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02-12-2015, 07:20 PM
This thread is to be a good informative and productive debate thread on the basics of Chaos' Build and Strategies.



All right so here we hop into it :)

Start/Early Game:
-The basic start against any empire on any map. 2 Crawlers and 2 Miners. You can select these faster by using the number keys corresponding with the units, 1 for miner, 2 for crawler.
-Continue into more crawlers and switch to bombers(Hotkey #6) when you get 5 crawlers or your opponent gets 3-4 swords. Proceed Garrisoning weak cats and trying to use your bombers on clumps of swords or archers.
- Now you tech into a ranged unit, either Dead(Hotkey #3) or Eclipsor(Hotkey #8). This Usually depends on presonal preference on which unit you chose, but if your opponent has many swords, go with eclipsors, many archers go deads. You want a ranged unit between 2:30 and 3:15. I have found the best time being between 2:45-3:00.
- Get 1-3 of your ranged unit ( depending on when you feel you need a tankier tank) and then tech into a juggerknight(Hotkey #7). Juggerknight are a great melee unit that acts as Chaos' tank until late game. They are Best Used with the Charge ability.

Mid Game:

Now that you have made it through early game you need to continue your build.

- More Eclispors/Deads and Juggerknights.
- Upgrades like Miner Hustle and Charge(if not already purchased)
-Also it is good to look into a possible marrowkia(hotkey #4) or Medusa(Hotkey #5). If you opponent has loaded into archers Marrowkia are the better option when combined with the Hell Fists Ability. (Best no more then 2 Marrowkia). Medusa is when your opponent has Merics, a Mage, or a few speartons (Use the stone ability to remove these units quickly!).
- Replace lost jugs/ranged units.
- Do your best to take and control tower. Purchase the Tower Spawn 1 upgrade.

Late Game:

It is rare if you perform the earlier steps correctly that one should have to face late game, but it happens.

- You tech into more Spellcasters (Medusa/Marrowkia)
- Giants (Purchase growth upgrades with them) for greater longer lasting tanks.
- Tower Spawn 2, in my opinion it is best to have normal giants before the tower spawn version.


You have set yourself up to learn the build and modify to fit your preferences and make yourself an Ultimate Chaos Player In Chaos Vs Order. Now you must learn the other game situations. CvC and CvE...

This is more detailed then I planned but that is good Hope you like :) CvC and CvE coming soon :)

02-12-2015, 09:58 PM
Try to post important damage profiles like bomber ratio to enemy unit.
Maybe some nifty tips,tech times, and setups for different builds.
How to properly chaos turtle and such