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04-04-2015, 07:11 PM
[wRHG Tournament]:
The world seemed to warp. Nothing appeared to be real, and what had transpired seemed to flash in hazy memories that did not corroborate with the gladiators. Bl.An.C. clutched at his head, flashes of torment stinging his heart and soul. Memories of a collapsing castle, the grotesque tongue of a beast that lasted for just mere moments. Memories of his mind collapsing to nothing. And then they wavered, swapping in and out with his triumph against the very same beast. He forced them out of his mind, wearily opening his eyes in a bid for anything to distract him from the onslaught of thoughts.

He could see venox, the hand beast, but not bust. Questioning the missing gladiator only assailed him with another memory of blowing the other’s head off.

This isn’t something I would do!, He told himself firmly, /[whatever it is, cast it aside!

He turned sharply to Venox. The bat creature was faring no better than he was, seemingly assailed with his own demons of the mind. If there was anything he could take solace in, it was that he was not alone in the matter.


He jolted at the sudden voice, scrambling to his feet for the source of it. Instead, he found himself staring to the face of another man, familiar in appearance.

“I see we are all having fun,” the man grinned.

“Statement: the...host,” the android said simply, feeling a creeping sense of anger.

“Not the host,” he corrected, “a host. Thirteen...at your service.”

A fist was swing, and Thirteen deftly stepped back to avoid it.

“Children should not throw tantrums,” he tutted, “I’m merely here to offer assistance...a rather rude welcome for that don’t you think?”

There was a period of hesitance.

“What do you have to offer?”

“Why, that depends on what you ask, my dear misguided friend.”

General information: Free form roleplay, as with the previous. Do what your character would have done.

General guidelines to follow are as follows

No puppetting, or control of other people's characters.

No godmodding, that is deliberately making a closed ended action against someone without allowing the other to properly react rather than simply 'attempting' an action. This also goes for people who unfairly allow their character to be overly capable, such as dodging several attacks in a row or being smarter than they rightly should be.

04-08-2015, 01:58 PM
"I wish assistance out of your plot," Bl.An.C. said tersely. His eyes never faltered. This was Thirteen, the previous master of his nightmare, never to the trusted

04-09-2015, 03:05 PM
Venox lay on the ground, crumpled in his own wings. He recognized Thirteen instantly. The environment warped and buckled around him, trying to distract him from reality, but it failed.

"Assistance?" Venox snapped bitterly, his eyes narrowed in distrust. "I'm not so sure you know the meaning of the word."

He closed his eyes, keeping one open just a little, focused on Thirteen. So there had been more than one Host mixed up in this. How interesting.

04-10-2015, 04:15 AM
Thirteen tapped his foot on the ground, remembering that he had appeared in each of the two's...introductory game by Seventeen's whim, making him the sole antagonist in their eyes. Not a very polite gesture from his colleague, he thought, but then, not a terrible role to play either.

"Well, letting you out is simple and easy however..."

He spread his palms out with an exaggerated shrug.

"Why should I do it? You can leave perfectly unscathed either way...if you are the last one alive, of course."

04-12-2015, 07:55 PM
"Query: And what is the purpose of this?" Bl.An.C. said, a plasma gun manifested on his right arm and he pointed it at Seventeen's face threateningly. The pseudo-android's sensors only pick up four life signs. "..and where is L.L. Bust?"

04-13-2015, 04:11 AM
"Query: And what is the purpose of this?" Bl.An.C. said, a plasma gun manifested on his right arm and he pointed it at Seventeen's face threateningly. The pseudo-android's sensors only pick up four life signs. "..and where is L.L. Bust?"

## “a host. Thirteen...at your service.” Best reading, Blender. Best reading.

## Also, I'm not posting yet because there isn't really anything Handy can do. I'll just post his current state, though.

Handyman was standing perfectly still, teeth as calm as the rest of his body. Though he seemed entirely undisturbed by what was going on, in truth his mind was slowly returning to a conscious state, far slower than anyone else's. Until it fully returned, which could happen any time from a few mere minutes to possible hours, Handy was lifeless.

04-13-2015, 11:57 AM
Venox remained silent as the events took place. Handyman seemed in a sort of slow recovery state, so he wasn't important for now. The android had its weapon in the face of Thirteen. That wasn't very wise. He hoped no one was going to blow anything...or anyone... up. The situation was tense enough already.

Watching and waiting seemed to be the best way to go. The android had asked a good question though...where was the bounty hunter?

04-16-2015, 08:41 AM

Thirteen cocked his head to one side, as if confused, "why, no purpose other than for the entertainment of your audiences of course. You came to the system, fighting, maiming and killing your foes for money, glory, or whatever self righteous reasons you have...this tournament is no more than an extension of it."

There was a pause as his lips parted to a nasty grin.

"And Bust? The last I saw he was decapitated by that very same gun you point at me. Watch where you fire, now."

04-16-2015, 08:45 AM
Cooper knew the reason for his coming here. It was a pastime that turned into a mission to destroy the system before it was abused. He couldn't counter Thirteen's statement in any way due to the danger of revealing the truth to a possible arm of John Mason. However, he charged the plasma gun either way.

"Statement: I'm watching."

04-16-2015, 10:06 AM
Every minute or so, a click rang out throughout the place. The creature started to come back alive, yet very slowly.

04-16-2015, 10:59 AM
Venox cocked his head slightly, keeping careful watch on Handyman. The news that Bust had been killed by the android was mildly surprising. Mild, because anything could happen in this messed-up competition.

"When in this game, everyone dies...when in this game, everyone dies..." Venox began to whisper to himself.

He couldn't think for a moment he was going to survive in an all-out dispute between him, the android, or even Thirteen. But if he did, there would have to be something different in all the competition's participants. No one could walk away from something like this unscathed.

04-18-2015, 09:30 AM
"No protest? Perfectly fine with having been the first person to pulp another's head? Well, alright then."

Thirteen sighed, twirling a bit of hair from his fringe. Noone was acting in despair. Rather it was as if it was a typical shopping trip for those two, and it all felt terribly boring to him. Did he somehow manage to abduct three sufferers of some apathetic mood disorder?

"Time is a-ticking, boys. That beast over there is going to get hungry, and you know what that means. If you want me to leave you all alone with him, that's fine by me too."

04-18-2015, 09:40 AM
Bl.An.C. hesitated and nearly dropped his arm but kept it there.

"Statement: I've done worse than a headshot," he said plainly. "Query: Who are you people?"

04-18-2015, 10:00 AM
As if by some coincidence, when the word "beast" was dropped by Thirteen, the creature's head fell limp. Its bulk slapped against the top of the thing's faux ribcage, a few of the 'ribs' knocked out of place slightly, though they remained rigid and stuck in whatever place they were shoved. All the tiny minds of its body started to reclaim themselves once more, having started at the area where they were most prominent, the head, so they could flow back together into one mind. Or to be more precise, into a vessel ready for a mind.

When it was placed in the round, it was starving, and eventually fed off Bl.An.C. Though, as it was clear to see, Bl.An.C was up and conscious, his stolen back from the creature's grasp. Once more was it hungry.

The chattering of teeth was constant now. Though it seemed like its head was lax, it had started to take stock of every creature in the room, where echoes from its teeth bounced off complex moving structures all engaged with each other. It felt the desire to fill itself once more, but for now it remained frozen to its spot.

04-18-2015, 12:19 PM
Wings curled tight against his sides, Venox looked right at Thirteen.

"I-If you w-were to help us...h-how would you do it?" the bat asked, trying to quell the desperation he felt within.

04-20-2015, 02:14 PM
"Who are we?" Thirteen cocked his head to one side, raising his eyebrow ever so slightly at the question. "That's strange, I don't recall there being another one of me."

"I am only a servant of the system, an overseer for all of you poor souls who thirst for the blood of others. My task is to entertain the audience, and to herd you sheep to glory. Do you understand now? This tournament is what all of you have been wishing for!"

He finished, spreading his arms magnanimously, nevermind the fact that he had chosen everyone on random. Gods know he wouldn't be telling these fools how stupid he had been.

"As for how I can help...that depends on what you ask for. There is no free lunch in this world. Use your head, which is more than I can say for our dearly departed Bust.."

04-20-2015, 05:00 PM
Servant of the System, Bl.An.C. thought. A strong possibility then.

"Statement: As I recall, the system does not forcefully admit a gladiator," the armored scientist replied. "...this is not a System sanctioned tournament is it?"

The plasma gun heated up powerfully. Strike one.

04-20-2015, 05:17 PM
Light from the gun's charge glowed against the beast's body, its visible side left slightly paralyzed from the light, though the other side started to thrive. Elbows of its back cracked, working from the top down. Its head twitched.

04-20-2015, 05:41 PM
"Uh...a-android?" Venox squeaked, crouching against the ground. "A-are you s-sure you're making the right choice?"

"Th-this is one of the H-hosts here...r-right? Consider that...since he's k-kind of more powerful than us...shouldn't we at least th-think about what h-help he'd give us?"

"If you don't want help...w-would killing this, uh, Host, fix anything?"

Venox was silent for a few moments, and then he spoke again.

"Thirteen...if you r-really d-do belong to a...system, it c-could mean there's a p-possibility of y-your leaders thinking you're e-expendable? You've been the only one we've seen...s-so far. They're probably getting bored of us and want a...change..."

Venox cast a quick glance at Handyman. The beast was reviving. The next event might decide all their fates.

04-20-2015, 05:45 PM
"Statement: There is no right choice, Venox. He already said he won't help us," he said. "The only way out is through his tournament."

04-21-2015, 06:15 AM
Thirteen grimaced. There was it again. Another reminder that even if he went through with this entire tournament, they would still be a laughing stock. And as much as he had attempted to deflect accusations earlier, it was indeed his issue to have failed to include more. He had planned to instill some drama, but even then none of the two were particularly receptive. What else, then, was there to do?

"Well, it seems negotiations have fallen apart, boys," he shrugged, "do your best; riches and glory await, that I shall promise."

He waved his hand to bid goodbye, closing his eyes briefly before opening them once more.

Except he was still in the world.

"..Blast." He muttered, waving his arm a few more times not unlike a broken puppet, but nothing seemed to happen. Sweat dripped from behind his neck; he was in trouble.

"Seventeen! You promised-!"

There was no response. He was alone. trapped with three gladiators with no way out.

04-21-2015, 06:29 AM
The atmosphere was awkward. Light flickered from Bl.An.C's gun, softly illuminating the faces of people around it, including-


The beast's face, riddled with tingles, stared directly at Thirteen. Its body shuddered in anticipation, a hollow hunger throughout every finger and arm, within every joint and knuckle. Its feet were still stuck to the ground, the only feeling in its legs being a flood of pins and needles that tingled down its thighs. Yet its upper body was free, and it was moving.

It raised its arm in a reckless motion, throwing it off balance. It caught the ground with its other hand so it kept steady. The raised hand clenched into a fist and hurtled towards the mysterious host.

For now, at least, the predator will take the place of prey.

04-21-2015, 06:43 AM
Bl.An.C. was surprised at the alacrity the beast managed to use. Or rather the sudden movement it made. The armored scientist sidestepped away and allowed the fist to soar.

"Statement: It seems I am not the only one who harbors hatred for you, Thirteen."

04-21-2015, 11:42 AM
Venox tensed. He now realized that Handyman was more of a danger to them than Thirteen. If it kept getting hunger spikes around them…how safe would their future existence be?

But he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. What if he got the android to help? With silent wings, he flew over to the robot.

“H-hey…could you h-hear me out f-for a little?” Venox whispered. “Don’t y-you think th-the finger beast might be a little…uh, more d-dangerous than Thirteen? He is…after all, stuck here w-with us now. I-I don’t w-want anyone else t-to…die, b-but I feel like I c-can’t do anything to s-stop this. It’s your choice…I-I mean you d-do have the nice big weapon, y-you know.”

He then shot back to his previous position, eyes glued to Thirteen. There was only one thing he saw on the Host’s face. Fear. For a few moments, Venox felt like he was watching himself. How many times had he been in such a position? He couldn’t bring himself to count them all.

Handyman got very close to Thirteen, and Venox felt his wings spreading, tensed for flight. What was he doing??? Was he really thinking of trying to save the human that he’d had so much trouble with in this competition???

His eyes locked on to Handyman. Before…he’d thought of this beast as a friend, but now it was all too obvious how dangerous it really was. His foot spikes slid out, and his fear vanished. He felt no emotion, and a single thought pulsed through his mind.

Is this really me?

04-21-2015, 06:37 PM
"Statement: The monster goes idle once it had its fill correct? Project the image of food onto Thirteen and we have an ally. We do not need to be a friend to the beast but just help it enough to consume Thirteen's mind," Bl.An.C. said.

What am I saying? I am condoning murder... he thought. No, its for the good. What he said was near proof he worked for John... but was it conclusive?

04-22-2015, 01:57 AM
The fist landed, just inches away from the host. A normal person would have thought handyman had missed; the more observant would have noticed him shifting away with almost blinding speed.

Afraid? No, he was not afraid. Thirteen was every bit prepared to die at any circumstance, as were his predecessors and colleagues, but it irked him that he might perish in such a pathetic circumstance, and without truly knowing what was happening. Had the artifact malfunctioned, or was Seventeen truly betraying him? He needed to know, and the gods may damn themselves if he were to let himself fall before that.

"Project the image of food?" He gave a brief laugh. "Handyman is barely sentient, and even if I fall to it, you will be next. However..."

He unbuttoned his cuffs and assumed a combat stance. "...know if I am gone, any hope of leaving this place together alive is null and void. Make your choice."

He hated negotiating, especially to those he considered beneath him. Rather, he would have liked to tear into the flesh of each and one of the gladiators. But logic triumphed his bloodlust; he could not refuse a greater chance of escaping if it meant withholding his fists.

04-22-2015, 02:25 AM
"Query: Then why aren't you leaving us to fight then? You have the capability to leave don't you?"

Bl.An.C.'s audio sensors picked up Thirteen's previous curse and he assumed the worst possible situation for a person with such a high ego.

"Observation: But you can't? Perhaps this is why you're willing to fight. Earlier you seemed comfortable, easy going as if you were always safe from us but now you seem distressed, agitated a bit and even willing to do combat."

04-22-2015, 11:25 AM
"An ally?" Venox held back a laugh. "Thirteen is right! The f-finger beast will feed on him and then what? I-it g-gets hungry again and then w-we're next!"

The bat flew over to Thirteen, hovering just behind his right shoulder.

"H-he just got betrayed by the other H-host or Hosts. He's one of us now, android. W-we will all die once this c-competition is over. I-if w-we let the beast live, it will kill us all, and it w-will win...s-somehow."

Venox then lowered his head and his next words were soft.

"I-if you all want advice on how to hurt it badly, aim for its teeth...a-and keep the light strong. I-it d-doesn't like light..."

Heat built in Venox's throat, and Dark smoke began to swirl from his back. His Darkwing appeared and cocked its head at the finger beast. It knew what it had to do...if needed.

##Waffles, here's how Venox knew...

Handyman wasn't paying attention to the tones of the squabbling people around him. He was just focused on this fly, crawling on his face. He was just sensing it move about, such a tiny thing. Kinda cute, until it went on one of his teeth. The sudden jolt of sensitivity shocked him a little.

He lifted up a great arm and massively slapped himself in the face, his hand clipping Venox's wing as it swung. The shock from the slap caused the creature to fall backwards onto the floor, where it just decided to lay for a while.

That was from the "wRHG Tournament an ill-conceived notion intermission Round 2".

If a fly could do that much...imagine what a fist would.

04-22-2015, 11:37 AM
## Wait a second Cass, when did Venox ever learn that Handy's teeth are sensitive? You're not metagaming are you?

The creature cared not that his first fist missed, as several more followed behind. Knuckles slammed into the earth before their fingers tore out and clutched into the hazy ground, and more upon more arms followed suit all around the beast. A humanoid form was too much effort to keep, so it let itself mutate and deform into a belligerent behemoth. But, due to its body still being affected by a sluggish, sleepy state, the transformation was slow. Black skin bubbled and knuckles crack as arms emerged from its writhing back.

It was very clear this thing had become a threat, though it stalled as its stagnant mind tried to set its primal priorities: Which one should it go for? That one? Or that one? Maybe them all? All it cared for right now was to put up a threatening display, to radiate horror, to ensnare with fear before it lunged.

04-22-2015, 05:40 PM
Bl.An.C. watched as Handyman grew in size and overall simple complexity. A lattice of arms like that that does not even touch itself as they move is astounding, they're all controlled by one mind and the arms move fluidly despite their current sluggishness.

But marveling had to wait. The pseudo android decided to back away and keep his plasma gun trained on both Thirteen and Handyman, his weapon jumping from both. He couldn't decide who was the bigger threat now but he knew he wanted Thirteen down for the count.

Visions of a blasted and craterized city flashes before his eyes, something rose from his gut; a compelling fear of the inevitable destruction of everything if he were to fail. He gasped for air as he came out of his vision. He knew this was some sort of aura the beast emanated naturally but he couldn't help but succumb to it.

Despite his strong will, once its broken it takes longer to rebuild.

04-22-2015, 07:47 PM
"So you want to fight."

Thirteen said plainly, not moving from his stance. The only reason why he hadn't decided to attack was because the two had not reached an agreement. Yet.

"Think carefully, metal man. I don't care which way it goes, but perhaps you might be concerned about keeping yourself alive."

04-22-2015, 08:11 PM
"Reply: I have no deathwish here, Thirteen," Bl.An.C. said, his plasma gun hummed. "But if even you can't leave, we're all going to die anyway."

He gazes at Handyman's form.

04-23-2015, 05:27 PM
“Thirteen…I g-guess I n-need your…um, help.”

The words just came out…unexpectedly…so much so that Venox was startled by them. Instinct told him to attack, to burn the wretched human to blackened cinders. But his heart was stronger, crushing the violent idea. Venox’s fangs lengthened. His body tensed and his foot spikes stabbed in and out of concealment. He felt like he was at war with himself.

His serpent twisted in the air behind him, twittering nervously.

No trust, it protested.

Venox just kept his eyes locked on the android, as it frantically tried to decide which threat to harm first. He then answered his Darkwing, in the same mental tongue.

We may not have to.

04-24-2015, 07:46 AM
"So let me clarify what you want."

Thirteen gestured with a finger at Bl.An.C., almost mockingly.

"You think we're all going to die anyway, so you'd rather have me fall first."

There was a single clap.

"You clever man."

He wasn't concerned. He was willing to take out everyone, and now that one has swayed over, that was one less nuisance he could take care of.

You had better have a good reason, Seventeen, He voiced those words in his mind, a suppressed fury that could barely be felt in his emotion.

04-24-2015, 10:02 AM
"Statement: I don't need you to fall first," the armored scientist said. "Its assured we all die. None of us can take out the beast and you know it."

A wager, a deadly one but it'll have to do. I need to jab at something. Get him pissed off.

04-24-2015, 10:30 AM
The creature swarmed, for lack of a better word. Arms clambered and hands scurried, and for a moment, one could forget that all those limbs and appendages were attached to a singular being. It no longer needed legs to stand, tens of hands setting onto the ground just to rise up and be replaced by another. Earth underhand was flayed bare of anything that was on it, caused from the incessant scuffling above.

And yet, throughout all the moving parts of this menacing machine, one part stayed still, and that part smiled.

The only warning that appeared for its next move was its body as it suddenly locked up, appendages innumerable shaking to a halt as it did so. And then it started.

Instead of focusing on Thirteen, as it did before, it threw several open-handed palms towards each of the characters in the area, attempting to snatch and grab them for food.

04-24-2015, 11:26 AM
An alien feeling built in Venox's body. Rage. The fearful side of him cowered in its presence. His urge to survive was stronger than his fright.

A storm of the finger beast's arms surged towards him, and he wove through their fleshy mass, aiming for one creature. Thirteen.

Fire burst from his jaws, aimed at the arms heading the Host's way. In the shadows, his Darkwing waited and watched. The arm storm wasn't coming this way yet, so it watched its master, ready to aid him.

04-24-2015, 08:56 PM
Thirteen was watching every move. And when the beast moved, he was already stepping away and into a blindspot between the web of arms. What he did not expect was the hurtling figure of Venox, who seemed intent on assisting him. His brow furrowed, but there was no time for him to speak. In a series of quick steps he adjusted himself to deliver an open palm blow to his left before spinning around with a kick that came from below, striking away at the arms intended to target him. The actions came fast and explosive, as if both fist and kick struck like bullets of a rifle.

If anyone had been in any condition to watch, they could tell he was no ordinary fighter.

04-26-2015, 08:37 AM
The android watched the numerous arms that exploded from the creature's form. A bracer manifested on his forearm. Another notable event was Thirteen's combat prowess.

The armored scientist was against a skilled combatant but this was nothing new to him. Every battle he was on, he was the underdog. Powerful abilities overcome by strategy. This is no different. He watched Thirteen cautiously as his own sensors kept track of the arms. Fists came up towards him, from everywhere. The energy blade buzzed alive and he did his best to cut up what he can whilst he moved. His gun fired at an incoming fist, another was sliced as he sidestepped it but he couldn't beat them all. A fist struck at his faceplate and another to his abdomen.

The armored scientist didn't like the odds of the situation. Deciding not to die a horrible death by pummeling, a flash of light exploded on his back and in a few seconds, the wingpack came through. He didn't like the idea of being trapped but a few choice boosts should help him survive a lot longer.

04-27-2015, 07:56 AM
The creature cared not for its heavy, thick arms being deflected, sliced and incinerated, though the birght light from Venox's flames and Bl.An.C's plasma tools singed at his surfaces. Its hands withdrew away from the scientist and the bat creature in tatters, tatters that regenerated back into clenched fists in seconds. There was one that did not wield light, the easiest prey of the three.

It tore off the ground, limbs shattering as it did so. Handfuls of dirt and grass was thrown behind and around it, particles of earth thrown into the air just to fall back down, a rain of filth to pelt all below.

The flurry of limbs had no plan, no ounce of intelligent thought behind its action, only the desire that racked through its whole body as it stormed towards Thirteen.

04-27-2015, 07:09 PM
"This world is false. Nothing is true."

"Everything that has happened here, has both happened simultaneously, yet false in existence."

Thirteen pursed his lips. He had to withhold his urge to give into the flow of the battle, he had to think of what was happening, to keep his mind in check and active. He thought back to the very words that Seventeen had concluded with. It seemed like obvious garble, but experiencing this nonsensical world made garble sound like wise words. It was the entire reason why this tournament was conceived at all; the idea of being able to control what was happening, and most of all, those who die here would not be entirely in the real world. Nothing that has happened here need to be true, of course.

Or so Seventeen claimed. A claim which Thirteen had already began to doubt, because it lay in conjunction with another claim; everything is false. And if everything is false, new lies could be made to shape existing lies, if the world's inhabitants had believed or hoped for it to be so. Telling himself he could leave would have been simple enough to allow him exit...but that no longer applied.

The beast charged, and he laughed.

He was sure even his own thoughts were alien and gibberish to him, but nonetheless he had to cast aside any doubt and believe in the gibberish. If he could not leave then he would have to find another way out instead. Clinging to his world's logic would only be the detriment of him.

He tensed up in his fighting stance, awaiting the first strike of the beast.

04-28-2015, 03:32 PM
Venox hovered. As he'd suspected, the finger beast disliked his firelight and the android's glowing tech. Thirteen was its main target now.

The bat surged past his Darkwing's hiding place, letting out a single, sharp, burst hiss. The Darkwing shrieked, zipping towards Thirteen in a blur of speed. Smoke began to pour from its mouth, and the glow of building flame intensified in its throat. Just before colliding with the Host, the serpent twisted its body, spitting flame all over itself. The Darkwing burst into flames, and began to surge in a widening circle around Thirteen. Any hand that got close was burned, and the Darkwing itself sent bursts of flame at any part of the enemy it saw.

Venox took a deep breath, and set himself on fire too, whirling around Thirteen. The heat hurt more than anything, but he kept telling himself the burns were worth it. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the Darkwing cock its head at him.

The bat smiled, despite the pain, and flicked his head up in silent signal. The Darkwing angled its wings, and then hurtled straight for the finger beast's face. The serpent screamed defiance, aiming for the creature's mouth.

Killing the beast was near impossible. Disabling it however...

04-28-2015, 04:11 PM
The beast felt heat, but more than that it felt light. The glow of fire singed against its skin, though it was nowhere near yet.

There were too many things around him. He needed to feed, but for that he needed to subdue.

Tens of arms stopped in their tracks and slammed into the ground, fingers dug straight into the dirt. A leg was lifted slowly and slammed deeply through the dirt until it broke into rock underneath. Its head started to flay itself apart, pale yellow tendrils wriggled out between gaps like maggots from a corpse, until an octopus of teeth and tentacles squirmed about where its head once was.

It didn't matter what direction the flaming bat's friend came from, because all around the beast, towers rose. Black fists the size of pick-up tricks emerged through the dirt, grass and dust scattered everywhere and trickles of partcles slidoff the tree-like arms as they rose to the heavens.

And slowly, from the beast's mouth, came a deafening tone. Unending and powerful, it sounded like a dimension constantly gushed through a gap in reality itself. Fog flooded from the thing's open skull and fingers started to squirm from the dirt underneath.

A few meters in front of the darkwing's path, a gigantic open palm burst through the ground at a terrifying pace.

04-28-2015, 05:52 PM
Bl.An.C. moved to the edge, slightly away from the fight. Venox doing fine, containing the beast from Thirteen but that wasn't his objective. The creature was now seemingly against the darkwing and its master. He took the opportunity to fly skyward and survey the scene from there. Three flashes of light came through, manifesting two pods on his leg and a blinking red light on his shoulder.

He charged his plasma gun and aimed for Thirteen's head.

When the host is done, he can move on to handling the beast.

04-29-2015, 08:48 AM
The Darkwing smashed full force into the hand tree, sending bits of flaming flesh everywhere. If anyone had been looking close, it would seem as if the serpent caused a miniature explosion by doing so.

Venox crumpled a few feet away from the Host, his exhausted wings twitching in protest. His wounds were slowly beginning to regenerate, but that meant close to nothing. The pain of the burns paralyzed his body, leaving him a weakling once more. Venox knew he wouldn't be able to defend himself for a little bit, and the idea tried to bring back his fear.

He turned his head, and noticed the android aiming for Thirteen. Great. Could the metal creature get any dumber? Yes, the beast might rid them of the Host, but for now, they had to get rid of the beast...as a team.

If the android couldn't realize that...

Venox tried hard to focus on throwing a telepathic message to the metal human, but the pain was distracting. Maybe he only needed a few words...not a whole sentence. The bat focused on the android and shut his eyes tight, thinking as hard as he could.

I, Host, you, kill fingers.

04-29-2015, 08:59 AM
The towering arm tree was left slightly scorched as the small creature burst into flame on its surface. It caused the arm to sway a bit, but it continued to rise regardless.

Cracks in the field where the characters stood sprouted yet more arms that grew fast and grasped at the skies. The area where they emerged grew larger and larger, the center point being the creature whose feet boomed as they shot through dirt and into stone with each step. The face of the being writhed and screamed constantly, louder and louder, no breaks. Its whole body was pointed towards Thirteen, with its arms limply hung in front of it.

From the fog underneath, fingers started to rise and weakly attempted to latch onto Thirteen's feet. The trees around him sprouted arms that slowly reached for him, their hands opened and closed constantly as they extended.

Elsewhere, rising trees slowly leaned towards a metal man climbing higher and higher.

04-29-2015, 06:44 PM
As he climbed higher, he found himself watching the shadowy figures of arms and hands sprouting like overly excited trees reaching for the sky. The pseudo android received a thought, a short one and the voice sounded familiar: Venox.

I, Host, you, kill fingers.

He felt the need to doubt Venox despite the urgency of the situation. Indeed, Venox was closer to Thirteen than he was and she lacked the power to deal with the creature but so did he. The beast could just regenerate anything that was removed from him.

I don't know if you can receive this, Venox, Cooper breathed in. If you happen to help Thirteen in anyway to survive this, I'm coming for you I'll handle creature. You go for the numbered host.

Portals behind the android ripped open and ten of his allies emerged from them. Their laser guns fired, sending their barrage of energy at the growing trees.

"Command: Open a path that leads to the head," he ordered. The missile pods on his legs activated and sent several missiles directly at the growing mass. One of their best weapons was light or anything that made it. Keep the place lit and we'll have hope.

The ground seemed to move otherwordly once more but Cooper tried to pay it no heed. He knew the creature did this, its the aura it emanates.

The drones and the rockets cut through the arms, the smoke cloud still impeding any vision if in act it did any damage. If there was, there was hope of getting in.

04-30-2015, 11:16 AM
Everyone is an enemy.

Thirteen did not think otherwise. The android had already declared his intentions. The bat may be completely suicidal, but neither was his allegiance set in stone. It was that constant nagging thought that forced his mind away from the flow of the battle, to constantly keep track of what was happening. Even as he pummelled at the arms he saw the android fly, aiming for his head before seemingly changing directions. He saw Venox crash into a heap, as one would expect from someone who'd set themselves alight. And finally, the obvious transformation of Handyman.

His leg spun, and one of the arms outright tore from its root from the strength of the impact. A feat to behold, perhaps, but meant little in the face of the monster they were facing. Preserve one's self, or fight together, he mused at that instant. The answer could never be clearer.

And most importantly, he had to find a way out. If not to test Seventeen's theories, then his own.

05-01-2015, 08:28 AM
Venox breathed deep, the intense pain dulling quickly. His wounds were healed, but his head still swam. He watched Thirteen. How could he take the Host down in this state? Did he even want to do it? As far as survival went, the finger beast was far more dangerous.

If Thirteen couldn't do his magic host power-y thingies anymore, then he might just have a chance at surviving combat...if he was in proper condition.

Venox curled his wings close, trying to will himself to rise, and suddenly, the world tilted upside down before his gaze. His vision blurred, and his mind knew what was coming. He had no strength to scream, whimpering instead. And then...he blacked out completely.

As soon as he did, smoke curled from his back, forming into another Darkwing. It coiled around its master protectively, keeping its eyes and ears on as much of the environment as it could. But could the serpent truly defend him from all this?

05-02-2015, 08:22 AM
At this point, a good quarter of the field was infected with the creature's artificial forest. Where there was once blades of grass now rose thousands of fingers that squirmed like black worms come to surface. The moved and grasped of their own accord whilst the original body of the beast boomed his steps through the ground.

This creature no longer needed the mere clicks of its fingers as a constant roaring tone escaped from the void within what was once its face. Tiny projectiles flew towards it, nothing that arose any concern in the beast since its hunger was far too much to focus on its safety. A few of the missiles exploded on several arm trees around the beast, brillaint bursts of light which caused the thing's frozen and pain-ridden body to be cast in shadow upon the ground's mist. To the luck of the scientist, a missile managed to find its way directly to the creature's open head.

Its body froze as its skull was torn apart, fragments of fingers littering the area. The explosion caused the being extreme pain, and for a few seconds, the whole forest was paralyzed with it. And then it erupted into a frenzy.

It pawed at its head, trying to protect it from further harm as it slowly regenerated, one painful appendage at a time. Arms sprouted from all over its body, some to protect its healing skull and others to pound loudly at the ground, as if to warn predators off. The trees around the creature's vicinity started to shake violently and close towards the beast to give it some cover. It stopped caring about every character around it and focused on healing.

05-02-2015, 10:31 AM
"Exclamation: The beast is hurt!" Bl.An.C. increased his volume for all to hear. His optic focused on the mass that began to scrunch up into one spot; the damaged head. The pseudo-android continued his assault - missiles escaped their pods and his plasma gun kept their fire. His drones encircled the creature and didn't let up whilst two took note of Thirteen and Venox.

The two below should hear that; it will be up to them to act. Venox can attempt to strike down Thirteen at this point or assist against the arm creature. Either way is good for him.

05-02-2015, 01:01 PM
Venox woke as if he'd been electrocuted, all senses sharp once more. His eyes locked on to the finger beast's head...its now guaranteed weak spot.

He nodded to his Darkwing, and the pair took off in a whirl of wings. Venox made sure the serpent was watching him, and twitched his head downwards. He repeated the action, and the Darkwing's eyes burned with focus. Flames poured from both their jaws as they zigzagged over their target's head, relentless in their attack.

05-04-2015, 09:05 AM
Nothing is real.

If he so believed it, it would be reality.

Thirteen heard this more than once, but was it true? If he could no longer leave if he so desired, what would it mean for that theory? He didn't bother to think anymore; the best answer was to attempt it for himself. He already believed himself stronger than any one of the people here. What more would it be to simply let that perceived gap in strength wider than he had already assumed?

He pulled a leg back and landed a kick squarely against one of the arm like trees. If his previous blows were the cracks of a rifle, now it became the blast of a cannon, blowing a hole and felling the pseudo tree. He watched in wonder for a mere second, before he held back and laugh. It was all perfect. He understood this world now.

He told himself he could fly, and when he jumped, he was next to Bl.An.C in the air, fist held back for a devastating punch.

This time, he would prevail.

05-04-2015, 09:14 AM
Bl.An.C.'s drone immediately took note of Thirteen's movement and within the time frame of the jump, it had alarmed the pseudo android of it but the host was too fast for his reflexes to react to. Instead of dodging, he crossed his arms to block the attack and trained the missile pods onto Thirteen. The host's punch connected but Bl.An.C.'s own missiles did as well; the rockets screeched out of their pods and crashed onto Thirteen's body.

The armored scientist exhaled as he kept himself aloft in the air, damage was near critical but the weapons were still intact and functioning.

05-04-2015, 09:20 AM
The beast's face was already mostly healed, but it was still heavily distracted by it. The forest around him swayed mindlessly, even the arms and fingers on the floor were halted, though the area close to the beast still tried to protect and cocoon it. This will lull on for a short while longer yet.

05-04-2015, 04:27 PM
Venox hovered in the air, keeping his mouth glowing bright with flame ready to be released. His Darkwing came up beside him, mirroring his actions. The pair released their flame at the same time, focusing the full brunt of the attack on the finger beast's face. They held their positions for a little, and then fell back into the dart and dodge technique.

As Venox circled around for another fire blast, his Darkwing flew in close to his left side, lightly brushing his wingtip with its own.

The metal one and the number fight, it said. They hurt bad.

Focus, Venox replied. We'll hurt the beast more, and then see what they're doing.

The bat swept over the finger beast again, sending a burning gout into the beast's mouth. Given how hungry this thing was, and how bright he and his Darkwing were being, Thirteen and the android had to be careful. With all the arm tree things around, an unexpected swipe would probably be enough to catch either one off guard.

As far as Venox's knowledge went, he couldn't see any version of this incident without someone getting seriously hurt. His Darkwing got caught by a tree and was crushed into a pulp by its fisted branches. Undaunted, Venox spawned another one and realized for the first time that Thirteen appeared to be flying. There was a wild look in the Host's eyes, almost as if he knew he'd be able to do this from the very beginning.

He believes, the bat's mind told him. Anything is possible.


05-04-2015, 04:33 PM
The flames merely extinguished against the many arms that covered and surrounded the beast's body and head as it healed, damaging nothing.

## Because no matter how much you write that it is, if you looked to my previous posts, Handyman's head isn't in the open.
Arms sprouted from all over its body, some to protect its healing skull
though the area close to the beast still tried to protect and cocoon it.

05-07-2015, 08:15 AM
The rockets burst into a display of light and smoke, but Thirteen felt nothing. He was invincible.

"I've mastered this world!" He laughed, almost in a manic definition, "what does it matter if I cannot leave? I am-"

You have not.

He choked, feeling hands grab at his throat, pulling him down from the air and hurtling him down into the earth. Perhaps if Bl.An.C had not observed carefully, if would seem as though Thirteen had simply fallen from the impact of his missiles.

The land struck him, a sharp pain that would have killed anyone. But this was not the usual world, and Thirteen was not the usual person. He struggled against the invisible force, opening his mouth to speak yet lacking air in his lungs.

You cannot stop me! He projected in his mind, block my way out, retrain me as you will! I have no mind to fall to the likes of you!

There was no immediate response, but he felt a cold emptiness, almost forcing him to shiver.

...If you dare order chaos, you are but a fool.

05-08-2015, 12:24 AM
The armored scientist watched as Thirteen fell from the sky.

"Statement: One less thing to worry about for the time being," he muttered. "Command: Keep an eye on him and the rest of you..."

A drone simply chimes an affirmation and hovered just meters above the numbered host while Bl.An.C. himself focused on the gathering arms.

"...focus fire on one spot."

The other spherical robots proceeded with a barrage of lasers that was trained in on area with the hopes of penetrating through to the head. The pseudo android unleashed a volley of missiles that targeted somewhere else, to slow the regeneration process by splitting the beast's concentration. His plasma gun charged and he aimed for the spot the drones were firing on.

05-08-2015, 08:06 AM
A strange, cold feeling crawled along Venox's back. His Darkwing sensed it immediately, and began to fly closer to him, its mind radiating concern.

Venox flicked his wings, bursting into the darkest part of the room he could find. There, he curled up and froze, trying to stay as still as he could. If the beast used echoes like him, he should escape detection for now as he tried to figure out who else...or what else, was in the room with them. Seeing he was safe for now, the Darkwing turned back to fight the finger beast.

The bat closed his eyes, listening hard to the environment. He blocked out the sounds of the fight, trying to find other sounds. As his senses expanded, he caught the presence of something. It was all around them, everywhere and nowhere. Powerful. The other Host...or Hosts...it had to be.

Don't let it in. Let it go. his mind hissed forcefully. Bosses don't get bossed without consequences!

Venox noted Thirteen's position, and the tortured look on the Host's face. These Host creatures were turning out scarier than he thought. They weren't afraid to turn on one of their own. Any beast who did that was to be feared, especially by its own generation.

05-11-2015, 03:58 AM
It couldn't cope with this. This would have worked with a pack of powerless humans or against just one gladiator, but it felt pain come from all directions and it just wanted to feed. Its giant appendages rooted all around it were attacked by missiles, their explosions of fire and light made the trees shudder and wither down.

Then lasers pelted at and through the creature's black leather-like flesh, which weakened it just enough so that the bolt of plasma broke through.The siren-like scream was cut short and the beast's limbs fell limp. Trees started to descend back into the earth and vaporise into black mist and dissolve into the air.

Its head was half-missing, though fingers sprouted from its neck and started to intertwine into another large round fist, eyes and teeth along with it. It rested, hunched over on its feet as its knuckles in the ground kept it upright.

As the trees slowly decayed, it tried to decide which thing it would go for now.

## It will take another turn for the trees to fully disappear. Two, if needed.

05-12-2015, 10:53 AM
I am not as lowly as to be restrained by the likes of you...!

Thirteen screamed from within his mind, struggling against the incorporeal bindings that dragged him deeper into the ground. He could feel the earth closing in, a sickening feeling as if it were melding with his body.

But if there was anything that struck him more, was that the knowledge that he was fighting against the very thing his colleagues had been attempting to control for so long, and all the more because of that he refused to give in.

Even so, as the dark trees wilted into nothing, he felt his own vision subside, and whence he once fell, there was no more indication that he was there at all.

The dark trees wilted, but in their wake the skies seemed to bleed a dark crimson hue, and the ground before the gladiators shirted and churned as if it were alive.

The intermission was coming to a close.

05-12-2015, 11:15 AM
Bl.An.C. noticed the change, the sky turned a blood red and the ground shifted like moving flesh. The pseudo android watched as the creature was in tatters, its head open for the taking but something else bothered him. It could be the beast but it could be Thirteen.

He decides to ask the one that can actually answer.

Bl.An.C. landed just a few feet away from the numbered host. One of the drones keep a steady eye on the creature's head.

"Query: What is happening?" Cooper demanded to know.

05-12-2015, 05:39 PM
Venox stayed where he was, as still as stone. His Darkwing was hovering a safe distance away from the downed finger beast, keeping a close eye on it. Its master wasn't giving the kill command yet, and the environmental changes were slightly distracting.

Venox's fur bristled as a wave of shifting earth rolled by his position, but he still stayed in one spot. His eyes remained locked on the android and Thirteen. The bat cocked his head. Thirteen wasn't meant to be a part of this competition. Did that mean that the host might just be eliminated before the next stage? Or was the finger beast going to magically survive somehow and kill them all later in the competition? There were three gladiators before. Would Thirteen replace the finger beast?

The bat shook his head. Too many questions. No answers. Useless. Venox thought back to what he'd said about Thirteen being expendable and almost smiled. The irony was near laughable. His spy life was repeating itself. Trust here, betrayal there, emotions in between...

It is almost time.

Venox flinched. Who had said that? Time for what? Venox's wings uncurled, tense. Despite his discomfort, he couldn't help thinking the strange voice was probably right. Whatever was next...he hoped he'd be ready for it.

05-16-2015, 05:13 AM
The creature's feet slowly sunk into the ground, until they were gripped tight and stuck fast. It was confused about what was going on. Prey sunk through ground, voices spoke in its head though it was too dazed to recognise any meaning in them. Right now, it only cared for Thirteen.

It tried to take a step forward, though it fell onto its knuckles as its feet were immobilised. Hunger leading to anger and frustration, it simply tore its leg off, grew a new one and took a new step, the ground engulfing that foot too. It did not care for the hinderences, and aimed solely to get towards the human prey squirming through the ground. It tore its legs off with every step and did not care, it just carried on as it travelled with dismemberment and regeneration, though every step brought its body closer and closer to the ground.

The ground didn't just grip it, it wanted to drag its down too.

By the time it was only a few meters short of Thirteen, its body was already on its way to being pulled under. With a free arm, the pathetic, desperate creature attempted to reach towards the Host.

05-29-2015, 11:02 AM
Venox burst into the air, fur on end. A single hiss, woven from his innermost fears, cast itself wildly into the air...as if it thought sound alone could protect him. The ground made him nervous. The sky made him nervous. Everything here set him on edge. He wanted to get away, but knew it wasn't that simple.

The only way out is death, his mind whispered. The only way to win is death.

Venox's eyes narrowed. His Darkwing surged towards him, flames pouring from its throat. Its target was no longer the finger beast, but the environment itself.

The ground shifted at the burn, as if in pain. Suddenly, earthen tentacles burst from beneath Venox, and he was dragged down deep. The scream of his dying Darkwing ignited rage within his spirit, but his body was too weak to react. Venox struggled, but only sank deeper into the earth. The ground was no longer solid to him, but liquid.

Buried alive, by the ground. How embarrassing.

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