ft giant swooped down and attempted to lift the cannon. Realising he didn't have the strength to back up the action, he summoned two more arms from his upper body to lift the cannon up, and two more from his waist to grip the ground, keeping him stable as he lift the several-ton cannon up. He started to fondle all over it, wondering what this thing was and how it grew in size like that. As he held it, the cannon's barrel aimed towards the ground.

02-06-2015, 08:05 AM
Venox crawled down the finger-beast's arm, his entire body tense, but it didn't look like the cannon could be triggered manually...yet. He chittered to the creature, releasing his grip on it and flying tight circles around the cannon's muzzle. The hand-being cocked its head at the spy's antics, not knowing how to react.

Venox took a deep breath, and slid into the barrel. L.L. twitched, hoping that whatever "magic" the creature may have, didn't interfere with the firing mechanism somehow. Bl.An.C. stood still, scanning the cannon. It seemed to be alright...for now.

Venox popped his head in and out of the cannon's barrel, chittering to Handyman. The beast seemed delighted with this, and carefully grabbed the cannon's barrel and flicked it up at the sky, peering in at the spy. Venox flew out, grinning, making sure to keep Handy's face turned towards him. Slowly, the finger-beast returned the cannon to the ground, and lumbered off after Venox, like a child chasing a butterfly...very slowly of course.

Venox looked up at the remaining gladiators, and then he nodded to them.

"Prepare to fire!" he called. "Aim for the sky! They could have something over it to keep flying things like me contained! If whatever barrier exists there deflects your explosive..."

Venox twisted in the air, and dark smoke billowed from his back, revealing sharp-beaked, winged serpentine creatures. Each one was as black as night, with red eyes and wing membranes.

"...my kin will see it gets destroyed before it destroys us...if it does..."

02-06-2015, 09:57 AM
"Statement: Venox, can you tell your friend to angle it up slightly higher?" the armored scientist suggested. "Whenever you're ready, L.L."

The android aimed his weapons to the target above them. It wasn't much of a target since it was simply clear sky but the barrier was present. They would do their best to get out of here.

02-06-2015, 12:55 PM

The man did not reply, his eyes fixated on the monitors.


Still no reply.

"Listen to me you buffoon of a host this is important so stop mulling whether you want brand X shampoo!"

The single outburst was enough to make the other turn sharply back.

"I have no time for your insults toward my hair, Thirteen."

"So your hair matters more than being called a buffoon!" Thirteen rebuffed in disbelief.

"Enough," Seventeen waved dismissively, "state your business."

"One of our beloved guests are attempting suicide."


There was no other response, other than his wordless gesturing towards his own monitors. Seventeen shifted his seat for a better view, and it was all he needed to realise the ridiculous situation the gladiators had gotten themselves in. For one, one of them had stuck themselves into what seemed to be a cannon. Probably loaded.

"By the gods Thirteen. You abducted a quartet of idiots."

Thirteen only hung his head low, the first time he had ever expressed regret in the entirety of the tournament.

As the feed went on, the owner of the cannon seemed particularly disgruntled at their weapon being lifted away by the Handyman. L.L. Bust, however, wasn't about to bother attempting civil communication with a monster. A brief bout of shouting ensued, before he wrestled for control of his weapon.

"What are you doing?"

Seventeen did not bother looking up to answer, "linking the feed to the audience."

Almost immediately, L.L. Bust swung a leg at handyman, the impact forcing the monster to buckle just a little. It was all that was needed for a finger to slip, and the cannon ignited a piercing beam of red from its muzzle.

With Venox inside.

"And the crowd goes wild," Seventeen said in a deadpan tone, the muffled screaming overcome by blasts of laughter from the other monitors, "We should have made this a comedy reality show."

He reached for the mic, clearing his throat before he spoke to the contestants proper.

"Please be reminded that suicide by laser or any other means is, as tempting an option, not recommended."

"They are simply bored," Thirteen cocked his head to one side, "let me in. I will-"

"No," Seventeen cut in sharply, "you will stay here."

"Why?" He shot back, miffed at the harsh response, "what else then?"

"Something to keep their attention. A game."

"Bumper carts."




"Candy C****"

"Mention that name once more and I will have you skinned on a rack."

"Well what is it that you want?" Thirteen demanded.

There was no response, but he could see the slightest furrow of a brow in his companion's expression. His fingers tapped at the keyboard, increasing in speed and force as they crashed against the plastic.

"What is it?" He repeated.

"It's not working."

A long pause.


"It is not listening to my commands," Seventeen repeated tersely, "a glitch or so-"

He froze in realisation when his eyes came in contact with the monitor.

"The feed is not responding."

Thirteen blinked. First at Seveteen, and then back at the monitors, still innocuously displaying the tasteful image of fried bat.

"Cut the link. I need this fixed."

Thirteen did so silently, but he could tell in Seventeen's tone that, as monotone as it was, there was the slightest hint of worry. Worry that he had never allowed himself to show at all.

"Nothing is true. Everything is immaterial."

A whisper of a young female, echoing in the minds of all. The plains changed. The grass shifted to a deathly brown, rotting into the earth before the eyes of those standing upon it.

"Falsities in impermanence."

Darkness. The sun had set, but there was not the twinkle of moon or stars to bring light.

"Understanding in disorder."

The darkness lifted, replaced by a pale eerie light that seemed to come from nowhere. The four were in a cave, flickering crystals embedded in the rough rock that surrounded them.

"The mind that binds is unneeded."

The rock shifted, and expanded to four thin paths that winded out of view.

The voice changed, now almost snarling.


And finally, in the briefest of moments, the silhouette of a short figure could be seen in the dim light.

02-06-2015, 01:16 PM
The creature checked the barrel of the cannon, trying to see if its friend was still in there. It shoved its arm inside, feeling nothing but warmth and dust.

After fondling around for a few seconds, it realised that the world was closer. It was stuck in a sizable area, jagged and rough. It withdrew its arm, realising its friend had vanished somewhere, and decided to huddle behind the two hunters, depending on them to do something.

02-06-2015, 03:17 PM
"Are you fucking serious!" He yelled, turning on the monster, not caring that it was triple his size. He had shrank the cannon back to its original form and had it resting on his shoulder. "What in the world were you thinking? Oh that's right, you weren't, because you're a fucking monster! You vaporized Venox! Forget what the hell that fool was trying to pull, but what made you take the gun from me? Dammit!" He turned to look around at the cave they were in, tapping his scope to activate night vision. He muttered to himself. "Damn fool states he's 500 years old and suddenly decided to shove himself into a cannon loaded with a laser charge. Did he think he was immortal or something? Can't believe someone 500 years old could be so stupid." He sighed and looked at Bl.An.C. "What do you make of those paths up ahead? Do you think they lead somewhere?"

02-06-2015, 04:37 PM
The nearest shadow shifted before L.L.'s face, and a familiar bat-winged figure became visible. It was clinging to the cave ceiling with its feet, looking down at the other gladiators with a wide grin on its face.

"Of course I'm not stupid." Venox replied, enjoying the shock in the bounty hunter's posture. "That was my shadow. He looks exactly like me, in case you didn't notice."

Without bothering to wait for a response, the spy released the stone and flew down to Handyman, landing on his shoulder. The beast clicked with pleasure, stroking it as if it was trying to make sure its friend was in one piece.

"Are we exploring or what?" Venox asked, looking at the remaining gladiators. "We can't just stay here you know. What if the Host is looking for us? What if this cave wasn't part of its plan?"

L.L. felt tempted to draw his weapon and fire at that stupid bat's leg. That creature made him look like an idiot! But then again, not every person he'd met had the power to use his or her shadow as a decoy like that. As much as he didn't like it, he began to feel a new respect for Venox.

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02-06-2015, 09:31 PM
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He's able to manipulate his shadow to create a clone of himself. L.L scratched the back of his head, he would've appreciated if the damned humanoid had told him that prior so that he wouldn't have to worry. He sighed, the hiss coming out as static feedback and it bounced around the dark cave's interior. He followed the rest towards the exit of the cave, his cannon on his shoulder, still loaded with his laser charge.

02-06-2015, 10:09 PM
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02-07-2015, 12:04 AM
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"Statement: I don't see much but it isn't a way out. If anything, its a way deeper into the tournament," the pseudo android said grimly. "Comment: However, it is our only path ahead. Moving backwards leads to the start, another way to end this."

Bl.An.C. stepped forward to follow Venox' lead. Whichever path they take, it will be dangerous.

02-07-2015, 06:58 AM
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Handy approached one of the entryways and started to feel around the otuside of it. Curiously, he jammed his head inside, the sides of his face starting to grind against the walls. Too small for him to enter. After feeling some of the other entryways, he realised that one of them- the second one from the right- was taller and a bit wide than the others. He slid himself in, crouched so that Venox only suffered a small bump of the head against the top of the entryway, and felt around the start of the hallway with several appendages. He let off a few loud clicks, attempting to see down the dark hallways, but they just kept on going.

02-07-2015, 12:51 PM
Venox flattened himself as much as he could against the finger-beast's shoulder. Despite this, the fact that the beast was just big enough for the tunnel left very little space for him to accommodate. Hissing in annoyance, Venox crept down Handyman's side until he was clinging to the beast's ribs again. Although the world ahead was now upside down, it was a lot better than being crushed against rock.

He changed positions beneath the beast, narrowing his eyes at the two remaining gladiators. He ran the mental image of the paths through his head one more time, and made a startling discovery.

"Guys..." he said, his voice dancing across the cavern. "...each of those paths we saw...weren't there four of them? Since there are four of us...doesn't that mean that there is a path for each of us? What if we're making a mistake?"

02-07-2015, 02:02 PM
##In light of new developments, the deadline has been extended to the 11th.

02-07-2015, 05:22 PM
"Separating doesn't sound like a good idea, I mean after all, the monster," he jerked his thumb at Handyman, "seems to be prone to sticking with someone else. We also have no idea what'll be waiting for us. Of course if they all traveled on one path, they could all be defeated with a simple action. So maybe they should separate. "However traveling together on such a small path may be a bad idea. Maybe traveling by ourselves may be the best chance of one of us escaping."

02-07-2015, 05:30 PM
The creature, realising that even though this space was enough to fit him, felt uncomfortable in the hallway. Extending an arm from his waist, he picked up Venox and gently put him outside the tunnel, before summoning out 10 arms and started to pummel at the walls, carving a wider path. He carried on doing this, slowly walking down the tunnel, seemingly without any stamina limiting him.

02-08-2015, 12:07 AM
The armored scientist watched as the arm creature widened the path.

"Agreement: So it is settled, we travel as a group," Bl.An.C. said as he followed the rest of the group.

02-08-2015, 06:13 AM
L.L shrugged and shook his head, guess they were going to ignore him. He was okay with it, there were safety in numbers after all. But being ignored rubbed him the wrong way and he sulked as he followed behind the monster and android.

02-08-2015, 05:28 PM
Venox took flight, hovering next to the bounty hunter and the android as they walked behind Handyman.

“I’m sorry about scaring you guys earlier…” he hissed softly, keeping his head down. “Just so that we don’t have any more secrets between us, here’s what I can do. You guys already know that I can send my shadow around to act like a decoy in my place. He helps me when he wants to, but I can’t control him. I can also breathe fire a very short distance; summon three serpentine winged creatures called Darkwings, and shoot laser energy from my mouth. The laser doesn’t last that long though, unfortunately.”

There was a brief silence, and then Venox continued.

“Every one of my teeth has a venom sac attached to it, and the poison in them will cause any organic being I bite to suffer heavy dizziness and their vision will blur so badly, that it will seem like they are blind. I also have claws in my toes.”

He twitched his feet, and twin short, slightly curved claws sprang from their fleshy sheaths. Venox waved them around a little, and then they slid out of sight again.

“You guys don’t need to tell me all about your lives. I just wanted to…uh, not surprise you…anymore. And L.L.…I agree with you on the split-up. I have a feeling that each of these channels might have been designed specifically for each of us. Since we seem to be going down the finger-beast’s channel, that could mean that whatever danger or situation lies at the end could be something that only it can deal with. If so…I wonder what would happen to us.”

With those words, Venox flicked his wings, soaring ahead and closer to Handyman.

02-08-2015, 06:06 PM
The creature dug through into an open cavern. His arms kept flailing around for a few seconds before he realised where he was. He felt soft stings on his body, meaning there was light ahead. The cavern was large, roughly 15ft tall and 10ft wide. It extended for a while, beyond the creature's sight. The only thing it was aware of was something hanging from the ceiling, with an orb attached to the end of it, emitting light. A lightbulb. Realising this, he withdrew into the opening a little, leaving the others standing in the cavern.

02-08-2015, 08:09 PM
"Observation: It dislikes light," Bl.An.C. commented. "Statement: Does anyone benefit from having the area covered in darkness other than him?"

02-08-2015, 08:25 PM
"I have night vision so if we take out the light I'll be okay with it. Darkness also won't stop me from pointing and shooting." L.L shrugged.

02-09-2015, 10:25 AM
Venox narrowed his eyes at the light, spraying echoes all over it. The bulb looked completely normal, but he still felt suspicious of its presence somehow.

"I can see in the dark too," he told the others. "But, just to be safe...c-can I, uh, fly up there and encircle the orb with my wings? I don't have to touch it, just cover it so at least the finger-beast can pass. This cave still goes on."

02-09-2015, 10:35 AM
As soon as Venox said that, a boulder three times the size of him flung over the heads of the trio, crashing into the ceiling. Quite a bit of debris fell down, but not enough to block the path. A cable hung from the ceiling where the bulb once was. The beast lumbered forwards, content with his work.

02-09-2015, 11:02 AM
The four travelled in silence, under the darkness that seemed to continue forever. Occasionally there were artifacts. A pickaxe, a light bulb, some beams and pillars, mostly broken, and many more that seemed to have no reason to be laying around. Perhaps what seemed like an hour of travelling passed, but there was no reasonable landmark to indicate they were making progress at all. If they turned back, they would still see the dimmest bit of light leaking from what would likely be the main cavern.

Perhaps, the word suffer might not relate to any tangible form of torture, but simply the idea of being trapped in the middle of nowhere.

02-09-2015, 11:08 AM
The armored scientist went along with the party, his night-vision kicked in the moment the darkness was too great.

"Query: Does anyone have any sense of direction at this moment?" He asked. Bl.An.C. had his own instruments at work and they could tell where they are but does his allies know where they are exactly and if they are lost. The plasma guns hummed to life. He didn't like the situation.

Not one bit.

02-10-2015, 04:09 PM
"I feel like I'm in the desert again. The same scenery over and over again... at least the desert has sand dunes though." He lit a cigarette as he readjusted the cannon on his shoulder. "Boring boring boring... but all we can do is move forward right?"

02-10-2015, 06:58 PM
Venox flew up to the cave ceiling, clung there, and began to think hard.

"Maybe there is a way out of here..." he muttered, folding his wings tightly to his sides. "That light orb was weird..."

Suddenly, Venox realized something. That bulb had the tamed lightning element in it! Humans ran the element through taming strands, and those strands all came together in a big power source. If they followed the taming strands, they'd find the big power source! There had to be something interesting around there!

Venox looked down at the gladiators, narrowing his eyes at the android. Since it had the tame lightning element in it, maybe it could help him out.

"Hey!" Venox called down, getting the robot's attention. "Could you sense the tamed lightning trapped in the light orb we discovered earlier? If you can follow the taming strands with your sensors, we might find out where it's all connected to!"

02-10-2015, 07:08 PM
The creature walked on, not really listening to the tones of the winged thing. He had noticed something up ahead, something weird. He couldn't really tell what it was, but it was small and made of a lot of little things.

He loafed over, approaching the machine comprised of bronze cogs and brass gears, lying behind some cloth, its colour making it seem invisible among the rocks. It was made by smaller hands, whatever it was. It felt familiar, somehow. Like it had sensed something this complex a while ago, it was unsure. Since the device had evoked such thoughts from the beast, it decided to stare at it for a good while, enticed. Trying, without success, to piece things together in its head.

02-12-2015, 03:17 AM
The armored scientist wondered what tamed lightning was until he related it to electricity.

"Statement: I cannot sense whether there is electricity anywhere but maybe the light bulb does have a wire we can follow out of here," Bl.An.C. looked to the arm beast that stared mutely at some object. "Query: What are you looking at?"

Bl.An.C. approached the creature and then stared at where its face pointed. The rocks?

Then a sudden click, nearly inaudible but right there. Then another. Cogs and gears. The pseudo-android gripped his hand onto the 'rock' and pulled, only to reveal the metal innards that moved. "Statement: A maze."